Screen on my laptop going black

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I have a Gateway mx6025 and I have a problem with my screen going black. I can still faintly see the screen if I hold it to light. I have it hooked up to an external monitor and I’m using it now to type this. The problem started a while back if you moved the screen it would go black and you could restart it and it would be ok. Now it’s always black it just flickers on when you first start it up for a second. Is this something I can fix? I took it apart once but didn’t know what I was looking for I thought maybe a broken wire or something unplugged but I didn’t see anything.

I think you might have a failed screen inverter (FL inverter); this problem is very common with laptops. The inverter board acts as a power supply for the LCD screen backlight bulb, it converts low voltage DC power into high voltage AC. On most laptops the inverter board is located inside the display assembly below the LCD screen and you can get access to it if you remove the screen bezel (LCD mask). When the screen inverter goes bad the backlight will not turn on anymore or it turns on for a short time and then goes off, but you still can see a faint image on the screen and the external monitor works just fine. First of all I would make sure it’s not just a loose connection and reseat connectors on the inverter (it looks like you already done this part). Next, I would try replacing the inverter board. It might fix your problem with the backlight. It’s possible that you have a faulty cable, bad motherboard or even bad LCD screen, but I would try replacing the screen inverter first.

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  1. alfatrazi

    Hello dear sir, or whom may read this I am here in hopes of a solution to a laptop Ive had for 3 years now, its a gateway w350i and a few days ago I got a yeallow vertical line on the right side of the screen, the line came and went intermittently but now my backlight has stopped working the screen is mostly black windows still boots and operates but all is dark I can however raise the glare to maximum and faintly make out the icons and some words but not much, plugged an external monitor but it read “no signal” Im in peru and havent found anyone that really knows whats going on, could someone please help me, my name is ben my email is alfatrazi at
    thank you very much

  2. Eli Yamanoha

    Last time my friend’s hp pavillion dv2120us screen went black, I found SOMEWHERE on line,a combination of keys to press, with directions when to plug and unplug, WHATEVER the combination was—-it worked! Unfortunately I did not save the website or directions, and the screen went black again. Do you have the formula? I think the back light might be going, or went…
    I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!

  3. anonymous

    I was updating my laptop’s display driver and hit ctrl alt delete in the middle of the update and now the screen is black.

  4. Marquise

    I have a Dell Inspiron laptop and it works fine until I close it while it’s still on, as the screen wont cut back on. What’s wrong with it and how do I fix this?

  5. Hi,

    My laptop is from US and I used it in India and it was fine, when I got my laptop to UK and plugin it was fine for few minutes and it slowly turned black. It works fine when I connect it ot external monitor. IS there somthing to do with voltage?? On the charger it says suitable for 110-220V. i believe Uk voltage is 220V same as India. HELP ME PLS. Mine is Dell XPS 1530. By the way, as I dint use my laptop regularly the battery is not working properly, so I have to use the power supply to work on my lappy :(… Please help me in fixing my screen. Any suggestions!!

  6. my screen stopped working w/ no warning. I haven’t had problems of any sort. My son closed it without shutting it down. I’ve turned it on/off, tried the esc button and ctrl alt del which has always worked in the past. but b4 i had a blinking cursor like it was waiting for me to type. this time: nothing. i am using a rbg cord hooked to my tv which is working fine. this laptop is only a few months old.

  7. mr chris

    my laptop screen is black but it is on.what might be the problem?

  8. So, I turn on my vaio again and now its strangely working just fine. I haven’t done anything yet. Do you know what might cause It ? so I won’t having the same problem again.

  9. Laptop Freak


    I can use the safe mode. Do you know the specific name of the driver I need? Cause I lost my CD and when I browse online, I don’t know what I’m looking for specifically.

    Instead of Safe Mode try Last Known Good Configuration.
    If it doesn’t help, boot into Safe Mode and revert system back in time when it worked using System Restore.

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