My laptop turns off without any reason

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I am having trouble with my Evesham laptop. It turns off without any reason. When I turn it on is fine, then after about an hour or two it turns off. The times change though. I had it on for the whole day without using it but it didn’t turn off and when i went on it, after half an hour it shut down. Can you help me?

I think your laptop shuts down without any reason because of overheating. Most likely the heat sink is clogged with dust and has to be cleaned. You can clean the heat sink with compressed air, blow off the heat sink through the grill on the bottom of your laptops. Some people use vacuums for removing dust from the heat sink.
The laptop will not shut down by itself when it’s idle because it’s not using any CPU resources and the CPU is not hot.

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  1. Hi I have the Acer aspire 5710 and it keeps on overheating and shutting off does anyone know anthing that might help???

  2. I thought that the problem could be over heating but i changed the cpu cleaned the laptop (MECER)but the its still doing the same switches off when installing an operating system. Any one with more ideas plz

  3. I have a gateway laptop that turns off often in the past few days, but a few months ago, it was just fine. Like you metioned before, it shuts turn because of overheating, my laptop is not like that. when it shuts off, and i turn it it’s still cool. I wonder what is causing that promblem? Can you please help me.

  4. my laptop power is going to off automatically….my laptop is over heating… whats the problem?..pls mail me…(

  5. my laptop is going to off automatically…. whats the problem?..mail me…

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