My Compaq constantly freeze on me

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I bought a Compaq R3000 about a year ago and it seemed to run fine until recently yesterday. It started acting all weird and would constantly freeze on me. This would cause me to constantly having to restart the computer. Then finally today I have decided to reboot the computer, but now I can’t even get through the whole process because the computer continues to still freeze!! I’ve formatted the whole HD and everything. I thought it was a virus, but now I’m thinking it is a hardware problem. Please help me.

I think you might have a problem with your hard drive. Very often a laptop would freeze up because of installed spyware/asware programs, but by reinstalling the operating system you’ve eliminated any software related issues. Test it with Hitachi Drive Fitness test to see if it fails the test. User guide for Hitachi DFT test utility is located on the same page.

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  1. Sharad Agrawal

    I have compaq presario CQ 40 laptop. After working some time, It got freeze and anything like keyboard,mouse, scroll bar doesn’t work except turning on/off button. I have recovered many times but the problem is as it is. I have frustrated by restarting my computer again and again. Any suggestion would be really helpful for me.

    ~Sharad Agrawal

  2. Hi , problem solved i removedthe battery and everything back to normal

  3. Hi ,
    All of a sudden everything was slow on my laptop Toshiba L20, WINDOWS XP HOME sp3. Every window I try to close hangs and I get the error “this program is not responding , end now“. The internet connection icon disappears and occasionally reappears. When I open up power options and click on a tab it freezes and I cannot end the program from task manager or any other way , the only way to turn it off is by shutting down the laptop with the power button. Also when I try to shut down the laptop via Turn off from the start menu I do not get the display screen with the options Turn off, Restart , hibernate , it just hangs with a blue screen and does not turn off, the only way I can turn it off is by holding down the power button for a few seconds. Sometimes when I install a program which needs a reboot after the completion of installation , I get `this program is not responding“power options“, run dll , etc, and it just hangs there until I close it with the power button.Also in task manager it shows cpu usage 15 % or a certain figure while system idle shows98% or 99% basically it is disproportionate.
    It functions normally in safe mode , I get the screen with the options restart , turn off , hibernate etc . Power options also opens up and does not hang when I click one of the tabs only it gives lesser options than in normal mode.
    I have tried removing all antivirus , firewalls etc , I have formatted and reloaded windows , but the same problems persist.
    Anyone please shed some light as to what it could be hardware or software?

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