Battery lasts 5 minutes when unplugged

I have a Toshiba M115-S3154 laptop and it’s about a year and a half old. For a while, I never turned my laptop off and always left it charging so the battery only lasts max 5 minutes now when the laptop is unplugged. Today, I unplugged it from the wall and my laptop immediately turned off. It wouldn’t turn back on until I plugged it back into the wall outlet. Is there any way to fix this myself? Or, do I have to bring it in to get it looked at? I would appreciate any sort of help!

First of all, try updating the laptop BIOS to the latest version, at this time it’s version 1.50 released on 03-15-2007.
I just checked the BIOS change history for your laptop and in the latest version there is this fix:
Quote: “The pre-charge current was changed from 128mA to 256mA to correct rare occurrences of battery recharge failures.
This could be related to your problem. Download the latest BIOS version from the Toshiba website and install it on your laptop. This can help to fix it.
If updating the BIOS doesn’t help, apparently you’ll have to replace the battery pack.