Screen has green pixels instead of black

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My laptop has green pixels where black pixels should be, so in other words when the Windows XP splash screen comes up during bootup the screen is completely green except for the logo of course. Every “true black” pixel is green colored and the problem is there when Windows is running too. I can see they are not dead pixels because all the pixels do it when a black pixel should be there. I had a friend who is a Toshiba certified technician take a look at it and he said it looks like coffee was spilled on it but the LCD is fine so it seems to be something with the onboard video. I am great with making and repairing desktops, but not laptops, though I could if I needed to. Can anyone suggest anything besides getting a new laptop or a new motherboard. The MB sounds better than a whole new laptop.
One other thing I should add is that when I bought it on eBay it was sold because of the little green pixels but it was reported as showing up here and there, when I actually received the laptop the problem was completely gone. Then I sent it to UPS because i filed a claim since they damaged the power supply and also the CD-ROM and when they shipped it back the green pixels then showed up and much worse. Nothing helps, twisting the LCD , banging it a bit, nothing at all helps it. So its weird because after I bought it from eBay UPS delivered it and the so-called problem was non-existant, then I sent it back to UPS, then they shipped it back and the problem was there. Can anyone help please??

There is no simple solution for this problem.  If the coffee went down to the motherboard, I think you’ll have to replace it.
By the way, what if you start the laptop with an external monitor? Do get the same bad video on the external screen (indicates a problem with onboard video) or the external screen works fine? If the external monitor displays normal video, may by you just have a bad video cable and there is nothing wrong with the motherboard? Test the external video before you make any conclusions.

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  1. Hi, thank you very much for your time and response. I forgot to mention, that yup it sure does work with an external monitor, no issues at all, so in that case the video adapter would not be the issue. My friend, the Toshiba cert tech said he played with the cable and nothing came of it, but I’m not sure exactly what he tried. It seems like it was having the issue and then when I bought it and received the issue was gone, then I sent it out to UPS and when they sent it back the gren pixel issue was there again. So the issue seems to be in the cable(s) running to the LCD? Could the issue lie anywhere else? For instance could it be the LCD itself? Thanks again, i do appreciate your help with this matter.


  2. Laptop Freak

    You are getting green pixels only on the internal LCD screen but not on the external monitor, right? It tells me that most likely there is nothing wrong with the video card and problem is somewhere in the display assembly. So, it’s either a bad video cable or bad LCD screen. From my experience it doesn’t look like the video cable problem. A bad video cable might cause noise or cut off the video signal at all, but I’ve never seen that it causes black pixels change green (or any other color). Probably you have a bad LCD screen. I cannot guaranty it’s 100% right, nobody can, but that’s what I think.
    Ask your friend to hook up a test LCD screen to your laptop, this test will help to narrow down the problem.

  3. Hmmmm, very good point, ok I will see if I can ask him to try a test screen, though he does not actually have access to any parts he was certified when he used to work at CompUSA I believe. Thank you though, very much, for your help.


  4. I have this too! It’s driving me insane!
    The thing is though, it’s happened before, twice I think, but I can’t remember what I did to get rid of it. In fact, I’m not sure I did anything at all, it might have just gone on it’s own.
    If it’s a bad LCD screen, can I do anything? Or will I have to get someone to fix it?
    Any help is really appreciated!

  5. have the same problem on my laptop screen – doesn’t seem to be a common problem re search on google-did you resolve problem- be great to know how!!

  6. i cant believe my bad luck 🙁
    i’ve recently just gotten this problem as well.
    i launched a full screen program and the desktop popped back up and the screen became green.
    everything is fine on an external screen.
    google lead me to here.
    anyone solved this yet?

  7. Craig W

    Add me to the list. I just finished reloading XP media Centre in an attempt to clear this (and other problems up) but it’s back again. Not constantly though. I am running ATI’s X1600 on and ASUS Z96JS. Anyone else got the same laptop?

  8. Francisco

    Hey! I have exactly the same problem, it all started when my laptop accidentally fell along with my backpack, after that the green problem. One friend recommended me to remove the battery and leave the laptop alone for a few days (to eliminate static I guess), after I did that, the problem persisted for a few days, after that it seemed to be fine, until yesterday that the green pixels came back again…

  9. I’ve had a similar problem – I’ve had my laptop for 2 years now and have never had a display problem with it. However after a journey (in which I didn’t think it got knocked, but I guess you never know; I do know that it didn’t get any liquids in or even near it, so it’s not a coffee problem) it now has the same black-pixels-go-green problem – but only if I open the laptop screen further than about 110 degrees. If it’s any further back I get all my black pixels coming up bright green; any further closed and all pixels are normal. This implies that it’s a cable seating problem or something; it doesn’t have anything to do with the orientation of the machine itself, only the opening angle at the hinge. I’m going to go in and have a look around for loose or kinked connections if it’s tiresome enough, or otherwise hope that it’ll work itself out again through normal use…

  10. Simon Young

    I have the same problem with my Fujitsu C series Lifebook.

    I experienced this problem a few years ago and took it to Best Buy to repair. They loaded some sortt of driver via floppy disk and it corrected the problem. When it happened again a few months later, I inserted the copy of the disk they gave me and it was ok.

    However, I don’t have the disk anymore. The other day, when the monitor opened quite a bit back, the black to green problem showed up again. It went away after I restared, but it’s been coming up again. Haven’t been able to get rid of it since, but I’ve found many threads online with people experiencing the same thing.

  11. Kyran McGlasson

    HEY! I have the problem too (I think). I dont think it was caused by dropping it slightly (although I do carry it in a backpack to work which means it could’ve suffered similar damage). I think it happened after I upgraded the memory from 512mb to 1536mb. It is a HP pavillion with onboard ATI graphics processor, which shares the memory with the main cpu. That is the reason I suspect the memory. I remove the memory chip (leaving 256mb remaining) and the problem does’nt appear. This green pixel problem comes more than it goes away. It is not restricted to black pixels, but pixels of similar color. I procured the memory chip through a friend so I can’t exactly get it replaced. With respect to the first guy’s problem I suspect everyone has made the wrong judgement when an external monitor works, lcd screen is green… Well my opinion is that because the internal circuitry from the graphics processor to the lcd screen follows a different path than that to the crt connector, and they are different technologies, LCD is DIGITAL!!! – CRT is not, its ANALOG!!!

    So there could be a bad connection to the LCD screen, hence why people try to twist the LCD screen to get it to dissapear. I think there is a problem with the signal path to the LCD screen. Especially when the problem is intermittent. (I could be wrong, how would I know, I’m typing this over the net…)

  12. I just started up my laptop after leaving it in its case for about an hour and a half. And its roughly 11 degrees out. Anyways, I turned it on to see the entire screen green where the black should be. I’m not sure if its from the cold, althought I don’t think so. I used it at my grandparents house, and it worked fine, so I don’t know why it is acting up. If anyone could suggest anything, that’d be great. I own a Toshiba Sattelite A105, if anyone needs to know that.

  13. I have not yet figured out the probem either, but I have the exact same problem. So do you see a green windows xp splash screen? And when you get into windows do you see like the image kind of fuzzy and off-colored in certain areas? For instance, on the right hand edges of some program’s windows there is pixelation and the pixels change color and there seems to be a band of like odd colors but only on the right hand edge of the window. It’s hard to explain if I can take a picture I will send it to you. If you want to discuss this through e-mail in case the moderator does not want this becoming a chat room, my e-mail is “cdt11372 at” Just replace the at with @, other wise I get spammed from the wrong people visiting this kewl site. The moderator has also been very helpful but I have yet to try the suggestion as I don’t have any spare LCDs. I’m experienced with desktops and computers in general so feel free to let me know what we can do, in tech terms. =)


  14. Elizabeth

    Hi – I spilled a little water on the back part of my laptop which didnt damage to computer itself but noe I have black glob type things at the bottom of the screen. this ws several days ago and some of them still sem to be getting bigger. What can I do? should I have someone take the screen apart and fix it? Is it fixable? What about applying heat to dry it out? thanks for your help.

  15. Has anybody figured this out yet? coz i have the same problem on my packard bell easynote.

  16. Sorry forgot to say when i go into the bios i can view that clearly aswell a curtain stuff on the desktop…this is so annoying it seems anything black the LCD hates.

  17. Mark (the guy with the original issue)

    I still have not been able to figure the issue out.

    In regards to Elizabeth’s water issue: what most likely happened is that water seeped in behind the LCD and that might have caused some tpye of electrical issue that may or might not be fixable by letting the screen dry out. To get it to dry out I would think you need to take the LCD screen out which I beleive is somewhat sealed in a metal casing (but obviously has some holes where the water was able to get inside). I would not recommend applying heat directly to the casing or the LCD screen either in or out of the laptop, or at the most apply a little bit of heat with a blow dryer a few inches away. I am not sure what to suggest but drying out definitely seems like your best bet right now. So the screen still displays images fine, even where the globs are right? It’s just that there are globs that are visible but they do not affect the image that much correct? Or do pixels in the globs not even display?

    In reagrds to the green screen issue, I’m thinking it is a bad seated video chip or it is the lcd itself.

  18. Laptop Freak

    I think Mark is right, water got inside the screen.
    Just recently I had to repair a Dell notebook with a water damaged LCD. Water got inside the screen, dried out and left dirty stains on the white background. The screen itself was working fine but these dirty stains were very irritating. Is it possible to take apart the LCD screen itself and clean it up inside? Yes it is but you can easily damage it during disassembly. I fixed my screen only because I had a spare one (cracked LCD).
    Here’s my laptop screen disassembly adventure (

  19. Elizabeth

    Hi – and thanks for your responses. I put a little heat on the screen with a blowdryer an weirdly enough it made the globs somewhat ‘moveable’ so I can see that behind them my screen is perfect. They change size a bit and after the heat the black seems to have some small areas of multi color pixels in it. this is a new Toshiba Satellite with a 17″ screen so Im nervous to think about taking it apart myself. Any recomendations on where you would take it? I would really like to try and get rid of thse if its possible. I cant see my start button any more! Thanks for your help, Elizabth

  20. Laptop Freak

    This problem will not be covered under warranty and any laptop repair shop will quote you a new LCD screen, they are not going to take it apart – too much risk to break the screen. Can you stop using the laptop for a while? It’s possible when the water dries out you will be able to use it again.
    Do not take the screen apart yourself because you can easily damage it and make it completely unusable.

  21. Alex Betts

    Hello, I have a very similar probblem to the green pixles that you guys are getting, however not as bad (mine is only 45% of the black not 100%). I was fiddling around with it and came to a conclution that i will be investigating more into later. this is that, if i take the base of the laptop (not the screen) and attempt to “bend” is by applying preasureto middle and sides. every now and then i get a possition that makes the pixles go mad or compleatly dissapear, i think therefor that the probblem is in the conneciton from screen to gfx card.
    Just for record i’m running a acer TravleMate4560, GeForce go 7600.

  22. gadget3000

    Hi, I have had the same problem. I was building a computer when my laptop was on and I put on the anti-static wristrap then I had this problem. Therefore it has something to do with static. !!!THE FIX!!!: Take off the cover and touch the metal of the case of the latop (not the bit you just took off) and press the power button for 10 seconds. Then close up the laptop and all should be sorted. What this does is make the amount of static in your body the same in the laptop.

  23. Mark C.

    This kind of makes sense…because I bought my laptop knowing that it had the green-pixel problem, but after it got to my house after shipping, the screen had no problem. Then, I sent it back out to UPS because of issues in transit, after they sent it back to me, the problem was really, really bad. Suggesting that it may have been picking up static in transit and possibly lost some of it or got better at some point also.

    I’ll give this suggestion a try, and thank you very much for posting your suggestion, I’ll let you annoyed laptop owners know if it is good after the procedure.

  24. Alex Betts

    thanks gadget3000, i just tried that and it has fixed it!!!

  25. paul

    The green pixel problem is very common in laptops and is normaly 1 of 2 things, 1st what gadget3000 said and the other being, that the connection has become loose.

    (white connection with cable leading off to screen)
    the link above shows the connection that i am talking about, (found under the caseing directly below the screen), all you need to do is push the connection in (with some force) on either side and then the pixels will fix,..

    there a many ways that the connection can come loose – mainly bumps, and heat

  26. Mark

    Thnak you for the suggestions to both of you. However, I am still not able to get my issue to be solved, I tried both suggestions, but the one about touching the case I’m a bit confused about. Is the laptop supposed to be on first of all? Also, which part of the case is gadget3000 referring to? I tried touching the metal casing of the LCD screen after removing the plastic “frame” and also some of the metal frame that I could see after removing the keyboard, but still the green pixels are there. Can anyone clear up what gadget3000 means about the case, like where it is, am I supposed to be grounded to something else, and again is the laptop supposed to be turned on while grounding it, and I am a bit confused about holding down the power button for 210 secs thing also…Thanks for the help to all.

  27. gadget3000

    When you take off a panel of the case of the laptop (not the screen), with power cord out, touch the metal just underneath the plastic of the casing hold the power button for 10 seconds, then release the button. I don’t know why you have to press the power button but this is what I was told to do when I wanted the static to be the same in the laptop.

  28. Mark

    Gadget, thanks for responding, I appreciate it very much…I’m still having a bit of trouble though. I have a Toshiba Satellite A25-S307, is this what you were working with also? I am still not sure which panel I have to remove, I can remove the keyboard which gives me a view of some of the motherboard and access to the memory chips and the video cables as “paul” mentioned in one of the latest posts about making sure the video cable is seated properly. I can see parts that seem very metallic and appear to be “frame”-ish, in other words they appear to be solid pieces of metal that seem to serve no other purpose other than to hold up and provide support for the laptop. Still though I have had no luck getting the green pixels to go away. Also you mentioned the power cable should be disconnected, does this mean also that the battery should be removed? Thanks a bunch for the help and I’m sorry if I am asking too too many questions. Thanks again, to Gadget and to all who have tried to help, including this website’s webmaster and support group. Thanks!@:-)

  29. gadget3000

    The battery does not have be removed but when I did it the battery was in. The ‘frame-ish’ bit you were talking about sounds like the metal you are meant to touch. Hope all goes well. I will see if I can get a picture of the metal you are meant to touch and publish the link.

  30. gadget3000

    Here is the link for a picture. It is not my own and you should IGNORE THE GREEN BOX!!!:
    On the open part you can see a ‘rim’ of metal with screw holes in. This is the metal you would touch.

  31. Mark (the guy with the original issue)

    Issue Solved:

    Thanks to all who helped by posting their suggestions and their experiences. I have gotten the laptop to no longer have the green screen issue, I believe it was static electricity or it was adjusting the video cable on the LCD side of the cable, thanks again to all and hope this helps someone in the future.

  32. Great post everyone.
    I have Toshiba Qosmio g30(no serious probs since purchase) that suddenly developed the green screen problem.The xp start up screen is green & black/dark grey pixels are also green. There is also some red pixel distortion in scroll bars and menu boxes.

    I was using it fine today then i half closed the screen and left it to go on standby or hibernate. Anyway, when i flicked mouse to turn it back on, the green pixels were all over the desktop. PLEASE bear with me on my steps because i really don’t think it is a fatal hardware fault and don’t want to dismantle yet!

    This comment has been republished here.

    gadget you mean that part to touch?

  34. Hi!

    I am having the same problem with my Acer Travelmate 2424 laptop. The funny thing is that it temporarily disappears when I bend the screen from the top, or if the screen color becomes suddenly much darker. The problem disappeared for a couple of months and now seems to have reappeared. Any suggestions?


  35. I have the similar problem with my Acer Aspire 5630 laptop GeForce go 7300. In any image file, or text file in which the color is black, some green spots or lines are coming out on those balck color places. Though it is not fully green, some places of black colors are becoming green.

    Any suggestions?

  36. Hi,

    I’m currently using a Toshiba Satellite P205-S6267 model laptop. Starting yesterday, I began experiencing the green pixel problem myself. I’ve come to the conclusion that it IS a loose connection. I’m not all that computer saavy, so I’m not sure if there’s a way I can get to this cable myself to fix this. Could someone elaborate how I would do that? Or would it be a better call for me to take it to Geek Squad at Best Buy or something of the sort?

  37. My iMac displays solid green where it should be black. This is the new iMac, hardly a month by the way was also delivered by UPS from apple online store. Does UPS not know how to handle PCs, or what? I am not a wiz so I have booked mine to be sent to nearest Apple repair agent (not with UPS) coz my printer cam with them as well and had to be replaced. Purchasing these 2 items has been a pain. But I spoke to a certified apple engineer and he told me that the problem is fixable. I got the impression that it is only something loose in the iMac. Hopefully it will be fixed. (Thought i;d contribute since iMac is technically a large tablet like laptop)

  38. Hi there, Thanks for all the posts. I had the green pixel problem after disassemblying my laptop to repair a touchpad. During disassembly, I broke the white plastic LCD harness socket end which plugs into the motherboard. I tried to super glue it back together, and then when booting up, GREEN! I ordered a new cable from EBay for 17 bucks and replaced the broken cable. Well, boot up and still GREEN. I found this site and read the posts.

    First, I touched the exposed metal of the back of the laptop, with the cover removed and pressed the power button for 10 seconds… still GREEN…

    I thought maybe some glue was still on the gold contacts of the female LCD plug on the motherboard from the mail white plastic plug I had tried to repair, so I plugged and un-plugged it maybe 10 times.

    Hit power and BADDA BOOM! All clear. So, I am not sure what exactly was causing it, static or bad connection or both, but thanks for the posts, it gave me confidence I could manage to fix my machine.


  39. Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot. My laptop is a Toshiba A25 S207.

    For the person who needs info about how to take apart and repair his Toshiba P205, Go here;
    You will find your Toshiba model listed and great info on self repair.

    I really appreciate these guides as they helped me learn to repair my own laptop.

    Good luck to all, Arlie

  40. I’ve had this problem intermittently with my Toshiba M70 Sattelite ever since I recieved it back from service on an unrelated matter.

    I’m convinced it’s a loose cable connection because I just “resolved” the latest instance of this problem by strategically smacking my laptop near the base of the LCD. 🙂

    Of course, this problem has appeared and dissapeard without any discernable pattern for about the last month. Sometimes a well placed jolt corrects it, sometimes it seems to correct itself. The severity of the problem is not constant.

    I guess the only problem I have is that I don’t want to send it away for two weeks so they can open it and plug the cord back in that they (I’m assuming) didn’t plug in correctly when they had it open to repair the motherboard. No matter how hard you try, you can’t convince the in-store techs to fix a warrantied problem, they always send it away.

  41. Do you have to press the power button until the lights are displayed?

  42. So more than a year later, I forgot to report that in my case, the connections were a bit loose. But everything has been working great sense they’ve been tightened up.

  43. kaushik

    I had the same problem(blue pixels instead of black) with my laptop…I increased the brightness of the screen through the display settings…..I can now view the images and videos better though the boot screen remains green..

  44. Kenneth

    I have a similar problem but my is a 46”Vizio LCD pixels where black pixels should be on the LCD screen Can u please advise me on how to solve this problem since it’s a bit different. WHICH METAL SHOULD I TOUCH, SHOULD THE POWER BE ON, ANYTHING PLEASE?

  45. same problem with my old Ibm thinkpad… I replaced the screen in it and it still had the same messed up green screen when I turned it back on. a couple weeks ago at my grandparents house it had the exact same problem so I opened it up and laid it screen down out in the sun for a couple minutes and brought it back in. it still didnt work but my cousin randomly reached up and gave it a light tap on the lower right side of the screen and instantly fixed it… it was pretty funny actually

  46. I also got the problem whit my Compaq presario v2000. I’m thinking it all started when the laptop fell of a table. THe hd broke, and the screen outer plastic cracked. The repair guy told me i was lucky the screen didn’t get damaged. so the whole pc got fine after i replaced the hd. A few months later some pixels just went dark, like if they were not receiving electricity, but after rubbing the screen they went on again. two months later a whole horizontal line of pixels just didn’t work,no matter what I do they didn’t worked again. I managed to used it without that line, but yesterday suddenly after opening my laptop, all the black pxls went green. First they only got green after opening the screen wider than 100 degrees, so it was kinda fine since i dont open it that much. but today, the range i have to open it so i dont get the pxls is just about 30 deg.I rally need help, i luv my laptop and i dont want to lose it.



  47. Its just the cable, where it goes through the LCD screen. The cable is broken. (I fixed my friends)

  48. I know this is late…but here goes:
    My friend has this same problem on a Dell laptop running Win Vista. Just appeared out of nowhere on random areas that should be black…but are now green. I changed the brightness which alleviated the problem when looking at pictures, etc but not with the green pixels around the border of the screen or when the screen flashes from changing resolutions. He also gets an igfxcfg error which I believe to be a key to the problem. Since the problem just appeared and most of the green can be eliminated by changing the brightness, I hesitate to just yet call it a graphics card or lcd error. However, sometimes the card/cable that hooks up to the actual screen can go bad, and not the LCD screen itself (had some experience with laptops from last job) which may result in odd screen behavior. I am having my friend try it on another standby for results.

  49. I just checked the cable ends to the LCD screen and they all seemed to be tight. I pressed them in again anyways. I put everything back together, turned it on and the green was gone. It was a Toshiba A25-S207. Thanks for everything everyone wrote.

  50. I’m having this issue not with a laptop, but with my new Lenovo L220X LCD monitor. Green where black should be, and other discolorations. It happened when I pulled it out of the box it was shipped in, so I’m guessing it was dropped or something in transit.

    Unfortunately, I seem to lack any way to take it apart and “touch the metal” like is being described here w/ laptop LCDs. I just wanted to post this as a problem because it was hard to find this issue being reported anywhere on google, especially for LCD monitors vs laptops.

  51. Tristan de Rond

    I have the same problem with an Asus A8J Running Ubuntu Linux. The green is not there all the time. It comes and goes with no apparent pattern. Sometimes it’s just pure black (RGB 0,0,0) that turns into green, but sometimes it’s other blacks (a small range around pure black like RGB 5,0,0 or RGB 0,5,0) that also go green. I hope someone can find a good solution to this problem.

  52. Daniel

    Mine was loose LCD connector on Acer Aspire 5630 laptop GeForce go 7300.

    I disconnected the cable, plugged it back in, turned the laptop on. Green pixels were still there.
    While it was booting i applied pressure to the connector and the green disappeared.

    No longer a problem! Thanks everyone for your input!

  53. Drake M

    Hey all, just wanted to add a small twist to the same question. My Toshiba P205-6267 has res pixelation in the black. during startup and with any pictures where black color is appropriate. Additionally, I have changed out the LCD cable (no change) and the LCD itself (no change) and as many others pluged onto an external monitor, it works fine. I’m at my last legs with this issue, I think it’s time to put a British 303 round into it. Please help.

  54. Philipp

    After 15 months of being annoyed by green pixels on my Acer Aspire 5610, all it took was 2 minutes of work by removing the long panel above the keyboard and just putting a little pressure with my finger onto where the LCD screen cable goes into the white connector.
    I could see on the screen how the green turned back into black while wiggling around a little.

  55. Naveen Manjuanth

    Even we had the problem with our Lenovo 3000 N100 series. We downloaded the latest drivers from Lenovo site and everything started working fine.

    Thought of sharing this information that will be helpful for others.


  56. I had the same problem and have investigated quite thoroughly: The LCD screen cable is wrapped in a metal mesh from the motherboard up to the back of the LCD screen, probably to protect from interference. Behind the LCD screen (fairly close to the bottom), there is another metal mesh piece glued onto the metal foil sheet behind the whole screen. This connection seems to be important. After long time, or vibrations from travel, the small metal mesh piece gets compressed a little bit, and the connection might be lost. Then the green pixels (instead of true black) appear. This is why wiggling the LCD cable will sometimes work to eliminate the problem. Also some people have changed the LCD inverter, or repeatedly plugged and unplugged the LCD cable which amounts to a wiggling of the cable and thus fixed the problem (even though is was neither a problem with the plug nor the inverter. The easiest thing is to wiggle the LCD cable a little bit where it goes up behind the LCD screen. A more thorough fix is to unscrew the 4 screws holding the screen in the frame, look behind it, and gently reshape the (compressed) little metal mesh piece, so that it sticks outward a little bit more, and the connection to the cable mesh wrap is ensured.

  57. navjot

    hey i have a brand new laptop i have gotten the green pixel problem and like even wobbling the screen doest help. are there any other ways of helping even if i have to open it?

  58. i have the green , gonna try the static test hope it works !!

  59. Green pixels where it should be black. I applied pressure to the back of the lcd while the laptop was on. I believe where I applied pressure was where the lcd connects to the MB output

    The problem is resolved by applying pressure in this way, but i’ll eventually have to take it apart for a better look.

    Compaq Presario CQ60 laptop

  60. Laptop Freak


    Green pixels where it should be black. I applied pressure to the back of the lcd while the laptop was on. I believe where I applied pressure was where the lcd connects to the MB output

    The problem is resolved by applying pressure in this way, but i’ll eventually have to take it apart for a better look.

    Compaq Presario CQ60 laptop

    I guess you’ll have to check connection between the video cable and LCD screen.

  61. I have same issue, green pixels displayed where it should be black.

    Mine is Toshiba Satellite S3094.

    Can somebody suggest where the cable is located or any suggestions like updating driver; taking it to best buy; etc

    Thanks all.


  62. hey guys. i’m using a dell studio 14 and i happened to encounter the same problem. i used the pressure method and it worked! thank you! 🙂

  63. Sagejacson

    I have a somewhat similar problem. I have an Asus G5ovt which normally runs fine. However, sometimes random green pixels appear in the areas that should be black. Most the time it appears primarily in text. However, other times it works just fine. I have run it on an external screen and it worked just fine. Sometimes if press on the top of the screen it goes away. Any ideas what could be?

  64. James T. Kirk

    I have a very similar problem. AND IT’S IN REVERSE!! Instead of the black pixels turning green, it’s the white pixels!! And the color yellow is also affected.

  65. My compaq presario f700 has the same problem. After searching the internet for solutions and finding none. I have found the problem myself,after many hours of operating on the computer. It is very simple, a broken red wire going up to the lcd display! The bare aluminum ground wire is also breaking and fraying apart at the same location and a green wire was also broke.The red wire was causing the green pixels when broken apart. The location of these wearing wires is underneath the display hing.They then make their way up the back of the screen. So the video wires are obviously experiencing bending and pulling when opening and closing the screen. This explains how having the display at certain angles caused normal operation, by the wire being pushed in contact with the other end and pulled apart. Now just have to get these tiny wires spliced properly somehow and problem solved!!!

  66. I’m having the green pixel problem on my computer, but it’s seemingly random, they cut in and out all over the screen like watching an old tv with static, and all true white areas are turned pink. I’m on a brand new 2010 HP, I don’t know the model but i’m running windows 7. Someone please help, i’ve tried playing with all the settings and tried restarting the computer many times.

  67. Yvette Harris

    I am having the same problem, it isn’t the monitor because it displays without the tiny green lights on another PC, win vista 32 bit. It all happened after I downloaded a couple of things from the internet to try out, Syncplicity and Dropbox. I un-installed my video driver, restarted and re-booted, installed GeForce 9400T driver again, but there are still tiny green lights scattered on my HP2159m monitor.

    I would like to have a solution if you know of one!

    Next Move: I will try installing a different video board if need be, on Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit – Adobe made me move to 64-bit still trying to overcome all the hurdles that come with a 64-bit op sys. You have to always use the IE Browser 32-bit even though you are in a 64-bit environment, Adobe doesn’t work on the IE Browser 64-bit.

    Thanks – Yvette

  68. Yvette Harris

    Solution was simple! the DVI connector was coming loose from the monitor, thanks for the support – I just tightened it up, magic, no more little tiny green lights on the screen:)

    Thanks – Yvette

  69. i have a total green screen but after reading some of these threads i moved my screen about and pressed down on it from top & it goes back to normal white screen so its a loose wire to screen saved me a fortune thanks all this is a lap top by the way.

  70. Hi!
    I got green flickering pixels on my Toshiba dynabook T550/D8AB (it’s Japanese market product and belongs to Satellite A660 series) a couple of months ago. In the beginning it was just minor flickering “snow” over pictures and video and I thought it was just software problem or some incompatibility since I like to put Western software on Eastern machines (I lived in Japan for a while). Then the green pixeling turned berserk and it was green everywhere where black pixels should be. I connected my laptop to external display of my desktop PC through VGA and it was showing normal screen without greens. So I assumed (thanks to the smart people of the WWW) it was not graphics card. I found Toshiba A660 Series service manual. Opened up the laptop. Very carefully disassembled it until the cable of the back of the screen. Disconnected it. Reconnected it. Assembled it. And it worked! Now I can go back to digital photography!

    Thanks to all unselfish, smart people who help others!!

  71. My Samsung R700 laptop has developed this problem with no obvious cause (haven’t dropped it, spilled water on it). It did have another problem where the screen would flicker and black out (a backlight issue) so I checked connections to inverter and motherboard and it seemed to be resolved. Now, months later, this green pixel issue.
    I’ve tried the following with no success:
    1. Touching the frame and holding the power button for 10secs
    2. Disconnecting and reconnecting cables (to inverter, mobo and screen)
    3. Replacing LCD screen (that’s £90 I’m getting back sharpish!)
    Does anyone have any other solutions for this? I’ve plugged in a monitor via VGA and it appears normal. Is there any point in replacing the inverter or should I try getting a new screen cable? I’ve not opened up the laptop fully but may as well give it a go before I decide to get a new laptop!

  72. I should also add that I’ve updated drivers and tried changing the refresh rate of the screen (only supports 59 or 60 hertz)

  73. Hello,

    I got the same problem that everything thats supposed to black or some what black is now green/greenish. But I also connect a diffrent screen with HDMI and that seems fine, but the screen I’m currently using is with a VGA and it might be teh cables but i’m not sure. Anyone got any tips?

  74. rogerthat1945

    My 3D Toshiba dynabook A660 laptop x64 Win7 Ultimate laptop has nothing but a flashing green screen, flashes blue screen, flashes red screen, flashes grey screen. Repeatedly. It is just over a year old and it happened after I tried a 3D game (Bioshock) for 10 minutes; since then the laptop will not work. It wont even let me get into the bios now. It got hot when playing the 3D game; so may be related. Any ideas as now just out of warranty?

  75. You ppl are so dumb, just complain
    Do you know what ram is? or an image inverter unit is? Google them

  76. I have a toshiba satellite S650-11E that has a similar problem. This is second time that this has come up, all the images and videos and whatnot that should be black are actually bright green. The first time this happened a friend of mine did something and it worked fine. Now this has happened again, but the laptop has not suffered any damage in recent weeks nor has it had a “bath” of any kind (water, coke, coffee). I need help with this ASAP.

  77. I can’t fix the lime green issue and can’t really understand the suggestions. Why, Zoon, do you say people who ask why lime green appears rather than black on their monitors are “so dumb”? I took your advice and googled ram and image converter, but the information doesn’t help me fix or really understand the problem. Maybe you are just really smart about computers and should feel good about having superior knowledge rather than think other people who lack it are dumb. Anyway, my Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 still shows lime green everywhere there should be black in photographs, videos, on the screen…I don’t know where to apply pressure like some people suggest…I’ve spent hours searching for ways to address the problem and unfortunately messed up computer settings that I can’t redo…

  78. I have an advent mt22 all in one pc and had the same problem that all pure black is flickering green almost like the matrix screen. after reading many hints of how to resolve this and nothing working I got frushstrated and gave the comuter a knock on the side and the green reduced a bit and I knocked it again and the green has disapeared and everything seems back to normal. which leads me to believe it must be a loose connection somewhere inside. whether it comes back is yet to be seen but for now it’s fixed
    good luck to you all

  79. Giancarlo

    IT’S THE CABLE!!!!

    Try to change the video cable or try to put connector better.
    Do it with a black wallpaper.
    You will see it all green, but when you replace the cable, wallpaper will change to black.