Laptop went into hibernation and will not power up

While showing a presentation a few days ago my laptop went into hibernating and shut down. AC plugged in. When attempted to power back on nothing happened. LED lights on front panel blink but power LED does not. My laptop is HP Pavillion dv5000.

Probably the power (AC) adapter is dead. I think your power adapter died while the laptop was showing a presentation. Without AC power the laptop was working until the battery charge went down to zero and then it hibernated. Now, the front LED flashes but the laptop will not start because the battery is discharged. The power LED will not light up because the power adapter is dead. That’s my guess.

Before you purchase a new power adapter, I would suggest testing the old one with a voltmeter. If the old adapter is OK you may have a problem with the motherboard.

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  1. My laptop does not start up. The adapter is plugged in and only one light lights up when plugged.

    The last things to happen were the sound of people speaking during movies on my laptop dvd player became sluggish. The laptop became hot. I put in on hybernate but it became unplugged somehow and the next time I wanted to use it. i would not start.

    one light only- when plugged only. Any ideas. Thanks
    no noise
    dead, yes,

  2. I have a acer 3680, it was shuttind off randomly for a few days, it became very frustating since it took too long to start up, I let it stay off untill I really need ed it , but not it will not turn on. The power comes on for a second then it goes dead, Need Help Please,
    PS ..
    I tried removinf the battery & holding the power buttom for about 30 seconds, it did not work.
    Tried removing the battery and start from the ac charger ,still nothing,
    The battery charges fine( fully charged now) but its still shutting down

  3. I have a MCP Transport T2000 laptop that has started to power down and then shut off after only a short time of use. It does not appear that the fan is the cause (can hear it run).

  4. Laptop Freak


    Hi got a hp g5000 laptop battery is good but laptop will not switch on

    Please provide more information about your problem.
    1. Can you see any lights on the laptop when it’s plugged?
    2. Can you hear any noise when you push on the power button?
    3. Is it completely dead?

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