Power and hard drive lights flash on then shut off

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I’m trying to fix my parents HP Compaq nx9005 laptop.
When you press the power button, the power, and hard drive lights flash on, then shut off immediately (doesn’t even last a second). The power light will also remain off until the reset button is pressed again, or you unplug the AC adaptor, then plug it back in. Once it has been reset the power light blinks with an amber glow (with the battery out).
I’ve tried this with and without the battery. I’ve tried it without the hard drive. I’ve switched the RAM in various combinations. I’ve tried connecting the laptop directly to my desktop monitor. Same result every time. I’m guessing it’s an internal electrical problem, but I’m not very experienced with laptops as opposed to desktops. Any suggestions what to troubleshoot next? Thanks in advance!

First of all, make sure that the AC adapter is working properly. Ideally, I would try to replace the adapter with a test one but if you don’t have it at least check the voltage on your adapter. It’s not the best way to test the adapter with a multimeter. I’ve seen some failing adapters with good voltage readings. A bad AC adapter would be an easy fix for you.
Just recently I had a similar problem with Compaq nx5000 notebook. I was able to turn on the computer, but it shut down after a few seconds (your notebook shuts off immediately) and the video never appeared on the screen. I tried to troubleshoot all basic stuff, as you did. I removed the hard drive, battery, DVD drive, wireless card, replaced the memory module but nothing helped. Finally, when I was checking all internal connection, I discovered that the notebook works fine with an external monitor attached when the LCD screen is disconnected from the motherboard. By the way, this connector is located under the keyboard strip – a piece of plastic just above the keyboard. As soon as I connected the LCD cable back to the motherboard, the laptop didn’t start. So, I took the display assembly apart and found that the video cable wasn’t seated properly in the connector on the back of the screen. The problem was fixed as soon as I plugged the video cable back in.

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  1. Hi, I have a dell inspion 9400. whenever i disconnect the mains power the screen goes blank. Can you help?

  2. I bought a non working toshiba a75 on ebay. When I got it I was able to get it to start up but it would always restart as soon as it looked for a harddrive, but would run in the motherboard bios all day. When I took it apart I noticed the processor was not the original. it was a pentium M in a laptop made for a desktop processor the heat sink didn’t even touch it and it kept over heating. I replaced it with a working desktop processor but now when I plug it in both fans start imediatlly and the ac light comes on and that is it, nothing happens by pressing the power button and it dosen’t light up. Removing the battery or putting the pentium M back in dosen’t work either it won’t even go to the bios now. This is with everything removed but the processor and ram running on the external video. Any ideas?

  3. Laptop Freak


    Removing the battery or putting the Pentium M back in doesn’t work either it won’t even go to the bios now. This is with everything removed but the processor and ram running on the external video.

    This configuration worked before you swapped the CPU, right? There could be a problem with the laptop memory. The system board has an integrated RAM. If you use any extra memory module, remove it and test the laptop just with base RAM, it will help to eliminate a defective external RAM or defective memory slot on the motherboard. Check if the CPU is seated properly. Try assembling the system outside the laptop base (if you haven’t done it already).

    it was a Pentium M in a laptop made for a desktop processor the heat sink didn’t even touch it and it kept over heating

    I’m not sure if these two CPUs are interchangeable and it’s hard to make any assumptions until you test the system with a CPU designed for this model.

  4. Hello, there!

    Thank you in advance for looking into this issue. I have a Toshibe Portege m200. Has been working ok. Worked on it the other day. This morning it does not turn on… Looks like the power lights are on but no response when pressing the button. Tried to switch the battery – still the same. Feels like no contact when pressing the button? What do you think else I could do?

  5. Seth Niman

    Having a similar issue with my Toshiba Satellite A70. Battery had run down, so I plugged in to recharge. Power lights and battery charging lights are illuminated, but when I press the power button, absolutely NOTHING happens. No fan, no noise, nothing. Completely dead, even though it is plugged in and the lights in front are working. Thoughts? Thanks for any help.

  6. Laptop Freak

    I don’t think the problem is related to a faulty memory module because you should see some activity when you turn on the laptop even if the memory is missing or bad. But just in case try reseating it. If you have two memory modules, remove them one by one and test the laptop after each removed module.

    Feels like no contact when pressing the button? What do you think else I could do?

    Not a lot that you can do yourself. It could be a loose contact somewhere inside the laptop, bad power button board (inside the display assembly) or faulty motherboard, hard to say just basing on your description. I would probably take it apart and reseated all connectors, but it requires some computer repair skills. Here are disassembly instructions for Toshiba Portege M200 notebook: taking apart display assembly and taking apart notebook.
    If you are not confident do not open the case or you can damage it.

  7. Laptop Freak

    Are you aware that Toshiba issued a 12 months warranty extension for Toshiba Satellite M30X, M35X, A70 and A75X sold in the USA and will repair it at no charge even if the laptop is not under warranty anymore? Check out this site, you might qualify for free repair. I would also call Toshiba customer service for more information.

  8. Thanks. things are kind of working now, as I took out the battery, held the power button down for about a minute and then when I released it, it powered on. That said, I will check out that site and call customer service.


  9. I have a Packard Bell F5275
    After shutting down and closing the lid, the laptop boots back up,or when closed if i apply light pressure to the lid,mainly near the hinges it boots up too.
    This happens either on mains or battery.
    Runs perfectly on both supplies,but can’t leave battery in as it just runs down.
    Recently noticed blue/white lines before boot screen,and shutting down,and a thin blue line across top of screen.
    Thanks for any help or advice.

  10. I have a compaq presario c300 notebook. It was running on ac adapter. My cousin unplugs the power surge it was plugged into. Her computer and my laptop turned off. She plugs it back and her computer turns back on. My doesn’t. I try turning it on but all I get is a flashing orange light on the power button. The scree is completely black. There was a cd in the cd drive. I could hear the cd drive running and the fan. But nothing else is working. Any suggestions? Can anyone help me. I really don’t want to lose my laptop. Please help me.

  11. Laptop Freak

    Read the comment #8 and try the same. Remove the battery, hold down the power button and then try starting the laptop form the AC adapter.

  12. I called customer Service. They told me to do the same. I still get the same results. (The flashing orange power light.

  13. Laptop Freak

    Find a multimeter and test if the AC adapter outputs correct voltage. I guess you might have a faulty adapter. If the voltage is correct, then probably you have some kind of failure on the motherboard. As a last resort, I would take the laptop apart and reseat all cables, connectors and devices. If still no luck, I would blame the motherboard.

  14. I have been working on laptops and desktops for a long time, and this is the first time I ran into this.
    I have a dell d800 a guy brought in, he says he spilt a “little” tea on his keyboard (looking at it, it was abought less then a teaspoon I figure) and it immedeatly shut off. So he brought it to me. Now normally This can be an eazy fix, or at least find the problum, Without replacing the board (after cleaning the board and after a few days, with everything out of the machine, even cpu. I plug it in and follow the power till it stops (you know what I mean.) anyway NOT so with this one. I start to plug it in and the led light on the power supply immedeatly goes OUT! I unpluged the jack plug no led, I unpluged the wall plug wait a sec plug it back in led works. try again, out goes the led. power supply right? WRONG. tryed a known good one, same thing tryed the first one in a good dell worked like a charm. So here the question? what would be causing the short so fast? Any ideas? Thanks

  15. powolny

    Conerning: Toshiba Satellite A60
    Laptop doesn’t boot now

    My Friends Laptop had a problem. Sometimes the Laptop shut down after 20 Minutes.
    He broght the Laptop to the Toshiba Service. They told him, that the motherboard has to be changed and this costs about 350 euro. He said no but he had to pay 60 Euros for identifing the problem.

    After he get the Laptop back the Laptop doesn’t boot any more!!!

    Now I try to check it.

    Powersupply is ok
    DC IN LED : green
    Battery charge LED: is orange

    If I switch on
    1) the Switch LED(keyboard) goes to blue
    2) power on LED (front) goes to green
    3) Harddisk starts only for 1 Second
    4) The Fan (on the downside) doesn’t spin
    but I can open the DVD/CD Rom Device by the Switch

    After 1 minute the power light (front and keyboard) side goes out.

    Can someone help me?

    best regards

  16. Laptop Freak

    Probably the tea went down to the system board, shortened contacts and fried something. The laptop wouldn’t shut off immediately if you spill something just on the keyboard, but it would if the liquid got on the system board.

  17. Thank you for your quick reply, and yes, I know a wet keyboard will not “kill” a machine. maybe I didn’t explain myself well enough. I have been a Techy for over ten years, I have repaired hundreds if not thousand of laptops in this time. The board I mentioned I cleaned was the motherboard, (keyboard is not even in the equasion.its unpluged) I have Done This many times before with some success. (about 60% of the time).
    If that still didn’t work. I look for WHAT is fried! I’ve always had the “Fry” (cap, risistor, Diode,IC whatever) brake, as in power one side none on the other, not be crossed so bad that its like direct contact Pos to Neg. I don’t know what would run both pos and neg threw it, and NOT leave so much as a burn mark when it blew. That my freind is the question. I mean I’ve had my share of machines that would turn off as soon as you turned them on with the power button, But NEVER have I had one that “Kills the power Supply itself without even having the power button connected. and lastly if it had to do with the power button not being connected, the power should still travel to the disconnected button and not feedback on the supply. again any ideas Thanks in advance Harry

  18. Laptop Freak

    Hi Harry,
    Today I talked to other techs about the problem you are having but unfortunately no one was able to give me a straight answer. I’ve never seen it myself either. Sorry man, I don’t know what’s wrong.
    I do not work on the component level, most units we touch are still under warranty and we are not allowed to mess with motherboards. I hope you’ll find the solution without replacing the motherboard. Good luck!

  19. Ok, I am having a weird problem with my Dell Latitude CPxJ. With the battery removed and main power installed I press the power button. Lights come on; but no “boot” noise. Then power light goes off. I disconnect main power, remove memory modules. Let it sit for about 15 seconds. Reinstall memory, and reconnect main power. Press power button, and it comes on. Is this a Memory issue or something else. I have taken it to 2 different “professionals”; but they don’t seem to understand what is going on either. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  20. Laptop Freak

    Tom M,
    Do you have both memory slots accessible? Would you still experience the same problem if you move the memory module into the second slot? Is it an intermittent problem? Sometimes the laptop boots just fine and sometimes it fails to boot until you reseat the memory module?

  21. Hi Harry here again, Just thought I’d let you know, I have disided to rip, (well unsolder) the old power adapter off the board, and replace it. Mind you from what I can tell the tea went in the FRONT of the machine.(-shrug), I may be waisting my time (and forty bucks plus shipping) but what the hay! TO FURTHER ONES WISDOM!!! I’ll keep you posted Thanks again Harry

  22. Laptop Freak

    Thank you Harry,
    Please let me know if it goes. By the way, check out this site. I bought a few power jacks from them and was very pleased with the service provided. They sell Dell Inspiron D800 jacks (type #33) for $25. May be you can use this resource in the future.

  23. Harry,
    I tried to switch the memory modules around; but it still happened. I also tried a known good power supply with the same results. This computer was working fine and then it started acting up like this. It works fine once I get it started up. I have kind of made it a routine before I even try and start the computer.

    Tom M.

  24. Robert R

    I have a Toshiba Satellite 1905-s277 and i have a similar problem. My laptop fails to turn on when I push the power button, i thought this was a battery issue so I purchased a new battery and had the same result. the front indicator lights are both green (ac adapter, fully charged battery). I tried holding the power button and nothing. I had a glimpse of this issue before it went dead. For some reason when i would push the power button with a little force it would turn on but this does not work anymore. I am thinking faulty connection but not sure what i should be checking since i have never dissembled a laptop before. but i am up for giving anything a try.

    i did try the battery removal and holding the power button down for a minute but nothing.

  25. Robert Kurian

    I have a Time laptop with an AMD processer . the company went bust just after i bought it about 2 years ago. Now for no reason it just died on me. i have tried switching the ram and the power adaptor but nothing happens , no beep no LED blinking nothing, except that the battery charges. I have tried a number of ways but to no avail. I paid a massive 1000 pounds for it so cant just give up. can some one out there please help.

  26. Linda M.

    I am the “grandmother” of a laptop — so please excuse the simplicity of some of this description. (I use a Dell desktop daily, but have not used my son’s laptop, which is a Dell Inspiron 1000).
    About a month ago my son reported that his laptop is “dead…”…. and I’m just trying to get a sense of what might be wrong.
    FYI: He keeps his laptop plugged into the AC adapter all the time, and — by my observations — he may keep the laptop turned on for VERY long periods of time, maybe weeks (I’m guessing) without turning it off. Can that in and of itself be a problem?
    Anyway: right now, if you plug in the AC adapter, the light on the adapter is green and the right light (of the two lights on the bottom of the laptop) also is green. When you push the power button, the four little green lights at the top of the laptop flash, there are about 30 to 40 seconds of “power” sound, and the left of the two lights at the bottom of the laptop also turns green — but nothing comes onto the screen, then the power sound stops, and that’s as far as you get.
    When I unplugged the AC adapter today, the left light of the two on the bottom of the laptop came on green, and I heard the “sound” of power — but when I pushed the power button, the left green light went off and the right green started flashing, slowly, on and off. Now, a few minutes later, there is no response at all: no sound and no green lights anywhere when the AC adapter is unplugged.
    Did the fact that my son left his laptop plugged into the AC adapter and left it on for long periods compromise something?
    I’m guessing we will need to pay for laptop repair, but I’m just wondering what the next best step would be. thank you in advance for any suggestions.

  27. Laptop Freak

    Linda M,

    He keeps his laptop plugged into the AC adapter all the time, and — by my observations — he may keep the laptop turned on for VERY long periods of time, maybe weeks (I’m guessing) without turning it off. Can that in and of itself be a problem?

    I don’t see anything wrong with that. I also do not turn off my computers for days and never had any problem with that.
    Probably you’ll have to take the laptop to a repair shop for diagnostics. From the description you provided in the comment I cannot say what is wrong.

  28. BenjaminJWD

    For the user with the Toshiba 1905-s277, I have the exact same laptop and here is what you’re going to be dealing with. exactly 1.5 inches to the right of the power button is where the board for the power connects to the mobo. If you press firmly on that spot (1.5 inches to the right) and then press the power, it will turn on. It took me taking the laptop apart to discover this, but if you don’t feel like taking it apart, this will work.

  29. Robert R

    Thanks for the help Benjamin with my 1905-s277. I too discovered this after i took everything apart 🙁 I hate leaving this part of my laptop exposed. anything else i can do for a fix??

  30. I have an HP zt1135 running on an AC Adapter. It frequently loses power and shuts down. Sometimes this happens as soon as I press the power button (e.g. lights flash on and then off), sometimes during startup and sometimes after 15-60 minutes of use. There are a couple of things particularly strange about it:

    1. After the power shuts down, I have to unplug the AC adapter and plug it back in order to restore power to the machine to boot it again
    2. The length of time that it stays on is much longer when the laptop is sitting on a hard, stationary surface. If it’s on my lap or I move the machine, it shuts off pretty quickly.

    Given #2, am I safe in assuming that there’s a loose connection someplace? If so, where should I look to find it? I’ve aleady tried uplugging the keyboard and display and reattaching them.

    Also, why do I have to unlpug the AC adapter and plug it back in to get the machine to power up again?



  31. Laptop Freak

    Robert R and BenjaminJWD,
    Toshiba Satellite 1905-S277 owners.

    exactly 1.5 inches to the right of the power button is where the board for the power connects to the motherboard. If you press firmly on that spot (1.5 inches to the right) and then press the power, it will turn on.

    Hey guys, I think you might have a problem with the power button board. This board is cheap and I would definitely try replacing the it. You can find a new power button board for Satellite 1905 notebook by the following part number: K000825770. Search in Google and you’ll find it for about $20. You have a good chance to fix your laptops by replacing this board.
    Well, even if it doesn’t work for you, it’s just $20. I think it’s worth trying. Good luck!

  32. Laptop Freak

    I think you might have two different problems in your laptop.

    After the power shuts down, I have to unplug the AC adapter and plug it back in order to restore power to the machine to boot it again

    You might have a power jack related problem, it’s possible the power jack is loose and have to be resoldered.
    It’s also possible that wires inside the power cord are damaged, and when you move the power cord the power cuts off. Find a voltmeter and test the adapter power plug. Make sure the adapter puts out voltage continuously, even when you move the power cord.

    The length of time that it stays on is much longer when the laptop is sitting on a hard, stationary surface. If it’s on my lap or I move the machine, it shuts off pretty quickly.

    Sounds like an overheating problem, you might have a clogged heat sink.

  33. I have a Dell Inspiron 1100, the AC adaptor was lost, so I plugged in the one that came with my Inspiron 4000. The voltage and plug configruation is the same, but the output amps are lower. The laptop worked for a bit using the 4000’s adaptor (could have been remaining battery life), but after that the laptop just has a momentary gasp of life and then nothing. I have seen similar posts, but no one is using a different Ac adapter. I am hesitant to spend the mony to replace the adapter or battery without knowing if this is the problem or if it is just coincidence. I took the unit apart and reseated all connections–still no good. Any advice?


  34. Laptop Freak

    Rich L,
    If you are replacing a broken/lost AC adapter, you have to find one with exactly the same voltage. The amperage has to be the same or HIGHER, but not lower.
    Try this. Remove the battery and start the laptop from the AC adapter without battery installed. Can you start the laptop? Does the power LED light up?

  35. Hi Freak!, just saw a comment about volts and amps on a power adapter for laptops. “LET IT BE KNOWN”!! the newer laptops are now “”REQUIERING a higher WATTAGE!! as well (old GOOD power supplyes won’t work I tryed)
    Had a lady bring in her compaq XXX (can’t remember what model it was now,) anyway she had took it to two differant places and both stated her laptop was dead!!
    they both tryed good 19v 3.4amp powers, for she punked her power supply. Well I noticed the big 90W on the bottom of hers and “just so happened to have the SAME one, (its for my HP 5200 15” screen). pluged it in, and she fired right up !!!! So just to conferm my new suspision, I plugged a good power from an HP X3 (same volts and Amp, but only 45W) I also have,… and nudda!!(no lights no noise), nadda, on either her laptop, or my 5200. yet plug in the 90W, and they both work like a charm,……….. just FYI! Harry
    P.S. still waiting for the DELL power socket to arrive LOL

  36. Thanks guys… Harry-so what you’re saying is that there is a pretty good possibility that a new AC adapter will restore the laptop to operation. Have you had any experience with Dells and this situation?

    Laptop freak wrote: “Try this. Remove the battery and start the laptop from the AC adapter without battery installed. Can you start the laptop? Does the power LED light up? ”

    — Did this and no change– one comment: the 1100 has a serious cooling fan and I am thinking that it’s draw in current is high and causes something in the power input circuit, possible on the motherboard, to shut down the unit, rather then starve the cpu for power. If this is the case, the investment in a new power supply is well worth it…I just don’t want to throw money away if the motherboard is fried.

    Thanks again,

  37. Hi Rich -Yes I have had the same situation with DELL EX: Tryed a D800 power on a 9100 NO GO! Borrowed a REAL 9100 power from a freind Fired right up. as for the worth, cost wise to find out?…… your call. Prob can get a power supply off EBAY for forty US

  38. meeces2911

    Im not quite sure where to put this … but this is kind of the problem i have having with my mum’s laptop.
    First of all it is an OLD laptop an Acer Extensa 610CD if im not mistaken… im not that much of a noob at computers, i have built several, but never any laptops.
    Anyway the problem is that a few days ago i fired up the old laptop after many months on not being used. The last time i used it it worked fine by the way. As i expected the battery was dry ASWELL as DEAD. by i still had the AC adapter so it was still good. I turned the laptop on and the first thing i saw was ‘error (something) CMOS battery has run dry.’ so i thought ok i will just leave the AC adapter in for a while to charge it up. (Between all this i took the laptop apart to A. find the battery B. to fix the CD drive.) The next day i go to turn the laptop on and it turns ON but there is NO display, an external display didn’t work either. BUT i still hear the HD, FAN, and CD drive noise, so they ARE getting power. i’ve tried removing the RAM, HD, and anything else i can think of to get it working but it still dosn’t work…..
    Finally after all that, my question is…
    “Is it the CMOS battery, does it need to be replaced.
    or should i just can the whole thing and chuck it in the skip ??”

    Any help would be nice,

  39. meeces2911

    Sorry about that … i’ve just fixed it.
    I dont know why, but i decided to take out the processer and play with it. i was fidling around with the socket and found that it slid to lock further WITHOUT the processer in it. so i thought that was a bit odd and i put the processer back in and tried to get it to lock FURTHER than what i thought it wanted to go. the first time i did it the processer poped up and i thought i had bent it but the second time it worked fine.

    i powered it on and WOW the screen flashed and it works ish….. (still say the bad CMOS battery error.)

    So my last question is WHERE can i find the CMOS battery in this laptop ?? ive searched all through it and still nothing … does it look like a normal comp CMOS battery ?? if not does anyone have a pic ??

  40. Hey there…

    This morning, I was playing a game on my laptop (compaq nx9005). As new batteries are expensive and the last thing I want is to buy a new one, I have been using the laptop from the Power adaptor. This morning however, mid-game, the laptop just shut down without warning! I immediately turned the adaptor off and took it out the laptop. I then got out the battery and fixed it into the laptop. When I put the battery in, the laptop worked fine so i knew the laptop hadnt fried. Now when I plug in the adaptor, it won’t power up the laptop.

    What Im trying to figure out therefore is this: Is it the adaptor that has blown or, is the connection at the back of the laptop fried??? Im about to get a new battery online, and Im concerned that it won’t work which would consequently mean its the connection at the back of the laptop thats fried! If that proves to be the case, is there anything that can be done to fix it? and if so, who could I take it to to get it fixed and what would be a normal asking price for such a service?

  41. Laptop Freak

    probably it’s just a bad AC adapter. You can test the adapter with a voltmeter.
    Or try this. Remove the battery and plug the AC adapter into the laptop. Will the power LED light up? If LEDs will not light up when you plug the adapter, most likely you have a dead adapter. You can find a new one on the Internet.
    I don’t know why you want to order a new battery. 😛 I think you need a new power adapter.

  42. My Toshiba laptop will begin to boot up, but then suddenly shut off. Sometimes it will last all the way to the Windows screen, and other times it will shut off immediately. After messing around with it for a while, I noticed that when I put pressure on the cooling unit the laptop will automatically begin to boot up. As long as I keep a firm pressure on it, it will remain on, but as soon as I let off it will shut off. The AC adapter seems to be fine as all of the lights come on. Have any idea what the pressure on the cooling unit does?

  43. Hey,

    My laptop is a Compaq Presario C303NR. I was scanning pictures to it. And when I was done, I turned it off properly. When I turned it back on today, I have 6 screens of the same thing. Like when you put your desktop picture to be tiles. But my whole destop is like that. It look like I have 6 desktop. And everything is small because of it. What should I do? And how did it become like that? I hope you can help me.

  44. Laptop Freak

    I’ve never seen this problem before. May be the video driver got corrupted somehow? Will it work properly if you boot the notebook into safe mode or you have 6 desktops even in safe mode?

  45. No, It’s still the same. It looks fine on the tv and my Desktop Computer Monitor when I connect it to it. But It’s still have 6 desktop screen on my laptop.

  46. Usako,

    Try this, If you go into you desplay propertys and change screen resalution to 640×480 apply and then into advanced monitor settings ,set to defaault monitor,
    apply shut down completely. When youstart up again,
    Yous screen should now be in DEFAULT mode. (one screen) From There, just reset the resolution back to what you like. If this dosen’t work, I would “RTFM” the manual on whatever SOFTWARE program you were using BREFORE this happened. There may be a “SETTING” in it
    that somehow triggered into your desktop

  47. Laptop Freak

    Hey Harry,
    Thanks for your help. Have you ever seen a problem like that (I mean 6 desktops on the same screen) before?

  48. Hi Freak
    Actually once a long time ago, and it was on a desktop, and it was only four LOL. (A “ME” MACHINE) If I recall,the
    video drivers got real messed up somehow. but I fixed it by forcing the machine to install just standerd video drivers and then reinstalled the newest update (I tryed just the update, but it didn’t correct the problem, HAD to go to scratch P.S. Don’t forget to turn off restore first!!

  49. Thanks a bunch. Your suggestion of removing a lcd screen cable from main board helped a lot to sort out the problem.

    Keep posting more solutions about laptops..Keep up doing the good work. God Bless…

  50. Emilio Mansur


    I have a Toshiba Satellite M35X-S109 that works only on AC. I see its battery in the Power Options of my Windows with a maximum of 92% of charge.

    If I try to boot without the AC, the battery led turn on but after less than one second goes off. Sometimes the battery and power led turn on but after less than one second goes off.

    Any question or idea?
    Let me say that English is not my primary language, so if you need some clarification, let me know.

    Thank you for your support and God bless you.

  51. Laptop Freak

    Emilio Mansur,
    If I understand correctly, the battery always shows 92%? Sounds like a faulty battery but to confirm it you’ll have to test the laptop with a known good battery. That’s the only way to figure out what is wrong. Most likely it’s just a bad battery but it’s possible you have a faulty motherboard.

  52. Emilio Mansur

    Unfortunately I don’t have a extra battery and it’s hard to me findt it here in Brazil (I’ll at the USA in one month and probably I buy a new batt). I’ll remove my battery for some time and see if it “uncharge” a little to confirm the “fixed” 92%.

    Thank you,

  53. Laptop Freak

    Emilio Mansur,
    If you purchased this notebook in the United States and it’s out of warranty, you still can get a free repair from Toshiba. Check out this post. This repair will not cover the battery, but it will cover other parts if there is anything else wrong. At least you can get a free diagnostics.
    It’s only for Toshiba Satellite M30X, M35X, A70 and A75 notebooks sold in the United States.

  54. I have a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV37. I bought it used and it works fine as long as I have the battery inserted while using A/C power. The battery is a few years old and could stand to be replaced, however, I don’t want to get a new one until I correct the A/C problems I’m having. If I try to start up the unit with A/C power alone, it starts to boot up and the monitor comes on. But then it immediately shuts off. From there I can’t even perform this “false start” sequence unless I unplug the A/C adaptor from the unit and plug it in again. Press power and then…same thing. Sometimes it will stay on long enough to give me the “Windows Safe Mode” screen, but before you’ve had enough time to read it, it shuts off. If I leave the battery in the unit, I can start it up. When I get through the user log in and actually get to my desktop page, I notice a lot of activity from the “Power Meter” power monitoring icon.

    This comment has been published here.

  55. Similar problem with a Toshiba sm30x-166, two issues, with or without battery.
    When battery is plugged alone, all leds works fine and for a 6 second the fan spins as normal boot, but suddently stop (sometimes the leds still light for all time but nothing appears and have to press long time the power buttom).
    With AC plugged, there’s no sound, leds are lighting well but at 6 second they don’t.

    May be a motherboard problem?

  56. Mat Williamson

    I have got a BenQ A33E Joybook and it does the same thing. When you push the power switch the fan briefly activates and the hard drive light flases and thats it.
    I found out my hard drive was crook, so I have put in a new one and want to install Windows but still cannot get it to go.
    Can anyone help?

  57. Laptop Freak

    Mat Williamson,

    When you push the power switch the fan briefly activates and the hard drive light flashes and that’s it. Could be a bad memory stick. Try reseating the RAM module, move it from one slot to another, if you have two memory slots available. Find a known good memory and test the computer again.

  58. Mike McDowell

    How do I remove the harddrive from a compaq nx5000? There is a bay door screw and a “locking” screw, but even when both are removed it’s still stuck. Do I just rip on it or should I disconnect something else to get it removed??

    Also, one of the screws to access underneath the keyboard is stripped, do I need to disconnect anything from here or does this matter?

  59. Ravindra

    Hi My name is Ravi, I have a Sony Viao Laptop bought in Australia. When I came back to india it was working fine, But one day I switched on my laptop and it started and shutdown and again started and went down. Now whenever I try to turn on the laptop the screen but beeps and goes off the battery lights also light up and then none. The battery charges but the Machine doesnt boot its just a beep. I am not certain what is wrong is it a power issue, whether there was a fluctuation or anything and how can it be resolved

  60. Laptop Freak

    Mike McDowell,
    I don’t know why you are experiencing any problems with removing the hard drive from a Compaq nx5000. In the maintenance and service guide (page 115) there is a step-by-step instructions and they are very simple.
    1. Remove the hard drive door
    2. Remove the hard drive security screw
    3. Pull the hard drive out of the bay
    4. Remove the hard drive
    Maybe you cannot remove the hard drive because one of the screw on the hard drive caddy got loose and doesn’t let you to pull the drive.

  61. Jonathan

    Hi all,

    I am trying to fix my friends hp compaq nx9005. The syptoms are as follows. The laptop boots up and enters windows when plugged in and will run indefinitely however if i try and install windows booting via the cd it dies from loss of power at a random interval e.g accepting the licence agreement. Then i have the issue of the laptop dying after a few seconds regardless of whether i boot from the install cd or hard drive.

    Any help would be very much appreciated

  62. Hi, I have power problem on my sony vaio FX150 laptop. when I press the power buttom the laptop will start, cpu fan will spinning but shuts off less than a second. When I press and hold the power switch, the laptop will goes on and then off, on and then off till I released the power switch. I dissemble the lcd screen and hooked up with an external monitor, same thing happen. The ac adapter works fine, I have three of them and I tried them and all the same. I changed the battery charger board on the laptop, still same. Could you help please? thanks!!

  63. Hello Goodman Freak,
    I’ve scanned over the similar posts and comments on here, but haven’t found just the same problem, so here’s mine:
    Some background info first… I’m dealing with my girlfriend’s 3 year old Sony Vaio PCG-FRV37. She’s always had it on a desk and plugged in to AC power (defeats the point of a lappy, of course).

    Recently, the machine has been spontaneously turning off–symptoms indicated an overheating problem. I did some research, decided to open the machine and carefully clean out the fans and heatsink, which turned out to be filthy and fully clogged, with compressed air. Problem solved, right? Well no.

    Now it doesn’t turn on. Similar to another poster, I push the power button and the LEDs come on for about a second–usually the battery LED flickers first and then the power LED, although sometimes just the power LED lights. If I hold the button down, the battery light stays on for about 5 seconds and the power LED only flashes as before. No other signs of life are apparent. The results are the same with just the AC adapter, just the battery, or both.

    I was very careful in disassembly and reassembly, but apparently I did something to cause this new problem. And despite several hours of retracing my steps and troubleshooting to the best of my ability, I haven’t tracked down what I did wrong.

    One thing of note is that cleaning the fans and heatsink required removing the CPU from its socket.

    Any good ideas?

  64. Laptop Freak

    In cases like this I usually start taking the laptop piece by piece and test it after each step. It’s possible that one faulty device halting the entire system. I minimize it as much as I can until I have only three main parts left: motherboard, processor and memory. If you still experience the same problem with a barebone system, most likely there is a problem with the motherboard.

  65. Hi guys and “freak” (hi again) this one is for Ames who states the most obveious. he removed the CPU,… ergo most likly DID not “lock it back in when replaced easy to misjudge try again

  66. Steve If you have three laptops all the same ,.. pull one HD out of a “ggod” machine and try that. If it works theres your problem if not cdrom next,… Sorry I haven’t worked on many sonys, My work is toshiba dell and HP but logic dictates when you HAVE KNOWN good, replace till you find 🙂 Harry

  67. Laptop Freak

    I agree with Harry, check if the processor is seated properly and it’s LOCKED in the socket.
    Here’s a common mistake. During the disassembly process you remove the heatsink and the processor comes out attached to the heat sink. Some people just push it back in the socket while it’s still attached to the heat sink. NEVER EVER do it because you can damage the processor.
    Here’s the correct way:
    1. Separate the CPU from the heat sink
    2. Open the CPU socket on the motherboard
    3. Place the CPU in the socket. There is only one correct position because the socket and CPU are both keyed.
    4. Lock the socket
    5. Apply new thermal grease on the CPU and install the heat sink

  68. Harry & LF,
    You are exactly right, and I figured it out just a little while ago, after purchasing (after the fact, of course) and consulting the service manual. Fortunately, a visual inspection doesn’t suggest any damage to the CPU pins–hopefully there isn’t any unseen damage.
    Now, I need a little more detail, since I’ve never removed a heatsink before. It seems to be held by a white adhesive (is this the grease?). The service manual indicates a “Thermal Sheet CPU” between the CPU and cooling unit (combination of heatsink and fan assembly) and says that the Thermal Sheet must be replaced with a new one if removed.
    So, my new questions become:
    1) How do I properly remove the heatsink?
    2) Where should I acquire a new “Thermal Sheet CPU?” I found two options for ordering the exact part online–probably my best option?
    3) How do I properly readhere the heatsink once the CPU is properly locked into its socket? You mentioned thermal grease–is there a particular product you recommend?
    I greatly appreciate the help, especially since I think the last CPU I replaced was a Pentium II–that is to say, it’s been a while.

  69. Hi guys Amos the cpu should be fine since it wasen’t locked in no power would of made it to the pins and as long as you didn’t jam it in wrong no harm done. As for the heat sink remove and tighten them in an x pattern.
    and lastly the “greese” some companys do use a “pad” but you don’t have to. if you just scrape off the old one, you can go to MOST computer stores and buy a small tube of thurmo greese from them, and if not. just go to ANY electrical parts store. and ask for thurmo greese.
    just do NOT use your fingures to apply it and you don’t need alot. (I usally drop a bit on the cpu and use a toothpick to spread it evenly over the cpu chip
    Hope this helped Harry

  70. Amos forgot to mention if the cpu is STUCK to the heatsink get a long thin razor blade (like the brakable ones in a utility knife, stand the cpu heatsink on its edge (if you can) on a hard surface and place the blade between the cpu and heatsink (where the pad is)
    now useing a see saw effect apply a little pressure. It should watch your fingures of course if this will not work apply the blade to the same spot and give the blade a wake with something on blade edge again on a flat surface. because this techneak will shoot the cpu a little distence when it finally disided to let go LOL

  71. Mat Williamson

    I tryed with a brand new hard drive, a brand new RAM module in either socket and still no go!
    Might have to go to service dept. maybe!!
    Cheers, Mat

  72. I have a HP Pavilion n5000 notebook. It does the exact same thing as the first entry above. If the power button is pushed it runs a fan for a few seconds and then shuts off. I discovered that if the CD/DVD drawer was open that the computer would boot up normally. When the drawer was pushed in the computer would shut off. I replaced the CD/DVD drive (a Mashita UJDA710) with a new one and was pleased when the computer booted up normally. My elation was dampered when I inserted a CD disk into the drive and closed the drawer. The computer shut off immediately. I’m stumped. I could get a USB CD drive and use that, but I’d like to fix this problem. Ever seen this before or have any suggestions?

  73. hi i got a compaq armada e5oo laptop and the power connectoer snapped i tried to wire up to the power connections inside the laptop but i think i got them the wrong way round nothin happens now. i took it to bits to see if ther was a fuse but i did not find one. by crossing the polarity does this mean it beyond repair

  74. Shackus

    The problem maybe is the power jack on motherboard, jusr look at him and see for cold solder!!!
    Goot luck!!!

  75. An update… your advice was tremendously helpful and the repair was a total success. For under $20 (thermal compound remover and thermal grease) I did what Sony would have charge at least $250 for (that’s just to look at it). The laptop runs better than it has in years.
    The tutorial I posted earlier was also helpful and worth referencing. Using a hairdryer to heat the sink really helped in removing the stuck processor.
    Thanks again.

  76. Aleksandar

    Hi.I have Toshiba 4080xcdt and the same problem “When I press the laptop power button, the power and hard drive lights flash on, then shut off immediately”.I tried everything but i still have the problem.Can anyone help me with this.I disconnected anything posible,i tried with-without batery.Please give me some idea.Thank you

  77. My laptop turns off 5 seconds after powering up.

    I have a Compaq Presario R3000 (R3410, actually) which was working fine with no prior indication of anything wrong as far as I could tell. I’ve had it for two years. But this week it will not boot up. When I try to turn it on, some indicator lights come on and the fan starts up, but then exactly 5.5 seconds after it gets power, everything turns off.

    I tried to start it up with only AC power (with the battery removed). I tried to start it up with only the battery. I’ve tried to drain any remnants of charge by holding down the power button for 1 minute with it unplugged and the battery removed. I’ve even tried re-seating the memory module. In all cases, the result is the same; it accepts power for exactly 5.5 seconds and then it dies. Interestingly, during my research I noticed another Presario R3000 on ebay with the exact same problem described.

    Has anyone seen anything like this before? How can I troubleshoot this further?

  78. steve

    hi, I have a sony vaio lapotp. When laptop is turn on the the screen will work fine till windows starts and then the backlight will turn off. I tried the new screen samething happpen, I tried new inverter, samething happen, I tried new lcd harness, samething happen. I have even switch with new cpu, samething happen. Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much!!

  79. Harry

    Hi Steve and Freak
    Harry here
    Steve vary basic question first. It sounds like you might of gone to the hardest solution first when your screen goes black, dose the computer still run?? if so your problem maybe ISEN”T hardware related its SOFTWARE!! you may have raised your video resalution behond your cards ability, or your drivers got knocked out of wack. Have you Tryed starting in safe mode? (keep hiting the F8 key as soon as you turn on your laptop)
    and see if you get a good screen from there.
    If so, goto control panel, system, display, propertys, update drivers and manually install standerd vga drivers first. reboot and reinstall the correct drivers from there. try that.

  80. Hi all, I’m still seeking advice. Since my previous post, I have removed the CD drive, the keyboard, the modem, the “mini PCI communication card”, the display, the speakers, the secondary memory module, and the touch pad. (Still attached are the motherboard, the primary memory module, the CPU, the heat sink, the fan, and nothing else, I think.) With all this stuff gone, I get the same behavior as before: exactly 5.5 seconds after I turn it on, everything dies. I also tried swapping out primary memory module with the removed secondary memory module (they’re identical modules). That also had no effect. So here’s my question: how can I tell whether the problem is the motherboard, the memory module(s), the heat sink, the CPU, the fan, or maybe even something else? (I’d hate to spend $550 on a motherboard only to find out the motherboard wasn’t actually the problem!) Looking forward to hearing someone else’s opinion on this…

  81. Harry

    Hi Eric, Freak,
    Harry here. not really familiar with your compaq,.BUT if I recall it came out about the same time as the netorious nc6000 hp’s (I have two of these with the exact same problem. With mine their seems to be a bad connection (again both) where the power board plugs into the main board. If I unplug the power board and insert it “just so” or sometimes apply preasure to a serton “spot” between the two boards They will boot no problem. I’ve even left them running for hours fine till I turn them off. try to restart, back to the 5.5sec turn off I’ve switched power boards, even got another one off e-bay. They all do the same thing on BOTH mainbaords!!! I THINK it might be a bad solder somewhere that finally “let lose” but I haven’t had the time to prusoo the problem any further yet. (not to mention the lack of space between the boards to check)My comcern is that it seems to be a manifactoring defect, so a new board may only solve the problem temp like
    This is all I can say about this for now, when I get a chance to check these out some more I”ll post my findings. DO NOT feel lonley in this matter Eric, trust me YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!


  82. Harry- Thanks for your words of support. It definitely feels a lot less lonely when people like you participate in forums like this! True, the Presario R3000 series is part of a host of Compaq and HP laptops which have problems with the solder that connects the power-cord jack to the motherboard. However, I don’t think this is my problem. People with the soldering problem report that the AC power cuts out with increasing frequency and that the battery won’t charge, but I think their computers still run OK with a charged battery. (Is this consistent with your HP problem?) In contrast, my computer consistently dies after EXACTLY 5.5 seconds, even if it is running on battery power.

    As for your HP laptops, it sounds like they may have the solder problem. If so, you are lucky because the fix is cheap. If you haven’t already seen, two sites that discuss this problem and its solution are:

    In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas on how I can further troubleshoot my problem please post!

  83. Robert

    I have a Sony laptop PCG-FRV37 and I have three issues happening…

    1. it runs really hot, and the fan never shuts off…It has a P4, which I believe runs hot anyway, but is this normal?

    2. It takes at least 5 – 10 minutes to finally shut off…I have run system mechanic on the registry and machine, umpteen virus scans, defrags, disk checks…come up with zilch…

    3. both my PCI and USB Wireless G cards are “out of resources”…does this mean I simply do not have enough ram to sustain everything that is running in the background? On a good day, I may have 75 processes at a time running…I have 704 Mb of Ram…

    Any ideas?

  84. Harry

    Hi Robert Freak of course.
    you say you have 75 proccess running?? Let me quess. when you start up your machine you have MSN MSN messenger, the weather forcast your anti virus, (probly more then one)your quick launch, printer software scanner camara etc. just in boot up. then you have your ISP’s software, and problly ie7 loading. you have system mechanic. running with yahoo or google messenger, etc,etc,etc, thats the problem with just clicking next next next in all these programs. They ASK if you want them to launch when you start your computer.

    now also more then one AV is like takeing nyQwil tylenol nova histex asprin and couph syrup for a cold. you now have a DOPED up computer LOL as well as all the “crap” running in the background. (plus)whatever else you’ve downloaded.

    also, how many times have you uninstalled and reinstalled your wireless and usb devices? Dependent on
    HOW you have uninstalled them (specilly if you left system restore on.) You see, though you don’t “see them in system devices, there still there using the IRQs. (ergo the out of resorces) Try going into your system and click on Hidden devices in the system propertys, they might still be listed there.
    Lastly my recomendation for your problem would be to burn your important info, and do a compleate wipe and reinstall. then when you install all your other “stuff” READ what it says, and when it askes if you want it in your start menu or launch when windows starts YOU SAY NO.(really dosen’t speed opening the programs anyway)
    Or you could edit the reg “run” if you know how,
    Oh and, Use only ONE AV. more then one and they just start fighting agenst each other,….
    This is MY opinion. Harry Andresen head tech @ a1Computerclinic.com

  85. Harry

    Oh and Robert,
    All these programs have to “close too” when you turn off your computer, reason for taking so long to do that too LOL

  86. Harry

    Forgot the heat issue check to see if the vents are clogged, but with all the “crap” you got going on continually, no wonder it dosen’t stop your CPU mush be dying from the overwork. LOL THERE I”ve said My peice.

  87. Robert

    Hi Harry:

    Thanks…I regularly go into the ms config, or use tools, and shut down as much as possible in my startup…I dont’ run more than one AV, except recently, when I was worried that I actually had a virus…then I quickly installed AVG, ran it, and found I had none…I then removed it…

    I have tried looking in event viewer to see if there is anything strange happening to no avail…

    I was hoping to not reimage from scratch…sigh…I fear it may be my only choice…

    I will go into task manager and shut down things that aren’t important too…

    The “Out of resources” issue…I have gone into hardware manager when they are installed an made sure only one install exists…I get that yield sign (error) on it and when I go to the resources tab, it basically tells me my system is out of resources…I have gone so far as to remove different resources such as memory stick, etc, and reboot in hopes that it would fix itself, and it hasn’t…I think my dang machine is just plain out of memory…

    One last thing I considered, but do not know how to check…is it possible that the RAM could be corrupted? It shows up in my Computer Properties ok, so I don’t think so, but you never know…

    Also, I tried expanding the paging to no avail…

    I have tried a bunch of things…oh well..

    Thanks anyway!!

  88. Harry

    I see you know a bit about computers, and what you stated you’ve bone all seems to be correct (i’d still use regedit and hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\
    currentverion\run and see whats up there but it seems strange since windows isint limited to its resorces anymore (like in the old 16 IRQS only) I mean MY wireless is running on IRQ 22!! anyway good luck

  89. I have a dead Toshiba A75-s206, trying to isolate the exact problem. It died suddenly, now won’t power on…the AC and Battery LED’s n front just flicker/blink at me..and the cooling fans shutter…like they are trying to start but not enough power. I had to do the DC-power jack workaround about a year ago…and soldered a pig tail connector and removing the dc jack entirely. I replaced that pigtail first(thinking that might be problem)no luck. I tested the AC adapter with multmeter…I get 19volts, but the current seems to be flux(or I’m just not testing it right??Been 15years since electronics class) I have a new (unaltered) AC adapter(at home)but to use it now…will require the installing of the DC Jack(still in package).
    Bad AC Adapter?
    Bad Battery?
    or fried CPU/motherboard?

  90. Laptop Freak


    I tested the AC adapter with multmeter…I get 19volts, but the current seems to be flux

    Maybe this is your problem? The voltage shouldn’t change.
    Test your laptop with a known good AC adapter.

  91. buckeyegavin

    Hi! i have a toshiba satellite m45-s165. i have an extended warranty from compusa, but unfortunately the compusa’s in my town closed, so i would have to drive 2 hours to have my laptop looked at, or send it in and do without it for a coupke weeks (not an option).

    several months ago, my battery wasn’t holding a charge, so i got a new one under the extended warranty. it was holding a charge and doing fine until the other day. now my laptop will only power on when it is plugged into an outlet. no matter how long it’s plugged in, it will shut off when i unplug it.

    might this be a problem with the charging mechanism in the laptop? or did the battery fail?

    any advice is appreciated, thanks.

  92. Laptop Freak


    Now my laptop will only power on when it is plugged into an outlet. no matter how long it’s plugged in, it will shut off when i unplug it.
    Might this be a problem with the charging mechanism in the laptop? or did the battery fail?

    You cannot tell what is wrong until you test the laptop with a known good battery. In this model the battery plugs directly into the motherboard. It’s either a bad battery or something is wrong with the motherboard.
    Just in case, make sure the laptop runs the latest BIOS and update it if needed.

  93. hi i was wondering if you can help i purchased a hp compaq nx9005 laptop around 3yrs ago everthing was working fine till around a year ago they cd/dvd rom for some reason has stopped working when i insert a cd or dvd in the cd/dvd tray and try to play nothing happens sometimes it will say no disc inserted in tray there is no spining noise of cd/dvd when in the tray please could you help thank you mike

  94. Hi Harry and Freak. Thank you for helping people on this site. I have a big problem with my compaq presario c300 [c304nr actually] When i press the power button the power led turns into a solid orange color. The laptop fan starts up and then about exactly 1 second later the fan “shuts off” and the power led begins to start blinking/flashing. Nothing works… I cant open the dvd drive, no display on the lcd, can’t get into bios because nothing loads.

    I have tried these things so far.

    1. Reseating the ram[Tried both ram sockets still same problem]

    2. Tried running it straight from the laptop battery[same problem, and by the way my laptop battery charges while i connect the ac adapter to the laptop when battery is connected]

    3. Tried running it straight from the ac adapter with no battery attached.[Same problem, doesnt help].

    4. Tried disconnecting battery and ac adapter and holding power button for 1 minute to discharge the laptop[Still same problem once i connect the laptop again]

    Something i should note, i do not have a hard drive connected to this laptop at the moment[This shouldnt stop me from getting into bios should it?]

    Also, i am trying to reseat the cmos battery and check all the wiring on the motherboard to see if anything is loose but i cannot get to the battery or open the case fully because i do not have the proper screwdriver[I need a smaller screwdriver than the one’s i have]

  95. DVSoftware

    I have a problem with my laptop battery, and i’m not sure whether a battery is faulty or it’s the laptop. Computer itself works fine, but won’t startup on battery. Software says it’s 23% charged and won’t charge anymore, so i suspect the battery is dead. Ok i took the battery out, and out of curiosity, i disassembled it, took a multimeter and measured 14 volts, and that’s designated voltage. How can i identify if it’s just faulty battery?

  96. Hey guys,
    I picked up a HP zd7260 and the guy told me the only thing wrong with it is a power diode. When you hit the power button, lights come on and go right back out. The fan doesn’t start. Does this sound like any of the similar posts you’ve had in here? I’m not totally comfortable in opening a laptop, but if I need to, well then…..

    Anyways. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  97. Are you aware of this new law? I think it may be related to many of the power problems people are now having.

    Here is an excerpt:
    “Lead-free solders are significantly harder, increasing the likelihood of cracks instead of plastic deformation, which is typical for lead-containing solders.[14] Such cracks occur due to thermal or mechanical forces acting on components or the circuit board, the former being more common during manufacturing and the latter in the field.[15]”

    Since some manufacturers produce product for many countries they must default to conformance in the more restrictive countries. Good luck to us all, thankfully medical products are not included.

  98. Maria TEsta

    I purchased a Compaq Laptop which already has Vista installed. Is is possible to install Microsoft XP as well? If not Can Vista be removed and XP be installed?
    PLease help

  99. Laptop Freak

    Maria TEsta,
    Find out on the HP website if your laptop supports Windows XP at all. Find out if they provide device drivers for XP. If they do, you can remove Vista and install XP. I’m not sure about dual boot Vista with XP, never tried it myself.

  100. um im having problems with my dell inspiron|9100 laptop sometimes it gets just a little hot and the video goes away to a black screen and the fans start running fast and noise comes from the compters batery
    (the sound is like haveing your tv turned on without any cable. can someone help me?

  101. Jaities

    I recently acquired a sony vaio pcg-frv37 laptop. There is no battery and no ac adapter. The dc plug on the motherboard looks to be a bit burnt and broken. No dc plug that I could find fit it well so I fashioned one of my own. After doing some research online I found I needed 19.5vdc at 5amps for the power. I made a power supply to support that and hooked it up. When I press the power button the yellow battery light flashes once then nothing. I’ve heard mention of someone having this same problem and they mentioned a “picofuse” that protected the motherboard from voltage spikes. Any idea if this can be fixed? Where I could find said fuse if it exists, and if the laptop will even function without a battery pack? I would hate to let all this hardware go to waste. If it will help I could post up photos of the hardware. Thanx in advance too all that may reply.


  102. Jennifer

    hello i have a compaq v600 pesario… with the touch sensative volume control… usually when the computer is powered on there are blue lights that will light up the volume comtrol… but for some reason my copmuter will light up half of the keyboard components… the keys fucntion properly but some of the lights that are supposed to be lit on the computer dont light up im not sure if this is descriptive…!!!!

  103. I recently acquired a dell inspiron 1100 that battery light and power light remained on. I powered this up and was given an error about the time. I was able to get into the bios and reset the time with no problems and it restarted properly. There was no OS on the drive and due to a problem with the dvd drive I couldn’t install one at the moment.

    I have since gotten a replacement drive, but the problem now is it won’t power back on; it’s back to the 2 solid lights on the front and nothing else functioning. Any suggestions or fixes?

  104. Hello i have a Dell Inspiron 1501 and i recently decided to upgrade my cpu. Im currently running a sempron 3500 and i have decided to replace this cpu with turion 64 x2 TL-56, however when i put the turion cpu into the MB and go to start it up all i see is the power light turn on and hear the cpu fan run then a second later it turns off.

    Do you have idea why my laptop wont start up normaly running under the turion cpu ?

  105. For what it’s worth: the problem with my Compaq Presario R3000 (R3410US) shutting off after 5.5 seconds was resolved by replacing the motherboard. (see my comment from May 21 2007 posted above). I don’t know the exact cause of the problem, but it was NOT the loose power connector problem which a lot of these machines have. Incidentally, anyone planning on buying one of these motherboards should be warned that not all 370494-001 motherboards are the same. One (older?) version has a digital media slot, a IEEE 1394 port, and a 64M graphics controller. Another (newer?) version has no digital media slot, no 1394 port, and a 32M graphics controller. You can’t tell the difference from the label, so double check with the seller to ensure you are receiving the kind you want.

  106. roy evans

    Hello All,
    I have an HP NX9005 laptop and to power it up I have to press the drive lock key not the power on key !!!! Can someone please tell me how to get rid of this so I can just press the on button?


  107. adam

    i have a dell d800 and today the screen got lines across it and then froze up. i restarted the computer and nothing seems to be getting power the fan doesnt turn hard drive doesnt make a sound or the processor. i have unplugged the lcd and hooked it to a desktop monitor and still nothing. i swapped the memory around and switched hard drives reseated all parts that are removable inside the machine and still cant get anything to happen. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  108. Laptop Freak


    i have unplugged the lcd and hooked it to a desktop monitor and still nothing. i swapped the memory around and switched hard drives reseated all parts that are removable inside the machine and still cant get anything to happen.

    If you tested the laptop with a known good memory module and it didn’t help, apparently there is a problem with the motherboard (of the video card if it’s a separate module).

  109. Dell sucks

    I have the same problem as trevar
    “video goes away to a black screen and the fans start running fast and noise comes from the compters batery”

    I removed the motherboard, cleaned out all the fans ( it was totally covered with dust btw)

    I guess the problem is the heat fan being underneath the laptop with pulls all the dirt underneath and blocks the fan vents

  110. I’ve read through the comments posted above, but I’m still feeling insecure about the problem with my laptop. Just yesterday, I noticed that even though the power adapter was plugged in, it showed that the laptop was running on battery power. After noticing that, I unplugged the battery to see if the laptop would run on just the adapter; it turns out that it doesn’t. I’m pretty convinced the problem is the power adapter, but I noticed that there was electricity running through it. When I continued using the laptop, the power eventually dropped down to 5%, and stayed like that for another 30 minutes, before it abruptly shut down. After that, I couldn’t turn it on at all, but today, if I press the power button, I see all the signs of the laptop turning on, but then it abruptly shuts down again in about 3 seconds of pressing the power button. (I’m assuming that is because it is running off the remaining power in the battery.)
    Also, even with the adapter plugged in, it doesn’t show that the battery is charging – As if the adapter doesn’t exist.
    It seems to me that there is electricity running from the adapter to my laptop, but isn’t going to the battery somehow. The main thing I’m wondering about is if it is the adapter’s fault, or do I need to open up my laptop and solder some faulty connection?

  111. Raghav

    My IBM ThinkPad A22m shuts off itself while booting. I observed if it is in bois settings mode, it remains on, as long as I keep it in that mode. But, when I try to boot it, it intiates the booting and goes OFF. Please suggest. Thanks.

  112. I am having a similar problem. My toshiba laptop shut down all of a sudden and when I went to turn it on, the blue light shined for about 5 seconds then went away. The computer didn’t turn on at all. I tried with the AC adaptor in and out. I really hope you can help. Thanks.

  113. DaveSurge


    I am having problems with my HP dv6000 laptop and could do with some help. The machine will not power on having been absolutely fine previously before being sent into standby. When I press the power button the lights all flicker, sometimes the fan will start for a second, 2 at most, and occasionally the dvd drive will attempt to initialize (longer activity if a disk is present). The power lights etc are all as normal when the the ac adapter is plugged in. I have tried removing all the components ie ram dvd network card etc to no avail. I am running out of ideas as to what it may be.

    I came accross others having a similar problem as myself but they were able to boot their laptops using the quickplay shortcut key on the laptop. I have tried this and get the same results as before except on one occassion when after months of nothing a screen appeared but not a normal booting screen, one like dos asking me to select f10 etc to enter setup. Having read others solutions I pressed control alt delete to reset and boot to windows but this then reverted the machine to its dead status. These people solved their problems by replacing the power button board and so I have ordered one, however feel my symptoms are different due to quickplay not working.

    Update: The power button no longer fuctions at all.

    Also just to note, HP have issued a warranty extension due to a faulty bios causing some of the symptoms I have described, however my model/serial number are not included in this.
    Sorry for the lengthy email but I wished to give you as much info as possible and I have been trying every angle I can see for months. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really need this laptop !

    Thanks in advance,


  114. I have a Toshiba Satellite A135 that is having issues. It will turn on but nothing happens. The power ac connection and activity light will light up, also the power light but i get no video. I have tried several things seeming as all people on this site have such as removing battery, hard drive memory in several different configurations and cd rom. The only change i get is when i removed the battery i get a small fan noise but nothing else. I have tried an external monitor but nothing is seeming to work. Please if someone can assist it would be much appreciated. Ty

  115. Laptop Freak


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A135 that is having issues. It will turn on but nothing happens. The power ac connection and activity light will light up, also the power light but i get no video.

    1. Try reseating the RAM module.
    2. If you have two RAM modules, try removing them one by one and test the laptop with each one separately.
    3. If you have one RAM module, try replacing it with another known good one.

    If reseating, replacing RAM module doesn’t help, most likely your problem is related to the motherboard and it has to be replaced.

  116. I have a Compaq Presario C500 (C502US) laptop that refuses to boot. When I plug my a/c adapter in, the laptop charging LED flashes rapidly, in what I believe to be a pattern of some sorts. If I do a reset on it (by unplugging the adapter, holding down the power button for 30 secs and then inserting the battery and then re-plugging the a/c jack in) the computer will make a noise, which is the fan coming on for a sec or two and then it shuts off (no video signal). No post. The charging led flickers again.

    If the a/c adapter is plugged in, and I hit the power button, the power button led flashes on top of the laptop and then the mute button flashes too.

    We tested the jack and a/c adapter w/an Ohm meter.

  117. Thanks. I have tried the ram trick several times… but because you suggested it i attempted it again. I am still having no luck. I have seen that the problem is most likely with the motherboard which means most likely i wont be able to fix it. The motherboards i found were overly priced. I do appreciate the help.

  118. Anyone have any idea on my comment above about my Compaq C500 that won’t boot?

  119. Vincent,

    When I plug my a/c adapter in, the laptop charging LED flashes rapidly, in what I believe to be a pattern of some sorts. The charging led flickers again.

    Did you try turning it on from A/C with the battery removed?

    If I do a reset on it (by unplugging the adapter, holding down the power button for 30 secs and then inserting the battery and then re-plugging the a/c jack in) the computer will make a noise, which is the fan coming on for a sec or two…

    This part or your description sounds like a problem with the memory module. Try reconnecting the memory module, move it into the empty slot.

    …and then it shuts off (no video signal). No post. The charging led flickers again.

    This part of the descriptions sounds like a possible problem with the motherboard.

  120. >Did you try turning it on from A/C with the battery removed?

    Yes. When the a/c adapter is connected the charge light flickers. When you hit the power switch the power switch led flickers then stops and the mute button led flickers.

    >Try reconnecting the memory module, move it into the empty slot.

    Did as well as used proven tested memory. Same effect either way.

    I also took the unit apart, checked the motherboard thoroughly by eye and found no obvious signs of defect. Also took it out of the case and powered on same results. BTW thanks for the help!

  121. David Surgenor

    Hi, any help on my meesage from August22nd, ‘DaveSurge’. Think that the motherboard may be knackered?



  122. Dave Waz

    Hi, I have a Packard Bell EasyNote GN Skype Edition with the exactly the same issue as the original thread.

    Could anyone advise how I remove the LCD and Keyboard?!

    Dont want to force it and cannot see anything when I’ve searched for it.

    Thanks David

  123. Dave Waz

    Sorted it from here ftp://ftp.packardbell.com/pub/itemnr/7416740000/Scorpion_Disassembly_Manual.pdf

    Just didnt look hard enough!

    Hope others may find useful. Cheers

    Easynote GN45

  124. Model: Compaq Presario C303NR

    Issue: Won’t boot/start up. Total black screen. Fan makes a whirring sound, the machine makes what I consider standard “I’m going to start up now” sounds, then goes silent. The screen remains black the whole time.

    What I’ve tried. I did the steps listed on that page.

    I’m wondering if I didn’t reseat the memory correctly. I thought there were only 2 slots and they were both occupied, so I reseated them into their original slots, rather than moving either to an empty slot. I don’t recall seeing an empty slot.

    Perhaps, I should investigate further?

    The warranty is expired on this machine and HP charges an absurd fee for repairs. Thoughts on how to proceed?


  125. I have the exact same problem as Vincent in comapq preserio c500.Orange power light flickering. When try to reset by holding power switch for 30 sec and inserting battery and connecting adaptor fans starts for a second and again light flickering starts.

    Hey Vincent if you find the answer please post it here.


  126. well i know by now someone has had enough and had this problem fixed by a tech.
    so it would be nice if that someone would share the info. with others so we all can bennfit from the knowledge.

  127. Usako…
    how about your c300’s laptop? it working properly?
    i’ve a problem like u as below. i don’t know what to do. i’ve try what others suggest…

    “I have a compaq presario c300 notebook. It was running on ac adapter. My cousin unplugs the power surge it was plugged into. Her computer and my laptop turned off. She plugs it back and her computer turns back on. My doesn’t. I try turning it on but all I get is a flashing orange light on the power button. The scree is completely black…”

  128. The same story. My Compaq Presario C502US fell down and doesn’t work anymore. Hey Vincent or Amir if you find the answer please post it here, please.

  129. Hi,
    I have solved this problem.Guess what??
    Of course ! I changed the motherboard its working fine.I spend $145 on ebay to buy this motherboard.

  130. Laptop Freak


    My Compaq Presario C502US fell down and doesn’t work anymore.

    Try reconnecting internal components.
    Make sure the memory module is seated correctly.
    Try reseating the processor.

    In order to start any laptop, you need three major components: motherboard (with video card), CPU and memory.

    If CPU or memory makes bad connection with the motherboard, your laptop will not start. So make sure to check these components first.

  131. my laptop screen fades to black with the a/c adapter plugged in. it works fine on battery. i tried replacing the a/c adapter and that didn’t solve the problem. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  132. ok i have a Toshiba satellite a215-s7414 and i was in the middle of flashing the bios and it froze so i hard reset it and now it wont start.the processor fan spins the dvd drive opens and closes but the LCD screen is blank and even when i connect a external monitor still nothing iam hoping you can really assist me looking forward to a reply or email.bless

  133. Hi Freak (and all others)
    Harry here, long time no talk to, Been really buzy. Anyways thought this link from HP NC6000 “no boot” might catch your interest. (Yes I’m the Harry in this link LOL). This particular chip is used in alot of machines AND MODELS besides HP and have found that this IS the problem to many of the on / then off problems.
    Just a FYI


  134. alfredo

    hi, i have dropped by accident my dell inspiron 1501 laptop and now won`t go on at all.after i push the power button it look like it want to start ,the light goes on for one second,the fan start for about the same, and then it goes off .i `ve tryed to remove the battery ,ut so far no luck.I also try to open but i was unsuccessful,could figure out how to open .Do you think is gone? thank you in advance

  135. arri_zoso

    i have a sony vaio pcg v505ec, it cant turned on!
    the indicator of ac power adaptor is lighted up, but when i slide the power button to turn it on, nothing happen!
    the power led just lighted up for less than one second and then nothing happen..
    i’ve try to release the baterry and only use power from the adapator, but it still not working..

    help me please anybody!

  136. frankie68

    hi everybody..

    thanx to this site i fixed several dell c640 from the shutdown problem by replacing the u45 chip..

    now i have here a toshiba sp6100
    with powerup problem
    i plug in the charger=> the first led is green..
    when i push the button=> he gives it a try , and starts orange
    i think it’s a short circuit..but where?
    it’s not the videocard cause i lifted that of for the test
    not memory either
    maybe the 80pins connector on the board? cause the sp6100 he’s notorius about that..
    or is it a fuse or ic issue like the dells ?
    or a resistor?


    of that

  137. frankie68

    i tried the docking system for the sp6100 also with no result :((

  138. I’m trying to fix my Compaq nx5000 laptop.
    When I press the power button, the power, and hard drive lights flash on, then shut off immediately (doesn’t even last a second). It makes some noise of switching on and then switches off again…But sometimes after continuous effort it does switch on.
    I have tried every possible solution but in vain… I’m guessing it’s an internal electrical problem, but I’m not very experienced with laptops . Any suggestions what to troubleshoot next? I had taken it to one of the shops,they said it is bg ic chip problem…which needs a replacement..but i just wanted to confirm…

  139. my Dell Inspiron 600m shuts off soon after it starts ‘ so either battery or power is shot
    how do I determine cause? It’s 5 yrs old so could be need of internal power supply system
    not worth repairing ?

  140. Emmanuel

    When I switch on my hp compaq nc6000 laptop, the fan whir the an orange comes on after some time it goes with the fan stop whirring and the computer wont switch. Please can u help me.

  141. hi,what happen of my laptop hp c300 the motherboard is rainning but not display,how to do,tq

  142. Could be that the video adapter inside the lcd screen area of the laptop is not fully connected. Yes, that will stop system power-up. If you are not versed with disassebly and reassembley or components of the product however, I do not recommend that you take it apart and start messing around. If you do that, you may end up with an expensive doorstop.

  143. i can not find the freakin power button on this lap top. how the hell do i turn this dam thing on?

  144. fantunez

    I have a Dell Latitude D630 . When I press the power button, the power light flashes, then dies. I plugged the power in, but it just flashed for a moment and died again.

    I tested every component in other Dell D630 and work fine, is the Motherboard dead?

  145. Hi,

    I have an HP dv7 1080ed laptop that I bought three years ago. It was working ok until a couple of weeks ago when I plugged in my mp3(Via USB) to recharge my mp3. At first the screen went black but all the LED indicators remained on. Unable to do anything I pressed the on/off button to shut it down, and minutes later restarted by pressing the same on/off button. It turned on, and the mp3 was connected to the laptop ready for rechardge. After turning on normal the computer shut down all by itself no longer displaying any LED or screen activity, completely dead . I unplugged the mp3, and attempted to restart with AC power but no LED or anything at all comes on. When I put the battery on and I press the on/off button the battery LED indicators flicker but nothing else happens. I am off warranty, and am trying to understand what’s happened here, could anyone offer any clues, the A/C adaptor seems to be working ok and the battery is not empty so as to be unable to turn the laptop on. I sure would appreciate somebody’s help on this !!

  146. Macdonald

    when i press ON button it turns it self off before i lift the finger from the switch

  147. Arian2012

    Firstly disconnect the cable for screen from your mother board and connect your pc to an external monitor/ LCD and start your computer. If the computer now works then your computer screen cable has a faulty connection to its invertor card in the screen. Check the cable contact is loosen.
    I had my compaq 5000 fixed by this processedure. Good luck