Can I use two different size memory modules?

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I upgraded the memory on my laptop from 1 256mb card to a 512mb card in slot a and put the 256mb card in slot b. I have a toshiba A45 S120, do i need to take the 256 card out for it to work at 512 pace, or does it matter that i have two different size cards in the slots?

Toshiba Satellite A45-S120 laptop has two memory slots available for upgrades. This model will accept up to 2GB. You should use PC2100 DDR266 memory modules. You do not have to remove the 256 memory module. It is perfectly fine if you use two different size memory modules in both slots. If you use 512MB in slot A and 256MB in slot B, the laptop should recognize 768MB installed. You can use 128MB, 256MB, 512MB or 1GB modules in each slot. Another story would be with the memory speed. Your laptop is designed for PC2100 (266MHz). Most likely you can use PC2700 (333MHz) module but it will clock down to 266MHz and you memory card will run at PC2100 pace (266MGz).

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  1. I have a similar problem. I have an Advent 7038, currently with 2 slots, each containing a 256mb 200 pin PC2700 so-dimm module. I bought wanted to replace one of them for a 512mb 200 pin PC2700 module and still have the second 256mb module so that I would have 768mb in total. However, when I put the 512mb module into the laptop and turn it on, the laptop beeps 4 times and does not load further. I have researched this error and it is supposedly either a non functioning timer or faulty ram. However, the ram has been tested and is definately working.

    I have also entered the bios to see if the memory is set up to run duel or single channel however there is no setting in my BIOS (PheonixBios 4.0) for this.

    Do I need to buy another 512mb PC2700 module in addition to the one I have already bought (1024 in total) so that my laptop will run with the new memory?

  2. Laptop Freak

    There shouldn’t be any problem if you use two different size memory modules. Check if 512MB module is seated properly. Does the laptop boots fine if you install 256MB module back? Try starting the laptop just with one memory module installed into slot A and then into the slot B. If it works fine, replace it with 512MB and test again. Let me know how it goes.

  3. Well, after taking the laptop apart Ive established a number of facts:

    1) You can only access 1 memory slot which is located on the underside of the laptop as per the directions on many websites

    2) There must be more than one memory slot as, when the memory is removed from the slot on the underside, the laptop still powers up

    When I replace the original 256mb ram module into the laptop (so combined with the other 256mb module which i cant find! = total of 512) the laptop works fine.

    I have removed the keyboard and still cannot find the second ram slot.

    Thanks once again for your time with this matter

  4. .::UPDATE::.

    After taking out EVERY screw that the laptop has I finally found the other memory slot which is buried in between the touch pad and the space bar. When I managed to get the old memory out and put the new one in I tried it out and still no joy. I tried a number of combinations of ram in different slots, shown below, with the outcome for each sceranio. Hopefully this should give you a better picture of what I am doing wrong and subsequently how I can overcome it 😉

    1) slot 1 – 256mb
    slot 2 – 256mb


    2) slot 1 – 256mb
    slot 2 –


    3) slot 1 – 256mb
    slot 2 – 512mb


    4) slot 1 – 512mb
    slot 2 – 256mb


    5) slot 1 – 512mb
    slot 2 –


    N.B – Slot 1 is the internal slot, Slot 2 is located on the underside of the laptop

  5. Laptop Freak

    I think (almost positive) that 512MB memory stick is bad, I cannot find any other explanation.


    Usually this error message appears on startup when you have a bad memory. Last week I fixed a laptop with exactly the same problem and the same error. On some occasion I was able to boot the laptop without any problem, but on the next reboot I was getting an error. After I replaced the memory module I tested the laptop for 2 days and it didn’t fail.

  6. ok thanks, Ill go get the memory changed today and let you know if it makes any difference

  7. Problem solved!

    I went back to the shop and swapped the ram for another module as well as buying 1 more. When I got home I plugged both in and now the laptop is running fine! Thanks for all your help, much appreciated!

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  10. Laptop Freak

    I found a manual for Satellite SA30 and it says that you can upgrade memory to 2GB by two 1GB modules. You’ll have to remove memory module/modules currently installed into your laptop and install two 1GB modules instead. Both memory slots should be accessible from the bottom of the laptop. If you need more detailed instructions, find a user manual for Toshiba Satellite SA30.
    You cannot upgrade the graphic card on this model, you are stuck with 64MB integrated shared memory.

  11. dear laptop freak;

    I wanna upgrade my mainboard this is possible ? the second question is can I make my graphiccard available to take some support from Ram when it get not enough ( my graphiccard) ? ( Sa 30 -754 user )

  12. Laptop Freak

    What is your reason for upgrading the mainboard, to get more video RAM? Probably you’ll be able to install a new board that has 128MB shared memory. If your video card uses 64MB shared memory, you cannot set it to use more.

    can I make my graphiccard available to take some support from Ram when it get not enough

    Your graphic card already uses RAM and 64MB is maximum that it can allocate for video purpose.

  13. I’m not sure if someone has already asked this but here it is anyway.

    I recently purchased an “ACER ASPIRE 3003WLCi” that has a video card that isn’t to good.Here are the specifications, SiSM760GX integrated 3D graphics controller with 64MB shared RAM.
    I was wondering if there was any way to make it better. I saw some things that inlude buying a new mother-board, hard-wiring a new graphics card in,getting more ram for the card to steal off of,seeing if the company can upgrade the video card,and plenty of others ways. I was wondering if you could tell me the best way(if any at all) to get more video memory. Please help me, I have been searching the web forever and have found no answers for my specific laptop.Thank-you.

  14. Laptop Freak


    SiSM760GX integrated 3D graphics controller with 64MB shared RAM

    It means that the video card is INTEGRATED into the motherboard and it uses up to 64MB of main memory allocated for video purposes. You cannot replace just the video card, it would be necessary to replace the entire motherboard. Also, you cannot increase amount of memory allocated for the video card.
    Even if you can find a similar motherboard that has a better video card with more memory it would be more cost effective to buy a new laptop.

  15. I have a Toshiba satellite M35X-S111 laptop. I bought 2 512 MB DDR 2700 memory modules.

    My question, which might seem silly, is are all memory modules compatible with Slot A (left) and Slot B (right) in the memory compartment? It seems like the module fits fine in the right one but not in the left which i had to invert the module which doesnt seem to work.

    Any help is appreciated.


  16. Laptop Freak

    Both memory modules should fit in either memory slot, it’s not a compatibility issue. Take a look inside the left slot and check if there are bent contacts in there. If the left slot hasn’t been used before, you might try applying a little bit pressure on the memory module when you install it. It might be just a tight memory slot.

  17. I have an IBM Thinkpad T42-2378. It has 512 memory. I am wanting to run some pretty intense games that take FOREVER to load, run, and shut down. Is the answer simply to add more RAM or are there other considerations that I need to make? If the answer is to add RAM, I understand that the computer can handle a maximum of 2GB, and has 2 expansion slots. Does this mean that I can buy 2 1G expansions, or can I only install a 1G expansion and a 512 expansion (for total 2.024)? Will the extra .024 just not get used or will it cause problems since the computer will only take 2G? Lastly is it easy on this model to install the extra memory? Thanks.

  18. Hi its me again.

    My main problem is that the games i want to play on my laptop(ACER ASPIRE 3003WLCi) require pixel and vertex shaders that are 2.0 well mine are (1.1) and (1.3). Are these “shaders” something you can download or upgrade or are they something that is physically built in?
    Please help me and thanx again.

  19. I have a Fujitsu S6240 with 512MB 533MHz memory. Next to this I have a broken Compaq Evo N620c with two times 256MB 266MHz.
    Can I add the two 256MB modules in the S6240 to upgrade to 1MB memory?

  20. Laptop Freak

    No, you cannot. DDR memory is not compatible with DDR2 memory. Also, they use different slots and DDR memory module will not fit into DDR2 memory slot.

  21. I bought Toshiba Qosmio E10 . I want to upgrade it s memory. it uses 512MB DDR PC2700 Memory. I just want to know if 512mb DDR Pc2100 will run at the same time together with different module that is already installed with my laptop?

  22. Laptop Freak

    PC2100 will not run at PC2700 speed. You should use DDR PC2700 module.

  23. Jack Wolpert

    Have a Toshiba Satellite Pro (4260DVD)w/ 64MB memory on-board that I’m trying to upgd. – and its acting weird. It has 2 additional mem. slots that are supposed to take SDRAM, 3.3v, 128MB-PC100 which I got. Either stick works in either slot – so I’m deducing both sticks and both slots are good. With both added sticks, machine powers on but doesn’t even get to bios password. I updated bios from 1.6=>2.7 and still no go. I can run w/ 192MB and be better off than the original 64MB but I’d like to go w/the planned 320MB (and this has my interest). Ideas? Tx.

  24. Laptop Freak

    Jack Wolpert,
    That’s really strange. I just check Toshiba specifications for this model and you are absolutely right. This laptop should accept up to 320MB. I have no clue what’s going on. Here’s what I would try. Test each 128MB memory module in each memory slot with Memtest86+ utility. I still think you might have a bad module even though either stick works in either slot.

  25. I tried to use both 512MB DDR PC2100 & PC2700 to my Toshiba Qosmio E10 and it works fine.

  26. Laptop Freak

    Here’s my first guess.
    The memory bus in your laptop works at 266MHz (PC2100) but Toshiba installed PC2700 (333MHz) memory module into the laptop because it’s backward compatible with PC2100. In this case if you have PC2700 in the Slot A and PC2100 in the Slot B, the laptop will run it at 266MHz. The laptop will not be slower because the memory bus runs at 266MHz and it doesn’t matter with memory type you install.
    Here’s my second guess.
    The memory bus can run at both speeds 266MHz or 333MHz, depending on what type of memory is installed. Toshiba equipped the laptop with a faster PC2700 module (333MHz). When you install PC2100 module into the second slot, the laptop still works but it runs at 266MHz and you are losing some performance.
    In short. Read the specifications for your model and find out which memory type you should use. I would go with PC2700. These days it’s hard to find PC2100 anyways 😛 and the price would be about the same.

  27. Hello,

    I have a Toshiba a100-250. Aside the 512mb ram module i bought a 1024mb module to boost it up a bit. Now the problem is that my laptop doesn´t recognizes both modules. I have done all puzzling and swapping of the modules and putting them separately and/or together in different slots but it doesn´t finds more than the 1024mb module if both are put together or the 512 module if i only put that one inside. I have updated my bios but doesn´t solves the problem. Can you please help me as i have now a 512 module which is useless. Many thanks in advance!!!!


  28. Laptop Freak

    What is written on both memory sticks? Are both modules the same type and run at the same speed?

  29. Hello again,

    Yes they are both DDR2 and running at 533 mhz.


  30. Laptop Freak

    That’s weird. I believe your notebook should support up to 2GB RAM (at least mine Satellite A105 does). Check if there is a BIOS update for your model, updated it if needed. The latest BIOS might have a fix for your problem.

  31. I updated bios (to V1.9 i believe)one day ago with the same result. I have allready been fighting with this issue for a few months but no way I can find a solution. Maybe the vendor of the 1024 mb put another sticker with another speed on it. If it wouldnt be the same working speed, should it then be normal to see only the 1024 module? Yep Mine supports 2Gb ram.


  32. Hi,
    I have a Toshiba A50-543 which comes with a Samsung 512MB DDR PC2700 ram. (I think I’ve said it right, here’s the picture. I want to upgrade it to 1024MB ram but I don’t have much choice. It would be very difficult to find a same type ram. Would it be ok if I bought a DDR2 ram with high frequency? (like 533MHz) or shold I look for a DDR, and would a higher frequency than 333MHz do the job? First replies says it’s ok but a friend of mine said that he tried and it failed. Thank You…

  33. Hello again,

    Yesterday Toshiba released a new Bios for my laptop(V2.10). Installed it but still the same result. It looks like there is no 512 mb module inside, only a 1024 mb. I also tested starting up speeds and it looks that my laptop starts up and works a littlebit faster if I don’t insert the 512 module together with the 1024. When I only insert the 512 mb module it starts up very slow which is normal as that amount is way to less to let all my programs work. Anyone ideas?

    Thanks in advanve. Mika

  34. Laptop Freak

    It will not be difficult to find another PC2700 DDR memory module. Usually any computer store has it in stock. You cannot install DDR2 RAM into your laptop, it’s not designed for this type of memory and actually the memory slot is different. DDR2 memory will not fit into the slot on your laptop. You should look for a PC2700 module.

  35. Tyler Rafferty

    Firstly I think that your pictures and descriptions are great! Okay now for my problem, I sold a toshiba A65-S126 to a friend and he wants to upgrade the ram. He bought two sticks of 512 DDR Ram. Do I need to remove the keyboard and such to access the slots? He opened up the panels on the bottom and he said that there is no slots. PLEASE HELP. Thanks.

  36. Laptop Freak

    Tyler Rafferty,
    Toshiba Satellite A65 notebook has only one memory slot available for upgrades because the motherboard already has 256MB or 512MB integrated RAM. The memory slot available for upgrades is located on the bottom of the notebook and you can get an access to it if you remove the cover, as it shown on the step 1 in this teardown guide. You can install 256MB, 512MB or 1GB memory stick into this slot. If the slot is already occupied by another memory, replacing this module with a larger one is the only option you have.

  37. Hi

    I have a Sony PCG-FX101 Laptop – standard memory was 64mb. I upgraded this sometime back by installing an additional 256mb module. This worked fine for a long time, but recently combined with some OS issues on my laptop, only the 64mb module is recognised.
    I have swapped the modules around and both work in the same slot fine – i therefore suspect that 1 slot on the board is faulty / disabled.
    Is it possible for 1 slot to become disabled? If it is faulty, im assuming there is little that can be done?

    Your thoughts appreciated, matt.

  38. Laptop Freak

    I think you should try cleaning the slot, if it doesn’t help you’ll have to replace the motherboard. I’ve published your question here because I think this problem is not rare.

  39. I have a HP Pavillion zv5000 and I tried to upgrade my Memmory from 256mb with an additional 512mb in the available slot. After inserting the additional 512mb and turn on my computer, nothing happens on the screen. All I see is the light indicating that the computer is turned on, and that’s all. When I removed the upgrade, it came back on. I reinstalled the upgrade and it went dead again. Is there something I am doing wrong?

  40. Dj Osiris

    Hi this is a bit off topic of memory, but I have a Satellite M35x S111. I recently had the whole system board replaced and top cover courtesy of Toshiba, but I wanted to ask what was the correct driver load order for my model?

    This question has been published here.

  41. Esteban Carbajal

    I have an Satellite A75-S229 and I want to install more RAM. I believe the port to add the memory is under the same cover as the wireless card but I’m sure. Is it? If not, where would it be?

  42. Laptop Freak

    Esteban Garbajal,

    I believe the port to add the memory is under the same cover as the wireless card but I’m sure. Is it?

    You are correct, it’s there. Toshiba Satellite A70 and A75 has only one memory expansion slot ans it’s located close to the wireless card.
    You can install up to 1GB memory stick, use PC2700 DDR333 module.
    Tips for upgrading notebook memory.

  43. I have a question,
    I have a PC2100 laptop that use (DDR 333) 256 memory card.
    can I install a DDR 333 for PC2700?


  44. Laptop Freak

    PC2100 memory is DDR226.
    PC2700 memory is DDR333.

  45. Hi There

    I have a problem with my Laptop. I have got a Compaq Evo N1020v and recently bought a new PC2100 512MB Memory Module. I replaced my current 256MB one with the new one and it works perfectly. When I insert the 256MB in the second slot the memory increases to 768MB but while working after about 30 minutes the computer freezes, the mouse pointer even freezes and Ctrl + Alt + Del, does not do anything, it stays frozen. I thought that it might be that the memory is not compatible with each other so ordered another 512MB from MemoryX. After inserting the new one, the computer works for about 30 minutes then freezes. After changing BIOS Settings nothing helps. What I have noticed is after the first time I restart after it has frozen, the computer already freezes at the login and does not get further, after another restart the computer freezes before even getting to the login. After taking out the one 512MB the Laptop works perfectly again. Could you please help me as I dont know what is wrong.


  46. Laptop Freak

    I think that one of the memory slots is bad. I’ve posted some suggestions here: Laptop freezes when I install second memory module

  47. Hello, I have a HP pavilion ze4900 & it has broke again (and I think it’s my ram).

    This has happened to me before, where I would just have my computer on & running with programs and a blue screen with white text appears.

    and it looks like:

    Last time, someone repaired my computer by replacing a ram stick (256mb)

    Right now i have 2 (256mb); one that was replaced & one that came with the computer

    & the blue screen of death has come back again.
    At this point, what should I do?

    && if i were to replace the ram, would you recommend upgrading up to a 512mb? (for one slot)

    ThankYou!, HenryT.

  48. I tried to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 710m memory from 1 GB (2 X 512) to 2 GB (2 X 1GB). I bought a Crucial 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-5300 667MHz 200-pin SODIMM DDR2 Laptop Memory from Surprisingly the new memory doesnt fit into the socket. The nick present in between the pins (200 pins) is 1 mm close to one end (I compared with the one in my note book which has PC2700 DDR SDRAM SODIMM memory). Do you think this is a manufacturer damage or problem, or this new crucial memory doesnt support my notebook.

  49. Laptop Freak (sorry, don’t know your name:)

    You said that PC2700 is 333Mhz
    I have two RAM modules – 256MB DDR PC2700 166Mhz
    What is the best upgrade for me? Should I look for 166Mhz or can I install 333 or 533? Is it compatible and does it bring any benefit?
    If my Laptop has two RAM sockets and supports up to 1024Mb, can I use 1 1024Mb memory or does it has to be 2 x 512MB?

    Thank you in advance for the reply!

  50. I do have Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop. Brought PC2700 to upgrade it. As per steps suggested on this site (like remove D screws and open strip)… I have done that it doesn’t work. I removed all screws and even then the strip doesn’t come up. When I tried to remove Keyboard securing strip with thin object, the strip stretches out … sounds like it is breaking up. Any suggestions, please to upgrade memory.

    Thank You

  51. a helping hand

    Hello World
    First rule is verify you know what you got. Don’t think you do. Go check. Go to the website of the manufacturer of your laptop and check the memory types and quantities and memory slots that your laptop contains. Also check your bios settings and download any manuals that explains its features, especially those having to do with RAM.

    If the specifications say that the part you bought is good then the 2nd Rule is go fishing for the next best thing if it doesn’t work at first. As always turn off the laptop first and touch some metal table legs or the floor before touching internal components.(just discharge all the electricity you might have build up.) Then try the following things listed below one at a time and turn on the machine to see if everything is
    -Take out the memory and put it back in again
    -Trade slots with other memory if you have 2 slots
    -Test each memory by itself in each slot
    -Take memory back to the store for replacement
    -Take memory back to the store for a different brand
    -Take memory back to the store for a different size
    -Call the laptop manufacturer and order the memory from them, yes it costs more, but at least you have the right part that the manufacturer says is correct.
    -Get a new laptop without the stupid memory problems

  52. George Toma

    I need to upgrade my memory in my hp pavilion dv5122ea, i have 512MB of memory in one slot is it ok if i add another 1GB of ram in the other slot, or i need to have 2 ram with the same capacity…..

  53. Jim Borg

    I have a Dell Inspiron 2650 Inspiron with a Celeron processor and one 128 meg pc2100 marked as a 133 MHz memory module. I replaced the existing module under the keyboard with 256 meg pc2700 memory and installed a matching pc2700 module in the underside. On light / No Boot.
    I went back to original configuration. Boots as usual. I reinstalled the pc2700 memory. On light / No Boot. I did not attempt individual modules. My fingers were getting numb from handling little screws.

    Could my issue be that the pc2700 memory speed is unsupported. With great expectations, I ordered pc2100 memory but, as before, I will probably receive pc2700.

    Self-installed dual boot / dual partition
    Windows XP Pro
    Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

  54. pamela

    what happens if i install more than the recommended ram into a toshiba tecra 8000…specs say max 256 i want to go to at least 512

  55. the motherboard in my laptop supports only DDR1 RAM. initially i had only 2- 128 MB RAM of 266 mhz frez. but recently i upgraded it to 1 GB RAM of 400 mhz one slot is vacant can i use 128 MB RAM in one slot even if they are of different freq’s or will it hamper the processing.

  56. Pamela

    can i put more than the manufactured recommended maximum ram in a laptop?

  57. dear freak,
    do i have to change the memory in both slots on my compaq presario r3000 or is it possible to just change the memory under neath in slot 2 which is very easy? is it possible to install 1gb card in there?



  58. hi lee or any geeks outhere

    i have the same laptop (compac presario r3000)with u. i wanna replace my memory with 1 gb. but i realized both banks has 256mb, so all in all i have 512. Can i just replace one 256 on slot 2 (underside of the laptop) with 1gb and will it work?

    let me know please. thanks in advance

  59. Will

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M55-s3292 laptop. and misplaced my paperwork for it. i currently have 512 mb ram and am looking to add more in my extra compartment. i just want to know if i have to buy new ram for both slots or just the empty one? and what is a good brand to purchase that wont cause any problems slowing down my laptop or other performance?

  60. Laptop Freak


    I have a Toshiba Satellite M55-s3292 laptop. and misplaced my paperwork for it. i currently have 512 mb ram and am looking to add more in my extra compartment. i just want to know if i have to buy new ram for both slots or just the empty one?

    This laptop can take up to 2GB memory total (up to 1GB module in each slot). You don’t have to buy new memory for both slots. You can leave the original 512MB module in one slot and install 256/512/1024MB module into the empty slot. Just make sure use the correct type: PC2700 DDR 333MHz modules.
    Kingston is a good brand.

  61. Hello i have a IBM thinkpad r31 and i was wondering if i can put 512 mb memory in slot a and leave the stock 124 mb memory in slot b and it would read 636 mb of memory in my comp properties

  62. I have a Dell Inspiron 2650 that I’ve just upgraded the memory in both slots from 128 to 256. It appears to only recognize one slot and 256 total as my memory. From above reading, I think I have answered the question myself as to “Can the slot be bad?” The whole reason I was upgrading is because it was excruciatingly slow and hadn’t always been. It only recognized 128 even though it had two slots with 128. So, it’s possible the slot went bad before I even upgraded and I now need to replace that?

  63. hi guys…can u help me…can i upgrade/replace my the graphics card of my acer aspire 5710 with Intel GMA 950… i would like to make it suitable or good in gaming purposes…or if it cannot be upgrade. what other choice do i have..hope u could help me guys..need reply…

  64. I have a Sony Vaio PCG-K25. It came installed with (2) 256 MB PC-2700 RAM but I need to upgrade the memory. I purchased a 512 MB PC-2700 SO-DIMM 333 to match the specifications of the original RAM module. However it only shows 448 MB when both the 256MB are installed or if I have (1) 256 MB and (1) 512 MB. If I only use the 512 MB there is 448MB. If I only use (1) 256MB it decreases to 192MB which makes sense since the video card uses 64.

    I reset the BIOS every time I changed the the memory but it only changed once and that was to 192MB. It refuses to show 768MB. I have spoke to Sony multiple times now and they told me to purchase a 2100 module but that doesn’t seem to make sense. Should I just buy it and try?

  65. 666theboy

    i have a toshiba satellite L300-147 which is supposed to run 2gb ram max. i have 2gb sodimm ddr2 pc25300 667mhz in one slot and 1gb of same in the other slot and its now running with 3gb, all sorted. it says the graphics run at 358mb shared when you have 2gb of ram in, so is mine running at 484mb with the 3gb in? can i adjust the shared memory the same way you can adjust the paging file?or do i have to wait for an express slot stand alone graphics card? by the way my processor is a dual core pentium running at 1.73 if that helps. cheers laptop freak

  66. Hi. I have a fujitsu siemens Amilo 1705 notebook which currently has 1 gb of ram. I have 2 ports, one of which is empty. I have bought 512mb more ram and installed it into the other port, but when i boot it up, it only recognises 512mb of ram, even though the original 1gb is still installed. I have tried every combination (swapping the 1gb and 512 mb around), and just the 512mb and 1gb seperately in every combination. Im sure they are both installed correctly, and the manual says i can upgrade. Any help appreciated.

  67. I’ve a fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M1425. Its quite old now, but dont want to buy new laptop until next year. Meanwhile I was thinking of upgrading RAM so that it support new resource intensive applications. Currently it has 2 x 256 MB RAM (DDR333 SO DIMM PC2700) (total 512 MB) – [Other specs: processor – Pentium M 735]

    Manufacturer says machine can support 1GB RAM max. What will happen if I use 2 x 1 GB RAM (total 2 GB)? Will it simply ignore the extra RAM? Or will it fail to start? Can I get any BIOS upgrades to support the extra RAM?

    Many thanks…

  68. Peachie

    I have a problem with my toshiba laptop a105-s2031, I want to upgrade the memory of my laptop to 2 gb. Currently, it has 512 mb 533 mhz, nowadays this kind of memory is not in the market anymore. So I try to install 1 gb 677mhz of memory, but it didn’t work, I thought it must be a memory problem, so I try other brands like apacer, kingston and transcend. but none of them work. Can I still upgrade my laptop with other brand of memory???

  69. 666theboy, you should not exceed the 2GB max that is recomended by Toshiba, unless you don’t mind burning up your CPU and possibly having to replace your mother-board. which by the way is very exspensive ($400 to 500) just for the Mo-board. You might be able to find a referb. cheaper ($125 to 200), but even that is not worth burning up a perferctly good Laptop just to get a little extra performance. Cut back on the memory and save yourself some big bucks.