My Dell was slow and now will not power on

My Dell Latitude laptop will not power on. It was slow for a few days and I was able to get Windows to load once and found that the battery is at 96%, so that is not the problem. Now I cannot even get it to load windows. The green light flashes for a few seconds then goes out.The fan doesn’t come on and Windows never loads; it just goes off. I think I may have a virus, and want to reload Windows, but can’t even get it to power up or bring up the reboot menu. What can I do?

1. Try starting your laptop without the hard drive. The hard drive can be easily removed from the bottom. If the laptop tuns on and loads BIOS screen, most likely have a failed hard drive.

2. If removing the hard drive doesn’t help, remove all other parts you can access except memory modules. Remove the battery, DVD drive, wireless card. In short, minimize the system as much as you can. After that try turning it on from the AC adapter. If the laptop gets power from the adapter (light turns on) but will not power up, this could be motherboard or memory failure.

3. Try removing memory modules one by one. Try tuning it on with only one memory module installed. Try different slots. If the laptop fails with each module, most likely this is motherboard related failure.

You can backup personal files from the hard drive using an external USB enclosure.

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  1. Avinash

    I want to buy a Dell Inspiron 14R N4010. I like its specifications very much but i am confused over a matter. I downloaded various pictures from Google but could not find out where is the num, caps or scroll lock indicator. That is why, i wanted to know if it has the indicators and if it has, where is it?

  2. reyese

    hi! I have a dell inspiron 1525 and it wont turn on. I mean i can turn it on but it doesnt go directly to windows like it always does but instead it just does a blank screen with a blinking cursor on the top left. Before my laptop just freezes and turns off by itself or sometimes freezes then a blue screen appears and then after 2 weeks that thing happened it doesnt turns on. Please please please help me!!! im begging you please! :((

  3. Laptop Freak

    Most likely this is hard drive failure.
    The hard drive has to be replaced.

  4. Melynda Kenely

    I have been making an attempt in order to try this to my personal Laptop but I can’t look to do it. Are you aware of a good laptop or computer place that will do this for me?

  5. I have a dell inspiron 1526. When I press the power button to turn on the computer the blue power button & number lock button come on,but I can barely hear the fan. After a few minutes all lights go out. After repeating this process 2-3 times the computer finally comes on & I can hear the fan working normally. I get a black & white screen asking if I want to start normally or in safe mode. I click normally & windows vista loads. Once windows loads the computer works fine, until the next day when I turn it on. This has been happening for about 5 days now.