Power adapter has not been charging the battery

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I have a Toshiba Satellite P35-6292. Recently the power adapter has not been charging the battery when the computer is powered on. It will charge it when it is off though. Strangely when I turn on the computer the battery light will go off (indicating in Toshibas that the system is running on battery power only) while the AC power light will remain on. After windows boots up completely the icon signifies it charging for a brief 5 seconds and then reverts back to battery power only. The computer will boot normally with just the battery in. However, when I try just AC adapter with no battery in, the laptop will boot up until the black screen right before the Windows logo normally shows up. Then it will shut off completely. Also note that with just the AC power in I can actually leave the computer on indefinitely with no battery only while I’m in the systems bios. As soon as I try to start windows it will shut off before the logo. I have also tried another Toshiba power adapter but not a different battery. It almost seems like windows is involved with the problem. Any ideas?

Will it make any difference if you boot the laptop into safe mode? May be Windows power management software is screwed up.
Here’s another test. You can boot the laptop from a live Linux CD. I usually use Knoppix CD. If you start the laptop from this CD, it will boot into a Windows-like environment. It loads Linux OS directly from the CD bypassing the hard drive. It’s a good test to find out if you have a software related problem. If the laptop still switches to the battery with the AC adapter plugged, then it’s not software related problem.
You can also reinstall the operating system form the recovery DVD, it will eliminate any software related issues too.
Make sure you the laptop has the latest version of BIOS. Upgrade the BIOS if needed.
The problem also could be related to the power jack.

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  1. Upgraded the BIOS. Booted from the Knoppix cd. System restore. All same results. I figured out I can charge with the ac adapter in hibernation mode though. It doesnt sound like the other power jack problems. Wiggling has no effect. Can it still be it?

  2. Laptop Freak

    that’s a weird problem but I think it still could be a problem with the power jack. I’ve seen that many times before on Satellite A70/A75 notebooks. I would resolder the power jack and see if it makes any difference. If this will not help, then probably you have something wrong with the charging circuit on the system board.
    The battery charges when the laptop is off and also you can run the laptop on the battery power, so most likely the battery itself is OK.

  3. bria mitchle

    i have a toshiba portage 7020ct laptop. one day my battery just up and quit. i don’t know what happened. it seems as if my ac adapter is not charging the battery, even though the battery lihgt indicates full charge.the computer runs fine off of the ac adapter, but if it gets unplugged the computer just turns off instead of switching to battery. i can’t tun the computer on in battery mode either. any ideas? i’ve been troubleshooting everything i could think of for a year and i can’t find andything wrong.

  4. bria mitchle

    hey i’m here again. i used to have [well, technically still have] a dvd player in my laptop. that bit it too, around the same time that my battery fryed. when i try to open up a dvd a message box pops up that says ‘the pins arn’t connected’.

  5. Laptop Freak

    Bria Mitchle,
    I think that you have a “dead” battery, it might happen any time with any laptop.
    Not really sure about “the pins aren’t connected” error. Have you tried reseating the DVD drive?

  6. Yep, hi.
    This is the first site I found when I looked up some keywords, so I’ll take a stab at asking you–

    I have a 3 week old Toshiba Satelite laptop and last night for the second time, it was plugged into the wall and not receiving any power. It depleted the battery charge to 2% and then 1% and then it shut off and we died a little inside. These things aren’t cheap! I dont know whether to contact CIrcuit City or Toshiba, and even if I did, I dont know what to tell them. The power pack gets super hot, and we thought it had something to do with that, but this morning it wouldnt turn on at all.

    Color me miffed to say the least.
    The first thing that comes to mind is a defective power supply, but what if it’s more than that?
    We only use it to play WoW and it’s brand new!


  7. Laptop Freak

    I would take it to Circuit City first and ask them to replace the laptop, not sure if it’s going to work but you can try. Can you see any LED lights when you plug the power adapter? If not, probably you have a dead adapter. BTW, what model you have?

  8. I spent a while searching the net this morning for the exact same problem. The battery charges fine when laptop is off, but when you boot up, the battery light goes out, and the ac light is on, but it runs off the battery, and drains it. Recently I replaced the ac adapter, and bought a generic one, which has voltage settings on it, so it will work with many laptops. The old ac adapter (original that came with the laptop) said the output was 19v dc, so I set this one to 19v. The charging problem was solved by switching the ac adapter to 20v zand now its working fine. It charges the battery whether the laptop is on or off, no problem.

    I was pretty sure it wasn’t a loose solder joint, as the green ac light was always on when the power was plugged in, but apparently there just wasn;t enough power for the laptop, and it would drain the battery at 19v.

    Hope this helps someone else….

  9. Wow you suggest asking for a whole laptop replacement, not just the adapter?
    I remember at least one light glowing at the base of the laptop- orange I think. I didnt get close enough to it to see what it was telling me. That was when it wasn’t turning on at all (and the boyfriend started to fume, so I didn’t push). Honestly can’t remember the model number but can find out for you.

    Also waiting on a response from Circuit City. I mainly asked them about warrantee and whether to contact them or Toshiba directly. Whatever they end up saying, I’ll be bringing it in.
    (although, WTF, it worked fine the rest of the weekend. WEIRD I SAY. I think we left it charging while it was not powered up so it finally got power. ??)

  10. bria mitchel

    what do you mean by dead battery? like i need a new one? and i have no idea how to reset the dvd.

  11. Laptop Freak

    When I buy new stuff, I expect it to work properly and if it doesn’t I take it back to the store and ask for a replacement, of course if the store policy allows it. You said that the laptop suddenly stopped working and then started working again and it’s not a really good sign. If the power adapter fails, it’s usually fails completely, so you might have another problem.

  12. hi i have a hp pavilion zv5000 laptop and i jus wanted to kno what are the symptons of a dead battery cos my battery is pretty old and it was dying but recently it doesnt charge any more it does sometimes when i unplug the battery and plug it back in but only for a extremely short time.This happens when when the laptop is either on or off.

  13. lol last night the screen went black and when the bf restarted it wouldn’t let him connect to the router. LOL OH MAN you should’ve seen his face.

    So yeah, I tried to tell him he had to take it back to the store or that I would do it for him but he is just really frustrated at electronics right now.

    So! I’m workin’ on it!

  14. I’m having the same problem with my Toshiba P105. Did you solve it Rahim?
    Thank you

  15. im having the same problem with my gateway. i can charge it in hibernate, and when its off. otherwise after the windows logo comes up the battery starts depleteing. this is a 1month old laptop. did you solve it?

  16. hi, i have a compaq Presario 700, the laptop just died one day, the chargers light is on but the laptop just wont open.

    please can anyone help me?



  17. Aloysius Indrayanto


    I’ve weird problem with my battery (Acer Aspire 5562WXMi).

    When I use only on battery, from 100% to about 40% the battery discharging normally (last about 1 hour) then suddenly from 40% it drop directly to 2%.

    When I plug the AC coord, it won’t directly charge (the charge LED is still not on). After 10 to 20 minnutes it then start to charge the battery (the indicator say that it can be charged to 100%).

    If I turn-off the laptop and then charge the battery, it won’t also directly charge but the delay is much shorther (maybe just about 1-2 minutes).

    Is this the sign of a bad battery (when hot it can’t be charged?) or maybe a bad AC adapter (not enough power to charge the battery when the laptop is turned on?)

    Note that this symptom is always repeating when I use the laptop.

    Please, I would like to know for some clues.

    Thank you in advance.

  18. rtphokie

    My Compaq Presario M2000 refuses to charge. I’ve replaced the battery with a brand new one and it wont charge either.

    The charging light is on and the power meter tool shows the status as on AC power and charging. However the battery never goes beyond 0%. Battery life is measured in seconds now and the laptop stays plugged in 100% of the time. It doesn’t charge when booted or shutdown.

    I’ve flashed the BIOS and that didn’t help.

    The battery is recognized by the laptop. Removing it while plugged in changes the status to “no battery”

    Any other ideas?

  19. Laptop Freak

    I’ve published your question here, I think you have a bad battery and have to replace it.

  20. My gf is having the same problem with her M55-s3314 laptop… She has the newest bios and that still didn’t solve the problem. If I shut it off let it sit for a min or two.. then it will start to charge when I turn the laptop back on… but when I just let it sit and plug it in, it will still continue to drain the battery…

  21. Laptop Freak

    sounds like a problem with the charging circuit on the motherboard. I’m not familiar with this model, but most likely the battery connects directly to the motherboard. If you replaced the battery, re-flashed the BIOS but it didn’t help, it must be a motherboard related problem.

    Just in case check the voltage output on the power adapter, is it correct? Maybe the power adapter is defective and not working properly. It provides enough power to start the laptop but not enough for charging the battery. It’s just a guess.

  22. I Got A Mestery !!
    my battery is great can go to 100% charge and with some smart manaegment can stand for 4 hours..seems nice but recently i got a stupid charging issue..
    when i plug my acer TM4000 to the power adabtor it starts charging without incresing the percintage for 30 seconds or less then gose to (On AC Power) Mode!!
    i started my freak show by plug it on and off several times and i got the same action..but sometimes i get a normal charge till 100% like old times.
    i got some quetions about that:
    1st. if the adabtor is deffected could i get that problem??
    2nd.having a bad battery can make it too?

    i’m aware about acer power management & i got it while it’s on every condition on ,off & on bios only as well.

    Please i reqire an immediate help…….!!!!!

  23. Laptop Freak

    Can you force the battery to start charging if you wiggle the power plug on the back of the laptop? It feels like you have to find a correct position for the plug and after that the battery starts charging. Can you? Does the battery charges with the laptop is off?
    Sometimes this problem occurs when the power jack doesn’t make a good connection with the motherboard. Maybe the solder that keeps the power jack in place got cracked and there is a bad connection between the jack and board. In this case you’ll have to remove the motherboard and resolder the power jack (www.laptoprepair101.com).

  24. Thank u man…but the problem still whenever is’s on or swiched off…and make sure that i have power on any time…what i realy dought about is The AC adabtor..
    can i have problem like that with a deffected power supply?? look at that :

    power supply plugged = power connected but no charging
    power connected and charging

    note: i’m sure about my battarey condition

    thank u always laptop freak….:)

  25. rtphokie:
    I too have a presario m2000. Actually, the model is a presario m2005us sold at bestbuy. I am posting my delimma so that maybe someone else searching can find some help. After buying two new batteries, I realized that the problem wasn’t the battery. After trying two new AC adapters, I realized that the adaptors wern’t the problem either. The symptoms are that after plugging in the AC power, the battery shows charging for about 30 sec and then switches to ON AC POWER and it the charge level never gets any higher on the battery. The computer will run off of the battery while it lasts, and also off AC power, it just wont charge the battery. HP’s “award winning” tech support had me reset the windows power management by uninstalling the ACPI functions in the hardware manager to no avail. They have recommended replacing the motherboard. By all acounts, the replacement is around 300 dollars if I do it myself. The laptop was 450 brand new. I have ordered a “battery connector” board and am awaiting it’s arrival to see if this will fix the problem. About $20 dollars on ebay. If it does not, then the only other reasonable solution is to buy an external battery charger for this type of battery that looks to be around $70 dollars online, or to not use battery power for this model until it finally gives up the ghost. My question to anyone who might know is this: will replacing the battery connector board fix the problem or do I have to replace the motherboard? Thanks.

  26. Laptop Freak

    I don’t think that the battery connector board will help you to fix your problem. I found an image of this board on ebay and it looks like it’s just some kind of extender witch helps to connect the battery to the motherboard, there is no battery charging circuit on this board.
    If a new battery and adapter didn’t fix this problem, most likely you have a faulty motherboard.

  27. Manucho

    hey, Rod.. we have the same problem. i just wanted to know if what you did after a cuple of months is still working.. cause i already bought a kingston AC adapter )in wich you cant set thee AC outlet) before reading what you writed…. so please i was just wanting to know if it really worked for you..or if you found another answer..
    thanks … I really have to go now cause my battery is almost empty jajajaj!!!

  28. I have a acer 3680 and it will ONLY charge when the computer is powered off. Any idea why this is happening and why you cannot use the computer and charge it at the same time?

  29. I have a problem which sounds a bit like that described by Brian (above).
    I purchased a new laptop a few months ago, and have struggled with an irritating power-supply problem ever since. The supplied battery seems to work reasonably well in two respects: it charges up quite quickly while the machine is switched off and plugged in; and it will sustain about 2 hours of use when the machine is unplugged. If the battery is fully charged, and the machine is powered up with the external power supply connected, it will work fine.

    My problem is that the battery will not charge up from a depleted starting-point (say 50% battery) while the laptop is in use. I can’t switch from relying on battery power to relying on external power supply without restarting the machine.

    Plugging the machine in when battery power begins to get low results in the battery monitor in the ‘tray’ at the bottom right hand of the screen displaying “plugged in and charging” for about 20 seconds only. Then it reverts to “plugged in, not charging” and the battery continues to discharge. Removing the battery at this point results in immediate power loss, and it becomes necessary to startup afresh, with the battery out. Likewise, if I’m using the laptop on the external power supply, and put the (slightly discharged) battery in, it will also switch to battery power without recharging – with the same annoying outcome.

    The machine is a Toshiba Satellite M100, running Windows Vista Home Premium. The battery is a Li-ion Toshiba PA3399U-2BAS. The external power supply is 15V.

    Given that the battery is relatively new, and that it seems to charge up OK when the machine is not in use, I doubt that this is a hardware problem. It could also be a normal limitation of the battery, I suppose, but I find that hard to believe.

    My guess is that the problem is software related, and the fact that the battery does recharge when the laptop is started in ‘safe mode’ or when it is hibernating, seems to back this theory up. But I’ve searched MS help, the Toshiba website and web tech support forums generally without finding any other mentions of a problem like this. Mucking around with the power-plan settings in Vista makes no difference. I’ve tried updating to the latest BIOS from the Toshiba website, but this also hasn’t helped.

    I’d really appreciate any suggestions at all as to what else I could try here, since this issue is causing me a surprising amount of inconvenience at work.

    Thanks a lot,


  30. Laptop Freak


    My guess is that the problem is software related, and the fact that the battery does recharge when the laptop is started in ‘safe mode’ or when it is hibernating, seems to back this theory up.

    If you think the problem is software related, you can fix the laptop without taking it to a repair shop. Back up all personal data and after that reimage the hard drive using the recovery disc. This will reload everything back to factory defaults. That’s the first thing to try and if you call Toshiba they will ask you to reimage the hard drive before you can ship the laptop in for service.
    If you still have the same problem even after reimaging the hard drive, most likely the problem is hardware related. You’ll have to bring your laptop to an authorized repair center. You purchased this laptop a few month ago, so the repair will be done under Toshiba warranty at no charge.
    The battery plugs directly into the motherboard, so it’s either bad battery or bad motherboard, you cannot tell without testing the laptop with another known good battery.

  31. Jonathan

    Hi, I have a Thinkpad 600E Laptop. I am running Windows XP SP2. About 2 years ago, I bought a new adapter for my laptop. It has the same voltage of 16V. But the amperage on the adapter says 4.5A while on the laptop the amperage is 2.6A. I do not believe that my issue has to do with the hardware.

    When I plug in my power adapter, regardless of the fact that the laptop is on or not, the battery LED blinks orange. It keeps doing that, and it has been blinking orange for about the last 2 years. I have decided to ask you since I am annoyed with this problem.

    I bought Battery Doubler and hoped that it would help me charge my battery. But still, my battery charge is 0% and I have to run the laptop with the power adapter. In Windows XP taskbar, when I roll over the Power icon, it says “On AC Power”. But the battery does not charge, and whenever I check the battery meter, it says “0%”

    I tried recalibration. Under Power Options in XP, under the heading “Running on Batteries”, I selected NEVER for all boxes. Then, I plugged out the power adapter. The computer ran for 45 seconds, and then just shut down.

    I really need help with this. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  32. Laptop Freak


    About 2 years ago, I bought a new adapter for my laptop. It has the same voltage of 16V. But the amperage on the adapter says 4.5A while on the laptop the amperage is 2.6A. I do not believe that my issue has to do with the hardware.

    It shouldn’t be a problem. It’s very important to have exactly the same voltage, but the amperage on the adapter should be the same or higher as in your case.

    my battery charge is 0% and I have to run the laptop with the power adapter. In Windows XP taskbar, when I roll over the Power icon, it says “On AC Power”. But the battery does not charge, and whenever I check the battery meter, it says “0%”

    I cannot tell you what is wrong without testing the laptop with a known good battery. Could be bad battery (most likely) or could be something wrong with the battery charging circuit on the motherboard (less likely). I think you have a bad battery and it has to be replaced but it’s only a guess. I would go with the battery replacement first.

  33. I have the same problem with a Toshiba P35 laptop. It is not the power jack. Will charge when the computer is turned off. When windows will start, the battery led will go off and the laptop will run on the battery even the AC is plugged in. The 20v AC will really help? I just bought a new battery, and the same problem. It is not the battery and it is not the power jack. It is or windows or power supply needs more volts.
    Who solved this problem? please help

  34. I have a Toshiba A70 with same problem. The charger will only charge the battery when the laptop is off.
    As soon as windows starts or I go into the setup menu at boot the charging light goes out. I have just had a mate re soldered the power jack to fix the bad connection but it has not fixed the charging problem. I am going to flash the bios and wipe the hard drive then start from scratch to see what happens. Personaly I think it’s the AC adapter.

  35. Laptop Freak


    I am going to flash the bios

    Be careful updating the BIOS while the laptop running on the battery power. If the laptop shuts down during the BIOS update, the BIOS can get corrupted and your laptop will never boot again.

  36. Ok. Flashed the Bios. Had the power jack re-soldered. I also wiped the HD and did a fresh install. And guess what? It worked. For about a week…then it started again. A check of the power cable connection to the jack insert confirmed a jiggle had the power/charging lights blinking on and off. Charging and not charging like a mind of it’s own again. This time I’ll REPLACE the power jack and see what gives.

    Thanks for the heads-up Freak on the bios flashing. Made sure it was a full battery. If this doesn’t work I’ll try a new power adapter.

  37. i have lenovo 3000 N100 laptop type 0689 and model no. 85Q. my laptop was corrupted with spyware and i did formating. i didn’t have drivers cd so i downloaded my drivers from lenovo site. since then my comp is not working on its battery. it is just showing plug in but not charging. i don’t know whether my adaptor is bad or battery has gone or something else. if somebody knows what has happened plzzzz help me by mailing me at aditya_88rocks(at)yahoo.co.in

  38. Hi All !
    I think my laptop(ThinkPad R50E) not supplying full voltage charge to battery in on/off condition .
    I tested it on battery bay contacts ,and it’s only 9.0+,when itself battery is 16 volt one.

  39. Lunitarie

    Hey all…I have a Samsung q45..and it’s begun the dreaded plugged in not charging thing too.

    I know the jack needs a wiggle, which could imply a bad connection to the motherboard, but still, she charges when off, and sometimes when on and sometimes when sleep. So it’s an error I can’t repreat under controlled situatons.

    I think it’s may be something to do with the amperage of the supply – I agree it needs to be high to make sure enough energy gets to the battery, but i read Neil’s reply and am interested to see if the new powerjack fixed things…I’m not sure it will cuz this plugged in not charging problem seems to be very widespread.

    To me it seems as if we’re using smart Li-ion batteries, perhaps they are not reporting their state correctly to the operating system…? I heard there was a global laptop battery problem recently to do with some issues in the East..?

  40. I have a gateway mx6920 laptop with model: MA7. It will run off a charged battery but will not charge a battery or run off ac adapter. AC adapter is good at 19vdc. I thought it might be the 4407 mosfet near the plug. I have voltage up to there but have no gate signal. I do not know where the gate comes from. Can I jump out the mosfet here or is it regulating the incoming voltage? What do you suggest? Thanks

  41. My laptop is Acer Aspire 4937G, and it only charges in off mode. I tried to boot it in AC power but it’s not working..

    When we bought it, we never really use the battery that much we always use AC power, but after I place the battery while on AC power, this problem started to occur.

    Sometimes the battery will charge while ON but many times it will not.

    What will I do? (-_-)

  42. Sherry Muir

    Hp pavilion zv5000 has black screen, you can barely see sign in, websites. We tried plugging in an external moniter when we did this the external came on then went black. What do we need to do to fix the problem. We tried unplugging the computer. taking the battery out then pushing the on button for 30 to 60 seconds. then plugging the computer back in. pushing the on button. same thing black screen. please help!!