I keep getting PXE-E61 Media test failure on start up

I’m having a problem with my Toshiba Satelite P20.
I believe that my HDD has finally worn out. Over the past few months, it used to take several attempts to boot up windows XP. Sometimes, the hard drive failed to load and sometimes the HDD light used to hang on, and I would receive a disk-read error has occurred. The message which I also used to get, and which I keep getting now is:
PXE-E61 Media test failure, check cable
Exiting PXE ROM

I tried booting up from a CD, and it failed to detect the hard drive.

I’m almost positive that you have a bad hard drive. PXE means Pre-Boot Execution Environment. You see this message when the laptop trying to boot from a remote server using the network card. If you didn’t see the PXE-E61 message before, it means that the network card was listed after the hard drive in the boot order (you can set the order in BIOS) and the laptop booted directly from the hard drive. Now, when the hard drive has failed, the laptop cannot detect it and tries to boot from the next available device – the network card. Your laptop is not configured to boot from a remote server using the network card, that’s why you are getting PXE-E61 Media test failure error. You have to replace the hard drive and reinstall the operating system.

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  1. Within six months I am having ERROR on start up . PXE-E61: Media Test Fail PXE-M0F: Existing broadcom PXE ROM . No bbotable device—insert boot disk and press any key …….If I remove battery then computer starts but takes a lot of time….

    Guys try to take the battery out and see if it works for you.

  2. All i did was to open the Hdisk compartment and I found the hard drive to be loose and I pushed it back into place effortlessly and computer is working fine.

  3. I did what one of the gentleman said above. I opened up the bottom part of my laptop and made sure the harddrive was installed. I wiggled it a little and made sure it was in place, put everything back together and turned it on and it booted up perfectly. Haven’t had any issues since.

  4. Zillul Islam

    is anyone going to reply?? what shall i do?? the problem hasnt gone away you know!

  5. Zillul Islam

    what does seatool unity do? and will the CD work even thought my laptop is messed up. Also why has my laptop suddenly said that? It was working fine before and suddenly it said that? how come? thanks\

  6. Laptop Freak

    @ Zillul,
    If I understand correctly, your laptop still boots. Right?
    You can download Seatools utility from Seagate website. Burn it on a CD and boot your laptop from this CD. After that you run Seatools and see if you get errors.

  7. Zillul Islam

    with regards to the message ‘Probably hard drive failure. Test the hard drive’. How exactly do you do this lol :P. im not a genius at laptop soory. so can you tell me how to do this would really help.. thank you

  8. Laptop Freak

    @ Zillul,
    Probably hard drive failure. Test the hard drive.

  9. media test failure, check cable. It then says reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. what the hell is this and how do you fix it. the laptop worked well and then i turned it on normally and suddenly it kept on saying this. I as desperate. please help me. I need help asap. and please give me advise. ps the hitting the laptop didn’t work lol

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