Power light comes on and turns off

My laptop just died as I came back from school. I took the battery out and had it unplugged. I waited a minute or so, in this time I pressed the power button to drain whatever energy was left in the circuitry and after I just flipped it back over and placed the battery back in. As i tried to turn it on, the green light came on but only for a second and turned off again.

I think you have a failed power adapter. Apparently, the power adapter died while you were using the laptop. The laptop worked until the battery had charge and finally shut off.

Now the laptop will not turn on because the battery is empty and the power adapter doesn’t provide any power at all. That’s why the green power light comes on only for a second.

Test your power adapter with a multimeter to confirm the failure. Alternatively, you can test the laptop with another known good adapter.

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  1. I have put a new LCD (tested) on my hp Pavilion dv 8286ea and when i starts it,it shows windows but nearly black screen,i ahve to look well to see if windows is loaded.I have tried it with anotehr monitor and it works perfect.The screen is a LG philips 17″. the shop told me i need change the lcd conenctor from the motherbaord and it will cost me 356€ …can it be this? or the inverter or dspaly cable…before my screen wud worked but i have to twist my screen from time to time……….then it will stuck again…i got fed up and chnaged the screen for a new one and i paid 223e Please advise me…..Thanks

  2. Laptop Freak


    I have put a new LCD (tested) on my hp Pavilion dv 8286ea and when i starts it,it shows windows but nearly black screen, i have to look well to see if windows is loaded.I have tried it with another monitor and it works perfect.…before my screen wud worked but i have to twist my screen from time to time……….then it will stuck again…

    I think there could be a problem with the video cable.

  3. Thanks,i will try change it to find out.

  4. Hi, I have a Del Latitude 505. The battery no longer holds a charge for more than just a few minutes so I always run it from mains power. Recently it has started making one or more loud beeps and then, without me doing anything, either prepares for stand by and goes into that mode or just shuts down. In order for it then to start again, I seem to have to ‘wiggle’ the cable which plugs into the back of the laptop to regain connection to the power supply. Could it just be a faulty power socket connection in the back of the laptop? And if so, can I take the laptop apart and repair it myself?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Regards, Allen

  5. youssef k mountassir

    Hi i have a toshiba satelite A205 ,i was working ,using not original AC adapter it was ,one with one volt higher ,the plague was loose,one day i keept losing power while using it ,next thing is that when i turned it ,is see the power light the hard drive light ,but the screen stay black,what could be the probleme.
    thank you very match

  6. Hello. I have an HP ze1000. A while back the power jack broke off and the wires shorted to the motherboard. I purchased a new board with the same codes on it, but the laptop wont start. The power light flashes and fan kicks on for about a second, but then shuts down. I’ve tried swapping RAM locations, starting without hard drive, with or without battery, with 2 different power supplies, with and without display attached. No beeps either. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!!!

  7. when power button is pressed the hard drive light turns on then flashes once. Never boots up or shows anything on the display

  8. Hi,
    My Toshiba M45-S2692 laptop was 4.5 years old. Few months ago it got the problem that you cannot restart it immediately, you had to wait like half an hour or more but I could live with it anyway. That problem was a hardware/software problem because when I reinstalled win xp it was fine till I installed some drivers and other softwares. Anyway last week I boot it up, it was working for like 15 minutes and then it freezed and I shut it down. Since then when I try to power it up, the power light goes on, it starts booting and after 2 seconds it’s off! I tried this with and without battery and even without HDD and RAM but the same things happen even after 48 hours wait! Any suggestion?


  9. peter mcmahon

    i have a packard bell easynote .the charger has a snall green light at the end that goes into the laptop .when i plug it in the light goes out and the laptop shows no signs of life ! help

  10. Hi…

    Why my Compaq CQ35 charger gives beep sound when i connect the power? When i connected the power cable it gave the beep sound continuously and didn’t charging.
    Please Help me.

  11. Hey my adevnt 6651 will not boot the lights on the front are all blue apart from the batter one which is pink nothing happens how do i fix this?

  12. Dominiq

    Hi, i have a similar problem with my laptop.

    The laptop is a Fujitsu Siemens V5515 and it worked fine until it was dropped from a table while i was working with some LAN cables.

    After it was droppped down when i try to turn it on, the power Light it’s on for 1 – 2 seconds and after that it just turns off(The display or fan don’t start/turn on – they are just dead). I dissasembled it all, cleaned it and checked for cable problems or any components not beeing in place but it’s the same. I tried to turn it on without battery but it is the same.(If i let it plugged in it show that the battery is charging).

    Any advices ?
    Thanks !