Battery is 100% charged but it will die soon

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I’m almost positive I need new battery, but thought I would ask before spending $100. I have a Toshiba A15-1292. When I unplug the power it will run off the battery, the battery icon says it is 100% charged and I have 2+ hrs remaining, but within a few minutes I get the “critical battery level” message and it will die. When I plug it back into AC power the battery charge light comes on (and will remain on for over a hour), but I will have the same problem with it dying as soon as it is unplugged. Do I need a new battery?

Yep, it looks like you have a bad battery. I’ve seen this battery problem many times before. Here are behaviors typical for a dying laptop battery:
1. The battery charges normally (according to the battery icon) but as soon as you unplug the laptop, it dies almost momentarily.
2. The battery charges normally. When you unplug the laptop, it discharges normally until some point and after that point starts discharging very fast. For example it might take 10-15 minutes to discharge from 100% to 80% and then it discharges from 80% to 0 for 2-3 minutes.

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  1. nix wood

    Hello, wondering whether you could help. i have battery issues. i have a dell inspiron 6400

    when working off a power line, it says the battery is 97% charged. however, if i unplug it and try and turn it on just using battery power, it just doesn’t work. it only ever worked once, when i first got it.
    any ideas?

  2. Laptop Freak

    It’s hard to say what is wrong until you test the laptop with a know good battery. It could be just a bad battery or you might have a problem with the system board. That’s the only way to find out what is wrong (at least the only way I know 😛 )

  3. I have a Acer Aspire 1640 and it’s not chargeing it’s been plugged in for about three days and the battery says 0% still can you please tell why? Or how i can fix it ? Do I have to buy another battery?
    Thank you

  4. Laptop Freak

    I think it’s just a bad battery. Does it start on the battery power or it will not start at all if you unplug the AC adapter?
    Here’s another thread about Acer Aspire power issue.

  5. Hi,

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M45 which I just bought a brand new battery for. The battery last I checked in the sys tray is charged 100%, however, when I unplug the AC power cord and try to run the laptop on battery power the laptop immediately dies or will not boot. Is this a motherboard problem, if so do you know what part I needs to be fixed or would I have to replace the entire motherboard?

  6. Laptop Freak

    It’s hard to tell what is wrong at this point. It could be either a dead battery or bad motherboard. To narrow down the problem, it’s necessary to test the laptop with a known good battery.
    Will it run from the old battery? Why did you replace the old battery?

  7. Dear “Laptop Freak”

    I have a packard Bell Easynote F7305
    i bought it about 1 and half years ago, it has been working fine but recently the battery dies out very quickly (the battery is internal) i used to run the laptop on AC for long, do you think this could have been the cuase for it.
    it also heats up quickly, i think the fans are working but i am not exactly sure about this
    any help? cheers

  8. Laptop Freak


    recently the battery dies out very quickly

    Sounds like a bad battery.

    it also heats up quickly

    You might have a clogged heat sink. Buy a can of compressed air and blow off the heat sink.

  9. Jay Deweese

    In July this year I purchased a Toshiba A100/105 Laptop. I used it regularly plugged in to A/C for about two months. I disconnected it and went on a little trip without the laptop. When I returned the battery was dead. I recharged it and left it for 2 days and checked the charge gauge, it showed 84% charge. I recharged it, removed the battery from the computer and checked it a week later and it maintained 97% charge. Toshiba says it’s normal, I don’t think so. Thanks for any help you can give me. Jay Deweese

  10. Laptop Freak

    Jay Deweese,
    I know that some Satellite A105 notebooks have an issue with charging the battery. It’s not exactly the same issue as you are experiencing, but anyways. The problem can be fixed by upgrading the BIOS. I don’t know if it will fix your laptop but at least you can try. Make sure the laptop has the latest BIOS installed, upgrade if it’s necessary.

  11. Dear Laptop Freak,
    I have a Toshiba Tecra 8000 and a Satellite Pro 490CDXT. Both have the same problem of not running on battery, but are ok on AC power. I have bought a new battery for the Tecra but it still dies if the AC is removed. The Satellite’s battery is ok as I also have a 400CDT which runs fine on the same model battery. I guess the problem is hardware and the laptop is no longer portable. The Tecra’s RTC and bios batteries are flat, could this be the problem? Thanks for your great website.

  12. in regards to my last comment.

    i placed a question here about my Packard Bell F7305
    i mention that the batter only lasts for a couple of mins, well i managed to fix my battery by recondiationing it. its something i picked by browsing around google.

    jus to help a brother out below i’ve mentioned how i did it.

    1. switch your laptop off and disconnect it.
    2. close the screen.
    3. shake the laptop from side-to-side as much as you
    can. this will lose up the clog-up cells.
    4. turn the laptop on battery and drain it.
    5. recharge the battery full
    6. drain the batter agian to its max.
    7. do step 4 – 6 four times
    8. finally recharge your battery and leave it overnight

    and there you have it a recondiationed battery
    it should work as good as new unless your battery is reached its cape in which case renewal is the only way.
    hope this help

  13. Hi,

    This is about the Toshiba M45 satellite tha only runs off AC power.

    We bought a brand new battery but the laptop will not run off either the old or this new battery only via ac power. So are you saying the motherboard is probably bad? If so would this require replacing the motherboard or is there another way to fix the problem?


  14. Laptop Freak

    Ian Lau,
    That’s a good question. I think the laptop will run from the battery power if the RTC battery is flat, it just will not keep time and BIOS settings.

  15. Laptop Freak

    The battery charging circuit is located on the motherboard. The battery plugs directly into the motherboard and there are no other boards between them. The laptop runs fine from the AC adapter, so the adapter is good. You have a brand new battery, so we assume the battery is good too. The only part left is the motherboard, there has to be something wrong with the board and you’ll have to replace it or find a technician who repairs motherboard on the component level.
    Just in case try upgrading/reflashing the BIOS. It might help.

  16. I just bought a brand new battery. I have a Gateway Laptop and even when showing 75% charge left, the red light starts blinking on the laptop which says the battery is critically low. After a while, right now it has a 45% charge, the laptop shuts down. Any ideas on how to stop this and let the battery run down to say 5%?
    I appreciate your help!

  17. Yolanda

    Hi, I bought a Compaq Presario B1900 notebook brand new and I’ve never had any problem with it. I charge it frequently so I’m never caught out (I have a 4-cell battery so life isn’t so long). But I just noticed that it never charges to 100%. From reading everyone’s post, I’m assuming I should let the battery die to 0% and charge it to it’s fullest which would hopefully restore it to 100%? It’s been sitting on 99% for almost 2 hours and my laptop’s only 2 months old! Thanks in advance.

  18. Laptop Freak

    if the laptop works fine on the battery, I would live that. Find out if there is a newer version of BIOS available for your laptop, it might have a fix for this problem.

  19. M Scott

    I have a gateway laptop. It will not run with the battery in it. The red light indicater comes on. I’ve tried 2 new batterys and it does the same thing. The charging light comes on for a second or two, then the red battery malfunction light comes on. It is not the battery nor the recharger. How can I fix this? How do you get the latest bio’s, if that is the problem? Thanks

  20. M Scott

    Laptop Freak. Help! Thanks.

  21. Laptop Freak

    M Scott,
    I think there could be a problem with the motherboard and there is not much you can do. If the laptop boots without the battery installed, try upgrading the BIOS. Download the latest version from the manufacturer’s website and follow instructions. I’m not sure if upgrading the BIOS will help but at least you can try.

  22. Tecra 8000

    I have a tecra 8000 my battery charge light flashes f I unplugthe notebook and plug it back in as if it is charging. If I turn on the notebook, shortly after the light will stop flashing and the power management wil show that I do not have any batteries connected.

    If I remove and replace the battery while the machine is running, the power manager will show one battery connected for about 2 seconds before changing bck to saying that no batteries are connected.

    Is this a battery problem, or is it the notebook.

  23. Ian Lau

    Dear Laptop Freak,
    I am now the proud owner of 3 old laptops which do not work off battery. As before the Tecra 8000 and 490CDXT still do not work, I added to my collection by poorly inserting the extra battery of Compaq N410c and damaged the connector, shorting the terminals. I suspect I have fried the charging circuit on the board as now either the primary and extra external battery do not register in XP pro or Vista enterprise, thus will not charge. Also they are recognized by the bios but will not charge or perform battery calibration tests. I now have another small , low power consumption desktop!

  24. 2plus2is5

    I have a dell inspiron 4000. I bought it second hand and thought the battery was bad because while plugged up it works fine, then after a few hours i tried to unplug it and the computer goes off instantly. I purchased a new battery and let it charge. The power management says 100% charged after a few hours, but as soon as i disconnect ac power it shuts off immedialty.



  25. Laptop Freak

    The battery plugs directly into the motherboard. If you replaced the battery but still experiencing the same problem, apparently something is wrong with the motherboard. Just in case try reflashing/upgrading the BIOS.

  26. 2plus2is5

    How do i go about doing that?

  27. lilangel

    Why do my laptop dies so fast?

  28. no one say how to do.
    just say how and what the question.

    it is help for us:

  29. Art Wiles

    Have a question, have a A70 Satellite that i thought needed a new battery. After buying a used and then a new battery still have same problem. Unit will not charge the battery fully. the battery lite charge idicator will come on constant yellow and in the morning after a 8 hour charge it will be flashing yellow and will only last 5 minutes on a charge. Occasionally the bsateery charge indicator will be constant green after an evening charge but battery will only last 1/2 to one hour. any ideas? have cleaned case contacts and brand new battery stll no luck….

    been staying a constant yellow now for 2 days and not charging

  30. Cesar


    I have an hp dv1000 laptop.

    I have sent it to a technician that fixed , changed, the south bridge chipset on it. Before it it wasn’t powering on … Just died two seconds after power on.

    Before it i had assembled it back , and i have discovered it had issues in charging the battery.

    It started to charge , then it stops , them starts again… It continued oscilating the charging process until it reached 97 % … then it can’t go on …. the battery led just flashes like an strobo light… and the charging / ac power icon does the same… switching one to the other very quickly.

    The motherboard worked well only on ac adapter and only on battery.

    The technician works a lot,he tests the parts and change then to make the mobo work, but i don’t think he knows deeply how everything have to work, and he isn’t very experienced in english…

    Could you give me some clues…

    Thanks a lot.

  31. Cesar

    “” Before”” it i had assembled it back , and i have discovered it had issues in charging the battery.

    Sorry ..
    After it i had assembled it back , and i have discovered it had issues in charging the battery. ..

    Thanks again

  32. My parents bought me a Gateway laptop for my graduation (June of 2007) and I’d say about 6 months ago the battery started having problems. I am a college student so this computer does get a lot of use, however, it is ALWAYS plugged in while in use. I noticed thursday morning in class that I had a full battery…but after 30 minutes it completely died. I did a test today by shutting it off and letting it charge until it was full-and then I unplugged it to see how much time i had remaining until it died, and it said 57 minutes. What do I need to do to fix this problem?

  33. Have a dell inspiron. Runs fine on AC power, nominal heating, i find the battery draining out faster in Linux ( fedora 10 ) rather than in windows?

    Any suggestion?

  34. I have a HP nc6000 Laptop. My laptop is always show 100% Charged Battery and 0 Min. Can some one figure out whats the problem?

  35. trishana

    I owe 2 month old Dell Inspiration, i had no problems with it untill yesterday, when i left it charging for 24hours(while using it too). After that i unplugged it and it just shut down, i can’t turn it on now unless its charging even though the icon shows that its 100% charged! Is it possible that i need a new battery already??? Please help me!!

  36. darpan

    Help please…

    My laptop battery gets flat in few minutes even if it is charged to 100%. I used to keep the AC adaptor connected at all times even if it was fully charged and I guess this could be the reason behind the battery causing the problem.

    I have a question, Is there any software or procedure that saves the battery from getting charged up to 100%?
    I mean, the battery must not charge more than 98% even if the adaptor is connected and the laptop should run on AC adaptor.

    I need some help to save my new laptop from this kinda issue.

    any help is appreciated…

  37. I have a charging issue with my laptop it is a HP 8000. The battery will not charge over 15%. Does this mean I need a new battery or that I should try to discharge the battery completely and see if it will recharge?? Appreciate your responses. thank you

  38. I have a dell inspiron 6400, I have a kind of strange problem, the laptop wont run on battery or start up on battery but working fine on AC (when I disconnect the AC jack the laptop shuts off), I have changed the battery 3 times with the same result (no thing is wrong with the battery…garanteed), the strange thing is that sometimes occationaly it works on the battery ( may be one time a week) and behave like a normal laptop, but the second I connect the AC and then remove it the laptop is off