My laptop started making a loud grinding noise

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My laptop makes a loud grinding noise, it’s HP Compaq nx5000.
This laptop is about three years old. It’s been in for repairs multiple times, for everything from a dead LCD backlight to a destroyed keyboard (which, by the way, was my father’s fault; HE’S the one that sprayed it down with water). In fact, it just recently got back because of the keyboard.
So anyway, about a week ago, I was sitting on my laptop browsing the internet when I noticed it started making this loud grinding noise. Then the computer froze up. So, I popped out the battery, let it sit for a minute, and then put the battery back in and turned it on again. It started up without problems. Then, later on while I was using it that same night, it flashed this blue screen of death at me. I saw something about the kernel and memory dump, and then it turned off. When I went to turn it on again, the grinding noise was back and it wouldn’t start up, it would just say “Non-system disk or disk error.”
I let it sit for about three days over the weekend, and then come Monday I turned it on without problems. Then after a while it made the grinding noise again, so I had to pull the battery out again.
So now, it periodically makes the grinding noise when I’m using it, and it will freeze up. When I turn the laptop on and it’s not making the grinding noise right away, the fan IS spinning and I can hear it running and everything is normal. Usually the fan is spinning when I pull the battery out because of the grinding noise, too. I notice that everytime it makes the grinding noise, the laptop is hot when I turn it off. Sometimes letting the laptop cool off will fix it, and sometimes it won’t. Usually, if it persists in making the grinding noise, letting it sit overnight will fix it.
So I’m not sure if it’s the fan or not. I’ve noticed that tiliting the laptop will sometimes stop the grinding noise, but then it will come back and won’t stop no matter which way I move the laptop. When I listen it sounds like it’s NOT coming from the fan, but I could be wrong.
Any ideas about why my laptop sounds like it’s trying to eat its hard drive?

Here are some important moments you mentioned in the post above:
1. laptop started making this loud grinding noise
2. computer freezes up
3. laptop flashed this blue screen of death at me
4. “Non-system disk or disk error” on startup

I’m 99% positive that you have a failing hard drive. Back it up as soon as possible while you can access it, because the hard drive might fail any time now. Data recovery is very expensive, transfer data yourself while you can. After that replace the hard drive and reimage the drive using a set of recovery CDs or DVD you got from HP.

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    it is not the hdd although this will effect the hdd and much more I am a technician I just fixed this problem it is the fan dnt just replace the fan replace the whole piece fan and Cooper cooling system I original thought it was bad sectors on hdd the hdd needed to be replaced after replacing grinding still occurred after replacing the entire fan which u can find online for 60 to 150 it solved the problem hope this info works for u haruns pc parts and services

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