10-fc12-0017 error when I run recovery on Toshiba

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I get 10-fc12-0017 error message when I try to run the recovery disks on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. I get to the end of the 2nd disc and then the recovery process stops and this error message appears on the screen.

I got similar error message when I was troubleshooting a Toshiba laptop a few days ago. When I was running recovery discs I got an error message in the same format XX-fcXX-XXXX.
Cleaning recovery discs and even trying another set of discs didn’t help. The recovery process was interrupted with the same error message on the screen.
I tried running the recovery discs again and this time I was listening for the hard drive. I noticed that right before the recovery process stops with the error message, the hard drive was making repetitive clicking noises for a while, maybe for a minute or two. I think this error message 10-fc12-0017 could indicate a problem with the hard drive.
I’ll replace the hard drive and try reimage it again. Hopefully it will fix the problem.
Do you get the same error message on your Toshiba laptop?

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  1. Laptop Freak

    Here’s an update regarding the error message I mentioned in the main post.
    I was getting this error 10-fc10-045D while running recovery discs on a Toshiba Satellite A205-S7468.
    Today I replaced the hard drive with a new one and after that I was able to finis up the recovery process. The error message didn’t show up and I was able to finish up installation.
    It looks like in mine case this error message was related to a failing (or failed) hard drive.

  2. weclock

    Is it possible a low level format may fix it?
    From what I understand the drive was functioning perfectly, until linux was installed on the machine.

  3. Laptop Freak


    Is it possible a low level format may fix it?

    I’m not sure about that but if you have no data to lose, you can try.
    You can use Active@ Kill Disk – Hard Drive Eraser to format the hard drive.

  4. laptopguy


    low level formatting is not possible with the current technology hard drives. there is drive geometry and bad sector information stored on the disk and low level formatting will destroy this valuable information.

    you’ll basically turn your expensive hard drive into a really cool paperweight.

  5. Laptop Freak

    I think you are right. Here’s what I found about low level formating on this site:

    Important drive information (servo, sector layout, and defect management, etc.) is stored in the low-level format at the factory. This information is designed to last the life of the drive and therefore it is not possible to low level the drive outside the factory. Although some drive manufactures and BIOS provided so-called “low level format utilities”, they actually perform a write-read verify of the drive’s user data sectors, and do not actually perform a low-level format.

  6. Toshibaguy

    hay there, I work on Toshiba technical support.
    theres not much information on this error but we have already reported some issues. It is indeed a problem on hard drive although we are not sure if its a configuration or a manufacture failure.

  7. i also was having hte same error message 10-fc12-0017 and i went searching for a hard drive for my Toshiba Saltellite a21-s7416. I found one at newegg.com. My laptop is only 6 months old and it would not let me run the recovery cd. Hope this helps

  8. Laptop Freak

    If your laptop is only 6 months old, it’s still under warranty. Do not buy a new hard drive. Send your laptop to the authorized repair center.

  9. Hi, I have the same problem error:10-fc10-045d
    and my laptop is only 6m old, so wath… the HDD is f**
    This is happen when I turn of DEP on Vista… several hours later I have to start recover… and firsteval everythig were good, but after that…show up some mistake and i have to star recovery again and there is the error

  10. Hey guys. I have a Toshiba Satalite Laptop. It has Windows Vista *if that helps any :P*. Here’s my problem and how I followed up to it but STILL having problems. I was coming back from school one day, and I turned on my laptop and it was blue with a bunch of numbers and stuff and said it was deleting physical data or something. So I quickly followed up with the recovery process and wiped out my whole hard drive and put it back to the out of factory settings. So now it’s all good from here. I’m happy to get it over with, but it’s not over. On the second disc, I get this “ERROR : 10-FC12-0570”, and that’s exactly how it was. Now here I am, posting on this site. I HOPE to get some feed bac. Thanks people!!!

  11. Andrey V

    I have similar problem during the restore from DVD on Toshiba satelite A123-S4407 but the error message is 10-FA11-0017. The bad part it is getting close to the finish and crashes at 99% of the restore screen. Could this be that the HDD is going bad or something else.

  12. I bought a Toshiba E105-S1402 laptop, and when I try reinstalling Windows Vista, I keep getting Error
    10-FC12-045d.. the laptop is only 1 month old, and I have 2 a year standard limited manufacture warranty that comes with the laptop. I’m guessing its the harddrive because when I try formatting it. I keep getting a error.

    Should I replace the harddrive, or should I take it to a Tosiba repair center?

  13. I am getting the same error when restoring from DVD “ERROR : 10-FC12-0017”
    This seems too common to be random hard disk drive failures, is there something else that causes this in configuration, or on the hard disk that could be fixed without replacing the HD?

  14. AcerOne

    Yeah, you guys the same thing on a T.Portege M800, after tones of blue screens and trying to reinstall from 2 recovery DVD’s “originally” made by a B.By store.They asked for some device serial numbers only.30 CAD charged….I heard that previously Toshiba included these cd’s, dvd’s in the original package.
    So 10-FC12-0570 error is the final stop before shutting down….I’ll go to a Toshiba Service.

  15. AcerOne

    Problem solved after all.By myself.One of the memories (2*1G Hy…ix) generated the error.All the best!

  16. KRoof

    I installed the recovery cd’s on the 2nd disc i received an error message 10-fc12-045D I pressed enter and now it’s stating the the bootmgr is not working I have only had this laptop (Toshiba) 3 months please help.

  17. steve

    i have a satellite a205 i have error message 10-fc12045d this is a hard drive error from all my research if you get this go to a athorised repair shop have them put a new hard drive in it if it is under warranty theres no worries but if not it easy for you to put it in… this seems to be a really bad problem with the toshiba 205 series it has happened to me 3 time in the last year… well good luck every one thats my advice hope it helps….

  18. big ben

    I have a Toshiba L300D Series. Laptop crashes, Run recovery cd’s like everyone else. Get the famous Error 10-FC12-045D message after the second CD is running..tried this several times with same result.. Went out and bought a western digial
    hard drive… Ran the recovery CD’s again and it worked perfectly……for 2 weeks.! CRASHED AGAIN…!!!! Now I get the same error message when I run the CD’s again….Something else is causing the drives to crash..Took the hard drive out and installed it on another laptop…No problems on the other laptop….Toshiba..I will never buy another…!!!

  19. I have a Toshiba 215 and received an error 10-FC12-045D when trying to use the second recovery disc. Toshiba sent another set of recovery disks but I still get the error. Anyone have a solution for this?



  21. Mark Grohman

    I am trying to troubleshoot a friend’s Toshiba L350D with the same issue. He has replaced the hard drive three times. The last time it only worked for two weeks before the error came up again. It looks like something on the motherboard is causing the harddrive issue.

  22. Ok so I had the same issue as everyone else until I realized that the customers pc I was working on had 2 Hard Drives in it. After discovering this out I replaced the other drive with a new drive and it worked perfectly.

  23. I have a Toshiba Satelite & was tryin to restore back to ” Out of Box” condition… at teh end of the recovery..I get ERROR: 10-FA11-0017. Any Idea what this is…no noises. Is is the HD? Its was running fine…( other than my teen downloading games & bogging it down)
    Any advise woudl be apperciated!!!

  24. Did anyone determine the real fix for this problem? One person said that it was a memory problem, most people think it’s the hard drive. I really need to know. Thanks.

  25. Does any one have any solutions for this?

  26. Dave from BC Michigan

    What a piece of (feel free to fill in this area)! Friend asked me to take a look at his Toshiba Satellite A135-S704. Same problem as everyone else… 2nd disk runs and what do you know… error code with absolutely no explaination at all. Thanks Toshiba, thanks Microsoft. You both have wonderful products and your commitment to quality is unmatched. You should be proud!

  27. I just had the error 10-FC12-0017 on my Toshiba A135-S4527 after trying the second Recovery Disc. Many of you say it just suddenly happen, I had my laptop for 3 years now and I accidental drop it from my desk to my carpet floor. I’m pretty sure is the Hard Drive, I’ll try to buy a new one and hopefully it will keep working unlike some that stop after 2 weeks or so. Would get back to you guys after having my new hard-rive for 2 months.

  28. Laptop Freak


    I just had the error 10-FC12-0017 on my Toshiba A135-S4527 after trying the second Recovery Disc. Many of you say it just suddenly happen, I had my laptop for 3 years now and I accidental drop it from my desk to my carpet floor. I’m pretty sure is the Hard Drive

    I think a new hard drive will fix the problem. Let me know.

  29. I have the exact same problem as everyone. I am also getting ERROR: 10-FC12-045D from my U305-S7467. I will buy a hard drive tomorrow and will update if it works.

    Thanks Laptop Freak for the first post. Hopefully it will work on mine also.

  30. kevin nguyen

    what are my options? please list them all

  31. My Toshiba Satelite P-205 was working perfectly but I needed a bigger HD so got a Seagate 500 GB. That’s when I ran into this same problem everyone else is having. I got the error: 10-FC12-0017 toward the end of the second disk as I was trying to put the new hard drive to factory content.
    I put the old HD back in and everything is bact to normal. Don’t know what to do now. Out of all these folks, including Toshiba reps., surely somebody has found a solution and just hasn’t bothered to come back and tell the rest of us what to do.

  32. Garth

    Has a solution been found for this ongoing issue involving the 10-fc12-0017 Toshiba Recovery Wizard? It started when I received blunt impact to my Toshiba Satellite A135-S4656 on Sunday night. Explorer & other programs running were starting to crash. Continued to get Windows errors when restarting the computer. I attempted to run the Toshiba Recovery Wizard with my two restore DVD’s and that’s when I encountered that error. Should I replace my Hard Drive with a new one and do the restore?
    Please let me know.

  33. Henry

    A friend of mine is having all the same errors and symptoms as described in these posts. I tried replacing the 160GB SATA Drive with a brand new out the box WD Scorpio Blue 120gb, and still get the same error. I had even bought a new set of recovery disks to eliminate the fact of the disks themselves. So I seriously doubt that this is because of harddrive failure. I think I have to agree with tosibaguy’s post, basically even toshiba doesn’t know what’s causing the problem. How sad.

  34. Beavmetal

    Recently I was working on a toshiba satellite l305 and got this error. Using a Vista 64-bit OEM disk, I could get the OS installed. All 32-bit version OEM and Toshiba Recovery Disk installs failed with this error.

    I changed the Hard Drive and the Toshiba Recovery Disks 32-bit Vista reinstalled fine. Running Chkdsk confirm the original disk was going bad.

    I think it is safe to conclude this error means it is a hard disk issue.

  35. To fix The problem change out harddrive as soon as you get this error. Do not erase the hard disk because u will lose all your data.

  36. My sons Toshiba A210

    -6 months new: Sent it in for repair… they replaced mother board.

    -8 months in: sent it in… they replaced hard drive

    -15 months in: sent it to a repair teck… he replaced hard drive

    -16 months in: sent it to repair tech… once again replaced hard drive

    Same dam problem

    Error 08-OE89-0000

    Error 10-FC12-0017

    Does anyone have a solution?

  37. Robert

    I got the same error . I tried several times but it didnt work. This is gonna be my last Toshiba laptop or pc it sucks.

  38. I’ve got it. I had those same errors when using the recovery discs. I even tried the delete all and partition Option, got the 20_fffe_0017 error after 10 hours!!! BUT, I had the Vista CD it came with, started that in the beginning, loaded it and said the free space in my HDD was 149 of 149.. It was deleted already! Installed a fresh copy of Vista on the same HDD. Done.
    Hope this helps others.

  39. I have a friends Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5895 that I am trying to restore. I am an extensive builder and repair person and I have litterally worked on hundred of computers of various brands. I have put in 3 different hard drives, and 2 different sets of restore disk (1 Vista 32 bit and 1 Vista 64 bit) All combinations give the 10-FC12-0570 Error. All I have to say is that I would personally never buy a Toshiba since I can find no solution to their issue. Their techs say it is a hard drive or a restore disk. I can install a Full version Vista or Win7 and it all works fine. It is their restore processess and discs setups that suck and do not work. I need a real solution because my friend wants it like it came out of the box and they have no solution.