How to re-solder jack in Dell Inspiron 1000

How do I take apart a Dell Inspiron 1000 in order to re-solder the jack plug? Thank you

I hope you understand that you’ll have to disassemble the whole laptop and remove the motherboard in order to fix the DC jack, right? You’ll need some computer repair and soldering skills.
If you are ready to go, here are step-by-step instructions for replacing DC jack in a Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop.

1. First of all, before you disassemble the laptop, make sure you have a brand new DC jack for your laptop.
I would recommend replacing the old jack with a new one, not just re-soldering it.

2. Get step-by-step Dell Inspiron 1000 disassembly instructions here. With these instructions you’ll be able to remove the motherboard.

3. Finally, desolder the old DC jack and replace it with a new one.

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  1. Captaintim

    Battery was bad on sony vaio laptop…bought replacement…came with instalation disk(assume drivers) when asked to reboot, nothing…no power lights for a/c or battery. Replaced a/c socket. nothing. Another tech said maybe it cooked the bios. How do I reinstall the bios onto a motherboard that has no power? Or maybe other thoughts? Thanks

  2. Ericsson

    My dell latitude ws unlucky that fateful day when she hits d ground with power jack port side.since then when i plugd in my best Ac adapter she refuses to acept the Dc charges,instead sends it back to the adapter.what can i do,i dnt hav money to waste.