My laptop keeps shutting off for no reason

I have a Toshiba Satellite A75, the problem I’m having is it keeps shutting off for no reason, I can’t figure it out, but the only way it won’t shut off is if I only use it on a fan. It feels kind of warm but sometimes it doesn’t have to be on for maybe 5 minutes and it happens too. If you could help me with this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If your laptop shutting off without any reason, then I am almost 100% positive that you are experiencing a laptop overheating problem. This is a very common problem with Toshiba Satellite A70 and A75 laptops and could be easily fixed if you clean the heat sink. Overtime the heat sink gets clogged with lint and dust. It ruins normal air flow inside the heat sink and the heat stops dissipating. As a result – the CPU overheats and the laptop shuts down. In some cases it would be enough just to blow off the heat sink with compressed air to get the laptop back to normal condition. Try to clean it with compressed air first. Sometimes it is necessary to take the laptop apart, so you can access the heat sink and remove all collected overtime dust and lint.

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  1. I have an IBM thinkpad t41. recently i hve strted to experience situation in which the screen goes blank while the laptop is runningThe only way to get the screen to comeback up is to close the top of the laptop,in which the screen comes back up,and continually goes to a page that says “to continue click your username”or “standby”.Could it be the hard drive is about to go or could it be a screen issue,thank you

  2. Laptop Freak

    The screen goes blank or black? What you are missing: image or backlight? Can you still see a very faint image on the screen when it goes black?
    Here something to try. When the screen goes black tap a few times on the lid close switch – a little button located close to the screen hinge (do not remember left of right). This button turns off the backlight when you close the LCD panel. Can you light up the screen by tapping on the lid close switch? If yes then apparently the LCD inverter board goes bad and should be replaced. The LCD inverter board is located inside the display assembly and in order to replace the board it’s necessary to open up the display as it shown in the hardware maintenance manual for IBM ThinkPad T41 notebook.

  3. Lalit Gupta

    I have the exactly same problem and it does not appear to be screen back light issue. Computer keeps running, hard disk and battery lights are on, but screen just goes black or off, i cannot see anything on the screen. any help will be greatly appreciated…
    is there any other way to check if it is LCD inverter board issue ?

    thanks, Lalit.

  4. Lalit Gupta

    just an addendum to the previous comment by me.. the only to bring the laptop back up is to force shut it down and then reboot.

  5. Hi.

    I have the exactly same problem as Lalit. I’ve not been able to work with the laptop for a while. Before this happened so often, I remember a couple of times when the screen went blank and I had to force it shut down, then worked fine for some days, even months, but lately I can only get the screen work for a few minutes before it goes blank again. There was a time when I turned it back on, and a message appeared saying “Windows has recovered from a severe problem, Do you want to send the information of your system?” or some thing like that, and I accepted, then a web page appeared saying there was an issue with the video card or something, and that there was no workaround nor fix so far.

    Does someone know what’s happening?

    BTW: if I connect an external monitor, it goes blank also…



  6. Laptop Freak

    If both the internal LCD and external monitor go blank, then this problem is not related to LCD/inverter/video cable. It’s possible you have some kind of software issue. Try reinstalling the operating system. Test memory, run Memtest86+ utility. If the memory is fine and reinstalling the OS will not help, apparently you have an issue with the video card.

  7. Laptop Freak

    You’ll have to test the laptop with an external monitor. Does it also goes black or off when the laptop LCD blacks out?

  8. Ok, thank you, I’ll run the tests.

    A friend told me that he saw somewhere in a forum in some site from Spain (don’t know where) that it might be a virus that modified the BIOS. Do you think that is possible? I have Symantec Antivirus and Spyware Blaster and Ad-Aware updated, and they did not notify anything dangerous (when I still was able to work for a while with the machine)


  9. Laptop Freak

    I’ve never seen a virus that can modify the BIOS. Anyway, you can try reflashing the BIOS.

  10. Hi Everybody,

    Didn’t know really where to ask so I’m asking here. I’ve a pretty serious situation with my ThinkPad T41. A couple of days ago I accidentally (and lightly) kicked my laptop – the disk shut itself (Active Protection System) and the LCD started to display some really weird stuff – it went very bright and I could see some strange stripes. I turned the laptop off and tried to turn it back on however it didn’t start until about 20 minutes later. Everything seemed okay, but after a few hours of work the next day the same thing happened. Any thoughts?

    Right now I’m writing this from the laptop – somehow it started.


  11. Hi, i have a toshiba m50, it keeps shutting off on me. It only happens when i leave my computer alone and not running any programs. I have timed it, it sometimes shuts of in 10 minutes and other times it shuts off in one hour. I have the AC plugged in so it’s not the battery. I don’t think it’s the heat sink because i can turn it back on right away and use it for hours. I have turned off the “HDD power off” and “system standby”, but even if I turned those on it would still shut off. It’s just really wierd that it only turns off if im not working on it. It’s starting to really bother me because if i go take a shower or something, the computer will be off when i get back. Also, i tried closing all programs including norton but still shuts off. what do you think the problem is? and i just reformatted too.

    any help will be great

  12. Laptop Freak

    Will it shut off if you enter the BIOS setup menu and leave it in there? I’m just trying to figure out if the problem is somehow related to the operating system.

  13. It doesn’t shut off in the BIOS menu. If i put the laptop on standby it doesn’t shut off either.

  14. Laptop Freak

    Could be a software related problem. Maybe some kind of virus. Try reinstalling the operating system using the recovery DVD.

  15. Hello, I have a Acer Aspire 3000, and it keeps shutting down on me no matter what I do. At first, I thought it might be a heat problem, as I have had those in the past, but I felt the bottom of the computer after an unexpected shutdown, and it wasn’t even warm.

    The laptop would turn on, and work for a short time, but if I attempted to run any program for more then a few minutes, it would shutoff on it’s own. After multiple headaches caused by this, I removed all my information I wanted to keep, and attempted to reinstall the OS. The computer starts, and I can start the reinstallation, but when it reaches about 25% completion, it shuts down. I have become increasingly aggravated with this computer, I am using my family computer to type this, and have looked for solutions everywhere. Any help you can give is great.

  16. I have an IBM thinkpad. and lately its been blinking and then going completly black. I mean its still on but nothing on the screen shows. It normally takes 5-6 hours to turn back on and sometimes it doesn’t even work. I dont know whats wrong with it. What should i do?

  17. With regard to the t41 issues ( I work for IBM by the way), the problem is that once the unit reaches a certain temperature threshold the unit will go into standby mode. the only way to bring this up is to shut the unit OFF completely let it cool down then restart it.
    As a possible solution to this problem go buy a cooling unit. these units can be found at Best buy or any Computer store. they fit under your laptop and provide extra cooling power for the unit.
    I have experienced this issue with toshibas as well. the problem with the toshibas is similar in nature but more due to the heat shielding that the fan sits under. this fan will get clogged with dust and such after a while and needs to be cleaned. Alternatively, it has been suggested that savvy consumers can remove this heat shielding- DO NOT DO THIS. It will screw up your system for GOOD.

  18. Hi I have a Compaq Evo N610c laptop and when i am using it, it turns off, and if i move the laptop slightly it decides to turn off. This happens when i plug the laptop into a main socket. Any ideas as to why this is happening.


  19. Laptop Freak

    Does it run fine on the battery power? Will it turn off when running on the battery?

  20. I have an IBM T41p (2373-315) and I’m having some of the same problems as mentioned above – with the display going out. I’m not quite sure it’s the heat issue – it doesn’t seem like it would be given what’s going on.

    1) it just started doing this a few weeks ago, and it’s progressively getting worse (more often) (I’ve had the laptop for a couple years).
    2) It goes in and out – I can sometimes see a very faint view of what’s on my screen in the background, but for the most part it’s black. You can’t see enough to do anything.
    3) if I put the computer in sleep mode and then bring it back out, the display comes right back immediately (a bit pink at first).
    4) the power also seems to be loose or something at the connector (where the power supply connects to the laptop) and when I move the computer around, it moves and goes from battery to power (as if it’s not really connected well)
    5) sometimes, if I pick the computer up, the screen goes black – sometimes, I’m just sitting here working on it and it goes black. (driving me crazy)
    6) This could be important… 🙂 it’s the first time I’m testing this, but I do not have the power supply plugged in at all — and I can move the computer around and work on it and so far, the display is working fine.

    I can’t imagine how it could be the power, and it seems like I unplugged it the other day and picked it up to move it, and the screen went black — but I can’t remember for sure. This is very strange… I’ve tried to include all details I can think of to rule out ……any ideas?? I’m at a loss and not sure where to look. Thank you !!!!

  21. Update to message #20, 8/8 @ 2:30pm.
    I guess the fact that the power must not have anything to do with it. I just got home, and with the machine unplugged, the display still keeps going black. It went out about 3 times – it’s getting harder and harder to put it into sleep mode for some reason too (which is the only way to get the display to come back and not lose everything you’re working on). I can press Fn+F4 several times before it finally goes into sleep mode. Thanks again for any thoughts you may have. Tami

  22. Update: OH>>> I forgot to mention……the laptop works fine with an external monitor.

  23. Laptop Freak

    Here I’ve posted your question and some suggestions on fixing the laptop backlight issues. I hope it helps.

  24. I have a Compaq Presario R3210US. I bought it back in Aug 04 brand new. For sometime I been having the problem the laptop shuts on its own. When I run applications: install programs (some), play games, when I enter the BIOS. At the beginning I took it to get repaired and they cleaned out the heatsinks and added an extra fan, because the AMD only came with one. I do clean it frequently.

    The parts:
    -Female Connector is rock solid still
    -Battery was removed as it was dead, on hold to purchase a new one.

    Could you tell me what to do?

    Greatly appreciated! Thanks and Great Site!!!


  25. Hi,

    I have an Acer Aspire 5670 laptop and when i start playing games or something that asks a lot of efford he shuts down without a reason. The shutting down isn’t properly either because when i reboot him he has to do a memorycheck and stuff.
    My fan works properly and i dont think it is a heating problem either because he sometimes does it after and hour and sometimes after just a minute. The air blowing out of my laptop is not of the same temperature everytime when shutting down.
    What else could it be, and what can i do about it?

    Thnx for the help 🙂

  26. Greetings,

    I have a similar issue to the one being posted, but I have additional issues and this raises added questions.

    Yes, my laptop seems to be experiences cooling fan gunk build up and that is one reason it may shut down unexpectedly.

    BUT, in addition..when I move the laptop or shake the bottom a bit it seems to also shut down. Keep in mind it is not an adapter issue because the battery still has anywhere from 50-99% power remaining.

    I will admit the battery isn’t so great and should be replaced. But just..moving it around. Would that be enough to create a shut down? Or is this too related to over heating?

    I did at one point take a peek at the lap top too, I put it back together with maybe one or two tiny screws missing. This could also perhaps add to the dilema.

    But I want professional input. ^^

    Thank you for your time. I would really appreciate some advice.


  27. Laptop Freak

    You’ll find my suggestions in this post: When I move the laptop or shake the bottom a bit it shut down

  28. I have a dell inspiron 6000, I’ve recently had a problem with what i’m guessing is my hardrive I keep getting error messages saying that not all of the information that when i’m loading a new program or something is being saved to the hardrive, causing my new programs not to function properly I’ve tried blanking the hardrive that didn’t work it still has the same problem, after letting it go for a while now the computer when i don’t do anything with it for a couple mins will shut down and restart or go to a blank screen then come up with a screen that says no bootable devices were found. And then i have to shut it down and turn it back on to get it to run again. I have now clue whats wrong this just start happening out of no where and I can fix it I really need some help here!!!

  29. Laptop Freak

    Maybe your hard drive is failing? Test the hard drive and if it fails the diagnostic, replace it with a new one.
    You can use Hitachi’s drive fitness test to diagnose the hard drive. You’ll find link on the right side of this website in “Useful Links”.

  30. My T41 is also getting similar problem recently. After use it for a while, the screen would turn black, with no sign of any display on LCD, while computor would still respond to something, like continue playing music.

    I reinstalled the system to factory default, the problem stays. So it should not be software issue.

    I tried to connect the laptop to an external monitor, the monitor also went black the same time when LCD turn black. So it should not be a LCD hardware issue either.

    Next, using PC doctor, I checked the display adaptor and on board display memory, those also turned out to be ok, when display did not turn black during the diagnostics. When screen turned black during the diagnostics, I did not find a way to get a PC report, and had to force the computor off.

    Later on, I noticed that a flex of the laptop would always cause that sympton. I tried the above suggestion of removing battery while run the laptop on AC, the symton stays.

    Now I plan to open up the laptop and do a thourough dust clean-up on the motherboard. Besides cleaning up, would you have any suggestion about what kind of place to pay some special attentions to? like, checking out some loose connections?


    I went on my dad’s IBM Thinkpad, I just turned it on for a couple minutes and the computer suddenly went on standby by force and the screen is BLACK now.. i can not see anything
    I can’t press anything and the computer wil NOT SHUT OFF
    the fan keeps going! I’m so scared
    annd i try to press all the keys on the keyboard and it only makes a beep sound
    i can’t see anything on the screen and it won’t shut off in anyway!

  32. Laptop Freak

    Press on the power button and hold it down for a few seconds. The laptop will turn off.
    Unplug the power adapter and remove the battery, then plug the power adapter and try turning it on.

  33. I just got a IBM T41 and had to reformat the HD. I installed Win XP Pro which loads fine. I am told this model has “built in” wireless, but I cannot figure out how to access it. Do I have to reinstall something? Please help!! TIA

  34. I turned my lap top off the ‘wrong way’. I didn’t go to start, shut down. I just held down the power button.

    And not when i turn it back on all i get is an error message.

    and i dont have any cds or disks, everyone i ask says i need one that it came with. i dont have it, so what do i do?

  35. Laptop Freak

    I think you are missing the wireless card drive. You can download this driver from the IBM (Lenovo) website.

  36. Laptop Freak

    You can call the laptop manufacturer customer service and ask if you can purchase the recovery discs from them, it shouldn’t be very expensive.
    By the way, what kind of error message you get? If it’s a missing NTLDR message, this tool can help to fix it.

  37. To Barry,
    The embedded wireless on the T41 will not work well with xp sp2. Don’t fight it, you’ll just pull your hair out. Buy a PCMCIA card.

  38. hey what-up man i have a problem with my laptop inspiron 6000 it about 1 yrs old just couple days ago i unplug my laptop from the back and it turns off right away i plug it back in and it works i don’t know what is wrong and i’am not too good with computers i google about the problem it said take out the battery start the laptop back up with out the battery then put the battery back in i guess it suppose to reset something but something happen because now it says battery fully charge and my battery light flashes but when i unplug it still turn off so battery still dont work can you help thanks man.

  39. Hi I think I have a similar problem as Lalit Gupta, when I using my laptop the screen suddenly does blank/black, I can’t see any thing, but the engine seems to be stil running. I made a record and found this only happens when:
    1) Playing certain games, e.g. Civilization 4
    2) When there seems to be a lot of activities in games, although not always true.
    3) Probably not an overheating issue, laptop remains at normal temp.
    4) My laptop is recently new, Dell XPS1330, Core Duo 2.2, with 2 gbit ram, and GeForce 8400GS graphics card.

    I would greatly appreciate any help, many thanks in advance.

  40. Hello laptop freak,
    My Toshiba laptop has been running great for the seven months I’ve had it, but now I have a slight issue. My screen will shut off, just as suggested in previous comments, while the rest of my computer runs. I tap on my touch pad and I just hear a noice like everything is locked and it won’t allow me to access it. I have no idea what to do. The only way to stop it is if I reboot, but then I have to go through the whole safe mode screen and all. Anyhelp would be much appreciated!Thanks so much.

  41. I have a Compaq Evo N601c that is shutting it self off after using it for a while… I hear noise from the CPU fan, that sounds like a bearing going bad. then the screen flickers. After it makes this noise a couple of times and the screen flickers it just shuts off… I think I need a new CPU fan. Does anyone disagree or agree???


  42. I have the same problem…I have a Toshiba Satellite® P205D-S7436 and I was searching this topic today beacause it just happened. The backlight in the monitor still works it just freezes I guess. I tried to see if the keyboard still worked. I clicked the num lock button and saw would the light on the top turn on or off? It didn’t so I thought it just froze. The only thing you could do is restart it manually I think.

  43. Hi,I have a Compaq Evo N610C
    I am trying to wipe the Hard Drive by using Blancco.
    But it keeps switching off half way through
    whereas if I dont attempt to wipe it and I just let it run
    it stays on fine.
    Any Ideas.

  44. Laptop Freak


    I am trying to wipe the Hard Drive by using Blancco. But it keeps switching off half way through

    Could be heat related issue. Make sure the heatsink is clean, blow off the heatsink with compressed air and try again.

  45. I have a compaq laptop more than 2 yrs old, my wife installed a logitech webcam then after that our laptop keep on shutting down….I’m thinking it just maybe a corrupt file or something with the webcam software, or else bios system?….any of those is possible, am still trign to figure out

  46. Hi, I have an IBM T41 and have some problems with it. Whenever I run any game other than flash or shockwave, such as one that may require a bit of duty for the video card, the monitor shuts down, turns black without a back light at random times. This can happen 2 minutes after the game starts or 10 minutes. I can tell that the monitor is not the only thing that is being effected, if the game has a sound, the sound shuts off as well. The ActiveProtection is turned off, so it cant be the cause of the problem, the laptop does not have to be hot or cold, this can happen after running a cold start at the beginning of a cold day or after it has been on for a while. Also, I have to shut down the laptop with the button and it does not come back on right away, if I press power immediately to turn it on, the monitor remains black and the hard drive does not work. I have to usually wait 5 minutes If there are any suggestions, they would be appreciated.

  47. Hey Laptop Freak…I’ve got a very similar problem as Lalit, k416M, and Jiming.
    The Toshiba Satellite 205D is only 3 weeks old (from the store) and has shut down just as described above, 3 times in the last week. I’m running Vista and this unexpected shut down happened twice while on skype and once after a breif download and execution of Excel.
    The CPU useage doesn’t seem to be that high (i.e the harddrive is not working hard at all).
    I don’t know the system temperature (is there a way to test this with Vista?) but the fan works intermittently. It comes on every couple min or so for about 30sec then stops (i’m in Fla and the ambient temp is pretty warm).
    We plugged in an external monitor and there was no issue, both LCD and monitor worked great. Next time it unexpectedly shuts down we’ll try to plug in the external monitor to see if it works.
    Like the others, when it shuts down, all the power lights are on, the system has power, you can even see a slight back light (but the screen is dark/black), but we can’t get any sound or response from the keys…until we power down / up.


  48. Laptop Freak


    Like the others, when it shuts down, all the power lights are on, the system has power, you can even see a slight back light (but the screen is dark/black), but we can’t get any sound or response from the keys…until we power down / up.

    Sounds like a hardware related problem.
    Here’s what you can try.
    1. Check the BIOS version running on your laptop. Press Esc (or F2) as soon as Toshiba logo appears on the screen to enter the BIOS setup menu, find the BIOS version. Find the latest version of BIOS available for your laptop and install it.
    2. Back up all personal files and reimage the hard drive back to factory defaults.
    If you still experiencing the same problem, you’ll have to send your laptop to Toshiba or take it to the closet authorized center. They’ll fix it at no charge.

  49. Widowmaker

    Hi MomaT

    If the laptop is only 3 weeks old, why not take it back to the store you got it from?
    Flashing the BIOS can be fatal and the shop might not take it back if you mess it up.


  50. I have a Toshiba A100/A105 laptop that shuts down every time I turn it on. It shuts down when it gets to the main screen. Do you have any idea why this happens?

  51. samantha

    umm hi i have a toshiba A100 laptop and it keeps shutting off on me. im a girl so i dont know much about computers, but it tuns for like 10 min then it shuts off. and after i try to turn it on it goes for liek 1 min everytime

  52. Hi, I have a thinkpad x31 and it will not turn on the battery light flashes amber and the main power flashes green I thought the battery was dead and spent a hundred bucks on a new one and still have the same problem any suggestions

  53. Alyssa

    Hi, I have a Dell Inspirion 6000 and I have had it for about a year. I have a screan that has been popping up saying Activate Desktop. I have had for about 3 months and I can not change my backround, then a couple of weeks ago my laptop has been freezing on me and then I have to restart. I am able to move my mouse but usually I am on internet explorer and the browswer would turn all white and I cant do anything anymore. Then when I turn it off restarting about 10 minutes later it would freze again constantly and I would have to repeat the process over. I am a girl and dont know much about laptops. My laptop had a problem over last summer and a similar screen had poped up like the Activate Desktop. Any suggestions I could use to fix my problem?

  54. SDonohue

    My new Dell laptop with Vista freezes literally every single time I move it from my lap. I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can explain why and help me resolve this. . . .
    If you can solve that one and I decide to keep Vista, my next questions will be: 1) Why does the Vista Service Pak 1 fail to install and 2) Can I get FrontPage 2003 to work on Vista without the system crashing?

  55. This could be a hardware + software related issue, I have an Acer Aspire 5670 and I have encountered this problem quite frequently when playing games on windows XP, (also if I leave it in the desktop).

    However, when running Linux Gui (like ubuntu) I sometimes leave it on all night long and I don’t encounter a problem.

    My best guess is that the graphics board in the laptop is not being used efficiently by windows and it causes it to overheat and shutdown. I think this happens mostly on laptops hitting their 2nd year as some of its board parts starts to fail such as the temperature monitor.

    I found that lifting the laptop by propping a book underneath (without blocking the fan) helps, but doesn’t solve the problem.

  56. computer master



    THIS CAUSES THE CPU (central proccessing unit) TO OVER HEAT


  57. You probably already had this problem fixed, but I had the same problem. Called Toshiba tech support and downloaded a fix. One month now and no problem.

  58. Forgot to say that the issue was the bios.

  59. JulieB

    I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop and the fan has gone out. Someone suggested purchasing a cooler pad instead of replacing the fan. ??? Is that feasible?

  60. Laptop Freak


    I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop and the fan has gone out. Someone suggested purchasing a cooler pad instead of replacing the fan. ??? Is that feasible?

    I would go with the fan replacement. By the way, you can download laptop disassembly instruction (for most models) from the Dell website, buy the fan and replace it yourself. Otherwise, you’ll have to take it to the repair shop.
    I don’t think that a cooler pad will work in your situation.

  61. jonathan

    I have a acer 5050 labtop I bought in early 2007 and its worked fine until a month ago it will start up then all of a sudden the screen will turn off the the lights will butt the computer stays on and I restart many times and the same thing happens its really irratating.

  62. I have a dell XPS M140 and I recently changed to a an extended battery, however, the laptop will turn off randomly if it is either lifted off a table or basically whenever it is moved…have you heard of anything like this?

  63. wrandell

    I just got a hp compaq with turion x2 it keeps shutting off and won’t turn on again. is this also most likely an overheating problem?

    thanks in advance

  64. Radical Raven

    This is going to be totally off topic, but.

    I have a compaq, no clue what the model is or anything, I’m not going to bother to look.

    Everything goes back in time.
    I sign into flickr, it takes me right back to the homepage which has sign in at the corner. I upload a picture on a thursday and it only shows pictutres I uploaded almost a month earlier. When I refresh the page, it returns to normal.

    I sign into myspace it shows bullitens that were posted on the 23rd only, and people who were online on the 23rd are “online”

    ANy clue whats wrong with it>

  65. my laptop toshiba keeps shutting down like in 30 minutes and i have to turn it back on and it says ur computer did not shut down properly when i am not even shutting off my computer may it damage my computer? And how do i keep it not to shuting down?

  66. Laptop Freak


    my laptop toshiba keeps shutting down like in 30 minutes and i have to turn it back on and it says ur computer did not shut down properly when i am not even shutting off my computer may it damage my computer?

    Sounds like an overheating issue to me.

  67. Shari

    Russ Says:
    May 12th, 2008 at 5:20 am
    You probably already had this problem fixed, but I had the same problem. Called Toshiba tech support and downloaded a fix. One month now and no problem.

    I went to their site and searched for “computer won’t turn on”, “blank screen” and “random shut down”, but couldn’t find a fix. However, I have not called them yet, as it is the weekend.
    So here’s where I’m at (Many THANK YOUs in advance for any input, suggestions, etc) Like others above –
    Toshiba Satellite m35x-s149 won’t turn on. Lights are on, even fn light comes on on keyboard when fn key is pushed. It randomly shut down while working on it last night and I hadn’t realized it beforehand, but the hard drive was pretty hot at that point. I should also mention that prior to last night, booting up would take an ungodly amount of time. Like 15 mins. sitting there blank until you finally would see the Toshiba screen.
    I did get it to boot up once last night by pressing and holding pwr button several times (with lengthy breaks for how long booting up took before and for cool down to rule out a heating/cooling issue) but it abruptly shut down within 5-10 mins (and the hard drive was barely warm that time) and now it won’t boot back up.
    – I can’t reload operating sys, since it won’t turn on.
    – I did what the Toshiba site instructs you to do for ruling out a battery or pwr connection issue.
    – I’ve shaken it a little to see if it is a loose connection. No change.
    – Blew canned air to clean out the fan. However, I have not opened it up to clean-up the motherboard.
    – Lastly, I have not tried an external monitor because I don’t have one here. I can get access to one though and it will be my next step.
    Anyone got anything? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  68. Tried the external monitor, no change.

  69. wezmeister1979

    hey.. i have a toshiba A40-151 and it says there is a problem with my cooling fan, error message appears on it saying take it to be serviced.. is there anything i can do to sort this..?? pls help..

  70. wezmeister1979 Says:
    July 13th, 2008 at 3:33 am
    hey.. i have a toshiba A40-151 and it says there is a problem with my cooling fan, error message appears on it saying take it to be serviced.. is there anything i can do to sort this..?? pls help..
    ( PLEASE NOTE: I am not a professional in computer repair or anything like that, I’ve just spent time on these and other forums. As well, I have learned over the years from doing simple stuff on my and my friend’s and family’s computers.) From what I’ve read on here and other forums regarding these Toshibas, the first thing to do would be clean it with canned air. Which initially be done from the outside by blowing out the vents really well. But if this doesn’t keep the error msg. from coming up, you would likely have to do a thorough internal cleaning inside the unit (as some have mentioned on this thread). Then if THAT doesn’t make the msg. subside, then you should probably consider having the laptop serviced.

    UPDATE ON MY Toshiba Satellite m35x-s149: I have had it diagnosed and it needs a motherboard. Anyone know of another of the same model that the screen is bad or something like that, that would like to sell it for cheap? But only a situation that I could use the motherboard from of course. THANKS!

  71. hi.. my dell inspiron 8200 shuts down by itself when i look at streaming videos.maybe its getting to hot. but the fan always run though.what do u think or suggest?

  72. I bought a samsung X15 about a year ago, second hand. It has been giving me the same problem ever since. Sometimes it turns on absolutely fine, but majority of the times when I turn my laptop on it says OPERATING SYSTEM FAILURE. I have had my hard disc changed many a times, but after a month or two the problem persists.

    Can you help me pleeeease? I am totally lost

  73. Albert

    Hi laptopfreak,

    I’m running an Acer TM8210, recently, whenever i try to run games, my screen goes blank after a couple of minutes. The game is still running as i can still hear the audio. Please advise…~

  74. Wilson

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite M45 and I am fixing it. The problem is It shuts down by Its seft. I tried everything. I cleaned the dust, I put some themal grease on the CPU, I changed the fan, I reinstalled its original O.S. (Windows xp HE), I tried to install windows vista, and I checked the AC power but the problem still there. Every time that I try to install an O.S. It shuts down. I saw that in save mode, in the Bios, or in DOS O.S, It did not shut down. Can you help me? please.

  75. Chantel

    My friend has a compaq laptop and i was on it and it flashed then turned off and the screen is black. I plugged the cord in and everything but nothing has happened.. Im kind of worried cus its not my laptop and i need help fasttt

  76. Domaneeshu

    Im trying to fix a HP Pavilion ze200 laptop for a co-worker. After about 4-6 minutes the machine shuts itself off completely without warning…Even in Bios(windows wont load due to pxe-e61 error, but that is solvable) I opened everything up to discover the entire fan/heatsink enclosure packed solid with dust and grime. I cleaned everything off including the motherboard itself… and nada. I cant format and re-install windows to fix the pxe error due to the quick power-downs. I’m clueless. I looked carefully and did not notice any burns on the motherboard. I checked voltage with the variance and everyting was well.My only deduction is something fried from overheating while the fan was out of commision. maybe a connection within the board itself? Im aware that most of these laptops power down automatically when the temp sensor reaches a certain point.. but the fan is working, and plenty of cool air and ventilation is available. Anyone have a similar experience? Solution maybe?

  77. Laptop Freak

    Maybe the laptop shuts off because the fan is not working? Can you hear the fan spinning before the laptop shuts off?

    Did you check thermal grease between the heatsink and processor when you were cleaning the heatsink? Maybe thermal grease dried out and has to be replaced.

  78. Domaneeshu

    Fan works fine after i cleaned it. I had the laptop running in bios for over an hour checking the HDD but as soon as i tried installing windows it died. It turned out to be the AMD sempiron, the whole line of those mobile processors are garbage. Luckily i had a friend with the same AMD, so I swithced it out and it was fine. The fan must have been clogged for a long time and the amd fried. im still grossed out by the solid brick of grime i found in the fan housing. Thanks for your help… I need to school my co-workers on regular laptop maintenance…lol.

  79. um. Yer guys… i need help… i use my laptop right and
    after a period of inactivity of the speakers they stop working and i am not able to use them :1 this isn’t good. in order to fix them i have to restart my Laptop and i don’t really come on the laptop only to restart it after not using the speakers. Please help. my model is toshiba. Tell me how this could have been caused and what i can do to fix it? please, thanks 🙂

  80. Domaneeshu

    First off, im assuming your talking about the internal speakers set into the base of the laptop.
    Do you hear any crackles/pops emitting from the speakers at all? There should be a headphone jack somewhere on the side/back of the laptop. After your speakers “die” plug in some headphones and see if that works. if not, there may be a problem with your audio driver, and you may need to install a new one. (you should check this: right click MYCOMPUTER/PROPERTIES/HARDWARE/DEVICE MANAGER/

  81. Domaneeshu

    First off, im assuming your talking about the internal speakers set into the base of the laptop.
    Do you hear any crackles/pops emitting from the speakers at all? There should be a headphone jack somewhere on the side/back of the laptop. After your speakers “die” plug in some headphones and see if that works. if not, there may be a problem with your audio driver, and you may need to install a new one. (you should check this: right click MYCOMPUTER/PROPERTIES/HARDWARE/DEVICE MANAGER/SOUND,VIDEO,GAME CONTROLLERS. double click all your audio devices and check for problems/conflicts.

  82. bonnie ackerman

    Dear friend,

    I have a hp laptop and suddendly I turn it on, and a few seconds sometimes even minutes it turns itself off. What is your suggestion. I know the battery is probably almost dead or dead, yet I was told that a lap top plugged in to house current is sufficient. A battery isn’t even necessary to run a computor if it is plugged into the wall.

    What do you think. The kids really need this computor for their school work. Can you help.

  83. bonnie ackerman

    my hp laptop shuts off after a few seconds, or sometimes minutes. I am sure my battery is almost dead or dead. I was told that if it is plugged in it doesn’t even need a battery. Can a laptop overheat in must a few seconds, or minutes.


  84. I have a Toshiba Satellite A105 laptop, the problem I’m having is it keeps shutting off for no reason..Like if I do the McAfee quick clean it will shut down right in the middle of it…And the other day I was working on a picture in Photoshop and right before I went to save the picture it shut down and I lost the work I did on my picture… So I don’t know what is wrong or what to do…. So any help on this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  85. I have a Toshiba labtop A215 and every time I turn it on 2 min later a blue screen pops up and then my labtop shuts down what do I do it tell me something about a Bios shadowing but I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to mess my labtop up

  86. Hey labtop freak, i have a gateway labtop, Model # 7405gx. out of no where i turned it on and it booted up like it normally would but the screen is blank “white”. i tried to use an external monitor and the same thing happened. someone told me it was the video card? is this true? also, if it is the video card could you be able to help me by telling me what video card to buy or which one i have and how to install it myself.??? please help me ASAP if you can, i feal naked without my pc. lolol thanks again anthony

  87. Hey guys i have a Hp Labtop and for some reason its been shutting off for no reason and i kno whats goin on but i’m afraid if i take it apart i might forget how to put it back on

  88. Ramon Tran Tang

    Hey guys..
    I have a hp pavillon dv6000. I use this notebook for a year now and now its starts causing trouble. The screen keeps blinking at me, changing the light contrast from bright to dark every second.. I bought this expensive notebook for college and it’s just crapping out on me..
    Please,, if possible suggestions ..

  89. Laptop Freak

    Ramon Tran Tang,

    I have a hp pavillon dv6000. I use this notebook for a year now and now its starts causing trouble.

    Maybe HP can fix your laptop at no charge.

  90. I had a similar problem when I first got my Toshiba 205D laptop. It would just turn itself off. I called Toshiba support and was told to change “minimum processor state” power settings for both plugged in and on battery. I was skeptical, but it worked. No more problems. Go to Control Panel -> Power Options -> Edit Plan Settings. Then “Change plan settings” for whatever power “plan” it is set to. “Change Advanced Settings” will be a link near the bottom of the window. Choose that and then scroll down to where you see “minimum processor state.” Mine used to be at 5%. The support lady said choose 100%. I have since backed it off to 50% and still have no problems. Good luck!

  91. Hello everyone, I have a Gateway MX6426 and its about 2 years old. I hardly ever use the computer due to this problem, now I am forced to. The computer whenever I am playing a video game just turns off. It can be anywhere from 10-20 minutes into the game. My computer meets the requirements to run the games (it happens with more then 1 game, all of them so far) and it only happens when I am playing. I can watch movies, surf the net, everything else with no problem. What is it that is causing the whole computer just to shut off? Please any advice or ideas are welcome!

  92. Laptop Freak


    I have a Gateway MX6426 and its about 2 years old. I hardly ever use the computer due to this problem, now I am forced to. The computer whenever I am playing a video game just turns off. It can be anywhere from 10-20 minutes into the game.

    Overheating? Did you clean the cooling module with compressed air?

  93. marioara

    ok..i have a Compaq laptop..its about a year and half old. lately for about a week, when i touch the lid or move the laptop a certain way, the screen goes black or the contrast is really dim. the buttons on the laptop are still lit but everything else seems shut off.. but not really. i try everything i can to turn it on but it wont turn on. so i have to force it to shut down. I dont know why it would do that. it happens at the worst times..please help

  94. Laptop Freak

    I think your laptop has a bad/defective LCD cable. I posted your question with some troubleshooting tips here: The screen goes black.

  95. worriedinbirkbeck

    Came home from work last night and my daughter admitted she had dropped my laptop whilst using it – it was working fine but the back/battery bit was not flush/on tight. I took it out (weird but laptop stayed on) and refitted. Everything has been okay with the laptop until 15mins ago when it just shut down 🙁 Not just the screen but everything. Pressed the power button and nothing happened but pressed it a few seconds later and it came back on.

    I am currently using it right now. It is a DELL Vostro 1500 bought new August 2007. I have not had any problems until now and it is out of warranty which sucks 🙁

  96. Hi. I have a Toshiba Satellite A305-S6825 and had it for a year now. The problem, I left it for 2 minutes without touching it and then it switches to the Login Screen. I sign in and then waited again and does it again. how can i resolve this. Thanks.

  97. I have been having the exact same problem! My laptop, Sony Vaio PCG-K33, keeps shutting off for no reason. I was given a hint initially that it might be overheating and I believe it at first because I personally observe my laptop getting hot after just a few minutes. However, I had it checked out at Circuit City and they told me that it failed the hard drive test and needed replacing. So I did that! I replaced my old hard drive with a brand new one. It did stay on longer than before yet it still shuts off. So then I got another opinion from Best Buy and the guy said that it couldn’t be the hard drive that causes the laptop to shut off. He was certain that it was an over-heating issue so he talked me into buying a cooling pad. IT STAYS ON MUCH LONGER NOW BUT STILL SHUTS OFF! CAN YOU HELP ME? I saw in one of your replies that you suggested a person access her heat sink; how can I access mine? I did purchase the air duster for laptops also. I did notice that my laptop runs much faster since I replaced my hard drive though. I just still have no answers and I cannot afford a new laptop right now.

  98. Hi! I have a ASUS X35S series got it like 4-5-6 months ago.My laptop keep shutting down for no reason even its pluged in or the battery is full i down’t know why?I keep it in my lap and does block the fan?Some times my major works couldn’t be saved!:( It won’t give a sighn its turning off simply its just shuts down! I tried to let it cool for some time and try it but no use! Should i send my laptop to the pc repair center?? Thanks

  99. Laptop Freak


    My laptop keep shutting down for no reason even its pluged in or the battery is full i down’t know why?I keep it in my lap and does block the fan?

    1. Try cleaning the cooling module using compressed air.
    2. Keep your laptop on a flat surface which allows airflow underneath the laptop.
    Will it shut down after you do that?

    Should i send my laptop to the pc repair center?

    Try my suggestions first.

  100. Puntacana Mike

    My t41 has the same problems as noted….black screen….reboot…sometimes…yes….sometimes…no. I have found that by propping up the back of the laptop, thus putting pressure on the battery, things are more reliable…..but even that is becoming less so. I found that by pushing down on the casing with my finger… just to the left of the on/off switch, the start up is good…at least for a while, thus I wonder what is under that area that might have a loose connection…just a thought.

  101. Justin McClory

    Recently my laptop has been shutting down every time I try to play certain games like LOTRO and Atlantica which aren’t the highest performance games I have but it works just fine with Hellgate London which pulls the most power out of all my games. I have a Toshiba Satilite X205-SLi1. It has Dual SLI capabilities with the Nvidia 8600M GT, and I recently upgraded the memory to 4GB(issue was happening before the upgrade), I have already ruled out that the laptop is not over heating because I can power on my laptop instantly. At first I thought that the laptop was freaking out because of the HDMI cable, but once I unplugged it and tried the two games list above on the normal screen they still caused the computer to power all the way off randomly. I uses the boot disk that came with the laptop to ghost it, but even after doing that the errors are still occuring. Some times when I am playing those games they lock up and an error about the display drivers failing then coming back up pops up. I went to the Nvidia website and download/installed the latest drives but now the laptop seems to shut off faster. Do i have a bad graphics card or is this something completely different?

    Computer information:
    Toshiba Satilite x205 SLI 1
    Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit SP 1
    Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 @ 2.0GHz 2.0GHz
    4GB Ram (even though windows only recognizes 3)
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT x 2

  102. I was using my laptop and it just shut itself off. I was able to turn it back on right away but then, not even ten minutes later, it shut itself off again and I haven’t been able to turn it back on.

  103. My dad just got off the phone with gateway and apparently there was a build up off static on my computer. I had been walking around the house with just socks on while carrying my computer and that created too much static in the computer so it shut off. The fix is to take the battery out and do not plug in the A/C adapter and hold down the power button for 60 seconds. Just thought other people might want to know. I feel really stupid….

  104. My Dell laptop powers down whenever you try to use it plugged in. You can use it unplugged but the minute you plug it in, it powers down. Whats causing this? It can’t be over heating in a matter of seconds can it?

  105. My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5633WLMi and I use Windows Vista Ultimate on it, the problem is that it randomly starts making a clicking sound whilst you use it then it freezes and then it turns off, when I try to turn it back on the clicking noise comes back and then goes to a command prompt screen saying details about the ethernet driver, it loads for a little bit then on the screen it says Operating System not found…, after repeating turning it off and turning it on it comes to the screen which asks me whether or not to start Windows in safe mode or not and enables me to operate Windows normally, until the clicking sound comes back. I’ve tried everything, upgrading the RAM, cleaning out the fan, I cleaned out the whole laptop but it still happens. What else could I do? Please help me!

  106. Sunflower

    I have Acer Aspire Laptop, Vista- bought brand new a few months ago. Just recently every time I listen or watch streaming radio/tv (does not matter which media player I use nor which streaming site I use) my laptop SHUTS OFF COMPLETELY after half an hour or longer. Then the headache of turning it back on thereafter…. What on earth is the problem????

  107. devin cantey

    well i got this acer laptop december 25 2008 well for about 3-4 months it works fine but about when it reaches like may june it shuts off on me and i hear a cliking sound when it shuts of it is when i play batlestations midway online i play it for 3 mins then shuts of on me cn somone help me with tht plzzzzzzz

  108. Dear all,

    I got very Toshiba Settalite M200 Notebook, It was shutting down and rebooting quite often and recently I tried to format with WIN XP Pro SP3, in the first place it was very difficult to complete the instrallation as it keept rebooting and turning off. After long try I got it installed and i have loded everything well as far a am concerned but unfortunately when I turn on this morning it keept on turning off and on and my desktop icons are not showing alos. for desk top icon i tried explorer.exe… please help me what should i do and what would be the problem…
    Please forgive my spellings…

    thanks in advance

  109. Leonardo

    i got a dell laptop
    and for somereason it keeps shutting down every time i use imvu chat program
    even when i just truned it on
    what is wrong with mine?
    ill send in the type of laptop later but i payed 2000$ for it so its one of the good ones

  110. I have a Toshiba Satellite A210 Windows Vista Home Premium, for some reason it just stopped working, first it went to some blue screen and ever since then it won’t go to the Login screen. It only works on safemode, and even then it shuts down by itself. I’ve tried system restore, but that doesn’t work. I need a solution ASAP, please.

  111. Hi,

    My Toshiba A210 with Windows XP was running great until I had to replace 19v 3.95a Toshiba power supply. Was sold a universal but after 5-10 minutes very hot and touchpad & cursor freeze or non responsive. But unplug ac power and use battery it’s back to normal. Went back and told adapter is fine must have virus in laptop. The went to second place he changed ac plug on laptop sold me a new ac adapter 19v 3.42a and worked fine no freezing touchpad or cursor. But my kids wrecked that adapter too so I bought a toshiba 19v 3.95a replacement and now this one is doing the same thing with freezing and non responsive. Tried reinstall Synaptics driver changed location of laptop upstairs to downstairs but still problems.

    It came with Vista Home but I formatted and switched to XP no other problems and worked great until original Toshiba AC adapter died.

    What should I do re-format and do XP or try find recovery discs and go Vista?

    Thanks in advance for help.

  112. Hi,

    I bought a Asus RT-NT 15 wireless “n” router after my Linksys died. Was able to setup network with accepted MAC addresses. Worked great until Monday when my wireless laptop and 2 desktops lost internet connection. The lights on the Cable modem and router were both fine and showed connectivity but my pc all showed limited or no connectivity. I rebooted the modem and router was back up but last nite happened again. I didn’t change any setting on the router access page to cause the first outage and did nothing after the second one either.

    But seem to lose IP to both WAN (desktop & laptop) and also a LAN port1 pc.

    What should I do to setup this router to stop losing my connection please?

  113. Cherise

    Hi there i wonder if anyone can help me…I am presently situated in Trinidad and Tobago..But i purchased my laptop online…Some time after purchasing it i have been getting minor problems,but now the problems have escalated…Recently my laptop shuts off without warning…I realize this happens a lot when i am playing games…I thought it was maybe a virus but i ran a comprehensive scan and nothing was found. Also my screen sometimes goes a white blank,and i have to tap it for the display to show.I’m really worried,it has only been a year and a few months since i got my laptop and as it is there are no toshiba companies where i live to help with support..I have a toshiba satellite p305d-s8818. I forgot to mention that my laptop almost fell,i tripped on the ac adapter,but luckily i caught it in time,however the ac adapter,bent into the laptop,and i tried to fix it but it made it worse and it gives a lot of problems to charge,i have to play around with it before it begins to charge…I realize the shutting down problems started occurring some time after this mishap…Can someone please help me,because i am very frustrated,especially since i am miles away from a toshiba company…*sigh*..Thanks in advance…

    P.s another minor problem is sometimes the cd/dvd drive don’t read dvd’s/cd’s,neither shows up in my computer. I have to restart and open the drive in order for the dvd/cd to be read. Can anyone tell me why this happens.Thanks again!

  114. Cherise

    I have one more question…My guest profile does not load…I get a message stating that they cannot load the guest profile..” The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.” Can someone please tell me how to fix this problem? I am completely frustrated. Thanks once again!

  115. Channell

    Hello, I have an acer aspire 3690. and every time i go on sims 3 it turns it self off when its on charge. this happens about half an our into the game.

    also my battery onli lasts about 15 minutes with out charge when it is fully charged. why is this .

  116. HI! I have a Gateway MX6426 I formatted it with Windows XP service pack2 and I download the software for my laptop. I can’t get an Internet because there is no ethernet on it. can you pls. help me where can I download a free ethernet driver for Gateway MX6426?

    Thank you!

  117. my laptop heats up very quickly could this e the reason why my laptop is shutting down unexpectedly?

  118. well my laptop keeps shutting down on its own but its only when i leave it alone for a little while like i will go eat dinner then about an hour later it will shut down i dont think this is a overheating problem because it would be shutting down when i am on the laptop to and this only happens if i leave the laptop for an extended period of time can anyone help me?

  119. Laptop Freak


    well my laptop keeps shutting down on its own but its only when i leave it alone for a little while like i will go eat dinner then about an hour later it will shut down i dont think this is a overheating problem because it would be shutting down when i am on the laptop to and this only happens if i leave the laptop for an extended period of time can anyone help me?

    Check laptop power settings. Most likely the laptop goes to sleep mode after a while.

  120. my laptop does go into sleep mode but thats not really the problem it shuts down because a little thing pops up saying “windows has recovered from an unexpected shut down” i can click on look for solution but nothing happens

  121. I have an Acer Aspire 4937G, bought new in April this year. It has suddenly started coming up with the “blue screen of death” and re-booting about every 40-70 minutes. No warning and everything just shuts down and the computer then reboots. The back does not feel hot, and my AVG v8.5 and various other software for firewalls etc don’t find anything wrong. Can anyone help????

  122. Shannon

    This keeps happening to my computer…. except.. ive only had it for a day and its happened three times already…..why is it doing it so soon?

  123. Snake Pendragon

    My computer’s heat sinker stopped working lately and rarely works..What’s wrong with it? is it safe to open it myself or should I consult a professional ?

  124. I have a Gateway labtop that keeps shutting down with no warning. To be able to clean the heat sinker, how do I get it open.or should I take my labtop to a professional?

  125. I also have had my laptop shut down randomly 4 times now then it starts back up saying it has not shut down properly and i have only opened and used it since yesterday! Mine shut down like 15 or 20mins ago after 10 or 15mins of using it and its been off and left alone for hours! (So it is not hot). Cant believe this, it is a brand new Toshiba Satellite A500 1-GL.

  126. I had been having problems with my laptop shutting down for no known reason. Then I would get a message saying it had an error and couldn’t get it to stay on. I took the battery out and just use the cord and it hasn’t shut down yet. hopefully that was the solution to my problem. Faulty battery.

  127. everytime when i use facebook it keep shutting down with no reason
    so what should i do

  128. Lee Sun

    I have the same type of laptop, a Toshiba Satellite A75. I recently got one of those USB plug in fans that help keep the laptop cool, but it still turns off on me even if I only use it for 5 minutes as well. I tried using the recovery disk, but the laptop is still turning off on me.

  129. Laptop Freak

    Lee Sun,

    I have the same type of laptop, a Toshiba Satellite A75. I recently got one of those USB plug in fans that help keep the laptop cool, but it still turns off on me even if I only use it for 5 minutes as well. I tried using the recovery disk, but the laptop is still turning off on me.

    Most likely the laptop shuts down because of overheating. You’ll have to clean up the cooling module (heat sink and fans).

  130. sherry

    I have a toshiba a305 and it keeps shutting down and restarting on its own.Sometimes it rums for a while other times it just shuts down and restart within 10 minutes or so. it says it was not shut down properly etc. I have upgraded the bios. upgraded the operatimg system, used it without the battery still the same prblem. can anyone help me.

  131. khadzy

    my advent laptop freezes and then keeps shutting off when we switch it on it goes completey off. please help

  132. Antonio Moreno

    I have a toshiba satellite A75 keeps beep 2 minutes and then goes off, I took apart already and cleaned the heatsink but after I put together still shut down and beep. I wonder if it has something to do with the motherbord or the cpu. I try my best of my knowledge already. Please help!

  133. I bought an acer aspire 8920g back in 08. It’s been very nice up until after I have blown it out for dust(recently). I think that I might of blown the fan a bit too hard so that when I play a game, the fan over speeds or something.. then it shuts off. I can do regular things like watch movies, or stream or download music or w/e and leave it on for hours and it doesn’t shut down. But once I load up a game (any game), the fan speeds up and PSSZOOM. the computer shuts down. I don’t know if it’s the over heating problem. I think it’s the fan. do anyone know what’s going on with my laptop?

  134. I just went to BIOS and disabled a Core. My Toshiba Satellite Laptop is now running on a single Core but atleast the restarting problem has subsided. Temporary fix but works.

  135. I have a Toshiba M45-S359 laptop that keeps shutting down for no reason at all. I have seen your advice on the heat sink and would like to try cleaning the heat sink on this unit. Can you tell me how I can locate and identify the heat sink? Thanks.

  136. Charlie Smith

    i think that you must have dust in the fan or something blocking the sensor in the fan i that make the computer switch off because it can make the computer over heat and then damage or melt the exterior. Another problem that you might be causing the problem is that you have not updated your window operating system

  137. Jezz Paris

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Windows 7 It also keeps Shouting Down about every 25 -45 mins.. I Just got this labtop 3 months ago and i’m thinking of Geting my $1.000 Back as thats not the only Issue i’m having with this computer. seams the mic only works when i push down on the plug thats in the cim hole, And also another issue is DVD Driver when added a cd into the slot it Runs Hard! and i am forst to remove the cd due to Loud sounds and Error. Also screen flashes and turns off due to a issue with the Grafix card i’m guessing. So Ya If your looking into the Toshiba you may want to think about it a bit more.. I’m 3 month in <—- Errr!

  138. satbahadur

    Almost ayear ago my laptop started to shut off frequently. I figured may be due to over heating but sometimes it runs for hours without any problem but whenever I switch over to another program it shuts off in the middle of the opration such as I am trying to send a email or tying a letter in word etc.

  139. i have a toshiba 6100 and the damn thing keeps shtting down even if you take out that battery and plug it in just to the charger… still shuts off i need help ASAP i’ve got important documents on there that i cannot loose for school

  140. I have a toshiba satellite P15-s479, It keeps shutting off randomly and it is not a heat problem.. WTF is going on with it?

  141. my HP keeps shutting down. fan appears to be working

  142. Jisu Dasgupta

    update your bios guys

  143. mellyc

    hi i spilled ponche kuba on my laptop and now my keys arent working but other than that it was fine, now it keep shutting off everytime i put it on. i dont know what to do can u please help me

  144. Nella

    Hi there!
    I bought a Samsung M40 second (or quadruple?) hand.It is in mint condition as far as looks are concerned and I was assured its fine working order.
    It keeps going into standby at infrequent intervals. You have to wait until you press the power button to exit standby.
    The machine then sometimes switches off – immediately, – after a few minutes, or – after a longer space of time.

    On the other hand you can leave the PC on overnight and it seems fine.

    Twice now the screen has gone black with a hint of the open windows still just about visible onscreen. Had to reboot to “fix” this.
    The energy options are not the source
    Scans with AdAware/HouseCall: negative for viruses etc.
    The temperature does not seem overly high (compared to same model that used to switch off when a lot hotter/nearing 80 degrees C)
    I am loading a diagnose tool to monitor the temperature as I am writing this anyway.
    The adapter does not seem to be the problem, exchanged it with one that is working fine – problem persists.
    Monitor switches off no matter wether accu/battery is in or not.

    Unfortunately I got no monitor to connect and check.
    I sort of suspect the keyboard, esp. keys on the left half, but there’s no reliable way of testing that.
    using external keyboard, fine so far, even running a dvd in the background
    – but that cannot be a longterm solution

    There is little software installed (Windows XP home pre-installed by seller), IE, Firefox, VLC mediaplayer, AdAware, Housecall Launcher, CPU-Z & GPU-Z, Intellimouse and Webcam-Software.
    no memory-intense software has been run when problem occured.

    RAM 512 MB should run fine even with bigger applications.
    The harddrive (should be 80 GB) seems fragmented (C: around 20 GB and D: shows 0 GB), when wanting to save to D: a message pops up “disk not formatted, format now?”
    not sure whether to just hit YES or whether something else is amiss here.

    is there too little space allocated to C for the PC to function properly?

    Excuse my enquiring at such length, but I am not very familiar with the interior workings

    In the hardware manager everything looks hunkydory.

    Am at me wits end, any ideas greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, great site!

  145. i have a NEC laptop and every so often it shuts down i have searched for viruses and nothing has come up and it doesnt feel too hot can anyone give me any advice please

  146. DOMINIC

    h/p laptop shuts off on owe 3 times in two weeks puzzled help

  147. The heatsink problem “sounds” good as mine shuts off too, but…why doesn’t it shut of if I use a linux live cd in it? Does the hdd create that much extraneous heat? There has to be another issue of dissipating heat from the cpu assuming that’s the true issue. Isn’t there some kind of compound used on the heatsink that aids in drawing heat away from the cpu? Maybe it’s sub-standard. Maybe the heatsink alloy itself is substandard and an aftermarket is the solution. This is too wide spread.

  148. Laptop Freak

    @ doc,

    The heatsink problem “sounds” good as mine shuts off too, but…why doesn’t it shut of if I use a linux live cd in it?

    It’s possible that Linux uses basic drivers and doesn’t load CPU or video card 100%. I’ve seen it happening before.
    A laptop runs fine with Linux live CD but when you boot Windows, it starts shutting off because of overheating.

  149. Dennis Kopp

    Have A Toshiba Laptop and an error keeps coming on won’t let you do anything . The ettr F is the little box and then the other is an errpr with some numbers.