10-fc12-0017 error when I run recovery on Toshiba

I get 10-fc12-0017 error message when I try to run the recovery disks on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. I get to the end of the 2nd disc and then the recovery process stops and this error message appears on the screen.

I got similar error message when I was troubleshooting a Toshiba laptop a few days ago. When I was running recovery discs I got an error message in the same format XX-fcXX-XXXX.
Cleaning recovery discs and even trying another set of discs didn’t help. The recovery process was interrupted with the same error message on the screen.
I tried running the recovery discs again and this time I was listening for the hard drive. I noticed that right before the recovery process stops with the error message, the hard drive was making repetitive clicking noises for a while, maybe for a minute or two. I think this error message 10-fc12-0017 could indicate a problem with the hard drive.
I’ll replace the hard drive and try reimage it again. Hopefully it will fix the problem.
Do you get the same error message on your Toshiba laptop?