My laptop turns off without any reason

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After I turn on my laptop it works fine for 25-30 minutes and after that just turns itself off without any warning. When I turn it on again, it works for some time and then shuts down again. What is going on? How can I fix it?

Most likely you experience a laptop overheating problem and it would be fixed by cleaning the cooling module – the heat sink and the fan. The notebook processor produces a lot of heat when the notebook is turned on. The cooling module helps to keep the CPU cool when the laptop is working. The cooling module includes two parts: the heat sink and the cooling fan. The heat sink is attached to the CPU and helps to conduct the heat from the processor to the radiator. The cooling fan blows on the radiator and helps to disperse the heat produced by the CPU. The laptop will overheat if the heat sink radiator is clogged with lint and dust or if the cooling fan stopped spinning.
If your laptop shuts down after some time without any reason and warning, check if the cooling fan spins. Usually it makes some noise and you can hear it. If the fan works fine, then check if the heatsink is clogged. In some cases you can clean the heat sink with compressed air, just blow inside the fan openings on the laptop bottom. If the heatsink is completely clogged, then it is necessary to remove the heatsink for cleaning.

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  1. hi there. ive been struggling with my friend’s pro line notebook since sunday. when i switch it on the caps lock, the num lock and the scoll lock’s flashes continuously and then after awhile it beeps continuously. and when it starting with loading the windows 7 loading screen it just dies… what can be the problem?

  2. Laptop Freak

    @ Lavanya,
    Does the laptop feel hot before it shuts down? If yes, check the fan. Does it spin at all? It’s possible the cooling fan failed.

  3. Lavanya

    Hi. My problem is, i got a new lenova lap but it was shut down without any warning plz give the sln fr it.

  4. Hello!
    I got a new Sony Vaio E laptop a few months ago for school. It’s been working fabulously until just a couple weeks ago when I started getting blue screened. Help? I’m pretty sure this isn’t overheating because the laptop doesn’t get hot at all, but it all started when I did an update. That update flopped so I did the smart thing and went back to the older version, re-did the update and it worked fine. I started seeing problems with the internet then. Pages wouldn’t load so I had to do a hard refresh (using the keystroke crtl F5) and it’s starting to get annoying. Now, all the sudden I’m getting blue screened for no reason. It will give me an error page that says that drivers are conflicting (or something, this laptop is so fast at shutting down and starting back up that the message is only there for a couple seconds and before I can really grasp what’s happening it’s gone), is there a way that I can fix this? Please help, and quickly would be wonderful! I need this laptop for school and it shutting down in the middle of my work is making things pretty hard to deal with.
    Thanks so much! ~Kay

  5. hi …i opened my laptop and removed the dust but its getting switched off without overheating …… dont know wht happen to it

  6. Daniel

    My fan works but with some noise. and on PC Health Monitor shows 0Rpm but Unplugged when the laptop Droped to the floor.
    My laptop is a toshiba L500 what need to do? No Dust because i cleaned with Compressed air and come out some dust. and overheating and shut down him self. Need some advise Thanks!!

  7. Pls i nid ur help urgently, all my important files ar on my laptop (DELL). It just startd on sunday, d laptop just went off without no signal, lata i turnd it on it stayd for only 10 minutes but before it went off i hrd a noise in d laptop.. Pls wat is d problem nd how can i solve it. Pls reply ASAP. Thanks

  8. Same problem cleaning both fans again. I gues the first time wasn’t good enuff. All this started after having problems with the Av Protection.

  9. It sounds like your computer is overheating and shuting down to protect it from burning up.

  10. Can I resolve that problem with a cooling board like Cooler Master Notepal X2 Notebook Cooler?

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