Sony Vaio refuses to turn on for no reason

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I have had a Sony Vaio notebook, for about 3 years.  Recently, it just refuses to turn on for no reason at all.  I mean, the power button does not work, and nothing starts.  Just when I was about to give up (3 months later) and tried one last time on the power button, it turned back on!  After a couple of months of working fine, it died again.  A couple of months later, it came back alive again! I did absolutely nothing to it.  It never dies when I am using it – only when the laptop is shut off, and the next time I try to turn it on, it does not respond.  The only clue that I have is that windows takes a long time to load (but that may just be the many programs I have installed on it).  I tried cleaning the fan, but no use. The battery is not the greatest, but it does not run even with the battery removed. It does not seem to be overheated because the processor does not even get any power to it.  After 2 repair shops, nobody seem to be able to tell me what the problem is.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could help! Thanks!

It’s very hard to troubleshoot a laptop with a problem like yours. An intermittent problem is the worst!
I would recommend unplugging the battery, wait for couple minutes and then try to start the laptop using just AC power, but it looks like you’ve already tried it. I had a Sony laptop before and got the same problem 2 times. I was able to get my laptop back to live by removing the battery and starting it from the AC adapter.

I think it’s possible you’re your AC adapter might have an intermittent problem.

It also might be a loose connection somewhere on the system board. If I would get this laptop for repair, I would open it up and reseat all connections on the motherboard. I would try to strip it down to minimize the system and leave just the system board, the memory and the CPU and try to turn it on with an external monitor attached. If the system still doesn’t work even when it’s stripped down, I would suspect that the motherboard is bad. I know that’s not a lot of help, but that’s what I would try to do.

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  1. Help me PLEASE!!

  2. I have a Sony Vaio z505ls and it will seriously not do ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try and try and try and it still will not turn on, show any lights, and IT WONT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Got mine working
    Rattled the locking latch that keeps the screen closed a few times. Pull the latch release and let snap back with the spring a few times and try power on again. Worked on mine. Dust accumulates on this latch and tellsg the computer that the cover is closed preventing the laptop from getting power. Hope this helps.

  4. Laptop Freak


    Darn! same problem like you guys, maybe that’s why the people in the bus stop didn’t take it.maybe they know the history of this crap even the hobos didn’t took to flee market (homeless).

    LOL. :)

  5. Busalsal

    Accidentally my sister in law found an abandoned Sony laptop at the bus stop where a lot of hobo’s gathering around. She said people around don’t bother to see a precious crap. So! see pick it up and brought to me because no ac adapter (battery look drain out). Darn! same problem like you guys, maybe that’s why the people in the bus stop didn’t take it.maybe they know the history of this crap even the hobos didn’t took to flee market (homeless).The battery was useless too.

  6. sony_crap

    I have had the sam problem last night with my Sony Viao laptop. I must say though that I have had for more than 4 years ;-). I will try some of the tricks suggested on this forum and hoping for the best. As I am already considering buying another laptop, I will definetly not buy a Sony laptop anymore…

  7. I am having a complicated problem (for me!) during some months.

    My problem is similar with Euler’ problem (message down, June 22nd 2010). My laptop sony vaio (VGN-FZ160E) seems to be dead. The unique way to put it “to work” is disconnecting the cmos (RTC battery, that is connected in the mobo) for some minutes and connect again. The computer turn on again for some hours or days, and then back to fail again.

    I dont know what is the problem. Please, I would like to ask some help.
    I’ll be very grateful for any help.

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