Power light comes on and turns off

My laptop just died as I came back from school. I took the battery out and had it unplugged. I waited a minute or so, in this time I pressed the power button to drain whatever energy was left in the circuitry and after I just flipped it back over and placed the battery back in. As i tried to turn it on, the green light came on but only for a second and turned off again.

I think you have a failed power adapter. Apparently, the power adapter died while you were using the laptop. The laptop worked until the battery had charge and finally shut off.

Now the laptop will not turn on because the battery is empty and the power adapter doesn’t provide any power at all. That’s why the green power light comes on only for a second.

Test your power adapter with a multimeter to confirm the failure. Alternatively, you can test the laptop with another known good adapter.