Screen flickering a rainbow of colors

I have problem with my screen flickering a rainbow of colors even when I was at the Windows bootup logo. But when i using a video output everything is fine. Any Idea?
I have a Compaq Presario V3000 Series Notebook PC.

The external video works fine, so your problem is not software related. I don’t think it’s motherboard or video card related problem either, otherwise you would get garbled video on the external monitor.

You can have this problem because of:
1. Loose connection between the video cable and the LCD screen. Try reseating connection on the back of the LCD screen.
2. Loose connection between the video cable and the motherboard. Try reseating connection on the motherboard.
2. Bad video cable. Try replacing the cable.
3. Defective LCD screen. Replace the screen.
4. Problem with the motherboard but it’s not very likely.

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  1. Kimberly

    Alright, here is the solution!! I read this on another thread here and was so upset with my Toshiba’s black screen (I am a flight attendant and drag this laptop all over the world and back…I thought I broke it while going through security..where, of course they handle everything with tender loving
    Well I was just about to go online to buy a new laptop because my screen was black when I read a thread on this site and whoever figured this out WAS a genius…

    This is what this person said to do…..

    5) START IT UP..

    It worked immediately…I nearly cried when it started up…We are in a recession right now and the last thing I needed was a laptop repair bill..

  2. I see this issue all the time. Sometimes its the graphics chip. Sometimes its something as simple as the cable being a little loose.
    I had a laptop the other day and the screen would work fine as ling as it wasn’t open very much. As soon as you opened it a little more the screen went into a rainbow of colours and lines.
    When I opened it up, I found four wires broken and touching the metal LCD bracket!

  3. Hello

    I had to replace the lcd screen in my MSI PR210 laptop and having installed it I have what I can only describe as coloured lines flickering across the whole screen. they are very thin and seem to change colour. I can see the windows screen etc but the lines are really annoying!

    I connected the laptop to a monitor and they don’t seem to be on that screen.

    I have checked all the connections and they are all connected correctly – any ideas what could be the problem?

    Thank you

    Cliff Pooley

  4. my dell inspiron 1501 screen will sometimes display a rainbow of lines on the left half of the screen if i move the lid back and forth it stops for a while but will then restart after a couple of minutes. screen going bad , bad cable , loose connection?

  5. Hello.I am encountering problem nowadays on my laptop, Dell XPS 1330.Last week as i turned it on, the LCD becomes gray for too long,so i have to force shutdown it several times.After rebooting it and runs ok,in the middle of my activity,my monitors flicker tremendously then suddenly shut down it self.this scenario is not persistent because last night until now i don’t have that problem.I am still monitoring this problem.What do you think is the problem?I don’t remember dropping my laptop or hitting it hard since it is just safely sitting on my table. Pls advice.Thanks

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