Battery is 100% charged but it will die soon

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I’m almost positive I need new battery, but thought I would ask before spending $100. I have a Toshiba A15-1292. When I unplug the power it will run off the battery, the battery icon says it is 100% charged and I have 2+ hrs remaining, but within a few minutes I get the “critical battery level” message and it will die. When I plug it back into AC power the battery charge light comes on (and will remain on for over a hour), but I will have the same problem with it dying as soon as it is unplugged. Do I need a new battery?

Yep, it looks like you have a bad battery. I’ve seen this battery problem many times before. Here are behaviors typical for a dying laptop battery:
1. The battery charges normally (according to the battery icon) but as soon as you unplug the laptop, it dies almost momentarily.
2. The battery charges normally. When you unplug the laptop, it discharges normally until some point and after that point starts discharging very fast. For example it might take 10-15 minutes to discharge from 100% to 80% and then it discharges from 80% to 0 for 2-3 minutes.

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  1. I have a dell inspiron 6400, I have a kind of strange problem, the laptop wont run on battery or start up on battery but working fine on AC (when I disconnect the AC jack the laptop shuts off), I have changed the battery 3 times with the same result (no thing is wrong with the battery…garanteed), the strange thing is that sometimes occationaly it works on the battery ( may be one time a week) and behave like a normal laptop, but the second I connect the AC and then remove it the laptop is off

  2. I have a charging issue with my laptop it is a HP 8000. The battery will not charge over 15%. Does this mean I need a new battery or that I should try to discharge the battery completely and see if it will recharge?? Appreciate your responses. thank you

  3. darpan

    Help please…

    My laptop battery gets flat in few minutes even if it is charged to 100%. I used to keep the AC adaptor connected at all times even if it was fully charged and I guess this could be the reason behind the battery causing the problem.

    I have a question, Is there any software or procedure that saves the battery from getting charged up to 100%?
    I mean, the battery must not charge more than 98% even if the adaptor is connected and the laptop should run on AC adaptor.

    I need some help to save my new laptop from this kinda issue.

    any help is appreciated…

  4. trishana

    I owe 2 month old Dell Inspiration, i had no problems with it untill yesterday, when i left it charging for 24hours(while using it too). After that i unplugged it and it just shut down, i can’t turn it on now unless its charging even though the icon shows that its 100% charged! Is it possible that i need a new battery already??? Please help me!!

  5. I have a HP nc6000 Laptop. My laptop is always show 100% Charged Battery and 0 Min. Can some one figure out whats the problem?

  6. Have a dell inspiron. Runs fine on AC power, nominal heating, i find the battery draining out faster in Linux ( fedora 10 ) rather than in windows?

    Any suggestion?

  7. My parents bought me a Gateway laptop for my graduation (June of 2007) and I’d say about 6 months ago the battery started having problems. I am a college student so this computer does get a lot of use, however, it is ALWAYS plugged in while in use. I noticed thursday morning in class that I had a full battery…but after 30 minutes it completely died. I did a test today by shutting it off and letting it charge until it was full-and then I unplugged it to see how much time i had remaining until it died, and it said 57 minutes. What do I need to do to fix this problem?

  8. Cesar

    “” Before”” it i had assembled it back , and i have discovered it had issues in charging the battery.

    Sorry ..
    After it i had assembled it back , and i have discovered it had issues in charging the battery. ..

    Thanks again

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