I keep getting PXE-E61 Media test failure on start up

I’m having a problem with my Toshiba Satelite P20.
I believe that my HDD has finally worn out. Over the past few months, it used to take several attempts to boot up windows XP. Sometimes, the hard drive failed to load and sometimes the HDD light used to hang on, and I would receive a disk-read error has occurred. The message which I also used to get, and which I keep getting now is:
PXE-E61 Media test failure, check cable
Exiting PXE ROM

I tried booting up from a CD, and it failed to detect the hard drive.

I’m almost positive that you have a bad hard drive. PXE means Pre-Boot Execution Environment. You see this message when the laptop trying to boot from a remote server using the network card. If you didn’t see the PXE-E61 message before, it means that the network card was listed after the hard drive in the boot order (you can set the order in BIOS) and the laptop booted directly from the hard drive. Now, when the hard drive has failed, the laptop cannot detect it and tries to boot from the next available device – the network card. Your laptop is not configured to boot from a remote server using the network card, that’s why you are getting PXE-E61 Media test failure error. You have to replace the hard drive and reinstall the operating system.

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  1. Matthew Richards

    Hey Thanks for your help. After about 45 minutes of attempts to boot the laptop, the Hard drive managed to kick in for a bit, so I backed up as many files as I could. it took about 20 minutes to load windows XP (I was superised to see it get that far), with the hard drive light constantly on. Eventualy The hard drive got stuck again, so i’m getting it replaced later on

    Thanks for your help!!

  2. I am having the same issue, I replaced the hdd with a new one and am still getting the same PXE message over and over, I checked my boot priority having HDD>CD>FDD>LAN, and still no dice!! Going nuts over here!! I also took my old HDD and slapped in into external case and works fine, so HDD is ruled out at this point I think 🙁

  3. I am trying to ressurect my son’s dead Sony VAIO notebook. it is doing the exact same thing. We tried a new hard drive, but it made no difference. the BIOS is set to have LAN boot turned OFF, but it is also claiming there is no hard drive. With the BIOS set to AUTO, the HD lists as “NONE”. I can boot it from a floppy, or a CD. I think the reason it is resorting to the LAN boot is because there is no other boot source present ( without a floppy or CD inserted) and so it is trying the LAN boot as a last resort, despite it being turned off in the BIOS.

    My thinking is that the Hard Drive Controller may have gone bad? It has sat a while since we tried the new hard drive, so today I disassembled it, attached a ground cable, and vacuumed it out (was some dust). Then I used Pro Gold on the HD connections to make sure they are good. I released and re-seated the memory modules, and also removed and reinstalled the CMOS battery after a few minutes, thinking that maybe the CMOS needed to be reset. I assume the HD controller is built in to the motherboard, so I don’t imagine there is any way to test that?

    So far, nothing has made any difference. But since the BIOS is showing no HD, I am assuming that problem needs to be remedied first. I suggest the dozens of others I have read that have had this same PXE-E61 problem make sure their HD is even being detected before trying to go further.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

  4. Kinnar Vaghela

    It is a message due to some failure in the Network Adaptor or the Bios portion of it, I am also getting the same error for my toshiba, the error message comes prior the boot option detection.
    If I connect the network cable in the network socket it is not giving me the error so try doing it in your case as well

  5. Musico220

    I was getting the same message PXE-E61 Media test failure. It has happened before ..My problem was that my
    laptop battery was losing its charge..Once it charged good ,I was able to boot into Windows XP.. My laptop is a Sony Vaio. Try checking the Battery life.

  6. i am having the same problem with a vaio pcg-fxa36 model, HD is reconized in BIOS, HD works in esternal enclosure, so i dont think it is the HD…the laptop has not been used in a while, i put it up because it did that…and i got it back out, charged the battery, reinstalled windows XP, works good, restart a couple of times, and now all i get is this…anyone know how to fix it?!?!???

  7. Jack Burns

    I’ve had this error woth my laptop as long as I can remember. It’s a Toshiba Satelite A45-S250. It doesn’t seem to cause any problems other than being a pain in the ass to see on boot up. It’s not the hard drive. I replaced it not because of this error but because I dropped it. Guess what? The new drive doesn’t make any difference. So, I think all those people out there telling you hard drive failure is sure to come are full of it. That’s my two cents worth.

  8. Laptop Freak

    Jack Burns,
    You can fix it if you change the boot order in the BIOS. Move the hard drive to the first position and you won’t see the PXE-E61 Media test failure message on start up anymore.

  9. I was getting the same error message and disabled the LAN boot, and that got rid of that message.. So now I get the message “cannot find operating system. This laptop has been running great till now and I can hear the HD trying, it sounds like it is stuck in a loop.. and the error message keeps looping as well?? Any ideas??

  10. Laptop Freak


    I can hear the HD trying, it sounds like it is stuck in a loop..

    Sounds like a bad hard drive. Test the drive with Hitachi’s DFT (link on the right side) utility and if it fails, replace the hard drive.

  11. All attempts failed with test..it keeps sticking at “Ide Primary Slave” I suppose this I cannot retrieve my data.
    There was no reason that it should have died, it wasn’t dropped or shook?? Other than posibly overheating?? I noticed that this test is for Hitatchi and IBM could that make a dif?? I have a HP Pavilion dv1000..

  12. Laptop Freak

    When you start the test it will not detect “IDE Primary Master”? It will not see the hard drive at all? Probably it’s a bad drive. The problem description you submitted in the comment 9 sounds like a bad drive. Do you have an access to any other laptop? Can you find another laptop hard drive, install it into your laptop and see if it would be recognized by the test utility?

  13. Julio Yep

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M105 notebook With BIOS password problem. From one day to another I turn on the computer and the laptop ask me for the password, and I didnt setup any.I live in Mexico and Toshiba dont support the computer here.
    Do u have the procedure I have to follow in order to erase the BIO password.

    Thanks in advance and I apreciatte your help.

  14. my toshiba laptop gives me the media test failure too. it used to occasionally say failure on harddrive replace failure imminent and right after it said hard drive their would a long row of hearts and little faces in squares before the word primary slave. that scared me, i don’t know what to do. i replaced the hard drive and still the same problem. occasionally it will boot before the blue screen pops up and says a lot of things about physical dumping of memory then i have to shut it off improperly and the errors keep coming up. WHAT CAN I DO!? I’M SCARED. i switched all the bois settings around and everything. and sometimes when it works in the bois under hard drive it will say the correct thing. but when its not working and the error messages come up it says either none or a bunch of hearts and faces. that can’t be good CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?! i know its from a virus.

  15. Yo.
    I was having the same problem.
    I was trying to use a backup iso to install windows xp,
    it was giving me this $^$#^@#%@^ error.
    I’ve been so frustrated, i decided to try my real xp disc and it worked.

  16. My laptop is only three months odl, it’s a MDG VisionBookPro which worked fine but now it decided not to boot up. I get the message saying PXE-E61 Media test failure Check Cable. On the Bois it shows HDD none. I’v tried everything to fix it but nothing works. I thing there is something wrong with my RAM because after i boot the computer from the windows CD it says Check Memory.

  17. Laptop Freak

    If the hard drive will not appear in the BIOS, you might have a bad drive, faulty hard drive controller on the motherboard or corrupted BIOS. Your laptop is just three months old and I assume it’s still under warranty, send it back to the manufacturer for repair.
    BTW, you can test memory yourself. Download Memtest 86+ utility, burn it on a CD and boot the laptop from this CD. The test will start automatically.

  18. My Laptop is working now. All i needed was a new HDD and i installed it and intalled new windows and it works. If any of you still having the same problem try changing the HDD (brand new HDD) and install new windows. Hope fully it should work.

  19. Alexander Wolstenholme

    Hi there,

    I’m having this ‘PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable’ issue on my HP Pavilion ze5400. I’ve tried changing the boot order in set to a number of variations (HDD 1st, 2nd and third positions) and am having no joy whatsoever. I can hear the drive spinning (just – the fan is incredibly noisy). When I boot up the following sequence occurs:

    1. HP invent screen w. set up (F2) and LAN boot (F10) options.

    2. Initializing MBA. press ctrl+alt B to configure.

    3. Argon PXE boot agent v 2.01 (BIOS integrated) copyright details, with PXE copyright details below it. After a few seconds I then see this dreaded ‘PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable’

    Has anyone any ideas of my next step. I’m trying to just get the HDD to kick in so I can back it up, but I’m losing a bit of hope.



  20. Laptop Freak

    Are you sure the noise is coming from the fan and not from the hard drive? When laptop hard drive goes bad, it might start making a loud noise kind of like a bad fan.
    Here’s what I would try to do in order to backup the data. Buy an external USB enclosure for laptop hard drives, these enclosures are relatively cheap and you can find one in a local computer store for $15-20. Remove the hard drive from the laptop and install it into the enclosure. Connect the enclosure to another working computer via a USB cable (usually included with the enclosure) and pray. If you are lucky, the computer will detect the drive and you will be able to access it and backup your data. Let the hard drive cool down before you connect it to a working computer, keep it off overnight. You have better chances to access the hard drive when it’s not hot. If you can access the hard drive, back up the most important data first because the drive might fail completely any second.

  21. I spent the better part of yesterday tring everything I could to fix that error on my gf’s toshiba. I’ve had BIOS errors before from a bad hard drive but this didn’t seem to be the case. I eventually got her’s working by dissabling the Norton GoBack system which apparently required the Norton System Works CD to be in the drive during start-up. My thoughts were that the Super drive on her computer wasn’t reading the cd and thus was dumping the start-up sequence. I had to disable Goback on my parent’s computer as well a few months earlier because it was incompatable with just about everything.

  22. I’m having this ‘PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable’ issue on my Dell PP02L so I tried to change the BIOS order n it didn’t work so I Bought a new HDD and i installed new Windows but after 5 min i got the same problem so now i spent $200 for nothing Please Help

  23. Laptop Freak

    It looks like the laptop worked for a while with the new drive. You even were able to install Windows on it. May be the new drive is defective? Test it and if it fails to pass the test, try replacing the drive. You can run Hitachi’s drive fitness test (link on the right side of the site), it’s free. Most sellers give you some warranty for their hardware.

  24. Michelle

    I am having the same problem as Alexander Wolstenholme, PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable’, error; however, I am working with a new hard drive.

    I am trying to install XP on a new hard drive by booting from the XP CD and have changed the boot sequence in the BIOS, but am still getting the PXE error.
    One more note…I am not sure the hard drive was installed correctly because it does not show up in the BIOS. The BIOS is configured to “Auto” detect the hard drive; however it shows up as “None” instead of dispaying any hard drive properties. I do not have the hard drive self test within the BIOS.

    I did not remove the old hard drive or install the new hard drive, so any help you could provide on checking that process would be appreciated as well.


  25. I am getting the PXE E61 error, too and my Satellite is less than 2 years old!! Does it really mean my hard drive is going to fail…HELP. :o(

  26. Laptop Freak

    If you get the PXE-E61 error message on startup but after that the laptop boots to Windows, there is nothing wrong. You’ll have to enter the BIOS setup (Press Esc or F1 on startup) and modify the boot order. Set the hard drive (HDD) to be first bootable device, right now your laptop attempts boot from the network (LAN) first.

  27. I have a toshiba satellite A65. I recently took apart and cleaned the fans and heat sink, because of a overheating problem. It solved the problem, I then upgraded the Bios from the toshiba web site. Everything ran great with no error messages. Then the one Error message came up and the Error message is (The instruction at 0x745f2780 reference memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read.) I try the debug and it still comes up but everything works fine.
    Suggestions? Thanks Rich

  28. I have a Toshiba Satellite A110. It’s less than 5 months old and in the past two days I’ve seen numerous PXE-E61 messages. A few times the message would just loop until I shut down the computer. Eventually, windows XP would kick in. The past few times, I still see the message once and windows loads. Am I experiencing the onset of a hard drive crash?

    I havent changed the boot order in the BIOS yet.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  29. Laptop Freak

    Run memory test, you can use Memtest86+. Satellite A65 notebooks are known for their onboard memory failures. If the memory passes test, probably you have some kind of software issue.

  30. Laptop Freak

    Change the boot order in the BIOS, make sure the HDD is the first device on the list. If you still getting intermittent “PXE-E61 media test failure error” messages on startup, probably the hard drive is failing. Test the hard drive and if it fails, replace the drive.

  31. After reading all of the PXE-61 errors, having the same problem myself. Found the CD-ROM boot image to test the drive and the hard drive comes back with 0x75 error. Defective component.

    It is hitachi branded.

    What is the likelyhood of buying another drive, say a western digital and having the same problem down the road? Has anyone experienced multiple-failures? Ty.

  32. i have a toshiba satellite m45 and said PXE-E61 media test failure what can i do please help me…

  33. Follow-up:

    I replaced the Hitachi drive after the DFT software told me many times my hardware was defective. Teh Brand new samsung drive installed without a problem, and it did solve the problem for me.

    Good luck everyone.

  34. MY laptop (Toshiba P25-S607) I brought Aug 2003, I’m having a very similar problem. I determined my harddrive was going bad. I used memtest+86 and the Hatachi “Drive Fitness Tool” (DFT) to test my memory and hardrive. Memory was fine but hardrive came back with errors. Installed a new harddrive. Attempting to the reload with my recovery disc. But, I got the “PXE-E61 Media test failure.” I called the 800 support number, thought I maybe they could give me a magic key to hit in order to get my recovery disc to actually “recover.” No avail. Holding the “C” key is not working for me. After describing my problem all I got was; your new hardrive is not being identified by the bios. But I told them, I thought it was; because I ran the “DFT” again after I installed my new drive and it passed with flying colors. Afterwards, I was told to take it to a local dealer. I then plugged in my LAN cable thats attached to my ADSL broadband router. the “Media test failure” went away and was replaced with the bios attempting to boot off the network which obviously would not work. I attempted to turn this boot device off in my bios but did not find an option to simply turn it off. I decided to configure the bios to default. Still same problem trying to boot off the network instead of the CD/DVD drive and yes I chose boot cd/dvd first. Then it dawned on me to try my XP home edition (of course this is already installed on the family desktop). But my frown turned into a smile as this CD was immediately recognize and it is currently loading at this very moment. My reason for the smile. I think it’s a safe assumption; it’s not a hardrive, cd/dvd drive or bios problem. But maybe something wrong with the “recovery” disc. If I’m wrong please educate me, but I thought this little bit of info may be a helpful to anyone else out there having these problems. What I plan on doing is: Once XP Home Edition is installed, attempt to use the recorvery disc again and/or restoring my laptop with my back-up I created from my old harddrive (which was XP media). I wonder if it is a defective “recovery disc?” Hopefully, toshiba will be coopertive and I can get it from them at no/minimal cost. Or will I be stuck with buying brand new Operating system.?. hummm. Will update in a few days. Thanks for a great site, lots of useful info.

  35. Laptop Freak

    I think it’s just a bad recovery disc. If you can boot from a generic Windows XP disc probably there is nothing wrong with the hardware Try calling Toshiba and purchase another copy from them. I know it’s possible because some of my customers have done it. It shouldn’t be expensive. Let me know how it goes.

    I just finished the comment and one more thought came to me. The recovery image is on a DVD disc and your Windows OS is on a CD disk. It’s possible that you have a faulty DVD drive, it can read CDs but not DVDs. From my experience, Satellite P25 notebooks have a lot of problems with the DVD drive and you might have one of them. Did you have any problems with the DVD drive before? Were you able to play DVD movies?

  36. Reply to message 34&35
    You are correct, I put the recovery disc in my DVD drive on my other desktop and it read perfectly, tellin me this is not a Toshiba P-25 yadda, yadda, yadda. you are also correct regarding my drive. My Matshita DVD-RAM 811B HW 1.00 FW H100 is not reading DVD’s for some reason. Currently, XP home edition is loaded but I cannot read any dvd’s just cd’s. Also my USB ports do not seem to be working, I assume it’s missing drivers which are probably on the DVD I can’t access. I guess, I need to start looking for new combo drive. Now, I just to figure out a DVD/CD drive (read/write capabilites) that will fit in my Toshiba P25-S607, any suggestions? Oh by the way, I opted for a “Hitachi 100GB 7200/8MB 2.5″ Mobile HD”. This is from another post where I was having problems with my harddrive dying. When it rains it pours… I’ve just installed my new harddrive attempting to reload to factory settings, but now it appears my DVD multi-drive has also died. Also, as far as I can gather it is not a driver problem with my Matshita, because there are not drivers?? Appreciate everything so far, any other suggestions are extremely welcomed? 🙂

  37. I try starting my laptop and I can hear it start up, but nothing happens after that. The laptop monitor is blank/black in colour. When it was working, iit usually either shut down or it would take me to the screen where you can start “In Safe Mode” or one of the other choices.

  38. Laptop Freak

    Here’s a list of compatible optical drives for Toshiba Satellite P25 notebook:
    DVD/CD-RW drives
    K000005520, K000005410, K000012220, K000012230, K000005470, K000005840, K000011590, K000004190
    DVD R/RW, multirecorders
    K000007470, K000005860, K000010550, K000012830, K000023130, K000000680, K000005870, K000023180, K000013700, K000013710, K000013720, K000000680, K000005870, K000023180
    Is it enough for you? 😛 Search on Google using the part number for the description and best price. The front panel (face plate) from your DVD drive will not fit all listed drives, so when you buy a new one MAKE SURE it comes with the front plate. There shouldn’t be any problem if you use any of the above mentioned drives, but just in case contact the seller and ask about compatibility issues because these drives are expensive and you don’t want to make a mistake.

  39. Laptop Freak

    This could be a memory related problem. Try reseating memory modules, move them from one slot to another if both slots are available. Test the laptop with a known good memory module.

  40. Hi,
    Looks like I have a similar problem. I keep getting PXE-E61 Media test failure error and then another error.

    So, I had a technician replace my hard drive and then tried to use the recovery disc. That didn’t wrok either, so I bought a new recovery disc.
    I am able to go the “System SetUp”—but I have no idea what to do. Please help!!!

  41. Laptop Freak

    Check the boot order when you are in the System setup, make sure the CD/DVD drive is set as the first boot device. Place the recovery disc inside the drive and reboot the laptop. After the laptop boots from the recovery disc follow the wizard.

  42. Thanks. I did that. But it still doesn’t work.

    I set the cd/dvd as the first boot device.

    I keep getting the same errors;
    PXE-E61–Mediatest failure, check cable
    PXE-MOF–Exiting Intel Boot Agent

  43. Hello Barbara, May I suggest reading post 34 thru 38. It looks like your problem is very similar to mine. Currently, I’m waiting for a new “cd/dvd recorder drive” to properly restore my P-25 laptop to factory settings with my toshiba restore “DVD”. But I have installed my new harddrive, all intents and purposes my laptop is functioning great with my new harddrive. Hope this helps.

  44. i have 2 laptops that have this error. they both started doing it as soon as i plugged a new hard drive in them. its the hard drives or the boot order or the memory. i get the message even when i put the orginal drives back in. does anyone know what this prob could be? please help

  45. Sunburstsgirl

    It seems this PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable is pretty common, especially when installing a new hard drive. I too installed a new hard drive and as soon as I did I received this message. The thing is, I changed the setup in the BIOS to boot from CD, my BIOS says None for internal drive which is odd but it sounds like the same thing a lot of you have had. I used my recovery disks just 2 weeks ago on my old hard drive and they worked so I don’t feel I have bad disks. Also, when the laptop boots up I hear the hard drive sounding normal and the CD/DVD player sounding normal so I just don’t get it. What the heck could be wrong at this point? HP said maybe the drive was put in wrong, how can that be? It’s a connector, how can you put it in wrong, I don’t think it would let you.

  46. Laptop Freak

    Can you see the hard drive in the BIOS? Some HP notebooks have an external HDD test that you can run from the BIOS setup menu, test the drive with this utility. Set the BIOS back to factory defaults and try again. Check the old drive, maybe you have a jumper connecting 2 pins and you have to transfer it to a new drive?

  47. linears4

    hi guys, i was stumbling with the same error,

    i changed my hard drive on my toshiba tecra s1, and then i was getting the pxe-e61 ,media test failing.

    i was shure that the dirve was not bad, becuase i was using it in another laptop.

    the strange thing was that the drive wasn’t recognised in the bios ( showing no hd) but booting from win xp cd and trying to install os, the hd was regualary shown in the windows partition creation utility.

    with the idediag utility of a dos disk i could relaize that the drive was setted as a slave, even if the pin out of the hard drive was in master mode.

    so i tought it was a problem involving the cable select mode. in fact, finding out the toshiba drive pin out i setted in like cable select, and grounded the pin 28 ( as reported in the toshiba hd pin out diagram) and the drive finaly worked as master.

    after that the pxe-e61 was gone ad was possible to install os.

    so guys, check with a dos program if your hard drive is really setted as master, in case of none, adjust the pin of your hd according with the manufacturer pin out.

  48. Laptop Freak

    Hey linears4,
    Thanks for that advise:

    so i thought it was a problem involving the cable select mode. in fact, finding out the Toshiba drive pin out i set in like cable select, and grounded the pin 28 ( as reported in the Toshiba HD pin out diagram) and the drive finally worked as master.

    after that the pxe-e61 was gone ad was possible to install OS.

  49. linears4

    just tried the trick using the same hard rdive on several notebook tha previously giving “PXE-E61–Mediatest failure”.

    everythings works fine on each machine.

    if you change hard drive on your laptop and it gives the above error, download the pin out setting of your hard drive from the manufacturer site, and check how to make it work in cable select mode.

    in many hd drives like toshiba hd i found that setting in cs mode requires a jumper on, and putting at low level ( grounding) a certain pin, in my case the #28.
    in my case i had to connect #28 and #26 pins, as #26 is a ground.

    maybe other brand or type hd are alredy in cable select mode, and they work without any modification.

  50. Mr. Computer Wizard

    Ok on the Toshiba PXE-E61 Error.. I had the same error on one of mine as well. I changed everything everyone said above and you know what I got the same problem everyone else does as well. So I decided to take the low down road and start getting inside of the computer and checking cables… I took the laptop and ran it over with my Suburban and checked inside and guess what I discovered some loose cables and a broken board.. I went to Best Buy and bought a new one and Walla I’m looking at Po*N again!!

  51. Ms Ashley Hall

    I am thinking about buying a Toshiba A65-S1068 Laptop with 256M of system memory, and my question is: Can I add System RAM to that machine?
    Thank You
    Ms Ashley Hall
    Cornelius, Oregon

  52. Laptop Freak

    Ms Ashley Hall,
    Yes, you can add system RAM to that machine. The memory expansion slot is located on the bottom of the laptop and you can install a 256MB or 512MB or 1GB PC2700 DDR333 memory module into this slot.
    Before you buy a used Satellite A65 notebook, you should read this article and make sure your “new” computer doesn’t have one of the mentioned problems.

  53. Ms Ashley Hall

    Wow, thank you for the really fast reply….I opened a rectangular plate , about mid and just below the middle, on the bottom of the laptop and saw what I believed to be the RAM module, but my experience isn’t with laptops, so I wanted to be certain before I bought a 1G module. I will check the machine for overheat issues before I buy. My sisters Dell 250N had similiar overheat shutdown problems, and I fixed that one by following the “fix it” that I found on line . (adding heat sink goop and enlarging the “breathing holes” basically).
    Thank you so much !!

  54. Hello, I have a major problem. I have a Toshiba Satellite P15-S479 laptop. I just replaced the hard drive and when I tried to turn my computer on I get this error:
    Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build 082)
    Copyright (c) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation
    For Reatek RTL8139(x)/8130/810x PCI Fast Ethernet Controller v2.13 (020326)
    PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
    PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM.
    I can see in the bios screen that it recognizes the new hard drive but all I keep getting is that message. I would really appreciate any help you can give me. It won’t allow me to do anything, I have the recovery CD but can’t get passed that screen to use it.

  55. Laptop Freak

    I think your problem is a little bit different then one mentioned in this post. I’ve posted some suggestions here: After hard drive replacement laptop displays PXE-E61 media test failure message

  56. With my laptop Toshiba Satellite (A100-785) that I have recently bought it (less than 4 months), I’m having same problem with this message :

    Intel(r) boot agent FE v4.1.18
    PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
    PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent
    Operating System not found

    BIOS: The first option for the boot sequance is HD , not LAN

    Does that indicator for the HD problem ?

  57. From: gene on 10/18/2007
    Heres what I did
    I removed the pc battery,then the hard drive checked the pins and the contact inside all which were good.
    I adjusted the bracket holding the hard drive out a little so the hard drive sits completely in side the connector,then tightend it with the screw but cut cardboard form a box to fit between the screw lock and the cover for added tightness in the case when moved .
    Both errors were gone.

    This is a Toshiba Satellite with XP Home on it.

    Thats why we have the computer show we do live on the radio and coming back soon and people need answers.
    We actually help.

    Bits & Bytes

    I hope I helped.

    email is info@suneradio.com Let me know how you made out.

  58. I have the same problem on a Toshiba Satellite A45. I was running the recovery disc on it last night and it was going through the process, but it suddenly froze at 45 percent.

    I left it on all night to see if it was just slow, but more than eight hours later, it was still at 45 percent.

    So I turned the power off with the recovery CD still inside, then turned it back on. When I did, all I get is a black screen that says:

    “PXE-E61: Media Test Failure. check cable.
    PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.”

    I can’t access any other part of the computer.

    What should I do?

  59. I have a packard bell easynote e6 laptop and when i switch it on it shows the packard bell screen initially then says the error messages
    PXE-E61: Media Test Failure. check cable.
    PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent
    it then goes to a blue box which asks me to select a boot device, however none of them work when i select them and it keeps going back to the blue box.
    If i press f2 when the packard bell screen is on it lets me enter the bios setup but i dont really know what i am looking for and what i should try and change.
    The computer won’t boot from a recovery cd, the packard bell website said to try flashing the bios, i think that is what it was called! but that didnt work either.
    Any help would be much appreciated, I have read through a lot of the posts but dont really know how to check if my hard drive is being recognised etc.


  60. I put a new WD Scorpio 120GB hard drive in my Toshiba A35, and the BIOS would not show it. I put jumpers on pins 26/28 (cable select?) but the jumper is too bulky, it bumps into the frame. When I push the drive in and put in one screw it works (the BIOS recognizes the hd), but if I put in all 4 screws the BIOS does not recognize the hard drive. HELP I have done this 5 times or so. Sometimes the BIOS will recognize the drive, sometimes not.

  61. Laptop Freak


    When I push the drive in and put in one screw it works (the BIOS recognizes the HD), but if I put in all 4 screws the BIOS does not recognize the hard drive…Sometimes the BIOS will recognize the drive, sometimes not.

    It looks like some kind of connection issue. The laptop can see the hard drive so the hard dive is compatible. Maybe the hard dive connector on the motherboard is weak or something is wrong with the hard rive itself.
    Test your notebook with another good known working hard drive. If another hard drive is recognized and working fine, apparently something is wrong with the 120GB hard drive.

  62. gene Bits & Bytes Computer Show

    This may help more guys the laptop toshiba satellite series, with PXe and media failure codes.

    I reset the boot records than got a 98 start up disk, then was able to use toshiba recovery discs.
    Step by step instructions you can try.
    1.Unplug the pc from the ac outlet.

    2.Remove the battery completely.

    3.Remove the hard drive then reset it in its enclosure.

    4.Install the battery back.

    5.Plug in the pc and give it a couple minutes to charge the battery back up.

    6.Start up the pc and press esc,
    then f1 set at default values but make sure cdrom is checked first.

    7.Try to install windows 98 boot disk, the old records are corrupted from either hardware errors or missing windows files.

    8.You may or may not need to install 98 boot disk,then try starting your recovery disks.

    If you have any other problems after this you may have a bad hard dive or faulty cd rom .

    This may help you.

  63. I have a Toshiba Satellite 1135-S155 that is getting the same error with it looking for a network bootup. The BIOS does not detect the hard drive, and I even bought a new hard drive at one point and put it in to no avail. The BIOS still did not see the hard drive. Is there a problem with my motherboard? Or is this something else? Please help.

  64. Hi,
    I have a HP Pavilion DV1000. I got some liquid on it the other day and now whenever I start the computer it goes to a black screen with white writing and says:
    PXE E61: Media Test failed, check cable
    Exiting PXE
    I don’t know if I should just give up on the computer or if there is any way I can open it up and clean the liquid out?

  65. Todd Walden

    Perhaps someone here can help me, though I see that the last post is from a long time ago…

    I put a new hard drive in my toshiba Portege. It is exactly the same model as the previous hard drive. Then I used the restore CD to try to put the computer back at its original configuration.

    The restore CD ran fine, and the ghost process finished, then it asked me to remove any media and hit a key to reboot. I did that, and now all I can get is a PXE screen saying that no media is detected.

    The hard drive seems fine, as it was willing to accept the ghost installation, plus it is brand new. I can’t figure out how to get past this. Any suggestions?


  66. Laptop Freak

    Todd Walden,
    Can you see the new hard drive in the BIOS setup menu?
    Make sure the hard drive is the first device in the boot order. Just in case load default BIOS settings (I believe F9 key).
    Make sure the hard drive is properly connected to the laptop. Reseat the hard drive.

  67. Kfontno

    My 1 year old Acer Aspire 3063 show imminent hard drive failure before loading BIOS and it says hit F1 to continue. I hit F1 and the thing reboots to the same message. I ran Spinrite 6.0 at level 2 then level 4 and it found no bad sectors. If Spinrite does not find any problems then is the drive really bad? I am ready to try a clean install of winxp since it came with vista home.

  68. PXE comes installed on many of today’s computers such as my toshiba m45. My toshiba’s original hard drive had a separate 200mb partition that allowed the use of dvd playback controls while the computer was in hibernation mode.
    While reformatting my hard drive to remove some malware problems I was having, this partition was deleted. The bios on the toshiba laptop somehow knows about this partition and expects it to be there. Now that the partition is gone, I get a PXE error during boot, The only way I know of to solve the problem would be to restore the partition PXE is looking for. I do not know where this can be found. A recovery disk may work but I am unsure because I do not have one.

    If you download and burn a copy of “SystemRescueCD” you can use the program gparted that comes with the system to analyze your hard drive to see if that partition is on your hard drive.

    If the partition is not there and you know of someone who has the same type of computer as you, you should be able to copy their partition to a storage device using the dd command and then transfer that partition to your computers hard drive. The only problem you may run into is the fact that the partition does not use any of the usual file systems. Also be careful when using the dd command because it is a powerful tool that can delete valuable data if your command is entered improperly.

  69. My Toshiba Satellite M20 with WinXP started getting the message:
    PXE-E61: Media Test Failure. check cable.
    PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent
    Press any key to continue..

    I press the key and the same thing repeats once and again for ever. I changed the boot up sequence in the BIOS and got rid off the message error, but the computer still doesn’t start.
    I removed, the HD, the battery, the CD drive, put them back and tried again but nothing worked. This is very frustrating. Any help will be appreciated.

  70. My laptop died this morning I think. It’s a 3 yr old gateway. When I turned it on my friend said it had some words, couldn’t remember, and to hit F8. After I hit F8, the screen just went black. I turned it on and off manually a dozen times,but the screen won’t come up. It sounds like its trying to boot up and then nothing, but the fan is still going. My CPU fan doesn’t work and I can’t find a new one, but I have it sitting on a cooling fan. Could the motherboard be fried? Any help would be great. I was going to invest in a new one in the future, just not now. Please help!

  71. marcia

    My Inspiron 1501 is just 6 months old. Although the hard drive is recognized i keep getting this error message: PXE-E61 MEDIA TEST FAILURE, CHECK CABLE
    I have tried reinstalling Windows XP several times, same response. i also tried a new hard drive. I need Help right away.

  72. Zdenek

    It seems we’re dealing with couple of different problems that all result in PXE-E61 message in the end. Here is what helped with mine (witnessed on IBM T30):
    – when I took the HDD into an external enclosure, the HDD worked fine and I could back-up all the data
    – I put the same old HDD back (never tried a new one) and restored a HDD image (using Linux-based PING tool), including restoration of a backup of BIOS settings
    – the problem was still the same, i.e. PXE-E61 msg
    – I modified the boot order in the BIOS to have HDD in the first place both in the local as well as LAN sections to no help
    – here comes what finally helped: I restored the default setting in BIOS (could be called “Factory settings” and likely enough every BIOS offers this option)

    Conclusion: it is not only in the media boot order but also in some other BIOS setting that this problem can be influenced. Which it is I don’t know but certainly giving restoration of default BIOS setting a try in your situation is worth of trying. Good luck and also thanks everyone since reading this thread pointed me into right direction.

  73. mantis2k

    I had the PXE-E61 msg. Here is what I did to fix:
    1) Reset BIOS to default settings.
    2) Unplug everything – RAM, CDROM, Hard Drive, power cord, and battery.
    2) Reseat everything – RAM (I moved it to the 2nd slot), Hard Drive, CDROM drive, battery, and power cord.

    I also plugged in a network cable and attached it to a switch – although I don’t think this mattered.

  74. Neighbor

    I had the PXE-E61 msg on a Toshiba Satellite M35x. I tried a new drive and still had the same error. Based upon this thread I tried a cold boot after plugging into a active network cable. The computer provided a message stating the MAC address and something about DHCP. At this point I was able to start (boot from) the Toshiba recovery cd. So far it appears all good. I have a windows XP screen now.

  75. Marcello

    PXE Boot Agent is an hardware (or software with Bios) security issue.
    If PXE is implemented in hardware you can’t solve the problem flashing a new bios, PXE is in a separate chip and will be always there.
    If PXE is implemented in software, for example inside bios, maybe flashing a new bios version could solve the problem, but after the first restart there must not be present the same situation that caused the problem first. In this case PXE will do again its job and lock again your pc.
    In my Compaq Presario notebook my hard drive failed to boot, i bought a new one and PXE chip inserted itself a bios password.
    I cannot configure the new hard drive because i can’t enter bios and i cannot install operating system because during installation no drive is found.
    Depending on your notebook model i read that there are several ways to hack it.
    I don’t know exactly what works for what model but you can make more research on this:
    1) disconnect power and remove battery and press POWER ON key for at least 2 minutes
    2) remove keyboard and search a little connector with two wires (red and black), disconnect it, wait a bit, reconnect it and power on
    3) download Ubcd4win, create a bootable cd (i will try it now) inside there should be an utility to read/blank bios password or bios password check.
    4) find a bios “backdoor”/MasterPassword for your model
    5) build a fake LPT1 hardware key. I read that in official repair office they connect a cable that bypass Bios password. Maybe it’s called “dongle”. I found a video on YouTube that shows how to build it. It’s quite simple if you have the pin scheme, there are only few cables to connect, this way you short for example pin3 with pin10 and pinX with pinY, at the start it makes jump bios check and allows you to install operating system.
    I’m very upset with Compaq/HP, they can’t use these tricks to make you spend money.
    A customer once bought and paid his notebook should be free to repair himself, if he’s able to do it and an hardware/software automatic lock i think is illegal, for any purpose it could have been implemented.
    Imagine if it happens to your car: if you try to change a wheel the engine won’t start because PXE is helping you against thiefs….it’s absurd…

  76. Please explain as simple as possible of any solutions to fix my computer or how to install Vista again on my computer.

    Toshiba A105-S2236
    Windows Vista Home Basic

    This is what I get when I try to power w/o CD or DVD in the Drive.

    Intel UNDI An error has occurred. ERROR: 01-0134-0000 The tool could not get HDD physical Information.

    If I choose System Recovery Options I firts got to a screen with Select keyboard layout, then select an operating system to repair. It searches but nothing comes up. If I select load drivers it says insert the installation media for this device and click OK to select the driver. So I have three choices. Computer, System, and Public. What do I do?

    If it will help other notes. My wife has the exact same model laptop computer “can it be used to help me get my compueter working?” So I have tried to reset my system using mine and her copy of the system restore CD. So it isn’t the CD. I have hooked the harddrive as an external drive to another computer and the computer couldn’t find it. Without the system recovery cd in the drive I can not use F8 to get the Advanced Boot Options. With the disk in I can use F8 and get to the Advanced Boot Options screen. When I click safe mode it looks like it is going to work because all kind of Windows files and drivers loading. However It takes me to the Select a Process screen “mentioned above” all over.

    Should I just give up and send back my computer to be fixed under warranty or can it be fixed with some help from you guys?

  77. Marcello

    Why you choose repair?
    Try a new clean installation, if the hard disk is broken you can’t continue and you can’t recover anyway your files.
    If the hard drive is working and is only a Vista problem, making a new installation you should solve and find, somewhere, your old profile with all your files.
    If the new installation won’t work i’d choose warranty repair.
    Anyway before the warranty expires i’d check the hard drive to find possible imminent failures.

  78. Marcello

    Update for my PXE problem with a COmpaq Presario 2100.
    I wrote to HP, they asked me a fax, i made it… 15 days and no one calls, nobody writes me and nobody tells me what is the damn unlock code for the damn bios.
    I wrote again to HP Support and what they tell me?
    They didn’t receive the fax.
    I do a second one, (“we’ll call suddenly”) nobody calls… guys I WILL NEVER BUY AN HP COMPAQ NOTEBOOK !!!

    Do they have Drive Lock protection >>> I WON’T BUY IT.

    I told them “If i’m a thief i’d buy a chip on Ebay and will unlock the notebook by myself”.
    Only the owner sends a fax with its name, phone and address…so why they wait 15 days???

    I have the dubt that these kind of protection are only MORE-PROFIT feature instead of Customer-Protection-Feature.

    HP Support really sucks.

  79. Justin


    I’m using a Gateway Model 450SX4 and when I turn it on, I get the same messege.

    PXE-E61 Media Test Failure, check cable
    Exiting PXE ROM
    Operating System not found

    I don’t have a recovery CD for this laptop, it’s my cousins and he is too young to know anything about a recovery CD, he is visiting for the summer and this just happened last night. Help please.


  80. Doreen

    have a problem with mt toshiba satellite pro A110. I shut it down last friday and today when I tried to start it up, the screen is blank. I have removed and resat the ram, pressed the fn+f5 button, started the laptop without the battery installed all in vain. I opened the laptop and connected powwer and see that the motheroard led lights and the power button lights at start up the fan moves for a whle and then stops. I don’t know what to do, any help will be highly apprecated.

  81. Laptop Freak


    I don’t have a recovery CD for this laptop, it’s my cousins and he is too young to know anything about a recovery CD, he is visiting for the summer and this just happened last night.

    Maybe you can call Gateway and purchase the recovery disc directly from them? I don’t think it will be very expensive.

  82. Laptop Freak


    I shut it down last friday and today when I tried to start it up, the screen is blank. I have removed and resat the ram, pressed the fn+f5 button, started the laptop without the battery installed all in vain.

    Did you reseat both memory modules or just one? Can you access both memory slots from the bottom or you have only one slot on the bottom?
    Some new Toshiba laptops have one of the memory slots hidden under the keyboard. It’s possible that RAM module in this slot is bad. You can try accessing this slot and replacing the RAM module with one from the bottom.
    You’ll can find some disassembly help at www.irisvista.com/tech/

  83. Hi,
    I have a hp pavillion dv5000 laptop.
    I am receiving “error loading operating system” on a black screen whenever i start up my computer. I thought it was the hard drive for a minute, but i ran a HDD test and it passed ona short and long test. please help :]

  84. I have a Dell Latitude D500 and it no longer starts. The battery seems to be connected and flashing. When I push the start button the three lights that are the pictures of the number lock, capital letter lock, and the other flash. Then the letter lock flashes a couple times more and thats all i get. Any clue what could have caused this. It happened all of a sudden. The laptop is relatively old. Do they just die eventually? Battery problem? Any kind of advice would be great. Thank you.

  85. ThabaniM

    am having the same problem with a client’s machine and this my first to see that error massge and am really puzzled. and according to all these replies seeems that it can be just anything

  86. red_idol@sbcglobal.net

    I have been experiencing the same issue on my last three desk tops, all emachines. The error text is slightly different per who ever makes the computer. I have noticed that there is a link between my curcumstance and my fax modem. It seems that when you remove worthless hardware (ie, a data fax modem that I would never use) that there is some sort of software that it carries that make your pc funtion correctly. Also I have found in other curcumstances that leaving the hard drive off for a spell can seemingly cause it to cool down and work again.

    My question: Who the hell uses a remote server? Why do we need to use an ethernet adapter to start up a computer? What the hell were they thinking? No one I know needs to connect to a network to start their OS. WHo comes up with this crap?

    If you know why let me know.

  87. Guys, I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’vo got a A60 satellite toshiba…
    we entered the advanced modality (option2) for recovering
    you will see a strip menu and will pick
    local-> disk ->from image
    then we used the sequence HDD>FDD>CD ROM>LAN
    and we disabled the PCI LAN…

    in the end you have to chose option quit -i know it’s hard to do, you can’t believe – but it will restart and work properly…

    good luck!

  88. I was getting the same issues when upgrading to a larger hard drive. I contacted gateway regarding the issue and the problem my machine was having was that the hard drive was too large. My machine cant use anything above 100gb and my new hard drive was 160gb so some of you who have laptops from 2003 or earlier and are trying to upgrade your hard drive you might want to make sure the hard drive is not too big for your machine to recognize or use.

  89. Short answer.
    Check in BIOS rom for start up sequence and check if there is an asterist (!) in front of the hdd. If there is, it’s disabled. Select the hdd and press shift key plus “1” This removes the ! and you can then use the hdd to re-format or….

  90. I turned on my laptop this evening Inspiron 1501 and it was giving me the same problem. I went to bios and changed the order for booting but it still did not work. I tried to boot from the installation CD and it stated that there is no C drive. So i decided to open the laptop and see what is wrong with the HD. I took the battery out for 1 min and then set it back. When i turned the laptop, it was working. It is possible there was a problem in the interrupts with the power supply. Try for yourselves, at least it’s the cheapest method.

  91. These three error messages showed up on my Gateway laptop today. I tried making the HD the first bootable but it still didn’t work. What should I try next? Will I be losing all my data from my laptop? Please any help would be greatly appreciated!

  92. After 6 weeks, I finally figured out why I got this PXE error to the point where I bought a new pc, so I returned the new pc after fixing mine.

    For the first 2 weeks I got the error off & on and at times I was able to get into windows off and on, but the laptop would go off after a few moments. Then my a/c power adapter started going bad. So now I had 2 problems. I knew this because my Gateway M675 has a fan in the a/c adapter and it started making a funny noise. After 1 week of this, the adapter finally stopped. Finally found a genuine Gateway adapter on ebay and 6 weeks later my problems was solved.
    My thoughts are there must have been a short or broken wire buried somewhere within the wiring of the adapter that I could not see. I knew this because when I jiggled the adapter line, the pc would go off. BTW, my pc would stay on with my battery but I didn’t realize the PXE problem as being the adapter because I only had 20 minutes of battery left and once the battery was dead I could not charge it without having the ac adapter. This PXE problem must have something to do with the electric power NOT getting through the pc. My problem was in the adapter but if yours is not, I would bet its got something to do with yours too. The PC must not be able to maintain its power on at some point from the adapter to the motherboard.
    Hope this helps.

  93. I forgot to add in that 6 weeks, I did replace the HD and the memory but it was not them, nor was it the LAN in my BIOS.

  94. What a string, I never figured my problem was so widespread!

    A lot of good advice from what I can tell this morning, but before I start gooning things up on my daughter’s laptop, I thought I’d share some data to see if anything stood out like a sore thumb to anyone.

    THANKS in advance to all who reply and answers and/or advice!

    So far, multiple attempts to start up with the same error message (either with a battery and without).

    Can’t find any discs that came with the Acer 5315 and I’m only able to get into the InsydeH20 Setup Utility:
    CPU type and speed listed
    HDD Model name and ser # (NOT INSTALLED)
    ATAPI Model name – CDW/DVD listed
    BIOS INFO – listed
    Product name – listed

    System time/date/memory – listed
    Quick boot/network boot/D2D Recovery – enabled
    F12 Boot Menu – disabled
    SATA Mode – AHCI Mode

    Password on boot enabled – all other passwords clear

    1 IDE 0:
    2 IDE 1: CDW/DVD
    3 USB FDD:
    4 Network Boot: MBA v10.0.9 Slot 0500
    5 USB HDD:
    6 USB CDROM:

  95. Mike,
    I too was so surprised to see how common this PXE problem is. I did notice that many of these PXE errors began with the same wording but ended with differnt error line. Some had MOF 61 added, others had INTEL AGENT, etc. Not all were the same.
    I still think this problem has to do with some unknown part of the pc that makes it power up.
    For myself it turned out to be the a/c adapter.

    Should you figure yours out, post back.
    I would love to know the answer.

  96. Short answer.
    Check in BIOS to see if there is an asterisk (!) in front of the hard drive name. This can happen when the BIOS receives certain messages, if there is, it disables the hard drive. Select the hard drive and press shift+1. This removes the (!) and enables the computer to see the hard drive.
    Hope this helps someone, had to figure this out myself 🙂

  97. THE answer seems to be diferent for everyone; almost seems like an annoying virus that has created this problem. Can anyone recommend basic troubleshooting procedures in a logical order and what to test? Although SATA HDs are cheap and OS isn’t and I’d hate to replace it if it happens to be a battery, adator, cable or something else that is bad.

  98. Joe smith


    Error message on startup:
    ‘PXE-E61: Media test Failure, Check Cable.’
    ‘PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel PXE ROM’

    That was the message I kept getting. Turns out PXE means it is trying to boot from the network. So I went into BIOS and put that at the bottom of the booting order. No difference.
    Then I went back into BIOS and DISABLED network from the boot order. As soon as I did that everything started booting normally again. Intel has some info on the PXE error.


    I had dropped my Toshiba laptop while it was still running and had the very same messages:

    ‘PXE-E61: Media test Failure, Check Cable.’
    ‘PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel PXE ROM’

    I was able to get into the Bios by hitting F2 on startup. The Bios did not show any ‘Hard Disk’ at all.

    After trying to reboot with a recovery CD several times with no luck, I figured it had to be a hard drive failure. The system would not show any hard drive at all.

    An usual clicking noise can be heard from the hard drive which was not a good sign. I opened up the notebook and tried plugging and unplugging the hard drive several times and rechecked to see if the BIOS would read the hard drive. No luck.

    After exhausting all recommended methods to ensure it was actually the hard drive, I went down to FRY’s electronics and purchased a new hard drive for $80.

    With the new hard drive installed I turned on the notebook and the recovery CD automatically initiated the recovery procedure.

    The recovery CD reformatted the new hard drive and after 2 hours the notebook was factory fresh and working fine. I was surprised and happy I did not have to purchase a new operating system.

    At the moment I am working on extracting the content of the broken hard drive. If you are mechanically inclined and have some patients you can fix it yourself.

  100. In BIOS set up under the boot sequence, do you see any asterisk’s (!) beside the hard drive. It may appear there and if so, remove it. Hope it helps, Dave…

    Short answer.
    Check in BIOS to see if there is an asterisk (!) in front of the hard drive name. This can happen when the BIOS receives certain messages, if there is, it disables the hard drive. Select the hard drive and press shift+1. This removes the (!) and enables the computer to see the hard drive.
    Hope this helps someone, had to figure this out myself 🙂

  101. Will Smith

    Okay people, I’ve got the exactly same problem “Media test failure” and it took me 6 hours or more to figure it out after screwing around with BIOS and such… So here is my resolution and I would like to share with everyone.

    Sure, check your BIOS. Usually, no one mess with it. So you shouldn’t have a problem with it.

    For my case, Partition Magic was the caused. It corrupted my SeaGate hard drive somehow. I’ve used partition magic for a long time and this is the only time it messed up a hard drive. Maybe Seagate is not a good hard drive. I had to use Seagate tool and Erase my entired hard drive. It took more than 60 minutes to do that. Once that done, I used a different partition utility (forgot the name, I was very tired) to partition my drive. After that, I was able to restore my backed up ghost image and the laptop up and running again…

    So I would strongly suggest that you find a tool from your Hard Drive maker and fix it first, then do whatever next.

    Hope this helps, if it does, then don’t thank me, instead copy this message and post it every where else. Spread the good news friends…

  102. Will Smith

    Oh yeah, don’t forget to set your OS drive as ACTIVE, this is important.

  103. Jonathan

    Ok, so I’m trying to fix my girlfriends HP Pavilion DV8000 laptop since the HDD crashed. So I get a new HDD and pop it in and it starts with the PXE-E61 message and what not telling me to check my ethernet cable and seeming to be booting from the LAN first. Well I’ve tried force booting from the CD drive, still comes up with the same message; tried changing the boot order, still same crap; disabled the wireless LAN just in case, still no luck; tried plugging in an ethernet cable like someone suggested above, still in the same situation. The HDD passed the HDD test and is all good, I just need to boot up my Windows CD and get the HDD formatted and installed with Windows and get her running again. Any other ways I could fix the problem???

  104. Jonathan

    Well I just disabled the network from the boot sequence so no more error message, but just a black screen with a blinking underscore in the top left hand side.

  105. Hi there. I hope you can help me ease my notebook problem. I owned a NEC notebook VERSA 3100-1804DR almost coming to 3 years in early June this year. I have encountered some software error & this happened last wk. Basically when I start the notebook it appear the NEC screen then it came to a black screen which states as follows:
    1) Windows could not start because of an error in the software. Please report problem as: load needed DLLs for kernel.

    After I start up my laptop, I press F12 which is to Boot on Network but these errors pop-out
    2) PXE-E61: Media Test Failure. Check cable.
    PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM. Operating System not found.

    FYI, I have not backup my HDD & there’re important stuffs that I need for school & work purposes. How can I retrieved & backup those files.

    Thank you for your time. I hope to get a speedy response from you.

  106. Feilgood

    Here is a wierd one that I just encountered. I was dowloading the new Internet Explorer 8 off of the Microsoft Website and the pc rebooted, as does everyhting that Microsoft installs requires a reboot, and got the PXE-MOF error. I came here to find the answer. I did the typical helpdesk routeen (on,off,change settings) when I removed and replaced the SATA connedtion and changed the BOIS to preformance it came back up like normal. I have restarted twice, backed up my disc and still no issue. I am not sure if it was a loose cable or dumb luck, but I will take both.

  107. Daniel R

    I looked this problem up a few months ago but not for a laptop, but a desktop…

    I found this out after time passed:

    The PXE error happens to me when the room temperature is too high. Perhaps my fan is shot. I am not sure…

    I do know that as long as it is freezing cold in my computer room, the computer runs fine, but close the windows and turn the house heater on and the computer, in a matter of minutes, goes to the blue screen of death. Then after restart, goes to the PXE error start up screen. After cooling the system down, it runs fine until its warm in my room again.

    My educated guess is this: After calling in to Tech Support and decoding what Aladdin and his pet Monkey try to speak in English about how the hard drive is fried or the cables are shot, I have come to the conclusion that the Hard Drive is over heating; expanding from the heat as metal does and not functioning properly. Therefore, I must cool it down for it to work.

    While this is not going to be the solution to all of the complaints from this string, I thin it might help 1 or two of you peeps.

    Let me know.
    red_idol_AT_sbcglobal.net (replaced _AT_ with @)

  108. Laptop Freak

    Daniel R,

    I have come to the conclusion that the Hard Drive is over heating; expanding from the heat as metal does and not functioning properly. Therefore, I must cool it down for it to work.

    I think you are right and it means the hard drive is not function properly and have to be replaced.

  109. Hey Guys!!!!

    I need help on my toshiba sattelite, I did a factory restore and now its showing me a bios PXE error!!! HELP!!!

  110. Biased BIOS

    Why PXE error appears:

    PXE error appears, since it is, typically, the last boot device in the boot order. For example, if the BIOS cannot find a bootable floppy, CD, or HDD, then, if enabled, it looks to boot from the Network Controller. If it cannot boot from the Network Controller, it generates the “PXE-E61…” error as its final shoulder shrug before it hangs the PC.

    This explains why the most common solution to remedy this misleading error message is related to fixing or replacing the PC’s bootable device–usually the Hard Disk Drive.

    The bigger task is discovering what caused the hard disk failure…

  111. hi im having the same problem before so i decided to bought a new HDD, seagate 160 (IDE) but im still getting the same message what would i do? i really dont know what to do and im stuct with this problem… i really need some help here please…

  112. Leo Perry

    I have a Toshiba M40X that I just bought secondhand with a wiped HDD. Kept getting PXE-E61 message and would not boot. After trying Dave’s post suggestion (below) It booted first time.

    # Dave Says:
    January 22nd, 2009 at 10:42 am

    In BIOS set up under the boot sequence, do you see any asterisk’s (!) beside the hard drive. It may appear there and if so, remove it. Hope it helps, Dave…

    Short answer.
    Check in BIOS to see if there is an asterisk (!) in front of the hard drive name. This can happen when the BIOS receives certain messages, if there is, it disables the hard drive. Select the hard drive and press shift+1. This removes the (!) and enables the computer to see the hard drive.
    Hope this helps someone, had to figure this out myself 🙂

  113. After changing hard drive in my laptop it says Operating system not found - Ask Laptop Freak

    […] You can get this message if the hard dive is bad OR there is no operating system installed. Didn’t you forget to reimage the hard drive using the recovery disc which usually comes with a laptop? This process will reinstall the operating system and software back to factory defaults. […]

  114. I was just fixing a computer with this problem Toshiba Satellite A70, checked in BIOS, and the HDD had been disabled completely (You can expand the HDD field) and yep sure enough enabled it worked fine

  115. Trying to find out how to replace RAM in a “Toshiba Satellite A45-S250”. I can’t seem to find out where the RAM is. Any Help?

  116. Ulrika

    I bought Acer 9920G laptop 3.5 months ago and was generally quite pleased with it so far.

    However, last week and switched it on and got this message upon load up:
    PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable.
    PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM.
    Operating System not found.

    Well, I got a bit worries, googled this on my other computer, some other forums mentioned that it could be due to the Hard Disk failure.

    Anyway, I took it back to the shop where I brought it from, the techy guy powered the laptop and it worked fine (???). He said it might be due to some loose wire inside that got back into place whilst I was carrying it to the shop.

    I was quite relieved, took the laptop back home, powered it and got the same error message as before!!! I unplugged the whole thing again, carried it around the house and it was working again (just).

    I then called Acer support line and spoke to the rudest man on Earth. I explained what happened and he said it was due to the loose hard drive. I asked if I could send the laptop back to them so someone could have a look at it and fix the loose hard drive. He said I would have to pay for this because the laptop was working at this current moment. I told him that the laptop was only 3.5 months old and still under warranty and I should not pay for fixing any manufacturing defects. He then said that it was not Acer’s fault because I did not buy the laptop from them but from the shop. When I said how it was shop’s fault that they receive faulty products from the manufacturer, he told me that he could not help me because “operating system going missing” is a software issue and nothing to do with Acer.

    This is the most appalling customer service I have ever witnessed – it’s absolutely shocking!

  117. In reply to some of the previous things about the HP pavillion, if your getting the

    PXE-E61 Media test failure, check cable
    Exiting PXE ROM

    error message, it may seem silly, but actually try checking the cable or the mountings, my hard drive had came lose and once i secured it firmly, it worked fine.

  118. Rolando

    Reply to Sue about losing her data on her HDD. Tigerdirect sells what is called a Hard Drive hub to which you can attack a 2.5 HD or 3.5Hd and use is as you wou;d a flash drive since it connects to your system with a USB. This would allow you to transfer your data to a new hard drive or continue to use the data as a usb flash drive. They retail for less than $40.

  119. Aqil

    1. go to your bios system by pressing F10 when first boot
    2. go to Advanced and then go down by arrow to boot order
    3. press F9 to reset default
    4. go to hard drive and press Enter. if you see Exclamation mark that means your HD is disabled, press Shift + 1 to enable it
    5. restart your computer

  120. I get the pxe-e61 media test failure , check cable ,i dont have the bios password how do i get this

  121. Tony Serrano

    I agree with the first comment, Check your connections to the motherboard and if everything is secure, your hard drive is probaly bad, I have the same problem with my laptop, I am going to get a new hard drive soon, I’ll post my results later

  122. I had the same problem in Toshiba M35X-S349
    I bought a 250 GB HDD and after setting it ,it works now.

  123. Chris Dempsey

    I have the same recurring problem. A temporary fix which works for a few weeks is to remove the laptop battery and mains lead (if connected) and leave overnight then reconnect the lead and switch on. Mine always boots fine after this and the battery can then be reconnected. I got this fix from another forum and the prob seems quite common with Tosh laptops so it may be an inherent fault rather than the drive?

  124. I replaced the HDD when my Toshiba laptop gave me the error that my harddrive was failing. I keep getting PXE-E61 Media test failure error on laptop start up. Now I can’t get it to recognize the any source including the recovery disc. I tried to changing the boot order HDD – CD- LAN, etc..but it will not work. It recognizes the new hard drive. I dont know what to do now!!! Help!!

  125. Steve S

    Boy, I wish I had visited this site earlier. Removing the battery, waited five minutes and booted off of A/C worked fine. I had purchased a new HD and still have it. So, does this point to an inherent battery problem (mine was the original Toshiba battery) and I need to get a new battery?

  126. I am having the same prob with pxe-e61 and pxe-m0f on startup with a toshiba. When I go to the Bios it shows nothing for the HDD. Does that mean the drive needs to be replaced? I cant tell if the drive is working or not. I have tried everything I have read in all the posts.


  127. Laptop Freak


    Could be:
    1. Bad connection between HDD and motherboard.
    2. Failed hard drive.
    3. Failed hard drive controller on the motherboard.
    I posted your question and some suggestion here.

  128. I also am having this problem only I have replaced the hard drive and the motherboard and I am still getting same error. I am getting very frustrated as all these forums say its a bad hard drive, it may have been before it didnt recognize it at all but now it recognizes the hard drive but still will not boot to hard drive or cd rom I have changed the settings in bios, I have disabled my network boot even and still same thing over and over I will try the battery deal but i wont hold my breath if anyone has any other suggestions please reply, it will be much appreciated! Thanks

  129. Laptop Freak


    I have replaced the hard drive and the motherboard and I am still getting same error. I am getting very frustrated as all these forums say its a bad hard drive, it may have been before it didnt recognize it at all but now it recognizes the hard drive but still will not boot to hard drive or cd rom I have changed the settings in bios, I have disabled my network boot even and still same thing over and over I will try the battery deal but i wont hold my breath if anyone has any other suggestions please reply, it will be much appreciated!

    Can you boot from the CD-ROM when the hard drive is removed? Maybe the CD-ROM is not working properly.
    Is your hard drive plugged directly into the connector on motherboard, or there is a cable between the hard drive connector and motherboard?

  130. Ok I too have the dreaded PXE-E61. Here’s my dilema: I just changed out my hard drive on my Panasonic CF-Y2. I reloaded windows XP and can see all of the files on my hard drive when I use a Linux CD Rom operating disk,so I know the drive works, but I cannot boot XP from my hard drive. I continue to get the “media test failure” message at start-up.

  131. Laptop Freak


    Ok I too have the dreaded PXE-E61. Here’s my dilema: I just changed out my hard drive on my Panasonic CF-Y2. I reloaded windows XP and can see all of the files on my hard drive when I use a Linux CD Rom operating disk,so I know the drive works, but I cannot boot XP from my hard drive. I continue to get the “media test failure” message at start-up.

    Enter the BIOS menu, set your hard drive as a first bootable device, safe settings and restart the laptop. Will it boot now?

  132. Peter Longfield

    One day my Toshiba Satellite SA50-522 with WinXP SP3 worked fine and the next day it just started with the message:

    PXE-E61: Media Test Failure. check cable.
    PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent

    I got to know that the trouble had nothing to do with the HDD because I was able to run UBUNTU and another MS-XP version on it, but not the OEM version that came with my laptop.

    I did also check the battery and the HDD but the error message remained.

    Here it is what I did to finally fix up the system:

    1. Use UBCD4WIN (or UBUNTU Live CD) to save all the information on an external drive.
    2. From the Windows Recovery Console of UBCD4WIN:
    – format the HHD.
    – run the fixboot command.
    – run the fixmbr command.
    3. Restart the computer and reset the BIOS.
    4. Install the OS from the OEM version.

    Hope this will be useful for somebody.
    Thank you very much to everybody for their pieces of advice.

  133. I have an older Toshiba Satellite M35X that repeatedly displays the following message when I turn the laptop on:

    For Realtek RTL 8139(X) / 8130 / 810X PCI Fast Ethernet Controller
    PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, Check Cable
    PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM

    This message only started happening when I put a new HDD in (the last one crashed). My BIOS reads the new HDD and my DVD-ROM drive, but I cannot even boot my system off the DVD-ROM and install Windows. Is it possible that I have a bad connection with the HDD or DVD-ROM (the message does indicate Check Cable), or could this be from a bad controller on the mobo? I seriously doubt that my brand-new hard drive is bad.

  134. Laptop Freak


    I have an older Toshiba Satellite M35X that repeatedly displays the following message when I turn the laptop on:

    For Realtek RTL 8139(X) / 8130 / 810X PCI Fast Ethernet Controller
    PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, Check Cable
    PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM

    This message only started happening when I put a new HDD in (the last one crashed). My BIOS reads the new HDD and my DVD-ROM drive, but I cannot even boot my system off the DVD-ROM and install Windows.

    You see this message because the hard drive is blank and has no operating system installed. Find a new DVD drive and run the recovery disc. Install Windows on the hard drive.

  135. Augusto Ilian

    You have 2 problems, first remove the battery and try to work conected only to A/C, if that does not correct the problem you will need to change the battery and the hard disk

  136. I had the same problem. When I open the BIOS I cant see the hard disk on info screen. there is no specified on master or slave.

  137. doug huber


    VERY CAREFULLY ,…TOUCH METAL FIRST ,…DISCHARGE STATIC,….now unplug and plug in the hardrive A FEW TIMES,…as with any set of CONTACTS putting them together and taking them apart and reataching them “SCRATCHES” the contacts so they make GOOD CONTACT,….this COULD BE THE PROBLEM FOR ALL OF YOU,…..NEXT make SURE YOU PUT EACH AND EVERY SCREW BACK ,…AND THE CORRECT SCREW IN THE CORRECT HOLE,…..this matters because there are GROUNDS that need GOOD contact ,….ok not saying ANYONES an IDIOT HERE because i am A+ N+ MCSE NOVELL CISCO BLA BLA BLKAAAA certified ,…. and guess what THIS WHOLE THING HAPPENED TO MEEEEE ,..so this is why i am saying take it apart touch metal always reassemble it make sure all the stuff is SEATED and fully inserted screws have to be snug for good grounding and change the order of the boot to 1> CDROM 2> HARDRIVE and disable the network and the “OTHER” choice in the bios save that and exit reboot and your machine should see the harddrive whne you go back into the bios will have a little + or just have the name of the drive in there HOPE THIS HELPS AS I AM NO SMARTER THAN THE NEXT GUY but just tryin to HELP OUT thanks and take care dougie

  138. Hi, my name is Johnnie, and When I turn on my laptop, it starts normally, displaying the TOSHIBA start screen, and about a minute later, at the top it reads as follows:

    Intel (R) Boot Agent GE v1. 2. 31
    Copyright (C) 1997-2005, Intel Corporation
    PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
    PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.
    Operating System not found

    Is there any troubleshooting method to correct this problem??

  139. Elaine

    I bought my Toshiba satellite one month ago and started having this problem two days ago. So far shutting it off turning it over and hitting the back a few times gets it going. I read that others have done this and it has worked for them.

  140. stephen


  141. Adnan Ghosheh

    i am having the same problem here as well!!!
    i have noticed that its a problem in the hard drive

    right now i am using hiren 9.5 (bootable disk) trying to fix it!!
    by deleting the whole volume and creating a new partitions!!

    hopefully its gonna work!!

  142. Adnan Ghosheh



    CHEERS 🙂

  143. The problem is that your computer is trying to connect to a server from the network. You need to go into BIOS and look for PXE Boot to Lan. This needs to be disabled. You should find this in the boot tab, if not then you will need to look around for it.

  144. This is hilarious! I am a total computer iliterate. I read somewhere (went on a million sites)to hit/punch the hard drive. I thought it was a joke, anyway i did it. IT WORKED!!!!! Apparently a cable was loose in the hard drive and thats why i was getting the annoying pxe-e61 error!

  145. Ken Pepiton

    Solution for me was that the hard drive was loose. The holes that held the drive in place are elongated to allow for small adjustments in different cases, I imagine. The loose screws allowed the drive to disconnect. I seated the drive and tightened the screws and all is well.

  146. philippines

    hello guys..im not sure but that also happened to my laptop acer aspire 5550..i already fixed it but i cant use the internal dvd rom for the mean time..ok if ur trying to reformat ur pc, lets start,for laptop, first of all you have to check if your cables are properly connected..then remove your dvd or cd rom..be sure the memory that is connected to your pc/laptop is the hard disk only,no cd/dvd rom..ur pc/laptop will not detect your hard disk if your cd drive is connected..reboot ur pc/laptop and if this msg shows to ur screen “NTLDR is missing,press ctrl+alt+del” then you got it successfully.ur hard disk has been detected..now you have to need external cd/dvd rom or any bootable usb that can be used to format ur laptop/pc.then ur up to go..just format ur pc with no hustle at all..
    and guys,if your laptop/pc started for the first time after formatted,you have to wait for 15-20 seconds,ur pc will turn blank,that is bcoz ur pc is searching for any bootable memory until it will detect your hard disk.and of course you should not connect ur internal dvd rom bcos the main problem will exist again.
    i think the secret is u only have to remove the internal cd/dvd rom so that your hard disk will be detected..just use any external cd rom or make bootable usb to format ur pc..

  147. CD/DVD drive was connecting to a Hard Drive via an IDE…. I solved the same problem on a desktop by using a pin to make the harddrive as a slave (I think in my western digital drive it was the second pin). ps. I was trying to install new os on my harddrive and the system would not pick up the cd from the cd drive. hope it helps.

  148. Just disable the boot from network in the BIOS. That will fix it. You do not have a hardware failure.

  149. Laptop Freak


    Just disable the boot from network in the BIOS. That will fix it. You do not have a hardware failure.

    Yes, it fill fix the problem if your hard drive is good.
    The problem is, if the hard drive is bad, the laptop skips booting from the hard drive and moves to the network option. That’s why you see this “error” message.

  150. I’m having this same problem but I know that its detecting the hard drive because sometimes it will make it to the user log in screen but will crash when I try and log in. Then sometimes it’ll go to a blue screen saying there was a problem (something about and file error “KERNAL_…” and it has to shut down. I’ve tried removing the battery and starting with just the AC but the same thing happens. I’ve tried removing the HD and reconnecting it several times and still nothing. It just crashes at the log in screen. My laptop is a Gateway W3501.

  151. I did exactly what one person did above that was hilarious! That person wrote the following: “I am a total computer iliterate. I read somewhere (went on a million sites)to hit/punch the hard drive. I thought it was a joke, anyway i did it. IT WORKED!!!!! Apparently a cable was loose in the hard drive and thats why i was getting the annoying pxe-e61 error!”

    Well, it certainly worked for me, too! I hit every square inch of the back of the laptop and lo & behold it booted right up. Thanks to the person above who suggested this. Don’t go buy anything until you try this method…nothing to lose.

  152. Laptop Freak


    Well, it certainly worked for me, too! I hit every square inch of the back of the laptop and lo & behold it booted right up. Thanks to the person above who suggested this. Don’t go buy anything until you try this method…nothing to lose.

    Apparently, the laptop didn’t see the hard drive because it didn’t make good connection with the motherboard. In cases like that I would try to reconnect the hard dive first. Simply remove it from the laptop and install back in.

  153. Hi all this is simple issues just remove your BIOS battery after boot system

    Some times (not only every time) BIOS failure ERROR occurred enter twice system work well

  154. iPatch Solutions

    The person that noted the meaning of the acronym PXE (Pre-Boot Execution Environment) was pretty much spot on. If your computer is showing PXE-E61, chances are your hard drive has failed or is in the process thereof. In rare cases I see hard drives that have become dislodged due to jarring of a laptop. In either case, it’s always a good idea to rule this out by disconnecting then reconnecting the hard drive. Especially since this usually takes 2 minutes. If you need help locating the hard drive and how it is installed, just type your computer name into Google. You should be able to find this simple info on nearly all computers. It’s something that most people can do without fear of ruining the machine, even if you’re not tech savvy. Another thing that will allow you to tell if it is indeed the hard drive: if you or a friend have another working laptop, just install that hard drive and see if windows boots up. It can be from another brand machine ie. an HP hard drive installed in a Toshiba or a compaq in a Toshiba etc. You’ll be able to tell right away by looking at the size (usually 2.5″ drives are standard now on both PCs ad Macs). Just don’t use a Mac hard drive for a PC. As far as HITTING a machine to get it working: Yes, you might very well free up the hard drive and it will seem fine. However, I would spend my time immediately after it boots up copying the data to another media storage device like an external hard drive. It is only a matter of time before it fails for good and all the kicking and hitting in the world won’t bring it back. I don’t recommend it AT ALL, EVER but to customers that feel like they have nothing to lose, it’s kind of hard to say not to. Hope this helps someone.

  155. I still get th PXE-E61 message on start up but everything runs fine with no problems Have tried the bashing method with no luck but am a bit reluctant to play around inside the machine as apart from the annoying message it runs very well.

  156. Hitting the back of the laptop worked for me too. I feel relieved and somewhat stupid, but hey, I got my laptop back.

    Give it a try, maybe it is just a loose wire.

  157. I’m gettin the media test failure notice as well and have a paper due can some one help I have a toshiba labtop sattelite

    Can’t get pass the black screen with white writing stating media test failure check cable I have screwed & un screwed the silver rectangle thingy , taken the battery out as well I don’t know what to do the guy at geek squad told me to bring it in but he was no help over the phone just sounded money hungry !

  158. I had this exact same problem but have since bought a new hard drive and more ram for my laptop after several uses though back to the same problem !
    Wtf is going on?

  159. thank goodness! whacking the back of the laptop worked like a charm!!!!!!!!! 😀

  160. Bill Erskine

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L500 Intel T6600. It is using the Windows 7 -64 bit OS. Two days ago I experienced a freeze up while using Mozilla. I hit ctrl alt del to access the Task Manager. This resulted in a Blue Screen Of Death. After a couple of failed restarts, one in safe mode, I selected repair windows from a menu during start up. This failed and resulted in a F3 F100-0003 error message in Windows I think. Two more attempts to repair also resulted in this outcome.

    Now, Boot up attempts result in PXE E61 Media Failure messages. I have researched these 2 codes across various tech sites including this one and the consensus seems to be that the hard drive has failed. If I understand it correctly, the PXE E61 Code means during the boot up phase, the Hard drive is not being seen, and then the computer moves on to the next item in the boot order which is LAN, which is not set up, and therefore: PXE E61.

    Okay, so I know a fair bit about computers. I built my own gaming rig from scratch. I removed the SATA HDD from the laptop and plugged it into my Desktop computer, also running Windows 7. Fearful that I would lose the family photos that I have downloaded to that computer, (I know back up regularly), I immediately went to My Pictures and retrieved all the photos successfully. Then I used check disk in WIN7, (Left click on drive, Right Click, properties, tools, check disk for errors). It seems to be fine.

    I place the HDD back into the laptop, and attempt a start up. Still with the PXE E61. So now I hit F2 and go into Bios. In the first window the HDD shows up fine. It’s a Fujitsu 500 Gig. The strange thing is when I go to the Boot menu in the Bios, HDD is not an option. It shows:


    No HDD. Why would this be?

    All I can think of is that the HDD controller or interface (or whatever it’s called) is broken on the motherboard. What would my next move be? Is it worth buying a new HDD and seeing if it shows up in my boot order menu? I might be able to borrow one from a friend actually.

    One more thing: I did notice the abscence of the HDD in the boot order menu before I removed the HDD to retrieve files and test it. I have also checked to ensure that the drive is securely installed in the case. While I like to play with my Desktop configuration, I have never opened or played with the hardware setup or OS on my Laptop before now. Just surf the net and email. Oh, and the computer is 13 months old exactly. Gotta love 1 year warranties.

    Have you ever seen this? Can you help?

    Oh, and I will not be “whacking” the back of my laptop.


    Bill Erskine
    London, Ontario.

  161. Hello, folks…
    A friend gave me her HP Pavilion laptop b/c it would not boot. I found the same error messages everyone reports, here -the PXE-E61 message about media test failure, then PXE-M0F.

    The BIOS is not set for network boot. (Well, it was the last option – I deleted it.)

    I set the system to boot from the VD, then successfully booted to a disk with Spinrite 6. Spinrite found the hard drive! I ran a full disk “scan and repair” – the whole drive checked out ok. Still, though – I cannot boot – even though the disk appears to be present and available to the system.

    Hmm… she has a teenager… wonder if he dl’d sonething wierd…???

    Any thoughts, anyone?


  162. Hello… I have a friend’s HP Pavilion laptop that is giving the same error messages everyone else here has mentioned. I booted from the CD drive and ran Spinrite 6 – it found the hard drive, and the tests came back just fine. But it still does not boot (and I have reseated the hard drive). Anyone have any thoughts as to what might be going on?

    Moderator – I posted this message yesterday but in never made it to the board – was there a problem?

    Thanks, everyone?


  163. AndreBule

    I admit. I am not a good gameplayer becase when I lose I hit my laptop and one day I hit it and “PUM” it shutdown and I startup and appeares that error… What can I do now?

    P.S.: In bios boot I have in this order:


    and the Main menu say:

    System time: X
    System Date: x

    CPU type: Pentium (R) Dual-core CPU

    CPU Speed: 2.00Ghz

    Hard disk drive: NONE
    Optical Disk Drive: TSSTCorp CDDVDW TS-L633A (S4)

    Total Memory: 3072 MB

    System Bios Version: 1.90

    Language: English

    In advance menu:

    Core Multi-Processing: Enabled
    Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode: Dynamic
    Pointing Devices: Enabled
    Build-in LAN: Enabled
    Wake-up on LAN:Enabled
    Wake-up on wireless LAN: Enabled
    Critical Battery Wake-up Enabled

  164. Laptop Freak

    @ AndreBule,
    Make sure the hard drive is connected to the motherboard. Try reconnecting the hard drive.

  165. Cynthia

    I have a toshiba satelite, I was also receiving the same error message and my computer wouldn’t boot, after my son dropped it in the floor. It sounds to simple, but hitting the back of it worked for me also. I had to do it a couple of times, but after that it booted just fine.


  166. Help same problom my satellite L455 says media test failure,check cable exiting pxe rom. please help ,school starts soon thank you

  167. I just bought a laptop HDD for my Acer travelmate im borrowing from my moms. When i put in the new hard drive i get the same error. I am trying to put XP pro instead of the Home version thats on already. I have looked at the boot option and I AM unable to change any type of setting regarding that. If anyone can help me i would really appreciate it.


  168. Okay! here’s my problem with my acer laptop I never use him for two years been on the Internet. Blu-ray movies looked just looked dvd.s, DVD-RAM gebrandt, CDs gebrandt but now I have the same problem. when booting from CD I get the error message is not for DVD boot by-haven image Backtrack 5, works just fine but can not DVDs, and burn CDs, DVD-RAM, does it not, so it is on the Blu-ray/DVD emulating the blue laser is just fucked up because the Blu-ray laser just works = CD = blue and red laser Blu-ray there’s the problem. Shop for computer technician was also the same answer CD laser kaput! because in the log files is a bad CD / DVD controller.

    So just a bad design manufacturers fault?

  169. Nigele Ingram(NATO Comp Op)


  170. I was having this problem with a ACER 5100… I just went into the bios and disabled the option of booting with a lan.(Network) and the problem went away. Now it boots up no problem

  171. media test failure, check cable. It then says reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. what the hell is this and how do you fix it. the laptop worked well and then i turned it on normally and suddenly it kept on saying this. I as desperate. please help me. I need help asap. and please give me advise. ps the hitting the laptop didn’t work lol

  172. Laptop Freak

    @ Zillul,
    Probably hard drive failure. Test the hard drive.

  173. Zillul Islam

    with regards to the message ‘Probably hard drive failure. Test the hard drive’. How exactly do you do this lol :P. im not a genius at laptop soory. so can you tell me how to do this would really help.. thank you

  174. Laptop Freak

    @ Zillul,
    If I understand correctly, your laptop still boots. Right?
    You can download Seatools utility from Seagate website. Burn it on a CD and boot your laptop from this CD. After that you run Seatools and see if you get errors.

  175. Zillul Islam

    what does seatool unity do? and will the CD work even thought my laptop is messed up. Also why has my laptop suddenly said that? It was working fine before and suddenly it said that? how come? thanks\

  176. Zillul Islam

    is anyone going to reply?? what shall i do?? the problem hasnt gone away you know!

  177. I did what one of the gentleman said above. I opened up the bottom part of my laptop and made sure the harddrive was installed. I wiggled it a little and made sure it was in place, put everything back together and turned it on and it booted up perfectly. Haven’t had any issues since.

  178. All i did was to open the Hdisk compartment and I found the hard drive to be loose and I pushed it back into place effortlessly and computer is working fine.

  179. Within six months I am having ERROR on start up . PXE-E61: Media Test Fail PXE-M0F: Existing broadcom PXE ROM . No bbotable device—insert boot disk and press any key …….If I remove battery then computer starts but takes a lot of time….

    Guys try to take the battery out and see if it works for you.