Replace hard drive on Toshiba Satellite 1135

I have a Toshiba Satellite 1135-S155. SMART system says hard drive is failing and shuts down computer before it boots up. Sounds like it needs a new hard drive, but I can’t find it (or a repair manual) to replace it. Can you tell me were it is located and how to remove it? Thanks!

The hard drive is located under the DVD drive. The DVD drive is secured by one screw on the bottom of the laptop. Remove the screw and slide the DVD drive out of the laptop. Under the DVD drive you’ll see the hard drive; it’s secured by four screws. Remove screws, slide the hard drive away from the motherboard to disconnect it and lift it up. Not you can transfer mounting brackets to a new hard drive and install it back into the laptop.

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  1. Thanks for helping me find the hard drive on the Satellite 1135-S155.

  2. Laptop Freak

    You should change the hard drive because it might fail any moment now. At least, if you don’t want to change it right now, do not leave any important data on it because it might become unrecoverable.

  3. I have a Toshiba 1135 series Satellite w/ a 30 gb hard drive, and it too shows a “smart system predicts hard drive failure is imminent, back all files up now” ..

    It has been that way for about 5 months now (it is 3 years old), and since this started happening my comp runs and retrieves info at the speed of a 386.

    I sent the laptop back to Toshiba a month before the 1 year warranty was up because the modem didn’t work, and I figured I would get it fixed. –It came back with a working modem, and a broken touch pad, with an expired warrany, and Toshiba told me tough luck..

  4. Laptop Freak


    the prong that the battery charger plugs broke off inside- it can’t be fixed without replacing the motherboard

    It CAN BE fixed if you find a correct power jack and solder it on the motherboard instead of the broken one. Probably you’ll have to replace the AC adapter too if you cannot remove the broken pin from the plug.
    Anyways, you can connect the laptop hard drive to a desktop computer via the adapter. Or you can buy an external USB enclosure for laptop hard drives, put the hard drive inside the enclosure and connect it to any working computer. The hard drive should be detected automatically and you can access and transfer the data.

  5. Christy

    I have a Balance laptop (storebrand) the prong that the battery charger plugs broke off inside- it can’t be fixed without replacing the motherboard. I also have a Gateway Desktop computer that needs a new hard drive. Can I take the hard drive from the laptop and install it on the desktop? If so, how do I do it. If not, how do I get my stuff off of that hard drive, I can’t get power to it?

  6. Freddy Jara-ALmonte

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A35-S1592. Could you tell me how to replace the harddrive. Thanks

  7. Laptop Freak

    Check out this post. You’ll find some good tips in the comments.

  8. graham holl

    My toshiba satellite 1135-s115 gives me a PXE MEDIA test failure. I Tried reloading recovery disks says I have bad sectors.Im thinking the hard drive is going bad (I’M on my Second Mother board replacement…)

  9. Laptop Freak

    Qosmio F15 doesn’t have a part called video harddrive. I guess you are talking about laptop video and it failed on your laptop. Some Qosmio F15 and G15 computers have a problem with video and I know that Toshiba is replacing system boards on these models (even though the laptop is not under warranty anymore).
    I don’t know why your warranty says Qosmio F10 replacement; I’ve never seen and never worked on Qosmio F10. I guess it a non-USA version of Qosmio F15 and probably has the same issue with video. Not sure.

  10. Debra Teruggi

    I have Qosmio F15. My video harddrive failed and Toshiba replaced knowning they have problems. I noticed on the extended warranty is says Qosmio F10 replacement. What does this mean and the fan runs constantly.

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