My laptop keeps shutting off for no reason

I have a Toshiba Satellite A75, the problem I’m having is it keeps shutting off for no reason, I can’t figure it out, but the only way it won’t shut off is if I only use it on a fan. It feels kind of warm but sometimes it doesn’t have to be on for maybe 5 minutes and it happens too. If you could help me with this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If your laptop shutting off without any reason, then I am almost 100% positive that you are experiencing a laptop overheating problem. This is a very common problem with Toshiba Satellite A70 and A75 laptops and could be easily fixed if you clean the heat sink. Overtime the heat sink gets clogged with lint and dust. It ruins normal air flow inside the heat sink and the heat stops dissipating. As a result – the CPU overheats and the laptop shuts down. In some cases it would be enough just to blow off the heat sink with compressed air to get the laptop back to normal condition. Try to clean it with compressed air first. Sometimes it is necessary to take the laptop apart, so you can access the heat sink and remove all collected overtime dust and lint.

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  1. Dennis Kopp

    Have A Toshiba Laptop and an error keeps coming on won’t let you do anything . The ettr F is the little box and then the other is an errpr with some numbers.

  2. Laptop Freak

    @ doc,

    The heatsink problem “sounds” good as mine shuts off too, but…why doesn’t it shut of if I use a linux live cd in it?

    It’s possible that Linux uses basic drivers and doesn’t load CPU or video card 100%. I’ve seen it happening before.
    A laptop runs fine with Linux live CD but when you boot Windows, it starts shutting off because of overheating.

  3. The heatsink problem “sounds” good as mine shuts off too, but…why doesn’t it shut of if I use a linux live cd in it? Does the hdd create that much extraneous heat? There has to be another issue of dissipating heat from the cpu assuming that’s the true issue. Isn’t there some kind of compound used on the heatsink that aids in drawing heat away from the cpu? Maybe it’s sub-standard. Maybe the heatsink alloy itself is substandard and an aftermarket is the solution. This is too wide spread.


    h/p laptop shuts off on owe 3 times in two weeks puzzled help

  5. i have a NEC laptop and every so often it shuts down i have searched for viruses and nothing has come up and it doesnt feel too hot can anyone give me any advice please

  6. Nella

    Hi there!
    I bought a Samsung M40 second (or quadruple?) hand.It is in mint condition as far as looks are concerned and I was assured its fine working order.
    It keeps going into standby at infrequent intervals. You have to wait until you press the power button to exit standby.
    The machine then sometimes switches off – immediately, – after a few minutes, or – after a longer space of time.

    On the other hand you can leave the PC on overnight and it seems fine.

    Twice now the screen has gone black with a hint of the open windows still just about visible onscreen. Had to reboot to “fix” this.
    The energy options are not the source
    Scans with AdAware/HouseCall: negative for viruses etc.
    The temperature does not seem overly high (compared to same model that used to switch off when a lot hotter/nearing 80 degrees C)
    I am loading a diagnose tool to monitor the temperature as I am writing this anyway.
    The adapter does not seem to be the problem, exchanged it with one that is working fine – problem persists.
    Monitor switches off no matter wether accu/battery is in or not.

    Unfortunately I got no monitor to connect and check.
    I sort of suspect the keyboard, esp. keys on the left half, but there’s no reliable way of testing that.
    using external keyboard, fine so far, even running a dvd in the background
    – but that cannot be a longterm solution

    There is little software installed (Windows XP home pre-installed by seller), IE, Firefox, VLC mediaplayer, AdAware, Housecall Launcher, CPU-Z & GPU-Z, Intellimouse and Webcam-Software.
    no memory-intense software has been run when problem occured.

    RAM 512 MB should run fine even with bigger applications.
    The harddrive (should be 80 GB) seems fragmented (C: around 20 GB and D: shows 0 GB), when wanting to save to D: a message pops up “disk not formatted, format now?”
    not sure whether to just hit YES or whether something else is amiss here.

    is there too little space allocated to C for the PC to function properly?

    Excuse my enquiring at such length, but I am not very familiar with the interior workings

    In the hardware manager everything looks hunkydory.

    Am at me wits end, any ideas greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, great site!

  7. mellyc

    hi i spilled ponche kuba on my laptop and now my keys arent working but other than that it was fine, now it keep shutting off everytime i put it on. i dont know what to do can u please help me

  8. Jisu Dasgupta

    update your bios guys

  9. my HP keeps shutting down. fan appears to be working

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