I am getting continues beep sound

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I am getting continues beep sound when I turn on my laptop. It says press F2 or F12After pressing F2 or F12, Nothing happens. Any advice?

I think you are getting a beep sound (error) when you turn on the laptop because of a defective keyboard. Most likely a key or keys got stuck causing the laptop to make a beep error. You can try to disconnect the keyboard from the system board and turn on the laptop without the keyboard connected. If the laptop will boots fine, then the keyboard is your problem.

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  1. I have a toshiba tecra a3. It beeps on power up and hangs at bios select screen. I have swapped in a known good keyboard, tried it without keyboard and it does the same. Eventually it will bott to windows. I can use it via remote desktop or simlar but the attached keyboard does not work. I can see no evidence of damage to pcbs after ataking a part. Do you know what bios tests are carried out on A3 with phoenix bios

  2. Laptop Freak

    What kind of beeps does it make, like a stuck keyboard key or a BIOS error code? Here’s a list of Phoenix BIOS beep codes, it might help to figure out a faulty module. I would try re-flashing/upgrading the BIOS. Download the latest BIOS from the Toshiba website and make a bootable floppy or CD. I’m not sure if it will ask you to confirm the BIOS upgrade by pressing a keyboard key (with you cannot do), I think the upgrade process will start automatically as soon as boot the laptop from the floppy/CD.

  3. Hi i have a novatech laptop, not sure of the model, got given it by my borther after he told me it overheating issues, at least that was what he thought was wrong with it, i have checked it all out and dismanlted the lot with out to much trouble reaplcing the heat tranfser pad with some heat transfer goop (not the technical term i know :)), after putting the whole machine bar the keyboard back together when i try and boot it up i get a continous beep, the screen doen’t seem to be powering up at all and none of the ancillaries such as HD floopy or DVD seem to do anything either, does this sound like a fried Mobo?,

    any help would be most grateful .



  4. Laptop Freak

    Probably it’s just a loose connection, not a fried motherboard. Make sure that all cables are properly connected and all devices are properly seated.

  5. Chenthil

    I have a Dell E1505 laptop. My laptop makes a “thick” beep sound occasionally. Not when i start the laptop.Any suggestions?Thanks.

  6. i have a acer travelmate 371TCi, when i tried to turn it on nothing happens but it makes 4 beep sound (short beep with a couple second interval), fan n harddrive (i think) are buzzing. after that it turn off by it self..monitor shows nothing..need help please..thnx

  7. Francesca Lees

    I wonder if you can help me. My fujitsu-siemens M740 beeps continually at start up, and wont boot properly, it’s a continusous short beeping. You cannot enter the bios either. I have checked the memory modules, the’yre ok.Any ideas?? I read somewhere about a ‘hard reset’, but don’t know how to do it, thanks,Francesca

  8. Laptop Freak

    Check out the link I posted in the comment 2, it has a list of beep errors for different BIOS. Find out with BIOS you have on your laptop and what the error code means.
    It could be memory problem. Reseat the memory module/modules and test the laptop again.

  9. Laptop Freak

    I think you might have a stuck keyboard key. Unfortunately it’s necessary to open the laptop to troubleshoot the problem. You’ll have to disconnect the keyboard and boot the laptop without it to find out if you have a faulty keyboard. If the laptop boots fine, then you’ll have to replace the keyboard.
    Here’s what you can try before you remove the keyboard. Turn off the laptop and press on each key for a few times, make sure that all keys move freely. Try to boot the laptop again.

  10. I hope you can help me. Tech support has yet to contact me after two weeks.

    I have an Acer Aspire 3000 laptop. It just loves to beep (sounds like a bios beep) at random intervals while using it. I know it’s not from any stuck keys with the keyboard, and it sounds like it is coming from the hardrive disk. There are no error messages. There is no rhyme or reason to its beeping. There is no predictable way to determine when it will beep. It will beep whether someone is using it at the time or just sitting idle in the room, nor does it matter how memory intensive any of the programs running at the time it beeps. It will beep whether someone is playng a game, using Notepad, or as stated above, just sitting idle on the desktop with nothing running aside from what a computer needs on to run.

    I hope you can help because this beeping is grating on the nerves. Please help, laptopfreak.

  11. Laptop Freak

    Never seen something like this before. I don’t think that beep is coming from the hard drive disk, most likely the internal speaker is located somewhere close to the hard drive.
    What if you remove the battery and run the laptop just on the AC power. May be beeps are somehow related to charging/discharging the battery?
    Check the BIOS version installed on your laptop and find out if there is a newer version. Upgrade/reflash the BIOS.

  12. I have a toshiba satellite 1100, needs more memory so I removed cover to check memory type and then replaced it. When i went to start the laptop the screen stayed black and sounded a beep code (3 beeps -space-3 beeps-space-1beep) could it be tghe CMOS battery? Any ideas.

  13. Laptop Freak

    Make sure the new memory module is installed properly and reseat it just in case. Move it from one slot to the other (if it’s available). If it doesn’t help install the old module back and test the laptop again. It’s not likely, but possible that the new memory module is defective.

  14. Rebecca

    Hi, I have an EI System 3083 which was given to me at Christmas. Everything is working fine apart from when I close the lid I hear a constant ringing until I re-open the lid. There are no pauses in the ringing/alarm which I hear but the closer I get to completlty closing the lid, the louder the alarm is. When I re-open the lid, everything is fine, there are no errors on screen or any signs of a problem. The sound occurs both whilst shutting down and running when I close the lid.
    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, I have seen no other cases on the web. Thanks

  15. Laptop Freak

    Will it ring only in Windows? Enter the BIOS setup menu on startup and try closing the lid in there. Usually you can do that if you press F1 or F2 on any other key as soon as you turn on the laptop. When you turn on the laptop, you should see on the screen with key to press to enter the setup. Does your laptop still ring while you are in the BIOS setup?

  16. Rebecca

    Hello again, whilst in BIOS and closing the lid, the laptop does not ring. I also changed some settings in control pannel from switching to stand by when the lid is closed, to do nothing when the lid is closed. Now when I close the lid, the ringing does not occur all of the time, only in about 2/5 tries.
    Thanks for your help

  17. I have a Compaq Armada 110 which always give a beep when power on but cannot see any error message. It is using Windows ME. I have found the built-in mouse pad faulty, but even when connected an USB mouse, it still beeps during power on.

  18. I have a hp dv6000t, which recently gave me 3 beeps. One long beep, and two short ones. The screen dosen’t display, but I can hear windows boot up. Sometimes I would cut it off and turn it back on again, and it boots up fine, picture and all. I took it to a computer shop and they told me that i neede to replace the motherboard, hopefully it is just a loose connection, because i checked on what the 3 beeps are and it looks likes an adapter problem. Help!

  19. I have a HP ZD8000 laptop which beeps rapidly and continuously while booting through the bios and into windows. Just like a stuck key (Beer was spilled in and on the keyboard tray). Replaced the keyboard with a new one from HP and it still does it. Once in windows, the beeping stops, but when I try to type in notepad and all I get are “//////////////////////” continously. So somewhere past the keyboard a signal is being sent. Anyway to kill this or trip the system. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  20. Laptop Freak

    Most likely when you spilled beer, it went all the way down to the system board. The keyboard plugs directly into the system board, and if your new keyboard didn’t fix the problem, it must be an issue with the system board. Sorry, but I think the system board has been damaged and must be replaced. I don’t know what else could be wrong.

  21. Thank you so much. I guess I just needed to hear that from a pro. Note to self, don’t drink and compute.

  22. Kai,
    I also have an Acer Aspire 3000 and it does the same thing. It beeps randomly. Some days once an hour and other days doesn’t beep at all. The system won’t crash or anything, it keeps working fine. Do you know what it is?

  23. Kai & Mario:

    I have the same problem with my HP Pavilion d1000t. HP “customer service” has been absolutely no help. Please be sure to post here if you are able to find a cure.


  24. kiltsman

    hi i turn my laptop on and the only thing i get is 3 long bleeps and a blank screen. can any one help me

  25. Laptop Freak

    3 long beeps on start up might indicate a memory problem. Reseat the memory module, try moving it from one slot to another. If you have 2 memory modules installed, remove them one by one and test the notebook again.

  26. Louisiana Joe M

    My Dell Inspiron 1100: when I push the on-off button, the caps lock and numbers lock light turn on and the fan starts running. After eight seconds, the fan stops, the lights go out and machine fails to boot up. This can happen 20 times before the things boots. Soemtimes when I leave it in a cooler spot it boots sooner than 20 attempts.

  27. I hope someone can help me on this one!
    I recently accuired a Dell latitude cpi D266xt
    The ac connector tested fine (hooked it to another cpi and worked fine).
    I press the power on, the power light comes on the hard drive starts up but all three of the lock keys light up and system beeps 5 – 1 -2 (five long beeps, pause, 1 long, pause, 2 long) then it shuts down completely. This system never gets past this point, I’ve tried pushing down on the keyboard, I’ve disassembled it and checked connections and still get these beeps! It’s driving me looney 🙂

    If anyone has an idea I would love to hear it.

  28. Laptop Freak

    I think you are not alone. I republished your question here and posted some suggestions too. I think you have a problem with memory.

  29. My laptop makes ominous beeps:
    I just upgraded my hp pavilion ze4500AMD with a new seagate 60GB HD, and replaced a dead battery. A few days later I started hearing a beep every few minutes coming from the laptop. It’s not coming from the voice card or from the pc speaker (i muted both of them), and it’s not because the battery is low, because it’s full and works very well (and the beep also sounds when the AC is connected). I ran chkdsk /f with no special results. Other than that there’s nothing wrong with the functioning of the laptop. Any ideas?

  30. My laptop starts beeping continuously as well when the Windows desktop interface appears when switched on. Everything works fine, except that nothing appears when I type and the beeping sound accelerates when i randomly press a few keys. I do not hear the sounds when the speakers are muted. Really appreciate any ideas/suggestions. Thanks!

  31. Hi, When my Acer Travelmate 4400 is charging the battery and the system is in use, it beeps twice and the screen blinks twice in time with the beeps. This only happens sometimes, and the beeps don’t seem to be in any regular pattern. Beeps also will occur during reboot. Have tried a new battery but it’s still happening. The power jack isn’t loose. Thanks for any help – Acer has no idea what’s wrong.

  32. Mario,
    I’m getting the same thing with one of my customer’s laptop. It will beep every now and then, but nothing happens, no problems or anything, just one annoying little beep. I still have yet to figure this one out. It’s on an Acer Aspire 5040.

  33. Laptop Freak

    I think it might be a bad keyboard, probably one button has a shorted contacts even though it’s not pressed down. The laptop “thinks” the button is pressed and makes a beep. I would try disconnecting the keyboard from the motherboard and test the laptop with an external keyboard. If it works, try replacing the laptop keyboard.
    There is a possibility that you have a problem with the keyboard controller on the motherboard. In this case you’ll have to replace the motherboard.
    It’s really hard to troubleshoot these kind of problems without a known good keyboard. Without a test keyboard you have to guess.

  34. Laptop Freak

    Dan, Dani,
    have you tried re-flashing or upgrading the BIOS?

  35. Dan, Eric, Kai,
    It seems like we all have the same problem and no answer yet. I’ll dedicate time this weekend and post what I find on Monday. Meanwhile I do want to comment that in my case I put 512mb of ram extra in my machine. I formatted my hard drive and loaded Windows Pro SP2. I have already uploaded the newest drivers and Bios update from Acer’s site. The beeping continues. I have become accustomed to it. But when I’m in a meeting my bosses rolling eyes tell me “You need to get that thing fixed”.

  36. Laptop Freak,
    Help us, please!

  37. Hi Laptop Freak 🙂

    I haven’t tried flashing the BIOS. As I recall their support tech said I had the latest version — but it’s definitely worth a try. I will attempt it and let you know if beeping continues.

    Dan – not that I’m happy you’re having this problem as well but at least I don’t feel like I’m in a twilight zone anymore 🙂

  38. Dave Cantin

    I have an hp pavilion dv5217cl. It was working fine and I turned it on after using it earlier in the day and the screen was totally blank and I heard 4 beeps, I checked the memory in the laptop and I have 1gig when I take a 512 stick out it stops beeping but still doesn’t turn on. Totally confused. When you look up the 4 beep code it says system timer which could be caused by a bad motherboard

  39. Laptop Freak

    Dave Cantin,
    Test both memory modules in each slot: RAM1-Slot1, RAM1-Slot2, RAM2-Slot1 and RAM2-Slot2, four combinations total. Maybe you have a faulty memory slot on the motherboard? In this case the laptop should start with both memory modules in the one slot and fail with both memory modules in another slot.

  40. hi laptop freak,
    Pls help me recognise the problem.when i switch on my laptop it beeps continously(one continous going beep).I had tried new RAM but no solution. I have tried using an old battery too as new battery does not seem to charge(as blinkihn display light stops after sometime).What else caould i do and how can i check mother board. My laptop is a intel centrino with Intel 855 chipset, DDR333RAM

  41. Laptop Freak

    There is no simple solution. In cases like this (when I’m not sure what’s going on) I usually start taking the laptop apart piece by piece trying to find a faulty part. I test the laptop after each removed part. I start from easy parts like battery, DVD drive, hard drive, wireless card, and then go inside until I get a barebone system (motherboard, CPU and memory).
    If you still experience the same problem even after the laptop is completely disassembled, probably it’s a motherboard related issue. Sorry, as I said there is no simple solution.

  42. Jimmy

    Hi Everyone,
    I have Acer 5002 AMD CPU. It starts, and you can see the screen for just 2 seconds, then goes to black screen. After that, the power button also don’t work.

    I try restarting and holding the pause button, it shows the screen for as long as the pause button is pressed, right after, you press any key, it goes Black Screen. External monitor used and after 3 seconds, external monitor shows no signal.
    Fan runs and cpu seems like working, but I can’t even go to BIOS. try changing the memory moduals as well. Nothing work. No beeps.
    Can it be a bad motherboard or bad CPU? CPU is AMD ML-34, I know, how to open laptop, so any feedback will be helpful.
    Please Help……………..

  43. Jimmy

    My Latitude CP turns on fine, the three lights come on and the num, scroll, and caps lock come on momentarily but beeps twice after 15 seconds, there was never any image, We reseated SIMM chip because we didn’t know what side it should go on, A or B, we rebooted it and still nothi’n. Any Help?

  44. I hope you can help me. Tech support has yet to contact me after two weeks.

    I have an Acer Aspire 3000 laptop. It just loves to beep (sounds like a bios beep) at random intervals while using it. I know it’s not from any stuck keys with the keyboard, and it sounds like it is coming from the hardrive disk. There are no error messages. There is no rhyme or reason to its beeping. There is no predictable way to determine when it will beep. It will beep whether someone is using it at the time or just sitting idle in the room, nor does it matter how memory intensive any of the programs running at the time it beeps. It will beep whether someone is playng a game, using Notepad, or as stated above, just sitting idle on the desktop with nothing running aside from what a computer needs on to run.

    I hope you can help because this beeping is grating on the nerves. Please help, laptopfreak.

    ^^ my laptop does exsactly the same as this, randomly, my laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1300
    its really getting annoying. anyone help??

  45. Laptop Freak

    Hey Jess,
    You are not alone. My Dell Latitude C840 does exactly the same. A beeping sound comes from the laptop hard drive area without any reason, mostly when the laptop is not used. I’m pretty sure my harddrive disk is OK because I tested it just recently.
    I just didn’t have time to figure out what is going on because I don’t really care about this laptop. At first I was thinking it happens because I’m using a wrong AC adapter (I was using a 75 Watt adapter instead of 90 Watt adapter). Just recently I got a new 90 Watt adapter but the problem didn’t go away.
    I’m not sure why it happens. At the next step I’ll check what version of BIOS is installed and will upgrade it if needed.

  46. Marooned

    I have a Acer Aspire 5002 WLMi laptop that sudenly stopped working. Harddrive and RAM are ok because I checked it with a simiar Acer. I want to change the CMOS battery but I am not able to get at it because after removing almost all the screws I am not able to move the case. Search for free online downloadable service manual proved futile. Can somebody please help?

    Thank you

  47. I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FJ3S. Recently the sound on the laptop has been really bad weather it be itunes, media player, DVDs or websites it sounds like it keeps getting stuck and slows down all the time. Help me lap top freak your my only hope.

  48. Sanjay Bhat

    I have a Dell Laptop. It had been working fine for last few years. Couple of days back,while I was working on net some erratic things seemed to be happening, and I had to shut it down. Now it is not starting at all. What happens is like this.

    When I put it on, couple of beeps are heard and a message appears on the screen which reads that windows had not shut down properly and gives options to start the system in different modes viz Normal, Safe etc. Here itself it hangs. I am not able to select any option. If I press any key only a beep is heard and nothing else happens. Even pressing F2 for setup is not working.Can you help please.

  49. hi LAptop freak
    i have a toshiba satellite 1955-S807
    suddenly when i tried to power up i get 2 beeps and blank screen
    i can hear the fan , but i guess i cant hear any sound from the hdd
    i tried replacing the hdd nothing happened
    when i dismantled the 2 memory modules i get another beep , so i guess it is not a ram issue
    do u think it is time to change the system board, plz help me

  50. I have the keyboard problem with the beeping. Does anyone know where I can find instructions to get into the computer and unhook the keyboard in order to troubleshoot. Also, where would you suggest finding tools for this. I cannot find a screwdriver small enough, and I have discovered I actually have a screw missing. Where can I find screws this small? Thanks

  51. Laptop Freak

    Some manufacturers provide laptop disassembly instructions on their website. Other manufacturers keep it secret. Here are service manuals and disassembly instructions for some known brands, hopefully you find instructions for your laptop in there.

  52. I ordered a new keyboard from Dell, downloaded the manual from Laptop Freak and felt sooo smart when I changed the keyboard out all by myself…….and it fixed my problem. Thanks!!

  53. I have a Acer Aspire 9500. I have had it for about a year. A few weeks ago I went to turn it on and then screen will not come up but I can hear the fan boot up and it let out one long beep that doesnt not stop. The only way to get it to stop is to hold down the power botton and turn it off. I have the extended warrenty but was wondering if there was something I could do to fix it myself. What could be wrong and what could I do it fix it? Any suggestions.

  54. I have a HP pavilion ze 4900 laptop. when you turn it on it has a continous beeping sound. if you hold down the function button the beeping stops. I installed a new hard drive in it and put in the recover cd but it does the same thing. Now when i turn it on it still beeps but goes to a blank black screen with a flashing _ at the top left corner. any suggestions

  55. last time i removed my HP desktop system Cover. at time of booting beep sound with warning last time system cover is opened

  56. Hello everyone,

    I have recently disassembled my Toshiba Satellite pro a120 dual core. I made sure ALL component were installed correctly, I always double check things! But now, for some reason, I get this irritating message at boot up with BEEBS, where it says “PXE-E61 Media Test Failure” amongst other things. I then reopened everything, and put everything back again, the problem seems to go away at first, and then comes back, this time when everything starts up; the letter “n” is continually and automatically is entered on any searches I click on. What can be the problem, it comes and goes (at the moment as I type this message it isn’t there) but I fear that when I shut down my system, I will have to face this problem again.

    Any suggestions….

    Thank you ever so much.


  57. try and change BIOS to hard drive as first boot device and duster your keyboard out and tell me if that helps

  58. also this error is caused by having 2 IDE devices (DVD-R and HDD) both set to Master on the same IDE cable/connector soo cheack your master/slave pins

  59. sry for triple post but @mo is you primary hdd partitioned

  60. Laptop Freak

    Also, try this. Unplug the keyboard from the motherboard and start the laptop with an external USB keyboard. If the problem with the letter “n” still exists even with internal keyboard removed, you might have a problem with the keyboard controller on the motherboard.


    also this error is caused by having 2 IDE devices (DVD-R and HDD) both set to Master on the same IDE cable/connector so check your master/slave pins

    I believe Toshiba doesn’t use master/slave jumpers on hard drives.
    Make sure the hard drive is properly connected to the motherboard, there could be some kind of connection issue between HDD and mobo.

  61. When i ON my laptop i get one beep and after that i recived one messege that:-
    fan function failuer. and press F1 to resum and F2 to setup.

    if any one know what’s a problem please tell me

  62. HELP please? I have a Toshiba Satellite A45. A couple days ago, my cat knocked over a glass of water next to my laptop and some water got on (and maybe into) the touch pad (I wasn’t here…my daughter relayed the incident to me). The touch pad was dried off and the computer was working fine. The next day, I was getting constant “““““““`” while trying to type or search. My “`” key is next to my space bar, which of course is right above the touch pad.

    I shut down the computer and started pressing on the keys in case anything was stuck. I rebooted and still had the ““““““” problem. I shut it down and went to work.

    I came home and turned it on. I now have a CONSTANT BEEPING, blank screen and a blinking power light. My battery and power cord light are on, not blinking.

    I’m assuming after reading all of the above posts that I need to disconnect the keyboard and connect an external keyboard to see if it’s the keyboard or worse.

    My question is: how do I disconnect the keyboard? Does the entire laptop need to me dismantled?

    Thanks much!


  63. Laptop Freak


    I received one message that:-
    fan function failure. and press F1 to resume and F2 to setup.

    Maybe you have a faulty fan and it has to be replaced?

  64. Laptop Freak


    The next day, I was getting constant “““““““`” while trying to type or search.

    This sounds like a problem with the keyboard and most likely it has been damaged and has to be replaced.
    You are right, in order to narrow down the problem, you’ll have to unplug the laptop keyboard from the motherboard and test the laptop with an external keyboard. If the laptop works fine with the external keyboard, most likely the rest of the laptop is fine and water didn’t damage the motherboard.
    Anyways, here are instructions for taking apart a Toshiba Satellite A45 laptop. Follow steps 8-12 to remove the keyboard. Be careful with the keyboard cable connector on the motherboard.

  65. Hi laptopfreak,
    i have issue with my HP DV6000,
    when i start anything is working except the
    screen, – its blank, with no picture…
    and it gives 1long and 2 short beeps, its video adapter problem and how can i fix it?

  66. HI
    I have a toshiba satellite m35x
    when I turn it on there is no display and it makes 1 short beep – 3 short beeps – 3 short beeps – 1 beeps

    sometimes after trying a lot it works fine but each time take more tries
    what can i do???

  67. Laptop Freak

    This is memory related error. Could be bad memory stick. Here are more tips for troubleshooting this memory related problem.

  68. My Zenith PC sucks now a days

    Whenever i start my PC after powershutdown then my computer starts giving beeps and only Zenith is written on the screen i dont know know the reason can anyone of you help

  69. Ayanpeju Olujide blessing

    Pls I have compaq amada p3 ever since I change d hard disk it developed prob. each time It started booting it switch it self off

  70. Hi there i am using Fujitsu s7010 laptop, when i start i get) when i restart i stars but my keys keep pressin continuosly i cannot operate my lappy…help me out.

  71. Hi,

    I have an Acer 1700
    Recently the fan broke, and I had it taken out.

    I use a big fan to cool the laptop down.
    Recently, there has been a Beeping sound, accompanied by my Hard Drive light flashing. The sound is not from the speakers.

    When it starts beeping, the whole laptop freezes up. Sometimes it stops staying frozen and it’s normal again.

    If the beeping continues, and it stays frozen, usually after 3 minutes a blue screen appears with some message.

    If I try to re-turn the laptop on again after the 3 minute frozen incident, it just keeps in beeping, keeping the Blue Acer splash page to a stand still.

    What is wrong? How can i fix this?

    Thank you!!

  72. Laptop Freak


    Recently, there has been a Beeping sound, accompanied by my Hard Drive light flashing.

    Maybe the hard drive is dieing? You can test the hard drive with Hitachi’s drive fitness utility (Link in Useful Links). If the hard drive fails the test you’ll have to replace it.
    By the way, if you keep any important data on the hard drive I would recommend backing it up. If there is something wrong with the hard drive, it might fail any time.

  73. martin

    Hi my laptop is running ok but the other day i had left it on the side and it started making a faint but long beeping noise it has done this once before i persumed it was just too hot as ild been using it for a few hours after a while the faint beeping stopped why is this doing this ive had it 2 years now it is a compaq presario thanks for your help

  74. martin

    follow on from my question it, the noise seems to be coming from the area front left as your looking at the screen ie the corner nearer than the left ctrl button thanks

  75. i am using a sony vaio laptop
    i have the same problem,
    on start up it beeps continuously ,
    i’ve pushed escape and it has worked,
    but on log in screen
    it will type 111111111111111111111111111 etc.. continuously.
    whenever i use the arrow keys or home pagedown and page up the number one would start going,
    and when i try to use the 1 key it doesnt work.
    i would have to press number lock and use the one on letter keys, every number works except the 1/!
    i dont think its stuck or anything, never had any spills
    sometimes once in a blue moon it would work and
    on boot it wouldnt beep and the i could use the

  76. So I have this HP ZE 4000 series laptop, I’ve had it for about four years and last year I started getting the Blue screen of death everytime I turned it on. After a couple restarts it went completely black and now you just get a clicking noise that sounds as though it is coming from the CD tray. The tray won’t open unless I use a straightened paper clip in the release. The sound goes away, but starts again as soon as it is closed. But the computer never boots up and just clicks forever with a blank screen. If I can’t fix it I’m gonna just purchase a new one but I’m not giving up on it yet. Any suggestions?

  77. password on toshiba satellite pro a120 plz help …

  78. I have an HP ze1230. When I turn it on it gives 4 beeps, stops, then repeats these 4 cmos beeps again and again. Nothing appears on the screen. System timer malfunction? what does that imply?

  79. Hi I have a HP Pavillion ZV5000 series and sometime when I turn it on it makes 1 long beep and 2 short beeps and then blacks out and I have to hold down the “turn on” button to turn it back off.


  80. i get loads of short beeps before it successfully loads up and i dont have the faintest of clues what the hell is wrong with it. help please.

  81. Georgie

    I’ve had my Compaq Presario V50000 for almost two years now, and only in the past two weeks have been experiencing this problem. Sporadically, so not every time, when booting up, I hear two fairly short beeps, followed by a black screen which tells me to press F1 or F10. I can continue to boot up after this, (by pressing F1 I think!) but then I cannot connect to the Internet using wireless. I can connect using a cable okay, but not via my wireless connection.
    Like I say, doesn’t happen every time, sometimes I can happily use wireless with no problems. But then the next day I will get the two beeps, and no wireless connection.
    Checked Device Manager after getting the two beeps, and there appears to be some problem (yellow triangle) with the Broadcom Network Adapter – message indicates that there is a conflict, code 10? I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the Device, and have also updated the driver using Broadcom website, but problem still persists.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  82. edward

    I have a toshiba a135, just like what eric posted above, continuous beep on boot with blank screen and a blinking cursor on the upper left corner of the monitor, when I press any key, it will continue to load the os. From there, no problem whatsoever. I have updated the bios, checked the rams, and reinstalled the OS twice, but it still has the same problem. Help!!!!

  83. Oyinlade

    i beleive you can help me. my pc is powering it self. it doesnt allow me to power it before it normally power it self. and it dont come up but i’ll see that HD led is on, optical mouse is on, keyboard is on and it gives a beep sound twice. i have checked the ram, the same thing is happening. so pls. assist me. thanks

  84. A continious beeps goes on from CPU speeker. Sudenly three lock lights on and off and pc goes hangs when I connect my key board with my desktop pc but there is no error in other pc

  85. i had the same beep problom in every restart on my thoshiba notbbok.. after i prss any key 3 time its boothing normal.then i open Notpad, and typed all the keyes on key borad. there 6 and U key were not working .I opend the KB and Cleaned those KEYS .. KEys are working.. AND System is OK Now,

  86. Robin J Raines

    I have a Dell D830. I get random “squeals” beeps periodically from my laptop like others above. We’ve replaced all the moving parts and the keyboard twice. It beeps more often when it is docked – but I still can’t find a pattern.

    I ran a diagnostic and couldn’t find any errors. When then the Tech guys took it for a week they said they didn’t hear it “squeal”/beep at all.

    It is ANNOYING!!!!!!!!! Help!!

  87. Matthew Ive

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 Laptop, and its running a Pheonix Bios. What happens is it does a continuous beeping sound, I looked up what I can and thanks to Laptop Freak’s Post on the Bios Beeping list, I figured out that theres a keyboard malfunction, Some keys are getting stuck and others don’t work at all. How can i fix this? There are no exeternal Mouse/Keyboard connections

  88. harold stackhouse

    i have a dell c840 and i need to disconnect the keyboard from the computer to change the palmrest,but i cannot see clearly how the connection is removed from the board,i would appreciate your assistence in this matter.

  89. Hi, I have a Pavilion dv6000 and when I turn it on I get continuous beeping (not a bios code -just continuous) until I press a few keys. I’ve replaced the keyboard and the same thing. The beeping goes away in Vista (but can’t be heard even if it’s there ‘cos it’s muted) but the icons flash like mad, just like a stuck key and again pressing a key a couple of times makes it go away. Would you have any ideas? I heard that these laptops are bad news, but can’t afford to repair or replace it. Help!

  90. Hi, here’s an update to the problem I’ve just mentioned – I got mad with the laptop this morning, and removed the battery. I also took out the RAM modules and cleaned the edge connectors with a rubber. The laptop worked perfectly for two or three start ups and then the problem returned. Any ideas anybody?


    I have an HP Pavillion Entertainment DV9000.
    When i turn on the laptop it beeps 2 short beeps and 1 long beep then the screen goes black and laptop shuts down.
    Can anyone help me with this problem.

  92. I have a Dell Inspiron 6400.
    When I start up the laptop, there will be a number of beep sounds and I cant type using my keyboard.
    But when I clicked ‘end’, some random stuff will happen.

    Hope you could help. Thanks.

  93. i have a gateway ml6232 after replaceing power jack and putting back together power jack works but boots to gateway screen where it says press F2 or F10 doesnt matter which i press nothing happens then screen turns black and it starts beeping i think it overheating but why does the fan stop by the way hard drive is bad but that doesnt have to do with the beeping help?

  94. Taylor

    I recently tried to turn on my computer. Everything went fine until I tried to click on something. Whenever I pressed the touch pad or clicked the mouse, I would get a beep noise that would go 3 times. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525. Please help. Thanks.

  95. That’s a really annoying sound! I made it mute using this trick.

  96. hi,
    I have a Dell Inspiron E1505.got it in 2006.
    Recently i downloaded Skype 4.0 and that was it!!!
    it was fine for 2 hrs after until i started sharing my screen with my family(using screen share feature).the computer gave a long beep and no key would work.
    my mozilla 3.5.2 browser also crashed with it.
    i was not able to play any songs from my laptop(i tried playing songs in real player,musicmatch jukebox and windows media player).Also I tried to play songs online but computer gave a long beep which wouldn’t go until i pressed hard on the power button.
    i tried rebooting,system restore,running it in safe mode and using “last known good configuration”.nothing worked.
    i called up my anti-virus software company.they found nothing wrong.
    i uninstalled skype and mozilla in desperation.
    also my google chrome browser started freezing after 5mins of browsing becoz of this and laptop gives a long….. beep.
    the only browser that is able to handle emails is my old IE version 6.but this browser too can’t play videos/songs from youtube or similar sites for more than 5mins.i hear the sound clearly but after 5mins screen freezes and it’s back to the same problem.
    also computer is not going in standby/hibernate after this problem started and freezes if i keep it on unused for 20 mins.
    what could be wrong with my laptop?
    do i need to format it?do i need any BIOS updates?
    pls help
    thanks to all who can suggest some fix.

  97. hi
    I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 i am getting 5 beep sounds following with 8 beep sounds continuously when i switch on immediately after Dell screen. Back space button will not work at this time and Caplock and scroll lock lights are not blinking. plz help in this regard.

  98. I ahve acer travelmate 4150
    When i turn it on it give me only long beeps but nothing displays on the screen.
    I have changed the memories but still
    I need help

  99. I have Toshiba laptop. The continuous beeps only occur when my head or wooly jumper is near the key board. works ok all the time. i can make it beep by just leaning forward and stop it by sitting back. could it be static electricity affecting keyboard.

  100. I have a acer aspire one D250 laptop and it has contines beeps and I think that it is, the soda(COCA COLA) that my brother and sister droped on it.

  101. Laptop Freak


    I have a acer aspire one D250 laptop and it has contines beeps and I think that it is, the soda(COCA COLA) that my brother and sister droped on it.

    Probably some keys were damaged. Replace the keyboard.

  102. RAJ NAYAN

    i have dell studio 15 with intel core 2,it was working fine once i restarted my system nd after that nothing appares on screen even dell splash screen does not comes..and getting 3 continuous beeps after 1 sec interval..please help me out what is the problem,,,

  103. dear laptop freak.
    my compaq laptop ..when i turn it on it gives consecutive beep then stop..then there is a meesage saying for boot manager and the windows7 is the one with only highlight .when i choose the enter..my windows open up/… the problem is why its beep when i turn it on…

  104. i have a problem when i start my laptop come out a beep sound with windows 7 why and how to fix

  105. I ahve acer travelmate 4150
    When i turn it on it give me only long beeps but nothing displays on the screen.

    Please Help

  106. I have a Lenovo G570 model laptop.When i turn on my laptop it beeps for 1 minute & then ask for F2 or F12 set up.then i choose F2 & it turns on.now i have formated my c drive.now it is ok.but are there any problem in future?

  107. I have a Lenovo G470 model laptop.When i turn on my laptop it beeps for 1 minute & then ask for F2 or F12 set up.then i choose F2 & it turns on.now i have formated my c drive.now it is ok.but are there any problem in future?

    pls help me…………..