Screen has green pixels instead of black

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My laptop has green pixels where black pixels should be, so in other words when the Windows XP splash screen comes up during bootup the screen is completely green except for the logo of course. Every “true black” pixel is green colored and the problem is there when Windows is running too. I can see they are not dead pixels because all the pixels do it when a black pixel should be there. I had a friend who is a Toshiba certified technician take a look at it and he said it looks like coffee was spilled on it but the LCD is fine so it seems to be something with the onboard video. I am great with making and repairing desktops, but not laptops, though I could if I needed to. Can anyone suggest anything besides getting a new laptop or a new motherboard. The MB sounds better than a whole new laptop.
One other thing I should add is that when I bought it on eBay it was sold because of the little green pixels but it was reported as showing up here and there, when I actually received the laptop the problem was completely gone. Then I sent it to UPS because i filed a claim since they damaged the power supply and also the CD-ROM and when they shipped it back the green pixels then showed up and much worse. Nothing helps, twisting the LCD , banging it a bit, nothing at all helps it. So its weird because after I bought it from eBay UPS delivered it and the so-called problem was non-existant, then I sent it back to UPS, then they shipped it back and the problem was there. Can anyone help please??

There is no simple solution for this problem.  If the coffee went down to the motherboard, I think you’ll have to replace it.
By the way, what if you start the laptop with an external monitor? Do get the same bad video on the external screen (indicates a problem with onboard video) or the external screen works fine? If the external monitor displays normal video, may by you just have a bad video cable and there is nothing wrong with the motherboard? Test the external video before you make any conclusions.

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  1. Giancarlo

    IT’S THE CABLE!!!!

    Try to change the video cable or try to put connector better.
    Do it with a black wallpaper.
    You will see it all green, but when you replace the cable, wallpaper will change to black.

  2. I have an advent mt22 all in one pc and had the same problem that all pure black is flickering green almost like the matrix screen. after reading many hints of how to resolve this and nothing working I got frushstrated and gave the comuter a knock on the side and the green reduced a bit and I knocked it again and the green has disapeared and everything seems back to normal. which leads me to believe it must be a loose connection somewhere inside. whether it comes back is yet to be seen but for now it’s fixed
    good luck to you all

  3. I can’t fix the lime green issue and can’t really understand the suggestions. Why, Zoon, do you say people who ask why lime green appears rather than black on their monitors are “so dumb”? I took your advice and googled ram and image converter, but the information doesn’t help me fix or really understand the problem. Maybe you are just really smart about computers and should feel good about having superior knowledge rather than think other people who lack it are dumb. Anyway, my Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 still shows lime green everywhere there should be black in photographs, videos, on the screen…I don’t know where to apply pressure like some people suggest…I’ve spent hours searching for ways to address the problem and unfortunately messed up computer settings that I can’t redo…

  4. I have a toshiba satellite S650-11E that has a similar problem. This is second time that this has come up, all the images and videos and whatnot that should be black are actually bright green. The first time this happened a friend of mine did something and it worked fine. Now this has happened again, but the laptop has not suffered any damage in recent weeks nor has it had a “bath” of any kind (water, coke, coffee). I need help with this ASAP.

  5. You ppl are so dumb, just complain
    Do you know what ram is? or an image inverter unit is? Google them

  6. rogerthat1945

    My 3D Toshiba dynabook A660 laptop x64 Win7 Ultimate laptop has nothing but a flashing green screen, flashes blue screen, flashes red screen, flashes grey screen. Repeatedly. It is just over a year old and it happened after I tried a 3D game (Bioshock) for 10 minutes; since then the laptop will not work. It wont even let me get into the bios now. It got hot when playing the 3D game; so may be related. Any ideas as now just out of warranty?

  7. Hello,

    I got the same problem that everything thats supposed to black or some what black is now green/greenish. But I also connect a diffrent screen with HDMI and that seems fine, but the screen I’m currently using is with a VGA and it might be teh cables but i’m not sure. Anyone got any tips?

  8. I should also add that I’ve updated drivers and tried changing the refresh rate of the screen (only supports 59 or 60 hertz)

  9. My Samsung R700 laptop has developed this problem with no obvious cause (haven’t dropped it, spilled water on it). It did have another problem where the screen would flicker and black out (a backlight issue) so I checked connections to inverter and motherboard and it seemed to be resolved. Now, months later, this green pixel issue.
    I’ve tried the following with no success:
    1. Touching the frame and holding the power button for 10secs
    2. Disconnecting and reconnecting cables (to inverter, mobo and screen)
    3. Replacing LCD screen (that’s £90 I’m getting back sharpish!)
    Does anyone have any other solutions for this? I’ve plugged in a monitor via VGA and it appears normal. Is there any point in replacing the inverter or should I try getting a new screen cable? I’ve not opened up the laptop fully but may as well give it a go before I decide to get a new laptop!

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