My laptop started making a loud grinding noise

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My laptop makes a loud grinding noise, it’s HP Compaq nx5000.
This laptop is about three years old. It’s been in for repairs multiple times, for everything from a dead LCD backlight to a destroyed keyboard (which, by the way, was my father’s fault; HE’S the one that sprayed it down with water). In fact, it just recently got back because of the keyboard.
So anyway, about a week ago, I was sitting on my laptop browsing the internet when I noticed it started making this loud grinding noise. Then the computer froze up. So, I popped out the battery, let it sit for a minute, and then put the battery back in and turned it on again. It started up without problems. Then, later on while I was using it that same night, it flashed this blue screen of death at me. I saw something about the kernel and memory dump, and then it turned off. When I went to turn it on again, the grinding noise was back and it wouldn’t start up, it would just say “Non-system disk or disk error.”
I let it sit for about three days over the weekend, and then come Monday I turned it on without problems. Then after a while it made the grinding noise again, so I had to pull the battery out again.
So now, it periodically makes the grinding noise when I’m using it, and it will freeze up. When I turn the laptop on and it’s not making the grinding noise right away, the fan IS spinning and I can hear it running and everything is normal. Usually the fan is spinning when I pull the battery out because of the grinding noise, too. I notice that everytime it makes the grinding noise, the laptop is hot when I turn it off. Sometimes letting the laptop cool off will fix it, and sometimes it won’t. Usually, if it persists in making the grinding noise, letting it sit overnight will fix it.
So I’m not sure if it’s the fan or not. I’ve noticed that tiliting the laptop will sometimes stop the grinding noise, but then it will come back and won’t stop no matter which way I move the laptop. When I listen it sounds like it’s NOT coming from the fan, but I could be wrong.
Any ideas about why my laptop sounds like it’s trying to eat its hard drive?

Here are some important moments you mentioned in the post above:
1. laptop started making this loud grinding noise
2. computer freezes up
3. laptop flashed this blue screen of death at me
4. “Non-system disk or disk error” on startup

I’m 99% positive that you have a failing hard drive. Back it up as soon as possible while you can access it, because the hard drive might fail any time now. Data recovery is very expensive, transfer data yourself while you can. After that replace the hard drive and reimage the drive using a set of recovery CDs or DVD you got from HP.

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  1. I have a COMPAQ Presario laptop for… going on two years now. However, whenever I power up, it will make a loud grinding noise. I don’t know whether or not the fan is making the noise. The noise goes on until I’m at the accounts screen for login, then quiets down a little bit. At that point, I would shut down my computer and start up a second time, and then there would be no noise for the second time. The laptop works fine, with or without noise, but it would always make noise on the first start up. Do you think you can tell me what the problem might be?

  2. Hi there. I have a Fujitsu Lifebook S6120 D with the same loud fan problem. Is it possible to replace the fan in this notebook? would you be able to show me how?

  3. Laptop Freak

    Of course it’s possible to replace the fan, but unfortunately I don’t work with Fujitsu laptops and cannot guide you. I’ve created a few disassembly guides for Toshiba laptops and if you read through you can get an idea how to disassemble the laptop. I think that all laptops are kind of similar.

  4. hi there,
    i read the original problem where the grinding noise is the problem. the tilting thing is exactly the same thing i get with my Tiny A360+ laptop! but ive no trouble with disk errors/crashing. i believe its a fan problem. i had the fan replaced last year to try solve the grinding, it worked for several months but now its back. and it drives me mad. can i get to the fan myself on my Tiny as easy as it seems with the toshiba or must i go to a repair man??

    thanks a million

  5. Laptop Freak

    I haven’t worked with Tiny laptops yet and cannot guide you through the laptop disassembly. Most likely they are not much different from Toshiba laptops.

  6. How about Compaq laptops…1700 series. I tried to dissemble it, but could not separate the 2 pieces after unscrewing them all.It seemed to be joined from the back (where the Screen meets the base)

  7. Laptop Freak

    Did you look for the laptop maintenance manual on HP website? Their manuals usually have step-by-step disassembly instructions.

  8. cathy shoenfeld


    I have a HP Pavilion zd7058cl laptop. I love it but the fan is soooo loud! It is constantly on and spinning. It isn’t grinding but I just don’t know why it has to be running ALL the time. I want peace and quiet but this white noise is too much. I listen to other computers and they don’t seem so loud.

    Is there anything I can do to get some peace ?


  9. Hello,
    I have a HP-dv1420us laptop that i bought one year ago. It is for everyday use, and mainly for school (Pre-med student). About 4-5 months ago I got a Blue screen talking about A “KERNEL” and after rebooting a window opened telling me “your system has recovered from a serious error…” I do not know what to do about that, and it has become less frequent (i think its been a month since the last one). I got a under-the-laptop cooling dock for x-mas with two fans in it, it connects via USB port to power it. It def has cooled down my laptop, but recently there is that ambiguous grinding noise everyone is talking about. I am unsure if it is the fan (Why would it be on if the laptop is cool??) but it is really annoying…I noticed my CPU usage was around 50-70% when it continually did this (i had a tutorial cd-rom in for a biology class)…after closing out of the tutorial program the noise stopped and my CPU usage went to 5-24%, is it the fan, hard-drive, or some other problem?? ALSO, if you can help…I have been (recently, as in the last 2months) getting a blank window come up in my toolbar. It has no words or icon in the space, but has the little blue box you see when an installation is about to open, then nothing happens and it disappears…it happens many times a day, a few times an hour, what is it and how can i get rid of it??

    Thanks for any help.

  10. Laptop Freak

    The laptop is making noise as soon as you turn it on? Can you remove the hard drive and test the laptop without it? If the laptop is still making the same noise even without the hard drive installed, probably you have a bad fan.
    For some reason I think that you might have a failing hard drive. I think you see 50-70% CPU usage then the laptop is having some trouble accessing the hard drive. BSOD errors and “serious system error” also can be related to the failing hard drive.
    Download Hitachi’s drive fitness utility and test the hard drive, run an advanced test. You’ll find a link to this utility in the “Useful Links” on the right side.

  11. hi
    my acer (aspire 5571 AWXMi) laptop hard disk is making a slight noise(“…krr..kkkrrr..) at the time of loading windows or working on internet, and when i m using some applications. is it a sign of hard disk failing?? the hard disk in it is hitachi-120GB.
    should i go for a replacement? please advice.

  12. Hi I have a HP compaq nx9010 and the fan runs constantly and is loud I’ve cleaned it out, opened the computer up and cleaned it out and i just bought a new hard drive so i know it’s not the problem. Um I know I have two fans underneath but only one seems to run constantly, do you think my heat sink is shot or something like that where it is constantly hot so the fan is always running or do I just need a new fan?

  13. Laptop Freak


    I know I have two fans underneath but only one seems to run constantly

    Are you sure you have two fans? I just checked the maintenance and service guide for HP Compaq nx9010 and it shows only one fan (page 123).

    do you think my heat sink is shot or something like that where it is constantly hot so the fan is always running

    Maybe it’s normal that the fan is always running? Maybe thermal grease dried out and has to be replaced. That’s just a guess.

  14. yah dude thats not a picture of the fans and i can see them underneath my laptop. Do you even know anything about laptop’s? even if my fan’s were suppose to run all the time it wouldn’t be this loud or at least it wasn’t when I had it for the first couple years.

  15. I have an IBM T30 that is making a noise that I think (hope) is the fan rather than the hard drive. What is baffling me is trying to figure out how to tell the difference.

    It seems to be an intermittent noise that sounds almost as if the computer is working extra hard. However, it doesn’t seem to have impacted hard drive performance at all. I tried opening up the bottom and spraying a good dose of compressed air around the fan to see if that would fix the problem. It seems to have lessened it, but hasn’t eliminated it entirely. That being said, I’m not sure if that’s the only fan in there. It was the only one that I saw, but I only opened up the most obvious panel.

    The noise itself is best described as an extremely high-pitched, but quite faint noise–almost like that very high pitch that you can sometimes hear out of older televisions. Sometimes it is combined with what seems like a faint whirring sound.

    Any ideas what this might be and/or how to remedy it?

  16. Laptop Freak

    I think you can try this. You should get an access to the fan if you lift up the keyboard, it’s not difficult just remove a few screws on the bottom of the laptop. You can find this instructions in the laptop HMM. Turn on the laptop when the keyboard is still lifted and listen for the fan sounds.
    The following test most likely is not approved by IBM engineers so try it at your own risk. 😛 As soon as noise appear carefully stop the fan with your fingers and see if the noise is gone.

  17. HP Compaq NX9010 with fans running al the time.
    Yes this machine has 2 larger fans and 1 smalle fan. This laptop has a normal Pentium instead of a mobile processor. Just to save costs.
    This normal processer produces a lot of heat which needs to get out of your laptop. The power adapter that comes with this computer is rated at 120W !

  18. I own a IBM T30 Laptop which was recently replaced with another one and the hard drive swapped from the old T30 to the “new” T30 – The laptop randomly starts to get very noise and I can’t really determine if it would be the fan or the hard drive. I keep thinking the Fan because in the other unit I did not have any issues with loud noise during processing. So my quesiton is how can I make sure if its the fan or somehow during transfer of the hard drive to this LT it was damaged and its the drive making the loud noise? Also how difficult / easy is it to replace either or if need be and what kind of Fan would I need? This is a T30 2.4 GHZ 1000 RAM. Also on average what does it cost if I need to have somebody look at the unit to determin which it is? thank you very much for your feedback.

  19. crystal

    hello,I have a HP Compaq nx9008 and would like to know how to reimage it step by step if possible’thank you

  20. Yo,

    I have a toshiba satellite a10 that works fine for the first 1/2 an hour, then starts to make a quite grinding noise that gets louder and louder, soner or later the computer will freeze and then the BSOD will come up and begin to dump physical memory…. please help>!>?!? p.s. i have already replaced the fan and that has not helped.



  21. How can I start the Laptop without using LCD Screen as after booting my s/w application does all the necessary things with the Laptop. So Human Interfereance is only for Switching on the Laptop. Any Sugesstions

  22. Hi guys,
    My HP nx5000 laptop won’t boot. When I press the power button, the fans will run and after few second the power will go off with a clicking noise. The screen doesn’t even come on. At the beginning, I will remove the battery for few hours and put it back in and power the laptop; it will come on again. But when the computer goes into hibernation, it will not come on. For two days now, I can’t power it up and removing the battery and putting it in back don’t work anymore. Someone save me please. I got my assignments in there people.

  23. laptopuser


    My HP DV4272NR laptop is making grinding noise, Can anyone suggest a remedy.



  24. I recently received a used Dell Latitude Cpx laptop. I have quite a bit of experience with desktops, but virtually none with laptops. It doesn’t seem to have any major problems and runs just fine, but keeps making a loud grinding sound. My first thought is the hard drive, but I’d like a second opinion. It starts randomly every 15 mins or so and keeps going for 2-3 mins before quitting. No BSOD or freeze ups, but it’s still annoying and loud. A little nervous about storing too much info on it if the hard drive’s about to go. Any input would be appreciated!


  25. Max Thompson

    I have a Dell Inspiron 6000. I’ve had it for about 3 years now and I have had the exact same grinding noise. The first time I had it, I had to get my hard drive replaced(which is a saddening process, saying goodbye to everything on your computer isn’t easy). I got it about a year ago.

    Recently, the grinding has been starting up. I’ve checked lots of websites and they all say that it’s either the fan or the hard drive, but most likely the hard drive. The grinding doesn’t happen often, and it’s a very very short grinding sound, unlike last time, where the sound was long and harsh. It usually makes the sound when I’m trying to load something on the internet or something very small on my PC. On rare occasions, the sound will persist and grind when I load up every single little thing, so I have to shut the lid of my laptop and wait for it to “fall asleep” before I can lift the lid again.

    I, personally, do not want to go through the same process that I went though last year again.

    There must be an easier way to fix computer issues.

    And taking apart my PC isn’t an option for me. I don’t want to risk damage to my PC…or possibly me.

  26. Vivien

    I have the same problem with the grinding noise. My laptop is an Acer Aspire 3000. This is the first time I’ve had this problem. I’ve had a couple of problems with the battery but that already fixed. I need help.

  27. hi there. I have an Acer Aspire 3630. Everytime I turn the laptop on it will make a terrible grinding noise which doesn’t sound healthy. It will become really hot after about half an hour and will contineously make the grinding noise if you lift it up or move it. I have had this problem for several months now. If anyone has a reply could you please help me overcome my problem.


    HI there! i have an HP pavilion dv6000. my laptop has a loud sound whenever i use after a few minutes i hear the fans sound and its very can you plz tel me the problem and how to fix it? or should i just throw it away and get another laptop.

  29. My laptop is making some digital noises and won’t turn on completely and says it is unable to find windows

  30. ??? is the above laptops on a level surface ???

    I have the same problem with my HP Pavillion laptop… The computer only makes the grinding noise and advises me their is no startup disk in it when the laptop is not completly flat… I was able to back it up on a table and its been running good since, but if I even lift it up a bit it crashs… I don’t know if the fan is off of its bearings or what, but its got to be fixable…


  31. The hard drive has got to have constant power. If your battery is having a bad connection when you move it or if your depending on your ac adapter the hard drive needs uninterrupitable source of power or it will crash. We are talking milli secs the screen will stay on but if the hard loses power you will have error messages of all kinds. check the contacts on your batt and on the underneath of the laptop for a film on the contacts or if using ac adapter make sure it has good contact inside the machine. The cooling fan heat sink tends to collect dust and this will cause the fan to become noiser than normal. It is extremely important if you open it up not to discharge static eletricity into the machine. THe IC’s are extremely sensitive to this and it will damage them permantly. I have experience with desktop pc and you would ground your self to the case but since laptop are plastic i am unsure on a good way to do this.

  32. hello my problem was the same as the guy from the top, I got it right what can I do to it, so it doesn’t happan again?

  33. Ken Bushnell

    Sounds like the fan problem I just encountered. Here’s what I did.

    The fan started making a grinding noise, like fan blades hitting the enclosure or possibly the bearings. From past experience the fan has proved to be an important piece of apparatus for cooling and maintaining the longevity of my microprocessors so I decided to repair the problem.
    The fan on a Compaq Presario V2555US Notebook computer is visible through the grill work in the bottom. First I tried blowing compressed air into the vents. It didn’t work. I figured I’d have to remove the fan. The base of the V2555 is held on by a dozen or more screws. It’s important that if you remove any of the screws that they be refitted back into the same opening as the length may be critical for clearance of fragile circuit board or semiconductor parts. I didn’t want to find out so I numbered all the screws and openings in a diagram placing removed screws in their appropriate ice tray container, labeled.
    All the screws that needed removing were visible, except one under the hard drive, plus the five screws in the battery trough. The hard drive also had to be removed in order for the plastic base of the V2555 to come off. There are two metal snap clips that require forcing to pop the hard drive base up before it can be tilted away from the connectors.
    The most frustrating was a snap clip located by the main latch button, almost in the center of the front console of the notebook. With careful prying, after all the screws are removed or loosened, you’ll notice where the base is restrained. You need to apply the right amount of force pushing the freed base towards the rear of the notebook. As a note of caution, it’s a good idea to make sure your plastic has reached room temperature before prying or bending it. Cold plastic breaks.

    I also removed the CD drive. I don’t know if it’s necessary, but it’s very easy to do, removing one screw, marked with a circle and a dot molded into the plastic base and then applying gentle pressure the to face plate of the CD drive. The process is well documented online.
    You can remove the memory and I believe the video card, but I didn’t find it necessary to access the fan. Instead I loosened the video card wiring and just twisted the base to gain access to the fan. It appears the right way to do it is to removed the video card and slip it through the opening in the base for full removal. It would be a good idea to note the position of the wire and how it lays in order for the ram cover to fit back on snug.
    The fan has four base mount screws, smaller than any other screws. One is stainless steal and three are annealed black. Once again a diagram would be a good idea and label the screws. I also noted a wire harness running under one of the front screw mounts in front of the screw mount.
    For my repair it wasn’t really necessary to remove the fan. The reason I removed it was to inspect it and make sure it wasn’t rubbing agains the housing. Also removing it allowed for a more thorough cleaning as some dust, caught by the stickum on some of the tape, had restricted an air way. The grinding noise might have been the enclosure, but I surmised it was the bearings starting to go so I decided to use some grease.
    Greasing the bearing requires peeling back the black tape covering the fan bearing. I only peeled it back far enough to gain access to the bearing with a toothpick dabbed with wheel bearing grease. It doesn’t take much and avoid getting it anywhere the tape will have to be restuck. There’s probably a better type of grease for this, but all I had was whell bearing grease. It will probably require reapplication periodically based on past experience with desk top fans I’ve had running for several years using wheel bearing grease.
    Once the grease was applied I turned the notebook over and ran it for about an hour (after reassembly). Gravity has to work and the tape is on the bottom of the bearing so it’ll have to warm up a little and melt down into the bearing. Since the fan only runs intermittently on this notebook, it required checking periodically to make sure the computer didn’t freeze up which would indicate an over heated cpu – something to avoid. I kept feeling for heat and checking to make sure the mouse moved in order to judge if the fan repair was taking. The first three or four times the fan ran the grinding noise was apparent, but went away after probably four or five runs. The fan never seems to run more than fifteen or twenty seconds at a time and only a few times an hour.

    image showing fan

  34. Hi ,
    I’m having the same problem
    my Toshiba labtop suddenly is making a loud noise
    from the left side I think. So what kind of problem I’m haveing and how can I fix it.

    Thank you

  35. Laptop Freak


    I’m having the same problem
    my Toshiba labtop suddenly is making a loud noise
    from the left side I think. So what kind of problem I’m haveing and how can I fix it.

    1. Bad cooling fan.
    2. Failing hard drive.

    You’ll have to listen very closely to find out which one is making noise.

  36. I have a Dell Vostro 1710. It is brand new (I just got it for Christmas) and it makes grinding noises a lot. A lot of times when I put it into sleep mode it won’t come out. I don’t think that it is even trying. The light for num lock is on but the light that is the cylinder that means that it is working doesn’t even blink or anything like that. I’m running Windows Vista Home Basic (with Service Pack 1). Here is some more information: Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU T8100 @ 2.10GHz, Memory (RAM): 3.00 GB, System type: 32-bit Operating System

  37. Laptop Freak thank you so much, and I think it’s a Bad cooling fan.

    do you know how to fix it ?

  38. Laptop Freak thank you so much, and I think it’s a Bad cooling fan.

    do you know how to fix it ?

  39. my laptop also makes this noise all the time, usually when I play games and the computer freezes up. I tilt it and it stops for a second and then continues the laptop is getting on my nerves

  40. Philip

    I have this EXACT same condition with my compaq nx5000. Everything the initial poster said was like I wrote it. Noticed grinding noise, affected by tilting it, then it froze, let it sit, fine for awhile, froze some more, blue screen w/ kernel mem dump message, EVERYTHING. I am SOOOO grateful that your hear LTF. 😉 You saved me alot of troubleshooting time. Keep up the good work

  41. Lapsa

    Hi, your problem is with you hard disk. That is the reason for the grinding noise. Seems the spindle of the Hard disk for some reason have damaged and it have damaged the disk. As, you said it is not booting up to the system. Please try change a hard disk and install new OS, this would solve problem.

  42. rajessh

    I seem to have the same problem…though i know about the problem i tried to find out more on net cause i dont feel like openin the machine on my own cause there is a damaged screw(i gave it to service center before so i think then it might have been damaged by those asses).
    HDD isnt the problem. You by chance had the blue screen along with the soung fan problem;maybe cause you opened the battery without proper shutdown. As far as i know the problem may be because of some thing that has become loose and it stickin to the side of the fan…this is usual problem for old laptops…my friend had the same probl though i was not touch with him to know how he got it fixd…Also a lot of dust sticks on the fan and it starts to slow down in rpm and also begin to sound more and more(generally seen in desktop PCs.

  43. hey guys, I’ve been using ASUS F2J for 2 years now. and I just realized that when it comes to pretty heavy task like gaming, my laptop makes a bit noise. But then noise will disappeared when I close the program and not run anything. Is my laptop ok? thanks a lot!

  44. Well sitting on your laptop is a sure way to break it, they aren’t designed to hold that much weight!

    on a serious note, it is probably a fan problem. if your comfortable disassembling, take off the keyboard and look at the fan. the connecting wire may just be loose and getting hit by the fan. if so just use some electrical tape to hold it taut and out of the way.

    otherwise you will need to replace the fan, look up your laptop model to find out which one to get, they are cheap on EBay like $20 or so.

  45. John Wynne

    mine too, all the time grinding and spinning and sounds like a motorcycle. Have tried everything including cleaning all fans.
    Don’t want to re-format, Needs a good tweak. Got any??

  46. Hi, My laptop is Sony Vaio and it’s new (about 4 months old) and it was working perfectly fine, from a few weeks it started to make a very loud noise every time I use it even if I don’t open a game or a program and even if it’s charged. now it makes that noise sometimes and sometimes it makes low noise and sometimes it’s really quiet. Also whenever it’s on the standby mode and I open it again it has to delete the restoration data and restart again! Is it a hard drive problem?

  47. I have hp laptop and it keeps crashing for no apparent reason. The fan always get going loud and fast then it crashes just siting on a desk. I figure it has to do with over heating but it dosent seem to be hot on the bottom. it will not resart with out leting it sit for a while. fan seems to be working and still crashes when using a cooling pad. PLEASE HELP!

  48. Hey, I have a problem with my Acer Aspire 5920. The fan is really loud, as if it’s in high power. I was told that the fan kicks into high power if the cpu is overheating, but it isn’t. I cleaned the fan several times to no avail. It starts acting up as soon as windows starts up and remains on high power until I turn off my laptop. Is this a problem with the fan / heatsink? Should I remove it and clean it more throughly or replace it altogether?

  49. Laptop Freak


    I have hp laptop and it keeps crashing for no apparent reason. The fan always get going loud and fast then it crashes just siting on a desk. I figure it has to do with over heating but it dosent seem to be hot on the bottom. it will not resart with out leting it sit for a while. fan seems to be working and still crashes when using a cooling pad.

    Buy a can of compressed air and spray it inside the air intake on the bottom. This will remove most dust from the heat sink. Test the laptop again.

    By the way, I don’t really trust all these cooling pads and here’s why.
    In most laptops, the cooling fan sucks air from the bottom and blows it through the grill on the side.
    Some cooling pads (maybe all) suck air away from the laptop, thus kinda canceling the fan inside the laptop.
    Do you understand what I’m taking about?
    Fans inside the laptop and cooling pad work in opposite direction canceling each other.

    Clean the heat sink and test your laptop without cooling pad.

  50. Laptop Freak


    I have a problem with my Acer Aspire 5920. The fan is really loud, as if it’s in high power. I was told that the fan kicks into high power if the cpu is overheating, but it isn’t. I cleaned the fan several times to no avail. It starts acting up as soon as windows starts up and remains on high power until I turn off my laptop. Is this a problem with the fan / heatsink? Should I remove it and clean it more throughly or replace it altogether?

    It’s hard to tell what’s going on. If the laptop works fine and doesn’t shut down, probably there is nothing wrong with the fan.

    I know that on some Dell laptops you can adjust the fan speed using a keyboard shortcut (Fn+Z). I’m not sure if you can do the same with Acer laptops.

    Also, on some Toshiba laptops you can adjust the CPU performance in the power management software. If you set the CPU performance to maximum, the cooling fan starts working harder all the time. Maybe you have similar software installed on your laptop?

    Also, check the BIOS settings. It’s possible that you can set the CPU performance in there. Instead of maximum, select auto. The CPU speed will increase when needed.

  51. I have a macbook pro, it’s about a year and a half old, and starting maybe… 8 months ago it started making that loud grinding noise that people talk about. I haven’t done anything about it because it doesn’t seem to effect performance and I didn’t have the money to shell out on fixing it, but lately it has been freezing up now and then.. about 3-4 times in the past couple of weeks. Can I fix this myself or should I send it in to someone?

  52. Laptop Freak


    but lately it has been freezing up now and then.. about 3-4 times in the past couple of weeks. Can I fix this myself or should I send it in to someone?

    Listen for the sounds coming from the hard drive. Does it make strange noises (grinding, clicking, etc…) when the laptop freezes? If it does, most likely the laptop freezes because the hard drive is failing.
    Can you fix it yourself? Yes, if you known how to replace the hard drive and reinstall the operating system.

  53. I seem to be having a bit of the same problem. but mine dosent shut down. it hasent been awhile but then like 5 min ago it happened. I’m sitting here and the fan starts grinding. if I beat on it [which I know is not good] after a while it goes away. it seems like its hitting something. I hope its not broken. any way to fix it cheap?

  54. okay so im having the same problem & i stuck a bobby pin inside & the noise is GONE! but i wanna no what will happen if i dont take it out?

  55. My laptop Dell inspiron is making noise on left side, if facing to type.
    some days its make grinding sound all day long, and even if its on screen saver. some times its stops for a few hours
    and start again.
    but it doesn’t effect performers, all my data backed up.
    and it`s happens a year ago too and noise just stops, but now few days ago noise starts again and stops and starts. its kinda annoys me
    but i didn’t do any thing about.
    some body can tell me please whats happening??

  56. I’m having a similar problem…
    My SONY VAIO VGN-CS310D sometimes creates this grinding noise near the fan area. It’s around 6 months old and the sound appears sometimes.

    I don’t experience any other computer shut down problems or breakdowns.

  57. nicole

    i have the same problem. i already replaced my hard drive about 2 months ago. the sound is back and i had the blue screen once since then. could it possibly be something else? thanks!

  58. Laptop Freak


    i have the same problem. i already replaced my hard drive about 2 months ago. the sound is back and i had the blue screen once since then. could it possibly be something else?

    Maybe this noise coming from the cooling fan. Turn on the laptop and listen for the fan when it starts spinning. If the fan makes noise, it has to be replaced.

  59. hey,

    i have a dell D520 the fan has stopped working few months now. i cleaned the dust and all but still it doesn’t work. laptop use to freeze after 1-2 hrs of working. It has now started to make grinding noises also and get freezed. please suggest.

  60. ScrewSonyVaio

    Hi, I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CS23L laptop. My sister and I have the same model of the laptop, and we’ve been using it for 6 months or more. Once, my sister’s laptop has been making grinding sounds. The more programs she’s using, the louder it becomes. Even if she turned everything off, that sound still existed. Recently, though, her sounds disappeared. Nothing at all, except the regular fan sound. Now, the problem is, MY laptop is making the EXACT sounds my sister’s did. It’s a problem. I don’t know where it’s coming from… It’s either the fan, or the hard drive. But, I don’t know where the hard drive is, and I’m assuming it’s below (not like below, but down from where the fan is). When I feel my laptop with my hand, I feel vibrations, which is coming from the top left corner. Not the monitor screen, but the keyboard.

    When I went to a computer store and asked about it, an employee said something about Sony Vaio fans having this problem often. Can someone please help me, or suggest anything? If I want to try to disassemble and check my fan, how do I take off the keyboard? Is there a certain point I have to start? HELP

  61. my laptop is making a noise i cant really discribe but its coming from the top right and it is right after i played dota and i don’t know how to fix it it is a continues beeps but sometimes i can hear the music from the programe when i pluged in my ear peice i can hear the music but no noise from the ear peice but i can hear it on the out side from the right top corner what should i do? help!!

  62. Waylin Kor


    First of all all hard drives should be backed up continuously, the best way to do that is just buy an external hard drive and back it up from time to time. If you have a desktop you should have some level of RAID implemented, any time you hear that grinding noise, it’s something called DISK THRASHING, it means your computer doesn’t have enough RAM and it’s trying to access the hard drive directly, but your hard drive isn’t fast enough to keep up and operate as ram hence the grinding noise you hear. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, hard drives are designed to put up with that a little, but it’s not a good thing. So first of all, back up your hard drive regularly, the only thing valuable on any computer is the information you have stored on it. Secondly, get more RAM, make sure your motherboard can support it, than buy the highest speed RAM you possibly can for your computer, the more RAM the better.

  63. hii i recently got a new laptop a few weeks back its brand new from pc world it was fine but I’ve just turned it on and it started making really high pitched noises and like a tickin noise it was also really slow and didnt load after the welcome sign i shut it down and rebooted and it did exactly the same whats wrong with it?? i havent had a blue screen it a acer 5551 series

  64. My Sony Vaio VGN-CS215J has been making a very loud grinind noise, it doesnt freeze or do anything else its just a very loud and annoying grinding thats so loud you cant even watch tv with my laptop on. Is this my hard drive or my fan, ive taken the laptop apart and looked at the fan and it turned fine cleaned it and it still makes the noise. What do i do?

  65. Fan noisy sounds — when u open a game or high end softwares u get this noise.actually the fan running faster than normal.try to check when do this fan sounds hign and try to stop such games or high end applications.or back up the system data and store in external that u wont affected badly.If u continue this your system may crash.

  66. Bobby

    when I go watch videos my laptop makes a disoriented noise threw the whole video and keeps doing this I have a HP netbook and its new. I use it almost everyday so is it overheated or what PLEASE HELP!!

  67. Hi. i am computer illiterate so please just bare with me. My computer today started to make a loud noise that starts off quiet and then slowly gets louder then the blue screen of death appeared. After that I turned off the computer, logged back on and then my computer just showed me a black screen but I could still see the white arrow on the screen. Now keep in mind, like the original post, my computer is 4 year old and has been sent in for several repairs. One of the repairs just like a year or so ago was a brand new hard drive so I dont think that is the problem but yeah. Another weird thing that happens now is that right before all this went crazy, i tried to listen to Pandora but the sound wasn’t coming out of my speakers and when I plugged in my headphones, it sounded like the sound was heavily muffled. after about an hour of turning on the computer, checking the “repair feature”, and turning it on using safe mode, it finally started up again. Now it is acting normal but I am just worried that it will start again. Do you have any idea what is going wrong? I am seriously freaking out because I have two exams tomorrow and I need this laptop!

  68. Laptop Freak

    @ Sarah,

    My computer today started to make a loud noise that starts off quiet and then slowly gets louder then the blue screen of death appeared.

    This could be failing hard drive. Back up your personal data ASAP.

  69. brian says

    you should be looking for a new hard drive that sound means it on it way out trust me i know had many do that to me i always had to get a new hard drive like one time i bought a brand new computer and the hard drive was no good just happens and sometime if you have it next to any magnetic energy it will make them no good either make sure you dont put it near your microwave when it on either thats all i can say,

  70. I got an hp dvt6qe yesterday and opened it up. the graphics and sound is amazing so its good. but it keeps making a weird grinding sound. the laptop is brand new and has 800g disc and has an i7 quad core processor and an 8g ram. The grinding sound doesn’t occur when I am tilting the screen back and forth and it doesn’t occur when I place the laptop (keyboard, memory, cpu part) almost vertically with the screen flat on the ground
    Can someone tell me why this is happening? I am going to transfer files to a recovery disc within the next 2 weeks.

  71. haruns pc parts and services

    it is not the hdd although this will effect the hdd and much more I am a technician I just fixed this problem it is the fan dnt just replace the fan replace the whole piece fan and Cooper cooling system I original thought it was bad sectors on hdd the hdd needed to be replaced after replacing grinding still occurred after replacing the entire fan which u can find online for 60 to 150 it solved the problem hope this info works for u haruns pc parts and services