Can I use two different size memory modules?

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I upgraded the memory on my laptop from 1 256mb card to a 512mb card in slot a and put the 256mb card in slot b. I have a toshiba A45 S120, do i need to take the 256 card out for it to work at 512 pace, or does it matter that i have two different size cards in the slots?

Toshiba Satellite A45-S120 laptop has two memory slots available for upgrades. This model will accept up to 2GB. You should use PC2100 DDR266 memory modules. You do not have to remove the 256 memory module. It is perfectly fine if you use two different size memory modules in both slots. If you use 512MB in slot A and 256MB in slot B, the laptop should recognize 768MB installed. You can use 128MB, 256MB, 512MB or 1GB modules in each slot. Another story would be with the memory speed. Your laptop is designed for PC2100 (266MHz). Most likely you can use PC2700 (333MHz) module but it will clock down to 266MHz and you memory card will run at PC2100 pace (266MGz).

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  1. 666theboy, you should not exceed the 2GB max that is recomended by Toshiba, unless you don’t mind burning up your CPU and possibly having to replace your mother-board. which by the way is very exspensive ($400 to 500) just for the Mo-board. You might be able to find a referb. cheaper ($125 to 200), but even that is not worth burning up a perferctly good Laptop just to get a little extra performance. Cut back on the memory and save yourself some big bucks.

  2. Peachie

    I have a problem with my toshiba laptop a105-s2031, I want to upgrade the memory of my laptop to 2 gb. Currently, it has 512 mb 533 mhz, nowadays this kind of memory is not in the market anymore. So I try to install 1 gb 677mhz of memory, but it didn’t work, I thought it must be a memory problem, so I try other brands like apacer, kingston and transcend. but none of them work. Can I still upgrade my laptop with other brand of memory???

  3. I’ve a fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M1425. Its quite old now, but dont want to buy new laptop until next year. Meanwhile I was thinking of upgrading RAM so that it support new resource intensive applications. Currently it has 2 x 256 MB RAM (DDR333 SO DIMM PC2700) (total 512 MB) – [Other specs: processor – Pentium M 735]

    Manufacturer says machine can support 1GB RAM max. What will happen if I use 2 x 1 GB RAM (total 2 GB)? Will it simply ignore the extra RAM? Or will it fail to start? Can I get any BIOS upgrades to support the extra RAM?

    Many thanks…

  4. Hi. I have a fujitsu siemens Amilo 1705 notebook which currently has 1 gb of ram. I have 2 ports, one of which is empty. I have bought 512mb more ram and installed it into the other port, but when i boot it up, it only recognises 512mb of ram, even though the original 1gb is still installed. I have tried every combination (swapping the 1gb and 512 mb around), and just the 512mb and 1gb seperately in every combination. Im sure they are both installed correctly, and the manual says i can upgrade. Any help appreciated.

  5. 666theboy

    i have a toshiba satellite L300-147 which is supposed to run 2gb ram max. i have 2gb sodimm ddr2 pc25300 667mhz in one slot and 1gb of same in the other slot and its now running with 3gb, all sorted. it says the graphics run at 358mb shared when you have 2gb of ram in, so is mine running at 484mb with the 3gb in? can i adjust the shared memory the same way you can adjust the paging file?or do i have to wait for an express slot stand alone graphics card? by the way my processor is a dual core pentium running at 1.73 if that helps. cheers laptop freak

  6. I have a Sony Vaio PCG-K25. It came installed with (2) 256 MB PC-2700 RAM but I need to upgrade the memory. I purchased a 512 MB PC-2700 SO-DIMM 333 to match the specifications of the original RAM module. However it only shows 448 MB when both the 256MB are installed or if I have (1) 256 MB and (1) 512 MB. If I only use the 512 MB there is 448MB. If I only use (1) 256MB it decreases to 192MB which makes sense since the video card uses 64.

    I reset the BIOS every time I changed the the memory but it only changed once and that was to 192MB. It refuses to show 768MB. I have spoke to Sony multiple times now and they told me to purchase a 2100 module but that doesn’t seem to make sense. Should I just buy it and try?

  7. hi guys…can u help me…can i upgrade/replace my the graphics card of my acer aspire 5710 with Intel GMA 950… i would like to make it suitable or good in gaming purposes…or if it cannot be upgrade. what other choice do i have..hope u could help me guys..need reply…

  8. I have a Dell Inspiron 2650 that I’ve just upgraded the memory in both slots from 128 to 256. It appears to only recognize one slot and 256 total as my memory. From above reading, I think I have answered the question myself as to “Can the slot be bad?” The whole reason I was upgrading is because it was excruciatingly slow and hadn’t always been. It only recognized 128 even though it had two slots with 128. So, it’s possible the slot went bad before I even upgraded and I now need to replace that?

  9. Hello i have a IBM thinkpad r31 and i was wondering if i can put 512 mb memory in slot a and leave the stock 124 mb memory in slot b and it would read 636 mb of memory in my comp properties

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