No sound will come out from the internal speakers

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Hi, I’m having problems with my Toshiba Satellite A50. No sound will come out from the internal speaker. But when I use the headset, I can hear a sound. I’ve checked everything and everything is set to play sounds, just not with the speakers alone.
I want to disassemble this speaker and see if there some dust or whatever, how can I do that?

If you want to replace speakers on Toshiba Satellite A50 notebook, you have to remove the top cover assembly. I haven’t created a complete laptop disassembly guide for this model yet.

I think that cleaning up the speakers will not help a lot. If you can hear the sound from the headset but not from speakers, then I would suspect that the speakers are bad, the speakers are unplugged or some sound circuit on the system board is damaged. Try to reconnect the speakers first. The speakers are connected directly to the system board through 2 little connectors located below the keyboard connector. You can see these connectors on the step 6; they are hidden under the white tape.

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  1. Hi, i have a Toshiba Satellite L455 and the speakers stopped working. At the moment they are making a popping noise and i need help to fix it. Thanks

  2. is there any other way to fix the no sound speakers even without disassembling the laptop?i am using acer extensa 5220 and i’m having the same problem, please help me out too..

  3. i use a dell d600, it refuses to produce sound even when all settings is perfect. wen i use my headset it produces sound, pls wat do i do.

    I am suspecting d internal speakers bt dont know hw to gain access to it.

    pls help me out

  4. i have an acer aspire 5253, the speaker works intermittently so i believe there is a loose wire. i just want to reconnected the wire but can’t figure out how to do this. do you have a tutorial for acer?

  5. shahaira

    hi,i was removing programs from my acer aspire one and have deleted my audio or sounds there is no sound coming from my laptop can you please help reinstall one please thank you

  6. GiannisIce

    I have a Dell Studio laptop.
    I had my laptop connected with a TV/Monitor with a VGA cable, and i had the sound coming out from the monitor…
    A friend of mine tripped on the sound cable, and the laptop fell from the chair i had it.
    Nothing happened except from it going in sleep mode. I entered the code, and everything seemed normal.
    Later I unplugged the VGA and the sound cable, and there was no sound coming from the speakers.
    I tried plugging and unplugging the sound cable, but nothing happened. I also tried to restart the Windows Audio Service…
    Can I do anything else? There is no visible damage on the laptop…

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: The sound is allright if i plug headphones.

  7. hi all

    my dell inspiron 1545 having some kind of sound problem.
    its sound comes perfect but suddenly sound lost and after restating it come back.i don”t understand what kind of problem is this.

  8. Dear Mr. Freak,

    Do you have a post showing the minimum services required to run Windows? I’ve searched your site, but haven’t found anything. I’m using Window 7 with an SSD on a slate tablet pc. I’m sure half the things loaded at startup can be turned off, but have been unable to find a good guide showing what is required and what is extra fluff.

  9. HP Pavilion DV4155CL
    Downloaded 1 Win upgrade for XP Home & upgrade to .netFramework 3.5 & also 3.5sp1. Suddenly had No media,or System sounds in Laptop Speakers, but good using Headphones. MP3’s play with a “click-glitch” in 1st few secs,(sounds like software is ‘relay-clicking’ hardware, then plays thru phones at a lesser quality. WAV files are brighter, and clearer. All settings & hardware good. So is Device Manager. No conflicts etc. Tried DXDIAG & MSCONFIG – no help. MS Mr. Fixit came out good.Checked SYSOC.INF File re. “hidden” components trick. No Luck. Bios good. But reflashed anyway.
    Switched to Linux Partition.No Speaker sound there either, but good on phones. Switched connector from Analog to digital & back to Analog. Got sound 50%, RHS only on speakers. Phones perfect. So Win Upgrade affected Hardware common to both partitions.
    Returned to Win. XP still totally sound dead except Phones.Only thing left is delete and reinstall DX9.0c, in case MS is now putting dx10 or 11 in updates, or newer Digital audio chip s/ware in place.
    The following week upgrades knocked out Disc autoplay (got MS Bug Fix); and froze XP Shutdown.
    No wonder Linux has boomed $30bn.!

  10. Sbusiso

    fellows I got the problem here, I’m owning the Compaq CQ60, I don’t know what I did. I got the problem withe the Internal AUX its unplugged hence it doesn’t allow the external speakers how to solve this problem please assist?

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