I have the blue screen of death error

I have a Dell Inspiron 1505 and I have the blue screen of death can somebody please give me some help. I have no idea what to do have had this laptop for 3 years and this is the first time this happened.

I cannot tell what is causing the problem without running some diagnostic tests. This could be either software or hardware related problem.

You can try some of the following suggestions.
1. Turn on the laptop and press F8 when the logo appears on the screen. From the boot menu select Last Known Good Configuration press the Enter key.
2. Can you boot the laptop in Safe Mode? Try using the system restore utility and take it back the last restore point when the laptop was running fine.
3. It’s possible that one of the memory modules is bad. If you have two modules installed, remove them one by one and try starting the laptop with each RAM module separately. If the laptop works with one module but you getting the BSOD error with the second module, most likely the second module is bad. If you have only one module installed, try replacing it with a known good module.
4. This problem could be related to the hard drive. Turn on the laptop and listen for the hard drive noises. If it makes repetitive clicking or grinding noise, apparently the hard drive is bad.
Remove the hard dive and find out who made it. Go to the manufacturer’s website and download the hard dive diagnostic utility. Test the hard drive.
5. If you think that the hard drive and memory is good and steps 1 and 2 do not help, try reinstalling the operating system from the recovery disc.

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  1. Bernard Samstag

    Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop displays BSOD only when I request a restart. When a problem occurs, just shutting it down, and restarting shows no problems. But, if I request a restart (maybe thru the Task Manager), it goes through the restart until after the XP splash screen – when the BSOD happens. Doing a power-off and reboot, and everything works fine. I ran Registry Mechanic, found over a 1,000 errors, and fixed them. The problem with the BSOD happened after that. I restrted using “Last Known Good…” to get back up running, but the BSOD started after that on a restart request. I am confused!!!

  2. Hi there,

    I have a dell inspiron 1520, Got a virus a month ago, it seemed to work fine after I got it fixed. However now, whenever I connect to the Internet I get the blue screen of death after 5 mins. Whenever deactivate my wireless card, my computer runs fine. The error code is 0x0000008E. I downloaded a wireless broadband card, but i can’t install it, the message says the device could not be detected. I try to connect to the Internet with the cord, but my computer doesn’t reconnize the device.

    Hope to hearing from you,

    cheers, Anne

  3. warchcio

    I work on computers regularly. A good portion of blue screens a are caused by file corruption. Many times from a disk corruptionsuch as file on the edge of a partially bad sector . I Usually run spinrite followed by chkdsk.Spinrite restores the missing data from the file and then chkdsk can repair the file. This works over half the time. Another cause is rootkit viruses infecting key files. If you know what your doing use malewarebytes antispyware and combofix for those if you can still get in in safe mode.

  4. hi, thr. me gettin the same prblm.
    got reliance netconnect, whnevr i use bittorrent or opens too many webpages. laptop shuts down with memory dumping blue screen error msg and then restarts. snd plz stop giving stupid solutions. give me a good reason n solution for my prblm, if u think u r a computer freak. solve this dude.

  5. ok the same issue ,blue screen my laptop is new , hp pavilion 4gb ram , 64osbit, n everytime i download or upload using reliance netconnect i get this blue screen n it says memory dump n i hv to turn it off. i know ther is nothing wrong with my note book , if anyone find any solutions plz let me kno plzzzzzz

  6. dellguy

    eep nothing works ive tried everything but all it does is reboot and go straight back to blue screen i am seriously begging for some more help…=,(

  7. Ronadens

    I have a Everex StepNote laptop. My explorer internet cannot display the webpage, even though I am connected to the internet. My laptop diagnostics says it pinged the remote host(everex) but did not receive a response. I have just discovered, on the internet, that everex went out of business. I have been trying for days to get to the webpage but nothing has worked. Has this happened to anyone else and did you get the problem solved? If so, how? Thanks for any responses. Ronadens

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