Toshiba Satellite A135 will not start

I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S2266. I will not start up. When i push the power button the little light above it comes on. The CD/DVD drive will run and the fan will too. But nothing will come up on the screen. I have used an external screen and nothing has happened. I have switched the RAM with good ones and nothing. I have taken the battery out and tried AC power and nothing. I do not have a hard drive in it but thought it should boot to the BIOS but it dose not. Do you need a hard drive for it to boot? I have had one other Toshiba that had a bad motherboard in it but i got lucky and got it fixed for free. Can you help me?

You don’t need the hard drive in order to start the laptop and boot it with video on internal or external screen. Normally you can get into the BIOS even without hard drive.
All you need is motherboard, processor and memory. If one of these parts is bad, the laptop will not start.
It looks like you have a problem with the motherboard or CPU. Most likely it’s bad motherboard because CPU failures are not common.