Battery charging light is on even when power adapter unplugged

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I have a Thinkpad T41. Yellow light for battery charging does not go even after switching the laptop off and power jack is disconnected. Battery does not charge at all with power source connected.
Can you please help?

First of all, try reconnection the battery if you haven’t done it already.
The battery plugs directly into the connector attached to the motherboard. If the battery charging light stay on even when the power adapter is unplugged and the laptop is switched off, it’s either bad battery or something is wrong with the motherboard. The only way to find the culprit is testing the laptop with another known good battery.
Also, you can try this. Remove the battery and plug in the power adapter. If the battery charging LED lights up even when the battery is removed, most likely you have a problem with the motherboard.

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  1. Manjur Sarder

    Thinkpad T41. I took off the battery and started with charger only. The battery charging LED was not up. Do you still think it is the motherboard. I have two sets of batteries with same result.I charge the batteries using another unit. When the battery is full, the LED in the faulty compter displays green.

  2. Philip Prosser

    I have a strange problem. There is no issue with my laptop charging or running, the problem has to do rather with the indicator light. The light keeps flashing 4 times orange and one green over and over again, regardless of the level of charge in the battery or if it’s plugged in. I tried removing the battery and replacing it thinking it might reset itself, but no luck. I can’t seem to be able to fix the darn indicator light, and frankly it bothers the heck out of me, any ideas?

  3. Martenstyn

    I am on a Macbook and I’m trying to avoid these problems with my battery by taking care of it better. It’s a pain to be taking the battery in and out all of the time, so I was wondering if you knew of any software that can direct the power source strictly to my A/C adapter once my battery is charged. It would be a great help. Hopefully this exists… thanks


    I think i have similar problem with my laptop (Toshiba satellite 1100ZN once i unplugged the power the battery indicator still show charging while the power led is on and my battery indicator is on. Am not that bothered with this. Please will the battery keep discharging even if the laptop is off?

  5. Chidiebere

    I unplugged the AC cable of my netbook and the system went off. I tried to switch it on again but it refused. When I plugged the AC cable again it came on. It showed 98% charging but never went above that.It continued like that, I cant use the system again on battery, whenever it is working and the AC cable is unplugged, the system will go off immediately. After about One week I discovered that the Battery now shows 80%, meanwhile it has never run on battery since that incident.
    Please I will appreciate any help or at least explanation where the problem might be from.