I dropped a drink on my keyboard

Hi my name is Sam and was wondering if you could help me, I recently (last Friday) dropped a cordial drink on my keyboard which then soaked through. It will not power up but the DVD driver and fan will start under DVD mode (button on top near power button). Please could you give me any advice on cleaning the insides as I have been quoted £100 to get it clean which I don’t have?

Unfortunately, liquid spills are very unpredictable and any part in the laptop could be damaged. Even a part not affected by the liquid directly could go bad. A liquid spill diagnostic is expensive because the laptop must be completely taken apart for an inspection. In 99% it is not enough just to clean the system board or the keyboard; the entire part must be replaced. I think if you can fix your laptop for £100 it is a good deal. Some companies charge $120 just for the diagnostic and the price doesn’t include parts or labor charges.