DVD drive replacement for my Satellite M30X

I am having a few problems with my Satellite M30X-156 combo DVD drive and I am looking to replace it. Do you have a list of compatible replacement drives?

I cannot find a list of drives for Satellite M30X-156 (it’s not USA model, right?). Here’s a list of drives compatible with Toshiba Satellite M35X-S149 (USA model). I think all drives will work fine for your notebook too.
DVD-CD/RW drives:
K000015770, K000015780, K000015790, K000015800, K000025480, K000030230
DVD multidrives (DVD burners):
K000015860, K000015870, K000024880, K000029610
Search on the Internet using the part number and find a seller. Before you buy it make sure the drive is actually compatible and it comes with the front plate because the old face plate might not fit your new drive. I would recommend contacting the seller and ask him about any possible compatibility issues.