Fan on my HP dv8000 making noise

I have an HP dv8000 and I am having a lot of problems with the fan making noise and the laptop shutting down while playing games. I know its a bad bearing in the fan and I don’t want to send it in to HP or even have them come to me. Is there a guide to disassembling this model so I can change the fan myself?

Yes, you can change the fan yourself. You’ll have to download maintenance and service guide from the HP website. This service guide has illustrated laptop disassembly instructions. The HP website is kind of complicated and not a lot of people know where to find these instructions. Here’s how you can find the service guide.

Click on this link and select your product: Notebook PC or Tablet PC. After that navigate to your model, in your case it will be HP Pavilion dv8000 Notebook PC series. Find your product, you can use dv8000 CTO notebook. Click on it and then go to manuals. Now download the maintenance and service guide and find removal and replacement procedures chapter. You’ll find all disassembly instructions and part numbers in there.