No sound will come out from the internal speakers

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Hi, I’m having problems with my Toshiba Satellite A50. No sound will come out from the internal speaker. But when I use the headset, I can hear a sound. I’ve checked everything and everything is set to play sounds, just not with the speakers alone.
I want to disassemble this speaker and see if there some dust or whatever, how can I do that?

If you want to replace speakers on Toshiba Satellite A50 notebook, you have to remove the top cover assembly. I haven’t created a complete laptop disassembly guide for this model yet.

I think that cleaning up the speakers will not help a lot. If you can hear the sound from the headset but not from speakers, then I would suspect that the speakers are bad, the speakers are unplugged or some sound circuit on the system board is damaged. Try to reconnect the speakers first. The speakers are connected directly to the system board through 2 little connectors located below the keyboard connector. You can see these connectors on the step 6; they are hidden under the white tape.

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  1. I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite 2430 Laptop off ebay which had a faulty HDD, I replaced
    the HDD and installed XP and the laptop was working fine. I have noticed however that when playing any sound whether it be DVD/CD or a sound file on the computer it crackles sometimes or loses sound altogether and if it is a DVD that is playing the movie jerks at the same time. I have traced it to the smooth areas either side of the touch pad as when I press firmly here it can cause the problem. I am thinking a loose connection is the problem, does anyone know of this problem or can help guide me to the disassembly of the problem area? Also I think the ac power connection could be loose but I understand this is a known problem. Any help much appreciated.

  2. Laptop Freak


    First of all make sure it’s not just a bad internal speaker. Connect an external speaker or headphones and see if you can reproduce the problem. You are right, it also could be just a loose connection.

    I have created disassembly guides for some Toshiba laptops ( Unfortunately, I don’t have a guide for taking apart Toshiba Satellite 2430. Let me say that all Toshiba laptops are similar and share the same disassembly steps for any model. Read through a few disassembly guided and you’ll get an idea how to take it apart.

  3. I bought laptop in dec 2004, brand Techdos Mind mobile 1410 PM. ( The specification is:
    Intel Centrino 1.6Mhz,
    2 x 256 Corsair DDR RAM
    60GB Seagate 5400 8mb
    Geforce Go 5200 64mb
    I have a problem which occurred frequently, the problem is, when i turn on the laptop, my sound card is not detected, to make it detectable, i had to turn off then turn on again the laptop. Usually it occurred in the morning or after i haven’t use the laptop for hours
    I already tried update the sound driver (Realtek AC 97), but the problem still persist. Eventhough I can live with this problem, it would be good if there is a solution available. Thank you very much.

  4. Laptop Freak

    It sounds like a hardware issue to me. Sorry man, I don’t know any quick solution to fix this problem. If the sound board is integrated into the system board, it might be necessary to replace the system board.

  5. i think i deleted the program that runs the sound on my computer, do you know how to get it back?

  6. Laptop Freak

    I guess you are talking about the sound driver. Usually you can get it from the manufacturer website in downloads section.

  7. I also have a sound problem with my Toshiba satellite M70. I was playing a video game and then It went to a blue screen to ‘dump physical memory’ and when it rebooted the sounds coming from the speakers were nothing but high pitched squeals. The sounds play when at times when sounds should be playing, at startup, opening music or video. So its in sync with when sounds should happen. I tried using headphones and get the same sound so it can’t be the speakers, I left it off for an hour and turned it back on and the sound worked again, but I tried that today and its back to what it was and won’t fix itself. I reinstalled the realtek ac97 drivers and it still doesn’t help. What could be the issue? Thanks in advance.

  8. Laptop Freak

    If your laptop is still under warranty, take it to a Toshiba service center.

    I tried using headphones and get the same sound so it can’t be the speakers, I left it off for an hour and turned it back on and the sound worked again, but I tried that today and its back to what it was and won’t fix itself.

    If it would be a software problem, it wouldn’t fix itself for a while. Sound like a hardware issue. I think you might have a problem with the sound board. If the sound board is bad, the entire motherboard has to be replaced.

  9. luis orellana

    I own a Toshiba Satellite 1410-sp173 and got the motherboard fried in a electrical storm. Got the motherboard replaced (they told me so) but the sound and the modem are not working, nor through the speakers or with the headphones. The sound card seems to be fine because this model has the option to play CD´s with the computer shutted down and works great. But if I try to listen any sound file through the OS nothing happens and says that there is no sound devices. I have XP Pro installed. I know the modem card is installed and the sound card appears to be properly connected the wi-fi card is not present. Any ideas?

  10. I have a TE2100 and I have this minor problem recently.

    When I use my headphones, audio only comes out from the right side. I thought something was wrong with them, so I bought a new one. But the same problem occurs.

    I tried the new headphones on another laptop, and it turns out that they are fine. So it is not the headphones’ fault. There is nothing wrong with the soundcard too; the audio works just fine when played from the speakers.

    So I think something is wrong with the connection somewhere to the audio-out port.
    Can you show me which part(s) might be loose and may need soldering?

  11. I’m having a problem with my toshiba portege A100. there is no sound at all even i put external speaker. i already try to update the drivers and even update windows. i’m using windows xp pro. i also tried to roll back the sound driver but still not working. can somebody help me? is there a posibility to fix this without replacing my whole board?


    Hello,First of all i’m a French IT Guy

    I own a Toshiba Satellite A30
    I decided to reinstall it to get a fresh new operating system using the “Official Toshiba CD”
    I did it once and it was perfect.
    But this time, once i finished, no sound at all…

    I checked all, no conflict, well recognized, nothing special to say, i even reinstall the sound driver from toshiba website, all is wel detected but it’s not working …. ;-(

    Thing very interesting it’s when i boot with a LINUX live-cd, the sound works …

    Whats happen ? any ideas ?

  13. Laptop Freak

    It might be not enough just update Windows, I would try reload the OS from scratch. Make sure to load a correct audio driver. Use a recovery DVD (or set of CDs) you got from Toshiba to reimage the hard drive. If you still have no sound, then probably the sound card is bad. Toshiba Portege A100 has a sound card integrated into the system board and if it goes bad, you’ll have to replace the whole board. Here are instructions for taking apart Toshiba Portege A100 notebook.

  14. Laptop Freak

    If the sound works with Linux then most likely the problem is not hardware related. I would try re-imaging the hard drive one more time.

  15. Mariella

    Hi, when i’m playing sound through Itunes and other music software the sound stops but still continues playing according to the screen. Starting the song over sometimes fixes it, but once again the sound fades in and out. Anybody know what this might be?

  16. Mariella

    I’m sorry, should have mentioned I have a laptop, Toshiba Satellie M105. Only six months old

  17. Ven Manian

    I am having a sound problem with my Toshiba Satellite P25. There is no sound coming from left lap top speaker. But when I plug in external speaker get sound on both speakers. Software is set for stereo lap top speakers. Any ideas?

  18. I have a Toshiba Qosmio G10.
    Purchased new but one speaker was bad, works but lots of distortion when the volume goes above a very quiet level. Local authorized Toshiba repair shop was going to replace it on warranty, but Toshiba refused to provide parts. When it later went to Toshiba’s Canada repair depot for a new system board (on warranty), they fixed that but again ignored the bad speaker. Can I replace it myself? Where would I buy this harman/kardon speaker?

  19. Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite M105 and I play games online at The sound cuts out for no reason and I have to exit out of all Mozilla Firefox windows and restart my game for the sound to come back on. Does the same thing in IE as well.

    Thanks for your help! Happy New Year!

  20. Laptop Freak

    If the sound comes from both external speakers then I assume the sound card (integrated into the system board) works fine. Probably the left speaker is bad and you’ll have to replace it. You can find a new speaker (left) if you search by the Toshiba part number: K000006420

  21. Laptop Freak

    I think you have a hardware related issue, probably a bad sound board. The sound board is integrated into the system board in this model and when it fails the whole system board must be replaced in order to fix the sound issue. Your laptop still should be covered under Toshiba warranty. Send it to Toshiba or take it to a local authorized service provider. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the laptop goes out of warranty.
    You can try reimaging the hard drive, just to make sure it’s not a software related issue (I doubt it). Before you reimage the drive, backup all important personal data because everything will be erased during the restore. After that just boot the laptop from a recovery DVD and follow the wizard. If you still have the same problem with sound even after the restore process, then it’s 100% hardware related problem. Take it to Toshiba and they will replace the motherboard.

  22. Laptop Freak

    Why should you fix the laptop yourself if it’s still under warranty? You paid a lot of money for this unit. I would send it back to Toshiba until they fix it.
    It takes a lot of time to disassembly this unit, here’s a guide for taking apart Toshiba Qosmio F15 notebook. You might use this guide as an example. Here are part numbers for speakers used in Qosmio G15, they should be the same for Qosmio G10.
    Left speaker: P000409800
    Right speaker: P000409810
    I would recommend contacting the seller before you buy it. Just to make sure the speakers are compatible with your model.

  23. LoletArt

    I have experienced no sound on my Acer Aspire 3000 since I added a second memory card to my laptop. It came with Realtek Audio’97 and has given me grief since I purchased it. I have successfully added patches to make the Realtek system work but I believe I might have disconnected something while adding the memory card. Everything else is working great but I cannot get any info viewing the inside of laptop to make sure that it might just be disconnected. If it’s just a bad sound device, I’d like to replace it but need computer-challenged instructions on a compatible card and how to install it. HELP!!!

  24. Hi,
    I have a Compaq Evo N600c. I installed Winxp and now there is no sound. I went under device manager and it says it’s OK. The driver says it is OK. But under sounds it says “No audio device found”. I tried downloading sound drivers from HP but when it asks to install and I say “Yes” it disappears. I went to ESS and downloaded the driver and it goes through and asks to restart. But upon restarting no sound. No sound in phones either. It seems the drivers are not right. What can I do?

  25. Laptop Freak

    I really doubt that adding an extra memory module is somehow related to your problem with sound. I’m not familiar with Acer laptops but I can assume that both memory slots are located on the bottom and you don’t have to take the whole laptop apart in order to upgrade memory, right?
    Here’s something to try. Go to control panel and check properties for the sound. Make sure the sound is not muted, or turned all the way down. Check if there are any warnings for sound in the device manager, check if there is a yellow exclamation mark in front of the sound device. Enter the BIOS and check if there are any sound settings in the BIOS, may be the sound is disabled in there?

  26. hi
    i just bought a laptop in bestbuy which is Toshiba Satellite A100-TA4C, they didn’t setup the windows for me, by the way when i turn on my laptop, it started to install the windows directly. After the installation, i found the main problem is there’s no sound with my laptop, no matter with built-in speaker or external speaker or even with the headphone, it doesn’t work either. I checked in Device Manager, it has shown my sound card which is Realtek High Definition audio. It doesn’t have any error, it said the sound card works perfectly. I went to realtek website and update the driver, but it doesn’t change anything. Can u please tell me the solution for my sound card?

  27. Laptop Freak

    Are you positive that you loading a correct driver for this laptop? Just in case here’s a link to drivers. I had the same machine about one year ago and I’m pretty sure I didn’t have any issues with sound. I was using Windows XP Pro. As a last resort, try reloading Windows XP again and installed drivers provided by HP website. If still no luck, then probably there is a problem with the sound board.

  28. LoletArt

    I have attempted everything but going into the BIOS. That part scares me. However, I may have skipped some info that could help. After uninstalling and reinstalling the device I get the message “This device cannot start.” When I go into the speech setup I get the message “No audio devices installed.” I don’t know if I may have disconnected something while installing the additional memory or if the device has blown out.
    You guys are great with your responses. Thanks.

  29. Laptop Freak

    Make sure the volume is turned on and is not muted. There are 2 places to check – the software volume control (the speaker icon located in the lower right corner on the desktop) and the VOLUME WHEEL located on the right side from the audio jacks.
    Did you get a recovery DVD with your laptop? Start the laptop form the recovery DVD and reimage the hard drive. If you still have no sound even after the hard drive has been reimaged, it’s possible that you have a faulty hardware. Take the laptop back to the store and replace or return it.

  30. Laptop Freak

    On most laptops the sound card is integrated into the system card and there is no cables between the sound card and the motherboard, so there is nothing to disconnect. The message you are getting might indicate a hardware related problem. Do you have a recovery DVD or CDs for your laptop? The best advice that I can give you over the Internet is back up all personal data (burn it on CD/DVD or transfer to an external hard drive) and reload the hard drive using the factory image. If the same problem still exists, it’s possible that you have a faulty sound card.

  31. Hi,

    I have recently got a Toshiba Portege A100 from my sister. Anyway, I had it rebooted and I didnt back up the sound driver. I was wondering if you could help me locate a sound driver for it.
    Any help would be most appreciated.



  32. Time to time I have this kind of notice: Problem caused by ATI Graphics Driver. I tried to find updates, but ATI website says that there are no updates. What I need to do to get reed of this problem
    Thank You for help

  33. Laptop Freak

    I think you can find all drivers for Toshiba Portege A100 here.

  34. Laptop Freak

    Check out the laptop manufacturer’s website, may be they have a newer video driver for your model.

  35. dominic oades

    i have recently purchased a acer aspire 3690 and suddenly while playing music and the laptop in use i relised that the sound had stopped!!! i cannot get no sound out of the speakers or either wen i plug ear phones in, please suggest what has happened. i have check all the sound settings and they are all ok. no sound at al!!!! thanks dom

  36. Hi
    I have got an IBM thinkpad, my son instaled the PCs speaker into the laptop, ever since then the laptop started making a beeping and a squeky noise. I have checked the sound system everything is ok , I have used ear pieces to see if there will be any difference, but the same problem still hearing the enoying noise comming out the laptop. I can not lissen to anything, to get rid of the beeping noise I make sure that the sound is on mute. It keeps beeping. Can you please tell me what is the problem with my laptop and help me to solve it out

  37. Hello, i bought a Toshiba A70 Satellite and sometimes (about 40% about the time) when I come out of hibernation the audio stops working. In the Sounds and Audio Device Properties, the device volume section is grayed out completely even though it says the audio device “RealTek AC97 audio” is working properly. To fix it, i can hibernate my computer again and sometimes the audio will return. Otherwise I just do a full reboot and it returns. Any ideas on what this might be? Your help is greatly appreciated!

  38. Laptop Freak

    The laptop beeps only in Windows or it beeps even before the operating system is loaded?

  39. no sound is coming out of my laptop and i dont know y it does not make the windows defalt sound my music does not play on my windows media player no sound is working at all i think its the laptops speakers but can u tell me what i can do to make the sound work plz ty from fruit

  40. replying to your question 38

    i get to hear the welcome sound to the windows however it sometimes starts beeping mid through the welcome sound and stays beeping without the beeping going away

  41. Laptop Freak

    If I understand right, the laptop beeps only when Windows is loaded. May be your problem is related to the audio driver? Try reinstalling the driver, you should be able to download it from the IBM (Lenovo) website.

  42. I have a HP Pavillion dv6054ea with a simular problem. Though i KNOW mine must be driver related.

    All of a sudden my laptops internal speakers where completely silent though i have full soundcapability from line out/ earphone jack. On this laptop the driver for soundvolume is a windowsdriver as well and no adjustement can be done till windows is loaded.

    Now to my reason to belive its driver related: I installed Vista 180 days beta (ultimate edition) and then my speakers worked again. When i changed back to Windows Xp sound in speakers was gone once again… all settings show i should have sound in speakers and according to HP help and support site there is three options for problemshooting: 1. sound in speakers but not in earphone, 2. No sound what so ever, or 3. all is fine with both internal speakers and line out…

    I have reinstalled my windows twice and downloaded new drivers but still no solution. This problem started before i was able to make my rescue set of cds from the harddrive so i have no idea if a older driver would fix this if possible to downgrade.

    I think this is window-driver specific though, in Linux i have sound but only in sinternal speakers…

  43. Dan Thompson

    Hi, I have a Satellite A30 Toshiba laptop. I purchased it new and have never had a problem. I am trying to record music from a Stanton ST-100 with built in pre-amp. I have checked the wires as well as the program on another computer and it works fine. On my laptop I only receive sound from the left speaker (channel?) when it is recording and subsequently being plaed back. Is the sound card problem or possibly a connection and is there anything that can be done to fix it?


  44. Hi, I have an acer travelmate 2310. I get no sound out of the laptop. No sound from internal speakers or even if I plug speakers into the jack still no sound. The sound card has been detected and the most recent driver is installed. You can see the sound files playing in the media player but absolutely no sound coming out of speakers. Could anyone help with some sort of idea what the cause of this could be? Driver problem or hardware problem? many thanks

  45. Laptop Freak

    At this point it’s hard to tell what is causing the problem: hardware or software. You’ll have to reinstall the operating system and if it will not help, probably you have a hardware related problem.

  46. Hi, thanks for the reply, I have formated the laptop and reloaded winxp pro. It detects the sound card and accepts the drivers with no problems but sill no sound from the speakers. its one up on me thats for sure.

  47. Laptop Freak

    I’m not familiar with Acer laptops but most likely the sound card is integrated into the system board. So you reinstalled the operating system but still have no sound from the external speakers or headphones, right? Sorry man, but it looks like a problem with the motherboard.

  48. So if its a problem with the mother board would it not be repairable? or maybe just too exp to repair?

  49. Laptop Freak

    First, you have to find out if the sound board is actually integrated into the system board (most likely). If it is, then you’ll have to replace the motherboard. Local computer repair shops cannot fix this kind of failure. Very often buying a new motherboard doesn’t make any sense because for the same amount of money you can buy a new laptop.

  50. as far as I can see it is built into mobo, just strange everything else runs 100%. anyway thanks for your help, much appreciated.

  51. Dan Thompson

    Hi, I posted the following but it seems to have fallen the cracks….January 17th, 2007 at 1:00 pm
    Hi, I have a Satellite A30 Toshiba laptop. I purchased it new and have never had a problem. I am trying to record music from a Stanton ST-100 with built in pre-amp. I have checked the wires as well as the program on another computer and it works fine. On my laptop I only receive sound from the left speaker (channel?) when it is recording and subsequently being plaed back. Is the sound card problem or possibly a connection and is there anything that can be done to fix it?

    Need Help….Tks.

  52. Dan Thompson

    Me again…see message above re line in problem on A30

    I just connected the receiver to the laptop through the microphone connection and both speakers work fine. So it is definitely the line in connection that has the problem but the question is what is the problem?


  53. Wendy Maxwell


    I have a Toshiba Tecra A3. I can’t get the sound from the machine, except for the ‘beep’ when an email comes in.
    I am also getting a message daying that there is no multimedia audio controller.
    Would you be able to suggest where I could find this, and if it could be the reason that I don’t get any sound? I have a puppy who sometimes walks on my keyboard, so he could have done something to the sound, if it is actually a s’ware problem.
    Many thanks for any advice anyone can give me.
    btw I am a technophobe/dinosaur.

  54. Laptop Freak

    Wendy Maxwell,
    At this point it’s impossible to tell if the problem is software or hardware related. Try downloading and installing the latest audio driver from the Toshiba support website. If it doesn’t help, the next step would be reinstalling the operating system from the recovery DVD/CDs. The recovery process will erase everything from the hard drive and reimage it back to original factory defaults. It will be the way you bought the laptop. So do not forget to backup all personal files before you reinstall the software. If you still have the same sound problem even after the operating system is reinstalled, most likely you have a problem with hardware.

  55. I have a a HP pavilion dv2125nr. It is around 4 months old. It has been working fine till recently. But I am now getting a sound though the speaker when I close the lid. I have unchecked the hibernate option upon lid close as I want it to be running. The sound is in form of a wave, and increases continuously in volume as time elapses. Kindly let me know how to fix it. Since it is just 4 months old, is the service covered?


  56. Hello,
    Any ideas on this?
    i bought a Toshiba A70 Satellite and sometimes (about 40% about the time) when I come out of hibernation the audio stops working. In the Sounds and Audio Device Properties, the device volume section is grayed out completely even though it says the audio device “RealTek AC97 audio” is working properly. To fix it, i can hibernate my computer again and sometimes the audio will return. Otherwise I just do a full reboot and it returns. Any ideas on what this might be? Your help is greatly appreciated!

  57. michiels kris


    I have a toshiba satellite A30, for about 3 years now,
    Since two weeks i have some very strange problems with sound, when playing some music, after a while the music plays slower, and then when i give a tick on the labtop it plays normal, i already did a recovery, and replaced my harddrive , what is your opinion about this problem?

    Greetings Kris

  58. Laptop Freak

    Isn’t is some kind of settings that you can change? Check the sound scheme (Control panel – sound). I don’t have an XP machine in front of me and cannot check if there is a sound for a closed lid.

  59. Laptop Freak

    Make sure the notebook is running the latest BIOS. Upgrade it if needed, it might help.

  60. Hi,
    I checked the sound settings in control panel. There aint any thing like that. My recent discovery is that when I close the lid and close the ventilation near the fan with my hand, then I get that sound.

  61. Wendy Maxwell

    Hi All
    I took my Toshiba Tecra A3 laptop to my pc repair man & it appears that it’s a h’ware problem.
    This is my 2nd Tpshiba laptop & I would

  62. Wendy Maxwell

    Hi All
    I took my Toshiba Tecra A3 laptop to my pc repair man & it appears that it’s a h’ware problem.
    This is my 2nd Tpshiba laptop & I would NEVER BUY ANOTHER TOSHIBA!! My last one began to give me problems under 12 months, and this one is only 14 months old. Just as well for extended warranty, but it’s a MAJOR problem getting United Electrical to honour the contract & I have onsite warranty with them. I’ve telephoned & emailed them daily for over 3 weeks now … & I’m STILL WAITING FOR ACTION!
    My pc repair people are even the contracters in Hervey Bay for United, but even they can’t get any sense out of them.
    I’d be interested to hear of any others who have had these problems with either Toshiba laptops, or United Electrical warranty repairs.

  63. Thomas Mallow

    Last night I took apart my Acer Aspire 3004WLCI to replace a broken D/C jack (caused from tabletop fall). Got the new jack installed, put the laptop back together (only a few screws left out); The problem now – There isnt any sound coming from onboard speakers, When I plug my PC speakers into the headphone jack I get sound. Any idea what I may have forgotten, or what I should look for?

  64. Laptop Freak

    Thomas Mallow,
    May be you forgot to plug internal speakers into the system board?

  65. Tyler Stringer

    My internal speakers for my Inspiron 9400 wont work but i hear sound on my headphones. my laptop thinks my headphones are plugged in when they’re not. What can i do??

  66. Thomas Mallow

    I connected the red and black connector that is located under the memory cards. Is there another?

  67. mistaken1


    my internal speakers for acer aspire 3620 wont work they use to befor i got a virus and since they havent worked. i have got windows XP and even when i connect external speakers nother works…HELP..please.

  68. luis orellana

    I own a Toshiba Satellite 1410 sp173.
    How can I determine if the problem (not to get sound at all) comes due to the malfunction of the sound card or if the sound card is good but the mother board is unable to recognize it? and when you guys (you geeks) talks about the I/O board (you nerds) are you talking about the mother board?
    Thank you, Genius.

  69. Laptop Freak

    have you tried reinstalling the operating system?

  70. Laptop Freak

    Luis Orellana,
    Toshiba Satellite 1410 doesn’t have an I/O board.
    Make sure the sound is not disabled, the software volume is not turned down, and the volume wheel on the side of the laptop is not turned down. Download and reinstall the audio driver.
    Test if you can get any sound using headphones or external speakers connected to the audio jack on the laptop. If the headphones or external speakers work fine but laptop speakers do not work, you might have bad laptop speakers.
    Reinstall the operating system using the recovery DVD. If you still have no sound even on a fresh OS load, probably you have a bad sound card.

  71. I have a toshiba P105-s6024 I recently acquired. Its in excellent condition. However when I play DVD’s I can see the video and hear background sounds but not the characters voices. I have tried every sound output format listed in control panels (its in two speaker laptop right now)and reinstalled the sound card driver from the toshiba website. Music cd’s work fine. Its odd I can hear the cars driving down the street but not the characters talking to each other. thanks.

  72. mistaken1

    yeah have tried installing operating discs but still nothing.

  73. Hi,

    I have a Dell laptop and for some reason the speakers stopped working.There is no sound from the speakers. I’ve tried plugging speakers and there is still no sound.I don’t know much about computers, so any help would be great.

    Thank you,

  74. Laptop Freak

    when you loose sound from internal/external speakers and reinstalling the operating system doesn’t help, there must be something wrong with the sound card (most likely integrated into the system board) and you’ll have to replace the system board. Just in case try reflashing the BIOS.

  75. Jake Bulman

    I have a non USB headset with microphone, it uses 1 3.5mm jack for sound, and one for microphone

    The sound comes out well, but for some reason my computer does not recognize the use of the microphone

    I have used USB microphones before
    I know its not working because I tested it on Teamspeak with friends. And the fact it doesn’t show up on any control panel or Teamspeak input list

  76. Laptop Freak

    Jake Bulman,
    Maybe the microphone is muted?
    I believe you can enable it if you double-click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner on the desktop. Then you go to advanced settings and turn on the microphone.
    Sorry, I don’t have a XP machine in front of me and cannot confirm if the above mentioned steps are accurate.

  77. Hello,
    My problem is a bit different. When I attempt to play a DVD on my laptop, the video component of the DVD plays fine but there is no sound accompanying it. Its like this for any DVD (bootlegged or not), however, downloaded movies play the audio just fine. In addition, one DVD I tried had its own software to play it so I installed that and it played the sound for the DVD menu but not for the movie itself. I have an Acer Aspire 1680.
    I’ve tried to play the DVD in several different programs, checked the volume controls but I can’t figure out whats wrong. Thanks for your help!

  78. Maryam Affandi


    I have Toshiba Satellite A105. I used to be able to hear good sound from my laptop. Until recently I don’t know what happen, I can’t barely hear the sound even after I increase the volume to max. I could not figure what’s wrong. Could you please tell me what do I need to do fix it?


  79. Laptop Freak

    Maryam Affandi,
    Do you know that your laptop has a volume wheel located on the front, on the right side from the audio jacks? Did you try it?

  80. Maryam Affandi

    Thank you!! I did not know that there is a wheel volume in my laptop. I turns the wheel volume on and it works!! Thank GOD it is not some other problem like sound card.

    You have been a great help. Thanks again.

  81. steve k

    On Feb 28, 2007 Paul asked about no DVD sound but the video works. I have the same problem with an Acer Aspire 5000. Thanks.

  82. SPC Butler

    My computer crashed then i Re installed windows no sound i had to find all drivers from internet i have only one recovery disk the 2nd one so i cant recover my system I have installed drivers no sound then sometimes i get a message no media device detected. Plz help if u can

  83. Hi there,

    thanks for all the informative posts. I have a problem I haven’t seen here. Suddenly my toshiba satellite has stopped producing any sound through the internal speakers. However, there is a horrid static / ticking / high-pitched sound coming through the external speakers. This sound happens right from startup. I have plugged in other speakers – but get same problem. Also, the head phone jack is quite hot. Any thoughts?

  84. rodwell

    got a problem with my aspire 3620 the sounds is really bad. it just started doing it and i don’t know why. it stil plays cd and dvds but the sound is real crappy. even when it starts up. what can i do to fix it

  85. Crystal

    My Dell speakers aren’t working. They just suddenly stopped working. What can I do to repair them?

    Do I have to replace my speaker card or is there a different way without messing with the hardware?

  86. Hey pls help.

    I have the Compaq Presario 2165EA notebook.
    I have a problem with sound from the internal speakers…. actually it’s more with the headphone jack….
    There’s no sound normally when there’s no headphones plugged in but there is sound when i plug headphones in….. although i do get sound when i fiddle with the jack….

    can anyone assist me as to what i can do to rectify this problem (i know the problem lies within the motherboard but what can i do…. i don’t know how to handle a laptop motherboard….)

  87. Reggie Abernethy

    I have a Gateway 7210gx laptop that i’m repairing for a woman that I work with. The hard drive went bad and she didn’t have the recovery discs as the laptop was secondhand, so I installed a clean copy of Windows Xp. Now, I can only hear audio through the headphones and not the laptop’s built-in speakers. The speakers worked fine before the reload, so I don’t believe its a hardware problem. It may be driver related, but I have as yet been unable to locate a driver for it (it’s not on Gateway’s website) after 6 days of searching the internet. Any suggestions?

  88. hi

    I have a dell latop. It is with me for more than one year. Recently, the sound from its internal speakers stops coming. however, if i connect it through external apeakers or headphone sound comes through them. I could not understand what is the problem and i donot want to do any disassembly to fix the speakers. Can u pleae suggest me what else can i do?

  89. Laptop Freak

    If external speakers/headphones work, most likely the sound board works properly.
    It could be:
    – Some kind of software settings related issue (doubt it)
    – Defective audio jack. When you unplug headphones or external speakers the sound suppose to switch to the internal speakers. It’s possible that the audio jack is broken and it stuck in the “external” mode.
    – Might be loose connection between the internal speakers cable and the motherboard
    – Bad speakers

  90. hi, i just recently purchased an Acer Aspire 4310, i have the same problem,my internal speakers are not working, there is no sound coming out,. but if i try to plug in an external speaker or a headset i can hear sound…can it be fixed? how? thankz…

  91. Hi,

    I have a Toshiba Tecra A3. I recently took off windows and reinstalled it, but now im havint problems with my USB webcam and mic. The video is fine, just that i can not record any sound….HELP! I downloaded the CD it came with fine, and reinstalled the audio driver…nothing seems to work. How can i fix this?! Thanks!!!

  92. Laptop Freak

    Maybe the microphone doesn’t work because it’s muted? I’ve posted my suggestions here: Microphone stopped working after I reinstalled Windows

  93. Hello people !

    I have an annoying problem, When i plug my laptop into my mixer there is no crackling sound, but when i plug my laptop into the mains there is a loud disturbing crackling sound had any one any answers please.

  94. Hello;

    I have a Qosmio G35-AV600
    Does this have a sound board or is it integrated with system board. Meaning, can I change just sound board or do I have to change the system board. A local shop disconnected the speakers and said to fix sound problem would cost about 450.00. Problem was there was a high pitched squealing that wouldn’t go away. Microphone was not on.

  95. Follow up: external speakers and headphones work fine.

  96. Laptop Freak


    Problem was there was a high pitched squealing that wouldn’t go away. Microphone was not on.

    Have you tried reinstalling the operating system to eliminate any OS related issues?
    I believe on a a Qosmio G35-AV600 the sound board is a part of the motherboard.
    Why do you want to replace the sound board if the external speakers and headphones work fine? Maybe the high pitched squealing comes from the motherboard or even the hard dive?
    Try running the laptop just from the battery power, do you still can hear the same high pitched noise or it appears only when you plug the AC adapter?
    Try removing the hard drive and start the laptop without it. Is the noise still there?

  97. I have a problem with my sound card on toshiba a100 when I downgrade to window xp..please help..

  98. garmaxis

    I just recently downgrade an Acer Aspire 4310 from Vista to XP, i have the same problem too, my internal speakers/mic are not working also, there is no sound coming out,.Maybe i’ve download wrong driver or how to troubleshoot the sound back. Please help anyone? Thanks

  99. Laptop Freak

    Geroge, Garmaxis,
    Some newest laptops are designed to work only with Vista OS and cannot be downgraded to XP. Maybe that’s why there is a problem with sound when you downgrade to XP?
    Go to the manufacturer’s website and take a look at the BIOS. Maybe the BIOS on your laptop is designed only for Vista?

  100. Hello;
    Thanks for the responces. The annoying noise does come from the speakers; not hard drive or anything else. Can’t re-install OS as I don’t have the disks. Toshiba says they don’t make the restore disks anymore Outdated???. As I mentioned before, a computer repair shop resolved the noise problem by disconnecting the speakers but also said that I would need the motherboard replaced. Does anyone on here know what the motherboard part number is?
    Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV600 On bottom of laptop sticker has the following:
    serial #36030178J -9
    Part #PQG30U-00P0068
    Originally and still is Windows XP MCE


  101. Laptop Freak

    The laptop part number is PQG30U-00P006B not PQG30U-00P0068, right? B at the end, not number 8.
    OK, here’s the motherboard part number for your Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV600: P000451740

    Toshiba says they don’t make the restore disks anymore Outdated???

    Try calling again and bother them until they sell you the recovery discs. Man! Satellite G35 is an expensive machine and they cannot find extra recovery disk? I think if they want to find them, they will find them.

  102. Jonathan

    Hey, I’ve been using a compaq pesario V3000 for almost a year now. I was using it with headphones, and then all of a sudden I realised that there was a static sound coming from the left speaker, around the power switch. I am sure it is not coming from the fan, and even when i play music, or mute the speakers, the static can still be heard, whether or not my headphones are plugged in. Does anyone know whether this is a sign of big problems? Or is it something minor.

  103. hey my laptop was recently flushed with a cd by grandpa, he put a cd that deleted everything pretty much do delete all the viruses and now my sound card is no where to be found. help.

  104. Hi i have a toshiba P200=RT3 and i accidentally hit disable the speakers.. but not when i click the sound icon in the lower right corner it doesnt show them there at all. Then i went to device manager and hit disable then enable again.. audio still doesnt work or recongnize the laptop\s built in speakers. what can i do ?

  105. Hello.
    I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop computer.
    I have been using it for nine months but suddenly for no reason, the internal speaker doesnt work. I have no idea what to do. What can I do?

  106. Emmanuel

    hey whenever i bring up iTunes it says “iTunes Has Detected a problem with ur audio and I DONT KNOW WHAT 2 DO PLEASE HELP 🙁

  107. Goldstein

    I have a gateway laptop, and it recently had a virus, but the virus has been cleared. All of a sudden I cannot hear sound or music in my internal laptops speakers. What should i do, and my laptop is the new wndows vista.

  108. Mark –
    I have much the same problem with my internal speakers….they click off and on without any apparent reason or warning. And sometimes I will only get sound from one side. It’s very frustrating.

    Does yours work okay if you plug in the headphones or a seperate set of speakers?

    Any help would be great. My laptop is still under warrenty, but I’d like to see if I can find a solution before taking it all the way to the store and risk losing info.

  109. Hi, I have a Gateway Notebook Model MX3701

    its like a year old

    my internal speakers randomly blew out while i was listening to music. but i mean, earphones, speakers etc. work perfectly fine when connected to it. every now and then, i still get like 1 second of slight sounds from my laptop before it cuts off again

    can u help me please?

  110. Christina

    I have a Dell Inspiron B130 and one day I got the blue screen of death so I used system restore. After I got the computer to work again, I realized that the DVD player (powerdvd) did not work and when a dvd was being played in Windows Media Player or InterActual Player, the movie played but there was no sound (not even with the headphones). I have tried to uninstall powerdvd but it will not allow it and I don’t know what else to do.

    Please help!!! I’m deployed and my laptop is my only outlet to entertainment.

  111. Jonathan Bonini

    I just formatted a Toshiba satellite and the speakers stopped working. They worked fine before I formatted. I went to the control panel to see how the speakers were set up and everything was dimmed out and could not be adjusted. What do I need to do?

  112. My speakers were working fine one moment but then stopped working after i used in my headphones. I still have sound when I use my headphones but when I unplug it, i can not hear anything from my laptop speakers. I went through the troubleshooting on my laptop but I still can not get sound to come out of my laptop speakers. Please help!!1

  113. Laptop Freak

    Jonathan Bonini,

    I went to the control panel to see how the speakers were set up and everything was dimmed out and could not be adjusted. What do I need to do?

    Download and install the sound card device driver. This device drive should be available for downloads form the Toshiba website. Also, you can find this driver on the recovery disc.

  114. Laptop Freak

    I think there is something wrong with the headphones jack. Probably, the switch inside the jack got stuck in the headphones mode and the audio signal doesn’t go to the external speakers. Plugging and unplugging the headphones plug a few times in a row can help to release the switch inside the jack.

  115. hi there i have an acer travelmate 2312lc_l ( travelmate 2310 series)
    40gig hdd
    1.4ghz celeron m360
    i have a problem where when i login with one account i get sound on my laptop but as soon as i log into the second account i still get sound and when i log out and go back into the 1st account the sound drivers are deleted
    i re install them but this occurs again,
    my OS is : windows XP professional SP2
    what could be wrong ????

  116. When I plug headphones into my Acer Aspire 3680-2626, they don’t work right away. Often I would have to leave them plugged in for several hours before I could hear anything. If I reboot my laptop, I have to start the whole process again. It happens this way for every set of headphones i’ve tried.

    Any idea why this happens?

  117. HI
    I OWN A DELL 5160, it was working fine until two days ago, then the volume from the speakers became distorted and lower in volume adn when i plug in earphones i hear nothing at all. i checked the device manager and control panel sound device and everything is working fine??
    1 thing i did was compress my windows drive to free up some space (right click properties then compress) but i did that 2 weeks ago. i tried restarting a few times and got a “microsoft has recovered from serious error”
    i downloaded the sound driver from the dell website and installed it but it didn’t help?
    please advise, very frustrated!

  118. The internal speakers on my HP Pavilion dv6000 have stopped working. I can still hear sound through the headphones. I have gone through the troubleshoot menu, rolled back the driver, downloaded updates to the driver, uninstalled and then reinstalled the driver and it still doesn’t work. I have thought about it and it stopped working a couple of days after downloading iTunes. Is there anything in iTunes that changes the setting of the speaker output device? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  119. Laptop Freak

    Check out this solution.
    Speakers stopped working after I used my headphones
    Maybe you have the same problem with the headphone jack.

  120. Actually no, that doesn’t work either. And, my speakers stopped working before I ever tried my headphones. Plugging the headphones in was one of the steps the troubleshoot menu had me do in order to see if the sound was working at all. Any other suggestions?

  121. Music is coming out of my speakers even when I don’t have any programs running. It will be on the desktop and stuff just starts playing out of the speakers! Does anyone know what this is? or how to fix it?

  122. suresh/sergio

    Try once repairing the OS

  123. yo i got this prob you see iv got no active mixer do you no were i can get 1

  124. Roland

    I have the same problem like Katie. My internal speakers on my Pavilion dv6000 stopped working, but I still can hear the sound through my earphones.

  125. I have same problem with my dv60000 as roland and Katie!

  126. I also have hp dv6000 notebook. And internal speakers have stopped working but headphones work. I think its something wrong with the HP drivers only. Can anyone help?
    If you know the solution then please reply to me at:

  127. Laptop Freak

    Tom, check out this solution.

  128. Thanks Laptop Freak, but this solution didn’t work for me. I tried a while back but still no luck.


  129. I have an asus f3s series laptop with vista premium. On start up the internal speakers work when the windows sign appears, after this they don´t work at all but my headphones work fine. Have checked all the settings and properties for the speakers, and have asked numerous people. It´s a mystery. Please help.

  130. sharon

    my laptop freqeuntly plays back sounds dat i haven’t recorded myself n have no idea where they come from.its an Advent9215 n its less than a year old.i’ve also received Ndt system error messages and i have no idea wat it means.
    i’d be grateful if u can help me with suggestions on wat to do.

  131. hi all,
    i hve purchase compaq c772, xp professional is installed in it. Now when i plug in headphone…system speakers also gives sound..i mean both give sounds…i want system speaker to be muted when i plug in headphone..any solution please……..

  132. Laptop Freak

    Make sure headphones are plugged correctly, all the way down into the jack on the laptop. If headphones are plugged only halfway, you’ll get sound from both laptop speakers and headphones.
    Also, it’s possible that switch inside headphones jack on the laptop got stuck somehow. Try plugging and unplugging headphones a few times in a row and make it fast. It may help to release the switch inside the jack.

  133. My compaq presario V3000 makes funny noise if i turn up comes from the speakers and its noisy when hearing music.what will be the solution?

  134. Laptop Freak

    Did you test your laptop with headphones? Do you hear the same funny noise from the headphones? I posted your question and some suggestions here.

  135. awesome egyptian

    Hi, I got an Hp pavillion dv6000 laptop for my birthday two years ago so my laptop is not under warranty anymore and my wireless light went bad then shortly after my speakers quit working too. when i plug the headphones in sound comes out and i can hear everything perfectly but when i don’t have the headphones plugged in no matter what volume it is no sound comes out. I checked my drivers and everthing is up to date but i found one file in one of my drivers (Video Codec) that was not functioning or the file was missing is what they are telling me. I don’t know what to do!! I don’t want to spend to much money on this problem and I still have to fix my wireless light too….I would really appreicate yuor help!! Thank you in advance!!!

  136. Laptop Freak

    awesome egyptian,

    when i plug the headphones in sound comes out and i can hear everything perfectly but when i don’t have the headphones plugged in no matter what volume it is no sound comes out.

    You may have a problem with the headphones jack. Check out this post, could be the same problem.

  137. awesome egyptian

    Thanks but I already read that enrty and tried it and so far nothing changed…I think it is that one file but I can’t reinstall it or anything because it is not my sound driver (Conexant High Definition Audio). It won’t let me upgrade or roll back or reinstall!! I have tried troubleshooting and everything that I can think of. I went on device manager and clicked video codecs under sound, video, and game controller and clicked property tab and the file that says LEAD MCMP/MJPEG Codec (VFW) is the one that has an error that says,” Cannot load the LEAD MCMP/MJPEG Codec (VFW) driver. The driver file may be missing. Try installing the driver again, or contact your system administrator.” but then it won’t let me reinstall it!! what do i do now??? Thanks in advance for your help and time.

  138. awesome egyptian

    Oh sorry but i forgot something…when i click on volume control on my toolbar under mute there is a button that says advanced when i click on it bass and treble are greyed that normal?? thanks again

  139. Laptop Freak

    awesome egyptian,

    It won’t let me upgrade or roll back or reinstall!!

    It’s impossible to troubleshoot software issues over the Internet and I’m not sure if I can help you with that.
    Here’s what you can try:
    1. Use Windows System Restore utility. Try restoring Windows back to the time it was working properly. Just roll it back, it might help.
    2. Back up all personal files and reinstall Windows from the recovery disc. This should fix all software related problems.

  140. awesome egyptian

    I have already tried restoring windows back to the time when the speakers were working but it wouldn’t let me go very far it kept saying that it was unsucessful…but i am about to back up all my files and try to do recovery and see if that works….thanks alot for your time and help.

  141. Paul Berube

    I own a Toshiba Qosmio F15-AV201-R, which I recently formatted. I am having trouble getting some of the drivers because I can not find the discs for it. I believe that one of the problems was that when the fan died and the hard drive cooked, they replaced/upgraded the motherboard and hard drive and possibly video or sound cards. I installed everything on the Toshiba website for both the -R and regular version, but there were no sound drivers. I have no sound, except at startup.
    I appreciate your time and any help.

  142. bangjan

    i hv a problem with my speakers.the problem is that no sound appears either on my laptop speaker or when i plug -in my headfon.i hv tried almost evrything from the troubleshooter n yet no sound comes out.any help please!!!!!!

  143. Laptop Freak

    Paul Berube,

    I own a Toshiba Qosmio F15-AV201-R, which I recently formatted. I am having trouble getting some of the drivers because I can not find the discs for it…they replaced/upgraded the motherboard and hard drive and possibly video or sound cards.

    Did you send this laptop to the Toshiba depot? Did they replaced the motherboard because of the recent recall? I sent a few Qosmios to Toshib depot myself and each time they sent it back to me with a new recovery disc, witch I believe is different from the original restore.

    I installed everything on the Toshiba website for both the -R and regular version, but there were no sound drivers.

    That’s strange. Apparently there are no audio drivers available for download, I wasn’t able to find it either. I guess you’ll have to call Toshiba and buy a new recovery disc from them. Maybe they can send it to you at no charge. Try calling them.

  144. Laptop Freak


    i hv a problem with my speakers.the problem is that no sound appears either on my laptop speaker or when i plug -in my headfon.i hv tried almost evrything from the troubleshooter n yet no sound comes out.any help please!

    The volume is turned on, right? Did you try reinstalling the audio driver? Did you try reinstalling the operating system?

  145. mr-r34

    i got a Toshiba m100 and i recently just formatted it and my speakers worked before i formatted it, now when i plug ma headphones in the sound works but when i want to listen with the speakers no sound comes i tried installing the driver from Toshiba website and still no sound comes what can my problem be

  146. becky

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M55-S1001 that I have had for 1 1/2 years with no problems. A couple of days ago when I turned it on the sound is there on the internal speakers but is very low. The sound used to blow you out. The volume is turned all the way up on front of laptop-little wheel. Under control panel advanced audio controls all volume turned up to max with no mutes. Under device manager Realtek is operating properly. I even used the restore CD to reinstall Realtek. Windows says latest version of Realtek AC97 is already on my computer. I can hookup external speakers and they are loud enough to hear great, but even at max volume it doesn’t blow you away. Help! Not under warranty any longer.

  147. Laptop Freak

    Did you check the wave settings in the advanced audio control window? The wave slider should be on the right side from the play control, try turning it up.

  148. mr-r34

    ummm i asked a question if ur sort of a laptop freak u would of answered it lmao

  149. becky

    Under the advanced audio control all is at max volume-wave, sw synth and volume and cd player. Still very quite.

  150. Could my problem be that I need a new sound card?

  151. hey i cant seem to be getting sound from ma speakers but ma earphones work and when i take out the earphones for like 1 second the speakers work and then stop working can ne1 help plz

  152. JakeWhitton

    I have a Dell Latitude C640 and I can’t get any sound. I have re-installed Windows (Xp SP2), re-installed motherboard driver(Intel 830m/845MP Chipset) and sound device drivers(Crystal WDM). I checked the BIOS and it is always detected in there but nothing in device manager except the codecs. I have seen quite a few posts on this specific issue, but no fixes. Any help or nudges in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


  153. Laptop Freak


    I have a Dell Latitude C640 and I can’t get any sound. I have re-installed Windows (Xp SP2), re-installed motherboard driver(Intel 830m/845MP Chipset) and sound device drivers(Crystal WDM).

    Did you test the laptop with headphones? If headphones work fine but there is no sound coming from the laptop speakers, it’s possible that you have a problem with the audio (headphone) jack as I mentioned in this post: Speakers stopped working after I used my headphones

  154. Kirsten

    I have a DELL Inspiron 2200. The laptop speakers work fine, but when I plug in my new headphones, or any headphones/speakers (mostly headphones I’m worried about), there is no sound. IT only returns if I unplug them again.

  155. My HP lap top – no sound will come out. My husband (IT degree, but in sales) can’t figure it out. He ran a scan and found a virus, we have reinstalled the drivers – double checked every mute, volume level, sounds selection there it – but still nothing. Tried it with just headphone, no headphones, felling hopeless.

  156. hi,

    HP NC2400 laptop. Suddenly no sound from internal speakers, but sound from external speakers works. tried plugging in external speakers 1/8 jack 40 times fast and slow, still didnt work. sent into hp repair depot, they said replaced the speaker assembly and that it is in working order, but when i received it back i had the same problem!!!! reinstalled windows XP twice, tried latest driver, tried a clean install of vista.. problem still exists.. im sending it back to the HP repair depot again!!! they mentioned escalating it for a replacement if it comes back not fixed a second time.. i guess we will see.

  157. When I connect my compaq presario v6000 to my samsung hdtv via S-video the picture is not bad but there is no sound comming out of my tv! is this normal if so is there a better way of connecting my laptop? And how do I do it and what do I need? Any help would be much appreciated.


  158. I have Aspire 5570 laptop. I have unquie problem. My internal speakers are working fine. But when I connect external speakers, no sound comee up from external speaker. But when laptop goes to sleep mode and re-atart again, then sometimes (only), sound comes from external speaker. Checked everything, but no solution. Even bought another pair of external speaker today, but still problem exists. Any solution/advise.

  159. PLEASE THIS has happened before but i dont know how i fixed it… but im trying everything downloading new crivers and everyting i have heard =.[…. NO sound wen i go on a program no sound when i put speakers no sound nothin

  160. kevin na

    hey..i just got my laptop and yeah ..butsuddenly over night my laptop (the builtin speakers) doesnt work..but the headphones works fine. and yeah…how can i fix this without reinstalling windows and other stuff like that

  161. I’m having some of the problems mentioned above, the internal speakers doesnt sound on windows, but when the notebook starts sounds perfect.

    i’ve tried everything and i think that is a hardware problem , because the system just dont recognize when i plug or unplug the headphones, but recognizes the other 2 connectors when i used them.

    is any way to chage this mannualy, i really dont care if computer recognizes or no what im doing with my plugs HAHA, i preffer to set up the sound as i want, even having both working (headphones and speakers)

  162. confused 1984

    hi i own a Toshiba P305-S8814 and i have downloaded the sound drivers but there is no sound at all it only makes a loud beep sound when something pops up and theres no volume control on the toolbar i have tried headphones but that doesnt seem to work either please help i have been trying to figure out what seems to be the problem but to no progress ty

  163. Travelmate 4070

    Hi , I am a owner of the Acer “TravelMate” 4070
    I sent my laptop to to be reset but when i got it back , the speakers , he just put a disk in and it reset the maiin memory , but the speakers (internal) No longer work … Do i have to break into my laptop to fix it of just set up a progrogram … also there is no sound speaker picture thingy in the right corner by the clock

    Please help =]
    Laptop’s Broken x

  164. Have had a Dell B130 for a several years. Recently developed a sound problem. Internal speaker works fine and sounds clear, but any stero output device (headphones, external speakers) that I plug into the external jack only plays sound through one side (use to place through both) and the playback is buzzy and staticy sounding. When nothing is playing, there is an audiable staticy/buzzy sound coming from any device that is plug into the external audio jack. All of my speakers, headphones and amps that I have tested this with work fine in other devices, so I have ruled them out. I have checked the balance and volume settings in the control panal and they are correct and evenly balanced. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the sound card and made sure that I have the most recent driver installed. I did not perform any software/operating system upgrade around the time that this started to happen. Is it a correct asumption that the audio jack needs to be replace? If yes, insturctions would be great, otherwise, any other suggestions on the cause & how to correct it?

  165. Lisa Dixon

    Had to get a new hard drive for my computer. Now there is no sound coming out of my speakers that are hooked up to my computer. What do I need to do? Regards to a home computer.

  166. i have a dell inspiron 9300
    and my brother through my laptop case out of the car onto the ground with my laptop in it. since then, my speakers stopped working, but earphones still work…anything i can do?

  167. The internal speakers in my laptop do not work, which I knew when purchasing, but I was told if I plug in headphones, I would be able to hear sound. When I plug in the headphones, I can hear then ‘click’, signaling they are working, yet I can’t hear sound.

  168. I have a Compaq Presario V6000. There is no sound coming out, even with headphones. I’ve trouble shooted, made sure all drivers are installed, etc. There is a staticy noise coming from the left speaker above the power button. Can anyone help?

  169. I own a Sony VAIO VGN-CR309E/RC Notebook PC. Of late, I have noticed that whenever I plug in a USB device, my internal speakers stop functioning. I tried to use the headphones and see if I could hear anything, but it didn’t work. However, after restarting/waking my laptop from hibernation, the speakers worked fine. What do you think is the problem? how can I fix this?

  170. I have an Acer Aspire3004WLCi laptop. I think i accidentally deleted the volume control. I lost my CD so I was trying to find the sound driver over the internet, but couldn’t. I went to Acer website, but the website to download drivers for America didn’t open, so I went to Asia Pacific website, tried to download the one called Realtek A385 for Aspire 3000 bcuz I didn’t see my model, which is 3004WLCi, what I got was a file contains 385_522 file. I don’t know what to do next. Is it the right one or should I try another one and where?
    Can anyone help? Thanks.

  171. I have an Acer Aspire 4310 laptop, use it for about 6 months now using windows xp sp2, and all of the sudden i notice everytime I turn on the laptop it gives me a beeping sound for about 20 seconds or so (like when the keyboard is not plug on your pc desktop) and i also notice when i try typing a document, there are couple of keys on the keyboard that doesn’t comes out or and also the mousepad doesn’t function correctly. any 1 have the same problem?? or can give me an advice..

  172. Rimantas

    I have a toshiba satellite A300 and the sound isnt working and it says “Realtek Digital Output” instead of the harman/kardon® Stereo Speakers. So how do i fix that up? There’s no sound what so ever….

    (in need of help)

  173. Hey,

    Am using an Acer Laptop with XP.

    My speakers work fine but when i try using my headphones there is no sound.

    I have chacked all sound settings and SPDIF is greyed out on master volume and also on realtek.

    The comp does recognise the headphones when i plug them in…..


  174. M.Becker

    Hey, I have an Acer Aspire 5100.
    I had it upgraded to windows Vista , everything worked fine. But then out of nowhere it the speakers stopped working. I put in my headphones and nothing.. no sound.
    The system says that everything including the microphone of my webcam works perfectly.
    What is then the problem that my speakers will not play a sound? What should or can I do?

  175. Macha Macho

    Woowee, looks like everyone is complaining about acer notebook and damn it too.. I just bought acer aspire 4530(WinXP2) 2 months ago and now has problem with left internal speaker. Earphone is okay for both side. Give me bad headache. I’ve tried everything except playing with screwdriver (u know what i mean).

    Really appreciate if there’s anyone have any idea(s) on this. Thanks in advance..

    Thanks ACER too!


  177. Damaris

    I have an HP Pavilian dv4- 1225dx Entertainment Notebook PC and the speakers suddenly stopped working. Now, I looked at the sounds setting, and it says that the speakers are working. The headphones work just fine, but I have no sound coming out of my speakers. I really don’t know what to do, exactly.

  178. No sound will come out from the internal speakers

    Hi I have a HP Pavilion DV2840SE and today I was trying to play some music, but then i hear all this static and then nothing. Now when I play it all I hear is some static now and again. Oh and it has Integrated Altec Lansing Stereo Speakers. Is there anyway to replace the speakers if I dont find a solution?

  179. Faisal

    I just bought a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop with SigmaTel sound card. My mics work (internal & external). However, I can’t hear my voice through the speakers. I researched and it looks like I have to change EnableInpSpkrMute property to 0 in registry. I did that but to no avail.

    Any thought? Thanks.

  180. I have Aspire 5570 laptop. I have unquie problem. My internal speakers are working fine. But when I connect external speakers, no sound comee up from external speaker. But when laptop goes to sleep mode and re-atart again, then sometimes (only), sound comes from external speaker. Checked everything, but no solution. Even bought another pair of external speaker today, but still problem exists. Any solution/advise.

    Could you solve this problem i also have the same problem with same laptop

  181. hi, my laptop fell from my bed into the floor and ever since the sound has been distorted and i was wondering if you could tell me how i can get it back to normal. i have an hp pavilion entertainment notebook pc

  182. peter bailey

    there is no sound from my speakers inside my laptop but every now and again if i knock it the left one will work for a few seconds.. i suppose this would be a loose connection.
    the laptop is an x58l series. how would i get inside the laptop to fix the speakers?

    cheers pete.

  183. Rene

    Hello. I’m having some serious problems with my laptop – Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100. I got it second hand about a year ago, and it worked fine until two weeks ago when the sound began to gradually quit on me. The sound would go out mid video/song, and would only begin play again after I restarted the computer, but only for a short while. It shows ‘no audio device detected’ when I click on ‘Volume Control’ – my ‘Sound and Audio Devices’ window is grayed out and I cannot select anything. I’ve tried Services>Windows Audio restart per someone’s advice, that didn’t work either.

    The warranty has long expired. I have tried calling Toshiba Customer Services, but no luck there. Out of desperation I reinstalled the operating system from the recovery CDs, and reinstalled the proper drivers downloaded from Toshiba’s website. Then I got sound for a little over a day before it failed. Now it has gone back to its original problem of ‘no audio device detected,’ etc, until I reinstall the drivers, the the cycle begins again. Very frustrating!

    I’ve browsed the web for days looking for solutions; apparently this is a common problem for Toshiba laptops. None of them provided for more then a temporary fix, but I think I may know what could be causing it. I was wondering, could it be a problem with my sound card? I don’t think its dead, because sound DOES play, but that maybe it has somehow come a loose. I’m thinking of taking it apart, but if it’s not the sound card, I don’t want to mess it up any worse than it is. This computer is my workhorse. I’m a college student with not a lot of money to spare, and it will be awhile before I can scrounge up enough money to take it in to be looked at.

    Is there any hope for me?

    Thanks in advance.

  184. Update:

    I managed to fix my computer. As I said before, the problem started when my sound stopped working on my Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 laptop. Within a few days, my display started flickering and then finally went completely black. I noticed that if I lightly pressed the lower left side just below the keyboard, both sound and picture would temporarily return.

    After I made the decision to just take it to a repair shop, I figured, ‘what the hell. I might as well take one final crack at it.’ I opened it up and noticed a green wire (connector?) had come out of its socket. I gently replaced it, and when I started it back up – viola! Everything was working again!

    Note: This may not necessarily be the solution to everybody problems. I would always advise everyone to be EXTREMELY cautious when taking apart their computer. Hopefully, my advice can help someone out. If anyone wants to know more about it, feel free to contact me a Cheers!

  185. Jessica

    Everytime i do updates on my laptop the internal speakers stop working. how can i fix this?

  186. we have advent laptop and we change the harddrive.we have windows xp but the speakers or no sound at all when we watch youtube or can’t watch live news..please help and the cd/dvd is not fuctioning..thank you for your kind help, very much appreciated..

  187. Christos

    Hi! I need your help! Out of the blue this day, whenever I hear a song or a video (for example from youtube or from my songlist) I always hear from my laptop a sound which distorts the sound of the song/video. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me with this sound jam..I have to listen and see some video for my job and without clear sound it is very difficult to understand what they say.
    My laptop is a Toshiba A200-23X

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Best Regards,

  188. I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop computer and recently the speakers stopped working. Worked one day and then didnt the next. Just out of nowhere. Anyways…while just folling around trying to fix it i stuck some headphones in the headphone jack and i couldnt hear anything there either so for fun I stuck it in the micrphone jack and for a split second I could hear the song that was playing. Also throughout the day the internal speakers started working off and on just for a couple seconds at a time. Later in the night the internal speakers were fully functional and I had no problems. Upon waking up this morning the speakers did not work again and currently they keep cutting in and out much like they did yesterday. Does anyone have a solution to my problem? Maybe a lose wire or something? I did try a new driver download and that did not work. Please help

  189. Hi ,I have bought speakers for my laptop but when i changed my speaker settings to desktop speakers it wont play the sound through them .i have tried all the setting s and nothing works can you help.

  190. Hi ,I have bought speakers for my laptop but when i changed my speaker settings to desktop speakers it wont play the sound through them .i have tried all the setting s and nothing works can you laptop is a hi grade

  191. Hi, I Have a Sony Vaio,and it used to be windows XP. and i updated it to windows vista and at first i could hear sound whutsoever, so whut i did was just download the driver since i had the problem previuosly. now they work but when i try to connect my earphones to it i have no sound. i dont know what the problem is. i tried to uptade my driver but it up to date, i need help ASAP i have a party on saturday and i need to dj, i connect the laptop with some RCA’s and i have special ones to connect to anything, for example i connected the RCA’s to my my TV, And the other end to my iPod, and i heard sound so i thought if this works i can just connect it to the laptop, but it doesnt work and i got nothing…Help Me Please..Get Back to me ASAP!!!!!!!

  192. amanda d

    There is no sound from my new dell inspiron 1545.It was working fine first,then the sound became distorted or crackled. and now there is completly no sound.the laptop is very new.i have tried all methods reinstalling the drivers,restoring etc.

    i have done the tests for the speakers and it shows everything working prefectly only you cant hear the sound.
    sound from headphones is crackled like.
    please any help would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you

  193. Laptop Freak

    amanda d,

    There is no sound from my new dell inspiron 1545.It was working fine first,then the sound became distorted or crackled. and now there is completly no sound.the laptop is very new.i have tried all methods reinstalling the drivers,restoring etc.

    i have done the tests for the speakers and it shows everything working prefectly only you cant hear the sound.
    sound from headphones is crackled like.
    please any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Your description sounds like a problem with the sound card. The sound card is integrated into the motherboard, so the entire motherboard has to be replaced.
    Is it still under warranty? Send it to Dell for repair.

    I posted your question with some explanations here.

  194. Laptop Freak


    I Have a Sony Vaio,and it used to be windows XP. and i updated it to windows vista and at first i could hear sound whutsoever, so whut i did was just download the driver since i had the problem previuosly. now they work but when i try to connect my earphones to it i have no sound.

    Maybe a stupid suggestion, but make sure you plugging your headphones into the headphone (not speaker) jack.
    Can you test speakers with another device? I’ve searched for special headphone settings in Vista and couldn’t find any. Looks like the sound should switch from external to internal mode when you plug them in.
    Do you know if the driver you installed is compatible with Vista. Maybe that’s the problem?

  195. Laptopfreak,
    I have an acer 4530 which i use a lot for watching videos.
    i was watching one tonight\this morning (hey, it’s 3am)and the sound just straight up died. No crackle no noises, just one second i was listening to this guy talk about nazis and aliens, and the next it was dead.

    i plugged in some headphones and same thing: zilch.
    checked the mute, the levels, my audio software, sliders, etc. checked device manager and says the sound driver is working.

    what gives.
    tell me i have integrated sound and need a new motherboard so i can cry. why yanni, why?
    what good is a laptop if you cna’t watch conspiracy videos on it?
    🙁 🙁 🙁


    Hi,I have a gateway computer but I have compaq speakers and when we plug it in the speakers have no sound

  197. I have a toshiba a20 satellite notebook – the internal speakers do not work, or seem to, although sound is available from from external speakers via the speaker output. I have looked at the sound setup and it is set to laptop speakers (mono). I have also reloaded the sound driver. I is still no sound from the internal speakers. Any ideas?

  198. Hey, I need urgent help!! A friend installed a webcam on my toshiba satellite m series laptop. in the interim he kind of deleted my realtek audio and even after I retrieved it from the recycle bin, I cannot hear any sound from my laptop. It says that the driver is either corrupted or doesnt exist. What do I do. I cant ask my friend to fix it coz hes in a differenrt city now.

  199. Donald Ksing

    Hi all,

    I had a problem with my laptop’s internal speakers, and going through a couple of sites, I managed to figure out the problem.
    I have an HP Pavillion DV 6114TX. I hope this helps someone.

    In my case, the cable feeding my sound had gone bad (Kolt 1). So I switched it with the one feeding my touchbuttons (Kolt 2). I’d rather have sound than the ability to control no sound. 😛

  200. Laptop Freak

    Donald Ksing,

    I had a problem with my laptop’s internal speakers, and going through a couple of sites, I managed to figure out the problem.
    I have an HP Pavillion DV 6114TX. I hope this helps someone.

    Thank you for your suggestion. It looks like a lot of people might have exactly the same problem. I posted your comment in this post.
    This way more people can see the solution. Thanks again.

  201. My HP dv6000 notebook was wiped and Vista reinstalled. Ever since then, the speakers make a popping sound every few minutes and even when I mute the computer it happens without interruption. HOw can I make this irritating noise stop?

  202. Garry Cook

    I have a ‘freebie’ Satellite P25 that I took apart and had the power jack replaced. Had tons of viruses on it, so I used the system recovery DVD to restore it, and went to Toshiba and downloaded the drivers/updates, but I never had any sound. Not out of the speakers, and not out of the external speaker output jack. But then I figured out that I could get audio out of USB headphones.. So it at first it seemed that I was able to get digital audio, but not analog audio. Everything is enabled, and when the speakers are the default device, I see sound levels when playing a CD or DVD, but I get no sound. No sound from the ‘test’ button, no sounds from the system sounds choices menu.. Everything says that it is working.. It has the Realtek AC97 Audio audio driver.. I have tried all options in ‘AvRack’ and devices.. I even upgraded to Windows 7 Pro, and got an updated driver (2009) downloaded via Windows Update, but still no change. Any thoughts on why I can’t get audio from my laptop speakers, or thru the jack to my external speakers?

    Thanks in advance.

  203. I got a dell inspiron 1440 for christmas and today as i was doing my homework and listening to some music through the internal speakers the sound went out for like 10 seconds but then came back it might of been doing this before and me not noticecing it i have also tried it with headphones and i have the same problem

    i am running windows 7 and i have not dropped or anything like that the laptop

    any ideas?

  204. AlienBoy

    Hi all. There’s been a lot of report regarding no sound issue on aspire 4530 user, And i’m one of ’em 🙁

    The Driver provided via the manufacturer website didn’t solved the issue.I got Vista Ultimate, planning to upgrade to 7 until this sort of problem occured. Thanks in advance

  205. L2005CU no sound. I reinstalled the driver and made sure it was the updated one. Works fine after I do that but as soon as I turn off computer and restart it the sound is gone again. Can you tell me what I have to do to fix this? It is as if it will not save the current driver or is rewritten when rebooted? Im not tech savy and trying to fix this myself…please be gentle on the tech explaination…lol…thanks again!!! Device driver Conexant AC LInk 4/22/05 installed.
    help please!!

  206. allie

    Hi my dell inspiron 1420 only gives me sound through headphones. The sound works perfectly but only through the headphones. I cannot get any to come out of my external speakers. Any idea how to fix that..

    I have tried going into the control panel and finding out how to fix it but no luck :\

  207. jenna

    I have Hp pavillion Dv 6602 au laptop.

    The internal speakers do not work while sound plays fine when I use a headphone or external speakers.

    All the sound devices are working fine.

    I formatted my system and installed windows 7.

    Windows 7 would not have caused the problem beacuse I upgraded to windows 7 long back anfd I had nop problems with the audio drivers.

    Could anyone please on this.

  208. Rodrick


    I had my laptop sound working just fine. Day before, I connected it to external speakers and it worked great. However after that sound from internal speaker as well as from headphone stopped. Everything looks fine on the screen. Its just that I cannot hear it either from internal speaker or headphone plugged into the line out jack.
    But if I redirect sound to my bluetooth device, I can hear it.
    I am not sure what is the problem here.

  209. waseem

    i have a dell 1440 laptop. the speakers suddenly went dead. there is audio in the head phones jack but no audio in the laptop speakers. i have done the following but no results. 1 i reinstalled win 7 after formatting c drive 2. i reinstalled the sound driver but no use there as well. kindly tell me how to get it fixed. can it be fixed by opening the top cover of speakers above the keyboard or will i have to get the whole laptop opened?

  210. boomerang

    okay, just go and open the hood and look in there till you see a blue and a blue/white mixed cable which are plugged in.
    just plug them out and do not forget to seal to avoid shorcircuit.

  211. Sbusiso

    fellows I got the problem here, I’m owning the Compaq CQ60, I don’t know what I did. I got the problem withe the Internal AUX its unplugged hence it doesn’t allow the external speakers how to solve this problem please assist?

  212. HP Pavilion DV4155CL
    Downloaded 1 Win upgrade for XP Home & upgrade to .netFramework 3.5 & also 3.5sp1. Suddenly had No media,or System sounds in Laptop Speakers, but good using Headphones. MP3’s play with a “click-glitch” in 1st few secs,(sounds like software is ‘relay-clicking’ hardware, then plays thru phones at a lesser quality. WAV files are brighter, and clearer. All settings & hardware good. So is Device Manager. No conflicts etc. Tried DXDIAG & MSCONFIG – no help. MS Mr. Fixit came out good.Checked SYSOC.INF File re. “hidden” components trick. No Luck. Bios good. But reflashed anyway.
    Switched to Linux Partition.No Speaker sound there either, but good on phones. Switched connector from Analog to digital & back to Analog. Got sound 50%, RHS only on speakers. Phones perfect. So Win Upgrade affected Hardware common to both partitions.
    Returned to Win. XP still totally sound dead except Phones.Only thing left is delete and reinstall DX9.0c, in case MS is now putting dx10 or 11 in updates, or newer Digital audio chip s/ware in place.
    The following week upgrades knocked out Disc autoplay (got MS Bug Fix); and froze XP Shutdown.
    No wonder Linux has boomed $30bn.!

  213. Dear Mr. Freak,

    Do you have a post showing the minimum services required to run Windows? I’ve searched your site, but haven’t found anything. I’m using Window 7 with an SSD on a slate tablet pc. I’m sure half the things loaded at startup can be turned off, but have been unable to find a good guide showing what is required and what is extra fluff.

  214. hi all

    my dell inspiron 1545 having some kind of sound problem.
    its sound comes perfect but suddenly sound lost and after restating it come back.i don”t understand what kind of problem is this.

  215. GiannisIce

    I have a Dell Studio laptop.
    I had my laptop connected with a TV/Monitor with a VGA cable, and i had the sound coming out from the monitor…
    A friend of mine tripped on the sound cable, and the laptop fell from the chair i had it.
    Nothing happened except from it going in sleep mode. I entered the code, and everything seemed normal.
    Later I unplugged the VGA and the sound cable, and there was no sound coming from the speakers.
    I tried plugging and unplugging the sound cable, but nothing happened. I also tried to restart the Windows Audio Service…
    Can I do anything else? There is no visible damage on the laptop…

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: The sound is allright if i plug headphones.

  216. shahaira

    hi,i was removing programs from my acer aspire one and have deleted my audio or sounds there is no sound coming from my laptop can you please help reinstall one please thank you

  217. i have an acer aspire 5253, the speaker works intermittently so i believe there is a loose wire. i just want to reconnected the wire but can’t figure out how to do this. do you have a tutorial for acer?

  218. i use a dell d600, it refuses to produce sound even when all settings is perfect. wen i use my headset it produces sound, pls wat do i do.

    I am suspecting d internal speakers bt dont know hw to gain access to it.

    pls help me out

  219. is there any other way to fix the no sound speakers even without disassembling the laptop?i am using acer extensa 5220 and i’m having the same problem, please help me out too..

  220. Hi, i have a Toshiba Satellite L455 and the speakers stopped working. At the moment they are making a popping noise and i need help to fix it. Thanks