Laptop switching to battery while connected to AC adapter

Laptop switching to battery power while turned on with AC adaptor
Model: Toshiba Satellite A70-TS100E
I was wondering if you could help me in identifying the cause of this problem.
While turned on, the laptop will switch to battery power even if connected with the AC adaptor (sometimes during boot-up, or after a while) until the battery drains out, he then goes to hibernation (the battery light is off). If no battery in the laptop, it will shut down, and the AC light will blink very fast. The battery (li-ion) will only charge up to 10%, where it then jumps right up to 100%, and will discharge from 100% to 90% then jump to 0%, go to hibernation, and fails to complete the process, shutting down. The adaptor makes a small “camera flash charging” sound, stabilizing at 19v. When charging, it repeatedly makes the “charging sound” Faulty AC adaptor? Or Faulty battery? Or Both?

I think you might have a few different problems at the same time.
First problem: the laptop switches to battery power even with connected AC adapter. Most likely you have a faulty power jack. It’s either broken or loose. It’s a known issue with Satellite A70/A75 laptops and you can fix it by replacing/resoldering the power jack or relocating it outside laptop case.
It also could be a problem with the power cord. Find a multimeter and check the AC adapter. See if the power cuts off when you jiggle the power cord. If it does, replace the adapter.
Second problem: the battery will discharge from 100% to 90% and then jump to 0%. It sounds like a bad battery.

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  1. I have a sony vaio pcg-v5050dx with the ac charger problem mentioned above. It reads as fluctuating in the mid 15s, not 16v as it should the jack seems loose as well. I was quoted $150 to repair the jack. This seems excessive, but I was told it takes approx 2 hours. Is this something a complete non0techie can handle? they guy told me my model does not have the jack soldered to the board, instead sits in a plastic well. Any input is appreciated. thanks!

  2. i have an acer 5720 laptop. i have just purchased a new battery. i keep on getting a message which says battery not comptible. Is it an software issue, if yes kindly let me know the solution.

  3. danny mc

    My laptop battery only charges when the laptop is upside down. I have an MX6447 with a history of charging problems. I replaced the motherboard a year ago. I removed the jack from the motherboard and soldered in a pigtail wire w/ an inline connector on the end to plug into the power supply. It worked great for a couple of months, then it quit charging. I’ve checked connection to motherboard and it is good. When I flip the laptop upside down it starts charging! Any idea why? Is there a way to jumper the motherboard battery connector to bypass the battery?

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