My laptop turns off without any reason

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I am having trouble with my Evesham laptop. It turns off without any reason. When I turn it on is fine, then after about an hour or two it turns off. The times change though. I had it on for the whole day without using it but it didn’t turn off and when i went on it, after half an hour it shut down. Can you help me?

I think your laptop shuts down without any reason because of overheating. Most likely the heat sink is clogged with dust and has to be cleaned. You can clean the heat sink with compressed air, blow off the heat sink through the grill on the bottom of your laptops. Some people use vacuums for removing dust from the heat sink.
The laptop will not shut down by itself when it’s idle because it’s not using any CPU resources and the CPU is not hot.

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  1. I have an Asus Z91E and have problems with the power jack, which I intend to either replace or resolder.The problem I have is disassembling the laptop. I have removed all screws and removed the screen but I can’t seperate the top and bottom sections to get to the motherboard can somebody please help me.

  2. Joel Sumanth

    Hi, I have a Acer Aspire 1360 series laptop. It has AMD Antholon processor with 256 MB RAM and 40 GB HDD. Recently I got Internet connection, I downloaded lot of junk stuff from net and the next day it didnt boot. “NTLDR is misssing” message is popping up. I thought its because of some virus, so I formatted the hard disk and then tried to install Windows XP, at the time of installation, the Laptop shuts down abruptly. I tried installing many times but of no use. Now also I am getting the error “NTLDR is missing” if I dont insert Win XP CD in the CD drive. Please let me know whats going wrong. My battery is working perfectly fine and fans in the CPU are running fine, so there is no over heating problem. Will this problem solve if I use Acer Recovery CD (which I need to buy)?

  3. Juliet

    My problem is with a laptop (HP Easynote E6) that shuts down unexpectedly (not often, maybe every few days) and although it may be an overheating problem, I’m concerned it may be connected with the battery or the battery charger. When it shuts down, the mains cable light goes off but both the battery light and the battery charging light flash. If I try to turn it back on it goes completely dead, the charger light comes on but goes off again if I try to switch it back on. If I leave it for a few minutes I can switch it on again. I think the battery needs replacing anyway, as it lasts for a very short time, but this problem has also occured when I have taken the battery out and run it off the mains only so I’m wondering if there’s a problem with the charger connection. Any help gratefully appreciated.

  4. Christina

    Hi,I have an Acer Aspire 5100-3583 (Windows XP Media Center Edition) In the past 3-4 days my laptop seems to automatically shut off while I’m in the middle of using it. My laptop is connected to the power cord and it is connected to a working outlet so I know the power cord is working because I just replaced my power cord with a brand new one from Acer about a month and a half ago. I am not sure why my computer has been randomly shutting off for no reason but when I would restart it, I would get a message saying “We are sorry for the inconvienience, but if your computer has been shutting down randomly, it may be because of a system drive or software change.” and they mentioned a whole bunch of start up options like “safe mode, start up windows normally….” anyways I clicked on the Start Up Windows Normally and when it would be in the middle of starting up it would shut off again. I tried to restart my computer for like 10 minutes and it would keep doing the same thing. Even while I am in the middle of reading the options to start my computer up it would randomly shut down. Then I clicked on a a start up option of “starting up windows…” and it explained it would start up with working with the regular files i had on my computer…or something like that..and anyways my computer started up. But today it shutted off again, and when I restarted it, it didnt give me that message of how there may be a software change or w/e. When It would also shut down, i would also feel the fan and it would be extremely hot. I do have antivirus software which is working. I am not sure why my computer is shutting down but I would appreciate it if I could get an answer to why this may be happening.

    Thank you,

  5. Laptop Freak

    Joel Sumanth,

    I formatted the hard disk and then tried to install Windows XP, at the time of installation, the Laptop shuts down abruptly

    Could be heat related issue. It’s possible that your heatsink is clogged with dust and because of that the laptop overheats. Buy a can of compressed air and spray it inside the cooling fan grill on the bottom or side of your laptop. After that try installing XP again. Does it still shut down?
    Run diagnostic tests on the hard drive and memory. Use Hitachi DFT for the hard drive and Memtest86+ for memory. You’ll find links to both utilities in Useful Links on the right side of the website.

    “NTLDR is missing” message is popping up.

    Usually this is software related problem and reinstalling XP fixes it.

  6. Laptop Freak


    but this problem has also occured when I have taken the battery out and run it off the mains only so I’m wondering if there’s a problem with the charger connection.

    If the laptop shuts down even when the battery is removed, then this problem is not related to the battery.
    I would probably suspect the AC power adapter first, could be defective power supply. If you test the laptop with another known good power supply but still experience the same problem, I would take a closer look at the power jack.

  7. Laptop Freak


    In the past 3-4 days my laptop seems to automatically shut off while I’m in the middle of using it…i would also feel the fan and it would be extremely hot…

    I think your laptop shuts down because of overheating. Check out this article for more information about heat related issues.
    You can try cleaning fans and heatsink with compressed air.

  8. Christina

    Hi, a few days I reported an issue because of my computer randomly shutting down. But when I would restart it, it would say you may have a system or drive change….What does that mean?

  9. Laptop Freak


    it would say you may have a system or drive change

    What the message is saying exactly?

  10. krystel

    hi. i have a problem with my laptop acer [aspire 5710], It turns off without any reason,my conclusions are,because i reformat it almost 5 times-[because i get virus from a devices,]because of dust? or the battery?please help me,i don’t know what’s the problem of my laptop.:[

  11. hi, my laptop is doing very strange things and it is pretty new (8 months). It is an hp dv6000 model. Everytime I stick in a memory card in the 5-in-1 reader(sony stick pro duo with adapter, sd card, etc.) the whole laptop shuts off. I know all of the ones I stick in are compatible and ive tried all of the compatible memory cards i have and different combos such as using a different adapter with my sony pro duo card,etc.
    What is the problem with my notebook/laptop!!!!!

  12. Hey there!

    I own an Acer Aspire 5710. It’s always had overheating problems and I’m quite used to it shutting down frequently (and frustratingly 🙁 ). However, I was switching it on again a few nights ago after it overheated, and it went into System Repair saying there may be a disk error that it was attempting to repair and that it may take over an hour. That was all cool but then the laptop overheated AGAIN, shutting the System Repair down mid-fix. When I attempted to turn the laptop on once again, it showed the ACER screen and turned on, however after it attempts to load Windows and the Windows System Password screen, the monitor just goes black but the screen is lighted. It doesn’t beep nor go any further. Removing the battery and replacing it does nothing. Restarting the computer with just cable as the power source makes no difference. So I don’t get any further than the shoddy black backlit screen. Any ideas?

    Your help would be MUCHLY appreciated!


  13. I have a IBM Thinkpad T41 which shuts down abruptly when everything is going on fine. The laptop doesn’t start until I pull the battery out and put it back again.

    The battery locak is a bit loose and I initially suspected it is happenning when I slightly move it but this continues to happen even when it is on a stationary table. Later I suspected the battery and replaced it with a new one but the problem still persists.

    Any suggestions to investigate this further will be very helpful.


  14. charulata

    i have a lenovo laptop. with 1GB of RAM and 40GB HDD and win xp proffessional.i do hav an anti virus AVG 8.5. and its working.but when i turn on my laptop it turns off with in a min or whn i run it in a safe mode it works properly …why it turns off in normal mode?
    can u help me ….

  15. Joseph

    I truly do not see my problem here so, here it is! My DELL Inspiron 5100 (WinXP SP3)will go in to a sort of Stand-By mode about 15-30 minutes upon booting-up. It is totally random- i could have it on, literally, ALL DAY and have no problems but then the next day it will do this then nothing for about a week, etc. I close the lid, no change, i open it and have to do a hard kill. Reboot and no message from Windows that there was a problem and nothing logged in the Event Viewer or Error Log. I DO have CPU temperature monitor and fan speed software- I8kfanGUI V3.0- and the temp. averages around 125 or so. The fan runs but not excessively. It used to get a LOT warmer, before i knew how to properly clean it and i never had heat-related shut down problems, even then. I would love to have more of an idea of what the cause is. Thanks in advance!

  16. My son has a IBM Thinkpad T41. Unfortunately, he knocked it to the ground a few days ago, about a distance of 12 inches. Now when we turn it on the screen is slightly black with a strip of blue at the top and the lights flash and go out…I can hear the fan, but it sounds weak, like it is struggling to power up. After a few days we tried it again and everything booted up fine. It then worked for about 10mins then shutdown but the fan continued to work but humming noise was coming and going (very difficult to explain). When I try to start it up, again I get the black screen with blue stripe. Could the fan be damaged? Causing it to overheat, hence it shutting down? HELP! Thanks for any advice.

  17. Hiya, sort of having the same sort of problems with shutting down.
    I’m running an hp pavillion 900….i tried to reset factory settings half way through the loading the latop shuts down…
    at the moment i’ve got vista running on it which laoded with no problems, however i do want t load it with the proper disks…but as isaid it shuts down as and when it want’s too…

    any advise would be welcome…


  18. My daughter hp zd7000 simply cufs off when booting up, sometime it will run for a couple minutes, But if i boot up in safe mode it will run for hours. Any thoughts?

  19. Hi,
    I have a unique problem with my laptop,
    for starters, It is an HCL laptop so I really do not know it’s make/model but it is an AMD64bit based product with a 15 inch screen.

    The problem that I face on this laptop is this;
    When I turn it on it is fine, then as soon as I try to install Winxp from my bootcd of XP suddenly it turns off with a click sound.
    The times change though. I had it on for the whole day without using it but it didn’t turn off and when i went to do setup on it , after 2-3 minutes or so it shut down.

    Pipl have suggested me to replace my CPU and/or motherbord.

    Can you help me?


  20. I had the problem that my acer aspire turns off 2-3 minutes I start it. I read some things on the internet and found out that it must be the fan who’s causing it.
    I followed the “tap the fan”-suggestions, but it still didn’t seem to work. Then I saw a video on Youtube on how to open the laptop (muuuuuch easier than you think) and clean your fan from dust.
    Scared as hell, thinking that a misstake could crash my whole computer, I still wanted to fix it myself instead of letting the acer crew take care of it, and so did I.
    I screwed up 4 screws on the back and the fan itself appeared, and there was some cat-fur making my fan imobilized, I removed it, and my computer now works fine!

    If you got the same problem (computer shut down after several minutes) you should try this easy trick before sending it for tech support – just open the screws covering the fan and remove the dust!

  21. my laptop is going to off automatically…. whats the problem?..mail me…

  22. my laptop power is going to off automatically….my laptop is over heating… whats the problem?..pls mail me…(

  23. I have a gateway laptop that turns off often in the past few days, but a few months ago, it was just fine. Like you metioned before, it shuts turn because of overheating, my laptop is not like that. when it shuts off, and i turn it it’s still cool. I wonder what is causing that promblem? Can you please help me.

  24. I thought that the problem could be over heating but i changed the cpu cleaned the laptop (MECER)but the its still doing the same switches off when installing an operating system. Any one with more ideas plz

  25. Hi I have the Acer aspire 5710 and it keeps on overheating and shutting off does anyone know anthing that might help???