LCD lights up but there is no image

The backlight on my laptop LCD lights up..but there is no image. Even when its Posting (before booting in the OS) there is no image.

HOWEVER if i put pressure on a corner of the LCD, the image shows up.

Is it a bad inverter or video cable or other?

This problem is not related to the inverter. Your LCD screen lights up (even without image) so the inverter board and the backlight lamp work fine.

Most likely you have a problem with the LCD screen and it has to be replaced. Apparently, the LCD controller board has a bad solder joint and it makes contact only when you press on the screen.

Could it be a bad video cable or loose connection? Yes, but not likely. Just in case, you can try reseating the video cable connection on the back of the LCD screen and even replacing the cable. If you still have the same problem, you’ll have to replace the LCD screen.