Removing stripped screw

I was taking my laptop apart. One of the screws was very tight and I accidentally stripped the screw. How can I remove the stripped screw?

I found that it’s easier to remove a tight screw if you heat it for a few seconds with a soldering gun. The heat will soften securing glue on the screw thread and make it easier to remove.

Screw extractor

If the screw has been stripped, you can try removing it with a screw extractor.

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  1. Sirez

    I also found that if you use a small torch lighter (only if you wont damage a surrounding area) you can slowly glide the flame over the screw for a few seconds for the same effect…I stripped my laptops insanely small and tight keyboard philips screws and was able to apply just enough heat to them to loosen with an even smaller flat head screw driver…just a tip…