Dell starts with green vertical lines through all LCD

I have a Inspiron 9400/E1705 with a nvidia geforce go 7800, when i start the system (DELL logo) appears green vertical lines through all lcd display, when i tried to test the 3D the display die and then a blue screen say the hardware is something wrong and the driver, i’m not sure if the card is bad, because it works for a time and then failed, i tried to reinstall O.S.(windowsXP) and drivers and it works for a while and then fail so now i have uninstalled the nvidia driver when i started windows the display is good with no lines but poor resolution due to video card is uninstalled.

If you see vertical lines as soon as you turn on the laptop and they run through the Dell logo, most likely this is a hardware related problem and this problem is not related to the operating system or the video card driver.
Test your laptop with an external monitor. Attach the monitor to the laptop, turn on the laptop and press Fn+F8 to switch the video signal to the external screen. If you see the same green vertical lines on the external monitor, most likely you have a problem with the video card.

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  1. Hi, I have a Fujitsu Siemens D8830 Laptop and I was wondering if it’s possible to upgrade the Graphics Chip. Where do I find it within the Laptop?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. I am having same problem with Dell M90. Dell replaced LCD screen and NVDIA G-card under warranty but it is still coming up. So they replaced LCD, G-Card, and motherboard. No good. Same problem.
    Any thought?

  3. Laptop Freak

    The laptop displays lines on the screen?
    Do you know if they replaced the video cable?

    I have been looking everywhere for someone who can shed light on my situation. I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 and I’m getting the same problem. I called Dell but they wanted me to pay them 40 bucks to help.
    Is the video drive integrated into the motherboard on my model as well? Or can I just replace the video card itself? Its an nvidia GeforceGo as well. I’m starting it in safe mode right now to see if i can do anything whatsoever to help it.

  5. Santiago

    I found a partial solution. It seems to be a problem with the Geforce memory that got screwed. Changing the video card should solve this, and as it’s not integrated it’s possible to do.
    Until you find a new card, you can enter Windows in safe mode and disable the video card. Then when you boot, Windows will load with VGA driver. It is REALLY slow, but you can get to use your computer. You can get to a resolution of 1600×1200. If you have the 1920×1200 17″ screen you may want to disable expand resolution from the BIOS, so image doesn’t get distorted (On the other hand, you will get two black lines at the sides). This is the best I could do by now.

  6. Sharon Laptop Mom

    Hello, My son has a Gateway Lap model 7405GX and when it is turned on the display is distored with lines running vertical through the display, even when an external monitor is hooked up to it.

  7. hi all.

    i have a sony vaio laptop. it had a graphics chip problem so i purchsed anothermotherboard for it, upon fitting it, it now powers up with nothing coming out of the display or externally. it has a row of 8 dipswitches on the motherboard would it be these just need setting in right order? put them the same as my old board but powers on but no display or anything!
    sony laptop model number is vgn-a215m.

  8. Laptop Freak


    it now powers up with nothing coming out of the display or externally.

    1. Make sure the CPU is seated properly and is LOCKED in the socket on the motherboard.
    2. Make sure the memory module is properly seated in the slot on the motherboard. Reseat the memory module.

    it has a row of 8 dipswitches on the motherboard would it be these just need setting in right order?

    Not sure about that. But if you are going to play with the switches, make a note and write down the original position for each switch so you can set everything back to the original state.

  9. Santiago

    So, I finally got my laptop repaired. I called Dell, and even though warranty had expired, they replaced de video chipset, and the RAM, and now everything is working just fine. My advice, call Dell, complain, and get the parts replaced.

  10. Rob Stevens

    I own a Dell Inspiron 4150 with a 14 inch display.
    My LCD panel was recently cracked.
    I have been pricing laptop screens on Ebay, but i was wondering if the panel itself can be taken out of the casing and used to replace my broken one. In other words, if they are the same size, can LCD panels be interchanged?

  11. Hello. Recently, I noticed that during any gaming situations, my laptop screen will eventually (usually after about 10 minutes) start to flicker black, and then restore itself every few minutes. While it hasn’t caused any serious situations, other then the irritation of the constant flicker to black, but I would like to resolve the issue.
    It was fine until relatively recently, around the same time my hard drive seemed to lose connection and required a re-imaging to repair.

  12. Tabitha Albrecht

    I have a dell laptop that recently started displaying a thin vertical green line that goes down the right side (about an inch and a half away from the edge). If you tip the screen a different way, you cant see it, but it stays there and is there everytime it is powered up. It is a lattitude 510/610. Any help out there??

  13. To whoever runs this website.

    I have the same problem on the same laptop and am wanting more information from Santiago about how he got Dell to replace the parts with an expired warrenty. Is there any way you can put me in touch with him?



  14. hey guys! I have the same dam problem on my dell e1705…the vertical lines won’t go away and i can only bootup in safe mode…i did a diagnostic and it appeard to be a hard drive problem so i bought a new one and it the lines were gone! But only for like 10min and it happend again on my new hard drive…
    Please help me… My warranty has expired…

  15. So I have an E1705 with a Gefore 7800 go too…and I am having the exact same problem. When I boot the computer I get the lones all across the screen and then it won’t load windows. Well I think it loads windows but my screen goes black. It even connects to my wireless. But witht the screen still black. It will go into safe mode. What do I do? Change the graphics card? The ram? The harddrive? HELP! 🙂

  16. Hi

    I’m having a similar problem with my Gateway P-6831 FX
    laptop. It has been, for about a day now, had green pixels in replacement of black. These pixels constantly flicker when I use my computer. These dead pixels also form broken lines across everything that is supposed to be black and even a few dark colours. I could really use your help and advice if you feel happy to assist me to fix it. Of note, I do not have an extra monitor or tv to hook it up to.

  17. Just curious to see if we all have one thing in common: Vista BIE Install with Vista Loader 2.1.3 (Windows Vista Activator 2008)? Think this is the culprit. It modifies our bios and creates the problem. When I installed OEM original XP MCE on my E1705 and M1710 (yes, you read right. I have 2 laptops with the same problem) it goes away. I’ll post back later. I got some ideas.

  18. Reporting back:
    It appears to be faulty video card! It was OK for awhile then it came back. On one laptop I was able to install MCE but could not exceed a certain resolution. The other one would work sometimes but then it wouldn’t. I would see vertical green lines through the boot screen and Windows loading but would then go blank. If I started in safe moode it would boot. I ran Dell Diagnostics and it gave me video error failures. Bad video card.

  19. I am using a tv with my Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop, however, I only get the backdrop on my TV, not the desktop icons, etc. What should I do?

  20. I have similar problem on my old Dell Inspiron 8500: vertical wrong lines before loading windows and after. The problem is about HW or FW (firmware), but I have notice that hitting the PC (not with the hammer 😉 something change, so I have the suspect something (graphic card) is moved inside the machine, I guess it’s a bad contact of graphic card, or some boards in the next days I will open the machine to try to fix the problem if I’m right. Bye.

  21. My issue: Dell laptop Inspiron E1705, Nvidia, expired warranty. While I was working on the laptop the screen just went black. When I tried to turn it on I got sets of 4 dotted vertical lines all over the screen, not on the Dell logo. The laptop it tries to turn on Windows and the screen goes black. In safe mode it’s OK, I defragmented it once and then it worked for a day and now nothing helps. On the extended test I had error code 5300:0119,detected a failure while writing and reading video memory. Video mode: 101h, 103h, 105h, 107h, 111h, etc. Also error code 3600:0649 for an invalid AC adapter (which is weird cos. it’s the original Dell adapter). Also I had a runtime error 216at 08f2aeod. I have read all the posts but I’m still not clear on what to do. Help?!

  22. Joe Bloggs

    Yep same problem as Jim with his Dell M90. Still working to find a solution it just appeared from nowhere as caused a BSOD. Rebooted with these green lines down the screen and now wont boot. Seems to get stuck on hard-drive checking?? Will post back if I find a solution.

  23. Hey everyone – I have the exact same problem, except on a Toshiba P100-ST9012 (long out of warranty). At boot, several vertical green dashed lines (in groups of 3) going across the Toshiba logo. Then as it loads Windows these disappear. But then the computer just hangs and sits there.

    Running in safemode works. Disabling NVidia works. Flashing the bios worked twice… for about a week each time. Reinstalling Windows worked once, for a week.

    Has anyone tried a total reinstall from the computer recovery disc? (Should I try digging it up?)

    Or is it indeed a hardware problem? Loose memory problem? Is that fixable?

    If not, is it possible to download a generic driver that at least gives you external display support?

    (Figure if I can’t fix it, I may as well connect it to a monitor to get a higher resolution or something. 1024×768 looks horrible on a 1600×900 screen…)

    Thanks so much!

  24. Laptop Freak


    I have the exact same problem, except on a Toshiba P100-ST9012 (long out of warranty). At boot, several vertical green dashed lines (in groups of 3) going across the Toshiba logo. Then as it loads Windows these disappear. But then the computer just hangs and sits there.

    Sounds like a problem with the video card.

    Has anyone tried a total reinstall from the computer recovery disc? (Should I try digging it up?)

    It will not help. When you run recovery disc, you are reinstalling Windows, but your problem appears even before Windows loads. You have a hardware related problem, it’s not related to the software.

    Or is it indeed a hardware problem? Loose memory problem? Is that fixable?

    You’ll have to test the laptop with an external monitor. If the same problem appears on the external video, you have a faulty video card.

    If not, is it possible to download a generic driver that at least gives you external display support?

    Again, it’s not a software related problem.

  25. Joe Bloggs

    Just a follow up to my last post. Had the Dell geek around here and he replace the graphics card on my M90.
    Fixed it straight away, no more lines.

    Given these cards are power hungry they require lots of cooling. The cooling vents I noted when he swapped out the card, was full of dust and so I am sure I overheated it at some point.

    This was a hardware fault in my case and nothing I could do in software would fix it. Hope this helps.

  26. I have found a SOLUTION to my problem about the display of (old) Dell Inspiron 8500 (I wrote my problem last Feb. 20th, 2009 see below), easy, I have contacted Dell and I have bought a new graphic card and now it works properly. The warranty is expired but Dell follow my question without problems.
    Only two SMALL problems: the new card is refurbished and they don’t advise me in the quotation but only after the delivery and payment. The 2nd is they didn’t advise me about the different Brand so I had to loose some time and then change the drivers and s/w for the new model (technical service help me to find the drivers on Dell web site). The old not working card is gone back to Dell. The price of the card from Dell was the same or lower than eBay offers.
    Pressing the keyboard with OLD graphic card the bad lines on display was changing and warming up the images was improved.
    I hope it will help someone. Bye!!! Fabio

  27. Camila


    Did you change only the video card?
    Isn´t it welded on the motherboard?
    I have the same problem with my Inspiron E1705 an the guys from Dell told me it´s impossible change only the video card…

  28. Camila,

    First off, the Dell guys are mistaken: the video card assembly CAN be replaced on an E1705 – I’ve had mine swapped once and I removed it for cleaning a couple times. In fact, I just had it out about an hour ago.

    To echo what Laptop Freak has said, it’s not a software problem (Windows, Linux, etc) if you’re getting these goofy screen artifacts immediately upon boot-up. If you see it during that very first Dell splash screen then it’s going to be a hardware problem.

    Also, you can eliminate the laptop LCD as a problem by plugging in an external monitor and using Fn-F8 to activate the screen you just plugged in. I think Laptop Freak also mentioned this earlier.


    For those of you with distorted video on Dells, there is a built-in diagnostic utility that will allow you to run a bunch of different tests on your system. To access this utility, press and hold the Fn key while pressing the power button. A couple of the “Lock” LEDs just below the screen will flash; at that point you can let go of the Fn key and the power button. If you call Dell for tech support, they’re probably going to have you do the same thing.

    The utility will start and will run a bunch of basic tests. The tests can take a while, maybe 10 minutes or so if you have a lot of RAM, but when finished an advanced diag utility will open. From here you can choose to run a complete system test, or you can cherry-pick the tests you want to run. I had the same goofy video artifacts many of you describe so I ran the video test.

    In my case, my system is coughing up error code 5300:0119, video memory fault at so-and-so location. In other words, GPU and/or video RAM are toast. BTW, this is an Inspiron E1705 laptop with GeForce 7800 Go GPU. It is NOT permanently attached to the mobo and can be replaced (on this model, anyway).

    This is the third time in about 2 months I’ve had this problem, thankfully under extended warranty. The air vents are clean, the fans are working, and it screwed up this last time (today) while I was away from the laptop for several hours. I think that’s the key – I closed the lid with the lappy running and I think it got a bit toasty in there. So don’t do that. Either leave the lid open or shut down/hibernate the laptop. Now that I think about it, I’ve been doing that more and more lately so it’s altogether possible this has been the problem all along.

    For those of you out of warranty who choose to buy a new GPU assembly, Dell has some disassembly instructions on their website. Let me see if I can guide you through the website:

    1. Go to and click the Product Support link on the left.
    2. After the page updates, click the link labeled “Select a different product”.
    3. A new window will open up. Enter either your service tag, or use the Select Model option to pick your model.
    4. That window will close and your model should now appear in the original window. Choose the Manuals link.
    5. Click the English button. Choose Service Manual, either view or download.

    There you go – you now have the instructions for completely tearing apart your laptop. It’s not difficult at all – just be patient and be sure to keep track of all of the little screws. Unless you’re taking apart the LCD screen itself you shouldn’t have to fight to get any of the stuff removed, so if you find something that’s not coming off easily take another look around on the laptop for the screw(s) you didn’t see the first time.

  29. wyvernone

    The videoRAMs and/or GPU are toasted – but you may be able to reduce the clock speed of the core GPU/VRAM using rivatuner and use it for non-3d intensive tasks. Otherwise you have to replace the video card if you want to keep playing 3D games.

    Some of these might help make the machine stable enough for light graphics programs:

    – In the Nvidia driver, enable powermizer.
    – install rivatuner and reduce the clock speed of the core GPU and/or VRAM rate for text modes, 2d modes, and heavy 3d modes
    – turn off directdraw and direct 3d acceleration

  30. tinister

    Hey everyone –

    This thread was super helpful. I have a Dell e1705 and two weeks ago; I left it running for about 2 hours with the lid down and when I came back to it – the screen was black.

    Couldn’t get the display to return so I was forced to do a hard boot.

    That’s when the artifacts appeared and I could only boot up in Safe Mode.

    Just did the Dell Diagnostics check as suggested above and it looks like it’s the video card.

    Will also try reducing the clock speed using rivatuner.

    At least now I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I really didn’t want to toss the Dell since I had no issues with it until this video card problem.


  31. hi guys, I have inspiron 9400 and havıng same problem. I got virus last week. Cleaned the system, formatted. Than green lines came up. That can’t be coıncidince. And there is no solutıon.

  32. I have had the same problem with my Dell Precision M90. This is the 4th time Dell replaces both the motherboard and the video card. Once they also replace the LCD. Video works for about 45 days and fails again. Bios is A08, Nvidia Quadro FX 2500M Bios is

    At first I manage to get around the problem entering Windows Safe Mode and then restarting, maybe a kind of soft reset to video mode, but now that trick isn’t working anymore

  33. just wanna give a few tips:

    case 1: the lcd is totally black:
    connect to external monitor.
    1.a. if u see the image on the external monitor, then the problem is in the lcd of the laptop:
    use a bright lamp/light pointing to the lcd and see if u could see any thing on the display.
    1.a.1. if it is black and u dont see anything, the FL inverter needs to be replaced
    1.a.2. if u see the image on the display, means that the lcd bulb is burned and needs to be replaced

    1.b if u dont see anything on the external monitor, the problem is deeper, and u have to look at motherboard or video card.
    change a different video card. if it works ok, the problem is in the motheboard.

    p.s. before all these, just make sure the cables are pluged in firmly and the cables is working properly.

    p.s.s. if u think u got a virus or there is a problem with the video card driver, just boot some linux Live CD and see if the problems persist. if the problem persist – its hardware; if problem is gone – its software issue and u can go on and reinstall OS or update the driver.


  34. Hello, same thing with me. I have a dell, vertical lines on start up. After start up the computer usually goes black, ie it doesnt even get to where i normally would enter my password, the screen just goes blank though the computer does not shut off. It runs on safemode but has the messed up screen. Also, i ran a degrag on the system last night and restarted my computer and it was fine for a while, at least until i restarted it again, leading me to think its not a connection problem or hardware issue, its a virus. Anohter thing – i ran AVG but it doesnt find anything. however i ran super antispyware when i could when the computer was alright after i degragmented the system and that crashed my computer as soon as i started a scan – back to the black screen it does after start up. anybody make any progress? looking around everywhere and nobody seems to have solved the problem.

  35. Update! (From April 2009 post)

    As I’ve been mostly using the desktop, I’m now revisiting the video issues with the Toshiba P100 ST9012. There seem to be two (possibly related?) problems:

    1) LCD stripes – the LCD screen itself is showing solid 1-pixel wide colored columns
    2) there are vertical green-dashes in columns of 4 appearing since BIOS load. The computer then goes through the whole Windows loading and hangs just before the logon screen.

    First, #1:
    The stripes are on the laptop’s LCD screen. Originally were just 3, two yellows and a magenta. Then over time additional yellows, magenta, and a cyan would appear, first by flickering several times, disappearing for a week, then reappearing, flickering, finally staying solid. About 1/5th of the screen is covered. (Can still make out text and use the computer, but viewing images = ruined.) (Darn another flickered-in while verifying some of the observations below. 🙁 )

    Plugging it into an external display via analog or dvi-d makes a crisp, clear (and beautiful!) image. So I’m fairly certain the stripes are an LCD issue.

    For #2:
    From the instant the power is on, I get an even pattern of sets of vertical dashes down the screen. Each set has 4 columns, each column has vertical green dashes. Then there’s about 50 pixels of blackspace before the next set. The dashes are pixel clumps, not characters, starting with circular, then flat flat flat flat, circular, etc. No horizontal pattern, just vertical.

    These appear at the “Toshiba” logo. Then they disappear (and you briefly see a flash of a similar pattern in red.) Then they all * disappear * during screens like boot menus, bios setup, choosing to run in safe mode/ normal, and remain gone when the “Starting Windows” loading icon shows. (Win7) (Same experience if plugged into a display via analog.)

    But then instead of showing the blue logon screen, mouse cursor, or even hearing the startup sound, I just see black. The LCD is still on, I can see the backlight (and the stripes from #1), but it’s all black. No green dashes, no HDD access, no respone to any keyboard inputs (even numlock/capslock). Fan might or might not be on. (I had tried compressed-air’ing it out in case if heating issue to no avail.) If plugged into a display, it tells me “signal incompatible with this input.”

    Rebooting in safe mode and disabling the nVidia driver allows me to run the computer. I still get green dashes at startup, but Windows loads and I can use it (minus full resolution, nice colors, no 3D, etc.)

    Now the interesting thing is, there is a temporary fix everytime:

    i) install latest BIOS from Toshiba
    2) do a clean install of Windows 7

    Note that ONLY installing the latest BIOS * does not * fix the problem. You have to ALSO reinstall Windows. And by that I typically mean Windows 7, as Vista/XP had mixed (and mostly negative) results. Surprisingly, ONLY reinstalling Windows doesn’t seem to work either – you ALSO have to do the BIOS.

    The first couple times Win7 restarts while installing, the green dashes persist.

    Then the final time it restarts (just before the asking for name/date/time setup), the dashes are gone!

    nVidia then loads properly, all acceleration, colors, etc. work. (Well the LCD stripes from #1 persist, but not on an external display.)

    So it’s fixed!

    … or not. Within 2 weeks if you do something like watch a Youtube video (most common cause), or your background changes wallpaper one last time, or you’re doing something as simple as typing in Excel or looking at camera pics, the computer would FREEZE.

    If there was a sound playing, the sound loops. No mouse cursor movement, no response to any keyboard command.

    Only solution is to hard reset/reboot.

    Once you reset, the green dashes are back, nVidia/Windows won’t load, and the cycle continues…


    This is probably a hardware issue, but then how come it’s temporarily ok by reinstalling BIOS & Windows?

    Why do the dashes only appear at the Toshiba screen and not at “Starting Windows” or in the OS itself?

    Does the video driver crash when you call a specific API one too many times? A buffer overflow of sorts? Does Windows wait forever for it to respond, hanging the computer at startup?

    Are the connections simply loose?

    Could this be related to the LCD screen? (Like maybe the nVidia card’s connections are loose, so it’s not sending the full signal to the LCD, but also causing this buffer overflow or something?)

    Maybe it’s just the nVidia card driver? Though every driver I’ve tried for it inevitably doesn’t work…

    What would the FIX here be? Completely replacing the nVidia card?

    Any pointers / insights would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Laptopfreak!!!

  36. DemoDan

    There is a problem with the nvidia cards used in the Dell e1705 / 9400 / m90 / XPS and other laptops caused by a manufacturing defect. Something like not enough thermal paste between the wafers and micro cracks in soldered connections forming with the tempurature fluxuations. My e1705 came with the 256mb card (#DG008) and it got the 4 green vertical bars with artifacts at logo and failure to complete boot-up. Same trouble shooting and results as most of these previous posts. Of course it was just out of warranty.

    I found refurbished cards for around $200 or repair jobs for about $150 on ebay. I also found that the upgraded card with 512mb fit right in place with a very minor trimming in the case. The 512mb card has a huge added heat sink arm and radiator that looks like it would never fit, but it does just fine. These 512mb cards are the 7900gtx or quaddro2500 (YF227) refurbished sell for $350-$400 on ebay and up to over $600 other places. There are ebay sellers that will refurbish your card or sell one and give a partial refund if you send them your old card.

    I purchased a refurbished 512mb card with a 90 day warranty for $275 and got a $50 rebate for the dead 256mb card from premiselaptops on ebay. The upgraded card was a huge improvement for gaming!

    Because all these cards have the defect, this card lasted four months and died just like the last one. The guys at premiselaptops graciously replaced the card even though it had gone beyond the 90 days… for $75.

    This third card lasted about another 4 months before crashing like the others before it. I was looking at another few hundred in buying more defective parts and doing without the machine until I could afford repairs. This was when I learned about the manufacturing defect as well as a free sloution. I really had nothing to lose so I tried the unbelieveable and amazing DIY repair.

    Bake the video card! Seriously, it works. Put the card in the oven for 10 minutes at 325 degrees. This re-flows the stuff between the wafers and makes the card work again. Mine lasts about 2 or 3 months now before requiring another reheat. This last card has been baked four times now and has revived just fine each time. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass but it’s quick and free. I can have it out, baked, installed, and working again in under an hour. Only one problem that I’ve had was with the solder/paste that glues the copper heat pipes to the card’s metal base, melted on the 2nd baking and the a pipe fell off. Since then , I use a half dozen folder clips to hold it together until cool and solid again.

    So if your Dell laptop with the expensive nvidia card has died and you’re hesitant to spend the hundreds for a refurbished (home baked?) card…give it a try!

    Hope this helps!

  37. Niclovin


    I baked my card as you suggested and it worked perfectly! I was certainly skeptical, but as you put it ‘had nothing to loose’. Thank you for miraculously turning my 17″ paper weight back to a high performance 3d graphics machine again. I have never found such a helpful tip on a post before! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

  38. jonnyblack

    I had the same problem with the green lines and the screen going blank after the windows logo, and before the windows login.

    I managed to get it working without a reinstall of the OS.

    Here’s my experience:
    System: Dell XPS M1710 running Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit). BIOS was A06

    I could get into safe mode with F8.

    I tried updating the BIOS to A07:

    But this in itself, did not solve the problem. (BTW the BIOS update would not run for me in safe mode – so a ran it from DOS using a DOS-on-USB utility)

    I then found this forum, and couldn’t believe that people were baking their hardware. I didn’t want to resort to that so…

    I uninstalled my NVidia driver. (and another piece of software that I no longer needed Virtual Audio Cable). I then used this utility to figure out what graphics driver I needed from NVidia (it recommended a different one from the one I had already installed):

    For me it recommended:
    GeForce Release 179 for Notebooks
    Version: 179.48
    Release Date: February 11, 2009

    But your mileage may differ…

    Anyway once it reboot the greens lines were gone… fingers crossed I won’t see the issue resurface – and hopefully these avoids anyone needing to bake their cards.

    Good Luck,


  39. jonnyblack

    Further to my last response…

    About an hour after the post to this forum, the laptop hung (assume the display was not responding) and I was back to the same symptoms.

    Running with Standard VGA drivers got around the issues as before; installing the NVidia drivers meant I saw the same issues.

    I was still reluctant to bake the card – so removed the card, tidied it up, and added more paste.

    The lines appeared when I powered on the laptop… but after reinstalling the NVidia drivers – the green lines did not appear on start up, and the laptop is running again at full resolution.

    Hoppefully this is a longer fix! But as suggested, it does seem to be a hardware issue with the video card.

  40. Brett

    “Only one problem that I’ve had was with the solder/paste that glues the copper heat pipes to the card’s metal base, melted on the 2nd baking and the a pipe fell off.”

    Just happened to me, what’d you use to fix it?

  41. Brett

    Ok I applied some normal Arctic Silver thermal compound and tested the card…


    I love the internet, thanks for this site!

  42. Rafael E

    Confirmed the Baking solution.

    Ready your ovens!!. I baked my old Go 7900 GS ( i also have an 7900 GTX Green-lined ). I was going to AS5 but didn’t want to wait ’till tomorrow so gave it a try. I even filmed it. i’ll upload the video so anyone suffering from this find an easy solution.

    I haven’t don extensive testing, nothing more than Atitool exactly, but in a few days i’ll see if it holds so i’ll bake the GTX and make another vid from that.

    Great thanks for the DIY, i could not bealive it just yet…

  43. Torbjørn

    Dell Precision M90, QuadroFX 2500M, been having same problems as everyone;

    first it worked to boot to safemode, and reboot to normal mode.

    When that didnt solve it, tt worked to do a fresh install from the cd’s that came with the computer – though first boot after installing the driver was very laggy and weird. Did not succeed with any other operating-system than the version on the original cd (might just be random).

    3 days later: same problems – found this thread, laughed a bit with the baking, but figured I didnt have anything to loose – no warranty to void…

    in the oven an 200 deegrees C for 10 minutes. The copper-heat-sink stuff fell off, so people, DO try to fasten them with something before baking. They’re not gonna stay in place even if you figure the weight will hold them down if you just place it carefully. In my case, the long one loosened from the blank metal towards the end, while the short one got bent up from the middle, so had to tear it off and then try to get it stright back on again. Tried to solder it back on, but my cheap soldering-iron wouldnt do the job. Fastened it with some (hopefully) heatproof tape.

    Anyway, typing this right now from my M90 at a resolution of 1920 x 1200. Havent seen any artifacts whatsoever – yet.

    Will post back if something changes.

    Hmmm.. smells funny here… wonder if that tape might be all that heat proof after all…

  44. Baked graphics card. That sounds … delicious!

    I got the same problem: Inspiron 9400, green lines etc.

    Tomorrow i will see if some baking will toast those green lines back to black!

    Cheers for the recipe!

  45. Allright, so i baked my card for 10 minutes. The copper-heat-sink thing fell off as promised. Although now my computer is fully dead and my kitchen smells like burnt plastic.

    It was worth it.

  46. Teun de Vries

    Same problem, green vertical lines when starting my laptop, followed by a crach because the driver could not be loaded.

    First I thought it was a joke! I had nothing to loose, no warranty anymore so i did some surgery on my Inspiron 9400, took out the Geforce 7900 GS and put it in the oven for 10 minutes on 200 Celcius.

    After a cooling down I put the card back, switched the laptop on… and it worked!


  47. ThePeopleGeek

    The video card went into the oven at at 325F for 10 minutes. Nothing melted or fell off. I put it back in the Dell m90 that had green dashes on the bios screen and would not boot into windows. Problem solved!!

  48. This is so un-real!
    Same problem with the video except it was horizontal lines. I however removed the board from the heat sink as I did not what the solder on it to melt. I just cleaned off the old thermal paste and reapplied new and put it all together.
    10 minutes at 325 degF and I have my Dell M90 laptop back.
    Thanks it really does work!

  49. I was having the same problem with green squares on the video what I did and it worked vise putting in an oven I took the heat sink off of the card and used a heat gun on the gpu for about 5 min reassembled the card with new thermal past and everything is working perfectly now saved me around $150-$250 that is what used video cards for the e1705 go for on ebay

  50. i have same problem of dots and then black screen comes after windows in dell precision m90.i baked it up at 200 c for 10 mins and then after cooling two skin color components of gpu d solded(dropped from gpu) and i resold them with solder. Put it back into my laptop but it won’t start only the power light continuously blinks when i press the power button.system won’t boot.any sugestions or advice is realy needed.

  51. my dell precision m90 has same problem of dots and then black screen comes after windows sign.i baked the graphic card at 200 C for 10 mins.after cooling when i pick the graphic card from oven two skin color components d solded(dropped from gpu) and then i resold them on gpu with solder.after that when i put back it in laptop .the latop won’t start only the power light blinks continously.the system does not boot .kindly help in order to resolve this issue.



  52. It_Works

    Just performed the 10 minute baking method on a Dell M90. Worked great. Clients laptop is back up and running. No BSOD, no lines.


  53. David Ashby

    Hi I have just brought a Del Inspiron 9400. When I booted it up I got a black screen covered in white hieroglyphics, it carried on booting and then the whole screen was covered in horizontal bands of dots and at times vertical bands of dots. I’d seen the thing about cooking the graphics card mine is a GForce Go 7900GS and it obviously works, but being a novice was apprehensive about trying it, so looked further afield. Some one said don’t go buying new graphics cards which are expensive as they thought it was a overheating problem, but instead try the free program i8kfan I found this and tried to install it but windows said that it was not digitally signed and would not allow it to be loaded, but if when booting you press f8 a list appears and you can override this digitally signing thing about three quarters of the way down this list. Anyway I did this and was able to open the small program and up near the top left, it allows you to run your fans at full power which I did (by the way Del apparently set the temperature of the graphics card at 70degrees which is far too high the program sets it at around 50degrees)when the fans where going full tilt I was looking at the rest of the program when I suddenly realised that a sizeable square on the screen had become completely clear of dots,(getting exciting now isn’t it)and while I was looking at that the rest of the screen cleared as well. Well that was the symptom treated but found at after stripping down the laptop (scary) that the problem was that both the fans were well clarted up, well not the fans really but the Umm! fins that cool the cpu and the graphics card (not the vents you can see on the outside)So I hoovered them out (plastic head) and cleaned them with an old tooth brush, put the whole lot back together and it’s been going for over a week now no problems and no cost.
    P.S. Someone said you should clean out your fans about every 18 months.
    Hope this all helps someone it certainly did me.