Connect my laptop to a TV via S-Video port

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First of all, thrilled to see a website dedicated to laptop repair!!! I have got a small problem here. My laptop Toshiba Satellite A50 has an S-Video output. I have connected it directly through the cable to the S-Video input of my TV. But I tried my level best; it’s not displaying any picture of my laptop. Please tell me what can be the possible problem? Do I need to do any additional settings or install any driver? I hope this is not a too trivial question.

You do not have to install any driver to use S-video port. Connect the S-Video cable to the back of your TV and turn it on. Using TV remote control switch it from TV mode to Video mode (TV/Video button, Input button, etc…). Turn on the laptop and wait until it boots to the desktop. Connect the S-Video cable to the port on your laptop. Now you have to use Fn+F5 keys to enable TV video output. Press Fn key and while it’s pressed press on F5 key until the TV output is selected. When you done with TV, set the video output back to LCD using the same Fn+F5 keys.
On some laptops you have to enable TV output in BIOS and connect S-Video cable to the laptop before you turn it on.

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  1. Allane

    I managed to purhcase a VGA-to-RCA cable. Attached the RCA end to my JVC InteriArt Musee TV and the VGA to my HP pavillion laptop. Nothing happens, even if I selected the corresponding video channel on my JVC TV. Any advice?

  2. haha…loving this…however i had to press f4 not f5…but in any event works like a charm..was anyone on here gonna have there questions answered? lol

    anyways,thanks for the incite

  3. JessicaLou

    I was recently given a Dell Inspiron N5030 notebook. I have a Sylvania flat screen tv and am trying to figure out how to connect the two. There is no s-output port on the laptop, and I am completely computer illiterate, so I can only describe the ports that I do have, 3 USB, one that looks like it’s for a phone line, and a VGA connector. Is there a way to do this? My television has an s-video port on it as well as 2 usb and the usual yellow, white & red cords. I’m completely confused. please help!

  4. i am connecting my laptop (compaq v3619TU Windows 7) to TV using the S-video. however, a prompt message appears and says “graphic display has problem and successfully recovered”(not the exact words) and then it undergoes blinking several times until a blue screen stating a problem occurred and so on then it restarts without seeing my screen on the TV. I’m also pressing the Fn + F4 however nothing changes..pls help me. I really need it badly. Thank yoi

  5. pvkreddy

    My second video is pointing to VGA. How can I change it to S Video. Appreciate some ones help.

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