How to load original factory software on Toshiba?

How to use recovery CDs and load original software on my Toshiba laptop?

Most laptops are supplied with a recovery CD (sometimes more then one) or a recovery DVD disk. For some newer models you have to create a set of recovery CDs yourself by running special software preinstalled on your laptop. The recovery disk will help you to re-image the laptop hard drive back to original factory defaults. If you don’t have recovery CDs, then try to contact the manufacturer and buy it from them. A regular Toshiba recovery disk includes an operating system, some default software and all device drivers. When you re-image the drive, all personal data and all software you installed after you bought the laptop will be ERASED. Do not forget to back up all important files before you re-image the hard drive. You can transfer important files to another computer over the network, transfer them to an external hard drive or a USB flash drive, burn them on a CD, etc. It is very easy to re-image the drive. You have to insert the recovery media inside the optical drive and restart the laptop. Make sure to set the DVD/CD drive as a first boot device, so the laptop starts to boot from your recovery disk. After that just follow the wizard. For newer Toshiba laptops you can press F12 on startup to select the boot device. Re-imaging the hard drive takes in general 30-60 minutes.