Laptop dropped and now it has no light

I just drop my Dell 1420 laptop and ask for some technicians , there is a display but there is no light, they said my laptop’s problem was LCD LIGHTS. Can i just buy any 14.1 LCD lamp?

Most likely the screen has no light because you damaged the backlight lamp. The backlight lamp is mounted INSIDE the LCD screen. It’s very hard to replace the backlight lamp and if you try, there is a good chance that you damage the screen. Do it only if you have nothing to lose.

The display disassembly instructions could be found in this service manual for Dell Inspiron/Vostro 1420 laptops. It is not necessary to separate the display panel from the laptop. Simply remove the screen bezel, disconnect the screen from the video cable and replace it with a new screen.

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  1. Joy Harvey

    I recently had the screen on my Gateway 450sx4 go out, I replaced the inverter and it worked fine for about a week today it went out again. Is there something else that is making it go out? or did I just get another bad inverter (bought on ebay).

  2. Laptop Freak

    Joy Harvey,

    I replaced the inverter and it worked fine for about a week today it went out again. Is there something else that is making it go out?

    I think it’s possible that you got a bad inverter.

  3. Catharine

    I have a dell D830 that I bought through my college. About two weeks ago, I stepped on the screen, I took it in, it was under warranty, hard drive was ok, etc. Easy fix. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I pick it up and head out of town. I use it in the car, it works perfectly, new screen looks great. Next morning I go to use it and the backlight has gone out so i can faintly see the outline of my icons on my desktop but it is impossible to use because I can’t see my mouse. So I return back to college after the holiday and determine that as long as the computer is not plugged in the backlight works, but as soon as I plug it in the computer makes one beep about 10-20 seconds later and the backlight goes out. If I close it at this point this little tiny dot of a light that I’ve never seen before shows up by the external battery icon. If I unplug it at this point the screen remains dark, so i must hibernate it and then sign in again to get the backlight to work again. What the heck is going on?

  4. I have one of the older macbooks, and dropped it last night. the LCD screen is completly messed up, when i turn on my laptop i get the light coming on but a kind of rainbow of patterns and colours. i have some really important documents on the laptop that i need off of it. any ideas how i can get them off?

  5. Hello
    There isn’t really a comment log for my query and am wondering whether you can help.

    I purchased a 15.6″ toshiba satellite laptop for my son before christmas and realised that the power on/off light near the speakers and keyboard does not light up. The laptop works, but do you think I should return the laptop? Do you think it could lead to other problems?


  6. Jordan

    Hello, my questions is similar to this, i have a sony vaio laptop. It recently fell off my desk and two days later the display randomly turns on and off throughout use of the laptop but the laptop remains on. Any knowledge of what this could be?

  7. Brenda Michael

    I cannot close my Dell Inspiron 1526. The right hinge appears to be broken. But the screen still displays just fine. I have searched the Dell website looking for answers on how to fix it and how to get parts for it, but have come up empty handed. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.

  8. Scott Meyer

    I have a gateway nv53 it has a display but no backlight. I also understand it uses a different type of backlight. I cannot find inverter so i can only assume it is built into the screen. I assume i will need to replace screen to solve problem. I am concerned if it may be in the motherboard. I hate to spend money hanging parts could someone please advise as i do not know which direction to go.