How can I replace broken screen on HP Pavilion dv6

My screen on my HP Pavilion dv6-1259dx is broken (hit with a pillow, and has funny lines all over it) How do I change the screen on my own. I cannot find any screws for the top where the screen is, like all the sites say to find?

Your Pavilion dv6 laptop should have eight screw covers on the front bezel.
Remove those eight covers and remove all eight screws hidden under those covers.
After that you remove the bezel and access the screen.

You’ll find detailed instruction with pictures in the service manual. This is a 5.5MB pdf file and might take some time to download.

The display panel disassembly instructions are shown on the page 158 in the “Recycling” chapter.

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  1. Coy Barfield

    LCD screen on HP pavillion zd7000 when something fell from bookcase onto it. I replaced with same part number LG Phillips LP171W001 (A4)(K1) using the service manual instructions and on line video of similar repair to Compaq presario. Everything went well but when I turned on computer the initial display flickered and was very pixelated (granular) Once the computer finished booting flickering stopped but still very pixelated. Did I get a faulty screen or could this be the inverter? The object that struck the screen was not very heavy and did not hit the body of the computer itself. Thank you.