My Toshiba has no serial number on the bottom

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I bought a Toshiba Tecra M2 used from someone on craigslist. (Won’t return my phone calls) When I tried to buy a startup replacement disk from Toshiba, I discovered to my horror that there was no serial number on the bottom of the computer and the serial number was also gone from the applications menu. The Toshiba people didn’t have any other ideas about how to find the serial number and taking it to a repair shop is way too expensive. Is there another way to find the serial number, and can I get any support if the computer was stolen? The XP Pro software has a virus that no one can locate and I need to reload everything for the computer to be useable again.

To the best of my knowledge, on Toshiba laptops you can find the serial number in two different places. The first place would be the sticker on the bottom of the laptop. The second location is the DMI string. Each Toshiba motherboard should be programmed with a DMI string and this string has information about the laptop (model name, part number and serial number). Unfortunately the utility for writing/reading the DMI string is not available for general public, only certified Toshiba technicians can access it. If you want to find the laptop serial number, you’ll have to go to an authorized Toshiba service center. If the serial number has been erased from the DMI string, I don’t know any other way to find it.
By the way, if the DMI sting has been programmed with a wrong model name you’ll get a “Wrong Machine” message when you boot the laptop from the recovery DVD and start the recovery process. I believe the utility for writing a correct model name into the DMI string is available for download (for some Toshiba models).

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  1. thanks so much
    but i don’t know how to open the laptop

  2. pls i use a dell laptop and the serial number has been erased. how can i get know the serial number of my laptop

  3. Sambhu Nath

    My IBM T30 laptop has no serial number on the bottom. Is there another way to find the serial number?

  4. Amund Midtskog

    Well – I am a a Toshiba tec. First off start using the program: Mainboard DMI information viewer (current ver 1.0). If the string is gone here – then u need to take pictures of the HDD/ODD/BAT (with each of the serial numbers visible) and contact the manufacturer. These serialnumbers in combination only matches/is unique to one unit serialnumber (the one you are after). Unfortunly, this type of work – and forwarding of information usually only happens between a service-partner and the respective manufacturer…

    Have a nice day

  5. You can also lookup at Toshiba Diagnostic Setup, that is there in Start – AllPrograms.

  6. Where i can get Toshiba A300 1G5 Agreement number for online registration

  7. G Laverne

    Toshiba Satellite S5005 loses date and time. Is there a CMOS battery? If so where is it and where can I get a replacement?

  8. get a copy of keyfinder.exe this will get the real serial number!

  9. Opps! Follow up on keyfinder! when you run it, COPY down your serial number and save it in a sfe place!!

  10. Denise

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A135. My 4th generation 2GB IPOD is not recoginized in by the Computer, but my 512mb shuffle is. After researching, I found in order for my 2GB to be recoginized, I may need to update my drivers, but recommended it should only be done with updating BIOS (I have V1.60). I can’t seem to find the correct code (ex: xxxxxxxx.86A.1663…) Is it necessary to update BIOS, if so, how can I do that?

  11. Laptop Freak


    Is it necessary to update BIOS, if so, how can I do that?

    Go to Toshiba website, find downloads for your laptop. Find the latest BIOS available, make sure it’s the right one and supports OS installed on your laptop (it’s in the description). Download the file and run it.
    Make sure the laptop is connected to the AC adapter while updating the BIOS. Read instructions first.

  12. Denise

    Thanks. I take I must download BIOS in order to update my drivers?

  13. Trevor Lack

    I have a Hi Grade Notino C7000i laptop and about 12-14 months ago it just started to run really slow, my cpu usage is never particularly high so I don’t understand why ts so slow as I did not put any large programs onto it, its driving me mad it takes at least 40 minutes to boot up before I can even consider using it without feeling like throwing it through a window and then when it is working it can take ridiculously long periods of time to do the simplest of tasks, it has windows XP on it and also I have plenty of space on my hard drive and ideas before I cause a death by throwing it out of the window?

  14. william young

    you could reload win xp or try ubuntu or other linux
    maby get more ram
    and last (and certantly least ,but more costly) get a new laptop

  15. Wendy Merritt

    Thanks Vish! That was exactly what I needed.


    I can’t believe the lame customer service I am receiving at Toshiba. Their own registration department can’t even tell you how to find the serial number unless it is on the label (which is worn off because that is where you hold it to tranport it)!

    Don’t even get me started on my 4 month ordeal in trying to order a restore disk for my 2 Satellite P105-S6024 laptops! I have YET to receive them…I digress.

    Thanks for the helping me find the serial number to this laptop.

  16. Toshiba just tried to pass off a refurbished laptop for my lost one they have had since November 2009. I have the Serviceguard and 2 yrs left on my warranty and am covered for everything and any cause but they lost it and when they first tried to replace with refurbished they said warranty and serviceguard wouldnt continue with replacement. What a crock! That isnt right so I refused it and then they tried to send me one and said, “oh by the way, the serial number sticker will come in mail later since yours isnt there anymore. I dont trust them anymore as this is obviously a scam by Toshiba.

    Yes, can you believe it, they are trying to either screw me by doing this and if something happens to this refurbished one the serial # wont match something or they are trying to rip off their warranty company.

    Yes, Toshiba is committing fraud but they are smart enough to not send this stuff to me by email. I am almosy 2 months and still have no laptop and am under warranty and paid extra for their Serviceguard. Be Warned they are a Crooks and absolutely horrible Cust Service as they stole my laptop and have no intention of solving this correctly.

  17. m usman weince

    thanks for help

  18. Clinton Harris

    I have a satellite p100 and the sticker on the bottom is fine. The problem is, all it says is p100 and I would like to download some drivers to run the touchpad and sd card reader. This is complete crap and I now despise Toshiba.

    What a waste of money for the warranty because it means nothing to them. Another reason for them to waste customers time with rebuttals why it is not covered. I am not even asking for repair or anything from them but they immediately started telling me why they could not talk to me.

    Unless they charge me over the phone.

    I am in warranty and I just called to get the exact model number, to a computer I bought from them, and which they didn’t think to label it fully. I mean what is going on with this company?

    Well needless to say I will do my best to warn others against this untrustworthy company. If you are in the market for a laptop, do not even consider Toshiba. They will do nothing for you that they say they will. My Toshiba is a nice computer and I am happy with it, but the company has STOLEN my money that I paid for the warranty.

    There are more complaints to read than useful information when you are searching for it, so don’t waste your time or money with this company that thinks so little of you after you have bought. Down with Toshiba, I hope the BBB shuts their manufacturing down and restricts them from ever selling another computer.

  19. Laptop Freak

    Clinton Harris,

    I have a satellite p100 and the sticker on the bottom is fine. The problem is, all it says is p100 and I would like to download some drivers to run the touchpad and sd card reader.

    I think you can download these drivers for any P100 laptop model and they will work.

  20. you can also see your laptop model in start – system tools-system informations

  21. Try Belarc Advisor it will show everything you need 🙂

  22. I have a Toshiba T4400sx and it has a password that is in the BIOS as I remember I need access to it to change the password..I sort of remember an F2 or something that gains me access.

  23. I have a Toshiba a665-s6098 Laptop , I bought this from ***’s advertised with back light Screen and keyboard , not so
    I have found it impossible to stay online without being plugged in . I have looked all over for the PIN # with no luck , called support since it is under warranty and they tried to get me to pay close to $300 for more warranty.
    I have tried so many ways to get WiFi to work , when I do get it to work it only last a few days before I have to plug in and go threw hours of Grief, eventualy I usually get the Grayed out WiFi to turn on. Why is this such a problem ? The Battery last almost a 1/2 Hour on eco before it’s dead, do I have a Lemon ?

  24. Miguel Trs.

    I bought a Toshiba laptop (model s5009b) at Fry’s Electronics back in 2010, well it’s been a year and the serial number wich is underneath the computer ofcourse wore off,
    the computer broke down it doesn’t turn on,it doesn’t charge the battery no lights at all; well I have the 2 year warranty I had bought and took it down to FRY’S ELECTRONICS and now they’re saying they can not help me because there’s no serial number when I have all the paper work for the Item, this just p…z me off and the money I spent on the extended warranty just flew away out my pocket.