I dropped a drink on my keyboard

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Hi my name is Sam and was wondering if you could help me, I recently (last Friday) dropped a cordial drink on my keyboard which then soaked through. It will not power up but the DVD driver and fan will start under DVD mode (button on top near power button). Please could you give me any advice on cleaning the insides as I have been quoted £100 to get it clean which I don’t have?

Unfortunately, liquid spills are very unpredictable and any part in the laptop could be damaged. Even a part not affected by the liquid directly could go bad. A liquid spill diagnostic is expensive because the laptop must be completely taken apart for an inspection. In 99% it is not enough just to clean the system board or the keyboard; the entire part must be replaced. I think if you can fix your laptop for £100 it is a good deal. Some companies charge $120 just for the diagnostic and the price doesn’t include parts or labor charges.

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  1. Onitha

    This morning my office laptop was not powering up. It seemed that water had leaked from an AC duct on the ceiling and on to the keyboard. The model is a Toshiba A35 and since the waranty had expired, we opened up the casing and tried to dry up the water. We dreid up most of the water on the steel plate covering the circuit boards but were unable to go in deeper due to not knowing how to open it up. Then we dried it under a table fan for some time. The laptop now recieves power (the power light comes on) but there is no reponse from the hard drive or the keyboard (hard drive light does not come on / non of the keyboard lights like the caps lock light come on) and the screen does not have any display. Please tell me what to do. Also please advice me on how to reach the circuit boards (i.e. the mother board) as we could dry it up more thourghly. Please help. Thank you on advance.

  2. Hi,
    Hope someone can help.
    A friend of mine has had a PCG-K86P since new but has not used it for at least 9 months due to the DC connector at the rear being broken. Last week she finally decided to buy the replacement part – this IO now have in my possession.
    I attempted to replace the broken part last night however I can’t seem to get underneath the keyboard.
    I have spoken to Sony who are unable to supply any documentation to assist.
    It looks like I need to take the LCD off to get to some screws but it didn’t appear obvious how to.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as too would be anything else that I would need to be careful about.

  3. Chris

    One year ago, my daughter spilled a cup of water or juice on my wife’s Compaq Presario. When that happened, I immediately flipped the computer upside down and cleaned the liquid, and we left it like that for about 30 minutes. I tried to power it up the the power came on but no screen – only black out screen. Every time when I start up my computer, everything that is suppsoed to light up lights up (like the power button and that thing that tell you teh wireless is on etc etc, but the monitor wont display anything at all)

    Please you help or suggestion is highly appreciated.

  4. My hubby spilled beer on my a55 today. I took the machine apart properly and let it dry. I put it back together and the keyboard is the only thing that doesn’t work. If you lightly press the buttons in the middle (where the ribbon is, at 7, y, etc.) the computer starts to beep once every second, until the pc is powered down. I pulled up note pad while it was beepng, but nothing came up on the screen and the pc kept beeping. If I move the ribbon, the noise will sometimes stop and I’m able to make the keys respond, but they display the wrong info on the LCD. Would this be a keyboard only issue or a motherboard issue?

  5. Valerie

    We have a Toshiba notebook (only 4 months old.). My son tried to power it up the other week and the computer turned on for a minute (green lites) and then….black screen. However, when we took it for service they said it was fine,. Sure enough, got it home and it worked perfectly for a few days. Then, it happened again. Now they say coffee was spilled on the mother board, thus voiding the warranty and they suspect that is what is causing the damage. Well, we don’t have coffee in our home and you can pretty much tell that nothing was spilled from looking at the pristine keyboard. If coffee got spilled, I think it happened when they opened up the laptop for diagnostics. Now we have the computer back and it is working again abut I know it will go blank soon. What do you think is going on?

    Probably something is spilled onthe mother board becasue it smells like coffee now. But If that shorted out the mother board, why is is working intermittantly? Does that make sense? I would think it would just not work at all. Any thoughts? Can’t afford another laptop and really upset about all this.

  6. Laptop Freak

    Test the laptop with an external monitor. If you cannot get image on the external monitor too, it’s possible the motherboard has been damaged and has to be replaced.
    Here’s some general tips.

    1. make sure the CPU is seated properly and is locked in the socket
    2. make sure the memory module is seated properly
    3. if you can get video on the external screen, check the connection between the video cable and motherboard. Reseat the cable and test again.

  7. hey, a few months back my 1 year old daughter was looking at a dvd with my wife on my laptop, and vomited (juice)on the laptop. The laptop was pluged into my trucks power source. After a few minutes the sony vaio pcg-frv 25 shut down. It would not come back on. After i disassembled and wiped up the liquid i let it air dry for about 3 weeks to a month. I assembled the laptop back together and it came back on. The fan works but the screen is completely back. I cant see any images on the screen. “the juice went on the screen and down into the key area”. Can you please give me some feed back on this situation or any comment would be helpful. thanks samg

  8. hi i have just recently split a whole glass of coke over my dads keyoard all the other keys are working ut as u can see the ee and sleeep ray as in the ones dwn the ottem of the keyoard i spilt wen i was aout to go to ed and nw the ed dont work or the ray and my uncle and my dad tried fiing it and took the whole keyoard apart and tried to clean out the coke ut it did not work so please can i have some advice of how to sort it out thanks

  9. Lizard

    Hi all… I’ve got a Compaq Presario V4000 that I is less than a year old (but I’ve used it so much that it looks older). Well anyway, my boyfriend accidently spilled about 1/5th of a cup of punch on the keyboard yesterday. When that happened, he immediately flipped the computer upside down and we left it like that for about 10 minutes. We turned the computer back on and everything is fine. I typed random things in the Microsoft Word program and everything appeared alright. The only effect that I am aware of is the backspace key, which just feels like there’s a sticky substance underneath it whenever I tap it. Should I worry about anything else from that incident?

  10. Hi, i recently dropped some cranberry juice over my keyboard and when i pressed the buttons on the keyboard they came out with different letters as to what i was pressing. Is there anything i can do to help this problem? I’m in so much trouble as it was not my computer. PLEASE help me ASAP

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