Sony Vaio refuses to turn on for no reason

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I have had a Sony Vaio notebook, for about 3 years.  Recently, it just refuses to turn on for no reason at all.  I mean, the power button does not work, and nothing starts.  Just when I was about to give up (3 months later) and tried one last time on the power button, it turned back on!  After a couple of months of working fine, it died again.  A couple of months later, it came back alive again! I did absolutely nothing to it.  It never dies when I am using it – only when the laptop is shut off, and the next time I try to turn it on, it does not respond.  The only clue that I have is that windows takes a long time to load (but that may just be the many programs I have installed on it).  I tried cleaning the fan, but no use. The battery is not the greatest, but it does not run even with the battery removed. It does not seem to be overheated because the processor does not even get any power to it.  After 2 repair shops, nobody seem to be able to tell me what the problem is.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could help! Thanks!

It’s very hard to troubleshoot a laptop with a problem like yours. An intermittent problem is the worst!
I would recommend unplugging the battery, wait for couple minutes and then try to start the laptop using just AC power, but it looks like you’ve already tried it. I had a Sony laptop before and got the same problem 2 times. I was able to get my laptop back to live by removing the battery and starting it from the AC adapter.

I think it’s possible you’re your AC adapter might have an intermittent problem.

It also might be a loose connection somewhere on the system board. If I would get this laptop for repair, I would open it up and reseat all connections on the motherboard. I would try to strip it down to minimize the system and leave just the system board, the memory and the CPU and try to turn it on with an external monitor attached. If the system still doesn’t work even when it’s stripped down, I would suspect that the motherboard is bad. I know that’s not a lot of help, but that’s what I would try to do.

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  1. Asif Iqbal

    I am having the same problem. I turn off my laptop at night and nect morning it will not start. Sometioms if I slap on the keyboard it starts running fine. It’s an Acer Aspire 3000 laptop. I checked ram, HDD all fine.
    Did you find any soecific reason for this problem ?

  2. charlie

    i’m having the opposite problem. my laptop refuses to shut down. i cant restart eithier and the only way it shuts down is if i pull the battery out which isn’t healthy. any suggestions???

  3. Richard Arnold

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A105 laptop computer. My Daughter was using this laptop and set it on hibernation mode. I did not get any book on this and was wondering could you tell me how to take it out of hibernation mode? My Wife already tried holding down the power button, and it did not come out of hibernating mode that way. Thanks Richard.

  4. Laptop Freak

    There shouldn’t be any problem waking up the laptop from the hibernation mode. You just turn it on and it should boot to the state where you were when you hibernated the laptop. What do you experience? The laptop will not boot at all?

  5. I have an Acer Laptop with EXACTLY the same problem, (2 days before I have to hand in an overdue piece of work, sods law!).
    I was in the Library running it on battery, the battery got low, so I plugged it into the wall. I went to turn it on when I got home and nothing.

    So I unplug the battery block (is block the right word?)
    and just plug in the mains adapter?


  6. That didn’t work
    its an Acer travelmate? After I bought it I was told how rubbish they’re supposed to be!

  7. I got a problem with my compaq presario R300, when plug the AC power the brightness turns down a bit, and when i unplug tha ac power the brightness turns up as normal…Ok, Thankz

  8. Laptop Freak

    Check the brightness settings in the power options or power saver utility that you can find in the control panel. I don’t know the correct name of this utility for Compaq laptops, but in Toshiba laptops it’s called Power Saver. I think that screen brightness could be set to a lower level when the laptop runs on AC power. Turn it all the way up and your problem should be fixed.

  9. hi
    i was recently playing on THE SIMS p.c game when my laptop went into hibernate mode. Now it will turn on but go straight off in the next 5 seconds. Please help me ive tried holding the power button and the battery

  10. Laptop Freak

    Can you provide more information? The laptop turns off before the OS starts loading? Do you get any error message on the screen or any beeps on start up?
    Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter. Wait for 2-3 minutes and turn on the laptop without the battery installed, just using the AC adapter power. Does it help?

  11. Hi! I had exactly the same problem with a brand new Sony Vaio notebook (a PGC-FRV37) back in January 2004. It was after I put it to hibernate and it came back to life exactly 3 weeks later. In the meantime, I called Tech Service at Sony but they had no knowledge of anything similar and told me to send it for service. Since then, it never happened again. I just disabled hibernation and never (ever) used it. I assume there’s a problem with the state the computer is left when put to hibernate. Anyway, I’m quite curious about the fact that it comes back to life after some (quite long) time. If anyone can throw any light on that, I’ll be pleased. Cheers!

  12. My Sony Vaio laptop has quit booting into Windows XP (Home Ed). The error message says the Explorer.exe has not initialized correctly. It appears that Explorer.exe is corrupted. In Windows and in Safe Mode, I get no task bar and no icons, but the screen background.

    The laptop has a hard drive and a CD/DVD drive, no floppy. It ignores any CD in that drive at boot-up. I have tried some utilities as well as the Sony Recovery CD set, but it insists on booting from the hard drive.

    I have read that one may fix may be to copy a fresh version of Explorer.exe, but I don’t have access to one without being able to read the CD/DVD drive. I’m ready to restore the laptop to the factory state, but I can’t get that to work either.

    BIOS settings have been reset to the default. Optical drive is frist in the boot order list.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

  13. Laptop Freak

    Not sure if it’s going to work but you can try. When the laptop boots up to the wallpaper 😛 , press the Windows key (key with Windows logo on it) and R key at the same time. The Run box should appear. Type restore and press OK. A new window with a few files should appear. Click on rstrui.exe to start System Restore utility.
    Try reverting to the point when your laptop worked fine. It might work, might not.

  14. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it in both regular Windows mode and in Safe Mode, but the Run box did not appear when I pressed the Windows key and the R key.

    In Safe Mode, I navigated to the C:\windows\system32\restore directory and found rstrui.exe. There was no file named Restore, and rstrui.exe wouldn’t run in character mode.

    I need to find a way to get the laptop to read from the CD drive. It may take a hardware technician to help with that.

    If anything comes to my mind, please make another suggestion.

  15. Laptop Freak

    I would probably try reseating the DVD drive. Remove it from the notebook and install it back. I’m not sure if you can easily remove the drive in this model, I’m not familiar with Sony notebooks. The connection between the optical drive and the motherboard might get oxidized overtime and reseating the drive can fix it. It’s something that you can try without taking the notebook to a repair shop.

  16. Wow, lots of problems with the Sony Vaio range. I have a Sony Vaio that my girlfriend dropped on the floor. We’re still together. But get ready for this…

    It switched off after she dropped it on the floor. Came to boot it back up and it was stuck on the “Loading Your Personal Setting” Windows XP screen. In the end, I formatted it and it seemed to work OK for a few days. Then all of a sudden, it just randomly switched itself off. This is definitely a problem with power, because it doesn’t Hibernate or anything like that, it just goes “poof” (and this is with both the battery and adapter). The annoying thing is, when I switch the laptop on, after 2 seconds, it switches itself off again… or more likely, it has lost power.

    After many hours of screwing (with screws) and reseating the components in the motherboard, it was OK again for a good couple of weeks. Then it started to happen again. I boot up and it just switches itself off again. When I was fiddling around inside the laptop, I did manage to damage the screen (white line going across it), so do be wary of meddling with your laptop! Anyway, I haven’t been able to boot it up now for about 2-3 weeks and it’s really getting me down.

    I’ve logged a case with Sony’s amazingly slow e-support without any response. I really don’t want to fork out several hundred pounds unless I have to. Any thoughts?

  17. Laptop Freak


    After many hours of screwing (with screws) and reseating the components in the motherboard, it was OK again for a good couple of weeks. Then it started to happen again.

    Probably you still have a loose cable or a loose component. Did you reseat the memory module, have you tried reseating the CPU? What if you disconnect the screen cable from the motherboard and try starting the laptop with an external monitor? Recently I repaired a Compaq laptop and it didn’t start at all because it had a loose video cable connection on the LCD screen.

    When I was fiddling around inside the laptop, I did manage to damage the screen (white line going across it)

    How did you get that? If you disconnected the video cable from the motherboard, check out the connector on the board. May be it has a bent pin inside. Just a guess.

  18. Well guess what, I managed to figure out the problem last night! I took EVERYTHING out and powered up the motherboard… felt something roasting my leg alive… the processor. I then reattached the fan recepticle thing and then the power was maintained without any issues. So it looks as though the connection was a bit loose on the fan, therefore not cooling the processor down (although I had previously removed and reattached the fan, most likely without success).

    My remaining problem is the white line across the screen. I have heard that if you put the screen in the freezer for a day or so it can fix the problem. I daren’t try it… I did give the screen connection cable a good look but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary (not to mention that I’m not sure what to look for here). Maybe it’s within the screen itself?

  19. Laptop Freak


    I have heard that if you put the screen in the freezer for a day or so it can fix the problem.

    I’m not sure if it will fix the problem, but I’m pretty sure that you can completely damage the screen. I wouldn’t try it unless you are ready to sacrifice the screen. What kind of line do you have? Is it very wide? If you hook up an external monitor, will it appear on the external video?

  20. Back to square one…

    My laptop is seemingly dying a painful death. My laptop refused to work again yesterday! And the more I seem to try and fix it myself, the more damage I’ve done. The screen had developed a white line across it, as mentioned in my earlier post, and I seem to have a problem getting the keyboard working now. And this has all transpired from the alleged power problem.

    Basically, I’m testing out the motherboard and any power faults; I’ve taken the motherboard out and removed the processor. This seems to work OK from the AC adapter. However, it occasionally powers up the motherboard and the battery LED comes on. When it does, that’s when it decides to switch itself off from time to time. When it doesn’t come on, it seems fine but I left it for 30 minutes at one point and then it had turned off when I went back to check it.

    I spent hours last night trying to troubleshoot it and I’m beginning to think it’s a motherboard problem. I dread to think how much Sony would charge to fix all this… I’m either going to send it back and get them to sort out the issues above, or I’m just tempted to buy another one. And Christmas is just around the corner! Bah, humbug!!!

    P.S. I did think that putting the laptop in the freezer wouldn’t be such a good idea…

  21. And look at Sony’s very reassuring response to a repair case!!!

    “It is important to note, however, that a diagnosis outside the warranty contract is always chargeable. If no problem is found, if your VAIO is out of warranty, or if physical damage or liquid spillage is found, the minimum cost for getting the VAIO back without any part being replaced is GB£107.72/157.87 Euro. Please understand that we cannot send a repair estimate for out of warranty cases before the VAIO has been diagnosed at our repair centre and we know for sure which parts need to be exchanged. Make sure that you have a backup of your personal data on the VAIO, as we cannot guarantee any data that is on your hard drive. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.”

    I particularly love the very last sentence.

  22. Hi,

    Can you help:HP pavilion ze4111s
    I recently had a replacement dc jack well power lead first of all when i got it back from the repair centre and powered it on it was fine for about 3 power ons then on approx the 4th power on all i got was the blue lights flashing and the fan power on then as the fan was powering up and down the lights were flashing in time with the power down,i then returned it to the shop who then replaced the lead with a dc jack(proper) and still it does the same,now if i leave it at eventually the lights will stop flashing the fan will stay on and all the while i get no display,then the fan will shut off but the power will stay on,i have noticed that it doesnt only power on with the power button on this particular laptop there are 4-5 buttons to the right of the power button now if i press any of these it powers the laptop on too,any ideas will be greatful,thanks.

  23. Help needed!
    My Compaq R3306 sometimes acts like there was no AC plugged, but it still is. Both the DC Jack and AC adapter seem to be ok (I checked it). It happens suddenly. The icon changes from a plug into a battery. Reconnecting the plug makes the battery charge for only a couple of seconds, and then laptop again detects no AC power supply. Returning to normalilty takes a lot of effort, reconnecting the plug and hours of waiting.

  24. Laptop Freak

    Try running the laptop without the battery installed. Remove the battery and start it from the AC adapter. Does it shut down by itself? Most likely just a bad AC adapter.

  25. i have a sony vaio laptop (relatively new) that keeps going to a blank screen (white) randomly. if i was watching a video, the audio will continue to play, but all i see is a big white screen. if i press the power button to make it hibernate, and then bring it back up, it will be fine. could there be something wrong with the graphics card?

  26. ok. i have a power problem with my laptop and i will appreciate any help i can get. What happens is the laptop will not run while the power cord and the batter are both connected. the only way it will work is if the battery is out (adapter only). this is a brand new battery. and computer turns off if battery is snapped in.

    any ideas, please help.

  27. Hi,

    I own a DELL Inspiron 5150, Intel Pentium 4 2.66,
    512MB Ram, Win XP PRO SP2, DVD/CD RW. Out of no where
    the laptop freezes; the fan starts running at like 200% (sounds louder than my 300hp car engine…lol),

    So now, the situation is it turns on when I press ther power button; go’s into the same full power mode, then shuts down after about 10 seconds or so. What I notice is the “Num Lock” key light flashing.

    Thats the situtation; I understand I may never hear from you given your availability, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could. Thanks a million!

  28. Walker11

    Dell Inspiron 1100 power problem
    We took a lignting strike at our home. The 1100 power supply was fried. The laptop will function ok on batteries but will not work with the power supply. I have determined that the power supply is bad and used a “known” good power supply in an attempt to power up the computer. When the good supply was plugged into the computer it popped the breaker in the power strip. I am thinking that the power supply “connector” on the motherboard is at the root of the problem. The connectors are avaliable for purchase but just want a second or third opinion. As stated the laptop functions well on a “charged” battery alone. But I can no longer charge the batteries until i solve this problem.

  29. Aamir Yousufzai

    I’ve got a newer VAIO laptop that loves to ruin my grades.

    I bought a VGN-FS630 laptop in September of ’05, thinking Sony was a reputable brand so it would be fairly reliable. During the last week of my Spring semester, the laptop developed a problem in which it would not fully boot up, and eventually made a whirring noise from the hard-drive. This was fixed under warranty by replacing both the system board and the hard drive.

    About 7 months later, again in the last week of my semester, the laptop completely shut off while I was working on my last programming project. Trying to turn it back on is a worthless effort — it does nothing. No LEDs light up, fan doesn’t turn on, screen remains in the dead state, etc. This time, however, I’m out of warranty, and Sony’s repair rates are absurd.

    I’ve tested the memory, battery, and AC adapter — all of which are fine. I’ve disassembled the entire unit and reseated every connection, but to no avail. I’m assuming this is power related so possibly a broken power connector? Something I don’t know how to replace…

    Any advice would be well appreciated, thanks!

  30. Hello,

    I have a problem with my dell inspiron 9200. FIrst my notebook was dead… Then I charged the battery with an other 9200 and tried the battery in my notebook. On battery power he works fine but don’t charge and don’t work with the adapter. Adapter is fine, power socket is fine. I tried to power up my pc with only the mainboard, memory and proc but that doesn’t work either. Can someone help me?

    kind regards,
    Sven Vantieghem

  31. Laptop Freak

    The battery is connected directly into the system board and if the laptop will not run with the battery attached, you have either a bad motherboard or bad battery.
    Did it happen with the old battery too? If yes, then probably you have an issue with the motherboard. If the laptop works with old battery, may be the battery will not keep charge, but the laptop still works and will not shut down (but it shuts down with the new one), then probably your new battery is bad.

  32. Laptop Freak

    I don’t have a lot of experience with Dell laptops, because I work mostly with Toshibas. When I have a situation like yours on a Toshiba laptop it usually indicates a problem with the motherboard. Sorry man, I cannot give you more accurate adv ice.
    Try minimizing the system. Remove all devices you can access – hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card, etc… Try reseating memory modules. If it doesn’t help, then probably you are out of luck and it would be necessary to replace the motherboard.
    BTW, one more idea. Check out the voltage on the AC adapter. Make sure it’s the same as on the label. May be the adapter is broken and outputs wrong voltage. Try starting the laptop just on the battery power. It’s just a guess.

  33. Laptop Freak

    I think there is something wrong with the motherboard itself, the lightning strike fried something on the motherboard. I really don’t know if replacing the power jack can help you to fix the problem. Anyway, you have nothing to lose. Good luck! Please let me know if you can fix the problem by replacing the jack. I think you are not alone and your experience can help other people who suffer from a lightning strike.

    By the way, make sure that your “known” good adapter actually has the same polarity as the old one. I mean if the old power plug has “+” inside and “-“outside, the new adapter has the same layout.

  34. Laptop Freak

    Aamir Yousufzai,
    Sorry man. I don’t think it’s a broken power connector; it looks like you have a dead motherboard. The battery and adapter plugs directly into the motherboard and if the laptop is still “dead” even with a known good battery and AC adapter, then most likely you have a bad motherboard.
    First. Usually power connectors do not break like that. It can get loose but most of the time you still can see some live in your laptop if you wiggle the power plug inside the jack.
    Second. Even if your power jack just “died” completely, you still would be able to start the laptop on the battery power, at least see the power LCD flashing (if the battery is discharged).

  35. Walker11

    Back again with the inspiron 1100 power problem… I guess I did not make it clear that the laptop works great on battery power alone, all functions, internet, burn cd’s ect. work ok. the problem occures when I plug the power supply into the back of the laptop. Thanks for all the replies folks..

  36. When I have a charged battery and I start the notebook with charger and battery the battery doesn’t charge but doesn’t discharge either. He doesn’t power up with only the ac adapter… It’s a strange problem. I’m an electronic engineer so if i have the schematics of the motherboard it woul be easy to repair. Does anyone know where you can find schematics?

  37. Dear Sir,
    While using my COMPAQ PRESARIO M2000, the thing just died. It was like I was watching TV and sosmeone hit the power button. It was that quick. From fine to dead in an instant.
    Everything I needed was backed up and I moved it to my spare Toshiba.
    Since I don’t really need the Compaq I wanted to take a chance and repair it myself.
    I’ve asked around a bit and one person said that it sounded like the interna wire from power supply had
    come loose. Could this be? Could you please give me a few directions on how to trouble shoot this problem??
    Thanks so much and have a great holliday.

  38. Hi, I’ve been having promblems with my Vaio notebook PCG-K25. about 6 hours After I installed office 2003. my computer froze up. And I have to shut it down manuly. After that I couldn’t start it up again. Only if I wait for about 5 to 6 hours it will start up for 15 minutes and then it froze again. But then I noticed that the cooling fan starts to spin and then imediatly stopped to spin. I opened it up and checked the voltage for the cooling fan and the voltage has a veriation start 004 and goes down to 001 and sometimes to 000 but the other cooling fan (i’m assuming thats the cpu cooling fan.)sometimes it doesen’t work but most of the time works fine. Please if you know or if you have an idea what the problem can be please let me know. Also if you know were can I get parts for my laptop please let me know because I called Sony part service and they said they don’t sell motherboards or cpu’s for my computer. Thanks alot for your help.

  39. Laptop Freak

    First of all, do you get any LED activity when you plug in the AC adapter? May be it’s just a dead adapter? Can you start the laptop at all, will it start just from the battery power?

  40. Laptop Freak

    First of all I would test the memory modules. Download and run Memtest 86+ utility. Check out this site, they sell parts for Sony laptop and your model is on the list.

  41. The light on the charger does light up but the computer does not. No
    lights, no sound, nothing.

  42. Laptop Freak

    If the laptop just “died” it’s probably still has some charge in the battery. Can you start the laptop from the battery power? Test the AC adapter. Even though you can see the light on the adapter, it’s still possible that the adapter will not output any power. Find a multimeter and test the voltage on the adapter plug.
    In the comment 37 you asked: “one person said that it sounded like the internal wire from power supply had come loose”. What wire you are asking about? Do you mean the power jack? Yes it’s possible, but from my experience if the power jack gets loose, you still can see the power LED flashing when you wiggle the power plug inside the jack. Not sure.
    If you have nothing to lose, you can open up the laptop and check if the power jack loose and resolder it if needed. Download the maintenance and service guide for your laptop (4.75MB) and follow the disassembly instructions.

  43. Thanks for your patience. While using my COMPAQ PRESARIO M2000, the laptop went dead. It was like I was watching a TV and someone hit the power button. The computer never turned on again. The light is lit on the power supply but the computer is dead. Nothing happens when I hit the power button. No lights, no sound, nothing. This was the first time that I had a problem with this laptop. I have all my important files backed up onto my spare Toshiba so I figured I would try to tinker with the Compaq and try to get it running again.
    You started to help me with this problem a few days ago, but I was getting emails addressed to Alex about a Sony laptop.
    Thanks so much for your help and patience!!

  44. Thanks for your time.
    I’m not much for electronics but I tesed the power supply with an OHM meter. There is power going to the jack but I can’t tell you the amps or volts. I don’t know what internal wire the guy was talking about.
    From the time the computer went out it would not start up on battery power either.
    If you think my next step should be taking the computer apart to check for loose wires, than that’s what I’ll do.

  45. I have same problem with my sony notebook. At the moment I am trying to find solutions and came across this site from doing a search in google.

    The power adapter stays cold when plugged in even though the green LED lights up at the end of the power lead.

    I have tried starting my notebook on battery power only but the machine is just dead.

    I have decided to buy another power adapter to see if I can get any life back into my notebook.

  46. Laptop Freak

    Here are some important quotes from your comments:
    1. The laptop went dead, like someone hit the power button
    2. The light on the charger does light up but the computer does not
    3. I tested the power supply with an OHM meter. There is power going to the jack
    4. From the time the computer went out it would not start up on battery power either
    Sounds like you might have a problem with the system board. Sorry man, I will not be able to help you over the Internet.

  47. I have a Toshiba Satellite 1805-S203 series
    part no. PS181U-00CFCHE

    I plug in the ac adapter and there’re no lights that go on whatsoever. I’ve left it plugged in for 24 hours and still the laptop won’t turn on. I’ve tried taking the battery out, nothing. What could be wrong? I should say that the laptop hasn’t been used for several months nearly a year also it is bent slightly where the ac adapter plugs into the laptop but it still plugs in securely, i think. Maybe there’s a way to see if the laptop is receiving electricity in the first place.

  48. Hi,
    I have a IBM Thinkpad R52. serial # L3-B0253. When I click on start and then turn off computer and then click on turn off, it does not turn off. I took it for repairs and they did a backup , I don`t know if that constitutes reformattting the hard drive , but it works for two days and the same problem continues. I really don`t know what to do. Can u guys please help? I `m very frustrated.

  49. Laptop Freak

    May be the AC adapter is dead? Find a voltmeter and test voltage the AC adapter puts out.

  50. Bhuvan Gupta

    Even I have Compaq Laptop 1700 Series.. Recently, it just refuses to turn on for no reason at all. I mean, the power button does not work, and nothing starts.

  51. Joe,
    Did you ever find out what was wrong with your Presario 2000. I just had a similar problem yesterday. It just turned off and refuses to turn on again.


  52. I have a gateway mx6027 that shut off while i was using it this morning and will not turn back on. I tried another AC adapter and battery but could not turn it on still. When i plug the broken laptop into the new AC adapter the adapter makes noise but it doesn’t when connected to a working laptop. Any suggestions of what would be the next item to check in troubleshooting this problem?

  53. Laptop Freak, re: reply # 51. Thanks for helping me figure out that my Compaq M200 has a bad mother board. I priced the new replacement board and it doesn’t seem worth the expense. I did find an store where the company will rebuild the board for free if I buy the parts from him. He said there are three parts that generaly go bad. If all threee are bad it will cost around $125.(plus shipping)
    Thanks again for your help.

  54. Alfonso, re: reply # 53. Thanks Joe. I bet my problem is the same since the syntoms are similar. Would you mind sharing the store information.

    Thanks a lot,

  55. Sir, I recently had the HD replaced in my TOSHIBA SATELITE 1805-S254. When I use the DVD/CDRW I get several messages. When I put a disc (audio,data,dvd) in I get “THE DISC IS CORRUPTED OR WRITTEN IN A FORMAT NOT SUPPORTED BY WINDOWS”.

    This question has been published here.

  56. Hi! I have a toshiba tecra A2 that has recently died without warning. All of the sudden it wont turn on (doesnt even try to boot)it jut flashes the orange power light at me. I have checked the (external) power supply – this appears to be supplying the correct voltage – I have also tried powering it up with ad without the battery pack – with the same (lack of) result. I am suspect now of thepower supply inside the unit – but fearful of what my local pc shop will charge to repair it. Just wondering if this is a common fault with toshibas and if perhaps there is a “how to” on repairing it? Any feedback would be appreciated.

  57. Laptop Freak

    As you can see on the step 21 of this disassembly guide, the DC-IN harness plugs directly into the system board. There is no power board; all circuits are located on the system board. If the power LED flashes orange when you try to power up the laptop, it usually indicates a major power failure somewhere on the system board.
    I guess the local PC shop will quote you a new system board.

  58. I have a Sony VAIO PCG-FRV37 for 3 years. While I was using it, it started making this rattling noise. Otherwise, everything worked fine. This went on for a couple of months. One day, the rattling noise was louder and the computer shut itself off. Now, It does absolutely nothing when I try to turn it on….with or without the battery.

  59. Laptop Freak

    What do you mean by “It does absolutely nothing”? It’s completely dead and there are no LED lights when you plug the power adapter or it will not boot to Windows?
    When the laptop starts making a rattling noise, it might indicate either a problem with the cooling fan or the hard drive. A failed hard drive might halt the entire system, but you still should see some LED lights when you plug or turn on the laptop. Can you?

  60. I have a SONY PCG-K25 … For a while had it took a while to resumes windows. One day when it took a while to resume i turned it off and turned it back on. Since then when i press power button the fans come on for a few seconds and then nothing. Tried cleaning out the fan and still nothing.

  61. Laptop Freak

    Remove the hard drive and try starting the laptop without hard drive installed. Can you boot with video? Try reseating the memory. If you have only one memory module installed try moving it form one slot to another. Test the laptop with a known good memory module.

  62. Ref #59:
    What I mean by “absolutely nothing”:
    When I use the AC adapter, the light on the AC adapter comes on but the computer does not start, no LEDs light up at all no noise, nothing… When I boot from the battery, the same symptoms occur.

    When I take the battery out and try to boot from the AC adapter only, a yellow LED in the upper right hand corner briefly lights up.

  63. REF# 61
    I took out harddrive, then I changed the memory but still the same. Are laptops the same as desktops? When you try to turn it on without memory they beep. I started it up without memory and no beep. Does that mean my motherboard is bad? Or do you have any other suggestions?

  64. Hi
    I also have a Compaq Presario M2000 seris laptop, its get hot alot sometimtes then one day it just doesnt turn up and the power indicator turns on and if the battery is o charge but the hard drive light is dim and the caps and scrool lights just flash sometimes for hours on end before it turns on and when it finally does COMPLETELY EVERYTHING is slow and laggy, I dont know whats wrong, the menus un XO fade extremely slowly and I want to know whats wrong I just installed 2gb of ram but a technician said that wasnt the problem but couldnt find out what my actual problem was?? P
    PLZ HELP !!!

  65. Sounds like the cooling fan of your laptop has become clogged with dust. Reduced air circulation would cause the CPU to attempt to cool itself down by modulating (reducing) its own clock speed. This would have the effect of causing everything from the OS to applications to slow down.

    I would also check to see if the disk drive is functioning normally. You can get an external USB drive cage for around $10. This allows you to plug your laptop drive into another PC through the USB port.

  66. So here is my problem, please help!!

    I have a compaq m2000. One day, in the middle of browsing, the computer just turned off. NO lights, no indicators, nothing. eventually I took out the battery and ran it on AC power, which worked for about 25 minutes before shutting down again. Then I waited 30 seconds and tried again. IT worked then shut off again after about 30 minutes. I continued this pattern about 2 more times before it just died all together. Now nothing works. No lights, no ac power, no battery, just DEAD. It ran perfectly before, and i never had any problems, then one day it just totally shut off.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciate, I’m desperate!

  67. Laptop Freak

    I would test the AC adapter first. If it outputs correct voltage then most likely there is nothing wrong with the adapter and you have a problem with the motherboard.

  68. Laptop Freak


    Are laptops the same as desktops? When you try to turn it on without memory they beep

    It depends. Some laptops beep without memory, some don’t. I would test the power adapter too. Who knows, maybe it’s bad and will not provide enough power to start the laptop? It’s not likely but possible.
    If you removed the hard drive and changed the memory module but still cannot boot with video, it might indicate a faulty motherboard.

  69. Laptop Freak

    Maybe the AC adapter is bad, the battery has no charge and as a result the laptop appears to be dead? Find a voltmeter and test if the AC adapter puts out any power at all. If the adapter works fine then most likely you have a dead motherboard.

  70. Hi:

    I was surfing the internet on my Sony Vaio T140P, which never had any previous serious problem, then it froze and after a while I decided to to a hard shut off by pressing the on/off botton. Right away, it gave me a big blue screen saying the windows will shut down to avoid damage to the computer. I hit the on/off botton again and it turned itself off. Then when I tried to restart it, the vaio logo came up as normal, but it wouldn’t go into the XP “welcome” screen. after 30-40 seconds the screen turned black (like in DOS mode), then a little margin flicked for about another minute, then it displayed “No operating system found”.

    What could be wrong??? My guess was that the Hard Drive was damaged, but I could not be a hundred percent sure. Sony makes it impossible for users to upgrade — i couldn’t even open the bottom — unscrewing those screws wouldn’t do! :'(

    I live my life on that computer and feeling completely lost without it! HELP!

  71. Laptop Freak


    My guess was that the Hard Drive was damaged, but I could not be a hundred percent sure.

    I think your guess could be right. Check the hard drive. You can download and run Hitachi’s drive fitness test utility, run an advanced test and make sure the hard drive fails or passes a few times. I don’t work with Sony laptops a lot and cannot guide through the disassembly process, but in general you’ll have to go through the following steps:
    1. remove all screws and devices from the bottom of the laptop
    2. remove the keyboard and keyboard bezel
    3. remove all screw under the keyboard and disconnect all cables
    4. remove the display assembly
    5. split the laptop case by separating the top cover from the base
    Here are my Toshiba notebook instructions. I understand that your laptop is different, but you can get an idea how to open it up.

  72. I have a Sony Vaio PCG-K25. I opened it up to clean out the fan and when I tried to turn it on, the computer doesn’t turn on. I see the LED light and the power light come one really fast (first is the LED light then the power light). I was wondering if this is a power issue and how I can get it fixed. Thanks

  73. In addition to my previous post, when I plug in the adapter, the LED light doesn’t come on.

  74. Laptop Freak

    Probably there is a loose connection somewhere inside the laptop. To boot any laptop with video you need three main parts: motherboard(with video card), processor and memory. You’ll have to take it apart and check all connections. If you removed the CPU for some reason, make sure it’s seated properly and LOCKED inside the socket. Check if the RAM module is seated properly.

  75. Hi:

    Thanks for your tips. My hard drive is so completely broken (if our guesses were true) that no diagonoze can be ran on it. How can I get to toshiba’s website if I can’t even have get the windows to load up?

    I still couldn’t open the case, so I’m thinking about sending it to someone for change of harddrive. Do you by any chance know a reliable source for Sony laptops? Are there any universal harddrives that works with Sony Vaoi T240P?



  76. Laptop Freak

    You’ll have to use another working computer to download and create a bootable floppy/CD disk with Hitachi DFT utility. After that you boot your laptop from the created media and run the diagnostic test. If the hard drive in your laptop is bad, it will fail the test.
    Most laptops have 2.5″ hard drives and they are kinda universal but I think your laptop might be different. According to the laptop specifications, it’s a pretty small computer and I think you might have a special small 1.8″ hard drive inside, that’s an expensive one. Take a look at the picture on this site. On the left side you’ll see a regular 2.5″ notebook hard drive and on the right side a small 1.8″ form factor drive.
    I’ve searched parts listed for your notebook here and for some reason there are two types of hard drives listed for your model – 2.5″ drive and 1.8″ drive, so I’m not really sure witch one installed inside your machine.
    BTW, I like your website. Very nice photos. 😛

  77. Hi, I have a sony vaio that has a power problem. The adaptor light comes on but does not charge the battery in the computer nor does it allow the computer to start. The computer is fine as long as it has a battery in it, but the battery went dead. When I take the battery out and plug the ac adaptor in and hold the power button down it lights up on the computer and make a funny clicking noise for a second like it wants to start. When I release the botton it stops. Is it my AC adaptor or a loose connection….this happened before once but after playing with it it started to work again….then now its not again. I am about to buy an ac adaptor but am I wasting my money? Thanks

  78. Laptop Freak

    I think it’s possible that you have an adapter related problem. Can you find a voltmeter and measure voltage the adapter puts out? Is it correct voltage? If you cannot test the adapter, the only way to find out what is wrong will be testing the laptop with a known good power adapter.
    Here’s one more thin you can try. You mentioned that the laptop clicks when you power it on. Try removing the hard drive and starting the laptop without it. Do you get any video on the screen without the hard drive installed. In some cases a bad hard drive can halt computer from booting properly.

  79. I have aSony Vaio VGN-FS 115E, which no longer recognises that the battery is installeed. The computer works on the mains, but will not boot up with the battery installed. And when I insert the battery the computer goes into hibernation.

    Any suggestions on how you might be able to correct the problem I have tried a new battery, but it did not work.

  80. i have Sony Vaio FS630 XP Home edition since 9/2005. Last week, PC just froze, couple of ctrl+alt+del and it started to reboot (in cycles) to dos screen prompt but no matter what, it would not start in safe mode nor any other options.
    i took the notebook to a local PC shop, they told me that hard-drive failure (the files are unretievable from the drive). The shop replaced the hard-drive and installed new XP.
    Since i didn’t have Sony’s recovery disc, few features are now not available, as such as mousepad scroll, s-button function, etc…
    What can i do and option do i have to bring the notebook back to original Vaio state?

  81. Laptop Freak

    Is it Sony Vaio VGN-FS630 notebook? I think you should download and install additional utilities such as Sony Notebook Control Device Drivers, Sony Notebook Utilities, Sony Shared Library and Touchpad Driver and Control Utility from here (it’s for Vaio VGN-FS630).
    If you have a different model, select it here and go to the downloads page.

  82. Natalie Fobes


    A few days ago my display on my Compaq Presario R3306 laptop stopped working. If it is in bright sun and angled just right I can see a faint image of the desktop. I was able to print out a few important files.

    Then I tried to hook up my NEC Accusync LCD51V to it. When it was booting up I could see the desktop on the external monitor. When the computer was running the monitor went dark saying no signal was detected.

    I’m new to the PC world having been a Mac person since the ‘eighties so any help would be appreciated.


  83. Please HELP!
    Hello, I have a Sony VAIO laptop and it was working fine. Once however it died when I was using it(it was charging). After it died I took out the battery and waited, turned it back on (without the charger plugged in) and it was working again. Then I inserted the power cable back in and it died straigh off! So now it does it every time, it works without the charger plugged and when I do insert it it dies. Please give me any solution. And I am not a great laptop guy, so cannot do things like clean a fan etc. Give me any solution or web-site with it asap. Thanks for any help.
    My e-mail is

  84. Or please give me a link where the same problem is described. Thanks again.

  85. PLZ help i have a sony vaio vgnfs500. when i try to connect the ac adapter into the laptop its really loose and when i have to hold it down pretty hard or put it in an angle to turn the power on. when i do i have a message come up that says Error: This is not a genuine Sony battery. Your computer will be going into hibernate mode to protect from a possible damage by the battery occurs when using the notebook computer. so i tried leaving it on for a few hours and it wouldnt charge the battery so i was wondering if its the ac connection on the laptop, the battery, or the adapter?

  86. I have noticed alot of similiar sony vaio comments related to an issue I have now. My sony notebook will turn on, but the three lights stay solid like it has defective ram and it won’t boot. Sony replaced the dvd-rw, harddrive and motherboard. The notebook worked for a day, I shut it down and failed to boot again. Last night I opened it up and realized there is a resistance device that will test the resistance of the case pressure against the board. My case is bowed in the middle where this device is located. I press down the required pressure on this device and my system will boot with no problems. I notified Sony of this and they laughed at me at my request to change the case. I dislike Sony, but I hope this will help others out there and maybe someone could tell me how this device works so i can bypass it. Thanx.

  87. puterlady

    I need some hlep with a Sony Vaio model PCG-8Q9L. Sometime it will start and other times it wont. I have brought it down to minimal system start up and added pieces one at a time. I am now starting to reseat the screws on the bottom cover. Now it is back to the same problems. One thing tha I am noticing is that when it is not going to start you can hear the fan kick on and then off again. Of course if it is going to start the fan just starts up. I have looked at the fan connections and they seem to be tight. Any thoughts?

  88. Hi,
    My Sony Vaio notebook (VGN-FS35GP) doesn’t boot up.
    When I turn on the power, the Vaio logo comes up & stays there forever.

    If i press F2 soon after the Vaio logo comes up to enter BIOS setting, the following message shows up:
    Phoenix NoteBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
    CPU=Intel Pentium M Processor 1.86GHz
    512M System RAM Passed
    2048k Cache SRAM Passed
    System BIOS Shadowed
    Video BIOS Shadowed
    Fixed Disk 0: Toshiba MK6025GAS
    MOUSE initialized
    System Configuration Data updated
    Entering Settings…

    and it stays there forever.

    Sometimes when I am lucky, I can get into BIOS, then I reset factory default, then windows can boot up.

    My friends recon it’s the motherboard. I don’t want to replace the motherboard as Sony service center charge $1100 for the replacement plus a $100 upfront fee.

    Is there a way of making sure this is a motherboard issue? Thanks.

  89. Laptop Freak

    Try reseating the memory, move it from one slot to another. Make sure contacts on the memory module are clean.
    Try starting the laptop without the hard drive installed. Does it make any difference? Can you pass the Vaio logo when the hard drive is not installed?
    Maybe you should try reflashing the BIOS?

  90. Hi,

    I just bought a Toshiba satellite M100/E00. it is running vista home prem and everything seems fine except when I capture video from my DV, it keeps dropping the connection (IEEE 1394). I need to unplug the fireware cable and reconnect it again to get back the connection. but later it dropped again. This never happened with my old laptop. I used the same program (Adobe Premier pro 1.5), the same DV and the same fireware cable.

    any ideas?


  91. Laptop Freak

    Make sure you have the latest version of BIOS installed on your laptop.

    Check out the following post:
    My Toshiba Satellite A105 is acting up on me whenever I open either of the Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 or Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
    It’s possible you have a similar issue.

  92. thanks for the reply.

    My adobe works fine. i can edit, export…and capture…the captured the video are in segments though. i need to rejoin them later at the editing stage. it is a bit annoying. could it be a hardware problem? say, loose cable of the fireware socket? can i somehow check that?


  93. thanks for the reply.

    My adobe works fine. i can edit, export…and capture…the captured the video are in segments though. i need to rejoin them later at the editing stage. it is a bit annoying. could it be a hardware problem? say, loose cable of the fireware socket? can i somehow check that?

  94. Laptop Freak

    The FireWire post is attached directly to the motherboard and there is not cables between the socket and the motherboard. If you have a bad port, you’ll have to replace the motherboard. Take if to the authorized repair center and if your laptop is still under warranty, they will replace it at no charge.
    You have an option of using a FireWire PCMCIA card.
    I’ve published your question here.

  95. Hi:

    I’m having an intermittent power issue with a VAIO VGN-FS640. Last Friday it began shutting down on it’s own. Several times when a reboot was attempted, it was just dead – no lights, no noise, nothing. Yet, a couple of times, the laptop has gone through a successful start-up, only to shut itself down again a short time later.

    I actually have two of these machines (mine and my boss’s) so I’ve easily isolated the problem to the laptop itself, not the battery or AC Adapter.

    I suspect a problem with the battery contacts or perhaps a short somewhere???

    Any advice on where to go from here is greatly appreciated.

  96. hi
    i have a toshiba tecra a3 cel-M 360 laptop and it was all working perfectly fine until recently. i use microsoft office 2003 and lately it has stopped working. i tried uninstalling it and re-installing office but it just wont work. if i click “microsoft word” the start up screen appears and it just freezes on that screen. i can run other programs and applications but that start up screen for microsoft word remains frozen on top of my wallpaper. i was told that the hardrive could possibly be faulty but im not sure. any help please? also, the last thing i wanted to ask is, if this problem is repairable and i wanted to sell it.. what is a reasonable price that i could sell it for? (details: 1.4ghz, 256 mb, 40gb hdd, 15″ windows XP. excellent condition, with carry bag. i have had the laptop for 1.5 years)

  97. Laptop Freak


    I actually have two of these machines (mine and my boss’s) so I’ve easily isolated the problem to the laptop itself, not the battery or AC Adapter.

    There must be something wrong with the motherboard. If you cannot start the laptop from the AC adapter when the battery is removed then this problem is not related to battery contacts. Most likely you’ll have to replace the motherboard.

  98. Laptop Freak

    Take a loot at this post. Installed software freezes laptop.

  99. No, with this model there is no way to run the laptop from just the AC adapter with the battery removed. The power must go through battery first. Stupid design if you ask me, but…

  100. i have a vaio pcg-k25. some times the screen just turn crazy. it tears.. like tv with out signal but this has some miss match colors and scratches from left to right. i restore it and it work fine for some times it went back after a couple of good runs for couple of weeks. it sometimes comes on and works well. and sometimes it just flips while i am using it. sometimes it starts gradually.


  101. My Sony vaio screen doesn’t turn on, but everything else works. I am afraid that the screen burned out. The power adapter light is on as well as the other three small lights on the keyboard. The CD drive works fine.

    When I hit the power button, I hear a few beeps. It seems as if the computer is on, but I just can’t get my screen to appear.

    Should I just take out the batter pack and adapter and let it sit for a few days?

  102. Laptop Freak


    When I hit the power button, I hear a few beeps.

    It’s possible your laptop beeps because it has bad memory. Do you know how many memory stick you have in the laptop? If you have two modules, remove them one by one and test them in each memory slot. This way you can find the bad one.
    Can you test the laptop with an external monitor attached and see if you can get external video?

  103. Andy Mentzer

    I have a Sony Vaio PCG-7G2L.Ater 2 !/2 years of faithful service it stopped powering up. Push the power button and I get only a flicker from the power and hard drive LED. The last time it powered up , the screen was very dim. Thinking it was just in “ultimate battery ” mode which dims the screen to conserve battery power, I proceeded to brighten the screen,to no avail. I shut down the computer through the start menu. After being dormate for about a week I plugged it back in using ac power and the battery led flashed brightly but did not power up. Since then its only given me the flicker of the power and hard drive LED. “this is my most desparate hour, help me Obi-Wan-Kenobi, you’re my only hope”

  104. Hi,

    I have a strange problem of LCD appearing white. I have sony Vaio FE880E/H model. Recently when I hibernated my laptop and tried to start again it just displays white screen. Although i could figure out that OS is working fine based on the background sound when it comes alive. I can do nothing as I cant see anything in the background. I tried hard shut down, but still nothing happens. Please suggest me a solution. Thanks a lot.

  105. Sam Modonpour

    Hello, Some guys had power problem with Sony K Series, fourchenately these models have a seperate power boards which can be replaced easily. Also Some Sony laptops that use ATI Radeon 9200 video chip runs very hot and after a while they get lose connections under the ATI BGA Chip which is very close to the memory slots, if the laptop turns on and NO screen, try to push the memory slots and turn it on at the same time, you should get a screen, if this is the case you can use a a hot air station (ie: Weller WR3M) to reheat the BGA CHIP and fix the loose connection.

  106. Dear Laptop Freak:

    I’m experiencing the same problem as the initial issued on this post. I have a Vaio Z1 model PCG-Z1WA. Recently it refuses to turn on. Once in a long while, it would suddenly turn on again.

    I thought it might be a bad CMOS battery so I decided to open up the laptop and look. I was unable to locate one.

    When I try to start the computer, the like of the power button turns on along with the bluetooth and the wireless light. However, it appears that no power is flowing through the main board. I come to this conclusion because 1) the fan of the video card does not spin, and 2) I don’t hear any sound from the hard drive.

    One thing that can contradict that assumption is that the light of dvd room works and it opens just fine.

    I have tried removing the battery and using only the AC Adapter but it doesn’t seem to do much.

    Any suggestions? Thanks for your input.

  107. Laptop Freak

    Could be memory related problem.
    Do you know if the laptop has two memory modules installed? Try removing modules one by one and test the laptop with each memory module separately. It’s possible that one of the RAM modules is bad. If you have only one module installed, try reseating it and then replacing it with a known good one. In cases like reseating/swapping/replacing the memory module is the first thing to try.

  108. LaptopFreak,

    It seems like the memory is built-in :-/

  109. Hi,

    I have a strange problem of screen appearing small. I have sony Vaio.I format system and instal a fresh copy of XP it showing small screen than regular screen.before format everything is fine.but formating i got this problem. plz help me…………….?

  110. Hi,

    I have such problem:
    I have the Sony Vaio FE880E/h model. It has Intel 945 GN and Nvidia GeForce 7400 hybrid video card. After Vista reinstalling computer can’t see this Nvidia card.I heard, that I have to turn it on somehow, but I don’t know how.Please help me!!!

  111. i have the same power on problem with my vaio. disconnect the laptops mousepad ribbon from the motherboard and it will magically startup again. this worked for me… when i opened mine up and disconnected the ribbons i forgot to reconnect the mousepad and it started up. i realized the mouse wasn’t working so i checked and saw that i forgot to reconnect it. i connected that ribbon again and the computer wouldn’t power on. so i disconnected it again, and wah-laa the computer powered up! so try that and see if it works for you

  112. Hi,
    Sony Vaio PCG – 8Q8M here, the machine spawned from the devil sony refuses to work, when i press the power button, the battery light flickers, wireless flickers and the power led comes on but like a car that just wont turn over it makes all the right noises and flatters to deceive then doesnt come on, the lights stay on except the hard drive light which doesnt.

    This is a bit naughty but in frustration that would chill the spine of an angel I slammed the cursed machine down onto the table and lo and behold the &%*$*%£ machine started, it was going all long fine till it for a few hours when the updates kicked in it restarted then like bacon in fat camp it just disappeared, vanquished into the black screen abyss and then the same pattern of lights came back to haunt me Power, Wireless and battery all one except the hard drive.

    Please help or else the next person i meet called Sonny gets it. Thank you.

  113. hi my computer -hp- refuses to turn on. when i press the on button all it does is that it makes the lightning picture thingy light up – me and my dad have tried evrything (exept take the battery out)so any way it just not gona start and we have cheked and we r not sure if it is the cable or the laptop because the cable well im not sure about that but anyway do you have any asnwers-suggestions that would help me – im 12 so i dont exactly no -evrything- about computers

  114. oh and with the last 1 i posted the -hp-laptop his had 1 problem before were i was playing a game and it shut down so then i waited like a month to get it fixed – i realy do think the pplz that wrk at the computer stores are idiots and know little more about computers then we do =)

  115. reicheruchan

    I had this problem! I do not use battery. When I am using my laptop, I use AC power. This morning, I turned on the AC power and pressed the Power indicator. Nothing happened! It was like the laptop went dead… I turned the AC power on and off several times, plugged the AC power cable in and out several times and even use the battery. However, the laptop refuse to start up (The laptop indicates that the AC power was on when it was switched on). After many attempts, it finally start up and working fine. Then when I turn it off, I had the same problem again (Can’t turn on laptop). I do not know what went wrong. Yesterday, it was working fine. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? Thank you.

  116. I have a Sony Vaio laptop. First thought virus with random shut down. Then harder and harder to reboot. Did scans, nothing, tried to delete upgrades selectively, problem got worse. Did restore from recovery disc, seemed to help but not solved. As I reinstalled updates, got worse yet. Bought new battery as seemed to run off a/c but that was also intermittant.

    Symptoms: Sometimes just get power lights, then maybe Vaio Logo, next time might get both and blinking cursor. If it gets past that it will go to Windows screen and that only has hung a few times. Then I get; blank, blue screen-winlogon failure, or ATPI not compatable. So I shut down and then try to boot up.

    The boot does not respond to the keyboard, i.e. F2, F8, F7 but about 5% of the time. If it does come up safe mode or BIOS, the computer won’t respond to the keyboard to do amything so I shut down, wait 1 min to 24 hours and try again. Each time it is different, like playing roulette, what this time.

    If it enters hibernation, I have to reboot from cold 20-30 times to get bootup. Smae if I do cold shutdown when computer hangs when shutting down. Did safe boot, seems to work 90% but still hangs on occassion either shutting down or re-booting.

  117. Andy Mentzer

    After resolving myself to the fact that I may need a new Motherboard, I tried one last time. After removing the back panel screws. I flipped it back over and hit power. The damn thing popped on. I couldn’t fracking believe it. It seemed there was a short somewhere (didnt go much further since it works perfectly now)
    in the lower right section directly behind the audio jack. If I put the screws back, it stops again. When I have the time I’ll do some detailed repairs. As for now, with the screws out ,it works

  118. Laptop Freak

    First of run diagnostic tests for memory and hard drive.
    You can use Memtest86+ for memory and Hitachi’s DFT for the hard drive. Links to both utilities you’ll find in “Useful Links”. Could be just memory related issue.

  119. I have a vaio vgn-t250. When I push the power button, the light turns on, the wifi and bluetooth lights turn on, it beeps twice, like it normally does when it starts. The cd drive spins, and will open if I push the button. The screen stays blank, though. I don’t think it is a problem with the lcd, because it dosent make any sounds like it’s booting up, or the vaio bios sound.
    If I twist the laptop in a certain position and put pressure on it, it will boot normally, but will freeze, go black or give an error and restart if I let go.

  120. I had almost same problems, I followed laptop freak’s advice. Downloaded the HD test from his links, had about a half day to get computer to finally get through reboot to start in dos and but it found errors and fixed them. I still have intermittent problems but only 2-3 tries to boot up, usually shuts down now and reboots almost every time. Also comes out of hibernation most of the time.

  121. Patricia

    my sony vaio had the number loc on plus the other two keys and the mute key lit, i am a novis so i decided to take out the battery and unplug the adapter from the wall i waited about 30 minutes and i plugged it back in and placed the battery in and the lights went off but, the key board is not responding. when i open up a word document and begin to type nothing happens. what did i do? or what is going on? and how can i repair this?

  122. Dear cwjr

    I had the same problem .. I tried to disconnect the mousepad ribbon .. The laptop starts up ..

    I lift the main board and checked the mousepad cable .. it not fitted correctly .. I re-connect it .. and all things work now correctly ..

    Thank you 🙂

    >cwjr Says:
    >November 28th, 2007 at 12:46 am
    >i have the same power on problem with my vaio. >disconnect the laptops mousepad ribbon from the >motherboard and it will magically startup again. this >worked for me… when i opened mine up and disconnected >the ribbons i forgot to reconnect the mousepad and it >started up. i realized the mouse wasn’t working so i >checked and saw that i forgot to reconnect it. i >connected that ribbon again and the computer wouldn’t >power on. so i disconnected it again, and wah-laa the >computer powered up! so try that and see if it works >for you

  123. I have a Sony T250. It is making a whirling noise, the keypad will not work and the speakers are not working.
    I have restored it, but it nothing to fix problems. Could this be the motherboard?? Do you know an estimate of the cost of a motherboard for this small unit and where I could locate one? If this is the problem.
    Thanks for your assistance

  124. Laptop Freak

    Do you know if the whirling noise comes from the cooling fan or from the hard drive?
    You can try this. Remove the hard drive, start the laptop and try entering the BIOS setup menu by pressing Esc, or F1, or F2 (not sure witch one on Sony laptops). Can you do that?

    If you can enter the BIOS menu, apparently the keyboard still works. In this case you might have a software/hard drive (if it makes noise) related problem. Replacing the hard drive and reinstalling OS may help.

  125. ok…i have a similar problem with my vaio pcg k25. I mainly use the ac adapter as my power supply, rarely using my battery. today…i plugged in the ac and turned it on, and it started…but shut down, not recognizing the ac adapter. the green led light on the adapter is on, but the recharging, or ac led light on my laptop won’t acknowledge that the ac adapter is plugged in. the led light that normally flashes when recharging my battery won’t turn on either. but i should reiterate…it will turn on when using the battery power, but there is no way to recharge it at this time.
    what can i do? i should also mention i’m a poor college student, and my laptop is definitely out of warranty. ugh

  126. awesome_egyptian

    Hi, I had a problem with the sound before and got help from you…it still doesnt work…but now I got a worse problem…my hp dv6000’s power button doesn’t work very well. At first you pressed lightly on the button and the computer turned on but now you have to press extremely hard on the button and sometimes it works and the computer turns on and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. When I press the quickplay button the dvd player on my laptop turns on and it works just fine but not my laptop because i have a problem with the button. I opened the computer and tried to see if maybe the problem was coming from the power button not touching the chip but after we put the computer back together I haven’t been able to turn the laptop on. Is there any way to turn the laptop on without the power button like by some hotkey for example?? Thank you very much for your help and time.

  127. Laptop Freak


    Is there any way to turn the laptop on without the power button like by some hotkey for example??

    Nope, in order to turn on the laptop you have to press on the power button, there is no hotkey. It sounds that the power button on your laptop is dead.

  128. My dell inspiron starts absolutely froze it will not even leave the loading page. All it starts with is, inspiron e1505 is reading this computer system,”—– ” is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access the data on this computer without the correct pass word. Please type in the system or administrator password and press .

  129. alicia

    in reply to awesome_egyptian, i also have a hp dv6000 my sound stop working and now my power button stop working. the only way it will turn on is by pressing the on button, then pressing the quickplay icon on the power strip. hit the hp sign. wait a minute. different icons will come up dvd, music, pics, or windows. click on windows. it will hybernate, then hopefully boot up.

  130. Dear Sir,
    I hava Dell Inspiron 5150 and very strange problem on it. Recently DVD-RW stopped responding and I replaced it with my old DVD-rom . Everything works fine except I can’t boot from DVD-rom because BIOS doesn’t see it. Once Windows is loaded DVD-rom works perfectly. I tryed everything but no success :(. It looks that DVD-rom is on Primary IDE channel and HD on the secondary (secondary master). Couldn’t get reading for DVD-rom, don’t know if it’s primary master or slave…….
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Cheers from Sydney-Australia

  131. VGN-B88GP.

    Drops dead ALL THE TIME (No lights, nothing/nada/zip!)
    It has had a few issues in our time together – battery, power jack and *other*.

    For a long time now it’s just been this one same recurring issue. (Though I can strip that badboy in mere seconds these days!)

    On page 14.
    1) -second pic. *Take note the black LCD cable.

    Okay then skip to
    Page 16.
    1) -second pic. *There’s a piece of white tape running horizontally (almost dead center of the pic). Mine has a big crease in it!! The little doobie the tape is stuck to is always pushed down.

    Normally I just push it back up again, (so the tape straightens out) and put it all back together again and away she goes. In the last couple of times it’s finally clicked – that the LCD cable (which would move as the lid opens and closes) is more than likely to blame. This time around I was going to secure that sucker. But it’s not the problem this time!! ARGH!!

    I *think* the problem is still over in amongst those ribbons somewhere… How would I know this?(ie. What should ribbons, connectors and stuff look like. Or not look like?)
    (Man I hate Sony!!) Are there any (free) resources that deal with these crappy things at all??

    (You’re good Laptopfreak 🙂 but you don’t deal with Vaios. Wouldn’t it be sad if someone who doesn’t even touch the stupid things was the best us poor wretches cursed with vaios had?? Makes me want to cry sometimes, I tell ya.)

    It’s also possible that I’ve (finally) shorted the board. How would I know??

    Thank-you for your precious time and marvellous site!
    Take it easy 🙂

  132. Andrew

    I have a Sony Vaio Laptop GR-370. It’s a travel computer so it only gets used sporadically. Had some problems with the OEM battery holding it’s charge so we replaced it with an aftermarket and everything worked well.

    Then the other day we went to use it and nothing. No power, no lights, dead. Popped the battery out and tried staring it from the ac power cord and still nothing. Going by the rule of check the least costly part 1st, I replaced the ac power cord. But it is still dead.

    Any suggestions, thoughts or ideas ? Thanks !!

  133. I just got a Sony Viao model PCG=6D1L and the hard drive was removed because it crashed, the hard drive was a Toshiba MK6025GAS. I want to buy a new hard drive for this and the hard drive connector is missing. Question 1. where can I get a connector (cable) to connect the hard drive? Question 2. Once installed what software will I beed to fet this computer running? I don’t have any of the original software.

    Please respond.
    Thank You

  134. Santiago

    Hi, I have a problem with a Sony Vaio VGN – N30G someone brought it to me to fix it. He said the problem was that the computer was turning off by itself however. that never happened to me, but i did had to change the hard drive & ram . and it was working fine until i closed everything back again. then is when it started to turn off by itself.I even was testing it before closing it and it wwas working fine. However after i put all the screws back in and the keyboard (I did have some trouble putting the keyboard back in since it just woudlnt stayed locked) then the problem started. I took everything out again nd again it was working fine. but now it just stopped working the Led turns on but the screen is blank i havent seen the fan working but i did hear it working before. any help would be appreciate it
    best regards

  135. RuskiVixen

    Have the same problem. Had this machine repaired six times last year. The people at the repair place last time told me not to bring it, as they cannot figure out what is wrong with it. Cannot say how disappointed I am.

  136. Hi ,

    I have a Sony Vaio Laptop PCG-7k1L (VGN-FJ270 Series)since 2 years, My lil son forecebly placed it on the ground with a shake when the system was on.

    Then it was hannged, no action for any key strokes ctr+alt+del etc. Then i truned off by pressing power button. When i tried to turn on with Power button, led light, power light, battery ligh comes but no action. screen is completely blank, no noice, fan is also not moving.
    I tried with only AC adapter with out battery , same problem.

    Could you please let me know what could be the fix?


  137. Hi, i have the same problem, aand some of your suggestions help, my sony viao laptop is about 2-3 years old, and it would randomly turn off, sometimes while i was doing important stuff, sooo what i did was un-attach the battery, and unplug the power cord, and then plug the cord back in, and it turned on, i think i will try and buy a new battery.
    hope that helps some people out

  138. Tim, did you ever solve your problem? I think I may have the same one.

    Today my Vaio didn’t start up until I plugged the AC in. It runs fine off the adapter, but tells me “On AC Power”. It won’t run without the adapter with either of the two batteries I have. The battery contacts are clean.

    Anyone else have this or have any clue how I’d solve it?

    Cheers, Edmondo

  139. Hi Guys,
    I have a problem when I unplugged AC from my Vaio VGN-880E. My screen starts to blink. When I plugged in AC it stops to blik. And whenever I restart my pc without AC power it works normal, LCD screen not blinks.But whever I plug and unplug AC adapter it starts again.
    Anyone else have this or have any clue how I’d solve it?

  140. Wonder if I could ask for an opinion. I have a Sony Vaio VGN-T270P laptop from 2005. Up until 4 days ago, it was working perfectly. Now, I get perpetual system reboots. Cannot load into Safe Mode, command prompt, etc. Tried a Linux boot CD to recover my data, that doesn’t work either … it just hangs at the splash screen. Ran Memtest … huge numbers of errors (over 3,000,000 just in the first 5 tests!). I’m leaning towards a memory problem, but need to figure out if the problem is with the onboard memory (512M) or the memory module (512M). So I pulled the module, but the system wouldn’t start. It won’t even run with the Memtest boot CD. With the module pulled, I don’t even make it to the Bios splash screen. I put the module back in, and get to where I was earlier.

    My questions are:
    (1) Does this likely mean my onboard memory / mobo is the problem?
    (2) Is there anyway to confirm this without taking it to a repair centre and being charged $150 to “diagnose” the problem.

    As an FYI, no new hardware or software was installed. The last thing I did before the failure was check my email.


  141. Hello my name is Erik and i have a sony vaio VGN-FS500 and when i shut it down it went off like always now when i went to boot it up the vaio screen didnt even show it acted like there wasnt even a hard drive in it or any thing. like i will hit the power button and itll get power the hard drives getting power but nuthing is popping up on the screen i cant even access the bios. help would be great if any one could help just message me at imthedisterbedone @ hotmail dot com please i need help

  142. Laptop Freak


    i have a sony vaio VGN-FS500 and when i shut it down it went off like always now when i went to boot it up the vaio screen didnt even show it acted like there wasnt even a hard drive in it or any thing. like i will hit the power button and itll get power the hard drives getting power but nuthing is popping up on the screen i cant even access the bios.

    1. Turn off the laptop, unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery. Wait for a few minutes. Plug the power adapter back and try turning it on.
    2. Could be memory problem. Try reconnecting the memory module. Do you know if you have two modules installed in your laptop? Try removing them one by one.

  143. yes i have 2 512mb but When I push the power button, the light turns on, the wifi and hard drive lights turn on like it normally does when it starts. The cd drive spins, and will open if I push the button. The screen stays blank, though. I don’t think it is a problem with the RAM, because it dosent make any sounds like it’s booting up, or the vaio bios sound.
    If I twist the laptop in a certain position and put pressure on it, it will boot normally, but will freeze, go black or give an error and restart if I let go.

  144. Laptop Freak


    yes i have 2 512mb but When I push the power button, the light turns on, the wifi and hard drive lights turn on like it normally does when it starts. The cd drive spins, and will open if I push the button. The screen stays blank, though. I don’t think it is a problem with the RAM, because it dosent make any sounds like it’s booting up, or the vaio bios sound.

    That description sounds like a possible memory issue. When you have a faulty memory module or bad connection or defective memory slot, laptop turns on but there will be no video or sound.
    Can you easily access RAM modules? Try reconnecting them. Remove them one by one and test the laptop with each module in each slot. This way you can find a faulty module.

    If I twist the laptop in a certain position and put pressure on it, it will boot normally, but will freeze, go black or give an error and restart if I let go.

    Also sounds like a possible memory problem.

  145. ok well i took it to some pros so i hope they can fix it

  146. Laptop Freak

    Let me know what was wrong.

  147. will do

  148. hay i was wondering i have to get a new mother board and i was wondering is a intel centrino 1.8ghz a good processor

  149. I have a problem turning on my laptop, when I switch on my laptop the light is green ok but the screen wont turn on. i try switch off the laptop and put it back on but the laptop screen will still not turn on, it was working few hour ago i need help?

  150. Johnny

    ok i have a sony labtop (PCG-7X1L)
    dc 19.5v
    ok ive tried taking the batterie out and the ac power source, the putting in the power source a few minutes later, bu tit don twork, my problem is that i push the power button and the labtop will not turn on any other sugestions, and the last time i shut down, i did it properly

  151. Dionisis

    Same here with my VAIO VGN-FE31Z… It will not turn on – no lights – nothing.
    Tried everything no luck.

    It’s a good thing I bought a Mac 1 year ago but still…. it is a pity for my VAIO to go away like that.

    I think the best option is to simply remove the hard drive from the laptop, connect it externally, and then recycle the laptop. It’s sad but probably the most cost-efficient way of doing it + getting your files back.

    God knows how much Sony will be charging for these repairs.

  152. ok this happend to my vaio laptop so after 30 mins or so i figured out tht my ac adpeter charger was not working like it was pluged in and stuff so i kept on going tio differnt outlets they worked for awhile then it died again and i took out the battery and justt fliped it aorund a couple times then it worked tht will help u and if it does work ffor u and u if u play habbo hotel on uk can u send me fruni or credz plz user name xsx25

  153. i have a HP G60 which i bought around 6 or 7 months ago. just a few months ago all of a sudden it kept turning off by itself, especially when i watch videos/movies on the laptop and when i burn things. it takes a while to completely shut down but when it does all i have to do is wait around 10 mins or so and it works fine unitl i watch or burn things again. i am not sure what to do any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    thank you.

  154. I have had this exact same problem, but I can attribute both situations directly to the use of a DC adapter on an airplane. In both instances, I couldn’t power on my Vaio laptop, regardless of whether or not the battery was installed or keeping it out for several hours. Each time it wasn’t until hours later, 12 in one instance, 48 in another, that the laptop would power up. Right now I’m just grateful that it’s working again, but it’s damned inconvenient, and I’d certainly like a solution that doesn’t involve not using the DC adapter.

  155. vgnfw235j is the laptop i have and it just died as i came back from school.. I took the battery out and had it unplugged. I waited a minute or so, in this time i pressed the power button to drain whatever energy was left in the circuitry and after i just fliped it back over and placed the battery back in. as i tried to turn it on, the green light came on but only for a second and turned off again any suggestions?

  156. Laptop Freak


    as i tried to turn it on, the green light came on but only for a second and turned off again any suggestions?

    Maybe the AC adapter is dead and battery doesn’t have enough charge to start the laptop.
    Test the AC adapter with a multimeter or test your laptop with another adapter.
    Replacing the AC adapter might fix the problem.

  157. I have a VAIO VGN-N11M with a strange problem. It was given to me to look at as it was dead, so i stripped it down to just the mobo and it still wouldnt work, so i disconected the CMOS battery for a few minutes and hey presto it powers up and runs windows fine when put back together. But as soon as the as the AC power is plugged in, it switches the comp off and you have to disconnect the CMOS again. Ive tried a different battery and a different AC adapter to no avail. Also tried a bios update for good measure but had no effect. If ayone has had a similar issues please reply.


  158. i have my sony laptop model vgn-cs115j. i turn it on around 15 second then it turn off by self with no reason. i try to cleaned heat sink and cooling fan but still had no effect . i take out battery and use ac adapter by self still shutting down with no reason but ac adapter light still grean. i dont think ac adapter or battery have problem. anyone known what is wrong ?

  159. Scott Wayne

    I’ve seen this problem with a Vaio laptop I had in for repair and it drove me nuts. I invested way too many hours and questioned my repair and problem solving skills more than once. I swore I’d never work on a Vaio again. Turns out the Sony Vaio laptops have switch in the LCD top cover latch to prevent it from being powered on when the lid is closed. The laptop I was working on had a broken cover latch and just depending on the position of the broken latch, the switch would engage or disengage. Hence the intermittent ability for the laptop to power on.

  160. never buy a sony laptop its is costly and does not give the service at all waste product

  161. are the latches that hold the screen to the body broken, theres a switch inside the holes, try pressing it. it worked for me with a similar problem.

  162. i can see that I am not the only one having problems with a Sony VAIO VGN-N11M/W, my problem is that ones I start the computer the VAIO Bios screen frizzed in it and Windows never start. i must switch off the laptop and wait until it cools down and the try again. 90% of the time the computer works fine, but it is a pain every time that I must restart. and probably soon the laptop will stop working.

    Sony DOES NOT take any responsibility for this defect that I consider design defects and they must replace the laptop. at the end of the day, I spend a plus for a quality product and brand that doesn´t take it responsibility. sorry Sony no more products from you!

  163. Boise LCD

    Found this site while searching for a solution to a dead Sony VIAO VGN-N230E. Unit was completely dead with no signs of life.

    I stripped it down to nothing (or should I say LOTS of little things) and reseated CPU and RAM to no avail.

    Unplugged CMOS Battery without luck.

    Checked voltage from adapter up to the MBD and it was good.

    I had the black lead to ground terminal where the power wires first hit the board. Not that it really matters I don’t think. Any place that’s grounded SHOULD work the same.
    I put the red lead to one of the legs of the power button to see if power was going up to it. This pulled it low and made it start up. The button operates as normal afterward, until the power is disconnected from the unit and plugged in again. Simply pulling that pin low again does the same thing every time. I’m not sure why this is happening like this. But I also don’t know what’s inside of an Oscar Meyer Weiner…. so I think I’ll just rig something up to make it edible… i mean usable.
    (ie. solder a wire from the button pin and run it outside the case so I can ground it out when I need to.)

    I’m going to wrap this SONY VIAO in duct tape for a true jimmy rigged look and feel. Then I’ll take it with me on the city bus everyday and tell people what a piece of sh*t Sony laptops are, and show them what they can expect if they decide to buy one.

  164. Boise LCD

    The POWER button leads had bad solder joints (they were reflowed)
    And while I had it open, I decided to change out the one and only SMD capacitor on the MBD, just for fun.

    but i’m still going to duct tape it.

  165. rokiman555

    same as my VAIO VGN-FZ160E… it won’t turn on, and no any light indications. just went to my local service depot and ask for $75 in Canadian dollars just for evaluation, and it will add up if there is any additional cost…… Maybe I shouldn’t trust SONY too much for their technology and paid for their expensive piece of garbage.


    I bought this Vaio NR series notebook about a year and a half ago and it was working fine until just a few days ago while I was typing an email suddenly everything just powered completely off.

    I tried turning everything off and on and it would not respond. No lights, no nothing, it was like a brick. So I removed the battery because I was thinking I had a short in the charge, but still nothing. I tried it again and that time it worked, I chalked it up to maybe I didnt quite do the whole battery thing right.

    Well just tonight while writing an email, I had the SAME problem. Except this time it refused to turn back on. So I took the battery out completely and STILL NOTHING… I absolutely HAD to get to the email I was writing (I had very intelligently decided to do it in Word for SAVING and recovery purposes – thank gooodness!) and after waiting a few minutes- this time much longer than the last.. it came back on. But that time i didnt have the battery in it at all and used the AC.. I usually keep it plugged in anyways.

    I have turned it off and on several times tonight and its seems to be working…well for now. WHAT kind of CRAP machine is this?

    I remember when a computer would last for damn near a DECADE.. now they crash and burn after less than 2 years?

    Your problem sounds almost the same, but I am willing to bet that they would not be able to find it either.

    This would not be a big problem for me because I bought an IMAC around the same time.. The only thing is.. this piece of crap died COMPLETELY on me only after owning it for 3 months! YES I SAID a two thousand dollar computer DIED after 3 MONTHS!

    It was still under warranty so Apple had to fix it… but heck, I consider this machine a LEMON. This just gives more credence to fact that these machines are designed to die after a relatively SHORT I mean SHORT period of time and we are just being ripped off!

    Now wonder how long either of them will hang before one or the other drops out again!

    Where is the integrity in the customer/business relationship?

    Well if anyone has had the same problem as me and figured out EXACTLY what it could be.. please post. I surely don’t need to be in the middle of something that important again when that happens.

  167. Laptop Freak

    Turn on the laptop and when it starts wiggle the power tip inside the socket. At the same time look at the power LED. Will if flash when you wiggle the power tip? I’m thinking maybe you have a problem with the power socket (power jack). Maybe the laptop turns off because it’s not getting any power from the AC adapter and it runs until the battery is drained.

    Aslo, listen for the cooling fan. Does it spin? Maybe the laptop shuts down because of overheating. Does it feel very hot on the bottom?

    I remember when a computer would last for damn near a DECADE.. now they crash and burn after less than 2 years?

    I think it happens because manufacturers trying to make it cheaper and using cheaper materials. These days you can buy a brand new laptop for $400-500.
    A decade ago a brand new laptop cost at least $1000.

  168. crispychris

    My sister gave me her Sony Vaio VGN-SZ2XP/C which had taken to turning off randomly and ignoring the “on” button until battery and and power had been unconnected and reconnected. It seems to happen to lots of Sony Vaio owners. There is a link which discusses this issue, and a russian guy who replaces capacitors on the MB. I cant believe that a Vaio (expensive) could be such a piece of junk, and that Sony don’t acknowledge it on their website- Why isn’t there a class action lawsuit going on in the US?

  169. hi guys,

    i know everyone is having problems with the sony vaio laptop not turning on, same here… i went down to see a friend about this problem, he opened up the laptop and the problem was the ram was loose… now it works fine..

  170. Selenite

    Wow! I guess everyone is having problems with the Sony VAIO laptop. Mine stopped working on me after 3 days of not using it. The power button will not work, but the battery light flashes whenever I plug it to power. I tried to do the normal stuff and unplug the battery and try without it but nothing. Thanks for posting all the comments, I’m going to try them and never again will I buy a Sony VAIO and people will know my experience with this stupid laptop.

  171. I’m so sick of my Sony Vaio (VGN-NR398D). First I had problems with it just turning off without any notice & then 4 months ago it just wouldn’t turn on. This happened for no reason at all, I didn’t drop it or anything. It just wouldn’t turn on. I brought it into a repair shop & $270 later it was fixed. Appearantley I needed a new hard drive. Now this morning I woke up to the same problem, it won’t start. The power light comes on but the screen is black. I tried pluging it out & removing/replacing the battery. This laptop is less than 2 yrs old & it has been a less than ideal laptop ownership relationship so I have no intention of spending another penny on this Sony dud. It’s definitely time to get a Mac Book. But it sucks that $1000 can’t buy you more than 1 1/2 yrs of substandard laptop service.

  172. Pierluigi

    I have using laptops since 1990 and the Sony VAIO is BY FAR the worst piece of crap I have ever seen in my life. I have paid 1400 Euros for it and it gave only trouble, falling apart almost instantly in many places. Yes I have had this power up problem many times and finally it stopped responding altogether.

    Even the paint will fade soon! I am just giving up and I will buy a Compaq and stay away from Sony for the rest of my life.

  173. Elizabeth

    I seem to be having a similar problem, I bought a compaq presario cq50 almost two years ago during black friday. I mistakenly kept it plugged in almost every time I used it and suddenly started having an issue. My computer gives me a message during starting up that tells me the battery needs replaced. My screen also flickers completely white at times. The issue with the battery started in Jan. It doesnt carry any type of charge and if I leave it go dead accidently it will turn off for days. Do I spend money to fix the battery if that is the issue..or do I buy an entirely new laptop? Can someone please give me some info? I am SO desperate.

  174. Euler D. Graca

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FE660G that is showing a problem that is similar to the above one. Once in a while it will fail to turn on and appear to be dead. The solution I found is simply to temporarily disconnect the internal CMOS battery, which is located on the other side of the motherboard and is unaccessible unless the motherboard is removed from the case. This is very annoying since it has occurred twice already in two weeks. Anyway doing that solved the problem for me when I was about to consider replacing the motherboard ($160-$190 on e-bay). If it persists, I will still try replacing the power adapter, which might be sending very bad power spikes to the notebook.

    Despite all complaints that I have read about these notebooks, I still think they are not too bad and I have certainly seen worse. Perhaps the main reason so many people are having trouble with their notebooks (of whatever brand) is simply because they have become quite popular nowadays and they will soon surpass the desktops.

    Hope someone will find this information helpful.

  175. Please help! I am looking at a friends laptop (Sony Vaio vgn-n11m). It wont power up – no lights, nothing! I have tested the power supply and tried another supply – no different. I want to check the motherboard and power switch, or worst case access the hard disk to recover data but…. I can’t remove the cover/keyboard! I have taken out all visable screws from underneath, but something is keeping the keyboard held down – around the f6 key. I’m sure once I can access the guts of the machine I can solve the problem but it is frustrating me that I cant even get to the hard disk! Any help much appreciated….

  176. Debra

    Does anyone know how to file a class action law suit against SONY. Mine was purchased in 2004 and died in 2006.

  177. Harold Roylo

    Wow, that many problems? Boise LCD seems like the best guide. Will break out my soldering gun and melt my pcg-k33 mbd. very temperamental this sony lappy, must be female… (woops, did i violate t&c)

  178. Exact same problem with my Sony over the last 4 months – will not power up. Just when I give up and about to trash the laptop it starts again.

    It started each time after I had removed the hard drive – about a day wait after that.

  179. So frustrated, had my viao for 2 days and it refuses to switch on. I tried taking out the battery, change the adapter but no response at all. I went for the viao to have a good piece of equipment for work and now that

  180. As for my PCG-9A3N Sony VAIO still wont turn On too, but previously it works, then suddenly after a month it wont turn back on again…
    pls advise if there could be a possible solution so i could troubleshoot my laptop.

  181. I am having a complicated problem (for me!) during some months.

    My problem is similar with Euler’ problem (message down, June 22nd 2010). My laptop sony vaio (VGN-FZ160E) seems to be dead. The unique way to put it “to work” is disconnecting the cmos (RTC battery, that is connected in the mobo) for some minutes and connect again. The computer turn on again for some hours or days, and then back to fail again.

    I dont know what is the problem. Please, I would like to ask some help.
    I’ll be very grateful for any help.

  182. sony_crap

    I have had the sam problem last night with my Sony Viao laptop. I must say though that I have had for more than 4 years ;-). I will try some of the tricks suggested on this forum and hoping for the best. As I am already considering buying another laptop, I will definetly not buy a Sony laptop anymore…

  183. Busalsal

    Accidentally my sister in law found an abandoned Sony laptop at the bus stop where a lot of hobo’s gathering around. She said people around don’t bother to see a precious crap. So! see pick it up and brought to me because no ac adapter (battery look drain out). Darn! same problem like you guys, maybe that’s why the people in the bus stop didn’t take it.maybe they know the history of this crap even the hobos didn’t took to flee market (homeless).The battery was useless too.

  184. Laptop Freak


    Darn! same problem like you guys, maybe that’s why the people in the bus stop didn’t take it.maybe they know the history of this crap even the hobos didn’t took to flee market (homeless).

    LOL. 🙂

  185. Got mine working
    Rattled the locking latch that keeps the screen closed a few times. Pull the latch release and let snap back with the spring a few times and try power on again. Worked on mine. Dust accumulates on this latch and tellsg the computer that the cover is closed preventing the laptop from getting power. Hope this helps.

  186. I have a Sony Vaio z505ls and it will seriously not do ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try and try and try and it still will not turn on, show any lights, and IT WONT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Help me PLEASE!!