Dell starts with green vertical lines through all LCD

I have a Inspiron 9400/E1705 with a nvidia geforce go 7800, when i start the system (DELL logo) appears green vertical lines through all lcd display, when i tried to test the 3D the display die and then a blue screen say the hardware is something wrong and the driver, i’m not sure if the card is bad, because it works for a time and then failed, i tried to reinstall O.S.(windowsXP) and drivers and it works for a while and then fail so now i have uninstalled the nvidia driver when i started windows the display is good with no lines but poor resolution due to video card is uninstalled.

If you see vertical lines as soon as you turn on the laptop and they run through the Dell logo, most likely this is a hardware related problem and this problem is not related to the operating system or the video card driver.
Test your laptop with an external monitor. Attach the monitor to the laptop, turn on the laptop and press Fn+F8 to switch the video signal to the external screen. If you see the same green vertical lines on the external monitor, most likely you have a problem with the video card.