The display dim after the screen is lifted to a certain point

Hope someone can point me in the right direction (LCD Screen, Crimped Cable, Backlight, Battery?????)

I have a Toshiba L505D-S5992 Satellite laptop. Recently the display began to dim after the laptop screen is lifted to a certain point (i.e. 1/2 way). The symptoms after hitting that 1/2 mark (same every time) are consistent with an Inverter/Backlight failure. I replaced the Inverter and still have the same problem. The LCD is normal (no spots, lines etc… until the LCD screen is lifted to 1/2 way then the screen Darkens to black although you can still feintly see the image if you shine a light or look closely enough. Attaching an external monitor works fine.

I think this is problem with the video cable. Most likely the backlight fails because the vide cable not making good connection with the motherboard or the video cable is defective.

Here are a few things to try.

1.Remove laptop keyboard and reseat the video cable connector on the motherboard. Make sure it’s plugged correctly, all the way in. Test laptop after that.
2. Access the back side of the LCD screen and reseat the video cable connector on the back. Test laptop after that.
3. Replace the video cable with a new one.