Connect my laptop to a TV via S-Video port

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First of all, thrilled to see a website dedicated to laptop repair!!! I have got a small problem here. My laptop Toshiba Satellite A50 has an S-Video output. I have connected it directly through the cable to the S-Video input of my TV. But I tried my level best; it’s not displaying any picture of my laptop. Please tell me what can be the possible problem? Do I need to do any additional settings or install any driver? I hope this is not a too trivial question.

You do not have to install any driver to use S-video port. Connect the S-Video cable to the back of your TV and turn it on. Using TV remote control switch it from TV mode to Video mode (TV/Video button, Input button, etc…). Turn on the laptop and wait until it boots to the desktop. Connect the S-Video cable to the port on your laptop. Now you have to use Fn+F5 keys to enable TV video output. Press Fn key and while it’s pressed press on F5 key until the TV output is selected. When you done with TV, set the video output back to LCD using the same Fn+F5 keys.
On some laptops you have to enable TV output in BIOS and connect S-Video cable to the laptop before you turn it on.

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  1. Hi, can someone help me. I was playing with my toshiba, so I gave a right click and choose tv mode, then the tv mode when on but the screen stayed black, even after I rebooted the pc. How do I disable this feature ?

  2. Laptop Freak

    Have you tried to press Fn+F5 keys to switch from the TV mode to the LCD mode? Press and hold Fn and press F5 for a few times.

  3. Thanks, that worked. I was so scared.

  4. Les Kallos

    I have an old laptop (486) and would like to know if I can somehow use the screen as an output device. ie. as a second screen from another compuetr yhrough a vga input?
    I hate to waste a screen and throw it out,

  5. hi i have a toshiba satellite sa50-104, old i know but it works for me.
    i can plug the laptop into my tv using the s/video cable and everything comes up fine colour and every thing, but when i plug it into my “lite on lvw-1105hc+” dvd recorder it comes up black and white, i have some divx movies i want to put on to dvd is this possible? what am i doing wrong, how do i get the colour back????? please help. thanks

  6. I’m using a Toshiba Satelite.
    I’ve tried my s-video on my TV last week for a few times and it works fine. but not now.

    everytime I press fn-F5, there is no other options available (just the laptop icon). Since I can’t choose anything, the TV screen doesn’t display anything.

    Before this, I am able to choose a variety of options there when i press fn-F5 (laptop-project, laptop-TV, etc etc).


  7. Laptop Freak

    It might be a software issue but I’m not sure what exactly. I would probably re-image the drive back to original factory defaults using a recovery DVD. If you are going to re-image the drive, do not forget to back up all personal files before you start. Everything would be erased.

  8. Michael Ustianowski

    Try pressing the function key and then the tv mode or fn key plus andther key that enables tv mode. Also make shure that your cables are plugged in right. you might have the s video cable plugged into the s video out port so make shur it is the right one. then make shure the setting on the tv is right for s video like imput 1 , imput 2 , imput 3.

  9. Cesar Calderon

    I’m using a Toshiba Satellite.

    How can I enable the fn-F5 function????

    I used it before, and then appeared in screen several options (LCD, LCD-MONITOR,MONITOR,LCD-TV,TV)
    But I had to re-image the drive back to original factory defaults using the recovery DVD. And now the fn-FX don’t appear in the screen.
    Altough some functions still working (fn+F6,F7: Screen bright,fn+f9:activate mouse,etc), nothing appear in screen like before.

    I can connect with another monitor (not using fnF5) but not with a TV.

    Thanks in advance
    y saludos desde Mexico.

  10. Vitt Thum

    I broke s-video pin into s-video output. Is there any other way to connect my laptop to tv?

  11. I have a DELL Lattitude D610 laptop and a phillips DX1200 DVD Home theatre. Want to connect the video output of the DVD to my Laptop. Can you help me on this?.
    I have this cable which connects from DVD video & Audio o/p to the serial port(15pins)of my laptop. Tried with this set-up, but didn’t work even after pressing Fn F8 many times.

  12. Hi,
    I have a laptop: Compaq Presario R3000 and I would like to connect it to my TV. I have already tried the method you have mentioned at the top of the page using Fn F4, but the picture on the TV was black and White, does anyone know how to get it to go colour. Please can someone help me. Thanks

  13. Hi im using a Dell inspiron 6000 with an ati mobility radeon x300 grafix card
    im wanting to play dvds and other video files on my laptop through the tv

  14. Laptop Freak

    Vitt Thum,
    If the S-video port is broken then I think you can use VGA to S-video adapter.

  15. Vitt Thum

    I have VGA to S-video cable. But it doesn’t work. Nothing show up on tv. Do I have to do some kind of setup on my laptop?

  16. I have connected the s-video to the tv and laptop and I’ve gone through the steps to get it on the tv I looked at the tv’s manual and I still can’t get it to come up, when I look at the display in the advanced settings of display properties it shows me the the tv is not connected so therefore I wont be able to hit fn+f5 or f3 so you noted that you may have to use bios. could you show me how I can do that thanks

  17. I’m clear with S-video conn, but what about audio, I have only one audio-out and it’s earphones
    Thanks for help

  18. Laptop Freak

    I use external computer speakers (Creative speakers + subwoofer) and plug them into the headphone jack. They work just great.

  19. Thank’s it works, but only when I put connector halfway to earphone jack.

  20. I have a Compaq presario 2517AT with a s-video out port. i have connected a s-video cable in that port and the other end end of the cable has 3 pins two for audio and 1 for video. i have connected them in their respective places in the tv still nothing is coming in the screen … I tried Fn+F5 as well but no results.please help me out



  21. I have a pavilion zd7000. I am trying to get the screen to show up on my tv. I have plugged in the s video cable to both the tv and the laptop. I used the fn + f4 and my laptop screen goes blank but nothing shows up on the t.v. I have a nvidia geforce go5700. I have done this before but now it does not work. What can I do to fix this problem. I am really stuck here!!!

  22. Laptop Freak

    Try this. Connect the laptop to the TV first and only after that turn on the laptop. Reduce the laptop screen resolution.

  23. How can I enable my S Video output on my Dell Inspiron 4000 Laptop so I can hook to my TV? I have the S Video plug and the audio all hooked up, so all I need is to activate my s video output I’ve tried a lot of different things none that seem to work, I know I got the wire part down
    SO It’s Perfect All I need is to enable the s video thingy on My Laptop, Does sum1 know how to do it and cud they help me out?

  24. Mustafa

    I ha a dell 6400 laptop. i want to connect it to the tv so i have brought a s-video cord. even When i press Fn+F8 key the tv is still blank (i am on tv input mode) can u help me plz

  25. Sunil manglani

    HI , i read some answers related to my question and i want to know like if i can use s cable to connect my laptop which is inspiron B130 to tv through s cable
    and then making use of F keys to tune them

    i want to know is my laptop is ready for this as it has 15 pin output ?

    any help will be highly appreciated

  26. Pat Pichette

    I want to know how to make my satellite dish showing the movie from my laptop connect by the s-video output. Do I need to do something on the laptop. I read the book from my satellite company (Bell ) and they don

  27. Francois

    i have a dell inspiron 6400. I have the laptop connected to my tv, i get picture and sound and everything, the problem is that it is in black and white..?? the laptop has a 7 pin svideo, the connector is a 4 pin, could that be it?

  28. Hey.
    I realised that everyone who has a DELL seems to have problems with connecting the laptops to the TV.

    I’ve plugged in the laptop to the TV.. n then press Fn + F8.. but apparently it says that there’s no external display is attached. Y does it not recognise that there’s a S-video attached and is able to send output via that?

    The laptop im using right now is Inspiron 640m.

    Any help would be greatful. Thanks

  29. Laptop Freak


    I realised that everyone who has a DELL seems to have problems with connecting the laptops to the TV

    I noticed that too. I have a Dell notebook at work, probably I’ll bring it home and try connecting it to my TV, just to figure out what’s going on. 😛
    I don’t have a Dell notebook in front of me but I guess there could be some settings in the BIOS. Maybe you should enable TV output in the BIOS?

  30. isaiah lee

    Please please help me. i have an hp pavillion ze 2000. i recently picked up a radio shack gold d=series s – video cable. i come home, turn of fmy computer, connect it to the tv, turn on my computer, and everything is displayed fine, but its in black and white.

    i have an ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress 200.

    running Catalyst Control center.

    thiss really irritates me, i have been searching the web for a few days, and have seen that lots of people have the same problem, but no one has diagnosed it. i was hoping you would be able too. thank you very much.

  31. Himanshu

    i have a Dell lattitude, i have connected my laptop to TV through s video cable. Everything is fine, i can see video on tv, but the problem is that the sound is coming from laptop and not from tv. Do i need to install some driver or i am missing on something.

  32. Laptop Freak


    Do i need to install some driver or i am missing on something.

    Maybe you are missing external speakers? 🙂 The audio signal doesn’t go though the S-Video cable.
    I use external speakers and plug them into the headphone jack on my laptop.
    Check out this thread.

  33. Farideh

    I have a Dell laptop [inspiration 1100]. I need a docking station for it and someone has a dell docking station and said it was for inspriation 5000. Can I used this docking station for my laptop or I should have a docking station specific for 1100?
    Thanks for your help.

  34. Harooni

    For dell laptop inspiron users with windows XP all you have to do is plug in the s-video from laptop to the tv and then right click on the comp screen go to “graphics options” and go to “output to” and select tv. make sure you tv is set to video input useing your source or input button.

  35. Yolanda

    My husband is trying to connect his hp laptop to his Samsung TV. He has the s video cable connected while it’s loading. When it first comes on, Windows is searching for files to load and you can see that on the tv, but after that it goes blank and the tv says no signal. We’ve tried almost everything and can’t get it to work. Please help.

  36. I have a SONY VAIO laptop model VGN-BX565B. I want to connect this laptop to my Sharp HDTV. Problem is I can’t see any S-Video output on the laptop. What do I do about this? I have a cable from my Sony Camcorder with an RCA end & a headphone jack on the other end. When I try to plug this to the speaker slot of the laptop and connect the RCA to the TV, only the audio comes out from the TV. How can I use my TV as an extension monitor for my laptop if I don’t have that S-Video out slot from my laptop. Any suggestions?

  37. warrior

    i need BIG help… im trying to do the same thing but with my PC… i have a S-pin cable and i connected it to my tv… and i dont have a Fn button.. and do i need any software for this?

  38. Hi I’ve got a Toshiba Sattelite using Windows Media centre edition. I’ve got the S-Video to work properly with no trouble and am using my TV as a monitor right now. The only problem is that Movies dont show up on TV. DVD’s Mpg’s etc only play on the laptop lcd and the tv shows the media player with a black box in it. I tryed Windows Media Player, VLC media player, and winamp. I’m pretty sure i have the most up to date drivers. Any suggestions on how to get the movies to display properly through S-Video?

  39. I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 and I purchased a 7-pin to 4-pin s-video adaptor to connect my laptop to the TV and nothing happens. How do I get the screen transferred to the PC through the s-video port now? Hitting Fn/F8 doesn’t work. If I need to enable the TV through BIOS can you tell me exactly how to do this? Thanks!

  40. OK, I figured out how to display my Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop image on my TV using my s-video cable, however, it looks horrible. The words are so blurry I can barely read them. I tried resizing the screen and going from true color to high color, etc. and nothing works. Any suggestions?

  41. hi im sorry for posting this here but i didnt no where else to do it and i got a quik response from you last time i asked a question so sorry i couldnt find any other places i could post a question without having to sign up or go through alot of crap to ask a simple question please help me if you can ok so the problem is like this something is rearranging and renaming my music files its making folders and moving things its very frustrating when you try to find a song u wanna hear and then its not there and has been moved to a folder and renamed something like(10 10 10 10 10 10 10)
    so please somebody help me if its windows media player then can i make it stop doing this if not wat other programs could i use instead that wont do this to me
    any help would be greatly appreciated and once again sorry for posting this here

  42. Laptop Freak

    The image will not be perfect unless you have a plasma or LCD TV. What kind of TV do you have?

  43. Thanks for response. It’s a flat panel TV but not plasma or LCD. Sounds like that’s my problem. So, the s-video port is only for HDTVs I guess.

  44. I just purchased a toshiba satellite A135 from best buy, and man it has alot of crap on it that i dont want google toolbar,yahoo stuff and all that advertising junk. Is there an easy way to get rid of this stuff. any advice is apreciated.

  45. Laptop Freak

    Your laptop runs Vista, correct?
    Go go Control Panel and click on the Program and Features icon. Uninstall programs here.
    Here’s my advice. If your laptop has only 512MB of memory, buy more memory, preferably 1GB module.
    These days RAM is cheap. Two days ago I tuned up my friend’s Toshiba Satellite A135.I purchased a 1GB DDR2 Kingston memory at Circuit City for $44.99. His laptop with Vista runs MUCH faster now.

  46. Barry Warlow

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio F20 and I would like to connect my old JVC camcorder to it ,could anybody advise me on what leads I needs to achieve this?

  47. I have an HP entertainment pc, can anyone tell me what i would need to connect it to my tv? Thanks!

  48. I have a Compaq presario 2517AT with a s-video out port. i have connected a 4-pin s-video cable in that port and the yellow rca to the video-in of tv still nothing is coming in the screen … I tried Fn+F5 as well but no results.please help me out

  49. Hi,
    I have a IBM T30 Think Pad with ATI Radeon 7500 chip set. I connected my laptop to a samsung 28″ TV using S-video cable. After I make the connection, I find the screen to be blank and not showing anything. But whenever I do FN + F7, there is some kind of movement on the blank screen indicating that the TV is responding for the function key but not able to display the laptop screen on the TV. Can you help me?

  50. here,
    i connected my dell inspiron 6400 to my TV, and pressed fn+f8. i got the display but its really blurry no sound at all. i tryed my best, but no luck.

    Is there anyone genius who can help me with the problem?

    reply me if you can on or just leave ur message down here.


  51. My Sony laptop outputs fine through S-Video to my SDTV but whenever I try to run a picture slideshow of my digital camera pictures in Vista all I get on my TV is the “Loading” screen. It does the same with the Photos screensaver too.

    Yet if I select dual screen with my LCD laptop screen and TV, the photos are displayed on both screens fine.

    Any ideas

  52. ericshin

    Hey, I got my laptop to work on my tv, but when I play a movie and put it into full screen, the full screen goes into monitor 1, instead of monitor 2. Any way I can play my movies in full screen on monitor 2? And is there anyway I can make monitor 2 my primary monitor?

  53. thugg_life

    i have a gateway laptop and want to connect to the s-video port on my tv from the s-video port on my machine but nothing seems to be happening. how can i make this connection? i already tried the fn+F3 and it doesnt work.

  54. I am trying to contect my HP Pavilion dv4000 to the TV thru S-Video and when i press fn +f4 nothing comes out on tv…. how can i solve it?

  55. Displaying pictures on big screen tv from laptop are terrible (i.e. washed-out color and poor resolution), however, I used my friends Canon Xti linked to this tv and got wonderful color and details. What is going on, my laptop is an HP Pavilion zd7000 and I am using the tif file format at 25MB files from my laptop and jpg directly from the Canon. What do I need to do to get my laptop to display pictures on the big screen equally as well as the Canon SLR is capable of doing?

  56. I bought a new Sony Vaio laptop Model # VGN-N320E/B. Unfortunately it doesn’t have S-Video ouput.
    And I have a Sony TV which has a S-Video port on that.
    I want to connect my laptop to my TV and I want to watch the movies that are running on Laptop to be displayed on my TV.
    Please tell me a cheap and best way to do this.


  57. I’ve followed every step and I’ve I can see my laptop display on my TV but the screen on my TV is black. I’ve played w/ every setting and I still can’t change the color on my tv. My screen still stays black, can you help me solve this problem? Thanks.

  58. hi i have a inspiron 6400 and i connected it to may tv sound working and picture but its black and white i set the tv color to 32-bit and it says color but it still isent working can enyone help me

  59. I have HP dv4030us Laptop. I tried connecting to TV but nothing is displayed. I used all the advises given above by you guy..but still nothing comes up onmy LCD sony TV. Please let me know do i need to install something likde video driver etc as recently I formatted and reload the windows XP software..
    Appreciate your great help guys….


  60. I just solved the black and white problem (at least on my TV). My TV has several channels for input signals (AV1, AV2, SVHS) depending on which input plug is used. On AV1 I got a black and white picture, AV2 no picture, but on SVHS a perfect, COLOUR picture. So, try checking that you have your television on the right channel.

    Hope this helps.

  61. Thanks so much for the great tip:

    the other day the s-cable was working fine. I had purchase it at “Best Why?!” (which I disklike) and found another one for $6 less at Target. So I bought the one at Target and planned to return the other one to Best Why. Well suddenly the cable was not working — I thought the reason was that in between cables, I had hooked up TiVo for the first time and that that was somehow interfering. Then I found this website and read about the 4 pins and the 7 pins. I checked the s-video plug from Target and sure enough, it was a 4 pin plug. So I put the Best Why cable in exchange, which was a 7 pin and sure enough, that was the solution!

  62. I have a Dell Latitude notebook and can’t get it to show a picture on the T.V. Screen, the sound works great the cable is fine. What the heck is going on????

  63. I have a Dell Latitude notebook and can’t get it to show a picture on the T.V. Screen, the sound works great the cable is fine. What the heck is going on????

    have a dell to all u have to do is hold the fn key and then click f8

  64. staticX

    apologies if I’m repeating the same queries as above…

    I’ve got a Dell Inspiron 640m and a Samsung 32″ LCD TV.. I’ve hooked up the laptop to the tv via a Belkin SVGA cable and the I can see the picture on the TV fine but the sound only comes from the laptop.. I then plugged in a JVC audio cable to the headphone socket on the laptop and the other end (black and red jacks) into the TV’s similar colored (Audio) sockets but I still can’t get the sound to work on the TV from whatever I’m doing on the laptop…

    is there any specific settings I need to change on the laptop like what I had to change in the dicplay settings to get the picture to work?

    any help is much appreciated….

  65. Sireesha


    I have connected my toshiba Satellite M45-S169 laptop to Sony TV thru S Video cable. The problem is the image in the TV is flickering and it appears in Black and white.

    Thanks in advance.

  66. Hello
    I have an HP Pavilion dv4000 notebook! I tried to hook it up on my TV via S-video cable and did Fn + F4 combination. I also switched my tv’s channel to a video (Av). When I did Fn + F4, my notebook’s screen went black and blank for couple seconds then nothing changed. If I have to do it through BIOS how can I do it ? Would reducing the resolution and connecting it to a tv (before turning the notebook on) work ? I hooked it up then turned my laptop on but it didn’t work too ? What should I do ?

  67. Jayantha

    I had HP nx6320 Laptop. I want to see laptop screen in my TV. I have already connected via S-video cable.

    how can i see that. what r the settings i have to change

  68. Laptop Freak

    Try switching video from the internal screen to the TV by pressing Fn+F4. Hold down Fn and then press on F4. Not sure that this is correct key combination for HP laptops, but I believe it is.
    For Toshiba laptops it’s Fn+F5. On my IBM ThinkPad it’s Fn+F7.

  69. hi i hv a acer aspire 5310 i cant seem to get the laptop to connect to the TV it wont reconise it just says no external display attached im using a S-port any help wuld b greatly appreciated thx

  70. I have seen the same question asked before but I cannot find the answer.

    I have an Inspiron B130 (2006) with a vga port. I have a television with an AV “in” port.

    Can I easily connect computer to television? Will I need to download a driver?

    Thank you for your help

  71. Sean Says:
    December 12th, 2007 at 5:39 pm
    I have seen the same question asked before but I cannot find the answer.

    I have an Inspiron B130 (2006) with a vga port. I have a television with an AV “in” port.

    Can I easily connect computer to television? Will I need to download a driver?

    Thank you for your help

    u should be able to conect it but if it dosent come up try pushing fn+f8 if that dosent work right click on the desktop and click ‘graphic properties’ and select tv as a scondary monitor that should work if not then ime sory but i cant help u

  72. Sean Says:
    I have seen the same question asked before but I cannot find the answer.

    I have an Inspiron B130 (2006) with a vga port. I have a television with an AV “in” port.

    Can I easily connect computer to television? Will I need to download a driver

    u should be able to conect it but if it dosent come up try pushing fn+f8 if that dosent work right click on the desktop and click ‘graphic properties’ and select tv as a scondary monitor that should work if not then ime sory but i cant help u

  73. Sangeetha


    I could not figure out how to start a new threat and so writing here as my question is related to connection laptop to TV thru S video. I have a Toshiba Satellite P105-S6147 laptop. My ex used to connect it to TV and watch the movies we download. He has taken the S video cable with him. I will buy a new one. Can you please tell me how to connect my laptop to TV as I do not know how to do it. I have windows vista. Thanks a lot.

  74. Hi

    I was wondering how to connect a laptop to a lcd tv. Ive tried to do it myself, but for some reason it doesnt seen to work. I have a Hp Pavilion dv 9000 with Windows Vista. My tv is a Sony Bravia KDL52XBR4. For some reason it is not displaying on the tv screen. The error the tv gave was that it wasnt able to detect a signal. If anyone has an answer that would be great. Thanks.

  75. Hi friends,

    I have a Dell laptop with Nividia 8600gt graphic card. And a 7 pin s-video cable on one end and a 3 cable (Yellow, red, black) on the other end. I connected the s-video end in my laptop and the other end to my tv. On the settings tab of the Display. I tried attaching the “2” screen, but did not work. i even used the button F5, it shows no external device.

  76. Cylent Cee

    I got a Dell Inspiron 1501. I bought a VGA to RCA cable to connect the computer strait to the tv. But I connect it, and it does nothing. When I push the button to switch to the external monitor, it tells me there’s no external device attatched. Do I need to get some kind of driver or something? How do I make this work? or will it just work?

  77. hey i have a Sony vaio F series. have connected my cables from my note pc to the back of the tv; as it was working properly from my other pc. But from this Vaio am not able to see anything. nor the audio phones jacket that works fine with headphones is not playing audio on my tv as well… Anyone please help, i will appreciate it.

  78. i just go a toshiba satellite A205-S7464 in hd dvd laptp for christmas it plays hd dvds movies bu when i try to put it thru to my tv which is a hdtv screeen monitor it keeps saying can’t play need to change settings Fn+f5 but it will allow me to play regular dvds thru the tv hd drive no problem and it comes thru just fine.

  79. Sheharyar

    I’ve got a DELL INSPIRON 6400 and Nikei TV. I tried connecting my laptop with Tv but even after much tries I couldn’t. My cable is a (15) to 3 pin.

    Can anyone help me out?

  80. I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 and I purchased a 7-pin to 4-pin s-video adaptor to connect my laptop to the TV and nothing happens. How do I get the screen transferred to the PC through the s-video port now? Hitting Fn/F8 doesn’t work. If I need to enable the TV through BIOS can you tell me exactly how to do this? Thanks!

  81. Similar to Cylent Cee I also own an inspiron 1501. I also recently bought a 32′ Dynex LCD TV. What hardware do I need to make the two compatible?


  83. hi could u plz help me , i have a compaq laptop , i tried connecting it to my tv through an s-video , it failed ,is any software required to connect it , plz help me !!!

  84. I’ve hooked up my laptop to my TV via S-video cable and audio adapter. It appears as though everything is fine i.e. windows system pops up and all computer functions are available; however, when I attempt to play a DVD through the laptop the sound transmits fine but the picture does not come through at all. The movie for example play through the media player fine but only displays on the computer, not the TV. What would your suggestion be? Thanks in advance. J

  85. Laptop Freak


    when I attempt to play a DVD through the laptop the sound transmits fine but the picture does not come through at all.

    Maybe you should try to reduce the screen resolution and set it to something like 800×600?

  86. Hi, I connected my 19″ LCD monitor to my Inspiron 1501 laptop and it worked fine for a few minutes and then suddenly cut off and hasn’t worked since. I connected it to my old monitor and that doesn’t work either.Pressing Fn+F8 doesn’t work. Can you please help me? I’m using windows vista home basic.

  87. Hi there. I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo laptop which runs on Vista home premium. I want to connect my laptop to a TV via s-video cable. When I connect the cable nothing happens. how do I set up an external monitor?

  88. I have a inspiron b130 with only A 15 prong vga no s video I have tried different adapters no luck get black screen on tv (Phillips 42 LCD) is this something my computer supports am I missing a setting. Any help on this would be great

    Thank you

  89. Laptop Freak

    Have you tried VGA to VGA cable?
    It worked fine for my Satellite A105 laptop and Samsung 50″ plasma TV.

  90. I am trying to connect my laptop to a non HDMI TV which has Av1 , Av2 , S-video(4PIN) and component ports and where in my laptop has S-video(7pin) and a VGA port . I have tried S-video to 3 RCA cable and VGA to component cable … It dint work . Can you help me in getting the display from the laptop onto the TV .

  91. My Tv does not have a VGA input port .. Tv has AV1, AV2 , Component(RGB) and S-video(4pin) only.
    Lookin forward for a solution 🙂

  92. Hi i have a Toshiba Satellite m45 s331 and i connected the s video to my tv i swithced using fn5 but nothing happens, my screen on my laptop goes blank but nothing pops up on the tv. the tv is in the right setting. but nothing displays? help!



  95. i have a inspiron 1501 what i need to hook up vga to rca tv will a VGA TO S-VIDEO RCA COMPOSITE ADAPTER CABLE PC TV work or do i need a converter box

  96. I have the same problem Grant had:

    “Grant Says:
    July 14th, 2007 at 11:34 am
    Hi I’ve got a Toshiba Sattelite using Windows Media centre edition. I’ve got the S-Video to work properly with no trouble and am using my TV as a monitor right now. The only problem is that Movies dont show up on TV. DVD’s Mpg’s etc only play on the laptop lcd and the tv shows the media player with a black box in it. I tryed Windows Media Player, VLC media player, and winamp. I’m pretty sure i have the most up to date drivers. Any suggestions on how to get the movies to display properly through S-Video?”

    Any solution for us? Thanks!

  97. How to fix a broken pin that got struck into s-video port of an HP laptop? The pin went deep inside the socket. This is my new laptop and I’m desperate to fix it, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  98. I have hp laptop I was used my external speakers headset by connecting to the headset jack ,but all of a sudden i cann’t get sound output.If anybody help me to fix this problem would be appriciated .

  99. Im using Asus z99j series. Why 4pin s-video cable doesnt work. Does my laptop require another type of s-video cable?

  100. I have a Toshba Qosmio F20 Notebook, a LCD Phillips and Home Theatre Sysm. Brough a S-Video cable and successfully connect to my 32″LCD tv. The screen is switch to the LCD TV but the sound still comes out from my laptop.
    How should i connect my laptop to the home theatre system? I can;t find a cable that connect from the headphone jack to the audio input of TV. Only got a 6 pin round pin cable with 2 audio output head. But it didn’t work.

  101. Hi,
    I have a Lenovo AQ1 760 Laptop.I am trying to connect my laptop to TV using a S-video to VGA cable.
    The problem is that while doing so I sometime get the Output To option under display and someties I dont.Besides that when I select my option as TV ot Notebook + TV i donot get any output on My TV.
    My laptop uses Intel display driver.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.


  102. I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 with Vista running. I am trying to connect to a Panasonic 19″ TV. While I was running Win XP on my laptop, I was able to connect and watch video. Now I don’t see TV as a second monitor and not able to switch the video to TV. Audio is working well. I have an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 display card in my laptop. Looks like the problem is causing by Vista. Any help would really be appreciated.



  103. I am having a problem with the S video. i am operating a Dell Inspirion 8000. I am using NVidia GeForce2 Go, what ever program works with the diriections to get updated and installed. Thanks Fritz

  104. Somata Dias

    I have an HP Pavillion dv9700t Notebook. The problem is that even after I turn the computer off, I can still hear a faint, constant, high pitched ringing noise, even after the computer has cycled down (hours later, mind you). The noise itself is akin to that of a high pitched ear ringing sound, and is consistent. Please note that the sound persists for a long time, even after I disconnect everything (AC adapter/power supply, flash drives, cards, optical media, etc.), except the battery, of course. I have heard that a laptop is not supposed to make any sound if it is connected to nothing. I would like to know what is causing this. I would gladly appreciate any help.

  105. ryan skeem

    Hi i am having a problem with my hp pavilion dv2000 i want to watch internet tv that i have on my computer on my tv like the live baseball game i have tried Fn plus f5 and i get nothing is there anything i can do

  106. hey
    i have an xps m1530 …i have tryin to connect it to tv….but to no avail…after using an s-video cable…after pressing fn+f8…if soesnt work…i tried sumthin with the “multiple” display thing…through the nvidia control panel…but it still dusnt work….can anyone really help me….my id is

  107. Hi I have a Sony Vaio PC and was wondering if you could tell me how i can connect it to my Tv via an S-video port. I have the cable connected but have no idea how to show it up on my Sony Bravia Tv.

    Any help would be appreciated

  108. thank you, your instructions worked just fine

  109. Sabrina

    I have a Thosiba U305-S7446, I connect it to my tv Samsung LE40R87BDX with a VGA cable, everything works fine but I tried to get the audio as well by connecting my pc to tv with this audio cable, but it doesn’t work, what cable do you think I will need to get the audio from my tv.

    Many thanks

  110. Hey there, i have currently got a 22″monitor connected to my Toshiba laptop, I am using as a second screen. But i also want to connect my laptop to a tv through s-video at the same time, so then i will have 3 screens in totall. i have tried doing this but you can only connect to at a time, is there any way around that so i can have 3 screens at once??
    Thanks heaps

  111. Laptop Freak

    I don’t think that you can connect three screens at once.

  112. Toshiba Satellite A-200 – WEIRD Noises
    I’ve been all over the net and haven’t found a similar issue posted. I was running on a full battery when I selected to watch an msn video when this crazy sound like an electronic roulette table started up. It was so odd that I didn’t even think it was the laptop at first. Until I shut it down. The screen went black for a moment before it’s “shutting down” message(normal), & during that brief moment the sound stopped. So I think it’s the screen. BUT, I can make the sound come back on if I place the laptop down backend first, which will cause the loosely fitted battery to shift. BUT, I can then turn the sound off by shifting the angle of the lcd. Totally bizzaro. I’ll check my updates, check my warranty and see from there. Mostly I’m posting in case there’s anyone else experiencing this, and like me, found nothing on the net. Thanks in advance for anyone offering any solutions/explanations.

  113. Toshiba Satellie A-200 – WEIRD Noises
    FIXED! Cause it wasn’t broken. Hope you get a laugh out of this.
    I’m using a desk at my pack ratting in-laws house, where we’re staying until we return from our honeymoon.
    Now, I couldn’t replicate this noise from the computer anywhere else in the house except from a particular place on the desk. So, I started moving anything metallic away from the laptop. That didn’t work. So then I went through the drawer underneath the laptop, hovering the laptop over metal objects until the noise came on. Well, it wasn’t a metal object. It was a voltage meter that was left in the on position. To think I spent 5 hours backing up my computer. Hilarious!

  114. Aaron D

    Hi guys,

    Got a Toshiba Sat Pro L40 which doesn’t have a svhs out, only a VGA out. I have a connector to change the VGA out to a SVHS plug no probs. However when connected up the TV displays nothing but lines repeating themselves, I get no clarity ont he picture at all. There is obviously sometjing going to the TV but it will just not show the picture. Thoughts and help please before I try to hook up my desktop as a media station.

  115. sihle

    i have a toshiba notebook and it just doesnt want to work at all!!!help me!!!

  116. Shaun

    I have the same problem as Andres & Grant:

    “Grant Says:
    July 14th, 2007 at 11:34 am
    Hi I’ve got a Toshiba Sattelite using Windows Media centre edition. I’ve got the S-Video to work properly with no trouble and am using my TV as a monitor right now. The only problem is that Movies dont show up on TV. DVD’s Mpg’s etc only play on the laptop lcd and the tv shows the media player with a black box in it. I tryed Windows Media Player, VLC media player, and winamp. I’m pretty sure i have the most up to date drivers. Any suggestions on how to get the movies to display properly through S-Video?”

    Any solution for us? Thanks!

  117. Don Blanchard

    I have read and tried everything I’ve seen that remotely matches my problem. I still am having trouble getting my laptop to show anything on the TV. I’ve got an eMachine that’s about two years old. The specs are Model: M6805/M6807; AMD Athlon processor 3,000+; 1.80Ghz; 1.25Gb Ram with a ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 series video card. When I plug in the s-video and set the Tv to the proper input, I hit my Fn key and the F4 which should send the signal to the TV. I see the TV screen jump and I hear a pop but there is no picture. I know the TV is working fine because I can plug my camera into that port and it shows the picture on the screen. Do you have anything else that I might try or is there a problem with this video card?

  118. laptopmama

    Great advice site-thanks! My problem is that when the S-vid to S-vid is hooked up, my laptop screen image automatically turns HUGE, so when I try to go into the Intel Graphis media properties areas to try and configure my TV screen settings (so it will fill the entire screen), I cannot click on the bottom “Apply” or “OK”, so there is no way I can get this done (the bottom is off the screen)… Is there any way to keep my laptop display from going LARGE? Thanks a lot!

  119. slbynum

    For this problem that Grant, Andres, and Shaun have:

    “Grant Says:
    July 14th, 2007 at 11:34 am
    Hi I’ve got a Toshiba Sattelite using Windows Media centre edition. I’ve got the S-Video to work properly with no trouble and am using my TV as a monitor right now. The only problem is that Movies dont show up on TV. DVD’s Mpg’s etc only play on the laptop lcd and the tv shows the media player with a black box in it. I tryed Windows Media Player, VLC media player, and winamp. I’m pretty sure i have the most up to date drivers. Any suggestions on how to get the movies to display properly through S-Video?”

    I had the same problem on my Toshiba Satellite, using WinDVD to watch the DVDs. I found out that if you display your monitor on the TV only (not the laptop at all) then the DVD will show. But when I play the DVD, my TV keeps dimming and getting lighter over and over. I’ve already tried changing the resolution but that didn’t work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  120. Ali F.

    I have an Acer (aspire 5610-2273) and im trying to hook it up to my hd tv 60 inch tv, i went and bought a s cable and hooked it up to both devices and its still not working…. i done the input button for the tv but it doesnt work….done the fn+f5 stuff and all it does is make my computer screen blink on and off and make a weird sound……….plz plz someone help me lol i also went got bought the vga cable but my tv doesnt have a plug in for it

  121. fed up

    We have seemingly strayed away from the main problem, which I also face, with no ANSWERS.

    So resurfacing the question, AGAIN:

    Why when we connect the laptop to the TV (not HD, just normal TV), it only shows BLACK & WHITE images? I’ve used 4-pin S-video to RCA. Would love to have colors.

    Anyone who knows anyone who’s got it working, please feel free to share your new knowledge. THANKS!

  122. needhelpbadly

    i having the same problem as “fed up.” The problem i have is that my tv is showing the images but it not in color. it just black and white. plz help!!!

  123. Michael Heetland

    I had this idea too here recently when I came into a little money(R.I.P. Aunt Velma!!)and went out and got me some new & decent stuff; HP Pavilion dv9820us, has the
    NVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M graphics card(1071MB shared video
    memory), but I was running around like a head with it’s chicken cut and I over-looked some KEY issues. The AMD
    Turion 64×2 & Windows Home Premium OS are 64-bit!! I had
    heard a few “horror” stories here & there when Vista 1st
    came out, but that is to be expected with almost anything
    new and such a big change. I really liked XP, but anyway,
    while on my “goodie” gathering spree I acquired an Emerson
    32″ Digital LCD TV Model #LC320EM9, w/ HDTV, HDMI(2)…well, pretty much 2 of everything. I am so glad that
    I decided to look before I leapt and came across this website of yours, as I am old and have worn out all my patience….lol. I have been trying to figure out the best
    method for me, as I have big plans to get this all rigged
    up and plant myself squarely in the middle of the living
    room on my new recliner an entertain myself until I croak.
    I must overcome this obstacle and finding a MIDI-USB adapter cable that has 64-bit compatible drivers so I can
    connect my Fender G-DEC 30 up to the laptop and waste mountains of time recording wild-ass “old man” guitar music! If you can help solve either of these problems, it
    WILL be greatly appreciated!!! Some Pavilion models similar to this one come with a HDMI connector, alas not
    for me. That is how I connected my little RCA DVD/Home
    Theater and it works fine. I am fairly sure that all the info I need is already posted, I will wade through it and
    see what I can figure out. This 64-bit problem will be with for as long as it takes for the transition to take place. On, the bright side, when I bought the MIDI-USB
    cable I mentioned earlier and found these compatibility
    issues, well I wasn’t too happy, but check this out. I sent2-3 e-mails to the guys making & selling this under-
    “driven” audio hardware & software looking for help. Now I
    wasn’t hating on ’em or anything, but they came back at
    me with an offer to participate in a new product/beta
    testing program where they are going to ship me stuff and
    let me run it through the paces and evaluate these items,
    so I won’t have to wait for all of the updates/upgrades
    that are going to be lagging behind as everything “changes”. Anyway, Kudos for the excellent work
    and for shring your knowledge in a most respectful way.

  124. Sanjay

    i m using lenovo 300y500 26q laptop. and i have one s video port with 7 pins. can i use s video cable with 4 pins….please reply me…..

  125. Mark Nicholas

    Hi I have a Compaq Presario R3000 with Vista ultimate installed. I am having trouble connecting it to a television via S-video, any help would be much apreciated. Thanks

  126. kmejid

    i have hp pavilion dv 6570 . when i connect to tv it detects it and its shown on nvidia control panel
    but no picture on tv ..only when i press “setup multiple monitors ” then picture appear for 1 second and go.. i reduced resolution but no picture..
    any help appreciated

  127. Hello, I have a Dell Latitude C840. I’ve connected my 7-pin hook-up to my TV, and I’ve pressed Fn+F8 numerous time’s and my TV screen stay’s black EXCEPT for a screen flicker when I press FN+F8. I’ve look in my BIOs and to tell the truth I don’t know what to look for. Can you help me PLEASE…Thanks

  128. hey, i have a Lenovo 0769 model laptop, i tried all the way to connect my pc to the tv but it simply doesnt work! i tried the Fn + F8 one several times..but that didnt work either! plz help me!
    thank you


    I connected my laptop (Toshiba, windows vista) to T.V by using S-Video cable to A.V. It appeared only black/white. What settings should I change to obtain coloured pictures. Thanks

  130. I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S2021. I tried connecting my laptop to Sony TV. I change to Video channe and I connected S-Video cable from Laptop to my TV and press Fn+F5. I also change the display settings to lower resolution. But the TV display like no channel or no signal looks. So I wonder if it is already detected coz my laptop goes black and the TV goes that way. Is there a relation of what type of TV settings u have like eg. PAL / SECAM / NTSC or something? Or it really has something to do with the Laptop. By the way, I also tried putting other laptop. HP Pavillion DV6000. I got same result. Please help me. Thanks (“,)

  131. the lcd monitor inverter on my HP has gone out so the backlight is out i tried connecting it to a tv to use as another output/monitor but when i connect them the tv is black just like my laptop is there a way to fix that?

  132. Santosh S

    I have a Lenovo Y 500 laptop. I too have the same problem, i.e., getting black & white images when connecting my laptop to the TV using the S-Video cable. I get good image quality and also sound but no colour. Have tried all possible colour display settings but to no use. This seems to be a really common problem experienced by most. So if any body out there cud offer some solution i will greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  133. Hey
    i have a toshiba satellite A305
    i’m having the same problem as some guys,when i connect my laptop to a tv i get black and white screen no matter what display settings i use,i tried them all…if someone would help i would really appreciate it.
    thanks a lot



  136. I have a dell XPS 1530..when i connect the S video cable to my TV ..and press the Fn + F8 keys i get the options for the tv transfer n then after taking the right option nothing comes on my TV ..though i get a certain peculiar sound..

  137. Michael B

    I have a Compaq nx6320 laptop.
    I use the VGA output when extending my desktop and this works great !

    However, I have a S video socket to connect my telelvision, however my television has an RCA.

    When i connect both up, it will not display anything on the television……?


  138. Hai i have a hp pavillion dv6000 laptop and JVC tv when i am connecting using scable. Nothing it shows.only black screen it shows. please help.

  139. Laptop users READ THIS
    S-Video cable is for video only no sound.
    4-pin into laptop only
    If you want sound you have a few options
    (1) hook up a mini stereo jack from you computer speakers into the headphone port on your laptop.
    (2) Buy an s-video cable on one end and a mini stereo jack. On the other end you will have rca plugs Red, White, Yellow. (Bought mine on e-bay for $14.95 with free shipping 25 ft. They have shorter ones and are less money.)
    (3) Buy single s-video cable. You will also need a mini stereo jack on one end, and two rca jacks on the other.(red and yellow.) Hook up s-video into laptop, other end into TV. Hook up mini jack to laptop headphones and the two rca plugs into the tv ports.
    (4) make sure you hit FN key and a key that is either a computer screen (F8,F4 ect..) Some may have CRT/LCD but they all are on one of the f keys. Hit both buttons at the same time to switch between tv and laptop screen.

    Hope this helps………….
    For Dell users, I have tried everything I know (Dell Latitude D600)but have had no luck BUT…….on your Dell’s try this, right mouse click on your desktop screen, click properties. Go to settings, click advanced. Mine is Radon 900. Whatever yours is it should have a display tab. Click on your displays, you should see something like monitor box, panel box, TV box, FPD box. Click on your TV box. then click FN(blue color bottom left) and FN 8(Top left) at the same time. (Mine is grayed out so I cant click it) Hope this will get you started

    Gateway users: I used a Gateway with Vista, had a 4-pin connector on one end and 3 rca jacks on the other end, connect them up click FN(blue color bottom left) and FN 4(Top left) at the same time. I clicked once and got video on tv and black screen on laptop, I clicked it again and got video on the tv and the laptop.

    Good Luck

  140. for those dell users (i have a dell inspiron 6400) it would seem the key is Fn+F8. anyways from what i have found out is that the comp does not want to let me connect to the tv. i have the required connections and have done various connections (vcr,dvd player,tv) and have still found that connecting to the tv is impossible is there anything i may be able to do to fix this… (by the way it sais no monitor attached when i go to switch modes…)

  141. I have a Dell Inspiron 5100. I am trying to connect to a JVC TV 19″. I went to display settings. Now I don’t see TV as a second monitor and not able to switch the video to TV. Audio is working well. Any help would really be appreciated.

  142. Thomas Ryan

    I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo lap top D 7850. I want to connect my tv moniter to my lap top using a s video card. Nothing happens when i connect both with s video card. How can i resolve this?


  143. Hi – i have connected a sv cable to my tv – my laptop is an asus could you tell me how i could do this? thanks peter

  144. how do you get to BIOS?

  145. Hi, I have a Sony VAIO VGN-C1Z. I have a S-Video Output, whenever i try to connect it to my GRUNDIG TV or Philips TV, I am able to get everything but only in Black and White, never in Color. Is it possible to get it in Color.
    On the other hand when i try to do it by connecting it to an External LCD projector through the Monitor Out; then everything works and is in Color.

    Can you tell me what might be the problem. I am thankful for your support in advance.

    Best regards,

  146. John Martin

    Is anyone going to give help on the BIOS issue or was that just a guess?

  147. to get to bios: reset cpu wait for what it tells you to hit to enter setup (e.g. mine is F2)

  148. Is vga to component only for hd’s I was told not, but all i get on my tv is garble. anyone know?

  149. I would like to know what would happen if I use a 4 pin s-video cable for a 7 pin s-video plug in my laptop. Would the picture only transfer as black and white? I am looking to buy this one here (link), but cannot determine if it is a 4 or 7 pin. Will it work either way??

    Thank you for any help!!!

  150. My picture on my TV appears in black and white. How can I change it to color. I also have an HD TV, the picture appears very grainy and distorted unlike on my laptop how can I get the picture to appear in better.

  151. John Graham

    Will a vga to vga cable work too?

  152. Hi,

    I have a Compaq laptop with nvedia graphics card. I tried to connect my Laptop to my TV using S-Video Cable, but I am unable to do so. I think the Cable is ok as Laptop also detects the cable, but when I connect my Laptop to TV, nothing happens. I dont see any Display on TV. Please help…..

  153. I have a plasma panasonic 42″ and it has an rgb component input. I bought a cable from vga to rgb component, but when i am connecting to my laptop it detects that there is a secondary monitor connected but there is no display on my plasma tv

    Please help me

  154. Alidinho

    plz i need help ASAP…i have a DELL inspiron 1520 and i bought a 7 pin cable and connected it to the laptop and the other end ( yellow ,white and red wires ) to the TV…and i did as u guys said i pressed Fn+F8 but it says there is no moniter attached….plz if any one can help i have a presentation tom. and i reallllllly need it…much thanks

  155. I hooked my Dell Laptop up to my Phillips Plasma TV with S video. I used a Dynex 3.5 mm cable for the sound and I cant hear a thing from the tv . I put one end in my laptop and the other end in the headphone jack on my tv. What have I done wrong(Was what the guy from best buy suggested I do)Picture is perfect!

  156. Manish Kumar Gupta

    I am having Acer Aspire 4710 Core2Duo. I am trying to connect my laptop with television via SVGA cable. All the connections are properly connected. But when I press Fn+F5 Key, it only shows notebook. Please help me what ever else can i try.



  158. Is there a way to test if an s video port is working? I hooked up my laptop to my tv via vga cord and its fine, but when I try to use the s video port, i got nothing. ANy suggestions?

  159. Connected my HP laptop to LCD monitor with S-Video cable, I have picture but it is very fuzzy!!!. Is this because of the S-video cable? Its a quality cable How can I get a better picture??

    Already did the following
    Adjusted screen resolution up and down
    Adjusted sharpness setting on TV and laptop controler
    No help in the image quality

    Thanx your a huge help

  160. i have a compaq presario v3839.when i connect my laptop through s video to my tv,picture is displayed on my tv but BLACK AND WHITE.also the sound comes through my laptop and not through my tv.i have 7-pin s video with red white and yellow leads that i insert in my TV. pls help someone…

  161. Hi I have an ASUS X51RL series and a Samsung, bought a 15 pin VGA to scart lead, I have tried Fn and F8 which has the picture of LCD/TV moniter on it but it only comes up with LCD on the laptop no matter how many times I press it, I have tried discovering a monitor and have tried everything else including BIOS which I couldn’t find how to change any settings, please help ASAP as I have some films to watch.

    Also does this lead give me any sound?

  162. I have a HP Pavillion specil entertainment PC. I live in Switzerland and would like to connect my PC to the cable network that is in our apartment. Can I do this and how? Will I need to purchase any additional hardward or cables?

  163. Hey I have Sony lab top and I downlod film so now I wanna watch it with my family I wanna connect my lab top to the Tv how can I do that

  164. hey i have a problem with connecting a laptop to a tv… i have a dell latitude d610 and im connecting it to a ordinary color trutech 32″ tv.. im usin a 7pin s-video to rca jack(it has 7pin s-video on one side and tha three rca colored cords on tha other) and when i plug it in i get picture but no color or sound.. help me.. i think i know why theres no sound but i been tryin to get color for tha past 3 days

  165. hello. first time here, and new to computer. I had a problem connecting a laptop (dell xps m1730) to a hdtv samaung series 750. I was using a DVI/HDMI cable. Nothing would work. All settings on computer and tv were checked and checked again using manuals. Still nothing was working. Just by chance I plugged in the laptop as the battery was low. Well guess what….everything worked. Just to make sure I unplugged the laptop and plugged it back in…..sure enough the tv went out and back on again. Frustrating part for me was I’m NEW at computers. Nothing in manual suggested such a basic task…………Hope this will help others!

  166. Hi.

    I am really struggling to find a solution to my problem. I am running a Dell XPS M1530 laptop with Windows Vista and I am attempting to connect the system to a Samsung TV.

    I purchased an RCA to S-video cable and connected the two devices but I have neither audio nor video. The TV has two AV channels, one component channel and one DTV channel. I have attached monitor 2 to monitor 1 through the “display settings” but to no avail.

    I also pressed Fn+F8 (CRT/LCD), but that resulted in my laptop screen going blank for three-four seconds before returning to my normal background. I get no options to switch to anything.

    On the AV and component channels all that appears is a blue screen with the words “cannot find signal” and the DTV screen is just blank.

    So I am assuming that I am missing a setting somewhere and I know this is going to appear obvious to most of you out there, but could you shed some light on this situation please?

    Kind regards

  167. OK, I have Like SO MANY OTHERS, a freeekin DELL Lattitude, mor like arritude!! I plug up the S Video cable, turn the computer on and vouiLa color picture of my pass word box. Now if Im quick and sign in fast it even shows the beautiful picture i chose for background,,, and then BANG!! Gone!! Freekin gone, no picture on my TV anymore. So i KNOW it ‘works but what the fuke happened to it after a few second. Pushing f8 (CRT/LCD) just makes the computer screeen go blank for a second. I have gonr to the desplay thing and there is no choice, no second display to choose, ther is no graphics stuff, and when I look in the box it only has default monitor. What the fuke is wrong with these dam Dells that won’t let us stay linked up? As i said, it all works fine for a few seconds when I first turn it on, so no dam excuses!!!! The hardware is working!! Waht is with the software not switching or not haveing anything listed to switch to?? Why the fuke can’t the smart ass computer find it and ask me ” would you like to switch to the other monitor” Like it is always telling me fifty freekin times that i am not fully secured and need to down load a bunch of crap that doesn’t work….. Someone, Please, lets call a freeking Dell rep or Windows and make them tell us how to do it.
    Oh, I tried the f2 thing and it just doesn’t work. What is up with that? Thanks and if someone finds a good solution please post it regularly so we don’t have to take hours to read the similar questions over and over again till finally the answer or part of an answer showes up.

  168. Laptop Freak


    I plug up the S Video cable, turn the computer on and vouiLa color picture of my pass word box. Now if Im quick and sign in fast it even shows the beautiful picture i chose for background,,, and then BANG!! Gone!!

    What if you change the laptop screen resolution to 800×600 and try again after that? Will it work? Maybe for some reason your TV cannot handle high resolution.

  169. william

    i have a acer 3690 with vista and my problem is reversed i can get it to show on my tv but everything is so big on my laptop even when i am done with the s video cable what can i do i need help thanks

  170. Thanks so much but it didn’t change a thing. It comes up and then dissapears, I press f8 and fn at the same time, the computer screen blinks and then comes back, nothing else. i have checked the monitor thing and it only shows “default monitor” in all five spaces. This is MicrosoftXP professional. I have a feeling that it is something to do with the fact that there are no other options for monitor. Is there a way to add a monitor? Should I remove the program,monitor driver? I am a bit scared that if I do that i won’t be able to see where to go to reload it… hELP, Help, I’m bent. Thanks

  171. Here is what is ticking me off, It comes up clean and perfect, even shows the arrow moving, So that proves that it WORKS! Connections, video, color, everything, So why does it “turn off”? Also, I am running the s video through a dvd recorder to the tv aux input. Also why does it work when starting but does not even blink the tv when I use the fn/f8 (CRT/LCD)?? also the time it takes to cut off is always exactly the same unless I press the fn/f8… any other observations needed to acess? Oh, and I went to bios again adn could not find anything related to TV or monitor. is it possible thta there is boot up programming mossing? Sorry, Just trying to trouble shoot. Thanks. I have an idea that if we figure this out it will solve so many problems consistant with the Dell Latitude. :-}

  172. im also trying to connect my laptop to my tv via svideo.

    i plug it in etc as normal and i do get a picture – however it is like plugging a pal dvd player into an ntsc tv or viceversa [it is a ntscJ tv]. ie. black and white with v-hold shot to boot. tv has automatic vhold to it.

    up until now i had assumed graphics cards arent plagued by the whole pal/ntsc stuff – but maybe they are?

    any help would be appreciated.
    btw im running a compaq presario.

  173. Im trying to connect my laptop( Sony Vaio VGN-C240E operating on windows XP) via S-Video and to a Vizio 32″ 1080p and it doesnt work Ive tried everything help will be very appreciated.

  174. how can i connect my HP dv9000 to my tv .. what cable do i need ?

  175. hitendra idnani

    hi, i have connected my hp pavillion laptop to philips 42″ lcd tv with a s video cable, i get the display on the lcd screen, but cant see any colours as it is black and white. please let me knw how can i solve the problem.

    cheers !

  176. Hi,
    Im tyring to connect my HP 6730b laptop to my Panasonic Plasma TH42pa6oa TV.
    Can you pls advise what cables i can use to do this.
    The rear of the TV does not have 15 point plug!
    TV is HDMI compatible, but computer doesn’t seem to be compatible
    I do have a digital box connected to tv, has 9 point female input and computer has 9 point male output. Is is possible to use this (im not sure if this is video ok)
    Im stuck here….appreciate your advice.

  177. Prasad

    I have another issue with this topic.

    I have an HP Pavillion Dv6700 Notebook PC. Using Vista.

    I have a very cheap TV (Wharfedale).

    I used an E-Bay bought SKART adaptor with to connect the TV SKART to the S-Video out and headphones out of the laptop.

    First time i connected TV to laptop everything was fine and i just pressed FN and F4 to get it to work.
    Great! Watched a film.

    Next day the desktop was dark and fuzzy on the TV and so i played around a bit with the controls but then i lost the picture completely on the TV.
    Vista had various options.
    there is a wizard and there is
    Windows Mobility Centre
    and Display Settings both in Control Panel.
    The video card NVIDIA also has a Control Panel.

    I have messed around with all these and although i’m am new at this it all seemed pretty simple.
    But nothing brought the picture back on my TV.
    I thought maybe the SKART adaptor had broken so i got a new one but still no picture.

    Using the VGA port on my laptop i tested it on another old monitor and it worked fine. The wizard does it all really.

    The SKART socket on the TV is fine as i use it to connect to a Sky box but maybe there is something else wrong with the TV.
    I am at a loss. I have ordered some other cables to try connecting via the VGA port on my laptop to the Composite video on the TV.

    Any ideas why it would work fine one day and not the next?

  178. Satesh

    I am trying to connect my laptop to the television. I have identified the S-Video Port at the back of the Laptop, but I am not seeing any on the Tv. I only have three input jacks (one for video and two for audio).
    Can you identify the type of cord that I would need to use?


  179. CoolB

    I have a problem with my DELL PRECISION M6300 laptop, recently i bought an S.VIDEO cable from the shop to connect it to my TV, no picture showed but now my laptop screen has gone black, it’s 2 days now. How can I get my screen back to working because the keyboard shows life. pleeeeaaase help, I’m in Southern Africa

  180. SHARON

    i have a dell inspiron 1525 i bought a s video cable i hook it to my laptop and to the tv nothing well a loud sound of static and blurred tv screen laptop screen is very large print i tried dell they are no help but they want you to buy from them purchase warrantee but that means nothing you have to twist dell arm to try to get a little help still nothing may someone can help

  181. yezan

    Hi everyone…
    i have connected my dell inspiron 1520 laptop to JVC tv using
    “S-video to 3RCA” cable…
    but the colors are so much blurred….the resolution is good
    everything is good except that the colors are bad ….any help please

  182. on Sony Vaio VGN-CR220E F5 assigned to brightness. I tried F7 that has LCD only/SETUP options selecting SETUP but it did not worked either. S-video is connected to Video1 on TV and TV’s TV/Video is switched to Video1. what else should i do to display my stuff on TV?

  183. more to #182: the notebook is switched to 800×600 resolution

  184. Hi,

    Dont know if this is any help to anyone but thought id share my experiences. I have successfully connected my laptop to tv via s-vhs lead but not without the same problems you lot seem to be having.

    Anyone pressing there function keys with no result try going into control panel and clicking on Intel Gma driver or equivalent. This appears to be the control panel for the s vhs output.

    Anyone getting a picture in black and white try a different scart socket to the tv.

    hope this helps at least someone.

  185. Hi,
    I have a HP laptop and i’m trying to connect this to my old tv which just takes only 3-RCA(Red,Yellow,white)input cables.
    And my laptop has a 15-pin VGA male.
    I tried connecting with these 2 wires, but it doesn’t work.
    Do i need any more cables to connect or am i missing anything in the settings?
    Please help…
    Thank u for any help….

  186. Paul S

    I had a similar problem with my Toshiba Satellite P300 (which has a ATI Radeon HD 3470 graphics card) as it did not seem able to detect the TV.
    The Fn F5 (switch displays) only ever showed the laptop’s LCD screen, there was nothing I could find under the control panel’s to change the 3470’s settings. In the end I downloaded ATI’s Catalyst Control Center and using the Advanced options I was able to force the card to detect the TV (under display options) connected via the 4-pin s-video cable. Then Fn F5 showed the different combinations.


  187. I have connected tv to laptop and find display in tv.But display is very dull and no colors and sound.How can i get clear sound and colors of laptop on tv?

  188. i connect my laptop from tv through s video cable and find laptop screen on tv but on tv it is very dull,no colors ,no sounds.How will i improve the tv screens color and sounds?

  189. i have toshiba a300 and i m trying to connect through s-video cabel but it is not connecting to tv please help me out how can i sort it out

  190. Laptop Freak


    i have toshiba a300 and i m trying to connect through s-video cabel but it is not connecting to tv please help me out how can i sort it out

    1. Make sure the TV is set to accept the S-video signal. You might have to go through different modes: HDMI, Cable, S-video, etc…
    2. Connect the laptop, turn in on. When the laptop booted to the desktop, hold down the Fn key and at the same time press on the F5 key until video appears on the external monitor.

  191. My laptop is acer aspire one with only VGA port. I have no trouble hooking it to my new HDTV with VGA port using the VGA cable.
    Now, my question is how can I connect this acer laptop to older TV with only RCA port?

  192. farawaysis

    Here’s another way that’s very easy to do. This article shows images and you don’t even have to deal with your display settings…Check it out!

  193. Thanks for the help i was gettign frusterated but this page helped tons

  194. Chilli

    thank you so much!!!! 🙂 this helped a lot

  195. Vishal

    I want to connect My Laptop’s VGA port to My TV’s S-Video port. I tried to find VGA To S-Video cable but all the S-video cables had Female port whereas i need Male VGA and MAlE S-Video because both my TV and laptop has Female ports.
    Can somebody please suggest how can i do this?

  196. hanibal

    i have a acer aspire one mini laptop and have a svideo tv how can i connect my laptop to the old tv with svideo port

  197. hi i connect my s-video to my laptop to tv i see everything on my tv but on my laptop i just goes into a black screen this has never happen until now how can i fix this


  199. Hi all, I own a toshiba satellite l550 laptop. I’m just wondering whether I can connect my laptop to a tv (an old tv, not a flat screen or anything sophisticated). I’ve looked in the manual and the only thing I find closest to connection to a tv is a hdmi socket. Can anyone please advise me whether I can use this socket to connect my laptop to my tv? Please bear in mind I’m a complete technology idiot. Thanks all!

  200. I have connected my HP Pavilion tx 2000 to a Sony LCD TV (32BX300) using a S-Video and audio port. The issue is I could watch the screen after choosing my display as TV however the screen is in black and white picture mode.

    Can someone help me resolve this problem????

  201. pvkreddy

    My second video is pointing to VGA. How can I change it to S Video. Appreciate some ones help.

  202. i am connecting my laptop (compaq v3619TU Windows 7) to TV using the S-video. however, a prompt message appears and says “graphic display has problem and successfully recovered”(not the exact words) and then it undergoes blinking several times until a blue screen stating a problem occurred and so on then it restarts without seeing my screen on the TV. I’m also pressing the Fn + F4 however nothing changes..pls help me. I really need it badly. Thank yoi

  203. JessicaLou

    I was recently given a Dell Inspiron N5030 notebook. I have a Sylvania flat screen tv and am trying to figure out how to connect the two. There is no s-output port on the laptop, and I am completely computer illiterate, so I can only describe the ports that I do have, 3 USB, one that looks like it’s for a phone line, and a VGA connector. Is there a way to do this? My television has an s-video port on it as well as 2 usb and the usual yellow, white & red cords. I’m completely confused. please help!

  204. haha…loving this…however i had to press f4 not f5…but in any event works like a charm..was anyone on here gonna have there questions answered? lol

    anyways,thanks for the incite

  205. Allane

    I managed to purhcase a VGA-to-RCA cable. Attached the RCA end to my JVC InteriArt Musee TV and the VGA to my HP pavillion laptop. Nothing happens, even if I selected the corresponding video channel on my JVC TV. Any advice?