Volume turned up but sound output is low

A couple of days ago when I turned my laptop on the sound is there on the internal speakers but is very low. The sound used to blow you out. The volume is turned all the way up on front of laptop-little wheel. Under control panel advanced audio controls all volume turned up to max with no mutes. Under device manager Realtek is operating properly. I even used the restore CD to reinstall Realtek. Windows says latest version of Realtek AC97 is already on my computer. I can hookup external speakers and they are loud enough to hear great, but even at max volume it doesn’t blow you away. Help! Not under warranty any longer.

Did you check the wave settings in the advanced audio control window? The wave slider should be on the right side from the play control, try turning it up.I just tested it on my desktop. Even with the volume turned all the way up on both my external speakers and in sound properties, but the wave slider set to almost minimum, my sound output was very low. Check the wave settings on your computer.