Screen goes black after tripped over the power cable

My granddaughter tripped over my power cord on my Compaq laptop now my screen shuts down like after I start it the screen goes black. If I touch the display switch I can not see whats on the screen. If I angle it right I Can see my Windows screen. Think I should get another switch and replace it? Or any one got any other idea what to do?

I doubt your problem is related to the display switch.

From your description it sounds like the laptop has either failed inverter board or failed backlight lamp inside the screen.

If the laptop was dropped, probably the backlight lamp was damaged. It means you’ll have to replace the screen because the backlight lamp mounted inside the screen.

If I would have to fix the laptop, I would probably go though the following steps:

1. Test the laptop with an external monitor, just to make sure that external video still works fine. This will confirm that your video card/motherboard operate properly.
2. Reseat video cable connectors on the motherboard, LCD screen and inverter board, just to make sure it’s not just loose connection.
3. Replace the LCD screen and if it doesn’t help, replace the inverter board.

3 Responses

  1. hi, I dropped my laptop, I was playin a the sims game in bed and fell aleep, I woke up with a bang the laptop (sony vaio) fell on the floor, its switching on and i think its loading up but the screens black and the keyboard part dosnt seem to be working ( noticed when i pressed caps lock the light didnt come on, any help would be great! thanks 🙂

  2. I have a Insprion 6000 that will only display in safe/VGA mode, with external monitor attached it the monitor displays all available modes. Any ideas as to the problem?

  3. I was working on my toshiba satellite a505d-s6968 when I accidentally hit the power cord. The computer started blinking whenever I have it plugged in and now it does it all the time. I opened it up and checked all the ribbons and now it blinks occasionally but still goes crazy when I plug it in. What can I do? Help please!