My laptop keeps shutting off for no reason

I have a Toshiba Satellite A75, the problem I’m having is it keeps shutting off for no reason, I can’t figure it out, but the only way it won’t shut off is if I only use it on a fan. It feels kind of warm but sometimes it doesn’t have to be on for maybe 5 minutes and it happens too. If you could help me with this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If your laptop shutting off without any reason, then I am almost 100% positive that you are experiencing a laptop overheating problem. This is a very common problem with Toshiba Satellite A70 and A75 laptops and could be easily fixed if you clean the heat sink. Overtime the heat sink gets clogged with lint and dust. It ruins normal air flow inside the heat sink and the heat stops dissipating. As a result – the CPU overheats and the laptop shuts down. In some cases it would be enough just to blow off the heat sink with compressed air to get the laptop back to normal condition. Try to clean it with compressed air first. Sometimes it is necessary to take the laptop apart, so you can access the heat sink and remove all collected overtime dust and lint.