My Acer Aspire turns off by itself

My Acer Aspire Notebook turns off all by itself just after turning on, or after Windows shows up. I can hear a click from inside, than it’s off.

First of all, turn on the notebook and listen for the cooling fan. Does it spin at all? Usually you can see the cooling fan though the air intake grill on the bottom of the notebook. If the fan doesn’t spin, it’s possible you have a failed fan and the notebook turns off because of overheating. If that’s the case, the cooling fan has to be replaced.

If the cooling fan works properly,listen for the hard drive sounds. It’s possible you have a failing hard drive. If the hard drive makes clicking noise, it’s bad and has to be replaced.

If the hard drive is failing, you still can try recovering data using an external USB enclosure.

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  1. hi, i have acer laptop now it gets off by it self after showing a small blue screen plz plz plz help me

  2. Unaib Javed

    I have an Acer aspire 5741. Just got it back from Acer as I claimed the warranty on it. The original problem that it wasnt charging and the power led and charging led were blinking. First Acer refused to repair it and asked cash for a replacement of motherboard, though writing letters to their CEO, country manager did the trick and they sent it back to me after repair.

    Now the problem is, as soon as it came back, I plugged it in so it could charge. But after 5 to 10 minutes the charging led on laptop started blinking. The laptop also didnot boot up. the power led would come on for a second and woud not turn on. Moreover, there was some strange sound coming from the laptop and the charging led on laptop started blinking again. I turned off the charger, but the power light kept on blinking. Then I took out the battery and placed it back. It seemed to charge like normal for 10 minutes then the charging led started to blink. Then after 10 mins it started to charge normally but again after 10 mins or so the charging led started to blink.

    Another funny thing is when I turn off the charger and reomve the cord from the d/c jack, the charging light keeps on blinking.

    I tried another charger but same result. Another funny thing is when I turn off the charger and reomve the cord from the d/c jack, the charging light keeps on blinking

  3. DeathNote

    Hello Acer,I Have Acer 4530,in first time,it have 1 gb ram and 160 hard i upgrade the Ram to 3 Gb…can i upgrade the Hard disk to 500Gb? Need Some Answer…..

  4. i have a Acer e machine E730, system hanged and even i cant able to switch off the system with power switch, i have to remove the battery to switch off and reboot it, how to solve?

  5. Yinka

    Guy, mine is Acer eMachine E75. It was frustrating when system is hanging. The first 3months i bought the system i was regretting. But one day I decided to upgrade the OS from XP professional to Windows 7 Ultimate Edition and that was the end of it. I don’t know if this will work for you but it did for me and i’m enjoying the system ever since.

  6. Linda Lee

    I will not buy another acer. I bought a 5741,i5, 500 gig 12 months ago. The jack’s on the side have never worked and I returned it right away and the 2nd laptop is exactly the same! Huge problem for me. I do tons of webinars, online classes and remote training with my clients.
    The sound is terrible. The customer support is terrible, and they won’t do anything for you, period. It overheats badly with normal useage, I am not a gamer. Some of the keys are sticking, and won’t cap or work correctly, it is hit and miss. Luckily I used an American Express when I bought it so they doubled the warranty and are going to reimburse me and I am buying a more reliable laptop next time. I tried an Acer because Dell’s customer support got so bad over the years, so now I am not sure who to go to.

  7. Barben

    Aspire 5230 keeps turning off ? Usually between 5-10 minutes. Had windows 7 installed, would this have caused the issue ?co`s it started happening not long after a friend of mine installed it . HELPP! thanks

  8. jay jay

    my lappy suffered exactly the same problem after an i.t.technician proper installed windows 7 on it. maybe there is somethindg in the programme that does it. i`m still trying to cure mine.

  9. hello,
    i have an acer aspire laptop. honestly i dont know whats causing the problem, is it on the memory or video card or the lcd itself.
    the problem is, my laptop suddenly slows down and theres a 2inces white blank on the four sides of my screen, so i can only seen the center of my screen. but if i will w8 for 1 minute, i can see all in my desktop, but its too slow.
    when i move my mouse it is super slow. and when i click any icon or just ryt click it. the white blank will show up again.
    Please help me… what do you think is the problem of my laptop.. what should i do.. Thank you so much.

  10. SO i have a acer aspire laptop 5330, it boots up to a white screen . When it goes to a normal boot up it allows you on line for a few minutes and goes to a blue screen with a error message … any help

  11. kevan prescott

    hi I have a acer aspire 5742. the mouse key pad takes a long time to react when i left click on the key pad.
    also takes a long time to change to hand when i move it under a item on google etc. BUT somtimes it is ok

  12. Rakesh kumar

    My Acer aspire 4530 laptop is getting switched off after every 5 or 10 minutes. I don’t know the exact reason but i belieave overheating is not problem,because i have cleared all the dust and fun is cooling the system enough.

  13. Hello, and thank you in advance for any response.

    I just accidentily dropped my Acer laptop, I was listening to music as it happened, and now the screen is frozen in black and white with some vertical colored stripes in the middle. I know itwas stupid to have dropped it, but it was an accident..

    Tried rebooting, won’t do anything, still shows me the same image. What should I do? ?.. Thank you for any help you can give me, really appreciate it..


  14. I just bought an Acer chromebook and i want to run some windows based programs on it from time to time, how can i do this and switch back and forth without making a problem with th chrome OS system ? Thx