Screen garbled with vertical lines fading to gray

I have a HP pavilion dv8000. I love my laptop. I have an intermittent problem with my display. Sometimes the picture is fine but, at times the screen is garbled with vertical lines that are multicolor fading to gray. If I apply pressure to the back of the screen the lines would go away, now it’s very hard to make them go away. I will move the screen up and down until I find a good spot, I have to hold that spot until I am done. When I let go the lines come back. I am in no way a PC tech person but, I think that I can make this repair myself.

If you do not feel comfortable taking apart your laptop, I would suggest taking it to the service center. You can damage the laptop if you decide to open it up yourself.

Here’s how I troubleshoot laptops with similar problems.

1. That can be connection related problem. I check connection between the video cable and the LCD screen, try reconnecting the video cable. It’s necessary to take apart the display panel, unplug the video cable from the connector on the back side of the LCD screen and then plug it back in. In some cases reseating this connection helps.

2. If reconnecting the video cable doesn’t help, here’s what I do in this case. While the display panel is still disassembled, I turn on the laptop and wait until image appears on the screen. Then I move the video cable a little bit without touching the LCD screen. If moving/touching the video cable affects image on the screen, it’s possible that there is a problem with the cable. Apparently there’s a short somewhere inside the cable. In this case, replacing the video cable may fix the problem.

3. If reconnection the cable doesn’t help and moving/touching the cable doesn’t change image at all and the only way to get better picture is moving/touching the LCD screen itself, apparently there is a problem with the LCD and it has to be replaced.