My Compaq constantly freeze on me

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I bought a Compaq R3000 about a year ago and it seemed to run fine until recently yesterday. It started acting all weird and would constantly freeze on me. This would cause me to constantly having to restart the computer. Then finally today I have decided to reboot the computer, but now I can’t even get through the whole process because the computer continues to still freeze!! I’ve formatted the whole HD and everything. I thought it was a virus, but now I’m thinking it is a hardware problem. Please help me.

I think you might have a problem with your hard drive. Very often a laptop would freeze up because of installed spyware/asware programs, but by reinstalling the operating system you’ve eliminated any software related issues. Test it with Hitachi Drive Fitness test to see if it fails the test. User guide for Hitachi DFT test utility is located on the same page.

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  1. This sounds like bad RAM to me. The free memtest86+ utility from can tell you if that’s the case. Most of the time, fixing the problem is as easy as replacing a DIMM – the owner’s manual will tell you how. Sometimes, there’s memory soldered to the motherboard, which is not so easy to replace (I’m the only person I know who’s done it successfully).

  2. Laptop Freak

    From my experience, if the laptop memory is bad, the laptop will not boot at all or will fail to boot intermittently. I agree that the problem might be just a bad memory module, but the hard drive would be the first suspect on my list.

  3. Both problems could cause symptoms like this. I’ve encountered more problems with memory than disk, but regardless of which is more likely, testing memory is quicker and easier.

  4. Hi,

    I also bought a Compaq about a year ago and have had identical problem. the laptop will start intermittently and also freeze randomly(by itself when it feels like it). I initially thought it was the hard drive so tried formatting it first, which didn’t work so then i replaced it, which also hasn’t worked. Is the only, or most likely next explanation bad RAM.
    Any ideas appreciated

  5. I just got a Westinghouse laptop free from a friend. He said it froze at random times. I got to his house and it booted up fine. Although it had some extra things on there. I decided to re-format the HD and install a fresh copy of XP Pro. It froze @ 49%. I was in shock, after that it would cut on but the screen would stay blank. Other times it would get to the bios and I would try to install again, and it would freeze. I took the bottom of and I can’t see the memory? But I am more than sure that laptops or any other computers do not go pass BIOS without memory? I use to have a older Dell Latitude that froze too, and the the same thing because of the memory being loose or overheating. But I can’t seem to find the memory? I took off the bottom panel even. I have pictures.If anyone could help, I would REALLY appreciate it. Someone stole my last laptop and I am too broke to get a new one, so when I heard about him not wanting it because of the problem I figured it was something small. Well thanks in advanced!

  6. Laptop Freak

    I think you are right, when a laptop freezes up during Windows installation it could be an indication of a bad RAM.
    If you cannot find the memory module anywhere on the bottom of the notebook, then most likely the memory slot is located under the keyboard. You’ll have to remove the keyboard to access the RAM slot/slots.
    If you are lucky, both memory sticks in this model are removable and you can fix the laptop by replacing the failed RAM module. Some laptops have memory integrated into the system board. If the onboard memory fails, you have to replace the entire motherboard.
    For testing laptop memory you can use Memtest 86+.

  7. I installed XP successfully, I found out it does have 512MB stock, and the one I was looking at is the expansion slot. I wanted to run a HD recovery but it never gives me enough time to, it always freezes. Could it be narrowed down to either HD or Memory problem? I’ll try to see if I can remove the keyboard tom. Thanks!

  8. Laptop Freak


    I wanted to run a HD recovery but it never gives me enough time to, it always freezes. Could it be narrowed down to either HD or Memory problem?

    The best way to narrow it down is to test components. As I said before you can test the memory with Memtest 86+ utility, for the hard drive test you can run Hitachi drive fitness test.
    OK. Here’s what I do sometimes to narrow down the problem, but it takes some time and requires some knowledge. You can download a live Linux operating system named Knoppix. After you download an iso image, you burn it on a CD. This OS runs from a CD and you don’t need a hard drive to be installed in the laptop to boot it to Linux. You remove the hard drive from the laptop, install the Knoppix CD into the drive, reboot the laptop and make it boot from this CD. The laptop should boot into Linux (similar to Windows environment by the way). The Linux OS loads into memory and if the memory is bad the laptop will fail to boot into Linux. As you see this test takes more time then testing the hardware with Memtest86+ and Hitachi DFT, but it’s an alternative way of testing.
    Knoppix should run fine on most laptops and doesn’t require any special Linux knowledge.

  9. I have a Dell inspirion 1000 that my son is using for colege. Recently it has started the screen going black and locking up if you attempt to move the screen while the laptop is on. you have to reboot by turning the laptop off with the on off button and then turning it back on. any thoughts about the most likely cause or place to start looking. Thanks

  10. Laptop Freak


    the screen going black and locking up if you attempt to move the screen while the laptop is on

    You might have a loose cable inside the display assembly. When the screen goes black can see a faint image on the screen? If yes, then I would check cable connectors on both sides of the inverter side.
    Just recently I had a similar situation with Toshiba laptop. The backlight was turning off when you move the screen. I took it apart and found that the screen cable got jammed between the screen and the hinge. The cable shielding got cracked exposing the wire. When I moved the display, the wire touched the hinge and shorted the inverter board. The problem disappeared when I put some electrical tape over the cracked spot on the LCD wire.

  11. I have a Compaq laptop that started having memory problems. As far as I can tell, it runs fine with the older 64 MB and 128 MB memory chips that I got with it initially, but if I try to run it with newer 256MB chips (it has two slots for a maximum capacity of 512 MB), it eventually seems to burn out the RAM (it took a couple of years the first time, but only a couple of weeks the second time). I deduce that the RAM is being burned out because in the case of all 4 chips, they worked fine for a while after I bought them, but then they started getting flakier and flakier, and eventually they got to the point where the machine wouldn’t even boot with them in. I am getting fed up with buying new RAM chips – is there anything I can do besides live with 196 MB of RAM? (Windows needs a little more than this these days.)

  12. Well I’ve started to notice that my laptop when I press the power button, the button comes on but I can’t hear the fan starting up or any other noise? This is very strange, I’ve never encountered this problem as well. Any ideas? Maybe that’s the problem why it freezes on me.

  13. Dell Inspiron sometimes boots, but then freezes after a few minutes. I’ve got a Dell Inspiron 1150 that worked fine until last week when it stopped booting up. When I turn it on, the hard drive and cd/dvd light flash once, the fan turns on and runs for about 1 minutes, then the fan stops. Nothing displays on the screen. If I don’t touch the laptop for a full day or two, the laptop does start to boot but can freeze at various times: sometimes on the Windows XP progress/splash screen, sometimes it will completely boot up and run for about 2 or 3 minutes, but then the screen freezes up and it does not accept any mouse movements or keystrokes.

    I’ve tried several suggestions from this site: I’ve swapped out my two memory modules (put module 1 into slot B, and vice versa; same with the second module). I’ve removed the hard drive and tried booting from the CD. I’ve used an external monitor but don’t see anything (when the laptop doesn’t even start to boot). I’ve hooked the hard drive up to another laptop and was able to grab some files that I needed.

    Any ideas for something else I can try? Thanks for any suggestions.

  14. Laptop Freak

    At the next step I would probably minimize the system as much as possible. You need to leave only 3 major components: motherboard, CPU (with the cooling module) and memory. Disconnect all other parts like touchpad, keyboard, etc… Unplug the LCD screen from the motherboard (to eliminate the entire LCD assembly) and try to start the system with an external screen. If it still will not boot with video, then one of three abovementioned components is bad. It’s unlikely that both memory modules fail at the same time so let’s assume that modules are fine. So we have only 2 components: CPU and motherboard. CPU failures are not very common and I would say that you have a failed motherboard.

  15. I own a Packard Bell Easynote h5 and it has a similar problem to this. It was running windows XP home fine, until Norton Autoprotect one day told me that I had a “Trojan.Busky” in a file by the name of “utvgume.dll” in the System32 sub-folder of the Windows folder. It deleted this file, and since then, the notebook keeps freezing up. I bought windows XP professional, and installed this onto the notebook, formatting the HD completely before doing so, and it still hasn’t stopped the problem.
    The notebook will work for a few minutes (sometimes not even getting past the “Welcome” screen) and sometimes for a couple of hours (for example letting me install Office XP onto the system) but there are some actions that it will not let me carry out without freezing (for example, completeing a download of MSN LIve messenger).
    It even froze while the new windows xp professional was installing, but after one re-boot, it worked fine.
    Also, after any reboot after freezing, the notebook comes on as if nothing has happened, and seems to work perfectly again!!
    ANY help would be great!

  16. Sorry about this, but I think I have worked out the problem with my packard bell.
    Working on just battery the system works fine, but on the mains (through the AC adaptor) it freezes unpredictably. The charger will only charge the battery to roughly 50% though, so as you can probably geuss it is not ideal.
    Do you think a new AC will do the trick? Or could it be a mixture of the AC and battery (hence the battery not charging to its maximum?

  17. Laptop Freak

    Sam W,
    I think that you might have a few different problems at the same time.

    It even froze while the new windows XP professional was installing, but after one re-boot, it worked fine.

    This description tells me that you might have a faulty memory or hard drive. Listen for the hard drive sounds when the laptop freezes. Does it sound strange? Can you hear any clicking or grinding sound coming from the hard drive? May be the hard drive makes repetitive sounds, like unsuccessfully trying access something? If it does, then you might have a faulty hard drive. You can test the hard drive with a free utility called Hitachi’s DFT, I use it almost every day find this utility pretty accurate and this utility works on most drives. Run an advanced DFT test. For the memory, you can use Memtest 86+ utility. Make sure that it passes a few times. If the memory fails, replace it.

    The charger will only charge the battery to roughly 50% though, so as you can probably guess it is not ideal. Do you think a new AC will do the trick?

    What if you leave the laptop turned off and plugged overnight? Next morning it still shows only 50% charge? Did you have the same problem before you reinstalled Windows XP? If yes, then I think you might have a bad battery and new AC adapter will not fix it. By the way, try running the laptop without battery installed. Will it shut down by itself after some time or the power is stable?
    It’s also possible that there is a problem with the charging circuit on the system board, but it’s really hard to find out until you test the laptop with a known good battery.

  18. Leisha Major

    I work in the IT department of an Australian pharmaceutical with 2 other people. We have 160 laptops that we look after.

    We have recently bought the Lenovo R60 model. The issue we have is that it freezes at random. We just unpacked and built 20 Lenovo R60 models (2 were allocated to IT, one for myself). Out of the 20 laptops about 18 have frozen.

    One of the IT staff beleives it is software that is causing the freezes. Is there any software that I can run to see what software could be causing the issue?

    There is nothing in event viewer. The machines are brand new so it can’t be spyware or a virus that could be causing the freezes.

    I hope you can offer some suggestions.

  19. Hi,

    I have a Toshiba Satellite 5205 series with XP Profession (latest updates) installed. I’ve had the laptop for 4 years now. Everything is working great … except … when the laptop comes out of hibernation, then sometimes (maybe 25% to 50% of the time) the laptop freezes up. I can click on a few of the programs I was running and the windows move, but the programs do not respond. I can CNTL-ALT-DEL one time, select a program, get the program, but that is usually the end. After that, I can no longer click on anything nor will CNTL-ALT-DEL work again. I have no choice but the hold down the power button to shut it off.

    I am running a couple of database servers on it (for testing purposes only), MS Office 2002, do some software development, etc. I’ve tried different RAM, but the problem persists either way. I have 512MB in it now, but have had 1GB before.

    The laptop works flawlessly otherwise. I can work for hours without a problem. It seems like it is more likely to freeze up if I leave it overnight. This problem started about 3 months ago. Oh, and one other important clue. Normally, the CPU fan runs nearly constantly. After I open the laptop up to wake it from hybernation… I know I will likely have a problem when I do not hear the CPU fan startup. The laptop is “too quiet”.

    Any ideas?



  20. Hi guys,
    I hope you can help. I have a Sony Vaio V505 laptop. I have had it for about two years and started considering selling it a few weeks ago. Two days ago strange things started happening to it. Sometimes it would not boot at all and just show a well known ‘blue screen’. But sometimes it would log into windows no problems and then make a weird noise (the fan i believe) and just completely freeze the system. I opened the laptop cover in order to clean it. and decided to try and boot it before i close it up. Strangely the system runs perfectly when the laptop is upside down!! Any ideas what the problem might be? I was thinking of bad either bad RAM or a problem with the HD connection.
    Thanks for your help

  21. Laptop Freak

    Leisha Major,
    Check if there a newer version of BIOS available for this model. Updated the BIOS and test again. It might help. Also you can try this. Take one machine that freezes and install a test hard dive into it. Load generic Windows XP and install drivers. Test if it still freezes.

  22. Laptop Freak

    When you put the laptop into hibernation mode, it takes a snapshot of the active memory, wrights it on the hard drive and then shuts down. When you turn on the laptop, the information written on the hard drive goes back into the memory and the laptop returns into the state before hibernation.
    So, you said the laptop works fine except when it comes out of hibernation. It’s possible that you have a failing hard drive. You can test the hard drive with Hitachi drive fitness test, from my experience it works fine for most laptop hard drives, not only made by Hitachi.

  23. Laptop Freak

    Are you sure the noise is coming from the fan and not from the hard drive? I would test the hard drive first. Also make sure the fans spins. If you have a stuck cooling fan, it’s possible that laptop overheats.

  24. Hey guys,
    It turns out that it is the hard-drive that the noise is coming from. And another strange thing is that when i turn the laptop off the disc seems to be spinning in a decreasing speed for about 20seconds until a complete stop. I am in the process of purchasing a new hard drive. I’ll give my vaio a 120GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM as a treat.
    thanks for your help

  25. Thanks for the idea to check my hard drive. I haven’t done that yet but I will. I do have another clue.

    I don’t think the fan being quiet has anything to do with it. For the last couple of weeks, I have made sure to close MS Outlook before I let the laptop go to sleep. I haven’t had any problems at all. Could there be something with MS Outlook that would cause the whole OS to freeze when it comes out of hibernation?

    I suppose it could be the hard drive because my MS outlook file is quite large (emails stored for years)?

  26. Hi I have an IBM A31 that will continualy freeze, sometime straight away after boot sometimes it wont boot at all and sometimes it will run for hours without problems. I have reinstalled Windows xp,tested the system with IBM PC Doctor and Hitachi hdd tester, all telling me that everything is fine. I installed a new stick of 512mb ram. The only thing i can think is it is a power problem (it still freezes when run on AC without the battery installed). I hope someone can help

  27. I have a Gateway Solo 9300. Recently it froze up and I could not even get it to boot after powering it off. It would not even get to the BIOS. I removed the battery and tried again. This time it worked fine. I popped the battery into the running laptop and it immediately froze. It seems that the battery is completely dead and does not get charged and putting it into the laptop locks it up. What is the cause? Should I just get a new battery and not worry about it?

  28. Laptop Freak

    Have you tried upgrading the BIOS?

  29. My bios is up to date and interestingly the laptop will run forever left in the bios setup without freezing

  30. Laptop Freak


    the laptop will run forever left in the bios setup without freezing

    Then there is nothing wrong with the power I think.
    Try removing the wireless card and run the laptop without it. Try booting the laptop from a live Linux CD (I usually use Knoppix) WITHOUT hard drive installed. This CD will load a Windows-like environment from the CD, bypassing the hard drive. The laptop still freezes in there?

  31. Hi I downloaded and ran knoppix, it ran fine for a couple of hours then switched the laptop off and on again, no problems then all of a sudden FREEZE. I am sure it is something to do with Power but i dont know what. The battery is charging to max, and the freezing Accures on Ac or DC

  32. lary jurosic

    Hello my computer, an alienware 51 770 sometimes works fine and then it freezes up. I replaced the hard drive and the optical drive. I also went through and checked all the ram slots.
    I am pretty sure it is something simple any idea what would cause a computer to sometimes work and other times fail.

    thank you

  33. Laptop Freak

    Try moving the memory module from one slot to another. You might have a faulty memory slot on the motherboard. Remove the wireless card and try running the laptop without it. A bad wireless card can halt the system, it’s not likely but possible.

  34. Laptop Freak

    Lary Jurosic,
    You checked the RAM slots, but did you test the RAM itself? You can test memory with Memtest86+ utility. Download it, burn on CD or make a floppy and boot the laptop from it. The test will start automatically.

  35. Hey again The laptop doesn’t have a wireless card but moving the memory from the #1 slot to the #2 slot may have wotked, its been going now for 3 hours with no probs (its worked for 4 to 5 hours before too) but i will keep ya posted on the progress. Thanks heaps again

  36. I have a Compaq Presario laptop that shows the red Compaq logo on startup but then freezes after Windows XP starts loading. Sometimes the graphics would fade slowly until the screen is a light yellow and other times it would become jumbled and freeze. I’ve tried starting in safe mode and reloading Windows XP but this does not help. Rarely am I able to get through startup without it freezing and when it does it freezes before the desktop is setup. Pllllllllease help if you can.

  37. Hi Same thing again, moved the memory to slot 2 and froze again after a short period, rebooted and it ran for about 4 hours no probs then froze again. “Help” now i am totally lost

  38. Hello!
    I have a IBM Thinkpad T40, problem either it freezes up or Lcd problem.

    Since i bought it has been defect, when i turn it on while using AC/battery sometimes it doesnt show anything on screen sometimes i get perfect display, so windows boot. (when no photo i turn it off then on of on of until it boots with display). then gets to windows suddenly(some times after 1 min , sometimes after 10-20min the video gets gone , blank screen, it looks like the pc is still runnning but when i connect the externel screen and press fn +f7( i think it was that) it comes no photo on the external screen. When i boot up and no photo comes i press the bios button(f1) then press fn+f7 but photo will not come to external, so it looks like that when it boots without showing display it actually doesnt boot up right, meaning its no problem with the lcd.what you think? I opened the pc and took cables of and back on inverter no help. Reseated cable back on LCD same problem, Reseated Lcd cable on mother board same problem. Took out hdd/bluetooth/sound card/cd rom same problem , took out both Ram and tried two different ram from other computer . the ram in the machine was 512+512. i tried with two different 256 (256 alone) tried both . same problem. Before it took longer time before the display gets blank , now when machine is open(or hot after many hours?) i nearly come into windows , some times even after the windows loading screen only.

    I noticed some times i have battery out and only AC connected, i press on power button , the battery light/icon flashes orange 3-4 times. Even the battery is not in the machine.

    I came in to bios and made the analog VGA as boot display but same problem.

    Bios is updated to newest version.

    Any suggestions?

  39. Hi,

    I have been working on a Compaq Evo N1015v for the past few days. It has had an intermittent problem booting up and installing OS. When the OS had been installed, the laptop woud fail to fully boot into XP – it would boot into XP safe mode, but not the full program. Tested the HDD with the hitachi program, and that program said there were problems with the HDD. Installed another HDD, still same problem. Tested the memory with the memtest program, ran 4 or 5 passes and no problems. Then, booted into the Noppix CD once, ran fine. Rebooted, no go. Switched memory slots, etc. Still no go.

    Any help would be appreciated – is this thing toast?

  40. OK,

    Here is an update – I get the laptop to boot into the Noppix about half the time – would this be a memory issue, a motherboard issue or an overheating issue?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  41. Laptop Freak


    Tested the memory with the Memtest program, ran 4 or 5 passes and no problems

    Then probably there is nothing wrong with memory. From my experience Memtest utility is pretty accurate.
    I think there could be a problem with the motherboard.

  42. I just bought an Everex VA 4103M StepNote and a couple of times (I’ve only had it 2 days) it freezes up on me after a few hours. I’m running Vista, it has a 1.7GHz processor, 512mb RAM, Microsoft Office 2003 and barely any other programs (it had only office when it first froze up). Thanks for your help.

  43. Laptop Freak


    I’m running Vista

    Maybe that’s your problem? Vista is too young and some noteboks still might have issues with this OS. Visit the manufacturer’s website and check if there is a newer version of BIOS available for your notebook.

  44. hey look i have an HpPavilion dv8000 since i have it from the 10 months it has started to freezed, i have formtatated the whole hard drives like 5 times and it still freezes, also when i push the tap where the rams and the broadcom is located it start to working fine, i just recently sended to a friend to gave it a checkand it results that the processor was running on 1.79 when it should run at 1.43, the computer responds alot better but still it stays freezing, can you give me a hand with this? i will apreciatted. thanks

  45. i have a toshiba satellite m45 and it is freezing on me. It started when i was transfering burnt files from a CDR to a folder. Since then, it freezes all the time, especially when i insert a burnt CDR. It used to freeze constantly but nowadays it only freezes when i play CDR’s, when i play online media and when i move the laptop from a hard surface like a desk to my laps eg. Can you help? i have reformated and even used my recovery disk but to no avail. I know i do not have a virus or spyware as norton, spysweeper and belarc advisor all say it is clean.

  46. My laptop (HP pavilion ZV5000) keep on freezing randomly.It came up with 512 RAM. In bios , shows 384RAM. Is that problem? Do i need to buy new 2 256RAM or just one. Can I install 1GB in Back slot & 1 256RAM under keyboard slot.will it work? or should RAM be same both slots.

    Laptop Freak.. Please help. I have lot of office data inside.

  47. Laptop Freak

    I’m not sure why it shows up as 384MB in BIOS. Here’s my guess. It’s possible that your video card uses shared memory (part of the main memory is used for the video card). If the video card uses 128MB or RAM then you have only 384MB left for the operating system.
    Check the BIOS menu and see if you can change the amount of RAM used by the video card. Check if the amount of system memory goes up if you reduce the amount of video memory.
    From my experience, 384MB is not enough for Windows. Try installing more memory.

    Can I install 1GB in Back slot & 1 256RAM under keyboard slot.will it work? or should RAM be same both slots.

    You can use different memory sticks. If you have 256MB under the keyboard and install 1GB into the expansion slot on the bottom, the laptop should work without any problem.

  48. I just got a used Dell Latitude from my wife
    since noticed that it freezes every 10 seconds. The freeze lasts for about 4 seconds. it does every time. I can not type during the freeze. it works well every 10 seconds. Thanks for any help you may give

  49. I have a compaq r3000 which stopped booting. I’ve seen postings here that defined the problem. When power is applied, the screen is blank. Sometimes you might get into cmos, and reset to the bios default settings – which seemed to help. But as time progressed, it became harder to get the computer to respond to the F10 at startup. It seemed like a heat prob, as if i waited for 20-60 mins, sometimes that would help.

    What I found was the computer was not completing the POST on power up. I found the internal PCI wireless card was hanging up the bus. To fix it, i simply removed the card and taped the two antenna wires so they would not short anything out.

    The PCI card is located under the keyboard, and to access it, you must pop out the panel above the keyboard. There are four screws which hold the keyboard down, and when removed, the keyboard can be lifted out. Removing the keyboard, the pci card is about the size of a business card, and it located in the center.

    I’m posting this because i have seen many who have experienced this identical problem and it’s far easier ( and much less expensive) to remove a part and prove a problem, than it is to systematically replace every part inside the notebook.

  50. Salvador

    ok iam really pissed this computer compaq is acting weird well let me explain the color is gray and on top has red letter and one day i turn it on then all sudden a beeeepp beep would come out and the scream will be all black well went i got in the computer was going crazy with the letter mmmmmmm its going like this mmmmmmmmmmmmm i dont knom wat the heck is that but iam pissed please help i need copy and paste the letter m is really hard and the letter m i think iA virous helo e please

  51. fred robinson

    my westinghouse mb-14w2laptop stoped working ,but i fixed and can’t find any drivers for it can any one help me?????

  52. Good day. got me a problem wiht ma wireless, works with getting on 2 the net but when i connect to a friend to play online it shuts downm my laptop. (outlike a light)… Anybody ???

  53. hi guys I have a compaq v4000 and I’m having the same issue with it freezeing up and after messing with it at first I had to squeeze the left side of the laptop and it would start working again without having to restart it but now I turn it on and the power light comes on but nothing else happens sometimes if I kinda tweak the left bottom corner of the laptop I mean really tweak it starts up just fine but I can’t work on the computer and tweak it at the same time. when I stop tweaking the laptop it freezes and parts of the screen start blinking. maybe this will help solve our problem. I know it sounds weird to squeeze it but it worked for a while please help

  54. I am working on a Compaq V4000, a friends and it locks up. Get the laptop cold and see how long it runs. It was pretty cool in the house we left and turned heat off not expecting so cold. Cam home and booted up laptop that I had been charging once before and it would not boot. This time it came all the way up and I could look around alittle but then started freezing, i rebooted and it came up but stored freezing again and blinking. Removed processor door and processor cooling plate and a big ball of fuzz came out, it was blocking the fan from blowing any air to processor. So got shutting off problem fixed, now for locking up, of which is some due to over heating. For some time friend has told me they have to tap laptop or squeeze left of mouse pad close to keyboard and it doesnt lock. Started looking at it and it makes the HDD work when you do this. Not squeezing the HDD area but actually the DVD player area. Go it turn apart to see if bad solder, probably from over heating, have not found anything yet.

  55. Laptop Freak


    booted up laptop that I had been charging once before and it would not boot. This time it came all the way up and I could look around a little but then started freezing

    Before taking it apart run diagnostics tests on memory and hard drive. For memory test you can use Memtest86+ and for the hard drive test Hitachi’s DFT. Check out “Useful Links” on the right side.

  56. I already too it apart. Its way past time for cleaning. Laptop has not been taken care of. I am about to reassemble. But not really seeing it being a memory or HDD issue when you have to tap or squeeze laptop to get it to run. I think it might have gotten hot enough to flow some solder somewhere. If you look at the post the reason it was totally going out is the processor was over heating. Charging it just caused more heat. Thats why I suggest getting laptop cold to see it will boot. I have Back Track 2 that I will boot when its back together. I will also try your test. Thanks for the help.

  57. INHead

    Hi there !

    Reading through these comments they all seem extremly similar to a problem im facing, but not quite. What im facing is really bad since I use the laptop alot in my career, since im a DJ.

    Thing is, up until yesterday, my HP Pavilion DV1000 was going great! Suddenly, it frooze, i wasnt workin on it at the time, i was away, wen i came bak it was frozen. So i had to manually reboot it using the power button. It worked okay, but 5 minutes later when i was moving it around it showed the ‘blue screen of death’ and restarted!

    Now before that i had an HP compaq which had motherboard problems and these were the exact symptoms. But the other problem was much more severe to the extent that in the end it wouldnt even boot anymore !!

    Later on yesterday, twice it restarted, all because I moved it. Note : I moved it with one hand on the place where the hard disk is.

    Anyways, I took it to a technician today, and he checked my RAM, which was all fine, and the fan was working great.

    This leaves 2 options :

    1- My HDD is damaged. But that wouldnt make sense, seeing as though im Reading/Writing everything fine!

    2- The motherboard is indeed hit. This ofcourse is my worse nightmare, because this means that I have to ship the laptop to the HP people, and stay without it for a long time, and I cant do that because I need it on a daily basis.

    Note: I re-installed the BIOS today, but it didnt seem to make any difference , because it also frooze then restarted when I moved it later on.

    Anybody can put their 2 cents on the issue?

  58. Laptop Freak


    Anyways, I took it to a technician today, and he checked my RAM, which was all fine, and the fan was working great.

    Do you know if he tested your RAM or tried replacing it with another working module?
    If you have only one memory module installed, try moving it into the empty slot. Test the laptop after that. You can test RAM yourself with Memtest86+ utility.
    Test the hard drive, you can use Hitachi’s drive fitness test I mentioned in the post. Even though the hard drive looks fine and you can read/write, it still can be defective. Run the test first.

  59. Thomas

    My Compaq v2000 has the same problem as SAME, i have to press down on the laptop just to the left of the featherpad. I also recently had overheating problems with the processor until I fixed the fan. I was also having problems with the memory, I used the program you have previously posted and it said I did indeed have bad memory, which I then replaced. I have also noted holding my laptop vertical or upside down works just as well as upside down. I tested the hard drive and it is just fine. Any ideas as to what could be the problem?

  60. Mike Stone

    I think hardware failure or software failure will likely not repair itself, so if the problem is intermittent, it might be the CPU–not that it is down, but it is overheating due to a failing cooling assembly. This can be caused by lost of heat sink compound, loosened screws to the heat sink to the CPU, dirty fan, worn fan motor, aged cables, failed secondary fan, dust accumulation, etc. Has anybody tested these possibilities?

  61. I have a Compaq and when I turn it off it resumes windows. It is in logging off mode and is completely frozen. I have tried Ctrl Alt Delete. Lights are flashing and I have no idea what they mean. Today it got hot very quickly. I have no idea what to do. PLEASE HELP ME!!

  62. Willie

    When I start my toshiba A65-S126, it is fine. It shows toshiba logo, windows logo, and all that. But when it is about to start the windows, the screen does not show anything except the wallpaper. It does not freeze becoz I can start the Task Manager. So in order to use my computer, i have to run new task (I ran the Explorer.exe) through Task Manager. So what do you think? Do you have any suggestions?



  63. What is the difference in the power required from the inverter to light up the 15″ Compaq Presario R3000 LCD backlight and the power required from the inverter of a Compaq Presario R3000 15.4″ LCD Backlight?


  64. ShaolinPrince

    I have an IBM ThinkPad R51 and it just recently it stopped working. It was working fine and then the screen froze. I did a hard reboot but it does not show anything on the screen (the power and battery light comes on) and it did not go through its POST with no hard drive activity. I turn it on and off and sometimes it will display the IBM screen and I am able to put in the boot up password and I am able to log in to Windows (XP) but after a second or two, it freezes again. I tested the hard drive in my other ThinkPad R51 and it works perfectly for hours. I also replaced the memory in the defective one and it came up for a few minutes and then I get like a small static (for a second or two) on the screen and it freezes again and sometimes the screen will go black and then back to the frozen screen. When I can get the IBM boot screen, (maybe every 15 or 20 tries or if I leave it for a few hours) it will not allow me to get into the BIOS screen because I get that static and it freezes again. The hard drive is working and the memory is OK (I even swapped memory and memory slots). I cannot figure out what is the problem. Is it a video connection (I removed the keyboard and reconnected the video connection)? Would a video problem cause the freezing? Thanks for any help you can provide.

  65. Laptop Freak

    If it’s not HDD or RAM, could be faulty motherboard.

  66. I have an HP Pavillion laptop it is acting strange, it wont run properly, it freezes while you are using it, UNLESS you move the screen back and forth, once in a while you can find a spot that it will work for 2 or three minutes, then you have to wiggle the screen again. REALLY irritating! Sounds like something loose, but I have no idea what in the screen or it’s connections would make the silly thing freeze…> Any suggestions? THANKS

  67. My Laptop is a compaq v6500. It works great. However , when I stream a TV Show. About 1/2 or more thru the show My screen Bleeds or Looks Distorted and freezes.The Laptop just Freezes. Nothing will work exept turning power off. No Escape , nothing ! Ive tried , etc..This laptop is very well maintained. Plenty of RAM and everything. Any suggestions ??????

  68. Hi, I’m using Toshiba Satellite Core 2 Duo/3 GB . My laptop is freezing up randomly and instantly. Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse all are frozen. I just have to reboot. I reinstalled windows by formatting my HD, still the problem is persisting. The core temperature doesn’t seem to be much 40-50 mostly. I even tried to remove one RAM stick, interchanging positions etc. Still my laptop is hanging randomly. It hangs in safe mode too. I ran the Memtest86+ for about 2 hrs, no errors. Any help is appreciated!


  69. Laptop Freak


    My laptop is freezing up randomly and instantly. Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse all are frozen. I just have to reboot. I reinstalled windows by formatting my HD, still the problem is persisting. The core temperature doesn’t seem to be much 40-50 mostly. I even tried to remove one RAM stick, interchanging positions etc. Still my laptop is hanging randomly. It hangs in safe mode too. I ran the Memtest86+ for about 2 hrs, no errors.

    It’s hard to tell what is wrong and here’s something you can try.
    Miminie the laptop as much as you can. Remove the battery, DVD drive, wireless card, modem, etc…
    Leave only main components such as motherobard, CPU, memory, hard drive. Test the laptop again. If it’s still freezes, there could be a problem with the motherboard.

  70. My Fujitsu Amila laptop keeps on freezing at random times. i’ve restored like a million times the last month, done a hardware system check, reset all my power options, yesterday i had an error about Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter not working. I’ve disabled it and everything was working fine until this morning. had 2 freezes already. running windows 7. Is this a hardware problem ?

  71. Hi ,
    All of a sudden everything was slow on my laptop Toshiba L20, WINDOWS XP HOME sp3. Every window I try to close hangs and I get the error “this program is not responding , end now“. The internet connection icon disappears and occasionally reappears. When I open up power options and click on a tab it freezes and I cannot end the program from task manager or any other way , the only way to turn it off is by shutting down the laptop with the power button. Also when I try to shut down the laptop via Turn off from the start menu I do not get the display screen with the options Turn off, Restart , hibernate , it just hangs with a blue screen and does not turn off, the only way I can turn it off is by holding down the power button for a few seconds. Sometimes when I install a program which needs a reboot after the completion of installation , I get `this program is not responding“power options“, run dll , etc, and it just hangs there until I close it with the power button.Also in task manager it shows cpu usage 15 % or a certain figure while system idle shows98% or 99% basically it is disproportionate.
    It functions normally in safe mode , I get the screen with the options restart , turn off , hibernate etc . Power options also opens up and does not hang when I click one of the tabs only it gives lesser options than in normal mode.
    I have tried removing all antivirus , firewalls etc , I have formatted and reloaded windows , but the same problems persist.
    Anyone please shed some light as to what it could be hardware or software?

  72. Hi , problem solved i removedthe battery and everything back to normal

  73. Sharad Agrawal

    I have compaq presario CQ 40 laptop. After working some time, It got freeze and anything like keyboard,mouse, scroll bar doesn’t work except turning on/off button. I have recovered many times but the problem is as it is. I have frustrated by restarting my computer again and again. Any suggestion would be really helpful for me.

    ~Sharad Agrawal