Power and hard drive lights flash on then shut off

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I’m trying to fix my parents HP Compaq nx9005 laptop.
When you press the power button, the power, and hard drive lights flash on, then shut off immediately (doesn’t even last a second). The power light will also remain off until the reset button is pressed again, or you unplug the AC adaptor, then plug it back in. Once it has been reset the power light blinks with an amber glow (with the battery out).
I’ve tried this with and without the battery. I’ve tried it without the hard drive. I’ve switched the RAM in various combinations. I’ve tried connecting the laptop directly to my desktop monitor. Same result every time. I’m guessing it’s an internal electrical problem, but I’m not very experienced with laptops as opposed to desktops. Any suggestions what to troubleshoot next? Thanks in advance!

First of all, make sure that the AC adapter is working properly. Ideally, I would try to replace the adapter with a test one but if you don’t have it at least check the voltage on your adapter. It’s not the best way to test the adapter with a multimeter. I’ve seen some failing adapters with good voltage readings. A bad AC adapter would be an easy fix for you.
Just recently I had a similar problem with Compaq nx5000 notebook. I was able to turn on the computer, but it shut down after a few seconds (your notebook shuts off immediately) and the video never appeared on the screen. I tried to troubleshoot all basic stuff, as you did. I removed the hard drive, battery, DVD drive, wireless card, replaced the memory module but nothing helped. Finally, when I was checking all internal connection, I discovered that the notebook works fine with an external monitor attached when the LCD screen is disconnected from the motherboard. By the way, this connector is located under the keyboard strip – a piece of plastic just above the keyboard. As soon as I connected the LCD cable back to the motherboard, the laptop didn’t start. So, I took the display assembly apart and found that the video cable wasn’t seated properly in the connector on the back of the screen. The problem was fixed as soon as I plugged the video cable back in.

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  1. Arian2012

    Firstly disconnect the cable for screen from your mother board and connect your pc to an external monitor/ LCD and start your computer. If the computer now works then your computer screen cable has a faulty connection to its invertor card in the screen. Check the cable contact is loosen.
    I had my compaq 5000 fixed by this processedure. Good luck

  2. Macdonald

    when i press ON button it turns it self off before i lift the finger from the switch

  3. Hi,

    I have an HP dv7 1080ed laptop that I bought three years ago. It was working ok until a couple of weeks ago when I plugged in my mp3(Via USB) to recharge my mp3. At first the screen went black but all the LED indicators remained on. Unable to do anything I pressed the on/off button to shut it down, and minutes later restarted by pressing the same on/off button. It turned on, and the mp3 was connected to the laptop ready for rechardge. After turning on normal the computer shut down all by itself no longer displaying any LED or screen activity, completely dead . I unplugged the mp3, and attempted to restart with AC power but no LED or anything at all comes on. When I put the battery on and I press the on/off button the battery LED indicators flicker but nothing else happens. I am off warranty, and am trying to understand what’s happened here, could anyone offer any clues, the A/C adaptor seems to be working ok and the battery is not empty so as to be unable to turn the laptop on. I sure would appreciate somebody’s help on this !!

  4. I have a Dell Latitude D630 . When I press the power button, the power light flashes, then dies. I plugged the power in, but it just flashed for a moment and died again.

    I tested every component in other Dell D630 and work fine, is the Motherboard dead?

  5. i can not find the freakin power button on this lap top. how the hell do i turn this dam thing on?

  6. Could be that the video adapter inside the lcd screen area of the laptop is not fully connected. Yes, that will stop system power-up. If you are not versed with disassebly and reassembley or components of the product however, I do not recommend that you take it apart and start messing around. If you do that, you may end up with an expensive doorstop.

  7. hi,what happen of my laptop hp c300 the motherboard is rainning but not display,how to do,tq

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