Problems with USB port in Sony Vaio

I have Sony Vaio laptop and problems with my USB port will not read USB device, I keep getting the error no USB device available. I have tried to download new device, still not working.

If you have a problem with only one particular USB port, it’s definitely a hardware related issue. Most likely the USB port is damaged and has to be replaced. It means the entire laptop has to be disassembled, the damaged USB port has to be desoldered and replaced with a new one.

If you have the same problem with all USB ports, first of all check the USB device you are trying to use. Maybe the device itself is faulty. Test your laptop with another USB device.

If you experiencing he same problem with different USB devices, the problem is somewhere inside the laptop. It could be software or hardware related.

Here are some steps you can go through to find out what is wrong:
1. Go to the device manager and remove all USB related entries from the USB controllers. Restart the laptop and let it re-detect USB ports. Test USB ports. If it doesn’t help, go to the step 2.
2. Back up all personal files and reinstall the operating system from scratch. Test USB ports. If it doesn’t help, go to the step 3.
3. If reinstalling the operating system doesn’t fix your problem, it’s a hardware related failure. Most likely there is a problem with the motherboard and it has to be replaced.

If you don’t want to replace the motherboard, you can use a PCMCIA USB card instead. You plug this card into the PC slot and get two or four USB ports instead.