My computer keyboard starting doing its own thing

I have a Satellite M35X. I use this laptop for work and personal use. It was purchased January 2005, so it’s 18 months old. Recently, I purchased Scan Disk to back up my documents file on a chip that you can carry around your neck, — I don’t know the technical name for what they call this. The day I plugged this in to a USB port, 20 minutes later when I was working in Microsoft Word, my computer keyboard starting doing its own thing. If I hit the shift key, it would take off typing “n” across the page or the backslash symbol. It would reboot but I could not get past the password screen. When I started to enter my password – the touch pad still works well in moving the cursor to an area. It would permit me to enter 3 characters, then it would return wiping the display out and back to reentering again. I purchased a new keyboard and replaced the old. The same thing occurred. I purchased an external keyboard, and unplugged the laptop’s keyboard. For the first 4 hours everything went well, then it did the same thing. When I went into Word it would start typing capital “b” across line upon line. Hitting Escape did not stop it. Holding down the backspace key just caused it to delete the last typed letter, but as soon as it was released, it would continue across the page. Sometimes it would type three characters on a line then return and start with a backslash symbol and type a couple more alphabets on that line, then return and start with a backslash again and a few more characters, return again, and do the same over and over. The alphabet typed on the lines were not always the same – it liked a capital “A” and “n” quite often. When you then go into Microsoft Explorer it will not let you type in the search bar or the address bar but inserts backslashes, continual, never ending Since the laptop keyboard has been replaced, and an external purchased and plugged in, it is not the keyboard, but must be something in the computer. HELP! Any suggestions????

According to the description you’ve provided, I would assume that the keyboard is bad, but you already replaced it. That is a very strange problem. I assume that it might be a software problem.
You can try to reinstall the keyboard drive. Open the device manager and find the keyboard line. Click on the plus sign to expand it. Right click on the “Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard” line and click on uninstall the driver. After you reboot the laptop, Windows will reinstall the driver automatically. Try it first – it might help.
Also you can try this. Revert the operating system back in time when the keyboard was working properly. You’ll have to use the system restore utility. Go to Start – All Programs – Accessories – System Tools – System Restore. Choose date and time when the keyboard worked fine and run the restore. This process will revert only system files and you shouldn’t loose any personal data.
If it still doesn’t help, you can reload the operating system from a recovery DVD. It will take the laptop software back to original factory defaults. When you re-image the drive all data on your hard drive would be erased. BACKUP all important files before you run the recovery DVD. This process should eliminate any software related problems.
One more thing. Try to re-flash or update the laptop BIOS. May be the BIOS is corrupted and it causing the keyboard problem.
If it still doesn’t help, then I would assume that the keyboard controller on the system board can be bad and the system board has to be replaced.

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  1. I owns Acer Texas-Instrument 670CDT. i accidentally pull out the keyboard plug and it stratches the lines insides the plastic cover. I’m not entirely sure if there is a electrical marker to reconnect the lines.


  2. i have just bought a second hand dell laptop and the space bar sometimes works (more does’nt than does ) how can i remedy this myself? as i imagane it will be an expensive job at a computer repair shop, many thank’s


  3. Laptop Freak

    I would probably replace the keyboard, it looks like dell keyboards are not very expensive and you can find one for around $25-30. Find a manual for you laptop here and follow instructions to replace the keyboard. If you decide to repair the keyboard itself, you can find some help here.

  4. Hi,
    i’ve a problem with my Toshiba’s (satellite pro M30 model nr. psm35e-003h0-it) keyboard.
    when i boot i hear a continuos Beep till WinXp boot starts.then when it enters Xp and i select an icon i see the selection going left as i press continuosly the left -arrow key.
    when i press this key once everything seems to get normal.
    but if i press a combination like: upArrow+leftArrow i hear this Beep again and this pression has no effects (examle in videogames player doesn’t goes in that direction).It happens also with several others combinations,example:S+J,D+J.
    What can i do?i can’t understand the problem,i formatted xp,dismantled pc to see it was connected in a bad way,but it seems good.
    thanks a lot and sorry if my english is not perfect
    Marco from Italy

  5. Laptop Freak


    when I boot I hear a continuous Beep till WinXp boot starts

    It looks like the keyboard in your laptop has a stuck key and the problem could be fixed if you replace the keyboard (steps 8-12).

  6. hi,where i can buy a keyboard?

  7. Laptop Freak

    Search on eBay for Satellite M30 keyboard. I think Satellite M30 and Satellite Pro M30 is the same laptop, only names are different. Before you buy a new keyboard, I would contact the seller to make sure it will fit your laptop.

  8. I have almost the same problem with the start menu buton. When i removed the keybord from the laptop it works ok but when I try to replace it back I get the same problem again. Is there anyting I can do?

  9. Hello,

    I am attempting to remove the keyboard connector on a Toshiba A75-S226 as I am looking at your detailed photo instructions. I easily removed one for a Dell D610 (which has a connector at the end of the ribbon cable), but I am perplexed with this A75-S226. When I remove it, should I have a white connector on the end of the keyboard flat ribbon or should I have nothing but a but a flat ribbon cable?


  10. does anyone out there know the technical name for the connecter type on a presario laptop 2100 for the keyboard. Was replacing the KB and broke the little white retaining clip while pressing it against the flat cable on the MB connector. Should have been more careful. Just cant find that clip


  11. Laptop Freak


    should I have a white connector on the end of the keyboard flat ribbon or should I have nothing but a but a flat ribbon cable?

    The keyboard on a Toshiba Satellite A75 notebook doesn’t have any connector on the end of the cable, it would be just a flat ribbon cable. Before you pull the cable you’ll have to open the keyboard connector on the motherboard. Be very careful because the keyboard connector on this model is very fragile. The keyboard connector has a lock with 2 small handles on each side (two red arrows on the step 10 pointing on this handles). Carefully open the connector (brown part on the picture) by moving the lock 2-3 millimeters away from the connector base (white part on the picture). After the connector is open, you can pull the keyboard cable.

  12. Jan Scott

    The letter “e” has come off the keyboard.
    I can pop it back on but every time you hit the key at the top it pops up because the bottom doesn’t want to lock in.
    Is there a trick to this?

  13. ceindreadh

    Hi. I’ve got a new laptop (Toshiba Satellite) and I sometimes the centre keys (G H spacebar) don’t always work the first time I hit them.
    I usually use a full size pc, so I’m not really used to laptop keyboards and I was wondering was this normal and I should just be gentle with it, or did I get a dodgy machine.

  14. Laptop Freak

    Jan Scott,
    Probably the key cap is broken. You can find a spare key on eBay if you search for laptop keyboard key.

  15. Laptop Freak

    All keys should work equally. If it does really bother you, take the laptop to a Toshiba repair center and they will replace the keyboard.

  16. Hi, my friends laptop recently started to act up.
    When you turn it on it makes 3 beeps and then loads as normal, but when i tap any of the keys it just makes a beep and does nothing. Sometimes it will let you me use the touch pad to watch dvds but mostly as soon as i start a program a help centre warning pops up and the laptop seizes.
    I looked around forums and many people have said the screw on the base may need tightening. this didnt work.
    I brought it into a repair shop where the slightly dodgy man behind the counter offered to replace the mother board for 350pounds
    The laptop is an Toshiba SA40-241.

  17. hello,
    i have learned tons from your site, thanks!! now, my problem, i have a satellite 2430-s255. i also have a keyboard problem. i reformatted the hard drive, reloaded everything, bought a new keyboard, and still doesn’t work. i have been trying to flash the bios but although i have an external keyboard attached i cannot get the laptop to respond to f8 or f2. f12 gets me the bootable menu but then it will not move from hdd to cd drive, not with arrow keys, not with number keys, so then it finally just starts booting with hdd and i cannot force it to boot from the bios cd i made. i also don’t seem to have the “built in” hardware utility which allows one to change startup order. toshiba site was down for a couple days but will try to get that downloaded. honestly, i think i’m at your last suggestion to original question person, motherboard fried! laptop is now an anchor. any ideas on how to get in and change startup order? thanks a million!!! francis

  18. Laptop Freak

    The keyboard connects directly to the motherboard. You replaced the keyboard and it didn’t resolve the problem, so it’s either a bad keyboard connector or bad motherboard. To me it sounds like a bad motherboard because you cannot use an external keyboard.

    f12 gets me the bootable menu but then it will not move from hdd to cd drive, not with arrow keys, not with number keys, so then it finally just starts booting with hdd and i cannot force it to boot from the bios cd i made.

    Probably the laptop starts booting from the HDD because it’s first device in the boot order. You can try removing the hard drive so the laptop cannot boot from it and start looking for the next bootable device and hopefully boot from the CD.

  19. I have purchased a second laptop with a faulty keyboard, when i type the wrong symbols appear.The model is a Tecra 8200.p3. could you please offer advice on how to rectify this problem.Have been on region/ language settings. This is set for uk. Could this be a case of dirt causing this problem? If a new keyboard was needed can you advise me how to fit.

  20. Laptop Freak

    What do you mean by “the wrong symbols appear”? For example, you type P and it displays L, you type L and it displays M or it displays just symbols, not letters? Try booting with live Linux CD (you can use Knoppix) and see if the problem is gone when you work in Linux. If the keyboard works fine in Linux, then you have a software (settings) related issue. If you still getting symbols instead of letters even with Linux, most likely it’s a hardware related issue.
    By the way, did you try reloading Windows at all? That’s the first think I would do with a secondhand computer.

  21. Ijust read the first entry and my mouth fell open
    I too have a Toshiba M35 and have been having the same issues.
    When I typed OK – as I typed the K the O disappeard. Then as I typed whole sentences disappeard. At the same time N started to give me an H after it and then the F gave me a $ in front of it and then the keyboard stopped responding altoghether. I went to two different techies and they both said nothing was wrong with my keyboaard -( it works with an extenal one)
    Then I read in the microsoft knowledgebase that pressing the F12 or F11 keys at the same time might fix the problem…after a while it did
    BUT then like a bad movie the keys started to act up again – the very next day the keyboard stopped working.
    I use flash memory stick too but have always used one and i never had any problems
    HELP – my computer is around the same age as the other M35

  22. Cam Muir


    Last night my cat jumped up on my desk and stepped onto the keyboard of my laptop. As I lifted him off he swug down his paw and stuck one of his claws under a key (#5+1) and pulled it off. I have found three parts: the key, a little rectangular frame and what looks like a tiny toilet plunger. Can you tell me how to replace the parts so I can once again use this key?

    Many thanks!

  23. Scott Mc

    I have a large problem and no body seems to able to solve it. A have a Toshiba Laptop model A105-S2061 and let someone use it for the weekend and guess what there is a password in the bios and I can’t get it out?
    Ok- before everyone tells me about the fixes, here is one little twist, there is no parallel port!!!
    Now, I have tried them all that I have found, even used a usb to parallel cable to no avail. Now guys I am all ears for suggestions??
    Scott in Louisiana

  24. Laptop Freak


    I went to two different techies and they both said nothing was wrong with my keyboard -( it works with an external one)

    What did you mean by that? The laptop works fine with an external keyboard?
    If the laptop works with an external keyboard, it doesn’t mean that the internal keyboard is just fine. I would assume that there is nothing wrong with your software, but you still might have a faulty keyboard. Do you get any beeping sounds on startup? May be you have a stuck keyboard key?

  25. Laptop Freak

    Cam Muir,
    All keyboards are different and I don’t have any instructions for assembling it back together. Sometimes I get customers like you, they bring me parts of the keys in a plastic bag. Here’s what I do in this case. I carefully remove the cap from a working key to see how the frame is assembled under the key. Carefully pull it up until it snaps off the frame. You want to remove just the cap, so the frame stays in place. After that you assemble the frame from a pulled key the same way as it assembled on a good key and then snap the key cap back in place.

  26. GREAT NEWS for the M35X owner up there
    Our laptops were recalled for a static electric something or other and in the process all M35X’s have an extended warrantee…SO we can take our laptops to a Toshiba repair place (call toshiba and they;” give you the name and address of one near you) and they will fix our computers for free.!!!!
    labor and parts…
    I just happened to find out about it as i scrolled thru some stuff on Toshiba’s website you might want to check it out – it’s a class action suit.
    So hopefully I will find out real soon what the problem was….but you better get your butt in gear and find out if you qualify

  27. Hi,

    I have 2 laptops – an Acer TravelMate and an IBM R52.
    The problem in both is that the keys for typing @ and ” have swapped…. i.e., I need to press Shift+2 to get the character ” and Shift+’ to type the character @ !!!

    This problem emerged first with my Acer laptop and has just recently spread to the IBM one!! That kinda confirms that it’s a software issue…..or a virus??

    Please help!!!

  28. Laptop Freak

    It’s very unlikely that two different keyboard on two different laptops have the same issue. I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. Virus? Possible. Maybe you installed the same infected file on both machines.
    What if you boot the laptop into Safe mode or use an external keyboard, the same problem still appears?
    Do you remember when the problem started on the IBM laptop? Try reverting the operating system back to that time using the system restore utility, it might help to get rid of the problem at least on the IBM laptop. Use SpyBot S&D utility to scan the laptop for spyware.

  29. update on the toshiba m35 keyboard issue
    took my laptop to the service agent Toshiba agent told me to on Dec 19th called today to find out status and they said it was NOT under the extended warranty. Called Toshiba and they gave me the runaround.
    Essentially telling me that they never said I was under the warranty..
    I pushed hard and finally got the customer service person to admit that they may have given me the wrong information. I’m to call tomorrow and speak to a CS supervisor.
    This the last time I’ll get a Toshiba anything you can rest assured. I’ve spend 4 months trying to get this resolved and spent over 200.00 so far
    Now the repair shop wants $99 for a new keyboard and $65 to replace it.
    I want Toshiba to cover this since they sent me to Concord (another county) when I might have been able to fix it for less rite here in SF.
    UGH (i thought it might be too good to be true)
    In answer to laptop freaks question about the two techies who told me there were other issues – one had me replace my hard drive as they said it was failing they also said it was spyware and even showed me the malware his sweeper cought. told me to get rid of norton – they sold me Trend which I’m using.
    The other one ( a Toshiba repair shop in Berkeley) said there was nothing wrong with my keybboard. He didn’t know what it was.

  30. I just wanna say that Toshiba is telling me that my computer wasn’t covered with the xtended warranty but the Toshiba M35X IS so make sure yu get your computer fixed for free – person who started this thread

  31. Emprasoforvio

    press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT for a couple of seconds. (maybe 5 or 6) and then try the keys again.. if this doesnt work its just a faulty keyboard i think

  32. hey,

    I have a sony vaio notebook (can’t tell you the model cause I don’t have it with me) and I have serious problems with the keyboard. None of the keys work properly. When I push a key nothing happens except for some function keys and the escape key. When I press one of those there are some symbols that keep coming just like I was holding a key down. They keep comming until I press backspace. Don’t know if I can stop it with an other key… I can’t enter the bios of the computer cause F2 doesn’t work. I did manage to restore the computer before the keyboard problem and I also reinstalled the drivers but the problem is still the same. Attaching another keyboard gives the same result. Is the keyboard broke or is there another problem?


  33. My keyboard is not working in xp. I need password and i cant type it but I can use keyboard when computer is booting and I can press f8 and select safe mode or other mode. When i need to type password keyboard isn’t working. Please help.

  34. Laptop Freak

    You said that attaching another keyboard gives the same result. Are you attaching an external keyboard or actually replacing the laptop keyboard with another one?
    If you replaced the keyboard with another one and the laptop still has the same problem, most likely the motherboard has a bad keyboard controller. You’ll have to replace the motherboard.

  35. Laptop Freak

    It looks like you might have a software related issue. I had to repair a similar problem about 5 days ago. One lady complained that her keyboard doesn’t work in Windows. I tried the keyboard in Windows (in safe mode too) and it didn’t work. I booted the laptop from a live Linux CD and the keyboard worked fine with Linux. I fixed the problem by reinstalling the operating system. I guess you should try reinstalling the OS too.

  36. Hey,

    to complete my story, the keyboard I attached was an external one. I used a usb to ps2 converter.


  37. Laptop Freak

    So you are getting the same problem with internal and external keyboard on a laptop with freshly reloaded OS? I don’t think it’s a keyboard related problem. Hard to say what is wrong. Motherboard, CPU?

  38. I hope it’s not the motherboard or cpu.
    Execpt for the keyboard en the touchpad everything seems to be normal. I didn’t reinstall the os though. I used system restore from windows to set the system back to the date the keyboard worked fine. Also the thouchpad doesn’t work very normal. When I select a shortcut and then I press on another one both of the shortcuts stay selected. It’s just like the control key is pressed down. And when I want to open something form the control panel for example, the new window opens after the control panel.
    Could it be that one of the keys of the internal keyboard is stuck and that this affect the external keyboard too?

  39. Laptop Freak

    I thought that you reinstalled the OS from scratch.

    Could it be that one of the keys of the internal keyboard is stuck and that this affect the external keyboard too?

    I think it’s possible.
    Here’s what I would try:
    1. Reinstall the operating system. Test the laptop.
    2. If you don’t want to reinstall the OS, you can download a live Linux OS (I use Knoppix). This operating system runs from a CD and you don’t have to erase everything from your hard drive. You just download an .iso file, burn it on a CD (I use Nero or Alcohol software) and boot the laptop from the CD. It will boot the laptop into a Windows-like environment and you can test the keyboard in there. If you still experience the same problem, it’s not OS related.
    3. If you still have the same issue after you accomplished steps 1 and 2, you’ll have to go inside the laptop. Disconnect the laptop keyboard from the motherboard and test it with an external USB keyboard. If the problem still there, probably you have an issue with the motherboard. If the laptop works fine with the USB keyboard when the internal keyboard is disconnected, probably it’s just a bad keyboard.

  40. Hello again laptop freak,
    i wrote on 12/11 about my keyboard issue. i may not have been clear, the external keyboard was working just couldn’t get the laptop to let me change boot order. somehow it finally did, reinstalled everything again, reflashed bios and still no internal keyboard working. then the next day it started to work. i couldn’t believe it, it lasted about a week plus then it died again. if it helps any, there were other odd things happening, like mousing on a desktop icon only to have 5 icons trying to open up at once. a desktop file icon automatically copying itself onto the desktop mulptiple (over 80) times. i am using the external keyboard right now and it is working. although occasionally i accidentally type on internal keyboard and after no response go back to external and get odd things like “find” windows appearing, or windows asking me if i am sure i want to delete something when i didn’t even have that open. i usually just shutdown and then reboot or try later in the day as i am exasperated by this time. so my question is, this is a nice laptop but i have had it for 4+ years i think. if i get a new system board is it highly likely that is the problem? you mentioned the keyboard connector, i am hoping a new system board comes with that, just in case? any info is greatly appreciated before i shell out that kind of money, thanks in advance, francis joshua

  41. Laptop Freak

    You already replaced the keyboard and reinstalled the operating system but still experience the same problem with the internal keyboard. I think you have a problem with the motherboard, I don’t know what else could be wrong.
    The keyboard connector is located on the motherboard.
    Motherboards for this model are very expensive. If you search by the part number (K000002020) you’ll get an idea how expensive it is. Think twice before you put this money into a 4 year old laptop. May be it’s time to buy a new one?

  42. I have a Toshiba Satellite P25-S526, and I’m really sorry but I haven’t taken care of it so I want to replace the keyboard, I know I’ll have to buy the part and I’m going to, but I’m not sure on what to do after I have the part in how do I go about this? The reason I want to replace it is because I’m missing some keys and also because my J key doesn’t work and I think replacing it would be he easiest solution. (I found one that cost 26 dollars =D)

  43. Laptop Freak

    It’s pretty simple to replace the keyboard on a Toshiba Satellite P25 notebook. Here’s a disassembly guide I’ve created for this model. Remove the battery first and then follow steps 7-11. Removing the keyboard strip on this laptop is a challenge, keep trying. Be very careful with the keyboard connector on the motherboard. If you break it, you’ll be in trouble. Otherwise, everything is simple.

  44. Ducatisto

    Hi there,
    I have a bit of an issue here, The keyboard on my toshiba satellite just stopped working properly! Certain keys type correctly, some type something different and the others type nothing at all or send the cursor back… Very frustrating because i can’t even log on as an administor to be able to troubleshoot the problem since i cannot enter the password correctly because of this keyboard issue… Any guyding hand will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

  45. hi- i own a dell latitude d600 and have an annoying problem with its keyboard. one fine day it decided that its going to make “click” sound for every key you use. i have tried to muck around with all software controls- funny thing is that this sound probably comes from some internal speaker – as even muting the sound using software doesnt stop this sound.

    anyone any ideas??


  46. Hi,

    My laptop keyboard is broken, some keys stick and type at random and others won’t work at all. A friend advised me to install a new keyboard, but I can’t log into my computer as its password protected. Is it possible to connect a replacement USB keyboard without turning the computer on, and if so do I need to remove the broken keyboard? Any advice would be much appreciated!


  47. Laptop Freak

    Probably it’s just a bad keyboard and you’ll have to replace it. You can use an external USB keyboard as a temporary solution.

  48. I have an ACER TravelMate 4001LCI laptop. A great number
    of keys (about 40%) have stopped working. I plugged in
    an USB keyboard and everything works fine. The problem
    was progressive – – – first I noticed that one key didn’t
    print. Then 4 or 5 – – – eventually a bunch didn’t work.
    While under warranty ACER would never reply to my online
    inquiries of their tech support. After warranty period lapsed they said “Sorry, out of warranty.” Needless to
    say I’ll never buy ACER again – – –

  49. Hi,
    I have a Toshiba Qosimo G10, it has a problem where the keyboard is not doing the right thing, ie: when you push enter it comes up as #, when you push backspace it acts as home, any suggestions, i have had the keyboard replaced but the fault still exists.

  50. Laptop Freak


    I own a dell latitude d600 and have an annoying problem with its keyboard. one fine day it decided that its going to make “click” sound for every key you use…funny thing is that this sound probably comes from some internal speaker – as even muting the sound using software doesn’t stop this sound…

    I think I found it. Spent about 5 minutes playing with the accessibility options on my laptop running Windows XP.
    Here’s how you can turn of this “useful” feature.
    Go to Control Panel, then press on the Accessibility Options icon and uncheck the “Use FilterKeys” box. Click OK and enjoy the silence. 😛

  51. Laptop Freak

    I think your friend advices you to replace the “internal” laptop keyboard. Of course you can connect a replacement USB keyboard without turning the computer on, but the question is if you would be able to use it.
    If you are talking about BIOS password then most likely installing an external USB keyboard will not help, because the keyboard will not be initialized on the BIOS level.
    If you have only Windows password, then an external USB keyboard should work and you would be able to type the password.

  52. Laptop Freak

    I think it might be software issue (I hope so). Reinstall the operating system from scratch; you can reimage the hard drive using the recovery DVD. If the same problem still exists, probably you have a faulty keyboard controller on the motherboard. In this case you’ll have to replace the motherboard. Just in case upgrade/reflash the BIOS. Who knows, it might help too.

  53. Aman Vijh


    I believe it could be a problem with your Keyboard Language settings. Most laptops work fine only with the US English language setting.
    My own 2 laptops started erratic key-prints, e.g. # for \ and @ for ” when I changed the default language to UK English.(Guess this is more of a bug with Microsoft Windows XP…and ain’t THAT a surprise!)

    Probable Solution:
    Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages (tab). Click Details and ensure that the Default Input Language is set to English (United States) – US

  54. Hi!
    I have strange problems on Toshiba Satellite A45.
    When internal keyboard not detached (its usual way:)
    The key ‘n’ seems to be pressed, and buffer of the keyboard of course become full after several second and you can hear specific sound in the BIOS.To cancel it just need to press ESC, when windows XP loading the same situation ‘n’ apper in any input field until I press any key from the last row where ‘n’ is located. N and VBF keys are not working.I tried to disassembly internal keyboard but seems there are no mechanical defect and no pressed key detected visually and by tester. Anyone have advice how to repair keyboard ? Its a laptop keyboard of not very expensive series.Any advise? I do not want to pay 50euro for new keyboard as it too much.thank you

  55. jaime ross

    As I read these links I wonder if we have a case against Toshiba’s laptop keyboards. Seems to me that more cases than not are Toshiba issues.
    What do you all think…it may even be a recall thing.

  56. Laptop Freak

    I’ve never repaired a laptop keyboard myself but this guy did.

  57. Hello,

    I have a Dell Inspiron 2200. Certain keys on the keyboard have started working incorrectly. All keys in a certain section, when typed, also enters the key beside it. A typed sentence would look like this: (A typerdf srenternvcer woulfd look liker this.) Clearly, this is annoying. (The keys sticking are: 3,4,e,r,t,d,f,g,c &v) All in the same section. Could you please offer me some advise? Thank you,

  58. Laptop Freak

    I think you’ll have to replace the keyboard, as it shown here.

  59. Hi “Laptop Freak”!
    I found article about reparation of the keyboard before posting.Keyboard has been disassembled fully and there are no mechanical defects. so all keys can be pushed, the problem seems in to the flexible board with the contacts from the plastic that Toshiba use for this laptop, is anyone know may be there are this board compatible electrically with other Toshiba laptops?
    In fact replacing keyboard here is annoying and cost about 50euro for keyboard and 30euro and 20 euro for French layout (135USD). just may be common advice how problem can be resolved, as its seems problems in the thin plastic board with contacts(its type of board where crossed lines change color do not receive unnecessary contact).After my previous HP its seems to be very cheaper and not reliable decision.

  60. Hey,
    here’s an update about my sony vaio’s keyboard.
    Like you suggested I disconnected the internal keyboard and tried the external one. At first it worked fine, but after a while, one of the keys also get stuck. If I reboot the computer, the problem is solved again for a while. But when one of the keys “gets stuck”, and I unplug the external keyboard, the key that got stuck still appears so I don’t think its a keyboard problem. However, when I plug in the external keyboard again the laptop won’t boot. The bios keeps beeping so I think I have 2 problems: the internal keyboard really has some keys that are stuck and then a motherboard problem?
    Lately, I have another problem comming up, the laptop won’t boot at all. When I turn the laptop on I hear the fan and the cd drive but nothing appears on the screen. After a few seconds the fan stops and the harddrive turns off. Sometimes I can hear soms beeps but this doesnt always happen. After trying to boot a couple of times it works again. I don’t know what to think about this. Could this also be the keyboard? The internal keyboard is still detached so that can’t be the problem. With the external keyboard detached the problem still exist. Could there be something wrong with the bios? Would I risc to reflash it with the faulty keyboard?

  61. Laptop Freak


    disconnected the internal keyboard and tried the external one. At first it worked fine, but after a while, one of the keys also get stuck

    You have the same problem with the external keyboard, even when the internal keyboard is disconnected. So, it’s not the keyboard problem. I think you have an issue with the motherboard.

    Lately, I have another problem coming up, the laptop won’t boot at all. When I turn the laptop on I hear the fan and the cd drive but nothing appears on the screen. After a few seconds the fan stops and the hard drive turns off.

    It might happen because of bad memory. Try reseating the memory module or replace it if you can find a spare one.

    Could there be something wrong with the bios? Would I risk to reflash it with the faulty keyboard?

    Do you have any other choice? Most important to have stable power.
    I’m not sure if reflashing the BIOS is going to help in your situation. It sounds like might have a problem with the motherboard.

  62. Hi Laptop Freak,

    I’m Anne from the Philippines.

    I’m having problem with my Sony Vaio VGN-A790. While typing, it would suddenly fill my entire screen with
    “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” even if i am not hitting that key. typing was hell! then if i actually press the “u” key, nothing appears on the screen. mysteriously, when i hit “2, 0 (zero), r, o, m and b”, letter “u” wipes out the screen. as in:

    “2uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”, “0uuuuuuuuuuuuuu”, “ruuuuuuuuuuuuu”, “buuuuuuuuuuuu”, “ouuuuuuuuuu”, “muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” .

    there were times when it’s working fine, however, most of the time, it doesn’t.

  63. Laptop Freak

    I think you have a stuck key and have to replace the keyboard.

  64. how then do i replace the keyboard?

  65. Laptop Freak

    I work mostly with Toshiba notebooks and cannot guide you through the Sony disassembly. Here’s an example for taking apart Sony Vaio PCG notebook, it might be similar to yours.

  66. Hi Laptop freak! I really really hope you can help me because I’m about to through my laptop against the wall. I have an HP notebook, it’s almost 4 years old and runs on Windows XP. I know it’s old and I’d love to get another one but I’m a broke college student. A couple of months ago the keyboard on my laptop just randomly stopped working, all of the keys. I would restart it and then the keyboard would work fine. And then a little while later the same thing would happen again. It was bareable to restart but now it’s getting rediculous, the keyboard stops working everyday, I restart, and then like a minute later it will stop working again; I haven’t really been able to use my laptop in over a week because the keyboard stops working. I bought an external keyboard to plug into the PS2 port and that doesn’t work either. It reacts the same way as the internal keyboard, it will work for about a minute and then stops working. I have no idea what to do, I thought the external keyboard would solve my problem but it didn’t. I really hope you can help, thanks!!!

  67. Marc Dyer

    Hi, i’m having a problem with my laptop keyboard. everything works fine in dos and when starting windows. as soon as i put my password in to the computer and log on i have to hold the FN key to be able to type. i’ve tried removing the keyboard driver then reboot but i can’t seem to solve the problem. was advised to reload the system but i’m looking for an easier solution. please help. thank you

  68. I have a Toshiba Satilite M45-S2652 for at least a year. Lately, when I turn on the laptop, the keyboard doesn’t work correctly. It acts as if the ALT key is permanently on. (I’ve checked to see if it was stuck, it isn’t). So I can’t type. If I double click on an icon on the desktop, it opens up the properties. Sometimes it will go away after pounding the keyboard a little bit. Or if I restart the laptop once or twice it’ll be ok. Let me know if you can help!

  69. Laptop Freak

    First of all, it might be a software related issue and you’ll have to reinstall the operating system.
    I’m not sure if it’s going to help but you can try reseating the keyboard connector on the system board, maybe contacts got oxidized and it will not work properly anymore. Just disconnect the keyboard from the motherboard and connect it back. It’s easy to remove the keyboard from a HP notebook. The screws that hold the keyboard in place are usually marked on the bottom. You also can find maintenance manual on the HP website and follow their instructions. It’s possible that the internal keyboard failure also affects the external keyboard and that’s why you cannot use it either.
    In short, reseat the keyboard and if it will not help, reload the operating system (use recovery CDs).

  70. Laptop Freak

    Mark Dyer,
    I had to repair a laptop with almost the same problem two weeks ago. The only difference, the keyboard stops responding at all as soon as I enter the password. I had to reinstall the operating system from scratch. I don’t know if there is an easier solution.

  71. Laptop Freak

    I think you still might have a “stuck” key even though it looks and moves normal. Probably some contacts are shorted underneath the ALT key. You can test the notebook with an external keyboard.
    Contact the external keyboard, make sure the internal keyboard works fine, pound it if needed 😛 and use the laptop with the external keyboard. If the external keyboard works fine, probably you have a stuck ALT key on the laptop keyboard.
    Replace the keyboard as it shown on the steps 9-12 .

  72. Hey there Laptop Freak!!!! First of all I’d like to say that this is an amazing thing you are doing for people like me out there!!! And on your own time for that matter!!! Thank you!!! Ok down to it.. I have a Gateway Laptop and the right side of the keyboard is not working properly.. its weird.. I can ype an “I” and it will show up as a “5” and this happens for the whole right side of the keyboard.. I would like to know what this could be. I have updated the keyboard driver and it did nothing, tried rebooting and even checking the regional laguiage settings on the laptop yet to no avail!! Please man, if you could have some insighte on what this may be I would love to hear it!!! Thank Laptop Freak!!! I really appreciate it!!!
    William Rapp(student)

  73. bob kirkwood

    I spilled a little beer onto the keyboard of my Toshiba Satellite L25 S1192 (model no 000Q000P) I mopped it up quickly, but now some keys do not respond (including enter, backspace, hyphen/underscore, shift(RH side), full stop, I assume the beer has dirted the electrical contacts on the keys What is the best way to clean up the keyboard, if possible? In addition, I prised up the enter key pad and managed to disconnect the rubber cone from the base ,,is this a fatal error? do I now need a new keyboard? I would appreciate your advice Many thanks Bob Kirkwood

  74. Laptop Freak

    I’ve seen that before. 😛 You type U,I,O,J,K,L and get instead 5,6,7,1,2,3, right?
    There is nothing wrong with the keyboard; you just have enabled numbers located on the keyboard.
    You can enable or disable numbers on the keyboard using a function key.
    On my Toshiba notebook I press Fn and F11 to enable/disable this. On my HP notebook there is a special button in the top row called “num lk” – number lock, so in this case I use Fn+num lk. The same NumLK key I have on the IBM notebook.
    You should have a similar combination on your Gateway notebook.

  75. Laptop Freak

    Bob Kirkwood,
    I think you’ll have to replace the keyboard, it shouldn’t be very expensive. Probably you can install the rubber cone back in place using this keyboard disassembly guide, but I’m not sure if you can clean the electrical contacts.

  76. Hi,

    I have been reading some of the questions here. Some of them sort of have to do with what my problem is, but not exactly so I will discribe my specific one.

    My machine is an Averatec 3250HS-20

    About a month ago, my keyboard just started typing an equal sign (=) randomly. It never can be predicted when it will do it. If I hit the back space or enter button, it will stop. Sometimes the equal sign will type itself into a setance at random. For example, it looks like this:

    The quic=k brown fox j==um=ps over the laz=====y do=g.

    or like this:


    and it will just keep going like that untill I hit the backspace key.

    When it is doing this, the keyboard makes a continuous sound akin to the one made when an excalmation window pops up on the screen.

    Also, when it starts all this, I lose my touchpad function. The right and left mouse buttons still work. It’s just that you cacn’t tap the membrain and get it to work.

    As soon as I punch the backspace key, I get the touchpad back.

    I have run my virus, spyware, registry checker, and re-installed the mouse driver. None of this has helped.

    None of the keyboard keys in question seem to be stuck. It’s just a random thing.

    Also, around the same time this started to happen, I became unable to put the maching into sleep mode, and have it hold. What it would do is go to sleep, for about 3 seconds, then wake up on its own. It would do this whether I put it to sleep with the function keys or by closing the screen. I simply could not get it to “sleep”. Since I use the laptop in the car alot, I put it to sleep when I am not in the car to keep it from getting so hot.

    I have since gone in and changed the close screen and function key directive to “hibernate”. It seems to work that way and will hibernate with no probems. (although, having to put it into hibernation instead of sleep mode is is a mjor inconvenience due to the time it take for it to come out of hibernation)

    Any clue as to what I can do to get this fixed?


  77. Dear Laptop freak;

    I own a Sony Vaio VGN-FS742/W
    I am having major keyboard issues (atleast this is what i think). About two months ago, my laptop started beeping everytime i turned on at the Sony Vaio start up screen. It wouldnt stop and continue to load until i pressed and held down a button for a few seconds and let go. Then, my “END” button wouln’t work. This was bearable for the past two months until recently about a month ago, when I visited websites or used my word, the page would scroll all the way to the bottom. So lets say i’m visiting a webpage, the screen will automatically scroll to the very bottom, and the computer will fight with me if i wanted to scroll up. the same thing happens when i try to type something. lets say im typing
    “i am going to the store”
    but instead i wanted to insert the word “food” in front of the word “store”.

    I cannot bring my blinker in front of the word store, or anywhere else in that matter. The computer will fight with me to bring the blinker after the last letter of the last word. In this case, the blinker would always be at the end of the word “store”.

    I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided maybe reformatting would help fix my problem So this afternoon, i actually went ahead and did so.

    My end button now works, however my scrolling issues are still there.

    PLEASE help me before i throw the computer against the wall.

    Thank you so very much and I really do appreciate your help.

  78. Hi,

    I got 2 responses, to my question above,(at least I think I did) but they went to my spam folder and I accidently deleted them.

    Whoever sent the replies, please resend them.


  79. Laptop Freak

    It sounds like you have a faulty keyboard and have to replace it. Even though the “=” key is not physically stuck, you might have a problem with contacts under the key.

  80. Thanks for the reply. I’ll see if I can find out how to get a new keyboard.


  81. Laptop Freak

    Probably it’s a hardware issue, most likely a problem with the keyboard – stuck arrow-down key and End key, maybe some other keys too.

    my laptop started beeping every time I turned on at the Sony Vaio start up screen

    It sounds like a stuck key. The key itself might look normal, but contacts under the key are shorted and the laptop “thinks” the key is pressed down.

    when I visited websites or used my word, the page would scroll all the way to the bottom. So let’s say I’m visiting a webpage, the screen will automatically scroll to the very bottom, and the computer will fight with me if I wanted to scroll up.

    it sounds like a stuck arrow-down key. You can try it on any other computer. Open a webpage, press and hold down the arrow-down key and try to scroll up, the computer will fight you. 😛
    To narrow down the problem, I would remove the laptop keyboard (disconnect it from the motherboard) and test the laptop with an external keyboard and mouse. If the problem is gone and the laptop will not beep on startup anymore and stop fighting you, the laptop keyboard is the culprit. Replace the keyboard.
    You mentioned that the end button works fine after you reinstalled the operating system but I think the problem might appear again.

  82. Hi, for some reason my F11 and F10 keys have inverted. The F11 key still enables the numbers but the F10 LED light shows up and vice versa. I also cannot use the normal keyboard even if I switch off both F10 and F11 keys. Is there anything that can be done to fix the problem?

  83. My laptop is an HP Pavilion zd8000

    For some reason every 5-10 key strokes by laptop doen’t put a letter on the screen. I know I am hitting the key and yet it doesn’t want to put work properly. I end up with something like this without going back all the damn time to fix it—-> “Helo, my name is jeff and i ha a serious roblemith y laptop an the keys don’t sem to wanna worproperly. Its realy pissing me of.” So that SHOULD have been perfec grammar. Please help!



  84. jeff: I GET THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM! Email me at I’ve been trying to fix this FOREVER. Of course the warrenty just ran out, so they won’t help me.

    “She sells seashells down by the shore, thiHP laptop’s keyboard s a ****” – me typing without correcting the keyboard.

  85. Laptop Freak

    Jeff, Henry,
    Looks like this is a common issue. I’ve published your question and some suggestions here. This way more people can see this post and probably help you to find an easier solution then just reloading the operating system.

  86. Hi.

    I’m using a Medion 6100. I’m pretty sure I have a stuck ‘a’ key from the descriptions in the posts I’ve read here.

    Sometimes the ‘a’ key just starts shooting off uncontrollably and I can stop it for awhile by pressing backspace or other keys. During this ‘lull’ period, however, the ‘a’ key is unresponsive even when I press it.

    What I’ve done is to attach an external keyboard into one of the USB hubs and it works fine. For eg., the ‘a’ key on the external keyboard functions okay during one of the ‘lull’ periods when the ‘a’ key on the laptop is unresponsive.

    However, I can’t tell for sure as I don’t know how to totally disable the laptop keyboard. I’ve tried to uninstall it from the Device Manager but it’s still there after I reboot.

    Can someone help me confirm to the best of their knowledge whether I indeed have a stuck key and whether it’s a purely physical hardware problem or something more nasty in my laptop?

    And teach me how to totally disable the laptop keyboard as well? Thanks!

  87. I woke up this morning to find windows popped up all over my computer I first thought it was a virus. But when I went to sign back in it would just start typing then deleting. This worked for awhile but then the keyboard completely shut down. The mouse still works fine though. Apparently water was spilled on the computer at some point last night. There was no water on the keyboard but some was came out of the hinges for the screen. Could a virus possibly shut down your keyboard or is it the water?


  88. I just wanted to relay my current experience, maybe it’ll help someone else. I was using my laptop (Compaq Presario 2000) on the sofa 2 weeks ago and as I set it down my finger grazed the keyboard and I heard a static zap of electricity, about in the center of the keys. I left it for about 5 minutes and when I came back and tried to use it the keys I typed were not the characters being displayed. I rebooted thinking it some kind of software temporary corruption. On reboot I get a loud continuous beep, stuck key indicator right? Not good!

    The full version of this comment you’ll find here.

  89. Laptop Freak

    It looks like a lot of different people use the same computer. Ask other users if somebody accidentally spilled water on the laptop. Water is much more destructive than any virus.
    Yes, the keyboard might stop working because of software issues.

  90. Hi all,

    I have fujitsu siemens Amilo Ax645. My keyboard suddenely stopped working. First my computer froze and when I turned it off and on and started to type the text, I realized that the keyboard is frozen. Only the mouse work. I’m know using an external keyboard and it works fine. Do you have any idea what that can be? Lap-top warranty expired just 3 months ago and I’m worried that the new laptop keyboard will cost me a fortune. Please, drop the line if you know the solution! Thank you!

  91. Hi, i`ve wrote in battery issues topic but now have another.

    I`ve gone to Toshiba service point (Teleplan Poland – don’t go there even if they`ll pay you) for simple repair (that white plastic on keyboard connector has broken) and when comeback home found that 4 keys aren’t working (enter, backspace and other two). What can be with it? Other keys are working, computer runs normally, but those 4 keys are not. It’s satellite m30x so i can’t try ps2 keyboard (no such port).

    You think this is faulty keyboard or something with motherboard?

  92. Hi..

    I have a Toshiba satellite A100-411, with windows vista.
    The problem appear after I shut it down. the F10 led is on. now I cannot switch on my comp, I’ve try to push the start button and F10 but it doesnt work. seems like it stuck becos of this F10 is on. what should I do then? thanks

  93. Rob Delbello

    One of the keys on my son’s HP Pavillion laptop flipped off and I can’t get it back on. Is there a site you can point me to that expalins how to reinstall the key. If not, any pointers you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  94. Laptop Freak

    Rob Delbello,
    All keyboards are different. You can carefully remove the key cap from another key so you can see how it’s connected to the keyboard. It’s usually works for me.

  95. Dennis Kirk-Burnnand

    I have a Compaq EVO N160 laptop on which the hinge for the lid failed where it attaches to the lid. I stripped the laptop and repaired the attachment of the hinge to the lid. When reassembled the inbult keyboard enters the wrong characters onto the screen so “qwertyuiop” comes out as “qreuy io p” and this is the case for most of the keyboard. An external keyboard works fine,

    I also noticed that the cooling fan does not run as often and the processor gets very hot before the fan starts and then shuts itself down again.

    I have checked and rechecked all cable connectors but it has made no difference. Have I perhaps damaged the motherboard?

  96. I have a Sony vaio computer. While doing the system recovery , I accidentaly turned the computer off, now is just showing that i have a file missing and it would not start. It just does like is going to start but then the screen flick and start again over and over.
    What should I do?
    I don’t want to do the recovery disks, because then it will erase all my files.

  97. Hello, there good day, i got a A100/A105 Series Toshiba Satellite. i accidentally pressed some buttons then the display inverted suddenly. how can i return it back to it’s normal display? thanks

  98. Laptop Freak

    The screen is inverter all the time or only in Windows? The Toshiba logo on startup is inverter too?
    Did you test your laptop with an external monitor? The external video is normal or inverted?





  100. Hey,
    I have a Dell laptop not sure model number. The other day randomly my keyboard started to act funny. when i hit the letter “L” it changes my screen to full screen version and visa versa. When I type the letter “O” is changes my typing to insert mode. How do I get this to stop happening.

  101. Laptop Freak

    Test your laptop with an external USB keyboard. Does it do the same thing?

  102. sazzygur;l

    hi laptop freaky i have a problem on my laptop i have dell inspiron 1520. my problem is when i press the keys like for example 9 there’s a 0 coming out together with the 9. can u please help me out this… thanks

  103. help! i just bought a second hand acer laptop. and veryday, i use it. and then one time i’ve almost been rushing my papers at school and use the laptop the whole night. and when i sleep, i thought my laptop was ok but it turns out that when i open it, some keys doesn’t respond. all the keys below on the keyboard. is there any solution with this? thanks.

  104. At Last! I’ve been searching the internet for a problem like mine! I can sit and watch my Toshiba Notebook add the letters m, p and commas to Word documents, Google, notepad – you name it! Before it had its *first* new keyboard, it favoured the letter v, accompanied by a loud noise. Symbolic? Over the past 6 months it’s had a second replacement keyboard, reinstallation of Windows (twice) plus new software, new system board, new touchpad. First repaired 10 months ago with a new powerboard, and I can’t help wondering if there’s a connection. Nobody can explain it. They just keep replacing parts and saying they’ve repaired it. Is there anything left to replace? My solution? Will never buy Toshiba again. I’m defeated, but glad to know I’m not the only one with a creative computer.

  105. Kevin McBride

    Help. I have a toshiba a105 laptop. The qwerty and numeric keys do not work on either the internal, or an external usb keyboard but Fn combinations keys do. The situation is the same if I boot to safe mode in Windows Xp. I have tried to replace the motherboard with the same results.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  106. Kevin McBride

    This is a PS to my previous post. I have run Knoppix and the keyboard works when under that system. Can I just replace the keyboard driver without a fresh total install?

  107. Here’s a helpful hint
    After trying to replace keyboards after a spill, replacing a motherboard, trying NUMLOCK button, try this. Under accessories, look for the “Sticky keys” and “Filter Keys” check box. If checked, uncheck these options. I discovered after trying to clean my keyboard after a spill, they was enough residue left to cause the shift and Alt key to stick for a few seconds which activates these options, which will lock the qwerty keys. Worked for me and saved money.

  108. I have a hp laptop and whenever I turn it on, it seems to boot up fine. All the icons appear on the screen. Then I try to click on any icon and nothing happens. I cannot access the start menu either. Its like everything is frozen.

    I usually have to turn off and on the laptop about 6-8 times before it actually boots up and can work normal.

    I have never had a problem like this and I am scared that my laptop is dying.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  109. Laptop Freak

    I’ve posted your question and some suggestions here:
    Laptop boots up as normal and then freezes

  110. HELP! I purchased a new keyboard for my Gateway MX8711 laptop and I can’t figure out how to get into the computer to remove the old board. It seems like I should just be able to pop off the plastic cover near the top to access the mounting screws but it feels like it’s going to break when I try to lift it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  111. Just bought a used Dell Pentium III Inspiron 8100 with An XP Pro installed. Just connected it to internet and have running convoluted sentences constantly running in the ‘search’ and ‘password’ spaces. Something about dictating and listening appears. I phoned the person who sold it to me who obviously wasn’t the original owner and he didn’t know how to stop the printing. Since I don’t have a manual or disc to instruct me, I don’t know what downloads are in the computer or how to manage them.

    Hope you can advise and will appreciate any assisstance you can give.

  112. Laptop Freak

    Maybe you have to remove a few screws from the bottom? Take a look at this keyboard removal guide, it might give you the idea.

  113. Laptop Freak

    If you purchased this laptop second hand, the first thing to do is reinstalling the operating system from scratch. I wouldn’t use this laptop without reinstalling the OS because it might be full of spyware or viruses.
    You’ll have to find a Windows XP reinstallation CD for Dell PC. This CD will install the operating system. After that you’ll have to download and install all missing drivers from the Dell website.
    You can try searching for the reinsallation CD by the following part number: 0WD766. This is Windows XP SP2 reinstallation CD and it should work for Dell notebooks. I just search for the part number on Google and found that one guy is selling these CDs on
    Buy the CD while he has it.

  114. stephanie

    hi… i have a toshiba m35x and the keyboard went crazy a couple of months ago. The l just types by itself. I have to hold the delete key while typing but it doesn’t work. I tried to uninstall the drive for the keyboard, i tried an external keyboard, i left the computer alone for a couple of months. I have also tried taking the l key out but nothing works please help

  115. Laptop Freak

    This sounds like a bad keyboard. You’ll have to replace it.

  116. darren kitson


    I have an Acer Laptop and i cant seem to get past the login screen because when i press the buttons, nothing happens!

    Can you help please?

    darren 🙂

  117. I spilled a VERY small amount of liquid on my husband’s Dell laptop and now certain keys stopped working (Z X C V M , . / Shift Enter). I’m freaking out that I’ve broken his computer…how can this be fixed. We contacted Dell and we’re past the warranty by one week (figures)…any suggestions to make the situation better? What do we do???

  118. Laptop Freak

    darren kitson,
    What login you are talking about? The BIOS login or the Windows login? Test the laptop with an external USB keyboard.

  119. Laptop Freak

    I think the keyboard has been damaged and you’ll have to replace the keyboard.

  120. hey i have just bought a laptop and just from now after having it for 3months i have to hold the fn key down to type normally if i don’t hold the fn key the symbols at the top of the keys which would normally appear when holding down the fn key appear witho4t the fn key being pressed. please help me

  121. when i entered into my hubbys myspace my laptop just freaked out and turned blue with an error sign and told me to shutoff the computer immediatly. it took me a few times to try to get it back on but i finally did.I just purchased this hp laptop 1 week ago brand new

  122. Patricia Norman

    i have a dell desk top. My number keys on the side of keyboard doesn’t do numbers anymore it does the arrow keys instead. How do i fix it, and keep the kids from doing it again>

  123. Dear Sir
    I have a toshiba M30X-130 laptop. After start-up the keyboard works for a few minutes and then stops. Please help.
    I already up-dated the BIOS but the problem persists.

  124. Dear sir,

    Right now, the “L” button works on my laptop keyboard. but sometimes the key doesnt work at all. It appears for half a second, then is gone. When I hold the “L” key down, it will backspace. When I press “shift+L”, it’ll appear, but capitalized. Please offer me any advice on how to get this problem resolved.

  125. Laptop Freak

    If it happens with only one key, probably you have a problem with the keyboard and it has to be replaced.

  126. Jennifer

    Hi Laptop Freak! My problem seems like a stuck key, but when I reboot it goes back to normal. This morning all of a sudden it was like the backspace button was stuck and anywhere I typed would get erased. If I tried to click on an icon, it would just go through the other icons like maybe the tab button was stuck. This has happened twice today. I just ordered a new laptop, but this one is supposed to go to my husband and I don’t want him using my new one! LOL I’m hoping it’s a software issue, but if I need to replace the keyboard, that’d be fine too. Just please don’t tell me it’s the motherboard…

  127. Jennifer

    Never mind…it turns out my mouse was the problem. The scroll wheel is not centered and I guess that is causing it to behave badly when touched. I’m exchanging it for a new one soon 🙂

  128. i have a problem on my laptop i have dell inspiron 1520. my problem is when i press the left ALT key,it is stuck. It is not responding and it is also resulting in me being unable to type. The Keyboard test shows that all the other keys are working, except for the left ALT key.

  129. john wagner

    I have a Compaq EVO N610c laptop.

    It has a 2 mouse pointers on the keypad. one is a touchpad and the other is the red button in the center of the keyboard.

    My problem is that the mouse keeps moving on its own. If i try using either of the 2 it still moves all over the screen.

    any ideas

  130. i recently purchased a new acer laptop, acer aspire 5315. at points within typing my typing blinker goes where ever it wants. if i dont pay attention i will end up writing all my sentences in another. i am not sure how to fix this. sometimes it just goes away and im doing nothing. if you know what i could do please let me know.

  131. Laptop Freak

    john wagner,
    I think the mouse moves on its own because the red pointer on the keyboard is broken and is not working properly. I posted your question and some troubleshooting tips here.

  132. Laptop Freak

    I think your “problem” can be related to the touchpad tapping option. Maybe you are touching the touchpad while typing and because of that the blinker jumps to another location. Try disabling the touchpad option in the touchpad properties.

  133. Michelle

    Hi there,
    I’ve read through all the posts, but mine is slightly different. I have a Compaq Presario laptop running XP. Since we’ve had it (1.5 years), every once in awhile (once a month, once every two months or so) we’ll be typing and all of a sudden most keys do different things than what is assigned to them. If I type in normal font, it will all be in CAPS; my F7 might open the thesaurus, the 8 key might be a colon. It is consistent each time it happens, and it happens inconsistently. I either shut down the laptop or open a new window (the mouse works fine, by the way) and bang around on the keys until it goes away. Unfortunately, it is beginning to happen more. Any ideas?

  134. Sandra

    Well, I do not own a laptop, but my brother in law does. I have a desktop computer, and I have had quite a few in different countries and continents, still I am far away of being an expert. In the one I have now I need to type shift+ ” to get the @ character and viceversa; my brother in law used to do the same on his Acer laptop, but now the @ character is nowhere to be found, he can’t sign-in in many places because he can’t type his email address, any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

  135. Sticky keys on your notebook? Don’t forget about where you put your wireless keyboard if you have one! If you have set it aside with stuff piled on top of it’s keys and it is in range of your notebook it can really make you think something is wrong with your notebook keyboard!

  136. laijin

    I have been using compaq pessario v 3000 series notebook. Vista was given preloaded. My problem is that some characters in the keyboard does not appear on the screen when i press it viz, backslash and vertical bar, instead there appears ~ and # when i press the key for vertical bar and backslash. when i changed the os in to windows xp there was not such problem. But i prefer vista to xp. what shall i do?

  137. laijin

    i have been using compaq presario v-3000 notebook. some of the chracter keys does not show the actual characters on the monitor,viz, backslash and vertical bar do not appear, instead,~ and # come when i press the key. what shall i do. my os is vista home basic.

  138. dasarathan

    I am using IBM thinkpad R51 series, In my key board contains short cut for numbers with the alphabet key. now If i am typing the alphabet it is typing the numbers.pls help me how to change the functionality of keyboard functions? Thanks in Advance.

  139. Laptop Freak


    now If i am typing the alphabet it is typing the numbers.pls help me how to change the functionality of keyboard functions?

    I believe you can switch it back to normal if you press NumLk key. It maybe necessary to press and hold down Fn key and at the same time press NumLk, I don’t remember exactly. Try both ways.

  140. Melanie

    My laptop Dell Inspiron 1525 has been fine until today. Now, whenever I hit a button on the keyboard, the laptop gets into the sleep mode (sorry if the techical phrases aren’t exact, I’m actually French…). I checked if I had a virus, but there was none. I then tried to switch my French keyboard to an American one (with the “language” option), but nothing’s changed. So I believe the problem comes from the keyboard. But then, from time to time, the problem kind of fixes, and the laptop doesn’t get into the sleep mode. But then again, the problem comes back…

    I would really be grateful if you could help me 🙂 Thanks!

  141. Laptop Freak


    whenever I hit a button on the keyboard, the laptop gets into the sleep mode…I believe the problem comes from the keyboard

    Test the laptop in Safe Mode (press F8 on startup and select Safe Mode). Will it happen in Safe Mode too? If the laptop works fine in Safe Mode but not on normal mode, it’s possible that your problem is software related. I’m not sure what is wrong exactly but reinstalling Windows may fix it.
    Also, if you think that your problem is related to the keyboard, you can try this. Disconnect the laptop keyboard from the motherboard (search the laptop manual for instructions) and test the laptop with an external USB keyboard. If the external keyboard is working fine, you problem may be related to the internal keyboard.

  142. Penelope

    Hello, I have the weirdest problem with my laptop. It suddenly seems to be possessed! It is a toshiba satellite, i bought it two months ago and it had been working very well. I installed an anti virus as well as windows xp on friday and the laptop worked very well during the week-end. Suddenly on monday morning the keyboard totally flipped out. When I try to write words it writes some other words completely: something like ggggggggmebetherriendesrosiers….bbbbbbbbb
    and it won’t stop!
    Could you please tell me who I have to see about this? Do you think it’s the store, toshiba or windows?
    When I am on the Internet it constantly brings me back to pages I’v consulted before. What is happening? Thank you very much.

  143. william

    whenever i press the power button of my toshiba satellite M45-S2652 system unit, the screen stays black with lit backgound. and nothing else except some noise in the backgound.
    i do not know what is wrong with it.

  144. JENNY


  145. please e-mail me as i don’t know if i’ll be ever be able to get back to this site. I lost my recovery disc for my toshiba laptop satellite a105-s2061. Is there any substitute for it? (the restore feature is in ruins too!

  146. ricardo

    hi. i seem to have a problem with my acer laptop.
    when ever i turn my laptop on. what happens is when the loading bar appears to load the sistem it just stops moving. i have to press the space bar to make it load up. i wonder why is this happening i cant get a solution to this mater. can anyone out there help me pls? thanks 😉

  147. I am trying t type symbols and latin lettes but I cannot find the keys for the symbols and the alt key is not helping any

  148. admin_papa

    Hi Folks!

    Just wanted to share my new experience.

    If your Windows XP denies to run due to an error corresponding to lost HAL.DLL, invalid Boot.ini or any other critical system boot files you can fix this by using the XP installation CD. Simply boot from your XP Setup CD and enter the Recovery Console. Then run “attrib -H -R -S” on the C:\Boot.ini file and delete it. Run “Bootcfg /Rebuild” and then Fixboot


  149. Hi im having problem with my toshiba satellite laptop sorry but i forgot the model number, the problem is with the FN key, after i turn on my laptop the FN key light will automatically turn on also then after that i cant type anything. I tried to press the FN key over and over again but it wont turn off(the FN key light). I also tried to press Num Lk or Scl Lk but still the same. So what i do is restart my laptop again, after the restart it will do just fine for about 10 minutes then the same problem happens again. I hope you can help me. Thanks.

  150. hi i have a very annoying problem with the keyboard. i have a toshiba satellite A215. the problem is that at random times, the keyboard keys change functions. when i push 2, it shuffles thru the windows that are open. when i push 3, it opens internet explorer. when i push d, it opens the desktop or switches to all the windows open. when i push t, it tabs thru each window. when i push r, it opens the run program. push u, opens the ease of access center. push l, it locks the laptop (very annoying). i can keep on going on but ill stop cuz i think you get the point. i tried using an external keyboard via usb, it was okay for a bit but the problem came back. i tried using the onscreen keyboard, but honestly, it shocked me that when i clicked on l…it locked the laptop. i restored my laptop with the recovery cd and the problem was still there. oh yea, everytime i push a key opens up the start menu. HELP. ive felt like going to my laptop with a hammer for a while…

  151. Cynthia Peterson


    I have a Hp DV5000. Lately the keyboard has been locking up. The computer doesn’t freeze; the clock works, and if something is being played, it continues. But the touch pad or the keyboard will not work period. I have to restart the computer, then it’s back to normal. I checked in my device manager, but it says that all is well.

  152. Esteban

    To Jenny and all who has keyboard problems,a repeated letters, a continuos beep at start up(post).
    First, try to disconect the keyboard at startup the pc, if you have a normal PC unplug it, if is a laptop, is more dificult but no much,lift the small pannel on the uppside and unscrew, the KB, then disconnect it from the MB,(there are many sites on the web that described how), then startup the pc, if there no beeps, the problem is with the keyboard.
    I lost 2 month finding the solution, thinking is a virus,malware or anything like this.
    Today I fixed it,simply changing the keyboard.

  153. I have provlem with my IBM T41 series laptop. When i type P it types * and when i type a it types $. Looks like it got in to a special character mode. Not sure how do i turn this one off. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  154. hi.. just go a question..
    i have a dell laptop.. when i start typing A.. the screen displays 123 and weired characters.. does anyone know how to fit it?

  155. My Gateway Laptop started typing numbers where letters should be on the Laptop. I thought is was a virus.

    I found that a recent windows automatic update, somewhere mid-october08, had corrupted the human interface drivers. I had to disable Norton’s program auto-protect and reload a prior set-point, pass the word. Be very careful with this current windows automatic update.

  156. Hi,

    My Acer laptop behaves like the left ctrl key is pressed.

    I am not ale to enter the password in xp logon screen. (but it works if I hold down the F8 key while window logo is flashed). After logging is successfully if I try to use the left Ctrl key it doesn’t seem to respond for the press.(Same time right Ctrl works), If I continue to play with left Ctrl key, it acts like pressed permenantly. I need to restart then F8 the same procedure… Is my keyboard faulty? why it lets me enter password if I press F8 key while logging on(am not selecting any safe mode- even in safe mode I have the same Ctrl key problem)

  157. steve Tucker

    Hi, I have a problem with the keyboard on my toshiba
    Satelite pro SP2100

    the following keys do not work:

    note: these keys are diagonally in a row,

    I’m not sure if that means it is is problem with the keyboard itself , or the controller.

    any idea ?

    I’ve managed to remove and refit the keyboard and he problem persists, so it isnt just a loose connection.

    Many thanks in Advance

  158. Laptop Freak

    steve Tucker,

    the following keys do not work:

    note: these keys are diagonally in a row,

    I’m not sure if that means it is is problem with the keyboard itself , or the controller.

    Most likely bad keyboard.

  159. I had a big problem with my mom’s Compaq laptop keyboard. And I found the answer on your site. Just wanted to say thanks, thanks, thanks. It may have saved my sanity.

  160. etwind86

    Can’t use my keyboard on my laptop. Acer Aspire 5100
    i have to use external mouse and on screen keyboard
    can anyone help me?

  161. Andrew

    Hello can anybody help me with my acer aspire notebook problem

    I accidently split somthing on my keyboard and whilst drying it with a towel i must have pressed a number of keys and turned on a keyboard function which on certain keys i.e. J=1 K=2 L=3 now instead of giving me the selected letter now gives a number or symbol of which on the keys are in blue in the corner, further examples are P=* U=4 and I=5 help would be much appriciated

  162. Laptop Freak


    I accidently split somthing on my keyboard and whilst drying it with a towel i must have pressed a number of keys and turned on a keyboard function which on certain keys i.e. J=1 K=2 L=3 now instead of giving me the selected letter now gives a number or symbol of which on the keys are in blue in the corner, further examples are P=* U=4 and I=5

    Press and hold down the Fn key and at the same time press once on the NumLock key.

  163. Jessica P.

    the letter u is messed up, it feels like its popped out of place. is it safe to pop it off?

  164. susan mummery

    my daughters @ key and # key and ] do not work everything else does please help.. could something be locking the keys

  165. I have sort of the same problem with toshiba L305. All of a sudden one day, the keyboard malfunctioned. When the laptop starts up, the bios gives beep error and i couldnt get past the password screen coz keyboard stopped working. sometimes, it fills up the field with some characters just like in the above problem. if i do manage to log in, such as using extl keyboard, the windows media player starts up on its own..and if u take notepad, the keyboard does it own typing, sometimes repeating a character, of typing a combination of keys..

    the strange part is, it resolved on its own after a couple of days, keyboard started working perfect! i took it to service center that day, and my laptop is still in warranty..well they didnt touch it because, they said now we cant find any prob, its perfect..we cant do anything..

    2days back i got the same prob..and i shot a video of it, so that i may show it to them and atleast then they would agree to do something about it.. well today, i am surprised to find it working perfectly again, in fact i am browsing from it.. so what could be the prob..? pls tell me what to do.. i can send the video also,pls suggest a solution..

  166. Hi, just wanted to let you know you have been my guide thru all my laptop troubles and I tried to read through all the threads like i always do but didn’t see anyone with the same problem this time.

    I have a Toshiba laptop Sattelite L305D. The keyboard seemed to be locked since NONE OF THE KEYS ARE RESPONDING but when I press CAPS lock on the onscreen keyboard my light on the laptop keyboard would turn on. Also the numlock light below the F11 key is turned on all the time which leads me to believe my keyboard works…so my solution:

    –i was removing my laptop keyboard (with the laptop still on)but before I could remove the ribbon from the mother board I noticed the numlock light below the F11 key turned off. So I decided to press a few keys and VOILA! keyboard works perfectly fine. so my problem:

    — I tried replacing the keyboard back but everytime it’s back in place multiples of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz starts geting typed along with random forward and backslashes OR the numlock light comes on again,its one or the other…and keyboard becomes unresponsive.
    Is it possibly a grounding problem? I noticed these aluminum pieces on the corners but I don’t know where exactly the ground is for the laptop or if it even has one.

    -system restored to a point where keyboard was working fine.
    -added foil to the aluminum pieces (that only made the problem worse…made the keyboard unresponsive before i could even place it back all the way)

    THANKS in advanve for your help!!

  167. Mr Kasaski

    Hello, everyone can someone here help me? I’m facing the same problem you guys are i can’t seem to get my keyboard to work i’ve tried almost everything. i know its not the keyboard where the ploblem is because when i installed windows xp some keys worked fine and some were just sluggish,so i uninstalled and and installed windows 2000 and i got almost all the keys to work except G,H,ENTER,and some numbers so I upgraded xp on top of 2000 and now my keybord is acting weird to where some keys instead of typing is opening some windows and all kinds of shortcuts and some keys don’t even work at all. any advice would be appreciated thanks.

  168. I’ve got a Toshiba Satellite a105-s2194. After editing the registry to repair my dvd burner my keyboard and touchpad have stopped working. I tried using a usb mouse but that will not work either. However the keyboard does work when in the BIOS and OS selection screens. Once windows is started in safe mode everything stops working.

    I also have taken out my battery in the hopes that it would help after seeing it offered as a solution for a couple other laptops. No luck though.

    One other weird thing, I have noticed when hitting caps lock the green light is barely visible. They are dimmed. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


  169. Ghufran Khan


    I have a LG E500. The problem that I am facing is the keyboard keys such as Space bar , Down Arrow , Numlock , 7 and delete dont work. Sometimes they work out of the blue perfectly without a problem but say 75% of the time they dont work can somone please help me out. thanks.

  170. Hi, I have an acer aspire 4736z. I used notepad, wordpad, ms word,openoffice, etc. I got this laptop, may 2008. It was working well until about September last year. Then the keyboard
    started getting weird. When I type, the letters jump back to the beginning of a sentence or upwards to another notepad window that is open at the same time. or when I’m typing, other apps like the acer movie arcade opens or the start menu opens. I was thinking this could bea trojan or backdoor. I don’t know what to do with this. can anybody help? This problem sometimes
    occurs out of the blue then stops fro a while but when I’m typing, the letters jumble around on the screen. Appreciate any help por suggestions. thanks.

  171. cyberworksearch

    Hi. Did you try and hold the shift key and at the same time press num lock on the keyboard? This will normally set the keys back to alpha.

  172. J. Folwell

    I have a dell laptop. Running Vista Home Prem. I have had my keyboard replaced 3 times and each time vit does the same exact thing. I type a sentance and it starts inserting the words in the middle of the completed words. I have to go back and remove the wrong letters and then back to where they should be and retype them. This happens during E-Mails, Word pad, on sites Everywhere I type. There seems To be no solution to this problem. Can you Help Solve this problem. Dell has tried and I have tried 3 new keyboards. I have to watch my screen constantly and constantly correct this or I would look like a blooming idiot. Dell would not admit it is the PC causing it and 3 replacement Keyboards have done the exact same thing. That says it is not the Keyboard. I even tried formatting and reloading and the same problem still exists.HELP!!!

  173. Arthur

    I have Hp dv5 so my keyboard and mousepad stopped working i did nothing i just turn it on and it stopped i already tried to remove the battery for some sec. and then i turn it on again with the battery and nope nothing any help? i cant log on D:

  174. Graham Howard

    I have a Toshiba Portege M100 originally bought in November 2004 running Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2000. When I use the keyboard to type in Word or Excel it will suddenly stop functioning, the screen will corrupt with strange vertical blocks appearing and the whole machine locks out. The only way I can turn the machine off is disconnect from the mains and remove the battery. When I start the machine again the keyboard won’t function. I have tried reinstalling the operating system from the recovery disk and reinstalling Microsoft Office and it makes no difference.

  175. I have a Dell D520
    After reiinstalling the keyboard driver my keyboard works fine.

  176. i have a problem with my DESKTOP PC DUAL CORE COMPUTER E3200 250GB GALAXY i have only had it since november 2010 the key board keeps doin strange things like pressin bottons on its own and then not letting me press bottons when i want to it does lines and lines of letters which are not being presses i thought it may be a problem with the new keyboard i got at the same time so i changed my keyboard and it does the same thing i have ran virus scans done my ccleaner and im at my wits end i need some help i dont understand what has happened i thought i was safe on my pc but i have a problem which i cant solve on my own if any 1 has any ideas of how to sort it out could you let me no thanks xxxxx

  177. I had that same letter malfunction the u-i-o coming out numbers.
    It turned out to be a windows update # kb956391. 11-19-08
    I removed that update and the K-board returned to normal.
    HP compaq notebook v3000z

  178. Hello everyone.I have a samsung laptop and when i press the f key, fx comes up I really want to know how to stop this from happening before all the keys are disfunctioned.
    Help me PLEASE!!!

  179. Chris A.

    After removing my battery on my Toshiba L305 and reinstalling it, certain keys do not work. Shift, spacebar, P, 4, shift and some others. I use the shift key for my password. I can not log into my admin account and the keys do not work on the guest account. It did it to me last week and after I did some things that I can’t remember it worked. Do you know why? Please help if you can.

  180. hi, there…
    desperately need assistance, my laptop’s keyboard always typing “5” by itself, could someone give me some advice?! thanks

  181. Laptop Freak

    @ giska,

    my laptop’s keyboard always typing “5″ by itself, could someone give me some advice?!

    Sounds like stuck “5” key. You cannot fix it. You’ll have to replace the keyboard.
    You can try pushing on the “5” key very hard a few times, it might help. But eventually it will fail again. Be ready to replace the keyboard.